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    Extra Techniques by Notti

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 10/21/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Secret Tekken 3 Tekkniques v0.2
    Author: Notti
    Email: Mahgnitton@hotmail.com
    Last Updated: October 21st 1999
    Faq Version: 0.2
    Secret Tekken 3 Tekkniques FAQ description: This FAQ was compiled to gather 
    together miscellanious Tekken 3 tips, tricks, secrets, juggles, overlooked moves 
    and anything else I feel like putting in =P~ BTW the information in this FAQ is 
    verified on the japanese version of Tekken 3 for the Playstation system. 99.9%(I 
    doubt there's a difference but just in case) of the stuff in here should work on 
    non-japanese Playstation versions of the game. The ARCADE version of Tekken 3 
    that is generally found in the US has several differences(not TOO drastic but 
    there are differences in certain moves) compared to the more advanced/balanced 
    home version. Most arcades in the US have version A or B(to be honest I'm not 
    sure what version the US has) of Tekken 3... Tekken 3 for the Playstation is 
    Version D I'm told.
    Disclaimer: This FAQ may be distributed only under certain conditions.
    1) This FAQ is to remain unaltered!
    2) Credit is given to me(Notti: Mahgnitton@hotmail.com ) for compiling it.
    3) No monetery/barter/farm animals type compensation/gain shall be received 
    for this FAQ without my written in detail permission.
    4) This FAQ shall not be published by or in any 
    magazine/periodical/manual/instruction/guidebook in an altered(back to 
    condition 1 you dogs) or unaltered state without my expressed written 
    5) I would prefer for you to email me(Notti: Mahgnitton@hotmail.com ) if you 
    decide to post this FAQ on your site. This is not necessary BUT if you do post 
    this FAQ on your webspace(not merely a link to someone else's webspace) and tell 
    me I will then be able to put a link to your site in the next version of my FAQ 
    Hosted at: The newest version of my FAQ can be found at these sites =) Visit 
    often and then visit again... for the first time:
                                    Inside Tekkken
    -FAQ History                      *updated*
      v0.2                              *new*
      v0.1                                |
      v0.0                                |
    -Conventions and Notations        *updated*
    -General Stoof                    *updated*
      Life(Hit Points)                  *new*
      Low Parry Animations              *new*
      Right Punch Ground Stun Recover   *new*
    -Doctor Boskonovitch                *new*
      The Doctor Rush String            *new*
      Spin Doctor                       *new*
      Doctor Multis                     *new*
      Indian Doctor                     *new*
      Elbow Rush Warp                   *new*
      Robot, I Am                       *new*
      Tazer Shocker                     *new*
      Juggles(Combos)                   *new*
    -Heihachi Mishima                 *updated*
      Right Kick Sacrificial Counter  *updated*
      Demon Hop                           |
      Quicker Demon Scissors              |
      Always Blast Chi Palms              |
      Sloppy Chi Palm                     |
      Dash in Chi Palms                   |
      Wave Step                           |
      CD/RD cancel                        |
      Immediate Death Fist                |
      Lightning and Thunder God Fist      |
      Hunting Getas                       |
      Head Butter                         |
      Head Butt Carnival              *updated*
      Hop Kick                            |
      Stunning/Knock Out Axe Kick         |
      Delay Strings                   *updated*
      Foot Stomp Override                 |
      Large Punishment                    |
      Foot Stomp Yell                     |
      Hell Sweeps Hit Level               |
      Reverse Pervert                   *new*
      Juggles(Combos)                 *updated*
    -Paul Phoenix                     *updated*
      FC Hammer                           |
      Sway                                |
      PK Magic                            |
      Delay Strings                       |
      Taunt/Imperfect Dragon Flip Kick    |
      Death Fist Revenge                  |
      Ultimate Punishment Timing          |
      Tackle Punch Reverse                |
      Reversal Stuff                      |
      Reverse Hop Kick                    |
      While Standing Ten Hit            *new*
      Juggles(Combos)                 *updated*
    -My Personal Records                *new*
      Time Attack                       *new*
      Survival                          *new*
    -Conclusion                           |
    -Credits                          *updated*
    -Links                            *updated*
    FAQ History
    Look into the past, catch a glipse of the future...
    v0.2 (10/21/99)
    ~Cleaned up some text.
    ~Added a few of the sections I've cut such as....
    ~Added the Bosco Section. Freaky old guy... gotta love him.
    ~Low Parry section.
    ~Life Bar section.
    ~Updated Conventions.
    ~Added my Personal Records Section.
    ~Updated Links.
    ~Added the 2 Ground Stun escape
    ~Updated Hei's Right Kick Sacrificial Counter
    ~I have decided that the contents will list the updates compared to the last 
    version. FAQ History will be much more general from now on.
    ~I'm not a slave! It'll be updated when it's updated :)
    ~Another character or two... or one, heh...
    ~I might add some sections on Tekken Force and Ball Mode.
    ~Oops, some Bosco sections that are not quite ready for public consumption :) 
    Get ready for the next update when I will ?^?@!?^@$?^# with Bosco!
    v0.1 (10/02/99)
    ~OMG, I've been sitting on this FAQ for almost a year... rather than let my 
    efforts go to complete waste I cleaned this FAQ up and released part of it 10 
    months after I practically stopped writing it :P
    ~Added a few guaranteed hits after Hei's 1+2(bk+ch)...
    ~Adjusted a few Paul juggs.
    ~Added Hei's Hunting Getas section.
    ~Added to Paul's reverse hop kick.
    ~Updated the Link Section.
    ~Well... in the clean up I removed some half done character sections, they will 
    come back in the future when I write more in their sections. I think I'll add 
    two characters an update.
    ~This FAQ is very rough, I need to add more explanations of my notations(if I 
    can even remember why I did things the way I did *sigh*).
    v0.0 (12/01/98)
    ~The Tekken.net MB and battles with Chimmey and Red Smoke at the Queens College 
    Arcade fueled my Tekken fire, I wrote this FAQ.
    ~Lalala research and tests....
    ~Who knows... maybe this'll be finished one day this century.
    Conventions and Notations
    This section should be better in the future but here's the notations and 
    coventions I use and how they work. For an imaginary example...
    (ws)3+4~1(bk-ch); f+1,1; 2,2
    Hmmmm okay that in english(kinda) would be a while standing(ws) up from a crouch 
    press Left kick(3) and Right kick(4) at the same time(+), immediatly 
    INTERUPTED(~) by a Left Punch(1) that hits an opponent in the back(bk) on a NON 
    counter hit(MINUS ch)... this is one string(canned), this is now followed up by 
    a forward plus left punch(1), left punch(1) STRING(NOTE the semi-colons ";" ) 
    that is then followed up by a right punch(2), right punch(2) STRING(NOTE that 
    commas "," separate button presses WITHIN strings and semi-colons separate 
    STRINGS or SEPARATE moves).
    Fine, now here's most of the little abbreviations and conditions used in this 
    f forard
    b back 
    d down
    u up
    1 left punch
    2 right punch
    3 left kick
    4 right kick
    + "AND"
    , just separates button presses clearly
    - this means the timing on this move CAN be delayed. If I list a juggle with 
      this that means that I DO want you to delay.
    ~ this means I want these buttons to be pressed very close to each other. 
      Other times it just means that the second button press cancels the other 
      move into another one. This can be a problem with Hei's f+2~1.
    ; This separates STRINGS(errr generally). This generally means you go back to 
      normal standing stance(or whatever the move recovers in). In most other FAQs 
      people separate "strings" with a comma(,) followed by a space. I'm a 
      rebel... Also I will use this IN STRINGS to separate COMPLEX STRINGS... such 
      as Multithrows.
    _ "OR" I will surround the options with ()
    * This just means that there is something of note here. If I put it in a 
      juggle I generally mean that this attack misses the jugglee... generally.
    # Continue holding... I haven't worked out myself exactly how I want this to 
      describe controller motions. What I try to use this for is to explain a 
      continued holding of a direction or button and then a bit later press the 
      next command in the sequence. It IS different then a capitalized direction.
    (ch) counter hit
    (sc) super charged... someone did the 1+2+3+4. If it's before, it's you.
    (bl) blocked... you know how to do that right :)
    (cr) crouched(doesn't mean full crouch)
    (fc) full crouch(this means you took the tenth of a second to hold DF_D_DB)
    (st) standing perfectly still... (e.g. (st)1+2+3+4 )
    (bk) back, this means either you are back turned or your opponent is.
    (sd) side(basically you hit the guy in the sides as opposed to the front or 
    (jsd) hit IN the air on the side(eh... I just want to make things clear at 
          times :D This usually resluts in Flip Juggles)
    (ho) half over(this means they ARE flipping over but you hit them before they 
         could all the way. This is an important distinction.)
    (fo) flippED over, they are FULLY flipped over. (this applies to juggles that 
         hit people in the side mostly). They cannot Tech Roll now =)
    "USR" Unblockable Shoulder Ram: f,f from far away. You need to run for awhile.
    "STK" Stun Kick: JUMP(UB_U_UF) then at the peak press 3.
    "GRD" Ground Dive: f,f+1+2(other ways) from the floor(face up, feet towards).
    One thing that should be understood as well is that anything AFTER the commas(or 
    BEFORE the button commands) are conditions that your character should be in, 
    anything AFTER the button presses are the conditions your opponent should be in. 
