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    Lei by JHsu

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    THE PHAT-ASS LEI GUIDE (slight revision 1/5/99)
    By: Jeffrey Hsu aka chinaman
    email: harper@uclink4.berkeley.edu
    Note: The following is an end-all strategy guide on how to play Lei Wulong.
          Hopefully after perusing this document, the reader will be able to
          head to his or her local arcade and then procede to kick some ass.
          Please do not alter or use this FAQ without my permission.
    Lei is a character who can pester his opponent with constant pressure. Using
    his various rushing moves, Lei becomes very difficult to block against. It's
    important to mix up his various attacks as well as mixing in stances
    Razor Rush-
    Lei's rushing attacks are his best offensive weapons. It makes your opponent
    block and have to guess what you are going to do. His Razor Rush
    (f,N,1,2,1,2,etc.)is his best move at applying pressure on your opponent. A
    simple and confusing tactic is to simply do the Razor Rush and alternate
    with a low or mid kick at the end. What is so great about Lei's Razor Rush
    is that it can be delayed to confuse your opponent. He will either think you
    have stopped rushing, are in the process of changing stances, or messed up.
    A lot of times, your opponent will just try to jab in-between staggered
    rushes thinking that there is time to poke in-between. If done right, your
    rushes should counter most times.
    Examples: f,N,1,2,1,2,4(3)
              f,N,1,pause,2,pause,1,pause,2, pause,4
    As you can see, you can stagger and finish the rushes almost any way you
    choose. Another element of the Razor Rush is the ability to go into stances
    anytime during the rush. Yes, it is possible to hit Lei during his animation
    into a stance( i.e. a low jab ). However once you have frozen your opponent,
    you can get away with stance changing. Judge your opponent. If you see that
    all they do is hold back on the joystick when you rush, constantly break off
    into stances and then confuse them with mid and low attacks off the stances.
    Of course if they constantly low jab you out of your stance changing, don't
    break off into stances. Instead finish your rush with a mid or low kick and
    look below in the Low Cancel section for a useful trick. If you are playing
    a character who has an attack reversal (i.e. Nina), always "chicken" your
    mid kick regardless of whether you think you will be reversed or not. If
    your opponent has a low thrust block, be wary of it if you tend to finish
    the rushes with low kicks. When playing someone who is camping on countering
    the kick which ends your rush, you can either go into the tiger stance and
    then attack them or simply stop rushing and go for a throw. It is important
    for you to try and control the pace of the fight, and the rushing punches
    are a great way to do that.
    Rush Combo and Defense Breaker-
    Lei also possesses other valuable rushing attacks. The Rush Combo
    (f,N,4,1,2,3) and the Defense Breaker (f,N, 2,1,2,1) are great moves to use
    and alternate on your opponent. The rush combo is useful since you can end
    it with a low or a mid kick. If you end with the low kick and it hits, tack
    on the lift up cannon (4~4,3,3). The rush combo is very useful to set up
    attacks such as throws, low moves, or mid moves such as an uppercut by just
    doing the first 2 or three hits of the move (ie. f,N,4,1). The defense
    breaker is a useful changeup since it breaks your opponent's guard so all
    he can do is block or get hit if he tries to break out. If all 4 hits are
    blocked, you're left with your back turned, but with a decent advantage. Go
    for a low backfist or back throw attempt if you think your opponent will
    stay guarding high, or a turnaround hopkick if they try to backdash or
    block low. The second part of the spiral uppercut(2) is riskier than the
    turnaround hopkick because it's slower, has a shorter range, and a longer
    recovery time.
    Low Sweep (first part of Rave Spin)-
    Another element of Lei's game is his Low Sweep (db+4). Lei's Low Sweep is a
    great move to use when playing against people who like to block standing all
    the time, especially people who are not afraid of getting hit once or twice
    by the low kick which ends Lei's rushing punches. Therefore, it is necessary
    to incorporate this low move into your arsenal. If it hits, you can tag on
    your favorite combo off this sweep.  The Low Sweep should really be used no
    more than 2 or 3 times per round versus your opponent. Try your best not to
    do the rave spin (db+4,4) since you will be left way too vulnerable leaving
    your opponent with a chance at an easy and damaging retaliation. This is not
    to say the low sweep by itself is without its risks.
    examples: f,N,4,1,df+4,f,N,1,2,1,2,etc
    The Cannonball is a good move to use when avoiding throws and hi moves such
    as 1,2 punches. It is most useful as a counter move however, as it has a lot
    of recovery time if the move whiffs or is blocked so be careful not to
    overuse it. A good trick to try sometimes is doing 2 Cannonballs in a row.
