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    Lei by TQudo

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 03/27/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Lei's FAQ   Ver 0.8
                               written by Tadashi Qudo
                               original move list by -MG-
    Hello. Here is Lei's FAQ.
    My name is Tadashi Qudo.  I'm 21 years old from Japan. In Japan,Tekken 3(100% 
    ver) is now available.  I play TK3 everyday! But perfect move list is NOT 
    available yet...  Anyway, I want to This FAQ is of use to all of TK3 players.
    I'm not good at English... please forgive me.
    (2)Explanation for stances ---under construction
    (3)strategy --- under construction
    command			Name(Japanese)		Name(English)
    1+3			hiku-kyaku		flying sky kick
    2+4			erijime			neck wringer
    f,f+1+2			haraitaoshi		trip
    u/f+1+2			    ?			trip and elbow
    f+3+4			suiken no kamae 	Riversal -> drunk stunce
    *Regular Moves*
    b+1+2			ishi atama		head butt
    u/h+2			    ?			elbow drop
    3,3			kyokankyaku		high,low kicks(-> backturn)
    4~3			koryu-tai		cartwheel kick
    4~4,3,3			kenzan renkyaku		rolling kicks
    d/b+4,4			kousou enbu		rave spin
    3~4,u,(d)		senpu-renkyaku		jumping crescents( ->backturn)
    1+2			tensin renho		2 turning punches( ->back turn)
    1+2~b			    ?         		1 turning punch  ( ->back turn)
    1+2~1+2			    ?			1 turning punch and back uppercut
    f,n,1,2,1,2,4		ryu-sei chu-dankyaku	4xpunches,mid kick
    f,n,1,2,1,2,3		ryu-sei gedankyaku	4xpunches,low kick
    f,n,4,1,2,3,4		rouga youshingeki	5-hit combo,mid kick
    f,n,4,1,2,3,d+4		rouga kosonzan		5-hit combo,low kick
    f+4,1,2,4		raikou chu-dankyaku	crescent,2 punches,mid kick
    f+4,1,2,3		raikou gedankyaku	crescent,2 punches,low kick
    f+4,2,1,2,4		    ?			crescent,3 punches,mid kick
    f+4,2,1,2,3		    ?			crescent,3 punches,mid kick
    f,n,3,4			youshingeki		high crescent,mid kick
    f,n,3,d+4		kosonzan    		high crescent,low kick
    f,n,2,1,2,1		sousouga		guard melting punches( ->back 
    f,f,f+4			raikou choukyaku	flying hawk kick
    d/b+1+3,d/b+2+4		    ?			low combo breaker
    *switch position/stance
    b+3+4			se wo mukeru		turn back
    d+3+4			neru			play dead
    b+1+2			    ?			slide
    f+3+4			suiken no kamae		drunk stance
    b+1+4			hisuichou		one leg stance
    f+2+3			hebi no kamae		snake stance
    *Moves from position/stance
    //// back turn ////
    1			haishinda		high backfist( ->back turn)
    d+1			haishin kasouda		low backfist( ->back turn)
    2			haishin houtui		back uppercut
    4			haishin tai		back mid kick
    d+4,4			haishin kousouenbu	rave spin
    3+4,3+4,3+4		haizinraku		triple backflip
    //// play dead position ////
    3,4			fukushin kousouenbu	rave spin
    4			fukushin tai		rising mid kick
    3+4			tyoukyu-kyaku		double kick
    d+1			utsubuse ni naru	->slide
    f_b,3,4			fukushin kousouenbu	roll toward(back),rave spin
    f_b,4			fukushin tai		roll toward(back),rising mid 
    u			tatsu			stand up
    //// slide position ////
    4~3			fukushinkatsu		slide
    3_4			hukushin soutai		sweep
    1			aomuke ni naru		->play dead
    f_b,3			fukushin soutai		roll toward(back),sweep
    f_b,4			fukushin tai		roll toward(back),rising mid 
    u			tatsu			stand up
    //// facedown position ////
    4~3			hukushin koryu-tai	cartwheel kick( ->facedown)
    3			hukushin soutai		sweep
    3~4			hukushinkatsu		sweep( ->playdead)
    3~4,4			hukushin kousouenbu	rave spin
    4			hukushin tai		rising mid kick
    1			utsubuse ni naru	->knock down
    f_b,3,4			hukushin kousouenbu	roll toward(back),rave spin
    f_b,4			hukushin tai		roll toward(back),rising mid 
    u			tastu			stand up
    //// knockdown position ////