    For instance the (bk) condition means that someone has their back facing the 
    other character. Look at this Ling move:
    What move is that? That's her "Peg Leg" move(she hops towards the opponent on 
    one leg and kicks with the other), as called in some FAQs. Now what about...
    That's just her "Racoon Kick"(she swings her leg around and ends up back turned) 
    done into someone's back(Mistrust time!).  How bout...
    ????... That's just her Peg Leg done into someone's back :) Nothing special, 
    just to serve a point....
    General Stoof
    ** Life(Hit Points) **********************************************************
    People tend to think that the numbers you get in Pmode are percents... they are 
    not. They are more, actually exactly, like hit points. So don't do a "100" 
    damage combo in PMode and think that it will kill when you play normally. 
    Here's the # of hit points you have in each mode of Tekken 3.
    Arcade Mode: 130
    Arcade Mode VS: 140
    VS Mode: +/-10%=+/-15
     70% =  95 
     80% = 110 
     90% = 125 
    100% = 140
    110% = 155
    120% = 170
    130% = 185
    140% = 200
    Team Battle Mode: 170
    Time Attack Mode: 130
    Survival Mode: 140
    Tekken Ball Mode: 130
    Tekken Force Mode: 130
    Practice Mode: Infinite =b~
    As you can see for VS Mode the percents change the # of hit points by 15 points 
    ever time you change the percentage.
    ** Low Parry Animations ******************************************************
    Low Parries throw aside low and special mid kicks and punches. In this section 
    I'll just list as best I can the different animations you can get for low moves 
    that you wouldn't expect(What do you get for parrying a Slide Kick?) or don't 
    know about(What parry do you get for low parrying Gunjack's (fc)df+1+2?). If I 
    don't list something then it will be the parry animation of the button you 
    pressed(1,2,3,4). Lei, Julia, King, Nina, Bryan, Law, Yoshi, Ling and Hwoarang 
    have Low Parries(Bosco's is not a true low parry, but even he will not Low 
    "Parry" a Type 0 move. Neither will Anna's b+4 react to a Type 0) and I have not 
    tested all low moves on all characters by any stretch... I just pick a low 
    parrier and then test. It was by luck I found Lei low parries Paul's Sweep 
    differently so there may very well be other characters who parry different moves 
    differently(hmmm I haven't tested any Ten Strings either... next update)....
    These numbers tell you what type the parries are...
    0 Not Parriable
    1 Left Punch
    2 Right Punch
    3 Left Kick
    4 Right Kick
    5 Punch Sweep
    6 Hell Sweep
    7 Slide Kick
    8 Big Sweep
    9 Right Sweep
    10 Left Sweep
    11 Leaf Sweep
    1,4*  *type 6
    n+2,1,4*  *type 6
    df+3,2,1,4*  *type 6
    d+4*  *type 0
    d+3+4*  *type 3
    f+3+4*  *type 0
    d+3+4*  *type 3
    Bah!!!! Next update :)
    All Special Mid or Low moves are type 0 =)
    f,n,d,DF#+4*,4*,4*  *type 6
    df+3,2,2,4,4*  *type 6
    (fc)d+1+2*  *type 2
    (fc)df+1+2*  *type 2
    f+1+2,1+2*  *type 1
    f,n,d,df+1,4*  *type 6
    f,n,d,df+4*  *type 6
    f,n,d,df#+4*  *type 6
    u+4,4,4*  *type 6
    uf+4,4*,4*  *type 6
    d+3+4*  *type 0
    1+4*  *type 4
    (fc)d+3+4*  *type 4
    d+3+4*  *type 4
    (rn)4*  *type 0
    b,f+2+3*  *type 2
    db+4*  *type 8
    b+2,3*  *type 10
    (fc)d,df,d,df+3*  *type 7
    4~4,3*  *type 7
    db+4*  *type 9
    (bk)d+4*  *type 9
    (bk)d+1*  * type 5
    (sld)4~3*  *type 7   
    (fcd)3~4*  *type 6
    (knd)3*  *type 0
    (tgs)4*  *type 9
    (drs)3+4*  *type 7
    d+3*  *type 10
    (fc)d+3*  *type 10
    (fc)df+2,1*  *type 5
    (aop)4~3*  *type 4
    I highly doubt being Moku will change anything, but who knows?
    d,df+4*  *type 8
    f,f,n+3+4*  *type 3
    1,4*  *type 6
    d+4*  *type 11; *Lei: type 4
    f,f+3,4,d+4*  *type 6
    d+3+4*  *type 0
    f,f,n+3+4*  *type 3
    ** Right Punch Ground Stun Recover *******************************************
    A technique from the olden days of Tekken 2 still exists in Tekken 3. It is not 
    often mentioned, not mentioned often enough, the Right Punch ground stun 
    In Tekken 2 this served a very useful purpose. Whenever you were knocked down 
    you could press RP to gain control of your character quicker thereby having a 
    better chance to avoid followup ground hit juggle damage(BTW, many of the 
    "guaranteed" juggles+ground hits in T2 PMode were not. Gotta double check those 
    juggs in Versus Mode). In Tekken 3 you have techrolls and this button seems to 
    do nothing much anymore when on the ground... except when you have just been 
    thrown(actually it does have an effect on CERTAIN knockdowns, but I'm not 
    certain on these yet).
    There are several throws in the game which appear to have damaging and useful 
    followups... however many can be escaped by using this button to get your 
    character to recover quicker(tap RP a few times and whatever else you want to 
    do... if you want to roll back tap RP while holding back, if you want to do a 
    standing kick press RP and RK).
    Here are only a few examples of this ground recovery....
    King: db,f+2; db+1+3  You can escape the G-Throw...
    Hei: 2+4; d+4  You can escape the stomp...
    Paul: 1+3; d+2  You can escape the punch...
    This works for most every throw... yet some throws still have big guaranteed 
    hits however if you know this little piece of info you can save yourself from a 
    lot of free cheapies and force your opponent to come at you with something 
    quicker but weaker or mix it up more.
    * Abbreviations: 
    "(fbs)" Fall Back Stance: A general term for Bosco when he's falling back...
    * Forgotten Tekkniques:
    ** H?i??chi ???na?e **********************************************************
    ** The Doctor Rush String ****************************************************
    Let's just take the string apart...
    f,f+1 This punch hits special mid and is good by itself. It's non-reversable, 
    non-parriable, and he goes into fallback stance after. Also when on counter hit 
    this move cause a stun animation. Bosco recovers quick enough to some EVIL 
    juggles... this move is worth the risk.
    4 can be delayed after, it recovers without going into fallback. Guaranteed hit 
    after the f,f+1 hits if not delayed.
    3 can be delayed after 4, afterwards you go into fallback. Guaranteed after the 
    4 hits if not delayed.
    3 can be delayed after the prior 3, does NOT go into fallback afterwards. Is NOT 
    guaranteed if the prior 3 hits.
    3 cannot be delayed, does not go into fallback. Guaranteed if the prior 3 hits.
    2 can be put after the first 3 or the third 3. In both places is can be delayed. 
    This punch, if it hits, always causes a non escapable fallback stun.
    1 if the stun punch hits this punch will connect... however I usually won't do 
    it since the recovery is bad and the stun punch can allow for other juggles. I 
    only use it for suprise.
    ** F??l ?ac? St???e **********************************************************
    ** Spin Doctor ***************************************************************
    (fbs)1+2 or
    I'm not sure what to make of this move at times... it's very evasive, at 
    times... if people try to attack while Bosco is doing this they may very well 
    miss. In the absence of a low block this may just be what the doctor 
    ordered(that was bad wasn't it? *Notti's suspicions were confirmed by the 
    simultaneous groaning*). You can do this while in (fbs) and it's very useful in 
    messing up an opponent's attack timing... still the chaotic ss'ing of this move 
    may still let them hit you... it's still a risk.
    Another motion to try is:
    Which is just a Spin Doctor after a dash in(the Doc's CD). You must be holding 
    Forward while pressing 2~1
    Also interesting is the :
    If you press 1+2 over and over you will retreat while Doctor Spinning. You're 
    not invincible when doing this but it is very hard(or lucky) for your opponent 
    to hit him out of this. It can be useful and fustrating to an offensive opponent 
    Unfortunately you can't Spin Doctor during a SS... well not easily.  You can 
    But as it says, you have to hold Back for a quarter of a sec... And since the 
    Doctor SS's Left at the beginning of the Spin:
    Will bring him far off course of your enemy's attack.
    Oh yes, and finally, after the Spin Doctor, Bosco is in (fbs). I may go for a 
    secondary Spin till they whiff a move then I do a (fbs)u.
    ** ?ow D??? Mov?? ************************************************************
    ** Ch??ge I? *****************************************************************
    ** ??? 20 ?????? *************************************************************
    ** ????h D??nk P??ri?s *******************************************************
    ** Doctor Multis *************************************************************
    Bosco has the strangest multi "throw". It starts off normal but the rest goes 
    into all sorts of manuevers for show and some damage.
    1+4-1+2,(fbs) (=10) 
          ^; 2,2,1+2,(knd) (=~21)
                   ^; (1_2_3_4),(fbs)
                   ^; 3+4,(fbs+bk) (=~10)
                   ^; 1+4 
                        ^; 2,1,3,4,(fbs) (=38)
                   ^; 1+2,(fcd)
                        ^; (1_2_3_4),(fbs+bk)
                        ^; 3+4,(sc)
                             ^; 1+2, (=~50)
    Doctors, ready the disection table...