    Often times your opponent will block and then try some big attack after and
    you can usually hit them with the second Cannonball.
    Spinning Backblows-
    This is another useful move Lei possesses where he turns his back initially
    and goes into low spinning punches where he could break off at anytime into
    a spiral uppercut or mid kick. This move is useful when you are about two
    character distances apart and you know you can make your opponent whiff a
    move if you turn your back since Lei will shift back a little bit. It also
    is a good counter move and you can get small unorthodox juggles such as
    Low Cancel-
    Lei's Low Cancel should be used in the same manner as any other character.
    If you Low Cancel any low kick move, you get a guaranteed juggle following
    with a hop kick(uf+4) to your favorite juggle. If you Low Cancel a low jab,
    you will also be able to get a guaranteed hop kick, however the timing is
    different. After a low cancel of a low jab, you could also try to throw your
    opponent while recovering from the low cancel. This is by no means guaranteed
    but if you do it correctly, your opponent has very little chance to escape.
    If you do try to throw after a Low Cancel, use uf+1+2 or ff+2 since they
    require both punches to break and also have quicker animation as well as a
    longer throw ranges. However any throw would work in this case. There is also
    a Low Cancel trick off Lei's panther stance. If your opponent consistently
    hits you out of stance changes with a low jab, do 3 rush punches to the
    panther stance and hold F for the auto low cancel. It's best to use this
    technique sparingly, keep it as a little ace up your sleeve for situations
    where you really need a win-you are guaranteed a hop kick after this low
    cancel whether it is a kick or a jab.
    Hi/Mid reversals-
    Lei can cancel mid and high attacks either using the Druken Stance reversal
    or his auto cancel off the Tiger Stance. Lei's Drunken Stance can be used to
    parry punches in most situations where a regular reversal or parry would
    work. The difference being that the reversal takes a little longer than
    usual to become active (5 frames, instead of the usual 2). This makes it a
    little harder to reverse punches in strings, but this is balanced by the
    fact that the reversal is active for a massive 25 frames. This is much
    longer than the period of 'reversability' for normal reversals and parries,
    and means that it's often possible to reverse a hit in a string even if it
    was unexpectedly delayed (such as the last hit of Ling's u+1+2,2,1). Nothing
    is guaranteed after the reversal. If you successfully get the reversal, it's
    best to attempt a hop kick until your opponent learns to align themselves
    and block it, then go for a throw next time. Ling can beat both of these
    options by going into AOP, so it's good to use d/b+4 against Ling in
    particular.  If the reversal whiffs, it's best to fire out a (chickened)
    drunken punch as soon as possible, or if your opponent backdashes out of
    range then just wait for the drunken stance to wear off.  The Auto High/Mid
    Reversal off Lei's Tiger Stance does not do any damage but is useful as
    well when you have an opponent who likes to break stances using mid kicks
    or something character specific such as Heihachi's Demon Palm.
    Throwing Techniques-
    Lei is quite adept at throwing. Basic tricks are a hi jab to throw or a low
    jab to a throw. Button buffering and joystick buffering comes in very useful
    in these cases. Most times when you want to execute a jab to throw, you
    should keep your finger on the punch button you used and go into a throw
    that will enhance your chances of a successful throw.  After an uf+1+2 throw
    you can get a guaranteed low sweep(d+3) on the ground.
    examples: 1,uf+1+2
              2, 2+4
              d+1, ff+1+2
    Standing versus Dropping (playing dead)-
    When Lei stands, he is much more effective at pressuring his opponent with
    his rushing attacks and gives the opponent less time to think about what he
    is doing. Lei is also one of the few characters who can constantly attack
    his opponent in a poking style without much recovery time or break in his
    pattern much like Nina and Hwoarang. However, a dropping Lei has its
    advantages as well. On the ground, Lei can either recover with a rave spin
    off the ground or with his pop up kick (3+4) which leads into powerful
    juggles. A dropping Lei will often cause his opponents to whiff attacks
    which gives him a considerable advantage. Basically, a standing Lei tends
    to play more aggressively and offensively while a dropping Lei is more of a
    turtler looking for that big mistake which will give him a chance to connect
    a pop up kick. The best mix would probably be to base your game around
    standing but dropping to the ground when you need to just enough to keep
    your opponent guessing.
