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    Yoshimitsu for Beginners by BFan

    Version: 7 | Updated: 02/04/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Beginner's Guide to:
      __    __
      \ \  / /       /\  __      ____
       \ \/ /_______/ / /_/     /_/ /_______  __
        \  /   / __/ /___/\_____\  __/ __/ / / /
        / / / /__ /   / /     / / /_/__ / /_/ /
    Version 7 (Feb. 4, 1998) for Tekken 3
    by Brian Fan (btf1@acpub.duke.edu)
    * Introduction *
    If you are new to Tekken 3, I suggest that you visit Slikatel's Tekken 3
    Site (http://metro.net/slikatel/tekken3/) and read his Gameplay Primer.
    The Primer is an excellent beginner's guide. It should provide you with
    a basic understanding of the game. This guide assumes that you have already
    played a few games of Tekken 3 and know what things like counter-hits,
    reversals, block-stun, and axis-shifting are. It is meant more as an
    introduction to the character Yoshimitsu rather than a beginner's manual
    to Tekken 3. 
    The most up-to-date version of this FAQ is available at:
    Alternatively, the text version is available at:
    * Contents *
    - Introduction
    - Contents
    - Conventions
    - Complete Move List & Technical Move List
    - Selected Moves & Notes
    - Combos and Juggles
    - Strategy
    - Afterword & Credits
    - Resources
    - Revisions
    - Miscellaneous
    * Conventions *
    Notations, as Yoshimitsu faces right:
        UB    U    UF         ub    u    uf             1   2
          o   o   o             o   o   o      Left Punch   Right Punch
           \  |  /               \  |  /                 0 0
      B  o--  N  --o  F     b  o--  N  --o  f
           /  |  \               /  |  \                 0 0
          o   o   o             o   o   o       Left Kick   Right Kick
        DB    D    DF         db    d    df             3   4
        Hold Direction        Tap Direction
    SS = sidestep (d,N or u,N)
    FC = full crouch
    WS = while standing
    , = do the motion/buttons one after another with about 1/3 second pause
    ~ = do the motion/buttons very quickly, one after another
    + = do the motion/buttons together
    An indentation means that the previously listed move must be done first
    Hit Ranges:
    H = move hits high and ground level    h = move hits high
    M = move hits mid and ground level     m = move hits mid
    L = move hits low and ground level     l = move hits low
    ! = move is unblockable
    Life+	Yoshimitsu gains life during the move
    Life-	Yoshimitsu loses life during the move
    Turn	The opponent is turned around after the move
    Back	Yoshimitsu's back faces the opponent after the move
    RC	This move recovers crouching
    JG	This move initiates a juggle
    Delay	Hits can be delayed
    Stun	Opponent is stunned and falls over backwards
    BStun	Produces temporary guard crush upon blocking
    CStun	Produces a very long stun on counterhits, opponent falls forward
    AStun	Turns opponent off axis upon blocking
    PCH	The previous move must be a counterhit
    * Complete Move List *
    This list was compiled from moves verified from Catlord's Tekken 3 Movelist,
    Surfbard's Tekken 3 FAQ, Ben Cureton's The Original Tekken 3 Moves List,
    several of the sites listed under resources, and anything else I managed
    to find. Frame rates, damage incurred, and other technical info was taken
    mainly from Ben Cureton's Tekken 3 Manual Act. 1. I've also changed the
    descriptions from previous versions so that they're more consistent with
    some of the "official" and more common names out there. 
    Grappling Techniques		Description
    1+3				Jumping Body Slam
    2+4				Sword Hilt to Face
    d,db,B+1+2			Rainbow Drop
    <left side>1+3 or 2+4		Wheels of Hell
    <right side>1+3 or 2+4		Spiritual Division
    <behind>1+3 or 2+4		Tornado Drop
    Counter Techniques			Description
    b+1+4					Sword Counter
    d+1+3 or d+2+4 or FC+1+3 or FC+2+4	Low Parry
    f+1+3					Left Reversal Break
    f+2+4					Right Reversal Break
    1+2+3+4					Powerup
    Striking Techniques		Description
    1				Punch
    2,3				Punch, Roundhouse
    2,d+3				Punch, Low Kick
    d+1 or d+2 or FC+1 or FC+2	Low Jab
    WS+1				Left Uppercut
    WS+2 or df+2			Right Uppercut
    df+1,1,1,1			Door Knocker
    f+2				Backhand
    DB+2,2,2,2,2,2			Stone backhands
    df+1,2				Hilt Uppercut, Backhand
    B+1,1,1,1,1,1			Spinning Hilt Strikes
    DB+3,3,3,3,3 or 4		Spinning Low Kicks, Front Kick
    f,f+2				Ninja Blade Rush
      d+3+4				  Meditate
    uf+1 or u+1 or ub+1		Hopping Jab
    uf+2 or u+2 or ub+2		Light Pounce
    df+3				Left Side Kick
    df+4				Right Side Kick
    WS+3				Rising Roundhouse
    WS+4				Toe Kick
    d+3 or FC+3			Low Kick
    d+4 or FC+4			Low Kick
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4			Shark Attack Blow
    f,f+4				Jumping Knee
    FC,df+3				Lunging Sweep
    3,4				Left Roundhouse, Lightning Kick
    4,4,4				Triple Right Roundhouse
    uf+3 or u+3 or ub+3		Jumping Roundhouse