    1+4 - The Punch Drunk Parry... look at the section above.
    1+4-1+2 - Grab move for Bosco... the multi can start if this grabs from the 
    front. You can delay the 1+2 press. The escape is 1+2. You can start some back 
    juggles versus the big guys with an uf+2 after this.
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2 - just a drop elbow into the enemy's back, it is an actual 
    ATTACK(turn off counter hits in Pmode)... go on...
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; (1_2_3_4),(fbs) - VERY tough timing on the last button press. 
    You have to tap any button I think during the rolling after the drop elbow(sorry 
    I can't be more specific as I'm not sure myself. I usually just hold forward, 
    mash 2, and pray ;P ). If you can nail this often and the follow up combo(look 
    in the juggle section) you are a Boskonovitch God. Gigantic damage... your 
    opponent should be almost, if not already, dead.
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 3+4,(fbs+bk) - this thing SUCKS. Not only is the damage 
    pitiful but you go rolling past the enemy revealing a stunned Bosco with his 
    back turned. Yuck. BTW if you turn on Counter Hits in PMode this move is a 
    little interesting.
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+4 - A good spot to go for an optional juggle... flip juggles 
    are so sweet and this move sets you up perfectly :)
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+4; 2,1,3,4,(fbs) - Here's the easy money shot. Nice damage, 
    not difficult to pull off, the Doctor makes some funny and humiliating noises, 
    and you're standing over the fallen enemy ready to punish them some more. What 
    could be better?
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+2 - Hmmm, taken from Ling it's her ss'ing cartwheel. That's 
    it. Move on.
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+2; (1_2_3_4),(fbs+bk) -  Ahh... insane timing again to pull 
    this cancel off. But the only thing is... there's no reason to do so. No cool or 
    useful juggles... just go for the 1+4 string instead :P
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+2; 3+4,(sc) - This is kinda neat. He does an insane laugh 
    while running backwards then gets Super Charged. No nice guaranteed damage but 
    this is a cool way to start off the 20 hit string ^_^
    1+4,1+2; 2,2,1+2; 1+2; 3+4; 1+2 - Heh. Awesome damage unblockable shoulder 
    ram... too bad if the enemy is the least bit intelligent they will stay on the 
    ground(or roll away) and let this move pass right overhead =( The good doctor 
    laughs even when this move misses... you won't be laughing when your opponent 
    starts a left kick ground sweep juggle.
    ** L?? ?arr?/E?c?pe **********************************************************
    ** Indian Doctor *************************************************************
    This move seemed virtually useless when I first did it... it's still pretty weak 
    but this move does do something other than make you laugh. It can heal the 
    Doctor. First however are the controls for this move...
    3_4 accelerates the Doctor.
    D puts the brakes on.
    U stands the Doctor up(actually any direction other than DF_D_DB).
    Okay... the faster you tap 3 or 4(tap both to go even faster) the faster you go. 
    However if you go too fast it will start to hurt him... anyway... when you get 
    within range of your opponent you will Teleport behind your opponent still in 
    Indian Sit going the wrong way. Here's the useful part. If you are puttering 
    along fast enough when you meet your opponent and teleport you will gain life :) 
    The bad part, if you haven't figured it out yet, is that if you are going really 
    fast you start to hurt yourself.... The most I've ever gotten is 12 HP, but 
    usually 8. You can play around with it to find the best speeds by going into 
    Pmode with Bosco as the CPU character. This will let you see the healing(it will 
    be in negative numbers). You can get the 12 HP gain speed if you're a step away 
    from your opponent... it can work but it's risky as you can be hit during the 
    stance, while teleporting and while reappearing kinda easy.
    *put put put...*
    ** Elbow Rush Warp ***********************************************************
    f,f,n+2(ch); f,f; 1+2_3
    This move is very similar to Yoshimitsu's. On a counter hit it will slice 
    through your opponent... from there you can tap forward twice and then he will 
    do a back step that will let him either a 1+2(back slam) or 3(peg leg).
    If you don't do the 1+2 or 3 you can wait a moment and do a U to get the Doctor 
    Explosion. A side effect of doing this is you get to hear all of the Doctor's 
    feeble laugh instead of him always interupting it with his quicker laugh.
    Another strange trick with this move is to get it to hit on counter hit versus a 
    grounded opponent. Only True Ogre is big enough to see this on but you should 
    try it :) Also, just like Yoshi's, if you do this move into someone's back on 
    counter hit you'll see the Doctor immediatly reverse direction and come back in 
    the wrong direction. Finally, you can combine these two into one and get this 
    hit on a grounded opponent in their back.
    ** B???war?s Do??or **********************************************************
    ** Robot, I Am ***************************************************************
    Being the creator of the Jacks it makes sense that he has special stuff with 
    them. In battle the Doctor can use his Remote to control Jack. Here are all the 
    special things I know of between the two:
    f,f+2(ch) - This will cause Jack to do his f+4~1 unblockable and then have Bosco 
    reverse it. Jack is unable to Chicken this... GOOD! Other interesting things 
    that can be done is if you do this move into Jack's back or while he is on the 
    ground(Remember this has to be a counter hit, this won't happen often) Bosco 
    will stand with his hands out ready to Reverse any High or Mid hits Jack throws 
    at him(Bosco is also Super Charged so he can be Counter Hit while doing this 
    unfortunately). This is only the beginning :)
    f,f+2~U(ch) - This is an alternate(and better) version of the above move. What 
    is does versus Jack is cause him to do his 3+4 unblockable(Flying Stomp). What's 
    great about it is that Bosco gets a free shot at punishing Jack from behind. 
    Also if you get this on Counter Hit versus a back turned or grounded Jack, Jack 
    will do nothing other than fall down stunned while Bosco wastes his time trying 
    to control Jack. Not at all useful. Move on...
    f,f+2~D(ch) - This is just the normal Stun that Bosco would get versus any other 
    character. No real reason to do this other than you feel the back combos from 
    above are a little too powerful ^_^ Also since Jack is "big" you can't uf+1 
    juggle him :(
    Jack uf+1+2; d,df+2 - This is Jack's Pick Up; Megaton Punch throw. But against 
    Bosco, he will reverse it automatically(you don't have to press anything... 
    however if you hold a direction you will mess the reversal up and Bosco'll get 
    hit normally). But dammit all, Gunjack can Chicken this reversal >:( Also it 
    SEEMS like Bosco can't do the normal tricks with this throw that others can(tap 
    forward or back right before the Megaton Punch hits), he'll just get hit(no 
    reversal)... but I'm not so sure about this since the f_b requires EXCELLENT 
    timing in the first place.
    ** Tazer Shocker *************************************************************
    This is a mimic, I suppose, of Yoshi's b,b+1. It's kind of interesting in it's 
    properties(it's also slow to come out). What it does is cause your opponent to 
    be shocked once about every half a second(~2 shocks a second) and at every shock 
    they get damaged for 10 hit points(that's about 20 hit points a second draining 
    away). During this time you can do anything to them, even go around for a back 
    throw however there is an escape. That escape is to press ANY(not 3+4) button at 
    a certain point inbetween the "shocks". You can also escape at the very moment 
    after Bosco hits you with his b+1+2 and you will not recieve any damage from any 
    shocks :) However there is one bad thing with the escape... it's not just an "I 
    escaped, now let's fight." What happens is when you "escape" is that you now do 
    your Super Charger... heh. During the Super Charger animation you are totally 
    open and after the Super Charger animation is over you are still in trouble 
    since don't forget that you can't block now and all hits on you are counter hits 
    after a Super Charger... go Bosco! =D The deal is this. If Bosco hits you with 
    this move(oh that's right... he's got to hit first... damn), even if you 
    "escape" as soon as possible he can get huge free hits on you(think uf+1... or 
    he can also get a free throw attempt... or he could go for a nasty f,f+2 if he 
    times your escape. It's to Bosco's advantage to just wait for you to escape, and 
    then score a stunning counter hit since you are taking damage every half 
    One other tiny interesting point... if you get a Bosco versus Bosco fight and 
    one of them gets hit by this move, when they do the "escape" they will do their 
    GROUND super charger. They just warp to the floor and charge... very strange 
    ** Bos?? ???at Gl???h ********************************************************
    * Juggles(Combos)
    ** Normal Juggles ************************************************************
    Starter; Juggle (Damage) Notes
         ^; (fbs)u (56) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........
         ^; (fbs)3+4 (57) Very reliable, also sets up a nice f,f+1+2 dive chop.
         ^; f,f,n+3 (62) This looks great... sometimes the opponent goes off in 
                         strange directions....
         ^; uf+1 (66) This one can miss sometimes, it's fickle. Sometimes he goes 
                      too far and turns around to hit the opponent(he may miss... 
                      certain characters miss a lot)... then you recover 
                      normally(facing them)... sometimes he hits them behind 
                      him(not the greatest for Bosco but at least you got the 
                      damage)... Also don't forget you can do a second low parry 
                      to kill the stun he gets....
         ^; (fbs)D#; b+2(jsd); f+3(fo),4(fo); f,f+1+2 (89) If you hold down when 
                                                           you do the parry Bosco 
                                                           will easily go into a 
                                                           SS. You then cancel the 
                                                           SS with a b+2 jab that 
                                                           will flip em over. The 
                                                           f,f+1+2 is unescapable.