    Counter Rushing Attacks-
    A good counter tactic is to sidestep the start of the rushes. Lei's first
    punch will usually be from the left side since most people will do the razor
    rush. Therefore, sidestep in advance to your left. If he does the rush combo
    or defense breaker, sidestep to your right. It does not really matter which
    way you sidestep as long as you allow your character enough time to react to
    the move. If you sidestep successfully, either attempt a side throw or
    better yet do a hop kick (uf+4) into a juggle. It is also a good thing to
    create distance between you and the Lei player if all he does is rush.  The
    reason is that when Lei is rushing and whiffing his hits, you will be able
    to counter attack. You can either do a hop kick if your character has one,
    an uppercut, or some type of mid move to stop the rushing Lei in his tracks.
    Breaking the Razor Rush-
    If the Lei you are playing likes to stagger his punches, look for the break
    and counter hit him with 1,2 punches or throw him in-between.  It is
    probably safer to jab him out. Beware that the Lei could be setting you up
    by pausing at first and then fluidly finishing his rush without breaks so
    that you will be hit by his punches instead of counter hitting. Try as often
    as possible to use an attack reversal on Lei's rushes if you have one
    (Nina, Paul, Jin, King). Most Lei's will not chicken the first punch of
    their razor rush so if you can react quickly enough, you have enough time to
    reverse it. Also if the Lei tends to complete the razor rush with mid kicks
    all the time, again reverse it unless he is consistently chickening them.
    Also use the Low Cancel if your character has one if your Lei opponent tends
    to finish the razor rush with a low kick. Another thing to watch for is
    Lei's stance changing. If you see Lei rush and break off at anytime into a
    stance, immediately low jab him out if it. Some characters can also do a
    mid kick such as Nina depending on whether Lei shifted left or right into
    his stance. Most times these attack breaks will be successful. I have also
    found the uf+4 basic hopkick to be very useful on stance changers.
    However beware of Lei's auto low cancel off his panther stance and his auto
    mid/hi cancel off his tiger stance. If you constantly low jab Lei while he is
    attempting to chance stances, good Lei players will shift into the panther
    stance to trick you into this move and then get an easy juggle opportunity.
    If you think they will go for the low cancel, do a mid move such as a mid
    kick or an uppercut. Also for the Heihachi players out there who like to
    break stance changes with the Demon Palm, beware of the hi/mid auto cancel
    off the tiger stance.
    Lei's Play Dead Games-
    Lei players who base their game around playing dead can be a big nuisance.
    If you are playing such an opponent, don't just rush in and try something
    such as 1,2, jabs since the Lei player will most likely drop under your
    punches and try a counter attack of their own. Basically off the ground,
    Lei will do one of two things, low sweep or pop kick (3+4). If Lei lies
    down, the best place to stand is just outside the range of his liedown
    attacks. That way, the only way he can touch you is by rolling towards you
    and doing a rising low or mid kick, and this means you can hit him out of
    the roll. If your timing is up to it, try and time your hit as late as
    possible so that you counterhit him out of his rising kick. He can be
    juggled if you hit him at this point (ie. Nina's divine cannon) will float.
    Hopkicks are also very effective for hitting Lei out of his roll.
    Playing Nina can be a big pain. Her poking ability is one of the best in the
    game. Be careful with her attack reversal, low cancel, and her ability to
    sidestep several moves including your rushing attacks. When playing a Nina
    who likes to do d+4,1 to set up her attacks, you should make an effort to
    duck the hi backhand off the move. Then when the high backhand whiffs, you
    can go for a ws+2 or ws+4 or even a d+1 to be safe which would be guaranteed
    if you time it correctly. You could also attempt the Cannonball to
    counterhit any of Nina's high attacks.  Many Nina players also rely on her
    kick combinations such as her 434 and 432.  Learn to low cancel the low left
    kick.  It takes some getting used to, but once you can pull off that move,
    your Nina opponent will start to second guess himself. Dont fall into the
    trap of trying to block everything. This is something you must learn when
    playing versus a top Nina. You can make a conscious effort to block her
    attacks, but it is better to try and break them or counter them with small
    jabs, low kicks or reversals rather than try and block everything looking
    for that perfect time to try a big counter move. Do your best to create
    some distance. The further apart you are, the more the advantage swings
    towards Lei.  Nina's Blonde Bomb and her divine cannon only go so far and
    have considerable recovery time. If you block a blonde bomb you can also go
    for a guaranteed hop kick. If you block a divine cannon, immediately go into
    the razor rush or try to go for a low sweep.  Remember the keys to this
    fight-dont get hit by the divine cannon, dont fall into Nina's poking traps,
    keep a little distance, but pressure Nina with your ability to rush.
