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    Eddy by Ozman

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    ---Eddy FAQ---
    The one and only, COMPLETE BUTTON MASHERS guide to...
      _________       |      |
     /                |      |
     |            ____|  ____| ___    ___
     |________   /    | /    |  |      |
     |          |     ||     |  |      |
     |          |     ||     |  |      |
     \_________  \____| \____|   \____/|
               Version 1.0             |
               by ()zMAN!!  ___________|
    (c)copyrite ()zMAN!! August 31st 1997
    Can be re-distributed, in it's original form, without any changes.
    	MONO-WHATSIT, you get the idea, I'm sure you will!!!
    	et cetera!
    |Contents: |
    1.  Whats new, amd revisions!
    2.  Button Mashing & why!
    3.  Eddy Move list.
    4.  Why moves are important.
    5.  How to progress from Button Mashing.
    6.  How to look more sofisticated.
    7.  What I have to say...
    8.  Thanx to.
    |Whats new and revisions |
    Version number - what's new??
    version 0.5 - Started this FAQ, therefore it's all new!!!
    version 1.0 - Info on Tiger!
    |Button Mashing and why!|
    First of all think of button mashing as an art form.  If you are an
    experienced Tekken3 player, try to button mash.  I bet you can't!  That's
    because, button mashing is a step on the road to becoming  good player.  If
    you see a masher, fight against them and try to teach them something.  These
    people are often very willing to learn.  Every single thing you teach them
    they will try.  And remember, if you hate mashers, the more of them you help
    become decent players, the less mashers there will be!!
    |Eddy's move list and why Eddy? |
    For those of you who no very little about Tekken but really wanna give it a
    don't think "Oh no, hes gonna laugh at me", just try and pick Eddy.  The
    easiest wayto mash with Eddy, is to hold either Down, or Back and whack
    the bottom 2 buttons. (3+4)  If you continue to whack them in varied patterns
    eg, 3+4, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4, 3+4.  You will see Eddy do handstands and kicks and
    a heap of other things.  The first time I tried this I got to stage 3 with
    2 Perfects!!!  If you come up against Hwoarang, just go sic!  He is Eddy's
    worst nightmare.  The main thing is to remember that if you loose at least
    you had a go and proberbly learnt something, weather it be tactic, moves 
    that hit, or just how to press the buttons.  These all help you progress to
    becoming a better player!!
    For those of you who have mashed and know a little bit about Eddy, here is
    Eddys move-list!
     -Key-            -Button Config.-    -Joystick Config.-
                        _____  _____         UB U UF
    1 - LP             |     ||     |         \ | /
    2 - RP             |__1__||__2__|    B_____\|/_____F
    3 - LK              _____  _____           /|\
    4 - RK             |     ||     |         / | \
    f - tap forward    |__3__||__4__|        DB D DF
    b - tap backward
    d - tap down
    u - tap up
    db - tap down backward
    df - tap down forward
    uf - tap up forward
    ub - tap up backwards
    F - Hold forward
    B - Hold backward
    D - Hold down
    U - Hold up
    DF - Hold down forward
    DB - Hold down backward
    UF - Hold up forward
    UB -  Hold up backwards
    ss - any direction sidestep
    ssr - sidestep right
    ssl - sidestep left
    hs - handstand position
    gr - grounded position
    (WS) - while standing - when in the process of getting up)
    , - then
    ~ - quickly then
    + - and (together)
    (!) - Unblockable
    (J) - Juggle hit
    (*) - Stuns
    If you are even bothered.  The punch buttons will select Eddy wearing
    green and yellow!  The Kick will make him wear purple and blue and wear
    cool glasses.  And START will make him TIGER!  He is a 70's dude.  He has an
    Afro and Huge Bell-Bottoms and long Sideys and weird glasses!  He's like
    Jimmy Hendrix in a fighting game. (Without the Guitar!!)