       ^; uf+1 (48) easy, yet damaging.
       ^; uf+2 (31)
             ^; (fbs)F#,+3+4 (40-42) techable but never misses(hit the techer).
             ^; uf+2 (37) looks nice but the 3rd uf+2 misses often.   
                  ^; (fbs)F#,+3+4 (46) slides result in a bad position
       ^; f+4 (35) always works.
            ^; (fbs)F#,+3+4 (44) add the slide for damage.
         ^; (fbs)F#,+3+4 (43-47) Hits tech rollers.
           ^; uf+2...
           ^; uf+1 (51)
           ^; f,f+3 (56) hai-ya!
           ^; f,f,n+3 (58) 2 hits... slam to the ground...
           ^; (fbs)D
                   ^; (knd)3,3 (42)
                   ^; (knd)f,4,3,4*,3 (31) Just for fun... kinda lucky to get.
            ^; uf+1...
            ^; uf+2...
            ^; (fbs)DF#+1,2...
            ^; f,f+1,4,3 (52)
        ^(ch_Jack, hold D)
                         ^; uf+1...
                         ^; uf+2...
                         ^; (fbs)DF#+1,2...
                  ^; (fbs)F; (st)1+4,1+2; (fbs)u (115)
    1+4,1+2; (10)
           ^; uf+2(bk); uf+1 (54; Jack+)
           ^; 2,2,1+2 (31)
                    ^; 1+4
                         ^; f+2; f+3,4; f,f+1+2 (78-81)
                         ^; (ss)2,1 (61) SSR is easier to land but a SSL allows 
                                         for a follow up hit on the grounded 
                                         opponent. To land this move easier try 
                                         holding U or D and then pressing 2 when 
                                         you see Bosco SS.
                                  ^; (fbs)u (88) This can "combo" if the Explosion 
                                                 hits before they land, but it 
                                                 hurts more if you let them land 
                                                 first. You have to (SSL)2,1 to 
                                                 get this on non-big characters.
                    ^; ANY; (fbs)F; (st)1+4,1+2(bk) 
                                                  ^; (fbs)f,f+1+2 (112-133)
                                                  ^; (fbs)u (126-132; Jack+) Wow.
    * Abbreviations: 
    "CD" Crouch Dash: f,n,d,df
    "RD" Rolling Dash: d,df,f
    "DF" Death Fist: d,df,f+2
    "TGF" Thunder God Fist: f,n,d,df+1
    "WGF" Wind God Fist: f,n,d,df+2
    "(1,2,3)HS" H-E-double hockey sticks Sweep(s): f,n,d,df#+4,4,4
    "DMK" Demon Mid Kick: f,n,d,df+3
    "DLK" Demon Low Kick: f,n,d,df#+3
    "DGF" Demon God Fist: f,f+2
    * Forgotten Tekkniques:
    ** Right Kick Sacrificial Counter ********************************************
    Ish Canoe? Every wonder what the exact conditions are for Hei to get that big 
    ole kicking push off move? Well, there are several ways actually:
    ~Type 1) Have some one throw just about most any high OR MID right kick at you 
    when you are doing Heihachi's Unblockable Thor's Hammer(d+1+4). Even after the 
    attacking part is over he will STILL counter most all right kicks... it's still 
    possible till the animation is totally over with(his hand is down but he has not 
    recovered from the unblockable yet). Also if you happen to unluckily TRADE hits 
    with your right kick versus Hei's unblockable he will still get his reversal... 
    ~Type 2) Have Heihachi be counter hit with many HIGH(I'd say about 65-75% of 
    high 4's... not as reliable as I would want) right kicks or a select few 
    MID(maybe 1% of mid 4's... ha) right kicks while Hei is holding d,df,f,uf,u, or 
    ub(basically any direction besides direct blocking and neutral). You cannot 
    trade hits at the same time and get this reversal since trade hits never count 
    as counter hits(except if either Heihachi or the kicking opponent is Super 
    Charged... but what if they are both Heihachis?? What happens then???? ONE of 
    the Hei's will get the Kick Counter, but I have no idea how the game decides 
    which one will get it. The only way this can be done is with a standing Hei 4 
    versus another standing Hei 4 when they trade hits when at least one of them is 
    Super Charged).
    Here is a list of MID kicks(there are way too many Highs for me to list) that 
    Hei can grab just by holding d,df,f,uf,u,ub WITH a counter hit:
    b+3+4,u* (Weird... this move ALWAYS hits on counter hit(think about it)... 
    but... check the Dr. Boskonovitch section =D )
    4,4,4,4* (Heh...)
    ~Type 3) Have Heihachi hold d,df,f,uf,u, or ub when being hit by certain 
    specific HIGH right kicks(no counter hit needed). You may also trade hits with 
    this one and Hei will still give out the reversal+trade hit damage. 
    Here is a list of High kicks that Hei can grab just by holding d,df,f,uf,u,ub 
    W/OUT a counter hit:
    4,3* (yes he grabs a left kick! But that is quickly corrected! :) This just 
    in... for some reason this will not work against Hei's "Thor's Hammer"(Type 1). 
    Thanx KOFTEKKEN)
    df+2,4* (Interesting... he can grab her in the middle of a "combo")
    1,2,4* (If the jab is a counter he can still grab her)
    f+4* (Strangely not a n+4... hmmm)
    If you know of anymore email me... OK?
    Damages DONE TO each character for the reversal:
    Done to->Opponent|Heihachi
    Type 1: ALWAYS 55|ALWAYS 50
    Type 2: ALWAYS 45|Damage of kick(don't forget counter damage)+6
    Type 3: ALWAYS 45|Damage of kick+6
    As you can see the most reliable version of his reversal also has a crappy ratio 
    of damage done vs damage received. If you want to use this move on purpose(say 
    against Paul's f,f+3,4,(4_f+4_d+4) string...) use the unblockable for a good 
    chance of it working... or jabs(excellent chance of 1,1,2 connecting if he 
    doesn't go high, as a matter of fact you are totally safe and WILL damage 
    Paul(unless the HIGH kick will kill you.... 1~F,1,2 is the safest since a 1 
    comes out quicker than a f+1 and if Paul does the low kick finisher the f+1 may 
    very well miss)... but the reversal looks so cool... net yourself some style 
    points and go for the reversal). BTW only the unblockable reversal version will 
    come out when the kick kills Hei, type 2+3 reversals won't come out at all so 
    Heihachi he will still lose if he's the first to lose all his life... you still 
    get the last hit tho :P
    ** Demon Hop *****************************************************************
    This move was in Tekken 1 aswell as Tekken 2 yet most do not know of it. The 
    motion for this move is: 
    This is a very quick hop in with good speed. What you can do while hopping is 
    press 3 or d+3 to get either the DMK or DLK... or neither and simply go for 
    whatever... a throw or maybe twin pistons perhaps.... BTW the Demon Hop versions 
    of of the DMK and DLK seem to come out quicker than the regular versions(IMO).
    ** Quicker Demon Scissors ****************************************************
    This tekknique was present in Tekken 1 and 2 but it was not nessessary to 
    mention it in Tekken 1 since this was the only way to do it in T1. Namco 
    abbreviated the motion in T2 to 4~3(uf+4~3, as is also in T3, is the prefered 
    method in T2), but the original motion actually makes the move come out quicker. 
    Here's the abbreviated(the move comes out slower) motion:
    And here's the original(the move comes out quicker) motion:
    The move comes out quicker by a few frames(it also evades ALL low attacks from 
    the very beginning, unlike it's slower brother, which only evades all low 
    attacks once it's left the ground). It's hard to notice the speed difference but 
    it's there.
    ** Always Blast Chi Palms ****************************************************
    Unlike Hei's 1+2 Chi Palm that only blasts away on counter hit this verion 
    always does allowing you to get the uf+4~3 follow up guaranteed. There are two 
    ways here...
    1) f+2,1
    2) 1,2,2~1
    ** Sloppy Chi Palm ***********************************************************
    If you do not feel you can hit the 1+2 chi palm button =P you can do the move as 
    2~1. If you do the motion as b+2~1 you can get Hei to do a little grunt(his b+2 
    grunt) and if you do it as f,f+2~1 you'll get another yell... this motion(2~1) 
    does not work during an early SS... technically this motion should also be 
    slower in coming out than the normal 1+2....
    ** Dash in Chi Palms *********************************************************
    f,f,b+1+2 use this to get the Palms from a dash otherwise you'd get a DGF. You 
    can also use it b,b+1+2 or b,B,+1+2(you can also sloppy chi palm).
    ** Wave Step *****************************************************************
    This move gains ground quickly... perhaps even quicker than running... and all 
    the while you have the ability to alternatively do CD and f,f moves. Here's the 
    That's 3 waves right there... here's the basic part: f,n,d,df,f,repeat. The 
    reason is after a CD you can do f,f to get f,f moves such as DGFs or throws(such 
    as f~f+1+2). But Namco made it so that CDs can be done as part of the normal f,f 
    dash... thereby creating a loop.
    ** CD/RD cancel **************************************************************
    Do a CD or RD and tap u or ub then go into any standing moves. ub is better I 
    think since it has the least chance of messup.
