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    Mini-FAQ by CMurdock

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TEKKEN 3 Mini-FAQ 1.3 by Chris Murdock (murdockl@hotmail.com)
    Import for Sony Playstation
    Tekken 3 is Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 Namco Ltd.
    VERSION 1.4
    June 22, 1998
    HEY, I don't mind if you use this FAQ for your own purposes, but please quote 
    the author if you do use any part of this FAQ.
    This is a Mini-FAQ for the Japanese version of Tekken 3 for the Sony 
    Playstation.  This is NOT a move list.  I figure that there are a buttload of 
    movelists out there.  This will explain how to get the hidden characters, along 
    with other options.
    Here they are, and a brief explanation of what they are:
    ARCADE MODE: this is the standard arcade mode.
    VS. BATTLE MODE: this is the two-player mode.
    TEAM BATTLE MODE: you can choose from one to eight characters in this battle 
    mode.  You can press START to choose your characters randomly.
    SURVIVAL MODE: choose a character, and try to defeat as many opponents as 
    possible with one energy bar.  You will receive SOME energy back after each 
    TIME ATTACK MODE: this is like the standard arcade mode, except, you are trying 
    to achieve a quick time.  All levels are set to default.
    TEKKEN FORCE MODE: This is a Final Fight style mode (see below for a more 
    detailed explanation).
    PRACTICE MODE: Hone your skills in this mode.
    OPTION MODE: Set the game level, controller, display, and memory card options.
    GETTING THE OTHER CHARACTERS: This is pretty easy.  In Arcade mode, beat the 
    game with any character.  As you beat the game, you will get the following extra 
    characters in this order: Kuma/Panda, Julia Chang, Gun Jack, Mokujin, Anna 
    Williams, Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima, Ogre and then True Ogre.
    GETTING GON the DINOSAUR: When you beat the game ten or so times, the option 
    TEKKENBALL SHOULD open up.  (This also may be a variation of the "Character time 
    Bomb", where things just show up after X amount of time). Play Gon in Tekkenball 
    AND BEAT HIM. When you beat him (it?) he will become a playable character.  Put 
    the cursor off the screen to play as him on the character select screen (you 
    will see small flashing yellow arrows on the edges of the screen).
    To choose a characters third outfit, press START or Triangle on the controller.  
    In the OPTIONS menu, go into RECORDS.  Press RIGHT twice, and you will see the 
    character ranking data.  On the right-most column you will see how many times 
    each character was played.  When this number meets or exceeds a certain number, 
    the costume becomes selectable.  To make this easier on you, set the game on 
    HARD and the rounds at one.  Each time you continue with the same character, the 
    number will increase by one.  Keep dying at the hands of the computer until the 
    character's outfit you want reaches the required number. 
    Here are the requirements to get the third outfits:
    GETTING ANNA'S THIRD OUTFIT: Play as Anna 25 times or more.
    GETTING GUN JACK'S THIRD OUTFIT: Play as Gun Jack 10 times or more.
    GETTING TIGER: You must have all the mini-bosses first (but it is not required 
    to have Dr. Bosconovich.).  You must also finish the game 16 times (with 
    different characters).  Tiger should become a playable character.  Tiger also 
    has his own CG ending!!
    GETTING LAW'S THIRD OUTFIT: Beat the game with BOTH LAW and PAUL.
    GETTING XIAOYU AND JIN'S THIRD OUTFIT: Play as Xiaoyu or Jin 50 times or more. 
    GETTING DR. BOSCONOVICH: You must defeat Tekken Force Mode FOUR times.  It 
    doesn't matter if you use the same character or not.  On the fourth time through 
    Tekken Force Mode, You must defeat Dr. Bosconovich to get him as a playable 
    THEATER MODE: Beat the game with the starting ten characters (Jin, Xiaoyu, 
    Hwoarang, Eddy, Law, Paul, Lei, King, Nina, and Yoshimitsu).  Theater mode 
    should open up and you can view all the CG openings and endings.  When you get 
    all the endings (Tiger has his own ending, Dr. Bosconovich shares an ending with 
    Yoshimitsu, and True Ogre shares an ending with Ogre), you will get two new 
    options on the Theater mode,  MUSIC and DISC.  MUSIC will allow you to listen to 
    the Music from Tekken 3 (press BGM Select to change from Arrange to Arcade style 
    music).  If you press DISC mode, the game will tell you to please insert Tekken 
    1, 2, or 3.  WHILE THE PLAYSTATION POWER IS ON, open the Playstation and insert 
    ANY previous Tekken game.  You will be able to view the CG or listen to the BGM 
    from ANY TEKKEN GAME!! 
