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    Yoshimitsu by Dinaga

    Version: Final | Updated: 11/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TEKKEN 3
           _   _
          | | | |           _      _           _  _
          | |_| |          | |    |_| _       |_|| |__
          |_   _|____  ___ | |___  _ | |_____ |__   __|_  _   _
            | ||  _  ||  _||  _  || ||       || || ||  _|| | | |
            | || |_| ||_  || | | || || || || || || ||_  || |_| |
            |_||_____||___||_| |_||_||_||_||_||_||_||___||_____|
           / // _   //_  // / / // // // // // // //_  // _   /
          / // /_/ //  _// /_/ // // // // // // //  _// / / /
       __/ //_____//___// ____//_// ______//_// //___//_/ /_/
      / ___  /         / /    _  /_/      _/_   __/
     /_/  /_/         /_/    /_/         /_/ /_/
    FAQ version FINAL
    November.15.2002.                                           _____________
    at 18:15                                                   |  _________  |
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    |  ___|| |/ _||  _  || ||  _  ||  _  || | | || o  |     | |  !MONOSPACE!  | |
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    |_|    |__|   |_____||_||_____||___  ||_____||_____|    |___________________|
                                    ___| |
    I am Dino Trnka(Dinaga).I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH),so sorry if you
    find some typing errors,I`m still learning English.If you really want to find
    more about me,e-mail me.This is my first,and my best FAQ(yet).I will maybe
    make some more Tekken FAQs,because I just LOVE Tekken!
    My e-mail is dinaga@bih.net.ba .Feel free to e-mail me if you want to
    ask something,or give a support.
    You CAN put this FAQ on your site without my permission,but only in its FULL
    FORM.If you put your name on it,pray,because you will be roughly punished.If
    you want to ask anything,give a critic or support,e-mail me.Don`t send any
    information which should be in FAQ,cause I finished it,and I won`t update
    it anymore.One more thing,if you don`t like phrase "Yoshi" instead of
    "Yoshimitsu",go to Edit,Find and Replace,and replace "Yoshi" to "Yoshimitsu".
    Or replace as your name if you want.
    1.0   - Wrote FAQ.
    1.1   - Added Taunting and Combo section,completed V.S. section,
    1.2   - Cosmetic changes,new e-mail,updated Yoshi`s info.
            Also,extended Taunting a bit.
    2.0   - Some changes,added Coolest Moves section,Position section,updated
            Tactics section.
    Final - ALOT of corrections,some updates.Well,this is the final version,
            and I am glad to finish this FAQ!I have spent much time on it,but
            it`s finally over!
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    |_____||_____||_| |_||_||_____|_| |_||_||___|
    - Prologue
    - Contents
    - Introduction
    - Commands
    - Advantages
    - Disadvantages
    - Move list
    - Moves
    - Tactics
    - V.S.
    - Combos
    - Position
    - Taunting
    - Coolest Moves
    - Info
    - Credits
    - P.S.
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    | |     __| |__            | |           __| |_o
    | | _  |__   __| _____  ___| | _   _  __|__   __| _____  _  __
    | || |/  || || |/ _|  ||  _  || | | ||  __|| || ||  _  || |/  |
    | ||  _  || ||   /|_| || |_| || |_| || |__ | || || |_| ||  _  |
    |_||_| |_||_||__|_____||_____||_____||____||_||_||_____||_| |_|
    I made this FAQ because I think Yoshi deserve much more FAQs.He is,in my
    opinion,best character in all of Tekken.He really looks weird,but he can be
    deadly in hands of a expert.Most people pick him because he has the sword,
    but his abilities don`t stop there.He has the BEST arsenal of attacks than
    any other Tekken character.Every character has 5-6 GOOD moves,but Yoshi has
    them so much that you will use all of them,because they ALL have purpose for
    particural situation!He has the BEST Basic Uppercut,has GREAT juggles,he has
    the best arsenal of unblockables,and he can HEAL!If you know when to heal,
    you will easily beat alot of opponents quickly!He also has alot of good long
    attacks,but he has GREAT close-range attacks too!Yoshi isn`t easy to play,so
    if you are masher or begginer,start learning!If you don`t want to learn,then
    know one thing:Yoshi is NOT for mashers.In that case,please delete this FAQ,
    cause you don`t need it.
    I will try to make your Yoshi`s tacticts better,and to explain how to
    use his attacks,when,in what situation,and how.If this FAQ isn`t clear enough
    for the first time,read it 2-3 times to learn how to play Yoshi effectively.
    Yoshi is hard to learn,but when you learn all of his moves,you will easily
    make your own tactics.When I was apsolute begginer all I knew was his Triple
    Roundhouses(4,4,4)so mashers ate me in 10-20 seconds.But when I read tons of
    FAQs,i realized i need a new tactic.Use all of his moves,but always know what
    move you will use in particural situation.So,if you are smart,you won`t do
    his Sword Stab if you are close by enemy,and you won`t Basic uppercut a
    fallen opponent(ohh...).Practice,and you will soon be an Expert.
    Yoshi is my favourite character since Tekken 1,and I think he is hardest to
    learn how to play effectively,but when you learn,he is most deadly in the
    hands of a master!
     _____                                            _
    |   __|        _        _        ____            | |
    |  |    _____ | |_____ | |_____ |__  | _  __  ___| | ____
    |  |   |  _  ||       ||       | __| || |/  ||  _  ||   _|
    |  |__ | |_| || || || || || || || o  ||  _  || |_| ||_   |
    |_____||_____||_||_||_||_||_||_||____||_| |_||_____||____|
    1   - Left punch (Triangle by default)
    2   - Right punch(Square by default)
    3   - Left kick  (X by default)
    4   - Right kick (Circle by default)
    f   - Tap forward
    b   - tap back
    u   - Tap up
    d   - Tap down
    u/f - Tap up/forward
    u/b - Tap up/back
    d/f - Tap down/forward
    d/b - Tap down/back
    F   - Hold forward
    B   - Hold back
    U   - Hold up
    D   - Hold down
    U/F - Hold up/forward
    U/B - Hold up/back
    D/F - Hold down/forward
    D/B - Hold down/back
    FC  - Full crouch
    WS  - Rising from Full Crouch
    SS  - Sidestep
    N   - Neutral(Nothing pressed)
    +   - Press buttons together
    ~   - Press buttons very quick,but not together
    [_] -You can do any command of these
    =   -You can do this move after previos move
    ANY -Press any button
    <   -You can delay the command
    Yoshi - Yoshimitsu(uhh...)
     _____      _                         _
    |  _  |    | |         ____        __| |_____        _
    | |_| | ___| | _    _ |__  |   _  |__   __|  |   ___| | ____   ___
    |  _  ||  _  || |  | | __| |  | |/  || | __| |  |  _  || o  | |  _|
    | | | || |_| ||  \/  || o  |_ |  _  || || o  |_ | |_| ||   /_ |_  |
    |_| |_||_____| \____/ |______||_| |_||_||______||___  ||_____||___|
                                                     ___| |
    His stances are VERY USEFUL,every stance,if used in right time,can be deadly
    for your opponent
    Yoshi doesn`t have a lot of stances(like Lei),but every of his stances is
    useful for particural situation.
    -His Pogo Stick stance (U+1+2)can kill Gon mashers or Dr.Bosconovitch users
    in no time!You can`t be thrown either,and all low attacks won`t hit Yoshi!
    Enemies will hit themselves if they try to low attack you!
    -His Bad Breath stance (B+1+2)can be like shield,you can combo from it,
    it is unblockable,enemy can`t duck it,can`t counter it,and they can`t throw
    you while in it!
    -His Sword Debate Stance (SS+3+4)can heal you,you can take life from enemy,
    or give life to enemy!
    -His Indian Style stance (D+3+4)is also very useful and fully unpredictable.
    You can heal,attack,teleport,stand up(heh).
    -His hopping Sword stance (d/b+1,N,D/B)is very good,and if Yoshi make enough
    hops,it can do 100 damage to opponent!
    He has easiest strings,and all of them end in unblockables
    -Let`s see his 1214441111 string.Yoshi does 3 punches,3 kicks,again punch,and
    3 unblockables!This is easiest string in Tekken 3 and it is quite useful.
    -His 12141114111 string:3 punches,kick(oh),dizzy Yoshi,kick again,punch,and 2
    unblockables!This string can make your opponent very angry because hit range
    always changes,so they just CAN`T block your entire string.
    He has by far best unblockables in the game!
    Every unblockable has his own purposes,and can be used in doubt to fool the
    -His basic unblockable,Sword Stab(b,b+1)is very slow,but it has great range,
    and if you guess it won`t hit the enemy,and enemy is waiting for unblockable
    to finish,and attack,or if he wants to interrupt it,you can cancel it with
    just pressing 1 and yoshi will rotate his sword making shield that has GREAT
     range from up to down.You can cancel that attack too with b,B(this is useful
     if you hit enemy and he falls down,if you don`t cancel the Spinning Sword,
    he can roll forward and hit you.I guess this is a glitch.It is useful too if
    opponent wait for you to finish,and then attack.You can suprise him,hehe)
    -His Sword Slice is very good for opponents on ground,it has GREAT recovery
     time,and with D/B you can transform it into Hopping Sword stance.
    -His Copter Blade isn`t so useful as others,but it makes Yoshi fly,You can
    hit enemies with d,you can rotate by 180 degrees withg b,and you can wait
    for it to finish for maximum damage.
    -His Sword sweep (FC,QCB+1)is OK unblockable,it hits sidestepping enemies,
    but it has short range.
    -His Sucide(d+1+4)is show move,if you are playing against beginners.You can
    transfiorm in Sucide spin(b+1,1,1,1...).You can stab you and the enemy with
    f,F+1+4,stab for the second time with f,F,or fool the opponent with N.
    -His QCF+1 is VERY VERY GOOD unblockable,but no one uses it.It hits opponent
     two times,or just makes you closer to the enemy(scare them,yeah).
    He has the best u/f+2 uppercut!
    You can even combo in 4 Basic Uppercuts,because they`re so fast.Yoshi steps
    toward,and uppercuts enemy,dashing a bit.Like he`s using every atom of energy
     for that move to cause maximum damage to the...uh...I should stop here...
    But I must say that you CAN`t be good Yoshi player if you don`t know how to
    use his Basic uppercut and how to juggle with him.You must learn that.If you
    can beat Experts without using this move,then they are not experts.
    He has best Basic Punch in the game!
    Yup.His Basic punch (1) is the best,and fastest in the Tekken 3.It is great
    for poking opponent,interrupting their strings,combos,and then strike back to
    them.Also,Basic punch is great for extending a combo.You`ll see,when you start
     learning Yoshi`s combos & juggles.Basic punch can connect alot of stuff.
    Definetively one of his most useful moves.
    He can Heal!
    Yup.He can heal.From D+3+4 or from SS+3+4.I reccomend D+3+4 because you can
    do alot other moves from this stance.
    Has good taunts(heh)
    Has good taunts.That`s it.He can taunt in many ways,and the biggest reason for
    having that advantage is:HE HAS A DAMN SWORD!
    See Taunting section for more info.
    He is unpredictable!
