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    Yoshimitsu by SineSwiper

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    Yoshimitsu FAQ V1.00
     by SineSwiper (bbbyrd@earthlink.net)
     A Few Notes
    All moves are shown in STWP (Standard Tekken Web Project) format.
    This is sort of a rough draft; I add juggles and the rest of the player
    strategies soon.
    While I'm not a god at this game, I'm good enough to write this FAQ.  However,
    if anybody has any comments/corrections/etc., email me or talk to me on IRC
    (sorta rare to find me) at #tekken3 (EFNet) as SINSwiper or SineSwipr.
     Useless info
    "Mechanized Space Ninja"
    Nation of origin - None (formerly Japan)
    Fighting Style - "Manji" Ninja arts
    Age - ?
    Height - 178cm (5 foot 9)
    Weight - 63kg (139 pounds)
    Blood Type - O
    Occupation - Leader of Manji clan
    Hobby - Watching Sumo matches, net surfing
    Likes - Arcades
    Dislikes - Villains, bad mannered game players
    Select with Punchs - Half armored Yoshi, red sword
    Select with Kicks - Full armored Yoshi, green sword
    Yoshimitsu's stage - The forest
    The story:
         Boskonovitch, who has completed the permanent mechanism, started to
         restore his daughter to life and to study the eternal youth and life,
         which were his ambitions for a long time. (His daughter is preserved in
         the cold sleep machine he developed himself.) 
         Yoshimitsu has been relieving the poor and raising funds for
         Boskonovitch's study as the leader of the "Manji" party. One day, he
         heard of the missing cases of the world famous martial artists.
         Yoshimitsu, not caring about it, visited the research center as usual and
         found Dr. Boskonovitch unusual. 
         Boskonovitch has had a mysterious pahtogenic organism due to the accident
         while studying. He says that he needs the blood of the Toshin (God of
         Fighting) in order to finish the study and to restore his daughter. He
         seems to know the existence of the Toshin while studying to restore his
         Yoshimitsu needs to get the blood of the Toshin in order to save
         Boskonovitch, who once saved his life. He decided to participate the
    Yoshimitsu is not a throw god like King or Nina, but he has enough to play
    with just fine.
    1+3 and 2+4 (front throws) - Dive Drop and Hilt-to-the-face
         Standard run-of-the-mill throws.
    QCB+1+2 (front) - Rainbow Drop
         Yoshi's only special throw.  Not that he needs any more: it does take off
         a friendly 45 points of damage.  However, its motion prevents you from
         throwing a Rainbow Drop after ducking a throw or high attack.  Try it
         after sidesteping, though.
    1+3_2+4 (left) - Flying Cartwheel
         Never seen this one.  I imagine it takes off the same as all other side
         throws: 40 percent.
    1+3_2+4 (right) - Clonimitsu
         If you haven't seen this throw, KEEP TRYING FOR IT UNTIL YOU DO!  It
         looks awesome!  Of course, if you wasted $4 trying to pull it off, you've
         gone too far (It isn't THAT awesome!).
    1+3_2+4 (back) - Spinning Rainbow Drop
         Another cool-looking throw.  The ol' teleport/back throw trick sometimes
         works with turtles and newbies and it only takes off a puny 70-75 points
         of damage.  But, of course, button mashers and even OK players never fall
         for that.
     Standard Attacks
    One of the worst things to screw up in a game is to forget some of Yoshi's
    arsenal.  Almost every move has a good use, and should be mixed up in battles.
    f,f+4 - Yoshi Knee (Mid attack)
         This is a excellent counterhit move.  Does good damage, supercedes
         everything and it's a fast move.  Knocks down on impact, so do a sword
         slice or a flipstomp afterwords.  However, it does have some recovery if
    f,f+2 - Elbow Smash (Sword Slice on Counterhit, Mid attack)
         It's an good move, but it's not as fast as the Yoshi Knee and has the
         same recovery.  The counterhit is a nice thing, as it knocks your
         opponent down (Ground attack afterwords), turns you to the other side (if
         this is useful), and takes off roughly 30-40 points of damage.  If the
         smash hits on a non-counter hit, it doesn't knock them down.  In that
         case, follow it up with a throw or a Samurai Cutter.
    4~3 - Kangaroo Kick (Mid attack, Juggles)
         Slow to pull off, but it hurts with a good juggle.  Because of the slow
         recovery and the turned-around stance, a special juggle like a Harikari
         (Careful!) or another Kangaroo Kick (unconfirmed) is required.
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4 - Shark Attack, Kangaroo Kick (High, Mid(?), Mid attack)
         Not very useful, and it leaves you wide open.  Not a good move to "throw
         out".  It does good damage, tho, and of course juggles.
    B+1+2 - Bad Breath Stance (f to cancel)
    1+2 - Release Breath (High(?) attack)
         This is actually a surprisingly good move.  People tend to get hit by
         this thing all the time.  The stance will dodge high attacks and the
         breath does good damage on a counterhit (which is about the only kind of
         hit this attack does).  Just please don't leave the stance on for more
         than a second.
