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    Jin Cheese Guide by AChilds

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    Jin Cheese Guide
    by Allen Childs
    1. Intro
    2. Cheesy Moves
    3. Cheesy Strategies
    4. Closing
    1. INTRO
    I haven't been playing the home version of Tekken 3 much. I am just 
    writing this on two rentals. However, DON'T diss this guide, because I 
    worked hard on it. I have concluded that, for me, Jin is the best 
    character. He has some really cheap moves, he is quick, and he has some 
    easy combos. This FAQ isn't very in depth. I will only talk about 3 or 4 
    moves. Don't this this is a move list. I probably won't update this FAQ 
    much at all, because I don't even own Tekken 3. I will have a small 
    guide for the level of cheesiness:
    Bit of Chedder - not too bad
    Chunk of Blue - getting really cheesy
    Huge Loaf of Brie - EXTREMELY cheap. Only use this against the computer 
    (or be prepared for a real life butt-whooping!)
    Ok.... on with the show...
    CAU (Cheap BEEP Uppercut) - I am talking MEGA Brie here! If you have hit 
    your enemy before you use this, there is a 9/10 chance they will die 
    when you use this move! Do it by holding back and pushing Square and 
    Cheap Combo - This is a huge piece of blue. It is the first part of a 10 
    hit combo that I can never get to work. You can finish it off with 
    another kick or punch if you want, bringing the combo to a 6 or 7 
    hitter. Hold back and push Triangle, then Circle 4 times really quickly 
    after the Triangle.
    Those are the only special moves I needed in the whole game, and I have 
    beaten it several times.
    Ok, with Jin, it is best to be offensive, until the last bosses, and 
    then be defensive. For all of the main characters, do the CAU only when 
    you are in trouble. Do the Cheap Combo whenever you see an opening. 
    Then, on the harder, later reg characters, use the Kick and Back 
    strategy. Jump in and use Circle. Then Jump back until the person starts 
    following you. Then jump and kick again. Do that over and over. About 
    every 3rd time, try pressing circle before you are coming back down, and 
    you can do the Circle Circle Circle Circle part of the Cheap Combo! It 
    is kinda hard to press Circle before you hit the highest point in the 
    jump, but it works sometimes. Just remember: if you are in trouble, try 
    the CAU. It is hard to land, but if you do, you have a really good 
    chance of winning. 
    4. CLOSING
    This FAQ wasn't much, but it worked for me! I also take no 
    responsibility in the real life butt-whooping that you will get if you 
    use these really cheap strategies! Anyway, go out and whoop some boo-

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