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    Lei by SWan

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                             Lei WuLong Guide
                                by Sheng Wan 
    Update 7/1/98 -- Added some more jab throw methods, new juggles 
    and low cancel/punch cancel section above the juggle section.
    Update 6/1/98 -- Added a poking section for Lei, jab throw 
    techniques and some new juggles. (Below the tenstrings section)
    Lei WuLong is probably the best character in Tekken 3 due to the overall 
    fun and diversity of his wide arsenal of moves.  I've been playing Lei ever
    since Tekken 3 came out.  I saw someone do of his stances and I was hooked,
    playing Lei was like watching a Shaolin movie! Well after a year of wasting
    invaluable time and hordes of cash in the arcade I've learned quite a bit 
    about Lei. I will list what I think are the most useful moves, combos and 
    juggles for Lei. Note this is not a complete moves faq.  
    f = forward,  b = back,  u =  up,  d = down
    uf = upforward,  db = downback, df = downforward
    1 = left punch,  2 = right punch,  3 = left kick,  4 = right kick
    SS = snake stance,  DS = dragon stance,  TS = tiger stance
    PS = panther stance,  CS = crane stance
    n = neutral,  _ = or,  ~ = immediately followed by
    ws = while standing, from down to neutral on the joystick
    CH = counterhit
                                  Basic Moves
    Normal Standing Face Forward moves:
    f, n, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4_3 
    --All  Lei players should be able to handle this move without any problems.  
    It is a bit tricky for beginners to perfrom though. You tap the joystick 
    forward and then let it go, after you let go of the joystick start punching 
    in 1,2,1,2 and then either a 4 (mid kick) or a 3 (low kick).  The punch rush 
    comes out very fast and the individual punches follow rapidly.  There is 
    very little risk of someone jamming a punch rush or reversing the punches, 
    except the last midkick which is very suspectible to reversals. Also the
    sequence of the punch rush can be slowed down by adding delays in between
    the punches and the ending kick. This technique is useful in tricking your
    opponents into attacking you in the middle of the punch rush. 
    f,n,1,2 delay, your opponent thinks the delay is actually the end of the rush
    and proceeds to attack which you will interrupt by continuing the punch rush
    after the delay. f,n,1,2,delay,1,2,4
    The punch rush can also be used as a method to get into the 
    stances.  By holding the joystick down or up briefly during any one of the 
    four punches or the 4 midkick Lei will change to a different animal stance.  
    Here's the order:
    f, n, 1+d = snake stance SS
    f, n, 1, 2+d = dragon stance DS
    f, n, 1, 2, 1+d = panther stance PS
    f, n, 1, 2, 1, 2+d = tiger stance TS
    f, n, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4+d = crane stance CS
    db+4, 4
    --This is Lei's rave spin carried over from Tekken 2.  The rave spin is a 
    spin trip followed by a jump spin kick, it does good damage and it comes 
    out fast.  However don't follow up the db+4 with the second 4 unless you're 
    sure the first trip will connect.  If an opponent blocks the trip he could 
    easily duck the jump spin kick and nail you with a juggle. Personally I never
    complete the rave spin sequence. To be safe what I do is db+4 only, without
    the 4 ender. If db+4 hits then i follow up with 4~4,3,3 juggle. This gives 
    you a certain amount of safety if the db+4 is blocked. Also db+4, 4~4,3,3 
    does more damage than a db+4,4 rave spin so it is overall the better option.
    The rave spin can also be used to change into the snake stance.  You do this
    by holding  down on the joystick briefly during the db+4.
    3~4, hold up
    --Hopping spin kick, does three in a series if you hold up after 3~4. Great
    damage and usefulness in hitting opponents trying to get up. Also if blocked
    Lei will left with his backturned towards the opponent with an advantage
    for the next attack i.e. d+1 or 2.
    f,n,4~1,2,3, 4_d+4
    --Fast combo that ends in a midkick or a low kick.  This combo is useful in
    interrupting opponents' attacks because of the great initiative of the 
    f,n,4 kick and it is a great add-on to juggles.