    ** Immediate Death Fist ******************************************************
    Here ya go... df,f+2. I think this works... I may be imagining it however =) The 
    way I found this was when I was playing with the Wave Step above. 
    f,n,d,df,f,f,df,f+2 was what I was getting on occassion... the reason this  has 
    to be the way it is is because the full motion d,df,f+2 would bring me into a CD 
    instead of the RD... but I was getting the DF. Well?
    BTW don't forget this is NOT a RD or CD where you can travel for a moment or two 
    before pressing 2. As soon as you hit f press 2.
    ** Lightning and Thunder God Fist ********************************************
    What this signifies I have no idea but... do a TGF and get it to connect at the 
    edge of it's range(best as I can explain it, rather random actually), Heihachi 
    will be consumed in electricity. It doesn't seem to matter what damage you 
    get(I've gotten clean hits to do this and I've gotten it at 100%, 35 damage. 
    I've also had it come out in juggles). Well whatever it does it looks cool ;) 
    Hmmm maybe in Tekken 4 Hei will have a ETGF if you do the motion perfectly like 
    Jin's EWGF?
    ** Hunting Getas *************************************************************
    In Tekken 1 Hei was one of the baddest mofos, for example his uf+3,4 jump kicks 
    if you blocked the first one, the second always hit. In Tekken 3 he still has it 
    but it takes some skill... uf+3.. 4. The timing is exact... RIGHT before the 
    uf+3 is blocked press 4. Basically you want to delay the second kick button 
    PRESS(as it doesn't actually delay the kick) as long as possible so the game 
    will make the first kick act like it was done alone. You can see this in Pmode 
    by having the kicks hit(not blocked by) the opponent and looking at the damage. 
    You see if you do the first kick by itself it will have a base damage of 25, but 
    if you input the right kick right away like you would usually do, the move will 
    have it's base damage changed to 17. But if you delay that second kick till the 
    VERY end you will see not only will the base damage STAY at 25, you'll get the 
    second kick =)
    BTW before people email me about my little unblockable trick, let me tell you 
    that this also works for Hwoarang, Ogre and True Ogre... enjoy!
    Finally if your opponent ends up blocking both kicks, Hei has a GREAT timing 
    advantage on the opponent, nothing's guaranteed but Hei has got the advantage 
    which is great since Hei is damn close.
    ** Head Butter ***************************************************************
    The motion is f~f+1+2... but you must do the f~f quickly and not pause much 
    inbetween presses... don't ask me why(this also pertains to CD cancel Head Butts 
    UNLESS you do the motion as f,n,d,df.. f~f+1+2 NOT f,n,d,df,f.. f+1+2 which is 
    hard since this is the only time in the game it matters if you go too far with 
    the CD motion and if you mess up you get a DGF) Also this throw is a techable 
    throw. When someone techs from this move(any button) they always tech to their 
    left(grr). If they don't tech they are rather vulnerable to ground hits such as 
    d+4 stomps... but you can't watch for the tech and have stomps guaranteed at the 
    same time, gotta guess.
    ** Head Butt Carnival ********************************************************
    The motion is f,f+1+4(very dash delayable compared to f,f+1+2) and can only be 
    done VS Hei, Jin, Kuma, Lei, Paul and Moku imitations. The initial throw can be 
    escaped by 1+2. The opponent can challenge the head butt by hitting ANY button 
    right before the head butt hits... but Hei can re-challenge by hitting ANY 
    button right before the opponents counter head butt hits him.
    The following are damages that HEIHACHI DOES to his enemies if 
    unchallenged(meaning they DIDN'T head butt back). Charged means that SOMEONE did 
    the Super Charger, 1+2+3+4, before the throw connected. Final means after the 
    first head butt was challenged and if Hei gets the last one after, this is how 
    much he will do: 
        Kuma   |42 |     50     | 65  
        Jin    |29 |     34     | 45
        Lei    |29 |     34     | 45   
        Paul   |29 |     34     | 45 
        Moku   |29 |     34     | 45
      Moku-Hei |29 |     34     | 30
        Hei    |29 |     34     | 30
    If any head butt is "challenged" the damage to the challenger is ALWAYS 30 
    damage, or if the original Hei loses he ALWAYS takes 30 damage. These head butts 
    can continue till someone dies....
    ** Hop Kick ******************************************************************
    As if Hei didn't have enough juggle starters... try u+4. You can get most WGF 
    juggles out if close.
    ** Stunning/Knock Out Axe Kick ***********************************************
    f,f+3 does nothing normally but stuns on counter, f,f,n+3 ALWAYS knocks down for 
    a quick d+1 hammer or some more powerful not quite guaranteed stuff(Hell Sweeps 
    or d+4 stomp).
    ** Delay Strings *************************************************************
    Simple listing here for moves of Heihachi that are delayable(not including CD+RD 
    (ws)+4-4(not HS axes)
    ** Foot Stomp Override *******************************************************
    The foot stomp can be done two ways: 
    This means that you cannot put df+4's mid kicks and d+4 tick kicks in most 
    juggles and wake up games. Well actually... you can still put the tick kicks in 
    by pressing db+4.
    ** Large Punishment **********************************************************
    Hei's unblockable can hit large characters(Gun, Kuma, Togre) on the floor at 
    rest =O Try WGF; d+1+4 for evilness... it can be escaped(HOLD UP till you stand 
    up, then hit 4 and pray... it's VERY CLOSE... Togre can Owl Hunt too) MOST of 
    the time but many do not know this.... And if they try to tech roll Hei follows 
    em... unblockable tracking! =D Even tho this is escapable these characters still 
    have to constantly watch out for this. You can also hit these characters with 
    TGFs(and DMKs!) on the floor... nice damage ;)
    ** Foot Stomp Yell ***********************************************************
    Do a foot stomp to a fallen opponent(hit or miss, doesn't matter) and during the 
    replay hear Hei say his kick reversal scream(ISH CANOE!).
    ** Hell Sweeps Hit Level *****************************************************
    I personally think Hei's Hell Sweeps are the weirdest moves in all of Tekken in 
    how it works, nothing else in Tekken works quite like it does. 
    The hit level of the FIRST HS to HIT OR BE BLOCKED is considered Special 
    Mid(it's special mid since it doesn't hit ducking opps and can't be reversed by 
    high/mid reversals and CAN BE parried by a low parry. This also means that this 
    move cannot be guarantee-ingly evaded by low evading moves... Yoshi's STANDING 
    Pogo or an uf hop for instance). What that means is that if the first sweep 
    totally wiffs the second sweep gets these properties. Another property of the 
    first HS to touch is if it is blocked by a high blocking opponent it will cause 
    block damage(7 points of damage) signified by a spark. This spark not only 
    causes damage but a small amount of stun. If the 2nd OR 3rd HS get this high 
    blocked spark(cause the first HS missed) the canned follow up TGF(hit left 
    punch) is GUARANTEED.
    ** Reverse Pervert ***********************************************************
    Heihachi's b+2 is normally irreversable... however in Heihachi's f+1-b+2-1 
    string his b+2 is reversable under a strange condition. If Heihachi does his 
    string like this:
    f+1,b+2-1 - The b+2 is not reversable. Hei has to delay the 1 as much as 
    possible. But if he does it like this...
    f+1,b+2,1 - The b+2 IS reversable. Strange but true.
    * Juggles(Combos)
    ** Normal Juggles ************************************************************
    Starter; Juggle (Damage) Notes
      ^; f+1; f+1,b+2,1 (56) Basic juggle, likes to whiff on Julia.
      ^; d,df,f+2 (61) Get it early, on clean hit, or not great damage.
      ^; 2HS,2 (63) Clean+early+close.... otherwise.
      ^; 2HS,1 (56)
      ^; WGF; d+1 (56)
      ^; df+1
            ^; 2HS,1; d+1 (66) It's not techable if done correctly(TGF hits late).
            ^; f+1,b+2,1 (57) Julia... whiff!
      ^; df+2
            ^; f,f+1,b+2,1 (60-64) Jul....
            ^; 2HS,1; d+1 (70) Hard to get. Especially on smaller chars like 
                               Julia(may be impossible) and Ling. The part that 
                               seems to miss a lot is the second sweep. You need 
                               to get the first sweep in deep... but not too 
                               deep(cause that takes time) or the juggle is 
      ^; TGF (53-66) If you didn't get the WGF close the TGF will not do the best 
      ^; df+3,2,2,4 (43) Either get a WGF from far away or start the df+3 late as 
      ^; df+2; 2HS,1; d+1 (75) Doesn't that look nice :)
      ^; WGF; (bk)3_4 (80) Get that DGF in close. Get that WGF very early to get 
                           them behind you. Very nice.
      ^; Try most any other WGF juggle from above.
         ^; df+1; df+1,2 (47)
         ^; df+3,2,2,4 (48)
         ^; 4 (53) 
         ^; f+1; f+1,b+2,1 (56)
         ^; df+1; f,f+1,b+2,1 (60)
    df+2 <-----don't forget they can hold Down to escape.
       ^; DGF...
       ^; WGF...
       ^; DF (54)
    f,f+3(ch) <-----don't forget that this stun is escapable
            ^; Any df+2(hard), WGF ;) or df+1,2 juggles and throws will work.
            ^; 2HS,2 (66) Clean... move forward if you need it.
            ^; d+1+4 (89-104; Kuma/Panda and Gun Jack... True Ogre can Owl Hunt)
            ^; TGF (62-52) Clean blah blah.... 