    UF,3 or U+3 or UB,3		Hop Sweep
    uf+4 or u+4 or ub+4		Jumping Spin Kick
    UF,4 or U+4 or UB+4		Jumping Toe Kick
    UF,N+4 or U,N+4	or UB,N+4	Jumping Spinaround Kick
    uf+3+4				Flipping Stomp
      B+1,[1],[1]			  Spinning Toe Strike
        4,DB			    Backflip,Delayed Slash
        3+4				    Second Flipping Stomp
    4~3				Kangaroo Kick
    b+3+4				Spin Away
    d+3+4				Sit Down
      U				  Stand Up
      D				  Sit without rocking
      N				  Heal
      F or B			  Teleport
      2,2,2,2,2			  Fake Teleport, Stone Backhands
      4				  Fake Teleport, Kangaroo Kick
    f,f+1+2				Forward Flip
      DB+2,2,2,2,2			  Backwards Stone Backhands
      d+3+4				  Sit Down
    SS+3+4				Sword Debate Stance
      F				  Rejuvenation
      1+4 or 2+3			  Life Siphon
      F+1+4 or F+2+3)		  Reverse Life Siphon
    f,F+1+4				Turning Suicide
      f,F				  Double Suicide
    f,f+1+4,N			Fake Suicide
    d+1+4				Standing Suicide
      B+1,1,1,1,1			  Suicide Spin
    b,b+1				Sword Stab
    b,b+1,N+1			Spinning Blade
      b,B				  Cancel Early
    u+1+2				Pogo Stick
      D				  Step Down
      ub or u or uf			  Hop Around
      f,f				  Scoot Forward
      3+4				Kangaroo Kick
    B+1+2				Death Pose
      1 or 2 or 3 or 4		  Bad Breath
      F				  Cancel Pose
    db+1				Sword Slice
    db+1,N,DB			Delayed Sword Slice
    d,df,F+1			Double Somersault
    f,f+3,1				Wood Chopper
    FC,db,b+1			Sword Sweep
    uf+1+2				Copter Blade
      D				  Land Early
      ~B				  Dip and Turnaround
    Techniques With Back Towards Opponent	Description
    1					Turn-Toward Punch
    2					Backhand
    d+1 or d+2				Turn-Toward Crouch Punch
    3 or 4					Turn-Toward Kick
    d+3 or d+4				Turn-Toward Low Kick
    1+3 or 2+4				Reverse Throw
    1+4 or 2+3				Life Siphon
    F+1+4 or F+2+3				Reverse Life Siphon
    Techniques While Running	Description
    F				Shoulder Ram or Tackle or Running Stomp
      1+2				  Sword Impalement
    1+2				Forward Cross Chop
    3,4				Right Roundhouse, Lightning Kick
    4				Jumping Knee
    3+4,1+2,3+4			Shark Attack Combo
    Techniques When Knocked Down		Description
    1, 2, 3, or 4 (as you hit the ground)	Quick Recovery
    [1],[b or f],[3 or 4]			Side/Back/Front Roll, Low or Mid Kick
    d+3 or d+4				Ankle Kick
    b,f+1+2					Back Roll, Forward Cross Chop
    f,f+1+2					Front Roll, Forward Cross Chop
    b,b+3+4					Front Handspring, Forward Cross Chop
    Chain Techniques		Description
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,1,1		Tenstring
    1,2,1,4,2,2,2,4,1,1		Tenstring
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,3+4		Eightstring
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,1,1,1		Tenstring
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,3+4		Eightstring
    4,4,2,2,1			Fivestring
    Notes on the Techniques:
    - The Stone Backhands can be done after a Backhand
    - The Spinning Low Kicks can be done after 2 or more Spinning Hilt Strikes
    - The Front Kick can be done after 2 or more Spinning Low Kicks
    - Performing all hits of any spinning move will leave Yoshimitsu dizzy
    	and vulnerable to attack
    - You must land on your back in order to perform a Quick Recovery
    - You must be lying face up with your feet towards your opponent
    	to perform any move leading into a Forward Cross Chop
    * Technical Move List *
    Grappling Techniques	Damage		Break
    1+3			30		1
    2+4			30		2
    d,db,B+1+2		50		1+2
    <left side>1+3 or 2+4	15,25		1
    <right side>1+3 or 2+4	15,25		2
    <behind>1+3 or 2+4	70		none
    Counter Techniques	Damage or Advantage		Comments
    b+1+4			35				Stun, JG
    (d or FC)+(1+3 or 2+4)	14 frames for punches, 26 frames for kicks
    f+1+3			11
    f+2+4			11 for punches, 12 for kicks
    1+2+3+4			-
    Striking Techniques	     Damage		Hit Level	Comments
    1			     5			h
    2,3			     12,21		h,h
    2,d+3			     12,8		h,L		RC
    d+1 or d+2 or FC+1 or FC+2   ?			m		RC
    WS+1			     ?			m
    WS+2 or df+2		     13			m		JG
    df+1,1,1,1		     15,12,12,18	m,h,h,m		Delay, Bstun
    f+2			     12			h		Turn
    DB+2,2,2,2,2,2		     10,12,12,12,14,15	m,m,m,m,m,m	RC
    df+1,2			     15,12		m,h		Turn (2nd hit)
    B+1,1,1,1,1,1		     10,10,10,10,10,10	h,h,h,h,h,h
    DB+3,3,3,3,3 or 4	     12,7,7,5,5 or 12	l,l,l,l,l or m  RC
    f,f+2			     18			m
      d+3+4			     -			-		Life+, PCH
    uf+1 or u+1 or ub+1	     ?			h
    uf+2 or u+2 or ub+2	     ?			M
    df+3			     ?			m
    df+4			     19			m
    WS+3			     ?			h
    WS+4			     ?			m
    d+3 or FC+3		     ?			L
    d+4 or FC+4		     ?			l
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4		     40,40,30		m,h,m		JG
    f,f+4			     20			m
    FC,df+3			     12			L		JG
    3,4			     30,30		h,m
    4,4,4			     20,20,21		h,h,h		AStun (3rd hit)
    uf+3 or u+3 or ub+3	     ?			h		CStun, JG
    UF,3 or U+3 or UB,3	     ?			L
    uf+4 or u+4 or ub+4	     ?			L
    UF,4 or U+4 or UB+4	     25			m
    UF,N+4 or U,N+4	or UB,N+4    ?			h
    uf+3+4			     30			M
      B+1,[1],[1]		     2			H
        4,DB		     15,varies		M,M!
