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    Ling Xiaoyu by TJohnson

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    Tekken 3          
    Ling Xiaoyu Strategy FAQ ver. 0.5
    Copyright 1997 Thomas T. Johnson
    Any use of this FAQ in a print or electronic publication for other than 
    personal reference without express written consent will be given complementary 
    tickets to Hell (since I don't have time to give you instructions) or 
    prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Ling Xiaoyu
    Hello, I guess I'm the new kid on the block.  Dion A. Madrilejo and 
    Justin Pierce both have made excellent FAQ's with Ling Xiaoyu's moves and 
    basic strategies.  But, I have played with her since day one (I have just now
    started playing with Yoshi) and I have yet to find a FAQ or  detailing
    how to use her many dodges and flips effectively.  This FAQ is going to
    be geared more to who already use her and some what know how to play
    with her. I also didn't want to repeat what is already out there so I'm
    really just adding the icing to the cake.   If you are not familiar with
    her and want to learn don't fret I will give you the move list that I
    have used from  Dion A. Madrilejo and  Justin Pierce (thanks, guys).  
    I love playing with Ling for the simple fact that she is the true
    underdog of the Tekken 3 bunch.  As far as damage goes she is the
    weakest character in the game Eddie, Paul, Jin, Nina, and King (or
    anyone else) can have a field day whipping her around like a rag doll. 
    She has counters but, they do limited damage and not many people use
    them (After this FAQ I hope this will change) and the hidden talent she
    possesses is incredible, even I haven't tapped her full resources I
    still working at it so for the time being the will be a work in progress
    FAQ (at least until I can pull off the tenstrings). 
    Another point that I am going to discuss in this FAQ is the button
    configuration.  I am one of the few that have three Tekken 3's in about
    a 3 mile radius from my house (ironic...hmmmm).  What I have found is
    there are three button configurations for the three different boxes. 
    The spacing, I have found, affects how players play.  To some this may
    be horrible but, I have turned lemons it to lemonade.  The spacing has
    allowed me to incorporate different styles of fighting.  Ling's speed,
    ability to attack while backwards, and the Art of Phoenix make her a
    very dangerous character indeed. 
    Back to the button configuration, I am going to list the three types I
    have found:
    Type 1: Big box, speakers on the side, controllers are in the corners to
    provide maximum space between players, buttons are about 3/4" (2cm) apart.
    I feel this is the best setup for all players it allows for quick movements.
    Type 2: Big box, speakers on the side, controllers are in the corners to
    provide maximum space between players, buttons are about 3" (9cm) apart.  The 
    only redeeming quality about this box is the fact that you are far away 
    from you opponent. The button configuration sucks.
    Type 3: Regular box, controllers are near each other, buttons are about
    3" ( 9cm) apart. This is the WORST setup ever.  The buttons are space so far 
    apart that the tenstrings and links are very hard to do with most characters, 
    and the space between you and button-mashing chumpboy (who must take his 
    Tekken "playing stance" and spreads his legs about 45 degrees) is about 6" 
    (15cm) makes for horrible playing.
    The reason I am mentioning this is because if you have with Ling these setups 
    will affect your style and game play immensely.  For those of you not 
    familiar with Ling here's your chance go to:                         
    http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~mxavier/TEKKEN3/sfaqs/xiaoyu2.txt or                 
            For the rest of us lets go.
    ","  - input the first command, then the second
    "+"  - input the two commands together
    "~"  - input the second command immediately after the first
    "_"  - input the first command(s) OR the second command(s)
    (FC) - input the command from a full crouch
    (WS) - input the command while rising from a crouch
    QCB  - quarter circle back (d,d/b,b)
    FA   - this attack turns you to face away from your opponent
    Phx  - this attack leaves you in the Phoenix stance
    Flt  - this attack floats (juggles) your opponent
    cFlt - this attack floats your opponent on counterhit only
    cRec - this attack recovers in a crouching position
    cBce - this attack causes a bounce-juggle on counterhit only
    Turn - this attack turns your opponent around
    Clk  - this attack axis-shifts in a clockwise motion
    CClk - this attack axis-shifts in a counterclockwise motion
    IS   - this attack axis-shifts into the screen
    OS   - this attack axis-shifts out of the screen
    LD   - this attack leaves you lying on the ground
    Grnd - this attack will hit an opponent who is lying on the ground
    "!"  - this attack is unblockable
    Tnt  - use this move to mock your opponent
    *note (this notation list is borrowed from Justin Pierce) 
    Part 1: General Moves-
            Art of Phoenix
            The first move that must be mastered is the Art of Phoenix [d+(1+2)]
    this serves as your primary means of defense from high and some mid attack if 
    you hold down while in the stance. It also unnerves some players, especially 
    newbies.  Some say don't overuse it I disagree, use it as much as possible, 
    just mix up what you do while your in it.  Against newbies you can use all the
    moves in the AOP armory and you are pretty good to go.  Against veterans what 
    I like to do is breakdance sweeps [d/f 4,4,4].  The BS are easy to pull off if
    your opponent is near you get 4 good hits with it if they are just out of 
    range of the sweeps add another 4 and you get a high kick that flips the end
    over end.  Not only good for the "ooooh" factor it forces your opponent 
    to get repositioned and rethinking strategy.  
            The other move that I find more so effective than anything else are the
    Spinning hop kicks [u+4,4] I use these in a combo [u+4,4],2, [u+(1+2) 2,1] if
    and only if the last 4 and first 2 connect if not I quickly move back into the
    AoP and get the hell out of the way! 
