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    Bryan by RSchroeder

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/23/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      				   Beginers Tekken 3 Bryan Fury FAQ 1.0
          						Written By
         					Rick (DEvice) Schroeder
    	                                   Tragic and Miriad 
    I really like Bryan Fury in tekken3, and I like him so much that I made this
    faq (My first FAQ Ever). I made it so newbies and average players alike can 
    get a feel for Bryan and maybe a like for Bryan. I would also like to give 
    thanks to Ben Cureton and Miriad for helping me get started in writing FAQ's 
    and telling me some information on the game. I would also like to give thanks
    for the workers at WWW.TEKKEN.NET for putting up an awesome web page and 
    keeping it well maintained.
    1.0 - First release of this FAQ
    1.1 - Second release of this FAQ, Fixed the format, Re-Writin some stuff
    and added a few tid bits of info here and there.
    =Table of Contents=
    1) Introduction
    2) Updates
    3) Table of Contents
    4) Bio for Bryan
    5) Key
    6) Special Moves
     b. Multi Hit Arts
      c. Single Specials
       d. Throws
        e. Unblockables
    7) Move Tips
     b. Single Arts
      c. Side Steping Moves
       d. Throws
        e. String Starters
         f. Combo Strings
    8) Combo Strings
    9) Juggles
     b. Beginner Juggles
      c. Advanced Juggles
    10) Game Tips for Bryan
    11) Closing
    =Bio for Bryan=
    Name           Brian Fury
    Nationality    United States
    Fighting Style Kick Boxing
    Age            29
    Blood Type     AB
    Height         186 cm
    Weight         80 kg
    Job            Collecting brain data
    Hobby          Collecting Lighters
    Like(s)        Being Alone, Hair-cutting
    Hate(s)        Bright Light
    FTF From The Front Side 
    FTB From The Back Side
    FTL From The Left Side
    FTR From The Right Side
    FC  Full Crouch
    N   Neutral
    WS  While Rising from Crouch
    + Do moves either side of + together
    N/A Not Available
    d/f- Tap down+foward direction 
    d/b- Tap down+back direction 
    u/b- Tap up+back direction 
    u/f- Tap up+forward direction 
    f- Tap Forward        
    b- Tap Backward  
    u- Tap Upward 
    d- Tap Downward
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward  (down to forward) 
    QCB- Quarter Circle Back (down to back)
    HCB- Half Circle Back  (forward to back)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (back to forward)
    						  U/B U U/F
    1 = Right Punch    2 = Left Punch 	     	     \ /        [1]  [2]
    3 = Right  Kick    4 = Left Kick  	             / \	[3]  [4]
    						  D/B D D/F
    Where it hits abbreviations
    L Hits low on opponent
    M  Hits mid on opponent
    H Hits high on the opponent
    ! Unblockable
    =Special Moves=
          Move Name            How to do it      	      Where it hits
     -Multi Hit Arts-
    1-Two-Punch-Lowkick          (1,2,3)                    H,H,M,M
    4-Hit-MidPunches             (1,2,1,2)                  H,H,M,M
    3-Hit-MidPunches+Lowkick     (1,2,1,4)                  H,H,M,L
    Stopping                     (b+3)                      M
    Stopping Knee       	     (b+3,4)                    M,M
    Stopping Tripple Punch       (b+3,2,1,2)                M,M,M,M
    Freezing Combo      	     (b+3,2,1,4)                M,H,M,L
    Gutring Combination          (3,2,1,4)                  M,M,M,L
    Gutring-4-Hitmid             (3,2,1,2)                  M,M,M,M
    2-Hit-Spin Kick              (3,3)                      M,H
    Southern-Cross               (1,4,3)                    H,H,M
    Southern-Cross+1             (1,4,3,3)                  H,H,M,H
    Atomic Combo 1      	     (1,4,2,4)                  H,H,H,L
    Atomic Combo 2      	     (1,4,2,1,4)                H,H,H,H,L
    Snake Combo         	     (1,4,2,1,2)                H,H,H,H,H
    Left Body Shot               (d/f+1)                    M
    Lightning Shot               (D/F+1,1,1,1)              M,M,M,M
    Right Body Shot              (d/f+2)                    M
    Double Body Blows            (d/f+1,2)                  M,M
    Body Upper                   (WS+2)                     M
    Fishermans Slam              (WS+2, F+2)    	        -
    Lifting Upper                (WS+1)      	       	M
    Short Upper                  (WS+1+2)                   M
