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    Endings List by KLees

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    Date: Sun, 14 Feb 99 07:11:02 PST
       TT       EE          KK KK   KK KK   EE          NN N   NN    3  3  3
       TT       EEEEEEEE    KKK     KKK     EEEEEEEE    NN  N  NN    3  3  3
       TT       EE          KK KK   KK KK   EE          NN   N NN    3  3  3
       TT       EEEEEEEEEE  KK  KK  KK  KK  EEEEEEEEEE  NN    NNN  33333333333
    -----------------------Complete Endings List--------------------------------
    This is the COMPLETE endings list for Tekken 3.  It has a LOT of endings, 
    and they're all confusing.  Well, here goes:
    Jin Kazama- Dirty Blood
    Jin stands, watching Ogre dissolve.  Sparks fly out from the pyramid-temple
    that Ogre was in.  Jin then looks angrily upon a fleet of soldiers as they
    open fire.  As Jin looks up, dying, he sees Heihachi shoot him last.  
    Heihachi begins walking away, but sees one of the soldiers go flying by him 
    and hits the wall in a heep.  Turning, he sees Jin, who has become posessed
    by Devil (from Tekken 2).  Jin grabs Heihachi by the head and throws him 
    through a wall to plummet to his death.  Jin jumps out after Heihachi as 
    wings sprout from his back, and slams the old man into the ground.  Jin
    flies away into the night as Heihachi (who doesn't seem to be hurt in the 
    least!) watches.
    Paul Pheonix- Winning Run
    Paul guns it on his motorcycle behind a transport, and quickly passes the
    truck.  A cop on a bike sees him, and gives chase.  It shows Paul 
    complaining as the cop rights up a ticket, and tears it off, giving it to
    Forest Law- Middle Age
    Paul pulls up to the front of Marshall's Dojo, Forest on the back of the 
    bike.  Marshall looks pissed off as they walk in, and points back towards
    the training mats.  It chows all three stretching, then switches to Forest.
    He pulls of half of a Shaolin Spin Kick, then catches himself on his hands
    and swings back to his feet.  There's two *thunk* kind of sounds as the 
    screen shakes, and it shows Paul and Marshall on the ground.  Forest shrugs.
    King- Destiny
    King is in a wrestling match against some masked guy, with Armor King is 
    watching at the sidelines.  King whips the guy into the ropes and 
    clotheslines him.  Armor King gives a thumbs down, signalling King to finish
    the guy.  King gives the jobber a powerbomb and wins a belt, but looks 
    around to see no Armor King!  He drops the belt and runs back to the 
    dressing room to see Armor King, without his mask on.
    Yoshimitsu/Dr. Bosconovitch- Ogre's Blood
    Yoshi and Dr. B are in a laboratory.  A jar labeled "Ogre's Blood" sits on
    the counter, filled with a bubbling green liquid.  They waych as a test 
    mouse drinks some of the blood from a petri dish, and look at eachother.
    It zooms up close to the mouse, whose stomach seems to be beating.  It 
    goes to outside the large house, where we see Yoshi running with the Doc
    under his arm.  The house explodes as a giant mouse goes flying out towards
    the screen.
    Nina Williams- War Between Sisters
    Nina is shown in a thing that look like a tanning bed, at Mishima Financial 
    Research Lab.  Dr. Bosconovitch is typing on a computer, and Anna is 
    watching on.  "Work was underway to restore Nina's memories, but..."  It 
    oes to a graveyard in the winter, with Anna bringing flowers to their 
    fathers' grave.  Nina starts getting blurred flashbacks, and Anna goes to 
    see if her sister is okay.  Nina knocks down Anna, and points at her (looks
    like she's saying "you bitch!").  Nina walks away as Anna holds her face.
    Zooming in, Anna smiles.
    Lei Wulong- Afternoon Nap
    Lei is on top of a mountain training.with a spinning bowl thing.  It 
    flashes over to a snowy mountain where he is training moving an egg along
    some bamboo poles.  He is also shown training with a sword on another 
    mountain.  Then it shows him stretching out, cradled in the arms of a 
    sitting golden statue.  
    Eddy Gordo- Fixer
    A car pulls up at a mansion, and a goon gets out.  It flashes over too 
    Eddy's apartment.  Eddy shows up at the mansion (the Organization's HQ),
    trashes one goon. He shakes the other one down, and the goon points to a 
    desk.  Eddy is shown sitting at the desk, looking at some black and white
    snapshots of Kazuya Mishima.
    Hwoarang- Rival
    Hwoarang is sitting at the edge of a dock, holding a golden trophy that 
    looks like Heihachi's head.  He is about to throw it away, when he sees
    an injured Jin head into an empty warehouse with three soldiers following 
    him.  Hwoarang sneeks in, throwing the trophy forward.  He kicks on soldier
    into the other, and grabs the other on by the arm and snaps his neck.
    Jin starts to power up, and super-jumps out a window.  Hwoarang stares at
    his hands, and starts to smile.
    Ling Xiaoyu- Dreamland?