    This is maybe his best advantage.Let`s clear this.He is MASTER OF
    UNPREDICTABLE ATTACKS!You can sit down in Indian Style stance(is it a stance,
    he is sitting,folks!),and this leaves you tons of options.You can heal with N,
    you can hold D for messing with the enemy,you can teleport behind the enemy
    (b_f),and peform a backthrow or string,you can fool them with 2,2,2,2...or 4.
    Those False teleporters can really annoy your enemy.Yoshi rotates like he will
    teleport and then...HAHAHA!!!He strikes!Fooled you!
    Whe you fly with him,you can slash the enemy with d,you can turn arond,or just
    wait to get behind the enemy.When you do his Sword Stab(b,b+1),you can
    transform it into Spinning Sword by pressing 1,and you can cancel the
    Spinning Sword too with b,b!Heh!While in Pogo Stick stance,you can rush with
    f,f,you can go in original stance to mess with the enemy,or you can jump with
    u/b_u_u/f.You can also do a kangaroo kick with 3+4.When you do a sucide,you
    can rush with b+1,1,1,1.When you do a turning sucide,you can cancel it yith N,
    you can do a second stab with f,F if you missed the enemy first time.If you
    do a roundhouse with 3,you can press 4 for another attack!This can fool the
    enemy if he escaped the first attack.He is also unpredictable at juggling
    because you never know when he will send you into air.He can juggle with
    d/f+2,with Kangaroo kick(4~3),Bad breath(b+1+2,ANY),with FC,QCB+1,with
    Yoshimitsu is real nightmare for his opponents because they never know what
    he will do next!
     ___                     _                       _
    |   \  o       ____     | |         ____      __| |_____      _
    | |\ \ _  ___ |__  | ___| | _    _ |__  | _  |__   __|  | ___| | ____   ___
    | || || ||  _| __| ||  _  || |  | | __| || |/  || | __| ||  _  || o  | |  _|
    | |/ /| ||_  || o  || |_| ||  \/  || o  ||  _  || || o  || |_| ||   /_ |_  |
    |___/ |_||___||____||_____| \____/ |____||_| |_||_||____||___  ||_____||___|
                                                              ___| |
    So-So throws!
    Ok,Yoshi has some throws,but they will never be good as Nina`s or King`s,cool
     as Hwoarang`s or Eddy`s,but he can`t be good in all aspects of the game!
    He doesn`t need multithrows to kill a opponent,but offcourse,that wouldn`t
    be bad thing at all.
    Sidestepping attacks
    He doesn`t have good sidestepping attacks.That`s for it.He will never be god
    at sidestepping as Top tier Sidesteppers,but it isn`t so big disadvantage.
    Yoshi doesn`t have much reversals.Only his b+1+3.Oh.But if you learn how to
    play with him,you will know how to escape situations when you`ll need
    Yoshi is,in my opinion,one of hardest characters to play!If you play against
    Experts,you can always pick Gon,Eddy,Hwoarang,or Paul to easily win.Now I`m
    not talking that they are bad,but I learned to play with Paul effectively
    within 1 hour,and I still practice with Yoshi.You must use every his move,
    and know how to juggle effectively,when to heal,when to strike,when to stab
    yourself(I`m not kidding)!You must practice,practice,practice.And when you
    think you are good with him,practice more.You can always think of new tactic
    to confuse your opponents,and easily win.
    The Ending,and Intro
    The Yoshi(and dr.)ending just sucks.I just don`t get why programers did such
    a **** with the ending,good character should have good ending!I guess Yoshi`s
     ending tried to get funny,but it is like a short cartoon.Too bad.
    Also,Yoshi isn`t so cool in Tekken 3 intro.HIS intro lasts for about 3-4
     __  __                               _  o    __| |__
    |  \/  | _____  _    _  ___   ___    | | _  _|__   __|
    |      ||  _  || |  | || o | |  _|   | || ||  _|| |
    | |\/| || |_| ||  \/  ||  /_ |_  |   | || ||_  || |
    |_|  |_||_____| \____/ |____||___|   |_||_||___||_|
    Like every character,Yoshi has his moves(heh).So let`s move on:
    Move Name              Command            Lev.    Damage
    Punch-Uppercut         1,2                hm      5,8
    Punch-Double Uppercut  1,2,1              hmm     5,8,6
    PK Combo               2,3                hh      12,21
    PDK Combo              2,d+3              hL      12,8
    Zig-Zag                3,4                hm      30,30
    Kangaroo Kick          4~3                m       30
    Triple Roundhouses     4,4,4              hhh     20,20,21
    Backhand               f+2                h       12
    Ninja Blade Rush       f,f+2              m       18
    Ninja Blade Slice      f,f+2              m       18
      = Sit                  = d+3+4          -       -
    Knee Bash              f,f+4              m       20
    Dive Bomb              f,f+1+2            m       40
    Shark Attack Combo     f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4    Mmm     40,40,30
    Stone Fists            B+1,1,1,1,1,1      hhhhhh  10,10,10,10,10,10
    Uppercut-Backhand      d/f+1,2            mh      15-12
    Door Knocker           d/f+1<1<1<1        mhhm    15,12,12,18
    Basic Uppercut         d/f+2              m       13
    Side Kick              d/f+4              m       19
    Stone Backhands        D/B+2,2,2,2,2,2    mmmmmm  10,10,12,12,14,15
    Spinning Low Kicks     D/B+3,3,3,3,3      lllll   12,7,7,5,5
      = Front Kick           = f+4            m       12
    Sword Debate Position  SS+3+4             -       -
    Jumping Twist Foot     [u/b_u_u/f]+4      m       25
    Lunging Sweep          FC,d/f+3           L       12
    Sit                    d+3+4              -       -
    Gain Life              d+3+4,N            -       +5(each bounce)
    Teleport               d+3+4[b_f]         -       -
    Meditate               d+3+4,D            -       -
    Feint Stone Backhands  d+3+4,2,2,2,2,2    mmmmm   10,12,12,14,15
    Feint Kangaroo Kick    d+3+4,4            m       30
    Sit-Stand Up           d+3+4,U            -       -
    Spinning Evade         b+3+4 (up to 6x)   -       -8 each spin
    Low Parry              [d_d/b]+[1+3_2+4]  -       -
    Poison Wind            u/f+3+4            M       10
    Poison Rush            u/f+3+4,b+1        Mh      10,2
    Poison Typhoon         u/f+3+4,b+1,3+4    MhM     10,2,20
    Poison Hurricane       u/f+3+4,b+1,4      MhM     10,2,15
      = Delay Sword          = D/B            -       -
        = Sword Slice        = N              {!}     (varies)
    Sword Slice            d/b+1              {!}     10
      = Delay Sword          = ~N,D/B         -       -
        = Sword Slice          = N            {!}     (varies)
    Sword Impale           b,b+1              !       90
    Spinning Sword         b,b+1~1            !       30
      = Spin Cancel          = b,b            -       -
    Sword Sweep            FC,d/b,b+1         !       20
    Helicopter Leap        U/F+1+2            {!}     25/30/40
    Heli Quick Down Slash  U/F+1+2~d          {!}     25/25/40
    Reverse Helicopter     U/F+1+2,B          {!}     35
    Standing Suicide       d+1+4              !       60(-60 to you)
      = Spinning Suicide   B+1,1,1...         !       3(-3 to you)
    Fake Turning Suicide   f,f+1+4,N          -       -
    Turning Suicide        f,F+1+4            !       100(-100 to you)
      = Second Stab          = f,f            !       100(-100 to you)
    Sword Pogo             u+1+2              {!}     30
      = Pogo Rush          [b,b_f,f]          {!}     25
      = Pogo Hop           [u/b_u_u/f]        {!}     15/15/15
      = Kangaroo Kick      3+4                m       30
    Death Pose             B+1+2              -       -
      = Bad Breath         ANY                !       30
    Wood Chopper           f,f+3,1            m{!}    20,18
    Double Front Slice     QCF+1              !{!}    15,28
    Sword Counter          B+1+4              !       35
    Backflip               u/b                -       -
     __  __
    |  \/  | _____  _    _  ___   ___
    |      ||  _  || |  | || o | |  _|
    | |\/| || |_| ||  \/  ||  /_ |_  |
    |_|  |_||_____| \____/ |____||___|
    Ok,we`re gonna see all Yoshi`s moves trough microscope.
    Here I will write EVERY SINGLE Yoshi attack,so you can know what is
    best,and  what is worst.There is a command for each move,move`s damage,
    and my personal rating for that move.
    I will even write the moves`names:-)
    I`ll rate every move
    with *s.Ratings are these:
    *      - Worst Yoshi move,never use it
    **     - Not very good Yoshi move,hardly ever used
    ***    - Average move,use it when you must
    ****   - Very good move,use it often.
    *****  - Yoshi`s best move,use whenever you find a chance
    Punch-Uppercut          Command:1,2         Rating:**      Damage:5,8
    I hardly ever use this move,it is like 2 basic punches connected together.
    You don`t really need it.
    Punch-Double uppercut  Command:1,2,1       Rating:****    Damage:5,8,6
    This is getting better.This is very good move,3 punches with really little
    times between punches.The best thing is you can take a string from it.
    Yoshi`s best strings begin with Punch-Double Uppercut.
    PK combo                Command:2,3             Rating:*       Damage:12,21
    Quick,but the buttons are cross-fingered,and damage is low.
    PDK combo               Command:2,d+3           Rating:**      Damage:12,8
    Not so bad move,but you don`t really need it.
    Zig-zag                 Command:3,4             Rating:****    Damage:30,30
    Great move if your opponent think you are finished with roundhouse.It just
    blows the "smart" opponent away,doing good damage.I use it when i miss the
    first kick,and it never fails.Good damage!!!
    Kangaroo kick           Command:4~3             Rating:***     Damage:30
    Ok,it`s a juggle starter.Ok,in blows 30 health goodbye,but it is pretty slow
    and predictable,so anti-Yoshi players will easily do a low kick to interrupt
    you,then punish you.But this move isn`t complete useless.If you manage to
    hit the opponent it can be connected to some very powerful juggles.
    Triple roundhouses     Command:4,4,4           Rating:*       Damage:20,20,21
    It`s easy to pull off,but it`s Yoshi`s worst move.3rd kick will change the
    opponent`s axis,so you can do a string.But the bad thing is all kicks are
    high,so they can be easily blocked,ducked,or reversed.You should never use
    this move,but if you accidentaly do one roundhouse,you can FAST connect it
    into Knee Bash with f,F+4.
    Backhand                Command:f+2             Rating:***     Damage:12
    Smart move because it change enemy`s axis PRETTY FAST.Good when opponent is
    doing some slow moves.Punish them with backhand,then do a throw or a string.
    Or Shark Attack!
    Ninja Blade Rush        Command:f,f+2           Rating:**      Damage:18
    Bad move.Very bad move.When you finish it,you will be near opponent,so pray
    nothing happens to you.It has some recovery when blocked,and Masters will
    know how to use that advantage.
    Ninja Blade Slice       Command:f,f+2(CH)        Rating:****   Damage:18
    This is Ninja Blade Rush indeed,but if it is a counterhit,it becomes a
    Ninja Blade Slice.If you are not sure will you do a counterhit,charge and
    strike!I just love this move.Yoshi cuts the enemy,go behind them,and then
    enemy falls.You can now do okizeme,or you can...
