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    Chicken Glitch Back-Throw Guide by DNakanishi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            The Chicken Glitch Back-Throw Guide
                                       Version 1.0
                                 First written: 4/16/98
                                 Last updated: 4/22/98
                    Written and edited by: Dean Nakanishi (Fred Flintstone)
    Legal Matters/ Issues/ disclaimer:  This guide may be distributed freely in any
    form as long as you keep it in its entirety- complete, uncut and unedited. You
    may not use this guide in exchange for any form of compensation- monetary or
    otherwise.  If you are going to use any part of this guide for profit-magazine,
    book, or media publication you must contact the author:
                                      Dean Nakanishi
                            e-mail: dnakanis@shrike.depaul.edu
    © Copyright 1998 Dean Nakanishi
    Tekken 3 is copyright of © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Namco Ltd.
    Please note: This guide was tested on the Japanese Playstation version of
    Tekken 3.  The moves listed below may or may not work in the arcade or American
    Playstation versions of Tekken 3.
                                    Table of Contents
    1.  What is a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
    2.  What Characters (opponents)Can I perform the Chicken Glitch Back Throw On?
    3.  What Characters can perform the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
    4.  How Can I Perform a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
    5.  Tips For Playstation Tekken 3
    6.  People to Thank (credits)
    What is a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
            A Chicken Glitch Back-Throw is a special bug/ glitch in the game that
            lets you perform a back-throw on your opponent regardless of the
            direction they are facing in.  Under ordinary circumstances you would
            have to be standing directly behind your opponent in order to execute
            a back-throw.  However, the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw will enable you
            to do a back throw on your opponent even when you and your opponent's
            characters are standing face-to-face with each other.
            When this move is performed properly, your opponent will not be able
            to duck or escape the back-throw.
    What Characters (opponents) Can I Perform the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw On?
            The Chicken Glitch Back-Throw will not work on all the characters.
            This particular maneuver will only work on characters that have
            reversal moves, specifically:
                                    Anna Williams
                                    Jin Kazama
                                    Nina Williams
                                    Paul Phoenix
                                    Mokujin (must be imitating one of the character
    s above)
            Note: Even though King has a reversal, the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw
            will not work on him since his reversal cannot be chickened (i.e. his
            reversal cannot be reversed).
    What Characters Can Perform a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
            It is important to realize that not all characters can perform a
            Chicken Glitch Back-Throw.  Here is a list of all the characters and
            their respective back throws:
            Note: "None" means that a particular character cannot perform a Chicken
            Glitch Back-Throw.
                    Anna Williams:          None
                    Bryan Fury:             None
                    Dr. Boskonovitch:       None
                    Eddy Gordo:             None
                    Forest Law:             1.  f,f + (LP+RP) (difficult)
                                            2.  d/f + (LP+RP) (recommended)
                    Gon:                    None
                    Gun Jack:               1.  db,f + (LP+RP)
                    Heihachi Mishima:       None
                    Hwoarang:               1.  f,f + RP (difficult)
                                            2.  d,db + (LP+LK) (recommended)
                    Jin Kazama:             None
                    Julia Chang:            1.  qcb,f + RP
                    King:                   1.  b,f + (LP+RP) = Stretch Buster
                                            2.  f, hcf + LP = Half Boston Crab
                    Kuma/ Panda:            1.  hcb,f + (LP+RP)
                                            2.  LP+LK (recommended)
                                            3.  RP+RK (recommended)
                    Lei Wulong:             1.  f,f + (LP+RP) (difficult)
                                            2.  u/f + (LP+RP) (recommended)
                    Ling Xiaoyu:            1.  f + (RP,~LP) (Hold down RP and
                                            immediately hit LP)
                    Nina:                   None
                    Ogre:                   None
                    Paul Phoenix:           1.  f,f + (LP+RP) (difficult)
                                            2.  d/f + (LP+RP) (recommended)
                    True Ogre:              1.  d/f,d/f + (RP+LK)
                    Yoshimitsu:             1.  qcb + (LP+RP)
            In addition, Mokujin can perform a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw when
            imitating certain characters.  If you'll notice, Mokujin can execute
            a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw with some characters that originally could
            not do them.  Also, some moves may or may not have changed depending on
            who Mokujin is imitating.  Some of the changes are for Eddy Gordo, 
            King,Kuma/Panda and Nina Williams.
              Mokujin cannot imitate (Anna Williams):       None
              Mokujin imitating (Bryan Fury):               None
              Mokujin cannot imitate (Dr. Boskonovitch):    None
              Mokujin imitating (Eddy Gordo):               1.  hcf + (LP+RP)
              Mokujin imitating (Forest Law):               1.  f,f + (LK+RK) 
                                                            2.  d/f + (LP+RP) 
              Mokujin cannot imitate (Gon):                 None
              Mokujin imitating (Gun Jack):                 1.  d/b, f + (LP+RP)
              Mokujin imitating (Heihachi):                 None
              Mokujin imitating (Hwoarang):                 1.  f,f + RP 
                                                            2.  d,d/b + (LP+LK) 
              Mokujin imitating (Jin Kazama):               None
              Mokujin imitating (Julia Chang):              1.  qcb,f + RP
              Mokujin imitating (King):                     1.  b,f + (LP+RP) = 
                                                                  Stretch Buster
                                                            2.  f,hcf + LP  = 
                                                                Half Boston Crab
                                                            3.  hcb + (LP+RP) = 
                                                                Half Boston Crab
                                                            4.  d/b + (LP+RP) =  
                                                                Half Boston Crab
              Mokujin imitating (Kuma/ Panda):              1.  f,hcf + (LP+RP)
                                                            (The other Kuma/ Panda
                                                            back-throw methods will
                                                            not work with Mokujin)
              Mokujin imitating (Lei Wulong):               1.  f,f + (LP+RP) 
                                                            2.  u/f + (LP+RP) 
              Mokujin imitating (Ling Xiaoyu):              1.  f + (RP,~LP)
                                                            (Hold down RP and
                                                            immediately hit LP)
              Mokujin imitating (Nina Williams):            1.  d/f, d/f + LP
              Mokujin cannot imitate (Ogre):                None
              Mokujin imitating (Paul Phoenix):             1.  f,f + (LP+RP) 
                                                            2.  d/f + (LP+RP) 
              Mokujin cannot imitate (True Ogre):           None
              Mokujin imitating (Yoshimitsu):               qcb + (LP+RP)
    How Do I Perform the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw?