    Crushing Knee                (WS+3,4)                   M,M
    Devil's Clow                 (side stepping+1)          H
    Phantom's Clow               (side stepping rapid+1,2)  M
    Side Hummer                  (side stepping+2)          H
    Sniper's Sobat               (u/f+3)                    M
    Jumping Ax Kick              (u/f+4)                    M
    Sniper's Sobat Combo         (f+4,3,4)                  H,M,H
    Quick Low Kick               (d+4)                      L
    Side Low Kick                (d+3+4)                    L
    Slashing Leg                 (d/f+4)                    M 
    Snake Edge                   (d/f+3)                    L
    Swaying [#1]                 (d,d/b,b)                 N/A
    Swaying Smash                ([#1],n,2)                 M
    Back Fist                    (b+2)                      H
    Back Fist combination        (b+2,1,2)                  H,H,H
    Slash Combination            (b+2,1,4)                  H,H,M
    S Combination Short          (b+2,4)                    H,M
        -Single Specials-
    Sork club                   (f+1+2)                     M
    Flying kneel kick           (b,b+4)                     M
    OverHand left               (1+2 or d+1+2 or d/b+1+2)   M
    Mach punch                  (f,F+2)                     M
    Leg Blade                   (f,f+3)                     M
    Knee Lift            	    (b+4)                       M
    Low Perry     		    (d or d/b+1+3)     	       N/A
    Charge Up                   (1+2+3+4)                  N/A
    Taunt                       (1+2+3)                    N/A
    (FTF) 1+3 or 2+4 Front Neck Full Swing
    (FTF) 1+3 or 2+4 Gravity Braing Buster
    (FTF) D,d/f,d,d/f+1+2 Death Messenger
    (QCF+2) or (WS+2),[F+2] Fisherman's Slam (first punch must counterhit)
    (FTL) 1+3 or 2+4 Gravity Elbow
    (FTR) 1+3 or 2+4 Knee Blast
    (FTB) 1+3 or 2+4 Neck Throw
    Graviton Hummer    	   b+1+4      		        !
    Q-Graviton Hummer    	   f+1+4     		        !
    =Move Tips=
    	-Single Arts-
    Sork Club (f+1+2)  A great move for people expecting the unexpected of bryan,
    it also carries some damage with it 33 points of damage.
    Flying Kneel Kick (b,b+4) This move has AWESOME range, you can hit this from 
    nearly half screen, besides the slow recovery time on this (which shouldn't 
    make a difference unless you roll forward after you get up or don't block
    after you roll back).
    Overhand Left (d+1+2 or 1+2 or d/b+1+2) This is a great move for people who
    like to crouch or for people who keep their backs turned, you can also hit
    it 2 times in a row if the opponent is close enough.
    Mach Punch (f,f+2) Seems to work fairly well against the computer and works 
    well for finishing juggles and it is fast and strong, and it can also break
     up most strings with most of the characters with this move.
    Leg Blade (f,f+3) Try it with people who counter allot because of the
    variation in speed this move has, but don't try it too often or they will get
    Knee Lift (b+4) Very stupid by itself because you are wasting a good stun. So
    throw a juggle starter and see what you can do.
    Low Perry (d or d/b 1+3) If you face a person who likes to throw allot of low
    attacks and you seem that you can't get the advantage, use this move and you 
    will take advantage easily.
    Charge Up (1+2+3+4) Pretty useless, but kind of fun in practice mode to see 
    how much more damage you can add to your strings, but who knows you might get
    the charge up and a string down on a scrub or newbie if they really suck.
    Taunt (1+2+3) Is this even necessary in a game?
    Q-Graviton Hummer (f+1+4) Probably one of the fastest unblockables in the 
    game but not really useful by itself with out any help because it doesn't
    take allot of power, but try it with a simple string like b+3,1,2,1,2 and 
    when the block the b+3,1 pull out the Q-Graviton Hummer and show them how to 
    play some smart tekken3.
    	-Side Steeping Moves-
    Devils Clow (Side Steping+1) Nice move to pull out of the bag once and a
    Phantoms' Clow (Side Stepping rapid+1+2) Really nice fake and this is also a 
    nice move to pull out.
    Side Hummer (Side Stepping+2) I like this move because after you do it you 
    are just in enough range to pull a throw, but you have to be quick on the 
    draw of they will be out of range.