        3+4			     20			M
    4~3			     30			m		JG
    b+3+4			     -			-		Life-
    d+3+4			     -			-
      U			     -			-
      D			     -			-		
      N			     -			-		Life+
      F or B		     -			-		Back
      2,2,2,2,2		     10,12,12,14,15	m,m,m,m,m	RC
      4			     30			m		JG
    f,f+1+2			     22			m		Back
      DB+2,2,2,2,2		     10,12,12,14,15	m,m,m,m,m	RC
      d+3+4			     -			-		Back
    SS+3+4			     -			-		Life-
      F			     10			h		Life+
      1+4 or 2+3		     varies		-		Life+
      F+1+4 or F+2+3)	     varies		-		Life-
    f,F+1+4			     100		m!		Life-
      f,F			     100		m!		Life-
    f,f+1+4,N		     -			-		Back
    d+1+4			     60			m!		Life-
      B+1,1,1,1,1		     3,3,3,3,3		m!,m!,m!,m!,m!	Life-
    b,b+1			     90			m!		Stun
    b,b+1,N+1		     30			m!		Stun
      b,B			     -			-
    u+1+2			     30			L!
      D			     -			-
      ub or u or uf		     25			M!
      f,f			     15,15,15		L!
      3+4			     30			m		JG
    B+1+2			     -			-
      1 or 2 or 3 or 4	     30			m!		Stun, JG
      F			     -			-
    db+1			     10			M!
    db+1,N,DB		     varies		M!
    d,df,F+1		     15,28		M!
    f,f+3,1			     20,18		m,M!
    FC,db,b+1		     20			l!		JG
    uf+1+2			     25/30/40		m!
      D			     25/25/40		m!
      ~B			     35			m!
    Techniques With Back Towards Opponent	Damage	Hit Level	Comments
    1					?	h
    2					15	h
    d+1 or d+2				?	m
    3 or 4					?	m
    d+3 or d+4				?	l
    1+3 or 2+4				varies	-
    1+4 or 2+3				varies	-		Life+
    F+1+4 or F+2+3				varies	-		Life-
    Techniques While Running	Damage		Hit Level	Comments
    F				?		M!
      1+2				?		L!
    1+2				?		m		Bstun, JG
    3,4				30,30		h,m
    4				20		m
    3+4,1+2,3+4			40,40,30	m,h,m		JG
    Techniques When Knocked Down		Damage	Hit Level	Comments
    1, 2, 3, or 4 (as you hit the ground)	-	-
    [1],[b or f],[3 or 4]			?	L or m
    d+3 or d+4				?	L
    b,f+1+2					?	m		BStun, JG
    f,f+1+2					?	m		BStun, JG
    b,b+3+4					?	m		BStun, JG
    Chain Techniques		Damage			Hit Level
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,1,1		5,8,6,9,9,5,5,8,8,30	h,m,m,h,h,L,m,M!,m!,m!
    1,2,1,4,2,2,2,4,1,1		5,8,6,9,3,3,3,7,8,30	h,m,m,h,m,m,m,m,M!,l!
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,3+4		5,8,6,9,9,5,1,25	h,m,m,h,h,L,m,m
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,1,1,1		20,20,5,6,9,5,5,8,8,30	h,h,m,m,h,L,m,M!,m!,m!
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,3+4		20,20,5,6,9,5,1,25	h,h,m,m,h,L,m,m
    4,4,2,2,1			20,20,5,6,30		h,h,m,m,m!
    * Selected Moves & Notes *
    Grappling Techniques
    Throws are quite valuable for Yoshimitsu since most of his attacks hit high
    or middle. The Sword Hilt to Face (2+4) is still the most useful throw
    since you are guaranteed a sword slash (db+1) or low kick (d+3) afterwards.
    Alternatively, the pogo stick & scoot forward (u+1+2, f,f) work well as a
    followup too. However, since throws can be broken quite easily, you should
    alternate between the Sword Hilt to Face and the Jumping Body Slam.
    Use the Rainbow Drop (d,db,B+1+2) whenever you can since it is more
    damaging than either of the previous throws. 
    Counter Techniques
    b+1+4  Sword Counter 
    In order to get a clean hit, you must time the block so that the opponent
    connects with Yoshimitsu's blade when it is drawn back. This is different
    from other reversals in that, if the opponent connects while the sword is
    being positioned, the two are likely to trade hits. Even when the sword is
    in position, it is still possible to trade hits (though much less likely).
    The Sword Counter is not a "reversal" so it will not necessarily stop a
    move that could be reversed. However, the closer your opponent's body is,
    the greater your chance of getting the Sword Counter to hit. Your opponent
    can also run/dash into the sword (i.e. no attack need be initiated, they
    just have to get close enough). I have seen people run into it. It is also
    possible to crouch dash into the counter --this somewhat tricky, but works
    against Jin, Heihachi, and Paul. You can do the Sword Counter during most
    block points in a tenstring.
    d+(1+3 or 2+4) or FC+(1+3 or 2+4)  Low Parry
    The timing for this move is exactly the same as for a high reversal
    (with King, Paul, Nina, or Jin) or a high combo breaker (with Xiaoyu or
    Law). The window of advantage for a parry is very short. If you parry a
    low punch, your best bet is to try for a Right Sidekick (df+4) or a Low
    Kick (d+4). Failing that, try for a delayed throw or go for the Bad Breath
    (B+1+2,1). You're in much better shape if you manage to parry a low kick.
    Except for Law's Dragon Tail (db+4), you should be able to manage a Right
    Sidekick (df+4). If you parried something with lots of twisting motion,
    like one of Jin's sweeps, you are guaranteed a Jumping Knee (f,f+4) or
    Jumping Heel Kick (uf+4). If you do parry Law's Dragon Tail, you can do a
    Sword Slice (db+1) or try for a Flipping Stomp (uf+3+4) and its followups.