            Requirements: In order to perform the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw, you
            will need to select a character that can perform a Chicken Glitch
            Back-Throw (see the list above).  You will also need to be fighting
            against a character that this will work on (see section entitled
            "What Characters Can I Perform the Chicken Glitch Back-Throw On?"
            for specific characters).
            General Directions: In order to do a Chicken Glitch Back-Throw, simply
            Chicken your opponent's reversal when you attack them with a RIGHT kick
            (this trick works only with right kicks).  Of course, your opponent 
            will need to reverse your attack.  Once you chicken your opponent's 
            reversal move, perform one of your character's specific throws (see 
            list above) as soon as your character is able to.
            You do not have to run up to your opponent to do the throw.  If the
            throw was timed correctly, your character will suddenly appear behind
            your opponent and will execute the back throw without touching them.
            Specific Directions: (This is a more specific set of instructions and
            tips for those of you having trouble doing this)
            1.  Attack your opponent with a mid or high right kick that can be
                Note: some right kick attacks, such as a knee attack, cannot be
                reversed.  Low attacks also cannot be reversed, so make sure it is
                a mid or high right kick.
            2.  After pressing right kick, pause (no more than half a second) and
                press f + (RP+RK).  You may want to hold forward on the joystick
                and press (RP+RK) rapidly as an alternative method.
                Note: Nothing will happen after buffering your chicken until your
                opponent reverses the attack.
            3.  Your opponent must reverse the right kick attack from step 1.
                When they reverse your right kick, your character will chicken
                their reversal (i.e. reverse their reversal) and you'll hear the
                announcer yell "Chicken!"
            4.  After your character performs the chicken, watch him/ her to lower
                their arms and return to their normal fighting stance.  This 
                happens very quickly.  As soon as they do, perform your 
                character's specific back throw (see list above). Timing is very 
                important here.  Do not try to run up to the opponent to throw 
                them.  This is not necessary.
                Just execute the specific throw even though it appears as if your
                opponent is too far away to grab them.
                If everything was done correctly, you'll see your character
                magically appear behind your opponent and will execute a back 
                throw.  What's unusual about this is that your character will not 
                even be touching the opponent when they do the throw!
    Tips For Playstation Tekken 3:
            If you're practicing the Chicken Glitch Back Throws in practice mode,
            turn on the "Freeze Signal."  After you see your character perform a
            chicken, you'll notice that your character will be red (meaning that
            they cannot do anything at that moment) for a brief time.  Ideally,
            you will want to execute your character's specific throw at exactly the
            same time your character turns green.  If your timing is perfect, you
            will not even see your character turn green once you do the throw.
            Your character will then immediately proceed to do the Chicken Glitch
            Back-Throw on your opponent.
            An exception to this rule is for Gun Jack.  His Chicken Glitch Back-
            Throw is quite difficult to execute.  What you will need to do is, once
            you do his chicken, wait for an extremely tiny fraction of a second for
            Gun Jack to turn green before you do his specific back throw.  If you 
            do his throw at exactly the same time he is supposed to turn 
            green-meaning that he remains red (never turns green), and you see his
            throw grab animation come out but misses the opponent, you are doing 
            his throw too early.  Just delay it by a fraction of second to do his 
            back throw next time.
            If you are still having problems doing the Chicken Glitch Back-Throws
            for any of the characters, e-mail me at:
    People to Thank (credits):
            Ben Cureton:  For posting up his original back throw list for the 
                          arcade version of Tekken 3.
            Zachary Janson:  For lending me his tape of Gamest Tekken 3 which 
                             showed the Chicken Glitch Back-Throws in action for 
                             some of the characters in the arcade version of 
                             Tekken 3.
            Gospel:  For posting Law's Chicken Glitch Back-Throw
            Iron Fist:  For all his questions about Chicken Glitch Back Throws 
                        which prompted me to write this guide.
            Notti:  For his inquiry on the message boards which led me to a more
                    precise timing for the Chicken reversal.
            My fellow Tekken 3 players at Dennis's Place for Games: For helping me
            test and discover some of Chicken Glitch Back-Throws.
            Namco:  Who else but you guys would have the brilliance to make this
                    game (Not SEGA!)
            And of course, all the diehard Tekken players out there who want to
            know every single detail that this wonderful game has to offer.
    If you have any comments, questions or errors you'd like to point out, please
    e-mail me at:           dnakanis@shrike.depaul.edu

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