            ^; df+2; f,f+2; df+1; 2HS,1; d+1 (111) Yeouch! Seafood soup! This is 
                                                   of course escapable in two 
                                                   spots and hard to do anyway... 
                                                   but I love it still!
          ^; d+4 (45-55) 
          ^; d+1 (41)
          ^; RD+4,4 or CD,n+4,4(48) Should be close.
      ^; 2HS,1 (52)
      ^; 3HS,1; d+1 (66-68; King+)
      ^; TGF (58; Jack+)
      ^; df+3,2,2,4 (39; Jack+)
    2HS,1; 1+2 (53)
       ^n+4; DF (54)
        ^; f+1,1,2 (69)
        ^; f+1,b+2 (68)
        ^; 2HS, 2 (77; Gun Jack+; techable) Sweetness =)
        ^; TGF (80; Gun Jack+; techable) Yay! A TGF!
        ^; f+1,b+2,4 (82; Gun Jack+; techable) Oh... if the kick was only a hair 
      ^; d+1 (37) In Pmode doesn't always count as a combo but it always works 
                  when in the correct range.
          ^; uf+4~3 (44) Try not to take too long.
          ^; WGF (47; Jack+) Travel for a bit, not as much as you'd think 
          ^; f,f+2 (56; Jack+) Rip em up.
          ^; TGF (62; Jack+) Big uns take it.
          ^; DMK (62; Jack+) Need good timing to get it right.
               ^; 1+2 (44) Double Hadoooooooooken!
               ^; uf+3 (47) You can do the double jump kick too, but the second 
                            kick will always miss not to mention that the first 
                            kick gets weaker when you do that(unless you do the 
                            delay trick from the "Hunting Getas" section).
               ^; WGF (47)
               ^; df+1,2 (57; Gun Jack+) Practice mode silliness =)
          ^; 2,2 (37) Just thought I'd throw this in...
          ^; f+1,1-2 (36) Delay the 2. It has a habit of whiffing(stange).
          ^; f+1,2,2 (36) Blah blah.
              ^; d+1 (13-15) Easy to get... never miss.
              ^; (sc)d+1,2 (55) Really cool :)
              ^; DF (27-37) HARD to get... only if you have a good sense of when 
                            you are out of the jump kick stun.
              ^; WGF (22) TERRIBLY hard to get. Works best versus Ling and Julia 
                          since you can land the closest to them after the kick.
              ^; df+1,2 (28; Yoshi+Kuma) Truly EASY CHEESEY =)
          ^; 2; 2HS,1 (38) Awesoma powah.
          ^; f+1; f+1,b+2,1 (30) A Hei standard.
          ^; 2; f,f+1,b+2,1 (37) Nicer if you can slip in the Right Jab :)
           ^; 2HS,2 (62-68) Don't forget, they are stunned. You can CD in rather 
           ^; DF (63) Go Death Fist!
           ^; DGF (63) 63 again?
           ^; TGF (60,73) Easy... yet damaging. Silly Tekken juggle system =P
           ^; CD,n+4; f+1,b+2,1 (66) Oh very well. For those who insist on some
                                     little bit of skill to do damage =P~
           ^; DF (61-67)
    ** Side Juggles vs Togre *****************************************************
              ^; df+1(jsd); uf+3(fo),4; d+1,2
              ^; df+2(jsd); TGF(fo); df+1(fcd),2
    * Abbreviations: 
    "DF" Death Fist: d,df,f+2
    "ET" Elbow Thruster:d,df,f+1
    "RD" Rolling Dash: d,df,f
    "SB" Sway Back: d,db,b
    * Forgotten Tekkniques:
    ** FC Hammer *****************************************************************
    When you do Paul's hammer you have several choices... either press nothing, 2, 
    4... or while doing the hammer you held down. If you hold down you'll finish the 
    move in a full crouched position from which you can do any full crouched(fc) 
    moves or while standing(ws) ones. For instance you can do the elbow 
    smasher/uprooter... you can do a (ws)4(mid) or (fc)4(low). The FC Hammer 
    actually has faster recovery than the regular Hammer. The reason I think this is 
    because after a CLOSE blocked Hammer with some characters you can hit Paul with 
    a standing jab(1) or almost everytime with most every character with a ducking 
    jab(d+1 or db+1), but you can't do this vs an FC Hammer(not only can you block 
    the duck jab, the standing one will go over your head since you are in full 
    crouch). A small note now on the d+1,2 and the d+1,4,2... during BOTH follow ups 
    Paul can be standing jabbed between the d+1 and the 4 or 2 if blocked and if the 
    hammer actually hit you can get a ducking jab(left punch)... if on counter hit 
    the Death Fist(right punch) DOES combo even tho the Pmode counter says it 
    doesn't and the sweep kick elbow combo can ONLY be blocked low(not even low 
    parried) then blocked mid for you to do your minor counter damage.
    ** Sway **********************************************************************
    The Sway Back(sb) when it starts has a small(very small) period of high attack 
    evasion built in(perhaps it's just the d of the d,db,b motion). Also Paul has 3 
    moves he can do from the sway.
    d,db,b,n+1 Bounce Hammer
    d,db,b,n+2 Palm Strike
    d,db,b+3-2-(1_2) Sway Sweep, Elbow Switch....
    Bounce Hammer: This move can Bounce you on counter hit. Not many great juggles 
    from this move. However this move is virtually identical to his normal Hammer 
    except you can't go to FC after.
    Palm Strike: On counter hit it will send the enemy sliding away ready for a 
    Neutron Bomb(f,f+4) and me standing over them =) When it hits normally it leaves 
    you and your enemy on equal terms and when blocked causes block stun and leaves 
    you pretty safe(only the quickest, longest ranged standing jabs can touch you if 
    you did this move really close... Kuma's f+1 comes to mind)... if dodged 
    however... *sigh*.
    Sway Sweep: This moves comes out a little slow and has too little range to be 
    used that offensively so it should be used when someone is attacking high. If it 
    counter hits you're ONLY guaranteed the elbow(if you didn't delay the elbow), 
    none of it's follow ups. You should take notice that this move is the only one 
    that doesn't require a neutral stick position before pressing the buttons from 
    the Sway.
    ** PK Magic ******************************************************************
    Paul has a couple PK strings. I'll list them and their properties:
    n+1,4    5h+8l     Is 99% safe if blocked, good poker, and combos together. 
    2,3      12h,21h   Least useful, for juggles I guess(a lil slow tho).
    2,d+3    12h,8L    Most don't expect the low... but with the f+2,d+3...
    f+2,3    12h~20h   Better than 2,3 I guess... combos on counter.
    f+2,d+3  12h~17L   MAGIC... Unblockable low kick if punch is BLOCKED >=D
    *Laughing* f+2,d+3... feel the fury of Paul! You better duck... uh-oh hop 
    kick(hammer... df+1, df+4...)! If you want this move on a dash in you'll have to 
    tap forward thrice, f,f,f+2,d+3... if you do f,f+2... you'll get an elbow(hits 
    mid... crappy recovery if blocked). Also if the jab hits... the kick is no 
    longer guaranteed, as a matter of fact you are open to attack if blocked(same as 
    2,d+3)... prolly a ws(prolly a ws+2) or fc attack(no hop kicks) but some 
    characters can punish more than others(Jin... Ling... HATE Ling). Has it's 
    faults but unblockable damage is unblockable damage =) The key word being 
    unblockable... meaning you blocked a jab(a jab!... how many times in a match 
    against Paul do you block jabs?) A nice quick jab.....
    ** Delay Strings *************************************************************
    Here are Paul's delay strings(delay possibility at the "-" sign)... not 
    including the delay between a CD or an RD and the button press:
    ** Taunt/Imperfect Dragon Flip Kick ******************************************
    Paul has a taunt most don't use... the motion is:
    (fc)D#(2 seconds)
    And then Paul will do his Tekken 2 win pose(hold 4 after you win a round in T2). 
    You must hold STRAIGHT DOWN and be in FC and then wait for the the taunt to come 
    out, also you must continue holding D through out the whole animation to see the 
    whole thing. While doing this Taunt you can do anything you could 
    normally(you're in FC remember... FC and WS moves). Even if it looks like you 
    are standing no high hits or grabs can touch you(including Togres Standing 
    Flames or King's Lariats) BUT you do make yourself a bigger target for the so 
    called "HIGH" mid attacks(such as Nina's f,f+2).
    You can continue the taunt for the ultimate humiliation. To do Paul's Imperfect 
    Flip Kick.... The full motion is:
    (fc)D#(3 seconds),u+2+3+4
    This move can be done easily but some people have trouble with it. The timing of 
    the u+2+3+4 must be done at or somewhat after Paul brings his arms to his 
    side(keep holding D, arms to the side then u+2+3+4), don't be hasty... it's a 
    nice open window. Second... sometimes if you're not so sure of your multi button 
    pressing talents you should use the buffer button technique. I usually hold down 
    3+4 after I do some move and then do the taunt and after the arms have come down 
    I'll press u+2(while still holding 3+4)... easy. Finally this move is a risk 
    obviously =P~ it just plain sucks if you want it to hit(range sucks... it hits 
    mid for 25 damage going up, 20 damage coming down and 30 damage towards the 
    bottom... it hits like Law's Rainbow Kick... and to hit with the last two 
    possible hits people would... have... to... run... under... it... bleh) since 
    the setup time is large and the range is crap you'll save this move to embarass 
    your opponent... since not only will this move never hit but it also damages 
    Paul =O for 15 points of damage... if that wasn't enough it leaves you in the 
    very vulnerable ground position of face down/head towards(note: When Paul hits 
    the ground he looks like he is in grounded FCD position but in actuallity he's 
    in KND position for awhile... this can be tested with King's Ground Throws or 
    hitting him during that period). The best way to get this move out to fufill 
    it's purpose... to taunt w/out TOO much pain/risk to yourself is to preform it 
    after you connected with a Death Fist... counter hit being the best... and while 
    the opponent is rolling away and you're stunned hold down 3+4... well I just 
    explained this above. This will certainly tell your opponent what you think of 
    them when you make yourself look silly and take damage at the same time.