    B+1,1,1,1,1,1 - Slap-U-Silly (High attacks)
         Despite a few peoples' constant usage, this is not a good attack.  It's a
         high attack, it leaves you open, does poor damage, and all of the other
         spin attacks are better.  The only good thing is that you could do a
         Slap-U-Silly followed by a throw.  Of course, a smart opponent would
         either duck or break the throw.  By the way, all of the spin attacks make
         Yoshimitsu fall over on the sixth spin. 
    d/b+2,2,2,2,2,2 - Fist Spinstrikes (Mid attacks)
         This is a better version of the Slap-U-Silly, but it never combos and,
         like all of the spin attacks, still does poor damage.
    d/b+3,[3],[3],[3],[f+4] - Leg Sweeps, Falling Tree Kick
    (Low...Mid attack)
         The leg sweeps look a lot like the Fist Spinstrikes, so you might connect
         with it if the opponents blocks high.  The tree kick could be thrown at
         any time to confuse the opponent, but it's fairly slow.
    B+1,[1],[1],d/b+3,[3],[3_f+4] - Slap-U-Silly, Leg Sweeps, Falling Tree Kick
    (High...Low...Low_Mid attack)
         This is a decent attack (not good, but decent) as it will almost always
         get a hit in somewhere.  Be sure to hit d/b for the leg sweeps.
    4,4,4 - 3 High Kicks (High attacks)
         Not useful because of its very slow recovery.  The third kick
         block-stuns and turns the opponent sideways.     
    3,4 - Zigzag (High, Mid attack)
         The roundhouse (3) is a good counterhit move for slow attacks.  If
         blocked or whiffed, hit 4 and the mid kick will hit after an one second
         delay.  Some people will try to attack after the roundhouse and get hit
         by the mid kick (counterhit damage, of course).  However, few people fall
         for this old Tekken 2 trick.
    u/f+3+4 - Flipstomp (Hits fallen opponents, Mid attack)
         Good for opponents on the ground.  Not good for opponents standing up.
    d/f+1,1,1,1,1 - Door Knocker (Mid(?) attacks)
         Not a good combo to do against good player.  Still, it's funny to watch
         and does good damage.
    f+2 - Backfist (Turns opponent around, High attack)
         Great move if you can get away with it.  You're guaranteed a juggle, or
         even a back throw if the guy is stupid.
    (WC)+3+4 - Sit Down (Yoshi gains health while sitting, u to cancel)
    f_b - Teleport [in front of_behind opponent] (While sitting)
    4 - Kangaroo Kick (While sitting)
    2,2,2,2,2,2 - Fist Spinstrikes (While sitting)
         Good for when you need health and your opponent is far away.  The
         teleport/kick/spinstrikes are slow to start, though.
    Yoshimitsu's sword can used many different ways.  And no, there aren't all
    pointless, time-consuming supers.  In fact, most of them have a situation to
    use them.
    u+1+2,[f,f_u_u/f_b/f] - Ants in your Pants (Damages Low attacks near Yoshi)
         Probably the funniest addition to Yoshi's arsenal, the Ants in your
         Pants stops any low attacks and promptly gives 30-40 points of damage.
         While there is a the ability to hop and move with the "pogo sword",
         please don't do it often.
    f,f+3,1 - Front Kick, Sword Slice (Mid, Unblockable attack)
         A nice little combo new to Tekken 3.  This is a good move to just
         throw out.  Careful, tho, as the sword can be countered.  Might want to
         not pull out the sword on occasion and watch that prepared counter miss.
    QCF+1 - Somersault Sword Slice (Unblockable)
         I've not experimented with this one too much.  It looks like it be good
         attack from far away.
    d+1+4 - Harikari (Unblockable, Yoshi loses 50 points of health)
         Don't try this at home, folks.  This move best be done only once a week.
    b,b+1 - Samurai Stab (Unblockable)
         This is Yoshimitsu's super attack.  Slow but painful and people tend to
         underestimate its distance.
    b,b+1,N,1 or b,b,1,1 - Sword Spin (Damages all attacks near Yoshi)
         This funny little attack is a good surprise for anybody.  Great for
    D#,d/b+1 - Samurai Cutter (Unblockable)
         See Law kick.  See Yoshi duck.  See Law's balls get sliced off.  Die Law
    d/b+1 - Sword Slice (Hits fallen opponents, Unblockable)
         This attack should be used often to cause an opponent to back down and
         still take off 15 points of damage.  Also good for fallen opponents.  
    d/b+1,d/b,d/b...glow - Power Sword Slice (Hits fallen opponents, Unblockable)
         Never had enough hops to make it glow.  I imagine it hurts, though.
    u/f+1+2, [D] - Death Copter (Hits fallen opponents, Unblockable)
         Good attack to pull on a distracted opponent.  Hold down on the stick to
         drop, but the longer you stay up, the more damage it takes off.