    = Sit                   Command:=+3+4             Rating:***    Damage:-
    Good thing is that you gain life,so you can gain about 10 health before
    opponent gets up.Bad thing is that you can`t teleport,or attack from this
    stance,so the only option is to get up.
    Knee Bash               Command:f,F+4             Rating:******  Damage:20
    This is Yoshi`s best move!Maybe the best move in Tekken 3!It`s fast,has great
     recovery time,it is great as counterhit.It knocks down your opponent too!
    This should be your first move when the match begins.Offcourse it can`t be
    reversed.Use it often,and you will surely win.Most people don`t realize
    the beauty of this move.When I tried it for the first time,I said"This
    should be good?Heh!This is most stupid move"!"But I now realize how much
    I was wrong.Be careful,though,it has little recovery time if blocked.
    Also,it CAN be done when you`re running!
    I know i put 6 stars,but this beauty deserves it...
    Sword Debate position     Command:SS+3+4           Rating:***    Damage:-
    In Sword Debate Position,Yoshi will turn his back.He can gain back his
    ealth,but if you stay in this position too long,he will start losing his
    health.If you press f or b,he will turn around and gain his health back.
    He gains health proportional to the life he`s lost.I reccomend you to turn
    around after 4 bounces,because Yoshi still didn`t lose any health,and he
    gains most health.Off course,use this move only when you`re far from the
    enemy.Also,in Tekken force,when there aren`t any opponents around,gain
    health with this move because it`s faster than Indian Style health gaining.
    =Life siphon                 Command:=1+4         Rating:**   Damage:?
    Stupid move because you wil hardly ever catch your opponent.He MUST walk into
    it.But if you do,Yoshi will get health taking it from his enemy.This move is
    pretty cool looking,and you can get the folks amazed if you connect it good.
    =Give life                   Command:=f+1+4         Rating:*       Damage:?
    Heh!This is exatly same as Life Siphon,but the difference is that Yoshi give
    his health to the enemy!The only use is to taunt your opponent.
    Dive Bomb                Command:f,F+1+2          Rating:***    Damage:40
    If you want to turn your back to the enemy,this is the best way to do it,and
    you can cause some damage too.If you master the art of Turned back,this move
    can be pretty useful.
    = Life Syphon       Command:=1+4           Rating:***     Damage:?
    Ok,this Life Syphon is much better than that Life Syphon from Sword Debate
    Stance,and chances for catching the opponent are bigger,because he doesn?t
    need to walk into it.Cool-looking.
    = Reverse Life Syphon    Command:=F+1+4           Rating:**     Damage:?
    Give your life to the enemy!HEH!Only for taunting.
    Shark Attack combo    Command:f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4  Rating:****  Damage:40,40,30
    I use this move when I am losing,and want to easily defeat opponent,no matter
    how risky it is.This move can turn around the match in your win.
    But,offcourse,Experts will know to interrupt it when they find a chance.
    Use it when the opponent`s back is turned to you too!
    BIG damage maker.Use wisely.
    Stone Fists     Command:b+1,1,1,1,1,1   Rating:****  Damage:10,10,10,10,10,10
    This can be GREAT move if you knock the opponent in air,and want to damage
    him as much as possible.Every hit des 10 damage.But,if Yoshi does 6 spins,he
    will make himself dizzy and he will fall.Oh man.So DON`T USE ALL SPINS!Use
    only first five,and you should do good.If you use this move in wrong
    situation,you can lose match in no time.It happened me hundred od times that
    i wanted to do a Sword Stab(b,b+1)but i did Stone Backhands,and lost the
    match.So,be careful.
    Uppercut-Backhand         Command:d/f+1,2          Rating:***   Damage:15-12
    You launch opponent in air,then slap him.Good for changing opponent`s axis.
    Too slow,though.
    Door Knocker         Command:d/f+1<1<1<1     Rating:****  Damage:15,12,12,18
    Cool move,if opponent doesn`t block your combo.You can very easily take a lot
    of his health in 2-3 seconds.It has very little recovery time if blockedUse
    it wisely.Last his hits low,so you can hit a fallen opponent too.One of my
    favourite moves.
    Basic Uppercut            Command:d/f+2        Rating:*****  Damage:13
    This move rules.It is the best Basic uppercut in the game,because Yoshi steps
    forward a bit,and duck a bit too.It`s easily triggered,and it`s Yoshi`s best
    juggle starter.From this move you can do Stone Fists,Stone Backhands,or
    Spinning Low kicks,as a most easy juggles.But,when you practice more,and
    master the Basic Uppercut you wil be unstoppable.This move should be your
    first move to learn if you are a Yoshi-begginner.
    Side kick              Command:d/f+4            Rating:****   Damage:19
    This is another good part of Yoshi`s arsenal.Side kick has the best range of
    all Yoshi moves(instead Sword Stab),it`s fast,has great recovery time,and it
    is very good against Mashers.
    Stone Backhands  Command:d/b+2,2,2,2,2,2 Rating:**** Damage:10,10,12,12,14,15
    This move is best for juggling opponent while he is in the air.DON`T use all
    spins,because Yoshi gets dizzy and falls after all spins.
    Spinning Low kicks     Command:d/b+4,4,4,4,4,4  Rating:**   Damage:12,7,7,5,5
    Not good as Stone Fists or Stone Backhands,but good for confusing opponent,
    and even better if connected after Stone Fists.Again,don`t use all spins,
    because...you know.
    = Front kick              Command:=f+4             Rating:**     Damage:12
    It`s a front kick allright.I never use it because I almost never use Spinning
    Low Kicks.
    Jumping Twist Foot           Command:[u/b_u_u/f]+4   Rating:*****  Damage:25
    GREAT move if you did some move that`s been blocked,and you want to quickly
    go back and hit your opponent.In 80% you will get out of opponent range with
    move,and be ready to strike.Good damage too.Use it often.
    Lunging Sweep                Command:FC,d/f+3        Rating:****   Damage:12
    If you love wake-up game,use this move.When you knock oponent to ground,this
    is very good move to damage him while he`s still on ground.
    Sit(Indian Style)            Command:d+3+4           Rating:*****  Damage:-
    Yoshi`s classic.He sits on ground.He can`t be thrown,and any high attacks
    will miss him.The real beauty of this move is that is fully unpredictable,
    and you can do tons of things in this stance.Use it often,but in right time.
    = Gain life              Command:=N       Rating:****  Damage:+5(each bounce)
    Yoshi gains life!With this move used correctly you can really drive your
    opponent crazy.Don`t use this move on computer too often,though.
    = Teleport                    Command:=[d_f]         Rating:****   Damage:-
    If you are close to opponent,Yoshi will teleport behind the enemy,and from
    there you can execute a string,or Back-Throw.However,if you`re not close to
    opponent,Yoshi will teleport to the same place,but with his back turned to
    the opponent.Use it wisely.It is very important part of Yoshi`s arsenal.
    = Meditate                    Command:=D             Rating:*      Damage:-
    The basic of this bove is to do-nothing!All you can do in mess with the enemy.
    = Stone Backhands             Command:=2,2,2,2,2     Rating:***
    This move is same as regular Stone Bachands,but the difference is that
    Yoshi false teleport,and then strike.Good for annoying opponent and taunting.
    = Kangaroo Kick               Command:=4             Rating:***    Damage:30
    Same as regular,but False teleporting,you know.Bad thing is this move is
    pretty slow,so Experts will see it`s coming,escape it,and punish you.
    = Stand up                    Command:=U             Rating:?      Damage:-
    Yoshi stands up.What else to say?
    Spinning Evade         Command:B+3+4       Rating:***    Damage:-8 each spin
    Cool move because Yoshi steps back and also sidesteps.The only bad thing is
    that you lose 8 health each spin.You can connect this move to 6 spins,but
    you lose big part of health.Risky,but has own purposes.If you see attack
    you can`t escape,you can use this move.One more thing:When you K.O.your
    opponent,you can`t heal,but you can`t take damage too.So,when you finish
    him off,good taunt or just a off-show move is Spinning Evade(all spins).
    Low parry              Command:[d_d/b]+[1+3,2+4]   Rating:***   Damage:-
    It`s a low parry allright.It`s not so bad though.
    Poison Wind                 Command:u/f+3+4       Rating:****    Damage:10
    Move is fast,does good damage,but it`s beauty is combos that you can do after
    this move.With combos correctly connected,it becomes pretty useful move.
    Poison Rush                 Command:u/f+3+4,b+1     Rating:**    Damage:10,2
    Ok,when you do Poison Wind,you can extend it,but it does only 2 damage:-(
    Poison Typhoon        Command:u/f+3+4,b+1,3+4   Rating:****  Damage:10,2,20
    Ok,this is good allright.32 damage,fast execution,and confusing Yoshi
    Poison Hurricane     Command:u/f+3+4,b+1,4     Rating:***    Damage:10,2,15
    Ok move,but it`s best when you connect it into...
    = Delay Sword          Command:=D/B           Rating:****   Damage:-
    This is getting serious!GREAT if you manage to hit the opponent with the
    Sword Slice!For some people,this move can be hard.So I`ll tell you how to
    easily do it.Do the u/f+3+4,quickly press b+1,then 4,and then press D/B
    and quickly tap 1.Still hold D/B and you can now stop tapping 1.If you did
    good,Yoshi will be in his Delay Sword Position.
    = Sword Slice     Command:=N                  Rating:****   Damage:(Varies)
    Great!If you finish this combo with Sword Slice,you will take DOZENS of
    opponent`s health!Damage depends of how many times Yoshi hopped.Does 100%
    damage when Yoshi`s sword start to smoke.
    Sword Slice      Command:d/b+1                 Rating:*****    Damage:10
    Sword Slice is one of Yoshi`s best moves.It`s unblockable,it hits fallen
    opponents,it has great recovery time,and it does good damage forn such a
    fast move.Use it when you knock opponent on ground,or if you just want to
    slice the opponent in half(ok,that doesn`t happen,but people with good
    imagination can imagine that).
    = Delay Sword     Command:=~N,D/B              Rating:***    Damage:-
    When you do this move,Yoshi doesn`t finish his attack,he starts hoppong
    forward.The more hops you make,more damage you will do.Maximum damage is
    when Yoshi`s sword start to smoke.
    = Sword Slice      Command:=N               Rating:****      Damage:(varies)
    You must finish that Delay Sword once.The best and only way is this:-)
    Sword Impale(or Sword Stab) Command:b,b+1     Rating:*****    Damage:90
    Most people don`t like this move,but I love it!It`s slow but it has GREAT
    range and it is GREAT for button mashers.Good against computer too.Poor guy
    try to sidestep,but I always catch him.No,you can`t sidestep this move because
    it "lock on target".Use it when you need to,don`t use it when you know your
    opponent can interrupt it.
    = Spinning Sword     Command:~1            Rating:*****    Damage:30
    This move rules.It does good damage,it is unpredictable,it has great range
    from up to down,and it is one of Yoshi`s best moves.Use it as a against
    rushing opponent or a masher.There are two bad things with this move,but
    they can be avoided.First:If you don`t hit your opponent,he can wait for
    you to finish,and then strike.Second:If you hit the enemy too fast,he can
    roll forward and counter you with rolling kick.I don`t know is it a glitch
    or not,but these two bad things can be avoided with...