    ** Death Fist Revenge ********************************************************
    Since so many whiners think the Death Fist is the cheesiest thing in the game 
    here are some SIMPLE and GUARANTEED DF blocked minor counter attacks just to 
    show you how to punish any STUPID Paul players out there who abuse this move:
    f+4... hold forward a little if they do a DF from far away.
    f,f+2... Do it quickly.
    f+4... Bryan has nice range on this move.
    df+2... EASY.
    Nothing I could find... but then agian Bosco can dodge those high DFs somewhat 
    df+3... You can hold D after to go into ground position.
    d+4... Eddy's most excellent low poke.
    f,f+4,3... can be done but I don't recommend it.
    b+2... Easy... The JunkYard Punch strikes... YET AGAIN!
    b+1,2... These work almost as well as the JYP^^^ but hurt more and are not as 
             easy to get as the b+2.
    Nothing... but he freaking ducks the DF standing neutral guarding =)
    f+2... yay... one of Gunny's B+B moves... easy to tag.
    f+1+2... double yay... another of GJs B+B moves... only better =) Look in 
             Gun's section for good juggle follow ups....
    df,f+2... insta DF... must do this very quick.
    d+1... We love the hammer, right kiddies?!
    f,n,d,df+2... Woooooo.....
    df+4... pokey pokey.
    df+3... pokey pokey... again.
    f+2... pok...ey....
    df+1+2... po....
    b+2... po... slap....
    d+4... why would you pick this one, keep going...
    df+4,4... don't do from the longest distance or the last kick will wiff.
    df+1_f+1+2... start up them customs boys.
    f,f+2... Paul meet the mini Death Fist.
    b,f+2,1... smack-smack!
    b+2,4,2,1... hey... hey... I can't block... ahhhh stop!
    f,n,d~df+2... EWGF... if you can get it....
    f,f+2,b... hard to get but does work....
    f,f+1... easy.
    d,df+1.... Go for the gold Julie
    df+3... upper kick!
    b+4... nice and solid
    f+4... I think you can see that f+4s tend to have nice range+speed to tag 
           these kind of push away moves.
    df+3... B+B moves....
    df+1... Hammer-like....
    f+1... poke...
    f+2... continues poking...
    d+2... he poked...
    d+1... guess...
    f+1+2; 1+2... mwuahaha... a Kuma standard.
    df+2; f+2; f+1+2... Paul must've been really stupid and done a DF right in 
                        Kuma's lovely face.
    f+3... ouch.
    f,n+1,2*,1... Hard to do... also 2nd punch will wiff but the 3rd is still 
    (f,n+4,1)_(f,n+4+1)... 2 hits... hard to get... just do the freakin' f+3 =P
    f,f+1+2,1+2... not that easy to connect.
    f+3; f,f+3... I HATE Ling.
    df+3... yeah yeah...
    f,f+3... if you want them standing to play some back turned games.
    I'm not gonna check for this... just take note that some moves that worked with 
    the Norm chars may not work with him or possibly versus Moku-Paul.
    df+4... magically hits... of course... it's Nina
    df+3,2,3... visit Nina's section
    df+3,1,4... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    f+4... Good good.
    b+2,2... may miss... be careful.
    f,f+2... whatever....
    db+4... ankle biters....
    f+3... wow =P
    f+1... so amazing... why 2,2 doesn't work will forever evade me(crap hit 
           detection... damn Namco... why).
    f+4... you know how it goes...
    f+2... eh...
    df+1... yahoo...
    d+1... Hammer action, yeah! Easy!
    DF... Ha, fire with fire... Paul travels better than Hei so it's easier.
    f+3... in the kisser....
    df+4... OF COURSE! Never misses.
    df+2... sheesh, this is worse than an EWGF in some ways... somewhat less 
            damage but so easy.
    3_f+3... just to kill him.
    f+2; df+2... OMG...
    df+1,1... OK....
    f+4... yeah...
    f,f+4... basic....
    db+1... not guaranteed in the normal sense....
    There ya go... happy? Will people stop whining? =P BTW, these moves are not only 
    useful in hitting a Paul PSmasher but also TEND to work against other similar 
    moves that hit hard but knock you kinda far back when you block them such as a 
    Nina Blonde Bomber(f+1+2) or Nina Divine Cannoner(db+4,3). Oh and... SOME of 
    these attacks only work when Paul does his Smasher in close(WGFs can only be 
    caught on Pauly in close for example)... he's a safer if the he starts it from 
    farther away.
    ** Ultimate Punishment Timing ************************************************
    More than once have I seen the question asked on the timing of this move, well 
    here it is, it's really not hard. The official motion is:
    db+1+2(or from a running tackle); 2,d+1,1; 4,1,1+2
    Paul tackles, after the pink throw spark tap 2, then HOLD down and mash left 
    punch till the first right punch(2) actually hits Paul's opponent, then input 
    this string quickly(it's not hard at all):(4,1,1+2), remember you can can HOLD 
    the 1 in this string to make it (4,1#,+2), now this final string must be input 
    before the final gut punch hits(if you mess up, at the final gut punch you will 
    hear the opponent groan when the gut punch hits).
    BTW the Ultimate Punishment is unbreakable once the first right punch 
    connects... better parry it >=)
    ** Tackle Punch Reverse ******************************************************
    Back from Tekken 2... thought gone... thought lost forever... recently 
    rediscovered... Tackle Punch Reversal... *hushed awe* (OK, enough of that).
    The command for the Tackle Punch Reversal is 1,1,2 and can only reverse right 
    punches... but there's a nice trick that goes along with this... if you do the 
    motion as 1,1 BEFORE the Tackle Punch PARRY WINDOW and then press 2 DURING the 
    regular Tackle Punch PARRY WINDOW if Paul's Tackler does any kind of punch Paul 
    is covered =) You see the 1,1,2 will REVERSE right punches BUT the final input 
    of the REVERSE is ALSO the left punch PARRY. Just make sure you hit 1,1 BEFORE 
    the window for parries opens. If you want to check for the window go to Pmode 
    and check out Jin tackling and then right punching once against Paul with Freeze 
    Signal turned on(try recording Jin tackling and right punching). When Paul turns 
    green for a little bit that's when the Tackle Punch Parry window is open. Now 
    this double punch protection is good but it leaves precious little time to 
    parry(by doing this Punch Protection you can't do an Arm or Leg Bar REVERSE but 
    can still do the Arm or Leg Bar PARRY) any Arm Bars certain characters may throw 
    at Pauly, but it can be done... just not easily, need quick fingers and 
    practice. Also I don't think it's possible to Tackle Punch Reverse after the 
    first set of three punches but I will keep trying and testing.
    ** Reversal Stuff ************************************************************
    The formula for reversal damage is [base damage/2]+25
    If Paul's right kick is reversed by Paul, he can tech roll when he hits the 
    floor to escape. He raises with his back turned....
    Paul can't reverse Yoshi's sword attacks...
    He can reverse Eddy's (fc)3+4.
    ** Reverse Hop Kick **********************************************************
    When Paul is back turned try uf+4. This means UP-TOWARDS your opponent. This 
    pretty much sucks for Paul(his back turned juggle hop kick has less range... 
    u+4) but could be useful in gaining distance and keeping your back turned(bleh). 
    There is a way to do the reg back turned jugg hop kick however ^_^ But I'm not 
    sure if it's either:
    u+4~uf or u~uf+4 (and remember uf is Up-TOWARDS your opponent)
    Hard to always nail but it does work :D
    ** While Standing Ten Hit ****************************************************
    Paul has a weird property when cutting off one of his ten hits early. If you 
    stop the ten string and press any button AFTER the input to actually continue 
    the ten string will be ACCEPTED but before he recovers from the move he will 
    finish the string with (ws) properties(and he seems slightly more stunned). This 
    only works in the following string where I have marked it with stars:
    The effect is obvious as it greatly changes Paul's animations(if you press the 
    button early enough) if you pay close attention to not pressing any of the 
    buttons a few extra times(like I usually do :) ). Paul naturally seems to 
    recover (ws) at the first 4 and the 3rd 2... It's hard to test since any 
    button(1,2,3,4) will cause the alternate (ws) status so I could be mistaken 
    about that.
    * Juggles(Combos)
    ** Normal Juggles ************************************************************
    Starter; Juggle (Damage) Notes
    uf+4 (15)
       ^; f+3 (46) Show your mad skillz
       ^; db+1; (fc)df+2,1 (45; Law+) Harder than above however.