    You can also try for an uppercut after any Low Parry, but the uppercut will
    not juggle since your opponent recovers in a crouching position). A brief
    list of low moves that you can predict or break on reflex are:
    Bryan Fury: Low Spinkick (df+3) - wait for his crouch-turn
    Eddy Gordo: Vault Sweep (3~4,4,4 or 1+2) - the third kick
                Arching Crescent (b+4,3,4,4 or 1+2) - the second or third kick
                Sattelite Ground Kick (ss+3,4,4 or 1+2) - the second kick
                Rollout Punch Combo (1~3,etc) - the second hit
    Gun Jack: Cossack Kicks (DB+3,4,3,4,3,4) - break any of them, predictable
              Tenstring (WC+2,1,1,etc) - second or third punch
              Tenstring (uf+1,1,4,3,4,etc) - third, fourth, or fifth hit
    Heihachi: Spinkicks (uf+4,4) - the second hit
    Hwoarang: Jab Combo (1,1,3,3) - the third hit
              Tenstring (1 or 2,2,3,4,3,4,4,etc) - fourth or seventh hit
    Jin Kazama: Spinkicks (uf+4,4,4,4) - the third hit
                Elevenstring (b+2,4,4,4,etc) - the fourth hit
                Ten/Nine/Eightstring (3,2,4,3,1+4) - duck and break fifth hit
    Julia Chang: Tenstring (2,1,1,2,3,etc) - the fifth hit
    King: Ali Kicks (WC+3+4,4,4) - the second or third hit (not on counterhit)
          Ankle Smash (FC,df+1) - slow to execute
          Tenstring(1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3 or 4,etc) - the seventh or eighth hit
          Tenstring(1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,etc) - the sixth, seventh, or eighth hit
    Kuma: Low Hammer Rush (WC+1,1,1,2,etc) - the second hit
    Forrest Law: Dragon Tail (db+4) - not that slow, but can be done on reflex
                 Tenstring (df+1,2,2,1,3,3,etc) - the sixth hit
                 Tenstring (df+1,3,2,2,3,3,etc) - the sixth hit
    Lei Wulong: 3-Punches (Snake:2,2,2) - the third hit
                Crane Dance (Crane:3,4,2,3) - the second hit
    Nina Williams: Tenstring (1,2,1,2,3,3) - duck the fifth, break the sixth
                   Tenstring (1,2,1,2,4,3,4) - duck the fifth, break the sixth
    Ogre: Low Kick Combos (FC+3,3,etc) - must block first low, break the second
          Bloody Scissors (DB+1+2) - slow to execute
    Paul Phoenix: Elbow, Uprooter (FC,df+2,2) - the second hit
                  Sweep, Elbow, Uprooter (d,db,b+3,2,2) - the third hit
                  Tenstring (1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1) - the fifth or ninth hit
                  Tenstring (1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1) - the eighth hit
    Ling Xiaoyu: Sweeps (FC,df+4,4) - the second kick (must block the first)
                 Tenstring (u+4,1,2,1+2,1,3,4,4) - the seventh or eighth hit
                 Tenstring (u+4,1,2,4,4,2,1+2,1,4,2) - the fourth or eighth hit
    F+1+3 or F+2+4  Left and Right Reversal Break
    To clarify -- if you perform a move that involves your left limb and your
    opponent attempts to reverse it, you should break the reversal with F+1+3.
    If your opponent attempts to reverse a move that you initiate with your
    right limb, then you should break with F+2+4. It doesn't matter what
    buttons your opponent tries to reverse you with. 
    1+2+3+4 Powerup
    Any move you perform while your fists glow will register as a counterhit.
    If blocked, the move will cause block damage. However, you cannot block
    while your fists are glowing. Moves that you may wish to  counterhit are:
    f,f+2, d+3+4		Ninja Blade Rush and Sit Down
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4		Shark Attack Combo
    4,4, etc.		Double Right Roundhouse
    uf+3			Jumping Roundhouse (stuns on counterhit)
    Striking Techniques
    WS+2 or df+2  Right Uppercut
    Still one of the fastest juggle starters in the game, this move has very
    little start or recovery time, floats your opponent reasonably high and
    even has nice range. The only time it will not float your opponent is
    when they are hit in a crouch position. Note that the WS+2 version is
    slightly slower and has a little more execution time. 
    df+1,1,1,1  Door Knocker
    Any and all parts can be delayed to trick your opponent into dropping his
    guard. The last hit connects very low to the ground so that you can hit
    someone rising from the ground if you connected with the first two hits
    in a juggle. Sometimes the second hit will bounce large characters (like
    Gun Jack, Kuma, and Ogre 2) off the ground high enough to be hit by the
    third hit (during a juggle).
    df+1,1,1,1 & df+1,2  Door Knocker & Hilt Uppercut, Backhand
    Yoshimitsu plays a decent guessing game with his df+1 since the next hit
    can be middle or high. You can continue into the Stone Backhands
    (db+2,2,2,2,2) from the Backhand to guard yourself from retaliation.
    [f+2],DB+2,2,2,2,2,2  Backhand, Stone Backhands
    The fists will combo off of the backhand, but you're better off trying for
    a juggle with the right uppercut (df+2) which has better damage potential.
    Any attack initiated immediately after the Stone Backhands will register
    as a WS attack instead of one done from a standing position. Thus, something
    like: DB+2,2,slight pause,2 -- would result in 2 Stone Backhands and a
    right uppercut.
    f,f+2,d+3+4  Ninja Blade Rush, Meditate
    Yoshimitsu runs his opponent through on a counterhit. The sit down is
    also only available on a counterhit. While sitting in this position,
    none of the normal sitting moves are available to Yoshimitsu. You must
    hold up, to stand up (facing away from opponent). However, Yoshimitsu
    regains life at very fast pace while sitting in this position. 
    df+4  Right Side Kick
    Definitely one of Yoshimitsu's greatest assets, it hits middle, has
    great range, does decent damage, executes quickly, and recovers quickly.
    Use it to get out of tight situations; it has incredible priority.