    = Spin Cancel         Command:=b,b     Rating:*****        Damage:-
    That`s the solution for all problems with Spinning Sword.Yoshi cancel his
    spin early,so it`s on you what tactic you will use from now on.
    Sword Sweep        Command:FC,d/b,b+1     Rating:**     Damage:20
    Stupid move.I just hate it.It is maybe unblockable,and it even hits
    sidestepping enemies,but it`s range is very short,it is slow,and it does
    poor damage for short and slow move.
    Helicopter Leap     Command:u/f+1+2     Rating:**     Damage:25/30/40
    Yoshi fly!But this move is predictable,and your opponent will easily escape
    it,and punish you.It`s good for flying on the other side of the opponent.
    Damage depends of how many times Yoshi "Hop in the air".I don`t reccomend
    to fly till end,it`s better to do the...
    = Heli quick down Slash  Command:=d     Rating:****    Damage:25/30/40
    This is better.You can slash down whenewer you want.
    = Reverse Helicopter    Command:=~b     Rating:**      Damage:35
    Yoshi reverses and slashes.This move make Yoshi to fly down for a little
    time,so enemy can counterhit you.Bad move.It`s only purpose is to take you
    to the back of the enemy,and turn you to them.Don`t use it too often.
    Standing Sucide          Command:d+1+4    Rating:*     Damage:60(-60 to you)
    Yoshi`s cool move,but one of worst.It can only taunt the opponent.It CAN hit
    them,but only when you are turned back to them,and,if you manage to hit them,
    you will get 60 damage too.
    = Sucide Spin        Command:=b+1,1,1,1    Rating:*     Damage:3(-3 to you)
    If you beat the crap of your opponent(if he has about 5% of health),and
    you`re on some party(whatever),use this move to 100% taunt the opponent,
    and make the crowd amazed.It has minimum damage,just to finish the o
    pponent off.It`s hard to avoid too.
    Turning Sucide       Command:f,F+1+4     Rating:***  Damage:100(-100 to you)
    Yoshi turns around,stabs himself and the enemy.Cool move if you connect
    great,but it`s very risky.Use it to mess with the enemy,or if you want to do
    Double K.O.
    = Second Stab         Command:=f,f     Rating:*    Damage:100(-100 to you)
    Ok,you stab youreself for the second time.So what?Some people say that you
    should use this move if you missed your opponent for the first time,but wait
    a little...you die too!Even Yoshi can`t survive 200 damage!
    Fake Turning Sucide  Command:f,F+1+4,N     Rating:***    Damage:-
    Heh!You can fool your opponent with this move,and then strike!Yoshi turns
    around,but nothing else happens!He is really master of taunting!
    Sword Pogo       Command:u+1+2     Rating:*****    Damage:30
    One of Yoshi`s best stances!You can easily kill Gon or Dr.Bosconovitch with
    this move!All low attacks will hit the sword and your opponent will take
    damage!Also,Yoshi can`t be thrown while he`s in this stance!This move must
    be on your list of moves to learn,cause it`s classic,and it can make you
    win the match very easily!
    = Pogo Rush       Command:=[f,F_b,B]     Rating:****    Damage:25
    Good for hitting a fallen opponent.It`s fast,and does good damage.However,you
    should ONLY use it for fallen opponents,because standing opponents will knock
    you out of Sword Pogo Stance.
    = Pogo Hop         Command:=[u/b_u_u/f]     Rating:*****    Damage:15
    GREAT MOVE.It hits fallen opponents,standing opponents,it`s not so risky as
    Pogo Rush,but it is slower than Pogo Rush.Use it whenever you think it will
    do good.One of Yoshi`s must-learn moves(If this is hard to learn,then you
    shouldn`t play Tekken 3).
    Death Pose(or Bad breath Stance) Command:=B+1+2   Rating:***   Damage:
    Not bad stance.Yoshi can`t be thrown while in it.I didn`t use it too much,but
    it is pretty good.You can Bad Breath from it,juggle from it,and do many
    other things.
    = Bad Breath   Command:=ANY     Rating:****    Damage:30
    This move is pretty powerful.It`s unblockable,unduckable,and it can`t be
    countered.You can combo from it or do a Wake-up game after it.
    Wood Chopper   Command:f,f+3,1     Rating:*****   Damage:20,18
    Super move!Use it whenever you find a chance!Yoshi steps forward and then
    slashes you!This move has great range(first attack),not bad speed,so-so
    recovery,and the best thing is that if your opponent try to block,he may
    block attack,but not the sword!
    Double Front Slice   Command:QCF+1     Rating:****    Damage:15,28
    Not many people use this move,but it is very powerful and it is best to use
    it if you are far from enemy.It`s confusing and easy to trigger.
    Sword Counter      Command:b+1+4      Rating:***    Damage:35
    It`s a counter,but it can be attack,if you are VERY VERY VERY close to enemy.
    Its range is VERY VERY VERY short,so I don`t recommend it as an attack.
    Backflip          Command:u/b     Rating:****    Damage:-
    Smart move if you want to quickly escape from opponent,and the strike.
    Also it can be used for amazing people.
    Jumping Body Slam  Command:1+3             Rating:**   Damage:30   Escape:1
    Regular throw,but nothing special.
    Jaw Smash          Command:2+4             Rating:**   Damage:30   Escape:2
    Cool throw,but the same damage as previous.
    Rainbow Drop       Command:QCF+1+2         Rating:***  Damage:50   Escape:1+2
    Great damage if you catch your opponent.Good effects too.Unescepable.
    Tornado Drop       Command:[1+3_2+4](back) Rating:**** Damage:70    Escape:-
    Cool throw,good damage,good animation!But you must be facing opponent`s back
    to do it,though.Unescepable too.
    Flying Cartwheel  Command:[1+3_2+4](left)  Rating:**** Damage:15-25 Escape:1
    Very cool looking throw!Try it!
    Clonimitsu     Command:[1+3_2+4](right) Rating:*****  Damage:15-25 Escape:2
    The best looking throw in game!Yoshi splits himself in two,one Yoshi stabs
    the opponent,the other one slams him on the ground!A must see!
    Yoshi has the easiest strings in the game,and also,all his strings end in
    unblockables,which is pretty good.So,let`s see them:
    Yoshi Rush          Command:1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,1,1 Rating:*****  Damage:100
    It starts with three uppercuts,which are fast.Good string until you get to
    Triple Roundhoses.They hit high,and they are pretty slow.Whatever,4 last
    attack are unblockables,and if the last attack hits enemy,you are the winner
    (unless you are a real begginner).
    Dizzy & Cool        Command:1,2,1,4,2,2,2,4,1,1 Rating:*****  Damage:100
    This is weird one,but it`s hella good!It starts with three uppercuts,then
    only one high Roundhouse,then Spinning Backhands,again one Roundhouse,punch,
    and finally,Sword Sweep!
    Rush to Dive Bomb   Command:1,2,1,4,4,4,1,3+4   Rating:***    Damage:100
    You know what?If you finish those Triple Roundhouses,and don`t get knocked
    down,why would you use this if you can slash the opponent with unblockables
    (Yoshi Rush string)?
    Dumb Yoshi 1        Command:4,4,2,2,4,4,1,1,1,1 Rating:*      Damage:100
    What??Four roundhouses??!!!Forget this (censored)!!!
    Dumb Yoshi 2        Command4,4,2,2,4,4,1,3+4    Rating:*      Damage:100
    Believe me,you DON`T need this string.It`s a (censored) too.
    LOONG Delay         Command:4,4,2,2,1           Rating:**     Damage:100
    It is very LOONG delay until Yoshi does his last hit,but if you hit opponent
    with it,the match is yours.
     _______          _
    |__   __|__    __| |__
       | ||__  | _|__   __| ___  ___
       | | __| ||  _|| || ||  _||  _|
       | || o  || |_ | || || |_ |_  |
    Offense Tactics
    Yoshi is best at offense,so Pitbulls will be pleased with his arsenal of
    attacks.Good tactic is to start with Knee Bash(f,f+4),and Yoshi should knock
     the opponent down.Now you can jump back and do the Sword Stab(b,b+1),or
    Sword Slice(d/b+1)the opponent while he`s on ground,and then jump back.If you
     don`t knock opponent down with Knee Bash,do u/b+4 to quickly jump back and
    maybe hurt the opponent.From there you can do Roundhouse(3),and knock the
    opponent down.,if you don`t(he blocks or escapes),press 4 to do another
    suprise roundhouse that should knock the opponent.When you juggle the
    opponent with u/f+2,you can do two more Uppercuts(u/f+2)to get 3-hit combo,
    or you can do Stone Fists(b+1,1,1...),but don`t finish it.Transform it into
     Spinning low kicks(D/B+4,4,4...)or Basic punch the opponent(1)and roundhouse
     him(4 or 3).You can also do Stone Backhands for good damage.If you don`t
    know what to do with opponent while he`s in BIG air(like the Kangaroo Kick
    juggle) ,roundhouse him(3).Move is fast,and does good damage.When in Pogo
    Stick stance,the best tactic is to jump on opponent.Rush on him when he`s
    on ground or just stand if (for example)Gon users do that damn 4,4,4,4,4...
    If you play against people who doesn`t know to block(Mashers,Begginers),use
    Yoshi`s strings,his Sword Stab(b,b+1),his Door Knocker(D/F+1<1<1<1).Door
    Knocker is stupid if blocked,but it can be very useful if not blocked.Does
    great damage and it is best against Mashers.If you`re losing,use Yoshi`s
    Shark Attack(f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4).You can turn the match in your win.You can
    use it in beginning too,or when your opponent has his back turned to you
    (ok,don`t do that against King...).To turn opponent`s back to you,you can
    do a Backhand(f+2) or Triple Roundhouses(4,4,4).I reccomend Backhand because
    it`s fast.From there do Shark Attack,string,back-throw,or Door Knocker.When
    you sit down,fool your opponent with Kangaroo Kick(4),which does 30 damage,
    and also juggles.Then do a roundhouse(3 or 4),or Sword Slice(d/b+1).This is
    only a little part of Yoshi`s tactics,and you can make your own,using your
    favourite moves.So,be creative!
    Defense Tactics
    Yoshi isn`t good in Defense like offense,but he has some really cool moves
    that should keep your opponent at distance.First and major thing:If your
    opponent rush on you,attack you,mash,or do something that would be hard to
    block,do Yoshi`s Spinning Sword(b,b+1~1)!Your opponents will almost always
    fall for that!If you hit the opponent with Spinning Sword early,and get him
    on ground,do Spin Cancel(b,b).That way Yoshi will stop spinning his sword,and
     that is good because laying opponent can roll forward,duck your Spinning
    Sword,and kick you,knocking you out.Do Spin Cancel also if your opponent
    wait for you to stop,and then rush.Spinning Evade(damn,almost every Yoshi`s
    move begins with"Spinning")is good for getting back,but it`s risky because
    it hurts you.So,it`s on your choice. Also,use Yoshi`s Side Kick(d/f+4)
    often,it has long range,and it is fast,great for poking opponent.Knee Bash
    (f,f+4)is great as counterhit,so use it when your opponent opens himself.
    Jumping Twist Foot([u/b_u_u/f])is Yoshi`s best defense move,because it
    hits opponent,gets Yoshi back(out of opponent`s range),and it`s VERY VERY
    fast.Use it whenever you finish a move that gets you close to opponent.