    Neck Throw (From the Back 1+3 or 2+4) This is probably the only throw that I 
    use with bryan (when I actually have a chance) because it can't be escaped.
    	-String Starters-
    Fisherman's Slam (WS+2,f+2) Nice starter with allot of possibilities and 
    allot of power to boot, I like to do b+2,1,4 after this.
    Snake Edge (d/f+3) Not allot of possibilities after this one and it does hit
    low. I like to do 1,f+4,3,4 after this one.
    Lifting Upper (WS+1) Ok, but not alot of range, overall it is pretty much 
    just a waste.
    Jumping Ax Kick (u/f+4) You can't do much after this one unless you do 1 or 2
    right after you hit the kick. I like 1,QCF+3,1,4,3 after this starter.
    Back Fist combo (b+2,1) This isn't the full version of it, because the full 
    version ends with a mach breaker and this one stops just before it, with good
    reason too, because when you hit this clean you stun the opponent. There is 
    some opertunaties with this (listed in the string section).
    	-Combo Strings-
    I can't say much about Bryan's combo strings except that they suck, too slow 
    in the beginning and the lack of lows is horrendous. So I don't use them, 
    just stick with juggles and hard fast playing with bryan and you will be 
    **Any Moves Not listed in description here I either don't use or I can't 
    find no good use for them and if I happen to find a good use for the moves 
    not descripted in here I will put it in the next version of my FAQ**
    =Combo Strings=
    Just incase your really want to know
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,3,3 (8 hit string)
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,4 (8 Hit string)
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,1,4,2 (10 Hit string)
    Beginner Combo Juggles
    u/f+4,d/b+3,d/b+3   (3hit- 47 Damage)
    u/f+4,d/f+3  (2hit- 48 Damage)
    d/f+4,d/f+4  (2hit- 54 Damage)
    u/f+4,2,2,d/f+2  (4hit- 50 Damage)
    b+2,1 (ch) b+2,1,4 (5hit- 92 Damage)
    Advanced Combos
    b+2,1, f,f, b+3,2,1, f,f+2 (6hit- 90-95 Damage)
    QCB,N+2,1,4  (3hit- 38 Damage)
    SS+1,d+3,d+3  (3hit- 53 Damage)
    WS+2,b+2,1,4,3,3 (5hit- 68 Damage)
    u/f+4,1,QCF+3,1,f,f+2  (6hit- 60 Damage)
    WS+1,3,2,1,f,f+2 (4hit- 67 Damage)
    WS+1,b+2,1,4  (4hit- 63 Damage)
    WS+1,b+2,1,2  (4hit- 70 Damage)
    WS+1,4,f,f+2  (4hit- 46 Damage)
    =Game Tips for Bryan=
    #1) Use a repetitive technique, This works on people you haven't really 
    played you before [i.e. Use d/f+3 a few times, you can afford to do this 
    because it actually takes some power out especially if you hit it twice in a
    row or do d/f+3,ws+3,d+3, then when he gets wise to block or Qucik Recover
    out of it then sweep a few times find a spot to do a hard hitting fisherman's
    slam string (ws+2,b+2,1,4 or ws+2,b+2,b+2,1,2) for a nice chunk of damage.
    #2) Bryan's Side step attacks in my mind are the best in the game so use 
    them, but not at first, do allot of side stepping before you pull it off, so 
    it looks like you just side step, so when you do the attack it will just look
    like another side step, so he will advance or go for an attack and it will 
    hopefully just give you enough time to do SS+1,d+3,d+3 for a good part off of
    their damage bar.
    #3) To perry or not to perry, that is what is on some peoples minds during a 
    game, I say if you facing a good characters who mixes up allot of moves just 
    block and hope for the best, but if you face a scrub or a beginner who uses
    repetitive small string attacks which has a low in it. I say perry, You 
    should easily gain a win if you perry a low kick or punch with bryan.
    I will try to update this FAQ bi-weekly, even if it isn't a whole lot to 
    update, and I have nothing else better to do online except chat with people
    on Efnet about tekken3 and paintball. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for 
    your time in reading it. I would also like to give thanks for gamefaqs.com 
    forposting my faq on their great page. Oh yah, if you use this FAQ with out
    my say so in your magazine or in a manual for profit I hope you have a good 
    lawyer. I don't really care if you use any part of this FAQ in a non profit
    website or your own FAQ as long as you give me credit. Also look out for my
    Nina FAQ soon to be released by me.
    Rick (DEvice) Schroeder
    ICQ#: 10298725

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