    --Lei's headbutt, he leans back and then deals a high damage strike.  This 
    is a great dodge and counter move.  Use it when you anticipate an attack 
    from your opponent, but don't use it too much.
    4~4, 3,3
    --Two rolling low kicks followed by a mid kick that juggles the opponent.
    The rolling kicks come out extremely fast and will interrupt most of your 
    opponents' attacks. It is also a great ender for juggles.
    --Great, great move, fast, good damage and it juggles. This is one of Lei's
    best juggle starters, it has great initiative and it can be followed by 
    numerous high damaging juggles.
    f,n,3, 4_d+4
    --A high spin kick followed by either a midkick or a low trip kick. Great 
    and good damage but don't use this too much because opponents can duck the 
    f,n,3 and punish you with a juggle afterwards. Use this move to make your 
    opponents guess on the midkick or the low kick.
    df+1 or ws+1
    --Fast uppercut that doesn't float your opponent. It is useful in poking or
    pressuring your opponent.
    df+2 or ws+2
    --Small uppercut juggle starter, use it after you duck an opponent's high
    --Elbow drop, use this on grounded opponents and on people who like to stay
    in low stances, i.e. Eddy, Ling and Lei players. The elbow drop leaves Lei
    in the playdead position where he can follow up with numerous attacks. See 
    the lying down section below.
    f+4,2,1,2, 4_3
    --Foward high spin kick, rush punches and then either a midkick (4) or a 
    low kick (3. This move isn't that useful except for two characteristics.
    First Lei ducks before the f+4 high spin kick which can dodge high attacks
    and deal a high damage blow. Second Lei can switch stances during the rush
    punches and the 4 midkick.
    --High kick, low trip kick which leaves Lei backturned. Almost nobody falls
    for this anymore, they'll most likely block the low trip kick and then nail
    you with a deathfist in the back or a juggle. However this move is still 
    useful as a counter, when you anticipate an attack from your opponent just 
    do sidestep, 3,3. The first 3 will likely counterhit and then the trip kick
    is guranteed.
    --Roll kick which leaves you in the face down face towards position on the 
    ground. This kick can be used to punish people who try to roll back from
    a grounded position and also for Lei to get into a ground position.
    f,n,2 (blocked),1,2,1
    --Drunken punches combo, the first f,n,2 must be blocked to continue the 
    punches. The third punch juggles if it connects, if all the punches are 
    blocked then Lei is left with his backturned towards the opponent with Lei
    having the advantage for the first attack.
    --Great move, lot of priority and hits midsection. Use this after a low jab
    or after ducking a high attack.
    --Spinning punch which turns Lei around so that his back faces the opponent. 
    Backturned Position:
    --Turn around low jab that is very fast, use it to interrupt an opponent when
    he tries to attack you while you're in the backturned position.
    --Fast and can be repeated 4 or 5 times after the first one connects.
    d+4, 4
    --Reverse rave spin, can change to snake stance by holding down briefly 
    during the d+4.
    --Reverse flip kick, hits opponents on the ground and leaves you in back-
    turned stance after completion of the kick so you can repeat.
    --Reverse hop kick which is fast and sends opponents high into the air for
    a juggle opportunity.
    --Reverse uppercut, pretty slow but great damage and sends the opponent
    high for a great juggle opportunity. Mix this up with d+1s to confuse your
    |Lying down moves|
    Play Dead Position
    Most commonly arrived via d+3+4, characterized by Lei laying down with 
    face up and head towards the opponent.
    --Catapult kick, hits midsection and is a great counter-attack not to 
    mention juggle starter.
    --Rave spin from the ground, again like the regular rave spin don't follow
    up the trip kick which in this case is 3, with the jump spin kick 4 unless
    the trip connects. I usually never do 3,4 and do instead 3 then ws+4 which
    is safer and deals roughly the same damage. Note this move can also be 
    performed after a roll, f or b while in play dead position.
    --Get up midkick,great for mixing it up when your opponents are 
    anticipative of 3,4. This can also be performed after a forward or back 
    --Lei will roll over to the slide position for a surprise slide trip 4~3.
    u, 3
    --Unusual move but a great one. It's basically a delayed 3 from the play
    dead position. The awesome quality about this move is that it's a great 
    juggle starter, perhaps one of Lei's best starters. More on this later in
    the juggle section.