    WS+4  Toe Kick
    Very good in juggles as it hits anyone not completely on the ground.
    Also has good range.
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4  Shark Attack Combo
    Do not go for the entire string against decent Tekken 3 players. You can
    be juggled/thrown after the kangaroo kick. Simply doing one or two parts
    should be enough to confuse most people into not blocking the last kick
    (once in a while). Mix the first hit up with the Forward Flip (f,f+1+2)
    to confuse your opponent.  
    f,f+4  Jumping Knee
    The knee will not knock down an opponent if started from the edge of
    it's range. It still hits on descent so it has a lot of range (for juggles).
    FC,df+3  Lunging Sweep
    Juggling is possible after the trip. The spinning low kicks (DB+3,3,3,3,3)
    work great against a rising opponent. A WS+4 or FC+4 is always guaranteed,
    but quick recovery is possible after either of those hits. However, it
    isn't possible to quick recover from the sweep itself (so you are guaranteed
    a Flipping Stomp and followups). This move recovers low, so any button press
    afterwards will register as one done while standing. 
    4,4,4  Right Roundhouse Kicks
    The last roundhouse kick will turn your opponent slightly off axis.
    4~3  Kangaroo Kick
    The Kangaroo Kick, Standing Suicide combo still works. However, you
    must only attempt the suicide if Yoshimitsu was very close to his opponent
    before the kick.
    b+3+4  Spin Away
    To perform multiple spins, hold (not tap) back as you hit 3+4. Yoshimitsu
    loses health for each spin performed.
    d+3+4  Sit Down
    Still quite useful when the opponent is far away from Yoshimitsu.
    Yoshimitsu cannot be hit in the late stages of the Fake Teleports.
    f,f+1+2  Forward Flip
    Very useful as it leaves you close to the opponent and turned away. The
    backwards stone backhands will cause Yoshimitsu to travel away from his
    opponent. Good followups for the forward flip include a turn-toward kick
    (3 or 4), a reverse throw (1+3 or 2+4), a backhand (2), or even a Life
    Siphon 1+4 or 2+3. 
    SS+3+4  Sword Debate Stance
    Yoshimitsu does not lose life immediately, but rather at slow intervals
    (similar to his sit-down heal). The sword will hit opponents during the
    Rejuvenation. It appears that Yoshimitsu gains an amount of life back
    proportional to the life he lost. You can only perform Rejuvenation,
    Life Siphon, and Reverse Life Siphon from this stance, no other moves are
    u+1+2  Pogo Stick
    Absolutely no low attack will knock the sword from under him or otherwise
    harm him. Some mid attacks will hit him but most will trade hits or miss
    altogether. Yoshimitsu can also not be thrown while in this stance.
    One caveat while using this move: do not stay in this stance too long.
    Yoshimitsu cannot shift his attack axis while in this position; thus if
    your opponent sidesteps, you will not face him.
    B+1+2  Bad Breath Stance
    All grabs will miss Yoshimitsu while he is in this position. Some high
    attacks (like standing jabs), will miss as well.
    db+1,N,DB  Sword Slice
    Returning the joystick to neutral at any time will cause Yoshimitsu to
    release the slash from his hopping stance. After 6 hops, the sword will
    flash and release a puff of smoke. If this slice connects, it will most
    likely kill your opponent.
    d,df,F+1 Double Somersault, Sword Slice
    This move has very nice range and is safe even when your opponent is
    somewhat close. The sword will hit opponents on the flip's ascent and
    descent. Thus, as long as they're not standing right next to you, you
    can nick them in the back even if you don't slice them from over their
    head. This move can be reversed by Nina and Jin.
    * Combos and Juggles *
    Outside of his spinning/dizzying moves, Yoshimitsu doesn't have many
    canned moves that provide true combos (a true combo is one that
    your opponent cannot break out of or block at any point). Thus the
    best way to create true combos is to juggle. Yoshimitsu can start
    a combo or juggle from any of the following moves:
    f+2 or (while turned)+2 or df+1,2 (2nd hit)	Backhand
    df+2 or WS+2					Right Uppercut
    4~3 or u+1+2,3+4 or d+3+4,4 or f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4	Kangaroo Kick
    FC,df+3						Spinning Trip
    B+1+2,1						Bad Breath
    B+1+4						Sword Block
    FC,d,db+1					Sword Sweep
    b,b+1						Sword Stab
    These move all render the opponent helpless or "float" him/her to some
    extent, allowing you to add more hits while your opponent is falling or
    recovering. Usually, it is possible to add 1 or 2 "quick hits" before
    ending the juggle with a special move (if your opponent doesn't "quick
    recover", it is possible to punish him further with moves that hit ground
    level opponents). "Quick Hits" include:
    f+1 or 1 or 2			Punch
    d+1 or d+2			Low Punch
    d+4				Low Kick
    df+1				Hilt Uppercut
    df+2				Right Uppercut
    b+1				Spinning Hilt Strike
    DB+2				Stone Backhand
    You can usually include the following moves to end your juggle:
    f+2				Backfist
    f,f+2				Ninja Blade Rush
    2~3				Punch & Roundhouse Kick
    2~D+3				Punch & Low Kick
    DF+1,1				Elbow Uppercut & Hilt Smash
    DF+1,2,DB+2,2,2,2,2		Elbow Uppercut, Backhand, Stone Backhands
    B+1,1,1,1,1			Spinning Hilt Strikes
    DB+2,[2],[2],[2],[2],4		Stone Backhands, Toe Kick
    df+3 or df+4			Side Kick
    f,f+4				Jumping Knee
    3 or 4				Roundhouse Kick
    f,f+3,1				Wood Chopper
    FC,df+3				Lunging Sweep
    If your opponent performs a "quick recovery", you will usually not be
    able to harass him further on the ground. However, if they just lie
    there, you can hit them with:
    FC,df+3				Lunging Sweep
    uf+3+4,B+1,1,4			Flipping Stomp, Spinning Toe Strike, Flipkick
    uf+3+4,B+1,3+4			Flipping Stomp, Spinning Toe Strike, Stomp
    DB+3,[3],[3],[3],4		Spinning Low Kick(s), Toe Kick
    db+1				Sword Slice
    f,f+3,1				Wood Chopper
    u+1+2,(f,f or uf)		Pogo Stick (scoot or hop forward)
    d,df,F+1			Double Somersault
    If you anticipate that your opponent will "quick recover" from your combo,
    either try to end in a crouching position or recover from your last hit
    and crouch immediately. Perform a Lunging Sweep (FC,df+3) as they quick
    recover and start another combo! A simpler way of dealing with fast
    recoveries is to perform a right Sidekick (df+4) as your opponent recovers. 
