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    Basics Guide by BMW

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                      ******                           ******
                      ******** BMW's TEKKEN 3 Basics ********
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         This document may 1. not be reproduced and sold for profit,
    2. be redistibuted only in it's entirety by electronic or printed
    format, or with the EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT of BMW.
         Do you want to become better at Tekken 3? Are you tired of losing
    no matter how fast you hit the buttons or how hard you yank the
    controller? Are you fed up with people looking at you as if you were
    retarded, as if you were a nasty-looking rash at the base of someone
    else's scrotum? Well, keep reading, lost soul, because I have the cure
    for your disease, and you're about to O.D. on it.
    lp = left punch    rp = right punch       I will use clock times to
    lk = left kick     rk = right kick        denote positioning. i.e.
                                              12:00 = towards the game,
    Controller:                               6:00 = towards you.
    d = tap down            D = hold down
    df = tap down-forward   DF = hold down-forward
    f = tap forward         F = hold forward
    uf = tap up-forward     UF = hold up-forward
    u = tap up              U = hold up
    ub = tap up-back        UB = hold up-back
    b = tap back            B = hold back
    db = tap down-back      DB = hold down-back
    H = high attack         M = medium attack          L = low attack
    ******THE BASICS********************************************************
    >>Hand Positioning<<
         When holding the joystick, some part of the palm of your left
    hand should be resting on the game deck. This helps to stabilize your
    hand while you are performing some of the more complicated maneuvers.
    You should encircle the joystick with your hand, but the joystick
    should only come in contact with your thumb and your forefinger(your
    forefinger should be curved slightly around the middle of the
    controller). Don't grasp the controller tightly: it takes very little
    force to move the stick, and you shouldn't be using much more than that.
    Never yank the controller in any direction.
         Your right hand should be raised slightly above the control deck,
    with the tips of your fingers resting just above the tops of the
    buttons. I would suggest you have your index finger above lp, your
    middle finger above rp, and your thumb above lk. In general, I wouldn't
    recommend using your other two fingers because it is difficult to keep
    the first two stable while you are moving them. However, some moves
    require you to press all four buttons at the same time, and since you
    can't press four buttons with three fingers, you should use a fourth
    finger or the palm of your hand to complete these moves. Also, your
    fingers should always return to their "home" positions(lp,rp,lk) after
    completing a move.
         The most important thing I have to say about how you hold the
    controls is...relax, let your hands fall into the above positions
    comfortably. I was once playing a super-smasher who actually had to
    forfeit because his hand cramped up on him. Now that guy wasn't
    >>Button Combinations<<
         Multiple-button combinations should be completed with stiff
    fingers, single-button presses should be done with a relaxed(but not
    too relaxed) tap. When/If you use the palm of your hand for three- or
    four-button combinations, you should arc your fingers slightly in a
    backwards fashion, thus causing your palm to be as flat as possible.
    Three-button combinations should be completed as follows. A lp+rp+lk
    combo should be completed with your index finger, middle finger, and
    thumb, respectively. A lp+rp+rk should be completed with your palm(your
    fingers should point towards the 10:30 position, and you should move
    your thumb so as to make a backwards "L" shape with your hand to
    refrain from accidentally hitting lk). For a lp+lk+rk combo, you
    should use your index finger, thumb, and the third knuckle of your
    middle finger, respectively. And a rp+lk+rk combo should be completed
    with your palm(your fingers should point towards the 1:30 position, and
    your thunb should again make a backwards "L" shape with your hand).
    Two-button combos are easiest as follows: index and thumb for lp+lk or
    rp+rk, index and middle for lp+rp or lk+rk, middle and index for rp+lk,
    and index and thumb for lp+rk, respectively. Which finger you use for
    single-button taps is up to you, but be as ready as possible for the
    next tap/combo(if there is one). By the way, any of the above info can
    be altered(at your discretion) to better suit you or the move/
    move-string you are performing.
    ******WHAT DOES WHAT****************************************************
    F      - walk forward                      lp     - punch (H)
    B      - walk backward/block H or M        rp     - punch (H)
    D      - crouch                            lk     - kick (H)
    DF     - crouch and walk forward           rk     - kick (H)
    DB     - crouch and walk backward/block L  df+lp  - uppercut (M)
    U      - jump                              df+rp  - uppercut (M)
    UF     - jump towards opponent             df+lk  - kick (M)
    uf     - hop towards opponent              df+rk  - kick (M)
    UB     - jump away from opponent           uf+lk/rk - hop kick
                                                             ub     - hop away from
     opponent                               UF+lk/rk - jump kick towards opponent
    u      - sidestep away from screen         ub+lk/rk - hop kick away (M)
    d      - sidestep towards screen           UB+lk/rk - jump kick away (M)
    f,f    - quick dash forward                lp+lk  - throw (H)
    b,b    - quick dash backward               rp+rk  - throw (H)
    f,f,F  - run(if you're far enough away)    b,b,ub - backflip away
    (While Running)
    lk     - rushing hop kick(M)
    rk     - sliding sweep(L)
    lp+rp  - flying cross chop(M)
    Note   - If you don't press a button while running, your character will
             perform a Running Shoulder Ram or the Ultimate Tackle.
    ******DEFENDING YOURSELF************************************************
         Attacks come in three basic levels: high, medium, and low. High
    attacks can either be blocked(B) or ducked under(D). Medium attacks can
    be blocked(B), but they cannot be ducked under. Low attacks can either
    be blocked(DB) or jumped over(U), although jumping over a low attack is
    a very risky maneuver. A lot of attacks can also be sidestepped(u or
    d). The best thing you can do to defend yourself is know how the
    character attacking you attacks. Does he use a lot of high attacks? If
    so, duck and punch or kick. Does he use a lot of low attacks? If so,
    hop and kick. Try sidestepping his attack and then attack him(my
    favorite). You can reverse attacks, that is, grab an attackers arm or
    leg and use the force of his own attack against him. Reversals are a
    special maneuver that not all characters have. It requires a button and
    joystick combination that is specific to different characters and those
    motions are not within the scope of "Tekken 3 Basics". And, finally,
    you can counter an attack(basicly a reversal without the high damage).
    Be warned, though, throws are unblockable(but not uncounterable), and
    all characters have at least one unblockable attack.
         Three words. Mix it up. Punch high or low, uppercut, kick high,
    medium, low, and go for a throw every now and then. As soon as you
    become predictable, you become destroyed. But know exactly what you're
    doing at all times. Never "mash" the buttons, hoping that Eddy will do
    something neat. When people try doing the masher thing with me, they
    usually get in one decent attack; right before they're K.O.'d. Don't be
    a "masher", because at the arcade, there is no difference between a
    masher and a loser.
    P.S. If your looking for a good Tekken 3 move list that has individual
    character moves, Surfbard makes a fine FAQ. His web site is located at:

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