       ^; uf+3,4 (39) Less damage but you are given time to run in and play with 
                      some okizeme.
               ^; d+1 (47) Fickle... 
       ^; df+1 (24)
             ^; uf+3,4 (40-50) Damage depending on what character(smaller is 
             ^; f,f+1,2; f+1+2 (50)
             ^; f+4; f+1+2 (48)
             ^; f,f; db+1; (fc)df+2,1 (51; Bryan+) Hard to get if the hop kick 
                                                   connects from a distance.
       ^; f,f+3,4,4 (54) Nice, easy and powerful(for a Paul jugg)... the last kick
                         may miss if you don't time the first jump kick to hit as 
                         late as possible.
       ^; 1; SB+3-2,1 (50) Bleh, timing is hard if you don't want techs... not to
                           mention that the elbow tends to miss anyway unless you 
                           get the hop kick really close.
       ^; SB+3-2,1 (52) Gotta do that sway+3 very quick and correctly to not have 
                        this be techable.
       ^; f+4 (31)
            ^; f,f+1 (33) Do the jab almost immediatly, trust me.
                   ^; f+1+2 (49) Takes timing....
                   ^; DF (49)
            ^; f+1+2 (47)
            ^; DF (52)
       ^; d+4,2 (44)
       ^; n+1
            ^; uf+3,4 (48)
            ^; f,f; db+1; (fc)df+2,1 (51; Bryan+)
       ^; n+2 (31; Law+)
            ^; uf+3,4 (51)
            ^; f,f; db+1; (fc)df+2,1 (54; Bryan+)
    ET (26)
          ^; SB+3-2,1 (59) ... GOH!
          ^; f,f+3,4,4 (64) Mmmm... get those kicks out quick. 
          ^; f+4; f+1+2 (52-58) I usually miss this juggle but it is possible for 
                                it to be non techable.
     ^(ch) <--This stun is escapable by holding forward.
         ^; Any ET(queek), uf+4, df+2 juggle, or throw can connect after this.
         ^; uf,4; f,f+3,4,4 (94) That's one spicia meatball =)
         ^; uf+4; f,f+3,4,4 (76) Look above... that jump kick smarts.
         ^; ET; f,f+3,4,4 (87) I dare you to try this in an actual fight =P Looks
         ^; DF (52-68) Easy... moderately powerful.
         ^; uf+3,4 (62) Simple stuff again.
             ^; f,f+4 (46) Since they can't tech this you might want to give them 
                           a chance(less than a quarter of a second) to get up and
                           then have this move slam em back to the ground at your 
                           feet, then you can do a (fc)df+3 to hit them again.
             ^; f,f; f+1+2 (63; Gunjack+) This is just a forward dash then f+1+2 
                                          God Hammer.
             ^+(bk); f,f+3,4 (64; Togre only) Practice mode silliness... hard 
                                              (lucky) to get, but it does work.
            ^+(very close to close) f+4 (67)
            ^+(very close to medium) df+4 (60)
            ^+(far) (41) Nothing guaranteed =(
            ^+(very far) d+1 (51) Only guaranteed if at the tip of the f+1+2's 
                                  range... barely guaranteed.
                ^; n+1,4 (20_28)
                ^; f+1,2,3 (32_41)
          ^; Any Throw... this only works off the f+1, NOT the n+1
          ^; f+4 (33)
    (n_f)+1,2; n+1,4 (31) Gotta get those first jabs in REAL close... I mean it!
            ^; db+3 (50)
            ^; d+1 (56)
            ^; f+1+2 (73; Gunjack+) They can move but they can't escape :)
        ^; DF (49)
        ^; f+1+2 (51)
        ^; f+1+4 (42)
            ^; (ws)4; d+1 (47)
            ^; (fc)df+1; uf+3,4 (47)
            ^; (fc)df+1; (fc)df+1; (fc)df+2,1 (54; Bryan+)
        ^; f,f; 1+2 (124-130) I've gotten this as a juggle if you time the 1+2 
                              press well but usually it just hits as them on 
                              the floor(which is better damage-wise).
        ^; f,f; 4 (113-120) Easier than the above to time correctly, however it's 
                            weaker and you're more vulnerable afterwards.
          ^; 2; uf+3,4 (32) Easy cheesy.
          ^; db+2; (fc)df+2,1 (33) Looks like you're cool =)
          ^; 1; SB+3-2,1 (39) I ALWAYS mess the sway up :( Non techable if done 
           ^; f+3 (56)
           ^; f,f; SB+3-2,1 (58-62)
           ^; DF (59-66) DF... the answer...
           ^; f,f+3,4,4 (69) *nods in approval*
          ^; DF (63) I ain't done with you yet....
    ** Funky Side Juggles vs Togre ***********************************************
    ET(sd-ch); SB+3(jsd),2(ho),1(jsd); d+1(fo),2(fo) Togre can air-tech at the 
                                                     elbow... still looks great.
    My Personal Records
    Eh... just wanted to pad my FAQ with useless info :) Anyway, I know I could 
    lower some of these down by a lot(like Ling's) but I'm kinda lazy... the only 
    one I kinda care about right now is Bosco's cause I just want him below 4 
    minutes and then I'd be happy(and beat this guy, at 
    aros.net/~kgcampb/tekken.html ! Konqrr! Mwuahaha! Goto his site...)....
    ** Time Attack ***************************************************************
     Character   Time
    Xiaoyu      1'59"53
    Paul        2'16"06
    True Ogre   2'33"31
    Heihachi    2'34"56
    Gun Jack    2'42"70
    Lei         2'44"70
    Bryan       2'47"85
    Yoshimitsu  2'50"88
    Jin         3'01"73
    Law         3'24"33
    Anna        3'31"23
    Ogre        3'44"91
    King        3'47"46
    Gon         3'49"76
    Kuma        3'50"46
    Nina        3'50"85
    Eddy        3'54"73
    Hwoarang    3'59"63
    Julia       4'05"70
    Mokujin     4'15"16
    Doctor.B.   4'24"35
    ** Survival ******************************************************************
    Survival is damn stupid... once you find the "cheese" the thing is practically 
    pointless(I've heard of scores over 1000 from Japan), unlike Time Trial IMO, and 
    can last forever... again unlike Time Trial since it's kind of fun to find new 
    ways to trick the AI into giving up the most damaging hits and once you start 
    "grinding the metal" it starts relying on luck which can be cathartic(Survival 
    is just boring). Anyway I'll just post my highest... since that's all that 
    matters(should be like Time where you have to get one for each character).
    1st Heihachi  58 WINS
    These are my own personal scores if you have a tip on how to do better at Time 
    or Survival... WTH, go ahead and send it to me :)
    I hope you enjoyed this FAQ :) If you have anything to ask, correct or expand 
    upon feel free to send an email my way(Notti: mahgnitton@hotmail.com ). If 
    anyone's interested I also wrote a Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ dealing in the same 
    way with that game... factoids and details, secrets and tricks. Look for this 
    FFT FAQ at Gamefaqs in the Playstation section( 
    http://gamefaqs.com/console/psx/faq/final_fantasy_tactics_deep_dungeon_a.txt ) 
    or at the following places:
    ~All the peoples on Tekken message boards I've been going to since the Tekken 
    Web Project board in 1996(right after T3 was released 100% in the 'cades).
    -TWP MB
    -Tekken Online MB
    -TIC MB
    -Twisted Tekken MB
    -BMW's MB
    -Tekken Obsession MB
    -Tekken.net MB
    -Tekken Salute MB
    -TTT.com MB
    -Tekken Insider MB
    ~Specifically Slikatel, Tragic, Jarney, Catlord, Castel, and THE Faceless Master 
    for their awesome sites, guides, FAQs, movies and general generosity to the 
    Tekken Community at large.
    ~Persieveal, 1Truking, Vacadian Varlox, KOFTEKKEN, TSN, BMW, Dean Nakanishi, 
    Gospel, Geese Howard, Armor Khan... In the past and present I admire your 
    technical Tekken knowledge and general all around coolness =)
    ~Jorkie - for posting Bosco "True Stance" info.
    ~Dragon Knighto - for some awesome Bosco juggles(b+2 flips)+Bosco info.
    ~KOFTEKKEN - for some Hei f,f,f+3(bl) follow ups(df+1,2).
    ~Red King - for some Hei f,f,f+3 follow ups((sc)d+1,2).
    ~NAMCO - Could I forget Namco? Nah. I love this game. Thank you :)
    Well you're done with the FAQ and now you must move on... here are some places 
    to visit on the internet for further Tekken goodness(of course if some place new 
    opens up don't forget to tell me)....
    ~Tekken Boards... you may find me here :)
    ~Tekken IRC channels, I don't IRC but if you do...(are these correct... old??)
    ~Tekken Sites, the best is here, learn more about Tekken, find Tekken media...
    ~Tekken Web Rings....
    ~Find more about Tekken and other games....
    ~You MIGHT find some good Tekken posts on usenet... *general news groups*
    ~Other Fighting Game/General boards...
    ~Tekken Time Trials(where's Tekken 1?!?!? I got 45 secs with Lee)...
    ~You want this...
    ~The origin of the Body Switch Tekken 3 GS codes...
    ~The original Kazuya in Tekken 3 PSX... is it for real??? You'll never know!!!
    ~Simply must check out... I can't wait for Tekken 4 ;P~ Asuka!!!!

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