    I don`t reccomend sidestepping because Yoshi doesn`t have good sidestepping
    attacks,and you can`t sidestep some characters(Eddy,for example)or Button
    Mashers.Block often,and also use Yoshi`s Reversal(b+1+4),which can be an
    attacks too.Again,you can experiment with Yoshi`s moves,so be creative!
    Ultimate Tactic
    With this tactic you will easily beat lot of (computer)opponents easily.So,
    here is it:
    1.When the match begin,Do Knee Bash.
    2.Sword Slice the fallen opponent,
    3.Sword Stab him,
    4.Mix the Knee Bash and Wood Chopper to kill him.
    Another Ultimate(alternate)is:
    1.Knee Bash,
    2.Jump back,
    3.Look at opponent:
    4.Sword Stab him!He`ll run in your Sword!!!???
    5.Mix Knee Bash and Wood Chopper to finish him.
    4.Knee him,then repeat the process.If that won`t help(he always quick
      recovers),try to Knee him,Wood Chopper him,or juggle him.
    Survival Tactics
    My personal record in Survival WAS 23(Yoshimitsu).Now it`s 48!Damn,Julia
    finished me!!!DAMN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can be good in Survival with Ultimate Tactic(see up).I use it,and when
    you master it,you can easily win a dozens of computer matches.
    I.Never heal in Survival.I tried to heal,but it all ended up in opponent
    kicking me and taking more of my health.
    II.Don`t repeat the same move for too long,because your opponent will start
    blocking it and punishing you.
    III.Yoshi`s best moves for Survival are:
    1.Jumping Twist Foot([u/b_u_u/f])--Use it for getting away from opponent,and
    to hit him,
    2.Knee Bash(f,f+4)-----------------Use it almost always,
    3.Wood Chopper(f,f+3,1)------------Use it often,when you think
                                       it will hit your opponent,
    4.Sword Stab(b,b+1)----------------Use it when opponent is getting up slowly,
                                       he will run into it,
    5.Spinning Sword(b,b+1~1)----------It serves like shield,know to cancel
                                       it when you must,
    6.Roundhouse(3)--------------------For quickly getting enemy down,
                                       use another roundhouse(4)if you need to.
    IV.Don`t give up!Be patient!Sometimes you will kill 20 opponents,
    but sometimes 2nd opponent will finish you!That happens to me too!
    Time Attack Tactics
    You need to be FAST here.On first stages do strings,Door Knocker(D/F+1<1<1<1),
    and Shark Attack(f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4).In later stages,Use your Knee Bash.Use the
    Ultimate tactic,but don`t wait too long,like you would in Survival.Be Pitbull,
    and crush your opponent!
    Arcade Tactics
    EASY: Do you really need a tactic?Use Door Knocker and you`re the winner!
    NORMAL:Use Ultimate,or your own tactic here.
    HARD:Use Ultimate Tactic,and block alot.Don`t leave yourself open for too
    long.Strings won`t help either.Be fast,and smart!
    Tekken Ball tactics
    Well,Ultimate Tactic doesn`t help here,does it?Here we go:
    In the beginning(if you have the ball),run into it,and it will go behind the
    opponent(in his area),and damage him.If the ball is in the centre,Shark Attack
     it(and the opponent)!The Shark Attack is the best Yoshi`s attack for Tekken
    Ball.Don`t use his sword,because you get nothing(try if you don`t believe me).
    His best attacks for Tekken Ball are:
    -Shark attack(I won`t write the command because I`m sick of it),
    -His Jumping kicks([u/b_u_u/f]+[3_4]),
    Not much,huh?Well,experiment.
    When your opponent launches the ball at you,you can attack,but better thing
    to do is to do a Basic Punch(or throw).That makes the ball nicely jump a bit,
    so you can attack it.You can do this with throws too.If you wanna mess with
    the enemy,neutral block(just stand still)!Only thing you will worry about is
    position of the ball(don`t let it fall in your area),so stand under it,and
    it will automatically jump to enemy.Don`t do this if the Guard Damage option
    is on,though.
    Team Battle tactics
    Use your favourite characters,and get ready to rumble.Wait for other player
    to select his character,and you select the best character against opponent`s
    character.Your first character should be Yoshimitsu.If opponent selects any
    character which can be good for mashing(Eddy,Hwoarang,Lei...),pick Paul
    because you can counter them with Phoenix Smasher or do Tile Splitter to
    Phoenix Smasher.If he selects a female,you select a female too(if you know
    to play with females).If he selects any character which can easily juggle
    you,pick Dr. Bosconovitch or Gon.If he pick any strong character(Paul,Bryan,
    Gun Jack,Kuma),pick Hwoarang and you will be too fast for them.Offcourse,you
     need to know these characters`moves,but that shouldn`t be too hard.If you
    don`t want to use this tactic,make your own.
    Okizeme is pushing the opponent on the ground,and keeping him there!It is
    maybe cheap,but it is really effective if you know how to do it.Yoshi`s best
    okizeme is his Sword Slice(d/b+1).It is unblockable,it is fast,it hits fallen
    opponents,it has pretty long range.What more you need?However,this move has
    one weakness:If opponent does a Quick Recovery,you will not hit him,and you`ll
    be in mid-side position,so he can easily string you or even throw you.
    Another good okizeme is Poison Hurricane or Poison Wind.Fast as hell,and does
    good damage.Ofcourse,you should never underestimate the Pogo Stick Stance.
    Unblockable,fast execution,and perfectly punishes opponents who love to lie
    on ground(like that damn Lei).Rush on him,or hop on him,let him take damage!
    Spinning Sword is great because it will almost ALWAYS hit opponent who likes
    to roll forward,then kick you.BTW,make sure you cancel it early if opponent
    doesn`t catch in it.
    Shark Attack maybe isn`t so great,but if you connect great,it will hit rsing
    opponent!Here`s how I use it:After I knock the opponent down,I wait for him
    to be in a middle of rising animation,then execute the Shark Attack.GREAT move
    because of his damage(if you connect it).
    Spinning Low kicks are classic,so I don`t really need to explain them.
    Sword Sweep is great okizeme,because it WILL hit opponents who roll to the
    background,and it has good damage.Only weakness:It is pretty slow.
    One dngerous Okizeme move is Turning Sucide.You use it when opponent is
    standing up(not rolling!).It will do great damage if you connect it good.
    BTW,it takes 100 health from you,so BE CAREFUL!
    Avoiding Okizeme
    Ok,Okizeme is OK,but what if opponent wants to do it to you!You must know how
    to escape it or you`ll be dead soon.When you fall,best thing is Quick
    Recovery(~1,as soon you hit the ground),you will fastly get up,and roll a
    bit,so opponent can`t hit you.You can also roll forwards and backwards,and
    even kick an enemy from there.Rolling forward is too risky so don`t use it
    often.Rolling backwards is OK thing to do,but beware,it is little slow.Good
    tactic to do after rolling backwards is Knee Bash or Spinnig Sword(if you do
    it fast!).Bad Breath is also good tactic after rolling backwards.Pogo Stick
    is GREAT if opponent loves to do low kicks(Like Gon`s 4,4,4...or Dr.
    Bosconovitch and Gun Jack`s Kossak Kicks).
    You can also stand up after knocking down.It is the fastest Avoiding
    Okizeme tactic(if you don`t count Quick Recovery),but opponent will easily
    put you back on ground,so don`t use it TOO often,only when you must.
    Yoshi doesn`t have a plenty of throws,or Multi-link throws,but these are just
    fine.The best throws in general are side and Back-throws,and it is the same
    with Yoshi.Use his side and Back throws whenever you find a chance,they look
    cool,and do good damage.Yoshi has only one special throw:It is Rainbow Drop
    (QCT+1+2).It is ok throw,but it is escepable,so don`t think you`ll surely
    slam the opponent if you grab him with this.The only unescepable throw is
    Back throw,but you can use other throws often if you play against begginers
    and Button Mashers.
    Strings hints
    Strings are VERY risky,but they look cool,and they are GREAT against
    Button Mashers!Yoshi has the easiest strings in Tekken 3,so LEARN THEM!
    The first string I learned is Yoshi`s 1214441111 string.It is great,
    it begins with 3 uppercuts,and it finishes with sword slices,which look
    really cool,and they are UNBLOCKABLES!
    Ugh...I forgot to mention...the 4`s.They are Triple Roundhouses,so they
    can easily be ducked,reversed,countered,and interrupted.You will surely
    not have problems with Mashers,but when you play against Experts,don`t
    rely on strings too much.Another Yoshi good string is 1214222411.Again,
    don`t rely on it too much.
    Don`t even try other strings because THEY ARE STUPID,AND THEY ARE STUPID.
    Another thing about other strings:
    17-HIT STRING!
    Ok,I practiced Yoshi at Practice Mode(obiovusly),and I did Yoshi`s 1214441111
    string,but I didn`t finished it!I did all attacks exept the last one
    (the Sword Stab),and I began the string again.Strangely,combo meter raised,
    so I did 17-hit string,with 130 damage!Ok,here it goes:
    First do 1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,and skip the last attack.The best thing to do this
    is to fastly press 1,2,1,then press 4 until Yoshi is finished with second
    kick,then press 1 until he finishes his second sword slice.Then DON`T PRESS
    ANYTHING ELSE!When Yoshi stops attacking(be sure he DIDN`T attack with Sword
    Stab),start the string again!So,again press 1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,and you don`t need
    to press anything else,because opponent will be too far away from you before
    you manage to finish the string.This maybe only works in Practice,
    but it is cool!BTW,this will maybe not work on your first try.
    V.S tactics
    See V.S. section.Hint:It is just below.
     _    _  _____
    | |  | ||  ___|
    | |  | || |___
    |  \/  ||___  |
     \    /  ___| |
      \__/  |_____|
    This is the hardest challenge for you and here you must put all your skills
    to ultimate test(unless there are no experts in your environment).There are
    tactics for each character and for two types of player-EXPERT/MASTER and
    MASHER.So,let`s go:
    Watch out for her Phoenix Stance.Masters use it often.Also,she can be a threat
    when she turns her back,because she can fastly juggle and combo you.
    She is fast,so poke with d/f+4 when you need to.Watch out for her strings and
    know when to interrupt them.
    Mashers will do that u/f+4 often,and that`s it.Ling isn`t good character for
    mashers,so they will not use her often.
    This is very hard battle if he knows about Yoshi like you.Yoshi is
    unpredictable and fast,so look for his opening.If he does something wrong,
    counter with Knee Bash.If he tries to do something with sword,be ready to
    escape it.Block often.All of Yoshi`s strings have high roundhouse(4th hit),
    so duck,and counter.Don`t let him finish his string because all of Yoshi`s
    strings end with unblockables.Try to reverse his roundhouses.Don`t let him
    heal himself.If he goes to Pogo Stick,knock him down with roundhouse.
    If you are far from him,and he starts to heal,you heal too!Use Spinning
    Sword when he rush on you.NEVER let him to Sword Stab you,because he will
    probably win the match.Knee,Wood Chopper,and Jumping Twist Foot are your
    best friends here.
    Mashers love to do Triple Roundhouses,so duck it,or reverse it.Yoshi also
    isn`t a good character for mashers(altough he may look cheap because he has
    sword),so they won`t use him too often.
    Eddy Experts don`t exist on Earth,so if you meet one,it`s an alien.