    Slide Position
    Most commonly arrived by either d+1+2 from standing position and d+1 from
    play dead position. Characterized by Lei laying down with his face down and
    towards the opponent.
    --The only move I use when I'm in this position. A fast slide trip which
    has long range, speed and decent damage.
    --Revert back to play dead position.
    Face Down Feet Towards (FDFT) Position 
    Most commonly arrived at after either a rolling kick 4~3 or 4~4,3,3 from
    the standing position. Characterized by Lei lying face down with his feet
    towards the opponent.
    --Rolling kick, leaves you back into the FDFT position.
    3~4, 4
    --Rave spin, with the 3~4 activating the trip kick. Again use caution in 
    following the rave spin to the spin kick. Also if you stop after 3~4 Lei 
    will be in the play dead position.
    f_b, 3,4 or f_b, 4
    --Roll forward/back rave spin or roll forward/back rising midkick.
    |The Five Animal Stances|
    Snake Stance
    The central stance which is arrived at through these moves:
    --db+4, d
    --backturned d+4, d
    --f+2+3 in normal standing position
    --A series of three powerful snake punches. The first two hits mid while the
    last punch hits low. This gets most beginner to average players. The first
    snake punch stuns if it counterhits. These punches can also be used to 
    change stances. Holding the joystick forward during the first or second 
    punch shifts Lei to dragon stance. Holding the joystick forward during the
    third punch shifts Lei to the panther stance.
    --A series of fast high snake jabs. Holding forward during these punches 
    shifts Lei back to snake stance. Don't use these punches too much since
    they all hit high so they're easily ducked and countered.
    --Fast low kick, you can do this indefinitely from the snake since the kick
    doesn't revert him back to normal. Use this kick to poke your opponent, 
    entice him to attack and then counter him with snake 2,2,2.
    --This move is like the last lift kick of the 4~4,3,3 rolling kicks. It 
    leaves you in face down feet towards (FDFT) position. I find this move to 
    work on just about everyone, it's a rare move and it often surprises people.
    Dragon Stance
    Most commonly arrived via these moves/methods:
    snake stance, 2+f
    snake stance, 2,2+f
    --Dragon throw, quite slow but it's neat to look at. The highest success
    rate for this throw is when it is done after a stance shift from the punch
    f,n,1,2+d (dragon stance), 1
    If your opponents learns to duck this throw then just mix it up with dragon
    2 or 1+2. You can also shift to the drunken stance if you press 1+2 during
    the throw but it's pretty much just for show.
    --Fast uppercut punch, it will juggle the opponent into the air if it 
    counterhits, otherwise it will just knock him/her back. Hold forward during
    the uppercut to shift to tiger stance.
    --Fast two handed strike, big damage and it sends your opponent clear across
    the screen. Again like dragon 2 hold forward during the punch to shift to
    tiger stance.
    4~1,2,3, 4_d+4
    --Similiar to f,n,4~1,2,3,4_d+4 from regular standing position.
    Panther Stance
    Most commonly arrived via these moves/methods:
    snake stance, 2,2,2+f
    --Lifting uppercut, good damage, great juggle starter. It is a little slow
    however but it still works well if you mix it up with panther 1 or 1~2.
    --These are just like the f,n,2,1,2,1 from regular standing position. The 
    first 2 must be blocked to carry on the series of punches. A nice safety
    feature if the panther uppercut is blocked, which happens alot.
    --Fast trip punch swipe.
    --Double punches, the first one hits low. This is much better than panther
    1 so use this more often. Great damage and it mixes well with panther 2.
    --Trip kick, hits grounded opponents. If you hold back during this kick Lei
    will shift to his unblockable stance where you can press 4 for a slow but
    unblockable jumping cartwheel kick. I usually just use the 3 to hit stubborn
    grounded opponents who refuse to get up.
    --Similiar to f+4,2,1,2,4 from regular standing position, hold down during
    the last 4 to shift to crane stance.