    Tips on performing juggles:
    - If you start with Bad Breath, you must hit your opponent with a 1 or 2
    	before they fall down (and out of reach). Otherwise, simply follow
    	through with a juggle ender (such as df+4 or f,f+4).
    - Be wary of ending combos with a Sword Slice (db+1) since it always misses
    	if your opponent quick recovers. 
    - When you do simple jabs, try to hold forward when doing so. This helps
    	move you forward as well as making the jab execute faster. 
    - Often, instead of performing a Jumping Knee as a combo ender, you can
    	perform a Side Kick (df+4) and Sit Down (d+3+4) for one rock. The
    	damage tradeoff for this ender is better than just doing the knee,
    	however, you lose attack momentum by doing this.
    - Certain combos are possible against larger characters like Gun Jack, Kuma,
    	and Ogre 2 (and to a certain extent, King). Experiment and find out. 
    The Combo List
    Combos Initiated with the Backhand (f+2)
    f+2, 3
    	Backhand, Left Roundhouse
    f+2, df+2, uf+4 or f,f+3,1 or f,f+3,4
    	Backhand, Uppercut, Jumping Heel Kick or Wood Chopper
    	or Front Kick & Toe Kick
    f+2, df+2, 1, 3 or f,f+4 or df+4
    	Backhand, Uppercut, Jab, Left Roundhouse or Jumping Knee
    	or Right Sidekick
    Combos Initiated with the Right Uppercut (df+2 and WS+2)
    df+2, uf+1, 1, 4 or uf+4 or f,f+4 or df+4
    	Uppercut, Hopping Jab, Jab, Right Roundhouse or Jumping Heel Kick
    	or Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick 
    df+2, f,f, b+1+4, (f,f+4 or df+4)
    	Uppercut, Dash, Sword Counter, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick 
    df+2, f,f+4, d+1, (WS+4 or f,f+4 or FC,df+3)
    	Uppercut, Jumping Knee, Low Jab, Toe Kick or Jumping Knee
    	or Lunging Sweep
    df+2, f,f+4, 1, df+2, f,f+4
    	Uppercut, Jumping Knee, Jab, Uppercut, Jumping Knee
    	(vs. Kuma, Gun Jack, or Ogre 2)
    f+2, df+2, df+2, df+2 or f,f+4 or df+4
    	3 Uppercuts, Uppercut or Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, df+2, b+1,1,1,1,1, 3 or f,f+4 or df+4
    	2 Uppercuts, 5 Spinning Hilt Strikes, Roundhouse
    	or Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, df+2, b+1, db+2,2, d+4
    	2 Uppercuts, Spinning Hilt Strike, 2 Stone Backhands, Low Kick 
    df+2, df+2, b+1, 1, df+1,1 or f,f+4 or df+4
    	2 Uppercuts, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, Hilt Uppercut & Backhand
    	or Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, df+2, b+1, 2~3
    	2 Uppercuts, Spinning Hilt Strike, Punch & Roundhouse
    df+2, df+2, f,f+3,1 or f,f+3,4
    	2 Uppercuts, Wood Chopper or Front Kick & Toe Kick
    df+2, df+2, f,f+3, d+1, f,f+4 or FC,df+3
    	2 Uppercuts, Front Kick, Low Jab, Jumping Knee or Lunging Sweep 
    df+2, f,f+2, d+1, FC,df+3
    	Uppercut, Ninja Blade Rush, Low Jab, Lunging Sweep
    df+2, b+1, 1, b+1, uf+4 or f,f+3,1
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, Spinning Hilt Strike,
    	Jumping Heel Kick or Wood Chopper
    df+2, b+1, 1, b+1, 1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab,
    	Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, b+1, 1, b+1,1, uf+4
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, 2 Spinning Hilt Strikes,
    	Jumping Heel Kick
    df+2, b+1, 1, b+1,1, b+1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, 2 Spinning Hilt Strikes,
    	pause, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, b+1, df+1,2,DB+2,2,2,2,4
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Uppercut, Backfist, 4 Stone Backhands,
    	Toe Kick
    df+2, b+1, f,f, b+1+4
    	Uppercut, Spinning Hilt Strike, Dash, Sword Counter
    df+2, 1, f,f, b+1+4
    	Uppercut, Jab, Dash, Sword Counter
    df+2, 1, b+1, f,f, u+1+2, f,f
    	Uppercut, Jab, Spinning Hilt Strike, Dash, Pogo Stick
    	(scoot forward if your opponent didn't quick recover)
    df+2, 1, b+1,1,1,1, 3 or f,f+4, or df+4
    	Uppercut, Jab, 4 Spinning Hilt Strikes, Left Roundhouse or
    	Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4 or df+4 or uf+4
    	Uppercut, 3 Jabs, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick or Jumping Heel Kick
    df+2, b+1,1,1, b+1,1,1,1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Uppercut, 3 Spinning Hilt Strikes, pause, 4 Spinning Hilt Strikes,
    	Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    df+2, UF,4, 1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Uppercut, Jumping Toe Kick, Jab, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick 
    df+2, UF,4, d+1, FC,df+3
    	Uppercut, Jumping Toe Kick, Low Jab, Lunging Sweep
    df+2, UF,4, 1, df+1,1,1 or df+1,2
    	Uppercut, Jumping Toe Kick, First 3 hits of Door Knocker
    	or Hilt Uppercut & Backhand (vs. Kuma, Gun Jack, or Ogre 2)
    Combos Initiated with Bad Breath (B+1+2,1) 
    B+1+2,1, 3
    	Bad Breath, Roundhouse
    B+1+2,1, d+1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Bad Breath, Crouch Jab, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    B+1+2,1, 1,2,1,4