    He can be hard,because hit range always changes.Do strings,Knee Bash,and
    unblockables.You can also uppercut him and juggle him to death.Mashers
    usually don`t know to block,so strike when they open themselves!Heh...you
    may want to see their faces when you kill them with Sword Stab...
    Hwoarang loves to kick,so block,and wait for open spot.then Knee him,or do
    Shark Attack,which can be VERY useful against Hwoarang users.Don`t let him
    to do the Flamingo stance.
    Usually all they know is pushing 3,3,3,3...and maybe f,f+4 move,so block,
    and when you see them opened,strike!Do Spinning Sword on them.Use Yoshi`s
    strings too.
    Paul is one of worst opponents for Yoshi.He can do Tile Splitter To Phoenix
    Smasher till your death.His Elbow uppercut is a bit slow,so ESCAPE IT,or you
    will be an "ace in the hole".Watch out for his Falling Leaf Combo too,because
    it`s fast and strong.Paul users also do his u/f+3,4,which can juggle you too.
    But Paul`s most dangerous move is Phoenix Smasher.It does 50 damage and it`s
    great as counterhit.Don`t be close to him,keep a distance.You should beat
    him using Yoshi`s long range moves.Yoshi`s d/f+4 helps here.Experiment.When
    you find good tactic,use it wisely.Blocking is great thing to do because
    Paul`s only unblockable,the Super Death Fist is very slow,so you will know
    when it`s coming.
    They do Tile Splitter to Phoenix Smasher often.so BLOCK IT!!Use your sword
    and poke them to death.Juggle them so they can`t catch you in their powerful
    Use your Pogo Stick and you should beat him in no time.Gon isn`t hard at all,
    you just need to know what to do!Sword Slice and Spinning Low kicks are also
    good for him.Don`t let him fart!His flame attack is pretty slow,so you will
    easily escape it.Poke with FC,d/f+4.
    They will fart and do 4,4,4,4....Some of them will flame as well.Just go in
    Pogo Stick stance and jump on him.You will easily beat him.
    He can be really hard because of his stances.If you don`t block,he will defeat
    you real quick.When he lie down,don`t rush to him.Sit and heal.When he comes
    to you,teleport and strike.Knock him out of his stances.Use your knee and
    Wood Chopper alot.
    He will lie down and attack,and repeat that all the time.Use Pogo Stick when
    he lies down,and your sword should be handy here.Don`t forget your strings.
    Pogo Stick can help,but it won`t be so easy like Gon.Use Spinning Low Kicks,
    Sword Slice,and Sword Sweep.Dr. can be very tricky sometimes,because,like
    Eddy,his moves are unpredictable.Do Poison Wind and Double Front Slice against
    Use Pogo Stick.
    Damn,he is fast as hell!He juggles you with almost every move!Use Spinning
    Sword!.Try to uppercut him,because then you can Do Shark Attack,which should
    do big damage to him.He is tricky,don`t let him juggle you,or combo you.Block!
    They usually do u/f+4 twice,or d+3+4 to kill you.Roundhouse them,and use your
    sword.Law masher isn`t hard as Law Expert.
    DON`T LET KING GRAB YOU!Most people say"learn breakouts!",but you can`t always
    know which throw he will execute!Stay at distance.He can Ali Kick you to
    death.Never go near him when he`s got his back turned to you!He can do a
    very fast unblockable from there!Poke,and uppercut!Use your knee!
    Mashers don`t know multithrows,but they wil either do b+4,or 1+2,1+2.They
    usualy know Ali Kicks too.Don`t underestimate King Mashers,because King is
    very cheap character,and that means Mashers can beat Experts with him!
    Gun Jack has some very powerful moves,and he can fastly defeat you if he
    juggle you.So,don`t let him juggle you!His bad thing is his slowness,so
    use that advyntage.Attack,go back,attack,go back,and so.Don`t repeat the
    same attack because you will be predictable.Try to block his attacks,and
    don`t go near him.Stay at distance,and be fast.
    Mashers do Jack`s 1,1,1,and maybe his d/b+3,4,3,4,3,4.They usually fly,so
    escape that unblockable,and punish them for such a stupid move.You can use
    the Sword Stab too,because Gun Jack is very slow.
    You and your opponent first must to figure out which character is Mokujin
    imitating.When you reckonize him use tactics for the character which Mokujin
    is imitating.You can reckonize him by his taunt before match,by his stance,
    or by his moves.If he has a sword,beware,because,he is YOU!
    Mashers usually don`t know that Mokujin is imitating other characters,so they
    will mash with every character they get.Figure out their character,and strike!
    You will easily beat them.The only problem is if Masher gets Eddy.
    The first thing he will do is to juggle you,so block!Heihachi can be very
    powerful in a hands of a master,so watch out for his moves.Try to juggle him,
    because he can`t do anything in the air.Also,use fast moves against him.He
    can`t reverse your knee,so use it often.
    Mishima isn`t for mashers,but they CAN repeat the same move if they find out
    it`s good.Block/reverse it,and attack.
    Uhhh.This can be one of toughest battles,because Jin is one of best characters
    in Tekken 3,if used correctly.Don`t let him to rush on you,use Yoshi`s best
    moves.Be fast.Watch out for his Electric Wind God Fist,and don`t rush when he
    crouches,because he can juggle you with WS+2,and finish you fastly.He`s one of
    fastest male fighters in Tekken 3,so expect everything from him.
    They will always do his u/f+4,4,4,4...Block high,low,low,and high to stop
    them,the rush back.
    Some people say that she`s best character in Tekken 3.I don`t agree with that,
    but she can be pretty hard if Nina player knows what to do in a battle with
    you.DON`T LET HER GRAB YOU!She has multithrows like King!Also,her strings are
    unpredictable,and very fast!She is maybe the fastest character in Tekken 3!
    Be very careful,and don`t use move that have slow recovery.If you do
    something wrong and get close to her,use Roundhouse or Jumping Twist Foot.
    Masher don`t use Nina often.If they do,thesy shouldn`t be such a big problem.
    Just block and counter.
    She is,in my opinion,the hardest character to play against,if you`re
    Yoshimitsu.If used correctly,Julia can juggle you to death,or do a really
    bad Wake-up Game.Wake-up Game is to make your opponent stay on the ground.
    She can do this very good.Also,she has good combos,so watch out.I recommend
    Yoshi`s unblockables,and fast attack like Knee,Basic punch,or Jumping Twist
    Foot.If you manage to uppercut her,try to keep her in air,and do maximum
    damage,because she is very dangerous when she is standing.Try to poke her
    if you can.
    Mashers NEVER use Julia because she is hardest character to master.If the
    pick her,they will do nothing dangerous,because all of Julia`s useful moves
    are hard to execute.
    Bryan is FAST,and he has FAST unblockables.Don`t let him combo you,because he
    can mix a great combos in no time.Be careful if he sidesteps,because he has
    good sidestepping attacks too.
    They will usually do his f,f+2,it`s fast,and it grounds you.Try to block it,
    and the punish them.
    He shouldn`t be much hard,just block,rush,block,and rush.Beware of his
    unblockables,and don`t let him grab you.
    Block,counter,and so.
    Same as original Ogre,but this one can fire.No problem,you`ll know when it`s
    coming,so you can easily escape it.Again,don`t let him throw you!
    They do d+3,3,3,and they often do 1+2(fire).It`s easy to escape it,and then.
    ..Hasta La Vista Baby!
    She fights a lot like her sister Nina,and her best weapons are strings.
    Don`t let her to string you!
    Easy as pie.Knee her,and then have a sword party!
    Panda users often do multiple uppercuts,so BEWARE!Also,don`t let him/her
    grab you because he/she has very powerful throws.Don`t underestimate
    Kuma/Panda,and be deadly!
    Use your knee,and strings.You should beat them in no time.
     _____                  _
    |   __|        _       | |
    |  |    _____ | |_____ | |___  _____  ___
    |  |   |  _  ||       ||  _  ||  _  ||  _|
    |  |__ | |_| || || || || |_| || |_| ||_  |
    I didn`t steal this combo list,I made it myself.You may put it on your FAQ,
    but giving me the credit for it.
    In lot of combos,you need to Basic Punch the enemy(1).You usually must to
    hold forward when pressing 1,because that way Yoshi walks near enemy,and
    he hits him.If you don`t hold forward,you will just punch the air.Also,when
    doing Basic Punch,you need to be good at timing.Wait for opponent to fall
    long enough so you can hit him with Basic Punch.If you`re not good at timing,
    you may hit the opponent with the first attack,but you will be unable to
    continue the combo,because you will miss him.PRACTICE!I recommend the Basic
    Uppercut as a juggle starter because it`s just the best.Also,use left
    punch(1)VERY VERY wisely,because it can be connected in very long combos.
    Combo enders are Sword Slice(d/b+1),Side Kick(d/f+4),and Knee Bash(f,f+4).
    You can exted the combo with Basic Punch(1),and Stone Backhands(b+1).
    These are regular extenders,but there are more.
    One more thing:Learn combos that are effective,and easy to memorize,so you
    will not forget them.Of course,don`t use stupid combos just because they
    are easy to learn.
    These are combo starters:
    -Basic Uppercut(d/f+2 or WS+2)
    -Bad Breath(b+1+2,ANY)
    -Kangaroo Kick(4~3)
    -Lunging Sweep(FC,d/f+3)
    -Sword Sweep(FC,d/b,b+1)
    -Sword Counter(b+1+3)
    Combos with Basic Uppercut (d/f+2 or WS+2)
    d/f+2 | 1,1,1,4
    d/f+2 | 1,1,1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 1,u/f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+3
    d/f+2 | 1,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,f,f+2
    d/f+2 | 1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 1,4
    d/f+2 | 1,3
    d/f+2 | 1,f,f+3,1
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+1,1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,1,1,1,1,1
    d/f+2 | 1,d/b+2,2,2,2,2,2
    d/f+2 | 1,d/b+3,3,3,3,3,3
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,1
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,d/f+1
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,1,4
    d/f+2 | 1,d/f+2,d/f+2
    d/f+2 | 1,f+2
    d/f+2 | 1,2~4
    d/f+2 | 1,4,4
    d/f+2 | 1,u/f+1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,N,1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/f+3
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,4
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,3
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/f+3
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1.d/f+1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,f,f+3,1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,N,1
    d/f+2 | 1,2
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/f+2
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,f+2
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,u/f+4
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,uf+1
    d/f+2 | 1,b+1,d/b+3
    d/f+2 | 1,b+2,u/f+3+4
    d/f+2 | 2,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | 2,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | 2,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | 2,u/f+3+4
    d/f+2 | 2,d/f+1
    d/f+2 | 2,4
    d/f+2 | 2~3
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+2
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+1,1,1,1
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/b+3
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,f,f+3,1
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,1
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+3+4
    d/f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+3+4,b+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,4,4
    d/f+2 | b+1,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | b+1,d/f+3
    d/f+2 | b+1,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | b+1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+3+4,b+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,d/f+1,1,1,1
    d/f+2 | b+1,3
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+2,d/f+4
    d/f+2 | b+1,f+2
    d/f+2 | b+1,f,f+2
    d/f+2 | b+1,2
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+2,f,f+4
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+2,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+2,d/f+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,u/f+2,uf+3+4
    d/f+2 | b+1,N,1,1
    d/f+2 | b+1,N,1,1,d/b+1
    d/f+2 | b+1,N,1,1,4
    d/f+2 | b+1,d/b+2,2,2,d/b+3
    d/f+2 | 3
    d/f+2 | u/f+3+4,b+1
    d/f+2 | u/f+3
    d/f+2 | u/f+4
    d/f+2 | f,f+4
    d/f+2 | f,f+3,1
    d/f+2 | d/f+4
    d/f+2 | u/f+1
    d/f+2 | d/b+2,2,2,2,2,2
    d/f+2 | d/b+3,3,3,3,3,3
    d/f+2 | f,f+3+4
    d/f+2 | f+2
    d/f+2 | d/f+1,1,1,1
    d/f+2 | FC,1
    d/f+2 | FC,2
    d/f+2 | FC,3
    d/f+2 | FC,4
    d/f+2 | d/b+1
    d/f+2 | f,f+2
    d/f+2 | f,f+3+4
    d/f+2 | f,f+1+2
    Combos with Bad Breath(b+1+2,ANY)
    Note that you must practice your range from opponent in order to do these
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,u/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,1,1,1,1,1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,d/b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,f+2
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,d/b+3,3,f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,2
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,d/f+2
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,d/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,f,f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,u/f+3+4,b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,1,d/b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1~2~1~4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,N,1,d/b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,d/f+2,d/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,4,4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,f,f+2
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,d/f+2,d/b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,b+1,N,d/b+4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,4
    b+1+2,ANY | 1,1,1
    b+1+2,ANY | 3
    b+1+2,ANY | 4
    b+1+2,ANY | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | f,f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | u/f+3+4,b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | d/f+3
    b+1+2,ANY | d/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | d/c+3,3,3,3,3,3
    b+1+2,ANY | d/b+1
    b+1+2,ANY | u/f+4
    b+1+2,ANY | f,f+1+4  (this really isn`t a combo,but try it!)