    u/f+1+2, B - Extended Death Copter (Hits fallen opponents, Unblockable)
         This is an extended version of the copter blade.  Yoshimitsu ALWAYS turns
         around when he drops, so be careful not to be too far away when you
         start else you become a target for anybody with a back throw.  (And last
         time I checked, everybody had a back throw.)
    b+1+4 - Sword Reversal (Reverses High/Mid attacks and throws)
    b+1+2 - Low Kick Combo Breaker (Reverses Low kicks)
         These are probably the best additions to Yoshimitsu's moves.  They are
         hard to master because the Sword Reversal is cross-buttoned and the LKCB
         has a similar motion to the Bad Breath Stance.  Of course, countering in
         itself isn't a piece of cake, either.  Keep practicing.
    Yoshi's combos aren't great, but the unblockables at the end will punish a
    would-be blocker.  Unforunately, the guys at Tekken probably thought both lows
    and unblockables would be cheap (losers!), so none have any low hits.  And
    remember, like any ten-hit combo, they are only for people that deserve to
    lose!  (i.e.: button mashers, Whoarang/Eddy Whordo players, etc.)
    121:4::4:4::1::1:1:1 (HHH:H::H:H::M::U:U:U)
         A pretty good combo until you get to the third hit: those damned slowass
         high kicks.  There at least one in every Yoshi combo.  It gets pretty 
         cool, tho, ending with some beautiful sword slices.
    121:4::2::224:1::1 (HHH:H::M::MMM:U::U)
         Prolly his best ten-hit.  Only one high kick and a few mids for those
         stupid players who haven't figured out that blocking high is best.  Even
         features a Samurai Cutter at the end.
    44:2::2::4::4::1::1:1:1 (HH:M::B::H::H::M::U:U:U)
         It may look stupid because of the four kicks, but your enemy's dead if
         s/he gets hit by the backfist (B) on the fourth hit.  Still, it not a
         good idea to do this combo just because of the backfist.
    44:2::2:1 (HH:M::B:U)
         This combo really is stupid because of the last hit: it's a Samurai Stab.
         At least it has a backfist.
     Yoshi vs. The World
    Of course, like any other player, you can't play Yoshimitsu the exact same
    way with different characters.  Here are some strategies for some of the
    characters.  I'll add more later when I get some good strategies for other
    players (and when other hidden players pop up on the machines).
    Yoshi vs. Law
         Law can be an ass at times.  If the guy's a button masher, knee him to
         death or even try the Sword Spin becuz he'll be doing triple head kick/
         flip/rave war combos.  Good Law players will use the Junkyard combo
         (MLM) (or just the elbow), the Jin-like stun punch combo (MMH), and
         flips/jump kicks.  Always assume two flips and counter with a
         roundhouse/knee/FK-SS.  Of course, good players general don't pick Law.
    Yoshi vs. King
         The beginning move is very important.  For example, if Yoshi throws a
         knee and it gets blocked, King will pat Yoshi on the back, leaving a
         "MINDSWEEP ME!" sign on his back, and Yoshi will get the closest thing to
         an external jet plane ride he has ever had.  Backing off is a good
         starting move.  That way you could counter that grab with a knee, or if
         the guy's a multi-part freak, with a Samurai Cutter.  Don't do anything
         that leaves you really open (like high kicks) cuz King also has the
         sidestep throw.  King also has good standard moves, too, like the
         kick/turnaround and his turnaround combos.
    Yoshi vs. Paul
         Paul is a powerful dude.  Careful of his Phoenix Smasher.  If you block
         one, counter with a knee or elbow smash.  If he turns into a janitor (You
         know...sweep-elbow, sweep-ground punch, etc.), use the low kick reversal
         or the Pogo Stick when you get close to him.  Don't try to reverse the
         PS.  You'll get 70 points of damage for your troubles.
    Yoshi vs. Lion...I mean, Eddy Gordo
         This freak of nature is an annoy little fuck!  There are NO talented Eddy
         players, so pretend he can't find the block button.  Use the Ant in your
         Pants (seriously), ten-hits, and flying moves (copter, Somersault SS,
         etc.).  If your far away (It's hard to get far away with Eddy), use your
         Samurai Stab or Power SS or sit down and rest.  Don't get him started.
         He'll start helicoptering and breakdancing like a 80's rapper. 
    Yoshi vs. Hwoarang AKA Baek with a Overdamage Problem
         He's almost as bad as Eddy.  It's okay to be cheap with the Baek-wannabe.
         Use your reversals if you're good at them or your knee.  Like Eddy, don't
         get him started with his moves.  Otherwise it's hard to get in on him.
         Remember, his block-stun hits are high.  Duck and Samurai Cut him.
    Thanks go to Slikatel for his cool Tekken Web Project, Catlord for use of the
    FAQ, and ACiDEaTeR for the car rides and strategies.

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