    	Bad Breath, Start of Tenstring
    B+1+2,1, 1,1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Bad Breath, 2 Jabs, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    B+1+2,1, df+1,2,DB+2,2, WS+4
    	Bad Breath, Hilt Uppercut, Backhand, 2 Stone Backhands, Toe Kick 
    B+1+2,1, 1, b+1, 1, b+1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Bad Breath, Jab, Spinning Hilt Strike, Jab, Spinning Hilt Strike,
    	Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick (vs. Kuma, Gun Jack, or Ogre 2) 
    Combos Initiated with the Kangaroo Kick (4~3)
    4~3, B+1+2,1, 3
    	Kangaroo Kick, Bad Breath, Roundhouse
    4~3, B+1+2,1, 1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Kangaroo Kick, Bad Breath, Jab, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick 
    4~3, B+1+2,1, 1, b+1,1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Kangaroo Kick, Bad Breath, Jab, 2 Spinning Hilt Strikes, Jumping Knee
    	or Right Sidekick (vs. Kuma, Gun Jack, or Ogre 2)
    4~3, 3, u+2
    	Kangaroo Kick, Left Roundhouse (turns them over), Light Pounce
    4~3, b+1+4, 1, f,f+4 or df+4
    	Kangaroo Kick, Sword Counter, Jab, Jumping Knee or Right Sidekick
    Combos Initiated with the Lunging Sweep (FC,df+3)
    FC,df+3, FC+4, FC,df+3
    	Lunging Sweep, Low Kick, Lunging Sweep
    FC,df+3, FC+1, FC+1, FC,df+3
    	Lunging Sweep, Low Jab, Low Jab, Lunging Sweep
    FC,df+3, FC+1, f,f+4
    	Lunging Sweep, Low Jab, Jumping Knee
    FC,df+3, uf+3+4,b+1,3+4
    	Spinning Trip, Flipping Stomp, Spinning Toe Strike, Flipping Stomp
    Combos Initiated with the Sword Sweep (FC,db,b+1) 
    FC,db,b+1, d+4, FC,df+3
    	Sword Sweep, Low Kick, Lunging Sweep
    FC,db,b+1, uf+3+4,b+1,3+4
    	Sword Sweep, Flipping Stomp, Spinning Toe Strike, Flipping Stomp
    Combos Initiated with the Sword Counter 
    b+1+4, u+1+2, f,f
    	Sword Counter, Pogo Stick, Scoot Forward
    b+1+4, uf+3+4,b+1,3+4
    	Sword Counter, Flipping Stomp, Spinning Toe Strike, Flipping Stomp
    b+1+4, d+1, f,f+4 or FC,df+3 or WS+4
    	Sword Counter, Low Jab, Jumping Knee or Lunging Sweep or Toe Kick
    * Strategy *
    Use every move in his arsenal (ok, don't use the Suicides too
    frequently), but the more your opponent has to worry about, the less
    effective his defense is. His Sword Counter hits anyone standing right
    next to him so you can even use it to counter dashes, and crouch dashes.
    Be unpredictable!
    Dash Buffering:
    This is a very useful strategy because Yoshimitsu has a multitude of moves
    started from a dash. To buffer a move from a dash, simply be prepared to
    hit the appropriate button combination(s) after a dash. You have up to half
    a second to initiate a move after a dash; this adds distance and
    unpredictability to Yoshimitsu's moves since it can appear that he produces
    a Jumping Knee (f,f+4) or Ninja Blade Rush (f,f+2) with little warning.
    The Forward Cross Chop:
    If you play with tournament-caliber people, you've realized that the stun
    caused by a Forward Cross Chop sets up an unblockable mini-combo. For
    Yoshimitsu, I've found that these work fairly well:
    (forward dive stuns opponent) 1, df+2, f,f+4
    (forward dive stuns opponent) 1, 1, 1, f,f+4
    (forward dive stuns opponent) 1, db+2, WS+4
    (forward dive stuns opponent) 1, uf+4
    The dive is particularly well suited for Yoshimitsu as a form of attack
    because he can initiate it from the ground without rolling (b,b+3+4)
    and because he has a fairly safe/fast way of getting to the ground, by
    doing all 5 spinning sweeps (D/B+3,3,3,3,3).
    Button Buffering and Reversal-Breaks:
    As in Tekken 2, you can buffer button presses by simply holding one button
    down before any input. For example if you press and hold 4, you would get
    a right roundhouse. But if you press 2 (while still holding 4) you would
    get a throw (the Hilt Smash) instead of a right jab. This technique isn't
    as important to Yoshimitsu as it is for other characters, but it still has
    its uses. For example, by pressing (and holding) 1 during a crouch you get
    the all-purpose-quick-and-easy-epitome-of-pokes: the crouch jab. From there,
    you can either hit 3 (while in the crouching position) to get a Low Parry,
    hold back and hit 4 to get a Sword block, or roll the joystick to back and
    hit 2 to get the Rainbow Drop. Another, use for button buffering is to
    buffer a reversal break. Although only useful against Jin, Paul, and Nina,
    it can still save you from a world of trouble. For example, if you wanted
    to buffer a reversal break for the roundhouse & lightning kick (3,4), you
    would tap 3, hold 4, and hold forward and 2 to break (assuming your opponent
    tried to reverse you). Similarly, if you wanted to buffer a reversal break
    for the Wood Chopper (f,f+3,1), you would tap forward twice (and hold
    forward the second time), hold 3, and hit 1. Note that the game will not
    register a 1 for the second hit unless you return the joystick to neutral.