    b+1+2,ANY | f,f+2
    b+1+2,ANY | d/f+1,1
    b+1+2,ANY | f,f+3,1
    b+1+2,ANY | d/f+1,2
    Combos with Backhand (F+2)
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+2,4
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,f+2
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,1,1
    f+2 | d/f+2,3
    f+2 | d/f+2,4
    f+2 | d/f+2,f,f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,f,f+3,1
    f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+3+4,b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/b+2,2,2,2,2,2
    f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,1,1,1,1,1
    f+2 | d/f+2,b+1,1,d/b+3,3,3,3,f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,f/f+2,d/b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,b+1,1,1,d/b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,b+1,1,1,1,1,1
    f+2 | d/f+2,f,f+2
    f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,u/f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,u/f+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,1,1,f,f+4
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/b+2,2,2,d/b+3,3,3,3,3,3
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+1,2
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+1,1,1
    f+2 | d/f+2,1,1,d/b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+3
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,1,d/b+1
    f+2 | d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+2,1,4
    f+2 | d/f+2,FC,d/f+4
    Combos with Kangaroo Kick
    4~3 | b+1+4,f,f+4
    4~3 | b+1+4,u/f+3+4,b+1
    4~3 | b+1+4,d/b+1
    4~3 | b+1+4,d/f+4
    4~3 | 1,d/f+4
    4~3 | 1,f,f+4
    4~3 | 1,f,f+2
    4~3 | 1,u/f+3+4,b+1
    4~3 | 1,d/f+3
    4~3 | 1,d/f+1,1
    4~3 | 1,1,d/f+4
    4~3 | 1,1,f,f+4
    4~3 | 1,1,f,f+2
    4~3 | 1,1,u/f+3+4,b+1
    4~3 | 1,1,d/f+3
    4~3 | u+1+2
    Combos with Lunging Sweep(FC,d/f+3)
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+4,FC,d/f+3
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+1,FC+4,FC,d/f+3
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+1,FC+2,FC,d/f+3
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+4,FC,d/f+4
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+3,FC,d/f+4
    FC,d/f+3 | WS+4,d/b+1
    FC,d/f+3 | FC+1,FC+1
    FC,d/f+3 | u+1+2,f,f
     _____             _
    |  _  |         o_| |_o
    | |_| |__  ___ |__   __| _____  _  __
    |  ___|  ||  _|| || || ||  _  || |/  |
    | || |_| ||_  || || || || |_| ||  _  |
    |_||_____||___||_||_||_||_____||_| |_|
    Now,when you`re mastered Yoshi(i hope)I`ll help you to do your best in
    particural position.Yoshi has god moves for every position,but you MUST
    know when to use what move,otherwise you`re dead meet.Let`s go with the
    positions.Note I will here only write moves`names,not the command(you
    should learn them till now,dammit!).There are 6 positions,and each one as
    own tactics and moves.The positions are:
    -Close to enemy,
    -Back to back.
    How to change position
    You can change position in several ways.
    -Walking,                                            -Close,Far-Close,Far
    -Dashing(f,f or b,b),                                -Close,Far-Close,Far
    -Backflipping,                                       -Far-close,Far
    -Double Front Slice,                                 -Close,Behind
    -Helicpoter Leap,                                    -Close,Behind
    -Teleporting,                                        -Behind
    -Side-stepping,                                      -Side,Behind
    -Jumping(especially when opponent is on the ground), -Behind
    -Backhand,                                           -Behind
    -Dive bomb.                                          -B to B
    -Triple Roundhouses                                  -Side
    -Turning Sucide(But cancel it!)                      -B to B
    Close to enemy
    Yoshi is real master in close range,so use that advantage wisely!If you can
    hit opponent with Front kick,Knee Bash,or Sword Slice,you`re close to enemy.
    From here,the best thing to do is:
    - Knee Bash(definetively the best move to do from here),
    - Front Kick
    - Wood Chopper,
    - Strings,
    - Juggles,
    - Combos,
    - Poison Hurricane,
    - Basic Punch(for poking)
    - Also,you can try throws,but don`t do it so often.
    - Experiment with other moves too.
    Use this position wisely,you can easily win the match if you know what to do
    in it.
    This is the position from where you can run into opponent and tackle him.
    Moves from here are:
    - Sword Stab(or transform it into Spinning Sword),
    - Pogo Stick(especially for Gon and Doctor Bosconovitch),
    - Knee Bash,
    - Door Knocker.
    - Healing!
    Far away
    If you run from this position,you`ll Shoulder Ram the enemy.About 3-4
    character lenghts away from opponent.
    Yoshi is not SO good here,but,you have some moves to do:
    - Healing,then teleporting!
    - Shark Attack,
    - Bad Breath Stance,
    - Spinning Sword,
    - Double Front Slice,
    - Pogo Stick,
    - Helicopter Leap.
    Simply,side.You can go there by side-stepping or doing some moves that
    change opponent`s axis(like Triple Roundhouses).From here,you can:
    - Execute a side throw!
    - Strings,
    - Juggles,
    - Poison Hurricane,
    - Shark Attack.
    Behind the enemy
    Wow.It is hella`hard to go here,but if you do,you can cause major damage to
    enemy.Best moves from here are:
    - Back-throw!It can`t be escaped,and it does 70 damage!
    - Strings!Opponent can`t block them!
    - Shark Attack!
    - Poison Hurricane(with Sword Slice!),
    Back to back(B to B)
    Yeah,you turned your back to the enemy.From here,you can:
    -Do a Backand,and then juggle the opponent
    -Do the Roundhouse,
    -Do Standing Sucide(really!),but be careful.
    BTW,experiment,and use your own moves if you want.These moves are tested and
    they work good.Firstly use them,then add some your own if you want.
     _______                   _
    |__   __|__             __| |_o             _
       | ||__  | _   _  _  |__   __| _  __  ___| |
       | | __| || | | || |/  || || || |/  ||  _  |
       | || o  || |_| ||  _  || || ||  _  || |_| |
       |_||____||_____||_| |_||_||_||_| |_||___  |
                                            ___| |
    Taunting is part of Tekken 3 gameplay,and it reminds you that this is only a
    videogame.Taunting can also get people around you in mood,and make atmosphere
    around.Yoshi is a real master of taunting.He can taunt in many ways.Yoshi`s
    easiest taunt is his Standing Sucide(d+1+4).He stabs himself in chest.When
    you play against total beginers,you can use this taunt,and even rush on enemy
    with b+1,1,1...Be careful,you lose 1/2 of your health that way,so,if you play
    against experts,they will EAT YOU IN NO TIME.Yoshi can taunt with his Indian
    Style stance(d+3+4).You can from there teleport(f or b),fool the opponent
    with false teleporters and do pretty good damage,and offcourse,good laugh.
    Good taunt is to watch them calmly,with simply holding down.Yoshi`s maybe
    best taunt is Turning Sucide(f,F+1+4).Yoshi stabs himself,and the enemy!
    Great damage!You can stab you second time with f,F,but you`re dead if you do
    that.You can scare the enemies with just not holding F!Yoshi positions himself
    like he will do Turning Sucide,but nothing happens!HA!Yoshi can also taunt
    with his Pogo Stick stance(he really looks weird in that stance),and the
    coolest thing is letting enemies to try to low attack you!Also,Stone Fists,
    Stone Backands,and Spinning Low Kicks can taunt if you let Yoshi get dizzy
    and fall.You can taunt with his Bad Breath Stance too!Do the stance,cancel
    it,do it again,cancel it,do it again,but now sneeze on opponent!Heh!Also,
    you can taunt with his Spinning Evade(b+3+4 - up to 6x),because Yoshi loses
    health.In Sword Debate Stance,you can do Life Siphon to get health from
    enemy,but you can do Reverse Life Siphon,which give YOUR health to the enemy
    !Cool!His Helicopter Leap CAN taunt(I`m flying!Yes I am!!!),because you
    look cool while doing it.Also,when(if?)you kill your opponent,do good
    looking moves like Sucides,Spinning Evade or something.That should be all,
    but if this is too little to you,then you need other game,not Tekken,because
     Tekken 3 is 95% fighting and 4.5% taunting.The other 0.5% is Options:-)
    Ok,some things to say when playing:
    After doing Standing Sucide
    -Oh,Holy Samurai leader!I must die because this is too easy for me!Receive
    my sacrifice!
    -I must die because I can`t kill him/her!I feel sorry for him/her!
    ...Spinning Sucide...
    -Oh,this is better than Tequila!Yeahhh!!!
    While doing any move that makes Yoshi dizzy
    -Uh...where did you go?Not fair!
    -Ugh...no fair!One against five!
    -/talking like you`re drunk/
    When you`re healing
    -Yesss....AAHHHH!!!!OHHHH!!!THIS TURNS ME ON!!!!!
    While Bad Breathing
    -Ugh...sorry,I should stay in bed today...
    When you do Reverse Life Siphon
    -There,that should extend your life a bit...some seconds.
    -Hey!That`s mine!!
    -You`ll need that!
    If you manage to connect Turning Sucide
    -So I must stab us both to end this battle?
    -That`s not fair!I shouldn`t hit you,only myself!
    While hitting with any sword move
    -Damn!You`re polluting my sword!
    -Oh...my own sword now stinks!Ugh!!!I must die!!!(now you should do Standing
    -Let`s see what you ate for breakfast!Ooh,you`re surely NOT on a diet!