    Tiger Stance
    Most commonly arrived via these moves/methods:
    dragon stance, 2+f
    dragon stance, 1+2+f
    --Overhead punch, bounces the opponent for a juggle if it counterhits. Great
    if mixed up with tiger 4.
    --FAST trip, good damage and can be followed by juggles.
    --Basically a high spin kick followed by a regular punch rush. You can shift
    stances accordingly with this punch rush as you can with a normal one.
    Crane Stance
    Most commonly arrived via these moves/methods:
    --Lei's death fist clone, great damage, knocks your opponent back.
    --FAST turn-around elbow stricke which will turn both you and your opponent 
    around if it hits. Follow it up with several d+1s or a d+4,d, shift to snake
    --Fast forward hop low kick, surprises people alot. It is also a good move
    to hit grounded people.
    --Crane four hit combo, the last 3 juggles if it connects. Note the 2 is
    unblockable, good poke damage. It can also hit grounded opponents.
    Stance Strategy
    The punch rush should be your primary avenue for changing into one of the
    five animal stances. Mix your stance changes up because most average players
    will know how to d+1 or d+4 you out of a stance shift. The moves that I find
    most useful to change into stances are the punch rush, backturned d+4 into
    snake and db+4 into snake. Overall however the safest method to change into
    a stance is via a punch rush during a juggle.
    i.e. uf+4, 1, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, shift to tiger stance, 1 or 4
    Lay-Down Strategy
    Ah the awesome lay down style of Lei. Some people might call this style
    pussy style or cowardly but I say bullshit! I have won many matches solely
    from the grounded positions. Use d+3+4 and d+1+2 whenever your opponent
    starts to initiate his offense. You lay down, he misses, you punish him with
    a 3+4 or a 3,4 from playdead position or a 4~3 slide trip from the slide 
    position. Lay down as much as you want but be careful against characters
    like Nina or Ling who have effective high damage moves that will hit Lei
    on the ground. Basically don't lay down too much, the best optimal situation
    to lay down is when your opponent starts an attack chain, that's when he is
    These positions are interchangeable with each other much like the animal 
    stances. In addition to their navigable structure the grounded positions 
    also possess fast low/mid hitting moves which if alternated can be quite 
    effective. Here are some ground chains/moves that I use.
    4~3 (FDFT position), 3~4 (playdead position), f,3,4
    4~3 (FDFT), 3~4 (playdead), 3+4
    4~3 (FDFT), 4~3 (FDFT), 4~3 (FDFT)......etc.
    4~4,3,3 (FDFT), 3~4 (playdead), 3+4 or 3,4
    d+1+2 (slide position), 4~3
    --Mix these 3 playdead position moves for good results--
    d+3+4, 3+4     
    d+3+4, f_b,4    
    d+3+4, f_b,3,4
    This is for fun only, I think/hope everyone can block tenstrings by now
    so using them in a match is pretty useless unless you're playing around 
    with beginners.
    Ten String #1: 1,2,1, 3+4, 2,1, 4,1,4,4 --The better one out of the
    two ten strings that Lei has. The buttons are quite simple but the
    timing is tricky. Ok 1,2,1 should be tapped in quick succession, this
    will make Lei do two high spinning punches and then a low spinning
    punch. When Lei lashes out the third low hitting spin punch press 3+4,
    this will make Lei do a backward flip kick. Next tap 2 when Lei is in
    the beginning of his backward flip kick. Tap 1 near the end of the
    backward flip kick and then tap 4,1,4,4 in succession with a short
    lapse time in between the buttons. If all timed successfully Lei will
    do two high spinning punches then a low one, flip kick, two more
    punches, high kick, punch then rave spin.
    Ten String #2: 1,2,1, 3+4, 2,1, 4,1,2,3 --This ten string has only one
    low hit, the rest all hit high or mid so it's easy to block. Use this
    when your opponent starts to block the first ten string effectively,
    in other words mix them up. The timing for this ten string is the same
    as the first one except that you'll tap 4,1,2,3 in succession instead
    of 4,1,4,4. When done correctly Lei will do two high spinning punches,
    one low spinning punch, backward flip kick, two punches, high kick,
    two punches and ending with a high spin kick.