    Thus, buffering the entire sequence yields: f,F+3 (while holding 3)~1~N+1. 
    Full Crouch and While Standing Attacks:
    Yoshimitsu has the distinct advantage of recovering low after several
    moves. What this means is that he can quickly follow an attack with
    a while-standing move. The main advantage in this is that his right
    uppercut (WS+2) and toe kick (WS+4) are readily available quite often.
    In addition to the normal d+1 or d+2, Yoshimitsu, can perform while-
    standing attacks after his Stone Backhands, Spinning Low Kicks, and his
    Lunging Sweep. In addition, Yoshimitsu is also considered in a Full
    Crouch after any of the previous moves except for the Stone Backhands.
    This allows more flexibility in creating custom strings since Yoshimitsu
    must perform the Lunging Sweep (FC,df+3) and the Sword Sweep (FC,db,b+1)
    from Full Crouch positions.
    Learn to sidestep:
    The later you sidestep, the better your chances of getting a side
    throw or combo become, learn to recognize which moves can be sidestepped
    and which moves have the uncanny ability to track you (like Paul's
    deathfist), also sidestepping appears to bring you closer to the opponent
    (at the very least, it doesn't take you in the opposite direction).
    Since Yoshimitsu doesn't have any useful special moves requiring a sidestep,
    you should go for df+2 uppercuts or throw attempts afterwards. Be aware
    that you may sometimes catch your opponent off guard with a SS,df+2
    juggle--which sometimes flips them over in the air. If they land face-down
    they cannot quick recover and you are free to inflict more damage on the
    A few quick tips on specific characters:
    Xiaoyu: If she goes into the phoenix stance, you should do a jumping
            knee (f,f+4) to take her out of it. Other hits that work well
            against the phoenix stance are the forward flip (f,f+1+2), the
            sword slash (db+1) if she is close, or the double somersault
            (d,df,F+1) if she is farther away. If she turns around, either
            block high (if she is close) or sidestep (middle distance) or
            just dash back.
    Nina: In general, if she performs a low kick, she can follow with either
          an uppercut or high kick (so block high). Recognize the combos that
          end in a double palm and Sword Block it. Buffer Reversal-Breaks.
    Law: A blocked flipkick will always yield an opportunity for df+2
         float combo starter. Recognize the difference between b+1,2,1 and
         b+2,3,4. The b+2,3,4 comes out faster and you will see Law turn
         his back to you (if he is on the left side) or his front to you
         (if he is on the right side). Also familiarize yourself with the
         windup for the Dragon Tail (db+4). If you can block all of these,
         he has very few effective attacks left.
    Hwoarang: Always sidestep towards his left side. If in doubt, block
              high against him. It is not always necessary to quick-recover
              against him since he has few attacks that hit the ground
              (save for db+4).
    Eddie Gordo: The jumping knee (f,f+4) and right side kick (df+4) are
                 great long-range attacks to poke with, the pogo stick also
                 seems to work well against button smashers. The Low Combo
                 Breaker can save your life if you recognize when his
                 Chain and Roll Kicks are coming since it allows you to
                 escape the Sweep vs Headbutt dilemma.
    Paul Phoenix: Do not try to sidestep the deathfist, it is also tricky to
                  Sword Block the crouch dash but will usually catch him if
                  the death fist is not used after the crouch dash. A side kick
                  (df+4) will usually hit Paul after a blocked deathfist. The
                  ankle kick (d+4 while you're on the ground) can save you from
                  his Falling Leaf okizeme.
    King: It appears that King's reversal cannot be broken, thus try to stay
          away from predictable kicks, for example, 4,4,4 or 3,4 or tenstrings,
          use the inhale stance (B+1+2) to avoid his multipart starters and
          f,f+4 in response to a crouch dash (it appears that elbows and knees
          are still not reversable). Use the right uppercut (df+2) with liberty
          as king can't do much after it's blocked.
    Lei: The double somersault (d,df,F+1) and sword slice (db+1) work decently
         to keep him from lying down. Try to sidestep to his right side. Avoid
         being tripped by his sweep (db+4) since you cannot quick recover from
         it and since 4~4,3,3, 3~4 are guaranteed afterwards.
    Jin Kazama: You can sword block the 3rd hit of the white heron combo
                (or for the 4th hit too). Crouch if he crouch dashes towards
                you. Or, if you can anticipate it, Sword Block his crouch dash.
    * Afterword & Credits *
    Please send comments or suggestions to: btf1@acpub.duke.edu
    I feel that the following people deserve a lot of respect for what they do.
    Surfbard: author of Tekken 3 FAQ (surfbard@ix.netcom.com)
    Catlord: author of Tekken 3 Movelist (catlord@eden.rutgers.edu)
    tragic: author of The Original Tekken 3 Moves List
    	and the Tekken Manual (tragic@toxic.net)
    * Resources *
    I got a great deal of information from these sources:
    World Wide Web:
    * Revisions *
    Version 1: Rough Draft
    Version 2: Removed some bogus moves
      Combo section added
    Version 3: Moves added
      Reverse Life Siphon, Forward Flip & Life Siphon, Double Suicide,
      and Spinning Suicide -- thanks to gkomatsu@hawaii.edu (Galen Komatsu)
      Forward Flip & Spinning Fists
      Low Combo Break
      Corrected Power Sword Slice and Attack String comments
      -- thanks to dug-meister@worldnet.att.net (Douglas Rosengard)
      Various info added to notes
    Version 4: More corrections
    Version 5: Lots of stuff added
    Version 6: More corrections and additions to combos, combo tips and move list
      Added notes to forward dive in Strategy
    Version 7: Redid moves section (hopefully it's easier to read now)
      Added a lot of combos and various information elsewhere
    * Miscellaneous *
    Please feel free to redistribute this guide and give credit where it's due.
    This information is not for sale and should never be.
    Brian Fan

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