    When you lose
    -Can I start playing now?
    -I let you win.
    -Ok,now for real!
    When you win
    -I was just warming up!
    -/Laughing like a maniac/:BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHOHOHO!!!!
    -Sorry...I forgot to let you win.
    Times when you should laugh like a crazy maniac
    -When you just don`t let opponent to get up (HAHAHAHA!!!)
    -If you finish a string (HAHAHAHA!STUPID!!)
    -If you hit them with Sword Stab (HAH...WHAT?I HIT YOU WITH THIS???HAHAHAHA!)
    -If you juggle him to death (again...MWGHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
    -If you perfect him (This is my favourite!He really deserves to be taunted)
    -If you finish him with Basic Punch (HEH!)
    -Whenever you think you should laugh..It`s good,it`s fun,and it extends life,
     _____                              _
    |   __|               _          __| |__
    |  |    _____  _____ | | ___   _|__   __| |\______  _____  _    _  ___   ___
    |  |   |  _  ||  _  || || o | |  _|| |    |       ||  _  || |  | || o | |  _|
    |  |__ | |_| || |_| || ||  /_ |_  || |    | || || || |_| ||  \/  ||  /_ |_  |
    |_____||_____||_____||_||____||___||_|    |_||_||_||_____| \____/ |____||___|
    Yoshi has alot of cool moves,and tha major reason is:HE HAS A SWORD!!!He can
    slice the opponent,he can stand on it,fly with it,stab himself with it,stab
    himself AND the enemy with it,do freaky moves with it!Enough!NO!He has more
    cool things,but let`s begin.
    Try his sword moves!Let`s see them:
    -d/b+2 - Sword Slice!Good looking,can hit opponents on ground,great for
     annoying the enemy,or finishing a combo with it.You can do this move with
     f,f+3,1 too.
    -f,f+2(CH) - His Ninja Blace Slice is really GREAT!Yoshi slices the
     opponent`s stomach with his sword,goes behind him while opponent bleeds and
     then slowly falls.You can even heal after this move with d+3+4!BTW,it must
     be counterhit,so when opponent is far from you,charge,then strike with this
     beauty!Definetily a move in Yoshi`s Top 5 coolest moves.
    -QCF+1 - Again,one of his coolest moves,Yoshi does a double rolling jump,and
     slashes the opponent with his sword TWICE.
    - d+1+4 - Ok,Yoshi does a Harakiri(translation:Ritual Samurai sucide which is
     done by stabing yourself in the stomach),you  lose tons of health,but it is
     good for taunting apsolute begginers(when you know you`ll win).
    -f,F+1+4 - Yeah baby!Turning Sucide is GREAT LOOKING but painful to YOU...
     and to opponent...IF YOU HIT HIM.Good for using after Basic Uppercut,
     80% you`ll hit enemy with it(if he doesn`t roll from ground).You can press
     f,F to stab yourself for the second time,but you can`t taunt after that move
     because you`re...
    -FC,d,d/b,b+1 - Stupid move.Slow,short-ranged.Only advantage is that he can
     hit side-stepping enemies.But is at least looks cool!
    -u/f+1+2 - You fly!Cool or what?
    -u+1+2 - You stand on sword!HA!Good laugh with this move.Hopping while in
     this stance is hillarious.Also,all low attacks will be reversed,because
     opponents hit sword,not you!Also,you can`t be thrown!
    - b,b+1 - If you hit opponent with THIS,you won the match.Hell slow but
     painful,damaging,and cool enough to get to this list.But really cool
     extension to this move is when you press b,b+1,1 instead b,b+1!Yoshi spins
     his sword and you`ll surely hit the rushing enemy.I found this move very
     very,I SAID VERY useful for Button Mashers.
     Also,when (if?) you finish your opponent,cool thing to do is to execute
     sucide.It doesn`t do any damage to you because match is just ended.You can
     try the Spinning Evade(b+3+4 up to 6x)too.
    That`s for this sword moves,now for "regular" cool moves:
    -d+3+4 - Sit down.So what.I can do that too.But good thing is you can
     HEAL!!!!GREAT for annoying Mashers,because you calmly heal while they dance
     Boogie-Woogie with Eddy.
    -Clonimitsu!Great!Yoshi splits in two and slash`n smash the enemy by
     cooperating with his clone.GREAT!
    -Dizzy moves!b+1,1,1...or d/b+2,2,2... or d/b+3,3,3...juts try it.Cool because
     Yoshi acts drunk after 6 spins.Good for juggles too.
    -b+1+4 - Why reverse with your limb when you can do it with your sword?
    -SS+3+4 - Sword Debate!GREAT!Coolest moves from this stance are 1+4,and
     F+1+4.With 1+4 you turn around,take opponent`s    head,and take his health!
     Very cool!F+1+4 is tha same,but now you give YOUR health to the enemy!HA!
    -u/f+3+4,b+1,4,DB - Just cool.Try it.Not for taunting,but good-looking.
    -Juggles - Just juggle yor opponent,and watch him react.
    -Strings!His coolest strings are 1,2,1,4,4,4,1,1,1,1, and
     1,2,1,4,2,2,2,4,1,1.They end in beautiful unblockables too.Easy to learn,
     and good to watch.Also,painful to take it:-)
    -f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4 - The Shark Attack.Use when opponent leaves himself open.
     They will be more than suprised when they realize you killed him with
     Shark attack,and they almost had you dead:-)))
    One really cool thing with Yoshi:When you do Ninja Blade Slice(f,f+2,CH),
    Yoshi will go trough the opponent,and be behind them.So,if you do Ninja Blade
    Slice while BEHIND the opponent,you`ll go trough them,but you will get back
    where you have been!It is surely a glitch,but it is cool as hell!The best
    thing to do this is if you have Yoshi V.S. Yoshi match.Opponent will think he
    is the other Yoshi!Great!
    | |          ___
    | | _  __   |  _| _____
    | || |/  | _| |_ |  _  |
    | ||  _  ||_   _|| |_| |
    |_||_| |_|  | |  |_____|
    Yoshimitsu info:
    Mechanized Space (?) Ninja
    Nation of origin - None (Japan?)
    Fighting Style - "Manji" Ninja arts
    Age - ?
    Height - 178cm (5 foot 9)
    Weight - 63kg (139 pounds)
    Blood Type - O
    Occupation - Leader of Manji clan
    Hobby - Watching Sumo matches,net surfing
    Likes - Arcades
    Dislikes -Villains,poor losers
    Boskonovitch created the Cold Sleep machine during experiments in his search
    for eternal life. The technology, still unproven, was used to preserve his
    young daughter who suddenly passed away.
    Yoshimitsu raises research funds and as the leader of the "Manji" party he
    helps the poor and disadvantaged. Yoshimitsu visited Boskonovitch when he
    learned of the many martial artist disappearances. The "Yo-man" was surprised
    to find Boskonovitch suffering from a mysterious pathological organism. It's
    believed to have been contracted during lab experiments while making the Cold
    Sleep machine. Like some weird sci-fi story, Boskonovich claims he needs
    blood from the God of Fighting to complete his research and bring his
    daughter back to life. Indebted to Boskonovitch for saving his life,
    Yoshimitsu enters the tournament to help an old friend.
    When you select your character,select him with:
    1 or 2 - to get first outfit,
    3 or 4 - to get second outfit
    1.Yoshi`s in black pants,red belt,and gold armor.Hemlet is big.
    2.Yoshi is in full silver body armor,with a regular hemlet
      and red hair(hair?).Hmmm,it is red hair,because he has the red hair
      in Tekken 1!(Hint:His ending!)
    To activate pre-fight stances,hold the corresponding button while the
    game is loading.
    1 or 2 - activates first Pre-fight stance.
    3 or 4 - activates second Pre-fight stance.
    1.Yoshi teleports,then stands up.
    2.Yoshi does a backflip,then face the opponent.
    Winning Stances:
    To activate winning stance,press and hold button(1 or 2 or 3 or 4)when
    the replay is playing.Do not release the button until the replay has
    finished!Or,just hold the button,and press Start,to cancel the replay
    and activate the winning stance.Each button has corresponding stance.
    If you don`t hold any buttons,Winning stance will be random
    (Between 1st and 2nd).
    1.Yoshi here plays with his sword,go in his striking pose,and humm
      something like "Eeek she`s so sick uhhhhh..."
    2.Yoshi now backflips,sits down,and vawes his sword.
    3.Now he does Double Front Slice and go to striking pose.
    4.Uhh.I love this one!The one-legged dance!Also he says something like:
      "Hey hey uuuuuuh huh"
    And last - Ogre`s blood! Now Yoshi and Bosconovitch finally have it!
    Bosconovitch can now finish that Cold Sleep machine,and bring his daughter
    to life!!They look at they test subject - a mouse - drinking Ogre`s blood.
    They then look eachother and smile,weird guys.Mouse NOT seems to like the
    "thing" he just drank,and something is getting wrong with it...
    Now camera shows outside of the house,and then...
    He runs out,taking the poor doctor under his hand.Damn,he`s fast like hell!
    What`s wrong?There`s an answer:the GIGANTIC MOUSE RUNS OUT!!!The house
    What the hell was in Ogre`s blood,or what the hell IS Ogre`s blood?
    Nothing good...
    Too bad about Bosconovitch...
     _____                   _     _
    |   __|                 | | o_| |__
    |  |    _  __  ___   ___| ||__   __|_
    |  |   | |/ _|| o | |  _  || || ||  _|
    |  |__ |   /  |  /_ | |_| || || ||_  |
    |_____||__|   |____||_____||_||_||___|
    Catlord             - For Yoshimitsu`s moves list.
    Tragic(Ben Cureton) - For his Yoshimitsu Manual,that is really good.
                          Man,you inspired me to play Yoshimitsu
                          longer,and to make a FAQ.Thank you VERY VERY
                          MUCH!!!Also,thanks for Tekken 3 Manual:Act 1
                          (Yoshi`s moves!)
    SineSweeper         - For his Yoshimitsu FAQ
    Brian Fan           - For his Yoshimitsu FAQ
    All T3 contributors - For contributing!
    Game FAQs           - For existing!
    Yoshimitsu          - For existing!
    Kunimitsu           - For being in the Yoshi`s Tekken Tag Tournament ending,
                          which is my favourite!Too bad she had to die...
    You                 - For reading!
    Namco               - For creating the best videogame ever!
    CjayC               - For creating the best web page on the world!
    And one special credit to:
    They have the BEST Yoshi web page on the Internet!
    If you like Yoshi you MUST visit their page!It has Yoshi info,forums,endings,
    music,chat,games,pictures,EVERYTHING that has something to do with Yoshi!
    You know,I think that Yoshi doesn`t have alot of GOOD web pages,and in
    Tekken 3 webpages,he is only mentioned.So,for me,the Yoshi lover,is a great
    pleasure to see a GOOD web page that is ONLY for Yoshi!Great job guys.
    Ok,here is the link:
     _____   ____
    |  _  | |  __|
    | |_| | | |__
    |  ___| |_   |
    | |  _   _|  |  _
    |_| |_| |____| |_|
    If you want to ask me about ANYTHING,e-mail me.
    My mail is on the top of the document.
    I hope that this FAQ helped you and i also hope you will be an Expert of
    I`ll be very glad if this FAQ helped you to master Yoshimitsu.

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