    Nine String: 1,2,1,3+4,3+4,3+4,1,1,2 --This nine string is quite slow
    and predictable but it's also very easy to do. Mix this up with the
    two ten strings to get the greatest success. The 1,2,1 should be
    tapped in quick succesion like in the ten strings. The
    3+4,3+4,3+4,1,1,2 should be tapped in succesion with about a
    half-second in-between each step.
    Against high level competition regular moves and combos won't cut it. 
    Lei has a decent arsenal of poking or pressuring moves. Use these moves 
    to pressure your opponents, you can still use lie down moves like d+3+4 4 
    or d+3+4 3 to trick your opponent.
    1 -- regular jab, pretty fast and it interrupts incoming moves
    f,n,1 -- longer range but a little slower, a good pressuring move 
    f,n,2 -- basically a shift forward and 2 jab, fast 
    f,n,4~1 -- fast, interrupts incoming moves, my personal favorite move!
    d+4 -- my favorite move, it's a standing up shin kick that hits low, 
               extremely fast and it has good range
    db+4 -- use this after a flurry of jabs and d+4s
    d+1 -- good fast move to interrupt incoming attacks
    ws+4 -- fast followup to a d+1, good damage and it has priority
    uf+4 -- fast juggle starter, use it after a jab or d+4
    df+3 -- a little slow but a great mid hitting move
    D+4 -- low kick from crouching
    These are just simple fast moves that can be used in make shift strings to 
    pressure your opponent. Experiment and formulate your own attacking 
    strings with these moves. Some strings that i use are:
    f,n,4~1, df+1, df+4, db+4, if db4 hits then 4~4,3,3
    f,n,4~1, f,4~1,2, db+4, 4~4,3,3
    f,n,1, d+4, uf+4, juggle
    1, f,n,2, d+4, df+3, db+4 etc
    d+1, D+4, ws+4, f,n,1, d+4, uf+4 etc
    After you've had some practice with these moves you will be able to match 
    any move with any situation. Like when someone is about to attack you 
    would instantly respond with a d1 or 1 or d+4 or f,n,4~1 to interrupt the 
    incoming attack. Or when you attack and your opponent ducks, you 
    should lash out a df+1 or df+4, or df+2.
    Jab throw techniques
    The jab throw refers to a jab followed by a fast throw. Lei has a few of 
    these to use on people. Remember Guile's little d+short punch into throw 
    in street fighter 2? Well these are practically the same annoying methods.
    These are best used in a poking string.
    Basic throws
    1, hold 1, 3 -- Jab, then hold the left punch button and press 3. You will 
    lash out a quick throw after the jab, the jab can either hit or be blocked 
    for this to work, but it would help if the jab hits.
    f,n,1, hold 1, 3 -- Same thing just starts off with a rush punch which gives
    you more range.
    1, hold 1 while doing f,f+2 -- Jab, then hold left punch and do f,f+2 to 
    lash out a fast take down special throw. This can be started off with f,n,1.
    1, hold 1 while doing uf+2 -- Same technique, but a trip takedown special 
    throw which does more damage and is harder to break out of than a 
    normal throw. Can be started with f,n,1.
    Special throws
    These are harder to escape from but they are a little harder to do.
    1, hold 1, uf+2 -- Jab buffered into uf+1+2 trip elbow throw.
    f,n,1, hold 1, uf+2 -- Single rush punch buffered into uf+1+2
    1, hold 1, f,f+2
    f,n,1, hold 1, f,f+2
    -- Same idea, different throw.
    f,n,4~1, hold 1, uf+2
    --My personal favorite, it works the best out of all the other methods. Use 
    this alot in your poking strings. Altogether this sequence does 50% or
    more damage on your opponent. 
    Low cancels and punch cancel
    Last but not least the low cancel/punch cancel department of Lei...
    Low cancels
    Low cancels are sort of like reversals but they award opportunity instead 
    of damage. A low cancel literally cancels an opponent's low attack. After 
    the low attack is cancelled you will have a short time advantage over your 
    opponent who is left unable to move or block in crouching position. Lei's 
    low cancel is d+1+3 or d+2+4, these can be used on any low attack as  
    long as the attack hits low. The great thing about Lei's low cancel is his 
    marvelous followup attack, the uf+4 hopkick juggle starter. uf+4 is 
    guranteed after a successful low cancel and it can be followed up with a 
    devastating juggle.