    There are 22 endings to Tekken 3:
    Tekken 3 Opening
    Tekken 3 Arcade Opening
    Paul Phoenix
    Forest Law
    Lin Xiaoyu
    Nina Williams
    Eddy Gordo
    Jin Kazama
    Lei Wulong
    Yoshimitsu/Dr. Bosconovich
    Julia Chang
    Gun Jack
    Bryan Fury
    Anna Williams
    Heihachi Michima
    Ogre/True Ogre
    Tiger Jackson
    If you play and finish the game with Gun Jack in his third outfit, you should 
    get Gun Jack's good ending.
    This is akin to Final Fight.  Basically the point of Tekken Force Mode is to 
    rescue Dr. Bosconovich.  There are four levels.  In the Street, Wildlands, In 
    the Dark, and Michima Fortress.  When you beat Force Mode the first time, you 
    will get a Copper Key, and the game will read "to be continued..".  The second 
    time, you get the Silver Key, and the third time, a Gold Key.  When you have all 
    three keys (and this does not have to be done consecutively, you can save it, 
    and come back to it at any time.), go through it a FOURTH time.  At the last 
    stage, after defeating Heihachi, you will fight Dr. Bosconovich.  Beat him, and 
    you will get him as a playable character.
    The controls for force mode are a little awkward:
    Press up twice (quickly) to move up, and down twice (quickly) to move down.  The 
    character you play with will always face the enemies in the order that they show 
    up on the screen, and NOT by how close they are to your character.
    1. Play a character who can dish out a lot of damage FAST.  Good characters are 
    Paul, Jin, Ogre, and Heihachi.
    2. TIME is NOT on your side.  You have a time limit, and the faster you go 
    through the game and defeat the area bosses, the more time you will have to beat 
    the game.  When time runs out, the game is over.
    3. Use simple, fast attacks.  Don't try for a ten string or a multi-part grab.  
    You want to kill your enemies QUICKLY.  You need to get enemies off the screen 
    fast so you can move on.  Simple kicks and 2-3 hit combos work well.
    4. Dr. Bosconovich is difficult at first.  Find a move that can hit on the 
    ground.  If you have time on the time limit, wait for Dr. Bosconovich to stand, 
    and set him up with a quick, powerful combo.    
    Tekkenball is a weird game.  There are three balls, Beach ball, Gumball, and 
    Iron ball.  The balls absorb a certain amount of damage.  As the ball absorbs 
    damage a meter on the lower left hand (lower right-hand if you play second side) 
    shows how much power is absorbed in the ball.  If the opponent is hit by the 
    ball, or if the ball enters their zone (beyond the line) without them "touching" 
    the ball, they take damage.  Basically, make sure that you bounce the ball back 
    to the opponent and make sure they take the damage.  This has a slight learning 
    curve, so the best way to learn is to practice.
    1. This is where combo is king.  As unblockables rarely do any damage to the 
    ball, set up 3-4 hit combos to power up the ball to do damage.
    2. Find a COUNTER move.  If the ball is coming toward you, find a way to deflect 
    the ball BACK to the opponent if the ball has energy stored into it.  A well-
    timed counter will add more damage to the ball, and send it screaming to the 
    3. Play semi-defensive.  The best way to win is to wait for the opponent to make 
    a mistake, and then hit the ball while the opponent is recovering from a move.
    4. Don't forget the AIR!  Try hitting the ball in the air.  It still takes 
    damage, but an airborne ball is a lot harder to avoid than one close to the 
    	Brian Jones for the proofreading and moral support.
    	Joshua Reno for his expert Tekken insight.
    Any questions? Comments? See any mistakes? E-Mail me at murdockl@hotmail.com. 

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