    3			hukushin soutai		sweep
    4			hukushintai		rising mid kick
    d+1			utsubuse ni naru	-> facedown
    3+4			haneoki			wake up likes spring
    f_b,3			hukushin soutai		roll toward(back),sweep
    f_b,4			hukushintai		roll toward(back),rising mid 
    //// one leg stance ////
    3,3,3,3			yousou renkyaku		hawk's claw kick combo
    4			houou senpu-kyaku	phoenix kick
    //// drunk stance ////
    1			suikyogeki		drunk punch
    3+4			suihotai		double low kick ->facedown
    //// snake stance ////
    1,1,1,1,1,1		jabu			hopping punches
    2,2,2			jatotsu rengeki		stabbing punches
    3			    ?			fall down & kick up ->facedown
    4			    ?			hopping low kick
    1+4			ryu no kamae		switch dragon stance and throw
    u			ryu no kamae		switch dragon stance
    d			hyou no kamae		switch panther stance
    (+ when you finished stabbing punches,
    you can switch panther stance by tap 'f')
    (+ when you stopped stabbing punches(2nd punch),
    you can switch dragon stance by tap 'f')
    //// dragon stance ////
    1			    ?			neck shaker throw
    1+2 durnig neck shakere	    ?			drink -> drunk stance
    2			    ?			double arm strike
    3,3			    ?			high,low kicks
    4,1,2,3,4		    ?			5-hit combo,mid kick
    4,1,2,3,d+4		    ?			5-hit combo,low kick
    u			tora no kamae		switch tiger stance
    d			hebi no kamae		switch snake stance
    //// panther stance ////
    1,2			    ?			double low punch combo
    2			    ?			uppercut
    3			    ?			sweep
    4,1,2,3_4		    ?			crescent,2 punches,low_mid kick
    3,2,1,2,3_4		    ?			crescent,3 punches,low_mid kick
    u			tsuru no kamae		switch crane stance
    d			hebi no kamae		switch snake stance
    //// tiger stance ////
    1_2			    ?			overhead swipe
    4			    ?			fast low sweep
    3,4			    ?			high cescent,mid kick
    3,d+4			    ?			high crescent,low kick
    u			hebi no kamae		switch snake stance
    d			ryu no kamae		switch dragon stance
    //// crane stance ////
    1			    ?			guard melting punch
    2			    ?			hard backfist
    4			    ?			jump forward into low kick
    3,4,2,3			choukaku rengeki	4-hit combo
    u			hebi no kamae		switch snake stance
    d			hyou no kamae		switch panther stance
    Explanation for stance
    *How to switch
    There are some ways to switch stance.
    (1)When move axis,press 1+4(2+3)
    (2)During 4xpunches mid ,tap 'u' or 'd'
    (3)press f+2+3( ->switch snake stance)
    (4)When you changed stance already,tap 'u' or 'f'.you can switch other
    (5)When you finished f+4,2,1,2,4(f+4,1,2,4),tap 'f' or 'u'(->switch
    crane stance)
    (6)When you finished(or 2nd) stabbing punches,tap 'f'
    *chain of stance
         <-(u)-       <-(u)-   |  <-(u)-        <-(u)-   |
    Tiger       Dragon       Snake       Panther       Crane
    |     -(d)->       -(d)->  |   -(d)->        -(d)->
    *During 4xpunches mid kick
    1st punch	snake
    2nd punch	dragon
    3rd punch	panther
    4th punch	tiger
    last kick	crane
    *Combination(not combo)
    (dly) means 'Delay press button adjust moving your opponent'
    ex.1	f,n,4,1 ,d/f+4 ,f,n,1,2,1,2,(dly)4 ,u(d) ,3,(dly)4,2,(dly)3
    ex.2	f,n,4,1 ,d/f+4 ,d/f+4
    ex.3	f,n,1,(dly)2 ,(dly)u(d) ,(dly)1
    ex.4	f,n,1,(dly),2(dly),1(dly),2(dly),(dly)4(or 3)
    ex.5	f+4,1,(dly),2,(dly),4 (change stance)
                        and so on..
                        coming soon!
    (lie down)3+4 ,b+1+2, 4,4,3,3
    (lie down)3+4 ,1 ,f,n,1,2,1,2 ,u ,4
    d/b+4 ,4,4,3,3
    d/b+4 ,d ,1,1,1,1,1,1
    d/b+4 ,d ,2,2
    d/b+4 ,d ,4 ,1,1,1,1,1,1
    (back turn)d+2 ,d+2 ,d+2 ,d+2 ,d+2
    (tiger stance)4(counter) ,f,n,1,2,1,2,4
    		and so on...
    		coming soon!
    My Homepage http://www.win.or.jp/~tadarich/eng/eindex.html

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