    If the move is indented 
    e.g db+4
    it means it can only be done after the move before it is.  Most of these
    are Eddy's stance changes!
    |Eddy's Movelist...|
    180 degree leg toss - 1+3
    Handstand Franken Steiner - 2+4
    b - f+1+2 (b, db, b, df, f+1+2) - Spinning hip toss
    ssr, 1+3 - turning neck kick
    ssl, 1+3 - side flip
    Back throw!
    1+2 - Flipping leg toss
    1, 2 - one, two (punches)
    db+4 - barb wire (kick)
        ~B - into hs (stance change)
    f, f+3+4 - Boomerang kick (kick)
    f, f+4, 4 - Leaping kick (kick)
    f, f+4, 3 - Low leaping kick (kick)
    uf+3+4 - jumping kick (kick)
          ~D - into gr (stance change)
    uf+4 - hopping roundkick (kick)
    4~3 - moon sattelite (kick)
       rk - bazooka kick (kick)
       lk - moon sattelite on ground (kick)
         ~B - into gr (stance change)
         ~D - into gr (stance change)
         4 - sweep (kick)
         3 - sweep (kick)
          4 - high kick (kick)
         3~4 - spinning sweep (kick)
         4~3 - whirlwind kick (kick)
            ~B - into hs (stance change)
         1+2 - crying needle (punch)
         1+2, 1+2 - double crying needle (punch)
    3~4 - vault sweep (kick)
       ~B - into hs (stance change)
       ~D - into gr (stance change)
       4, 4 - ground kick's (kick)
           ~B - into hs (stance change)
           ~D - into gr (stance change)
    db+3+4 - windup ground kick (!) (kick)
    df+3+4 - wheel kick (kick)
    db+3, 4 - bushwacker (kick)
    f+4 - monkey kick (kick)
       3~4 - vault sweep (kick)
    f, f+3 - Lunge kick (kick)
          ~B - into hs (stance change)
          ~D - into gr (stance change)
    b+rk - arching kick (kick)
        4 - flapjack (kick)
         3+4 - sommersault (movement)
        3 - kick (kick)
         3 - rolling kick (kick)
         4, 4 - 2x rolling kick (kick)
        ~B - into hs (stance change)
    f+3 - into hs, kick (stance change, kick)
    df+3 - into hs (stance change)
        ~D - into gr (stance change)
        1+2 - rollout punch (punch)
        u+3+4 - fire kick (kick)
             ~D - into gr (stance change)
             ~B - into hs (stance change)
        d+3+4 - stake kick (kick)
             ~B - into hs (stance change)
             ~D - into gr (stance change)
        3 - low kick (kick)
         ~B - into hs (stance change)
         ~D - into gr (stance change)
        4 - hs kick (kick)
         ~B - into hs (stance change)
         ~D - into gr (stance change)
        3 - hs kick (kick)
         3~4 - vault sweep (kick)
    b+3 - knee strike (kick)
    df+1 - elbow strike (punch)
    df+2 - elbow strike (punch)
    df+4 - low leg kick (kick)
    (WS), 4 - round kick (kick)
    (WS), 3+4 - flapjack kick (kick)
    3+4 - standing flapjack kick (kick)
    d+1+2 - standing crying needle
    1+2 - chain hit
       3 - kick, into gr (kick, stance change)
       d+4 - twist kick (kick)
       u+3 - jumping kick (kick)
       3+4, 3+4, 3+4 - twisting kick combo (kicks)
       1+2 - elbow srike (punch)
    ss, 3+4, 3+4, 3+4 - twisting kick combo (kicks)
    ss, 3 - ground sattelite, into gr (kick, stacnce change)
    ss, 1+2, lk - elbow strike, wheel kick (punch, kick)
    ss, 4, 4 - 2xsweep (kicks)
    ss, 4, 3+4 - sweep, summersault (*) (kick, movement)
    ss, 4~3 - high kick (kick)
           ~B - into hs (stance change)
           ~D - into gr (stance change)
    ss, 3+4 - flip (movement)
           u+3 - wheel kick (kick)
           U+3, 4 - wheel kick, round kick (kicks)
           d+3+4 - sweep (kick)
                ~D - into gr (stance change)
    ss, 3+4, 3+4 - 2x flip kick (kicks)
                d+3+4 - sweep (kick)
                     ~D - into gr (stance change)
    db+3, 3, 4, 4 - low kick combo (kicks)
    =-=-=-SPECIAL COMBO-=-=-=
    eight hit combo:
    4~3, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3+4, 3+4, 3+4
    |Why moves are important|
    The main reason that you need to use moves is to put some variation into your
    attacks.  This will (hopefully) leave your opponent confused,
    Eddy is alredy an extremely confusing character so to learn to use him well
    will make him impossibly confusing and hard to follow (for the opponent)
    |How to progress from button mashing|
    The first and most important of all is to figure out a few things and do them,
    even if they are cheap, you will know what you are doing.  Knowing what you
    are doing is he most important thing.  If you do a vault sweep, and think, 
    I meant to do that, then you are on the right track.