            By using a (1+3) or (2+4). Your opponent will be mad as hell and they
    want to unload on your ass Horwange, Eddie, and Lei will cause you the most 
    grief if you mess this up YOU WILL PAY. So focus on timing and knowing your 
            Another way you can use the Spinning Hop Kick is if you opponent is a
    at a distance and begins to run in at you.  You can catch them in mid-stride 
    but, like I said the move is more effective than damaging uses it mostly for 
    free hits or come up with some nasty trick to follow it up like using the 
    (FC),3,2,1,4 (more on this move later) we will cover some more things with the
    AoP later I tend incorporate the AoP in combos and as a dodge so I will talk 
    about it from that standpoint.  
            Overhead Punches, Mid Right, Palm Strike
            The second move that I find helpful is the Overhead Punches, Mid Right,
    Palm Strike [u+(1+2)  2,1] this is a great starter combo when you are playing
    offensively.  Its damage is moderate but, the speed is what your looking for.
    It is also your primary defense against a button masher.  Now then against a 
    seasoned player this strategy is moderately effective if they know how to 
    block it or know where you are going with it.  Again I can not stress how 
    important it is to mix-up your style.  When it connects fully it will knock 
    your opponent back about halfway giving you time to run in at them.  From her 
    you have at least 4 options 1) slide kick, 2)jump kick, 3)dive, 4) head butt 
    but if the head butt connects you can repeat the Overhead combo and for the
    most part finish off the match.  Those four options are of course the most 
    obvious but, if it works.....hey, no complaints from me.  From here you can go
    into the AoP and wait for the storming bull to come in after you.  start up 
    with the Spinning Hop Kicks or the u+3,3 or u+3,4.  Another effective move 
    following this combo whileare the windmill slaps (d+1) or (D+1).  I emphasize 
    speed over anything else with Ling so I prefer the (d+1) over the (D+1) 
    [unless I am trying to get back into the AoP stance] the Windmill Stance is 
    great for knocking an opponent down, it hits high but many players duck trying 
    to match your stance and get smacked.  The damage with this move is better 
    than average.  
            NOTE: If you have counter kings at your Arcade be careful, the Storming
                  Flower ending is an easy set up I don't play too much out of 
                  character (which is not a good thing people) but, I can counter 
                  the move with other characters about 70% of the time.  Paul and 
                  Jin love this move because they can counter it easily. It makes 
                  you have to think and puts you on the defensive most of the
                  match  *I personally like to play her offensively,
                  defense sucks*  
            Four String Hit
            This string (FC),3,2,1,4 is so underrated.  I have just recently
    incorporated it into my arsenal but a note to all who want to play with Ling: 
    learn this string before you learn the the AoP it will help you out much more 
    in the long run.  This is good for 1) speed 2) distance 3) where it connects 
    4) JUGGLES. 
            After this move you can finish up with the Overhead combo,  hit them
    with the Storming Flower (It hard to connect with but, damages very well),
    or the Upward Spin Strike f,f +(1,2)  I don't use this move much (I need to) 
    but, I will note its effectiveness and damage.  
            Now then here is a aberrant form of this than can make it a 10 string.
            This is CHEAP I use it when I can get away with it or when a button
    masher is running the board but, if it can keep getting you wins use it.  I 
    will not be responsible for any name calling incurred during your matches.  I 
    haven't seen the backwards strike countered but, I'm sure it can be. 
            3+4                     spinning dodge
            u+3+4                   spinning dodge
            d                       duck (while in AoP)
            f,f +3+4                backflip [(BK)]
            u+3+4 or d+3+4          spinning dodge [(BK)]
            f+3+4                   dive roll
            f,F+3+4                 sky flip
            f+1+2                   cartwheel               
            To me these are the second most important types of moves in the game. 
    This is the what compensates for her weakness as far as physical strength.  
    These move have two weaknessess.
            1.  What I call autotracking, that happens mostly with Jin and Hwoarang
                (but can happen with anyone) that is when a charcter does a set of
                moves i.e. spinning sweeps and when you side step out of the field 
                of attack, their attack follows you.  The only solution to that 
                problem is blocking.
            2.  This is a problem caused by you.  When you use a dodge notice how
                you are positioned in relation to your opponent.  If all else
                fails just use the throw button after a dodge Ling usually takes 
            Why do I say that?  Because from the taunts you can do ANY move.  Yes,
    that's right during her taunt animations you can start up your move.  It is
    great for setting your opponent up.  Most people don't know that because most 
    moves go through the full animations before you can make another animation.  
    Use it to your advantage but, have at least deathfist range between you 
    and your opponent before you do it.
            Listen, this is all for now I will update this FAQ frenquently as long
    as I can come up with other moves and stratagies that work.  Plus I want to 
    add a section on how to incorporate countering and reversals into your attack.
            P.S. If any one else has some good stratgies that want to add on to
    this e-mail me (Tom_Slick@forpresident.com)  I will give you credit for your   
            Acknowledgements:   Thanks to Mario Xaiver (sorry it took so long to be
    so short), Dion A. Madrilejo, Justin Pierce (if it wasn't for you two I would 
    probably be one of the Chumpboys I mangle) and all the Chumpboy I destroy 
    every time I play.
    Next Time: Moves after the dodges and how to play aganinst all the characters.

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