    This is a tough fight for Lei due to Law's Punch Reversal though Lei can
    counter most of Law's attacks and cause Law to whiff Dragon Storms(b+1,2,1)
    and Junkyard attacks (b+2,3,4). One way to frustrate a Law player is to do
    the razor rush then drop to the floor. Alot of times, Law will immediately
    try to retaliate with their the dragon storm or the junkyard. If you drop
    fast enough, you will be underneath Law and get a very good chance at
    landing a pop up kick or a low sweep. Law's junkyard combo is also very
    easy to low cancel.  It is important that you learn how to low cancel that
    move so he no longer can switch up his attacks with reckless abandon. Also
    watch for Law's dragon's tail (db+4). If you block it, immediately do a mid
    move such a rising uppercut or a rising mid kick. Be careful when lying on
    the ground since Law can fall on you with d+3+4 or do his slide(d,df,df+3).
    If you can anticipate these attacks, you should to react before it happens.
    Also be very cautious of Law's high kick to flip moves(3,4 or 3,3,4). These
    are guaranteed to work once the high kick connects although the spacing does
    have to be close. All it takes is for Law to block a move such as the
    headbutt and then execute 3,4 and tag on some more hits. As always, pressure
    your opponent with rushes and mix it up when you are not lying on the
    ground. Remember, top Law players can do the punch reversal and kill rushers.
    If the distance between you and Law is substantial, and Law comes
    rushing in with any attack chains that are whiffing, time a hop kick or
    uppercut to knock him out of his attack or break the attack with a mid kick.
    Paul is no longer a challenge for Lei in my opinion. Since Paul's moves do so m
    damage, you must not whiff any moves at all.  A good Paul will make you pay
    for every single mistake. Most times, the deathfist (qcf+2), falling
    leaf(d+4,2), Godfist (f+1+2), and hop kick (uf+4) are the weapons of choice
    when you whiff so be careful. Basically the same principle that applies to
    fighting Law applies to Paul. Playing dead once or twice is ok, but be
    careful that when you drop, Paul can hit you with a hammer, deafist or part
    of a falling leaf as you are falling down.  Paul can also do a ground punch
    (d+2) or a quick sweep(db+3) if you overdo it.  He will keep you out with
    his hammer as much as possible
    as well as pressure you with simple jabs and small uppercuts. Paul is also
    excellent at throwing inbetween moves. His moves, such at the Shoulder Ram
    and God Fist, are very useful and will break you out of attacks. Still,
    Paul has a very limited arsenal of moves so he cannot poke and jab at Lei's
    level. Your goal should be trying to constantly force him to block.
    Furthermore, Paul has no low cancel so dont be scared of ending strings
    with low moves to keep him honest. Sidestep on Paul as well. Most of his
    attacks can easily be sidestepped, even the falling leaf so that the elbow
    wont connect even if the low sweep hits. Also remember to break Paul's
    Hammer Combinations. After blocking the hammer, immediately do a jab to
    throw combination. You could also do a high right kick immediately after
    blocking the first part of the hammer combination and follow with the Razor
    Rush since the right kick will pop Paul up because of the counterhit.
    Uppercut Paul out of his sway combos after the second hit and before the
    third moves comes out. The sway-stone break rush can be hop kicked, the
    sway-phoenix rush cannot. If you block the Falling Leaf, you can get a
    guaranteed hop kick off in time. After blocking a deathfist, most Paul
    players will follow with high jabs or attack reversal. They could also hop
    kick or attempt a sidestep.  Beware of these options and counter with
    Low Sweeps, rushes, the Cannonball, or play dead if you think it will work.
    If you do get hit by Paul's deathfist, you will be able to slide at him if
    he runs in for a ground stomp. The key to this fight is minimizing your
    mistakes because it only takes 2 or 3 errors for you to lose to Paul.

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