    Eddy goes for a ss+4, 3, you predict the low hit 3 and proceed to low 
    cancel it with d+1+3. Eddy's low hit 3 is cancelled and he is left in 
    crouching position unable to block for about 2seconds. Taking advantage 
    of this vulnerability you do an uf+4 hopkick which is guranteed to hit and 
    then proceed with f,n,4~1, f,n,4~1,2,3 juggle thereby taking a good 40% 
    of Eddy's life off.  
    You can also followup a successful low cancel with db+4 juggle or any 
    other move that hits midsection but uf+4 is lei's fastest and highest
    damaging option so stick to it.
    Punch cancel
    Lei's punch reversal is done via f+3+4 during an opponents mid/high punch 
    attack. If successful Lei will turn and negate the punch. This move however 
    doesn't give Lei a clear advantage over his opponent like the low cancel 
    does since nothing is really guranteed to hit after a successful punch cancel.
    However it is still useful to cancel your opponent's attack, and it might even 
    put them into a state of confusion which would be beneficial to you. 
    So far the only good followup to the punch cancel that I've found is a throw.
    Paul does his d+1, 2 tile splitter deathfist move, you initiate f+3+4 just as the 
    second punch (2) comes out. Lei spins and negates Paul's punch. Paul is 
    confused and is psychologically stunned for a second. You take advantage 
    of this and proceed to throw him with uf+1+2. Note this is highly 
    circumstantial, nothing is guranteed after the punch cancel.
    Ah my favorite feature of Tekken 3, the juggles. Lei has a wide variety
    of variations in juggles. Most however require the mastery of the f,n
    joystick movement necessary for the punch rush and f,4~1,2,3. I'll just 
    some of the more useful and flashy juggles here. I think all of these are 
    guranteed and inescapable via a techroll, if they're not then please tell me 
    so I can change them.
    db+4, df+1, f,n,1, f,n,4~1,2,3
    db+4, df+1, f,n,1,2,1,2,4
    uf+4, uf+4, 4~4,3,3
    uf+4, f,n,1, f,n,1, f,n,1,2,1,2,4
    d+3+4, 3+4, b+1+2, 4~4,3,3 --highest damage juggle I know of so far
    d+3+4, 3+4, uf+4, 4~4,3,3
    d+3+4, 3+4, uf+4, f,n,1,2,1,2,4
    d+3+4, 3+4, uf+4, f,n,1,2,1,2+d,4
    d+3+4, 3+4, uf+4, 1, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, TS
    d+3+4, 3+4, uf+4, f,n,4,1,2,3
    d+3+4, 3+4, 1, f,n,4~1,2,3
    uf+4, uf+4, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, 4
    uf+4, f,n,1, f,n,1, f,n,1, f,n,1
    DS, 2 (CH), f,n,1, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, 4
    DS, 2 (CH), f,n,1, 4~4,3,3
    CS, 3,4,2,3, if 3 hits then, 1, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, 4
    TS, 4, ws+4, 4~4,3,3
    TS, 4, ws+1, f,n,4~1,2,3
    db+4,d,SS, 1,1,1,1,1
    df+2, uf+4, 4~4,3,3
    df+2, f,n,4~1, f,n,4~1,2,3
    4~4,3,3, 3~4, f,3
    d+3+4, 3+4, 3, 4~4,3,3
    d+3+4, 3+4, 1, 1,2,1,3+4,3+4,3+4
    d+3+4, u,3, f,n,1, f,n,1, f,n,1,2,1,2,4
    d+3+4, u,3, f,n,1, f,n,4~1,2,3
    d+3+4, u,3, f,n,4~1, 4~4,3,3
    df+2, df+1, f,n,1,2,1,2+d, 4
    There are tons more but I'm just too lazy to list them all. If you have
    an off the wall or new juggle please email them to me along with any
    Sheng Wan

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