    It shows "Xiaoyu Land".  Xiaoyu and Panda ride a rollercoaster, go on the
    merry-go-round, and run around buying a whole lotta stuff.  It goes down
    from a thought bubble in her head.  Heihachi is shown holding a big power 
    switch, and throws it.  Xiaoyu Land is a lot darker, with huge golden
    statues of Heihachi everywhere.  The "Xiaoyu Land" sign falls of, revealing
    "Heihachi Land".  Heihachi laughs evilly.  Xiayou taps Heihachi on the
    shoulder, and when he turns around Xiaoyu karate chops his face "J", smashes
    him in the stomach "E", punchs him back "R", and kicks him up "K".  The
    word "JERK!" Flashes onscreen.  (Note this one is mostly done in anime)
    Kuma/Panda- Honey...
    At the Mishima Polytechnical Institute, Ling Xiaoyu and Panda walk out 
    chatting busily (uh, Panda can talk?).  The shadow of Kuma is shown, as if 
    he is going to ambush them.  Kuma jumps out with flowers for Panda, but the
    two don't even notice him and they walk right by.  Kuma is shown standing in
    that position for hours, as someone closes the gates of the Institute at 
    dusk and Kuma is still there.
    Julia Chang- Homecoming
    Julia looks around the temple, calling out Michelle's name.  Michelle 
    appears, and Julia runs to her as Michelle collapses.  Later, they are 
    sitting on stairs in the temple, discussing Ogre:
    Michelle: You have conquered Ogre.  Now the key to controlling Ogre is this
    pendant.  It was all Heihachi's evil plot...
    Julia: I'll never let Heihachi get away with this!
    Michelle: No, Julia, wait! Julia, hatred is not the answer.  Do you remember
    why I tought you the power to fight? It was to protect Mother Earth, not 
    destroy it.  Now let's go home to Arizona, where the land awaits.
    Julia is shown looking off into the horizon at the edge of a canyon.
    Gun Jack- Complete
    Jill is working on a computer in an old hangar, trying to get Jack 
    operational.  A schematic for Jack flashes onscreen, along with the words
    "King of Iron Fist".  Jill smiles as Jack becomes operational, and climbs up
    on to him.  The pair go outside into the wilderness.  Dr. Abel is shown 
    using a tracking satellite to target them, and shoots a huge laser beam down
    from the satellite.  The result is a powerful explosion, destroying the 
    land.  But Jack shielded himself and Jill from harm with an energy shield,
    and looks up into the sky. (If you beat it without the Jack-2 outfit, it
    doen't show anything past the explosion)
    Mokujin- Uppercut
    Mokujin gets smacked by his wife (I guess) and she tells him to get some 
    water.  As Mokujin walks home with two pails of water, he sees a couple of
    wooden kids playing Tekken 3.  He plays as himself, beating his wife up.
    His wife his standing right behind him, and when Mokujin turns around he 
    gets a big juicy uppercut and goes flying. (note except for the wooden 
    people, everthing in this is live-action)
    Anna Williams- Poolside
    Anna and Nina are in the tropics catching some rays, when three guys come 
    up and check out Nina.  Nina roles her eyes and turns to Anna, who is
    hanging out with two of the guys.  As she starts walking away, all three
    of the guys follow Anna.  Nina sits there in shock, staring at the camera,
    as Anna smiles.
    Bryan Fury- Last Laugh
    Bryan is running down an alley, and knock over a trash can.  A tank and 
    five soldiers corner him, and a huge spotlight comes on.  The soldiers
    start shooting at him, but he runs forward unscathed.  The tank shoots at
    him, but he keeps running.  He jumps on top of the tank and pulls off the
    cannon.  Seeing the soldiers running away, he swings the cannon around
    and heaves it at them in a big explosion.  Bryan laughs maniacally. (from
    the looks of it, Bryan Fury is undead in one form or another)
    Heihachi Mishima- A Grandson's Fall
    True Ogre is shown dying, as Heihachi watches.  Jin is lying unconscious on
    the floor of the temple.  The view changes to helicopters flying along. 
    Heihachi and the unconscious Jin are in one of them, as Devil, starts taking
    over Jin.  Heihachi picks Jin up and throws him out the open side of the 
    helicopter.  It shows Jin fall out of sight as Heihachi watches on.
    Ogre/True Ogre- Awakening
    Ogre starts to bubble up, then starts shapeshifting in much pain.  He morphs
    into True Ogre, and roars.  Two helicopters fly towards the temple, and
    Ogre nails one with his flame-breath.  The other spins out of control and 
    Ogre destroys it with one huge fist.  Ogre roars again in a very 
    cool-looking shot.
    Tiger- Supa Fly!
    Tiger is simply shown disco dancing to some funky-ass music.  He's just so 
    smooooooth!  (note: press Start with Eddy Gordo after using him 10 times to 
    get Tiger)
    Gon- Loop
    Gon shoots out of the water, riding on the back of a doplhin.  They are hit
    by a whale, and Gon shoots up into the air on the whale's blowhole spray 
    (oh, shut up!)he hits the ground in a forest and starts rolling really
    knocking over trees and sending animals running.  He steals a fish from a 
    hungry bear as he lies by, and funally stops on the back of a puma, 
    finishing off the fish.  The puma starts running, and Gon goes flying when 
    it stops at the edge of a clif.  Gon lands on a seagull, and after a minute 
    tries to fly with his arms and tail.  He stops flying after a few seconds, 
    and falls into the ocean.  (Note: it loops around and around and around and 
    around and around and around and around...)
    Well, hope you enjoyed the endings and the game!
    Kyle Lees
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