    If you see someone else using Eddy and they are pretty good, (and they don't
    look like they'll eatcha) say to them, "Hey, your pretty good, can you teach
    me to play like that, or can you teach me to be better?"
    The best way to learn is to be taught while you are seeing what it is doing.
    Reading this FAQ 400 times and being able to recite how to do the moves, to
    the exact detail, is  no good if you can't see what the moves are.
    On a day (if you know you are going to play as Eddy) read this FAQ, and 
    remember how to do, say 5 moves, and their extentions (if applicable) and try
    to use them.  Then the next day pick another 3, and try them and still use
    the first 5.  If you use them in 2 days you can KNOW how to do 8 moves.  On
    top of the Mashing 8 moves is very helpful.  If you do that for 2 weeks going
    to the arcades 5x a week,  you will KNOW 35 or so moves!!!  That is a big step
    out of mashing.  But the most important thing is experience!!!!
    |How to look sofisticated, and not like a masher|
    One of the important things about getting people to help you, is if they think
    you are at least an OK Tekken player and will be willing to learn and 
    understand what they are saying, and not go "Duh, which wun is rite kikk, and
    lefff froes?"!!! (with spit going everywhere!)  
    One thing that can make you look better is to not grip the stick, so that 
    you're knuckles are white, but more importantly place the palm of your hand on
    the side of the stick, apart from looking better this allows you to tap and
    HOLD with greater ease.
    Another thing is try not to be really cheezey (do the same thing because it 
    always hits) even to a computer opponent and especially not to a human.
    If you are going to ask someone for help go to them and ask them nicely and
    sya "look, I'm not that good, but I'd really like to learn...etc."  If you do
    this and then don't act like a complete idiot, you will proberbly find a
    person who is willing to teach you.
    |What I have to say to y'all|
    This is a FYI section, about me and this FAQ.  I wrote this FAQ B'cuz I wanted
    2.  I thought it can't be that hard and it wasn't really!!
    If you have any fixes or anything you'd like me to add to this FAQ, Email me
    at: gazman@cyberspace.net.au  I will be happy to hear constructive critisim,
    info. for this FAQ, and of course fixes or faults in it!
    Or just Email me if you want to chat with someone about Tekken3 and/or
    fighting games in general!!
     //                       \\
    ||EMAIL ME AT:             ||
    ||gazman@cyberspace.net.au ||
    Even mashers can benefit from this FAQ!!
    |Thanks to the following jolly chappies|
    -=-=Nathan Ryan, for being a great friend and forwarding some FAQ's to me!!
    -=-=SurfBard, for his great FAQ!!  I've read a stack and amm waiting for the
    next constantly!!!
    -=-=CatLord, the same as SurfBard!!!
    -=-=Sanger, for replying to all my Emails, with Q's abou T3!
    -=-=Faceless Master, for replying to the Emails that I sent him!!
    -=-=Anyone else I should've included but didn't!  (Email me or tell me)
    -=-=Anyone who is reading this and is finding helpful, even in the slightest.
    it is a load of crap, you can shove it *************************************

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