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    Eddy by SAshanti

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    (version 43.99)
    by Jamun the Uncauziesh One
    secret identity of AfroMan the everlasting...
    but you can call me LORD MASTER OF colligreens or somethin
    but Uncauzi will do I guess ;)
    then again if you meet me on the street the name is
    Sean....Sean D. Ashanti, cool huh? Just don't get me
    mad or AfroMan will come and get yah, teehee..
    catch copy - revenger from prison
    nationality - Brazil
    fighting style - Capoeira
    age - 27
    height - 188cm
    weight - 75kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - none
    hobby - monarchism
    likes - power and chicks
    dislikes - powerlessness 
    Eddy was born in one of the most wealthy families in Brazil. As a 
    successor of his father's enterprise, Eddy was an excellent student 
    in the study of monarchism; he was famous for his diligentness and 
    the gentle characteristic in town. At the age of 19, one day after 
    school, Eddy found his father dying in blood. His father told him 
    that a syndicate had attempted to kill him. He had planned to 
    eliminate drug syndicates which spoil the country. Getting enough
    information to procecute the syndicate and being about to execute, 
    he was attacked by them. His last word was "it's not the right time
    to fight now. Take the guilt of homicide and hide yourself in the
    Fallen from an excellent student, he was imprisoned as a criminal.
    The life in the prison was practically a living hell. He cried 
    every day at his powerlessness which eventually turned into a 
    grudge against the syndicate which killed his father. One day a 
    riot arose in the prison,and Eddy saw an extraordinary incident. 
    Fascinated by the power of an old man, Eddy went to the old man
    and asked what was the art he used,Capoeiristas. Obtaining power
    was his first priority, he thought. Then he was trained by the old 
    man. 8 years had passed since his inprisonment. 
    At the age of 27, Eddy's Capoeiristas had turned into the lethal 
    weapon driven by his pledge to revenge on the syndicate. Released 
    from the prison, he heard a rumor about "the King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament" and noticed the existance of the Mishima Empire. 
    Having an idea to use the great power of Mishima group and take 
    revenge on the syndicate, Eddy decided to attend the tournament.
    |First Things First|
    A word of warning..playing Eddy will cause you to be disliked, 
    hated and ridiculed and under the best circumstances you may be 
    tolerated although you undoubtedly will recieve death threats 
    from time to time.  Being tolerated is unacceptable, that's why 
    a true Eddy player needs to learn ALL of his transitions for every
    move; such as the standard Jingah position, Grounded position, 
    and the Handstand position.  This will leave your opponent at odds 
    with him/herself as to how to appropriately counter attack and 
    could give you MANY sweet openings to rip him/her a new opening 
    or two :)
    General Abbreviated Translations-
    If you are having difficulty understanding the abbreiviations 
    then lord help you. Or just email me and i'll clear it up for you. 
    Frankly I don't have the patience to write them out right now; 
    sorry boyos :) Maybe in the next version...
    *=tranistion to the grounded position by holding down, 
    **=transition to the handstand position by holding back, 
    ***=transition to both the grounded and the handstand position.)
    (The letters in {} refer to attack level H=High, M=Medium L=Low)
    |Standard Jingah Position| (Crouching/Standing)
    lp+lk-Face Smash {H}
    rp+rk-Leg Toss {H}
    HCF+lp+rp-Spiraling Hip Toss {H}
    from behind- 1+2/3+4 Reverse Frankensteiner {H}
    *Special Techniques
    lp,rp - One-Two {HH}
    f+rp,lp,rk- Slap Kick Combo {HHM}
    d/f+lp_rp- Stun Elbow {M}
    b+lk- Groin Knee {M}
    d/f+lk- Reaching*** {M}
    d/f+rk- Shin Kick {L}
    db+rk - Barbed Wire** {H}
    	(1)rk,rk,rk.....infinite {HHH...}
    f,F+lk+rk- Boomerang Kick {M}
    f,F+rk, rk- Leaping Foot in the face {H}
    f,F+rk, lk- Leaping Foot in the shin {L}
    uf+lk+rk - Jumping Toe-Touch Kick* {H}
    uf+rk- Jumping Roundkick {M}
    rk~lk- Satellite Moon {M}
         	rk- Bazooka Kick {M}
         	lk- Sattelite Ground Kick*** {L}
    lk~rk- Flare Sweep*** {L}
         	rk,rk- Ground Kicks Combo*** {LL}
    	rk,lp+rp,lp+rp {LMM}
    df+lk+rk- Cartwheel Kick {M}
    	rk+lk- flip kick {M}
    f+rk- Monkey Trick** {M}
        	lk~rk- Flare*** {L}
    f,f+lk- Lunging Front Kick*** {M}
    b+rk- Arching Crescent {H}
        	(1)rk,lk+rk- Flip Pounce Combo {HMM}
            (2)lk,lk*** {LM}
    	(3)lk,rk,rk,rk*** {LLLL}
    	(4)lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp {LLMM}
    d+lp+rp- Crying Needle {M}
    	lp+rp- screaming Needle {M}
    (WS)rk- Outside Crescent Kick {M}
    (WS)lk+rk- flip pounce adjustment*** {M}
    lk+rk- side summy** {M}
    db+lk- Low Kick Combo Starter {L}
    	(1)rk,rk,lk+rk {HMM}
    	(2)rk,lk,lk {HLM}
    	(3)rk,lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp {HLLMM}	
    	(4)rk,lk,rk,rk,rk {HLLLL}
    	(5)lk {M}
    Sun Shines- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rp,rk,rk,rk+lk,rk+lk,rk+lk MMHHHHMMMM
    Jahmun- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,rk,rk,rk MMHHLLLL
    Up rockin- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,lk MMHHLM
    Heads up- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp MMHHLLMM
    Thy Kingdom Come- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,b+rk,lk,rk,rk+lk MMHHLHLLM
    Up Rights- rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,db+lk+rk,uf+lk+rk MMHHMMMMH
    |Handstand Position| 
    Throws- ??
    *Special Techniques*
    f- move forwards
    b- move backwards
    u,n- H.S. dodge
    d- H.S. crouch
    d,n- H.S.  dodge
    d,n/u,n+rk/lk- dodge one handed sweep {L}
    f+lk- Handstand Position- Kick {M}
    rk- Chopper {M}
    lk- low split kick*** {M}
    u+lk/rk- Back Down*** {M}
    d+lk+rk- Air Born*** {M}
    lk+rk- Back Fall down*** {M}
    lk~rk- Flare*** {L}
    lp- roll out punch {M}
    	~lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp {LLMM}
    	~lk,(wait until end of sweep)..b+rk,rk,lk+rk {LHMM}
    	~lk,rk,rk,rk** {LLLL}
    	~lk,lk** {LM}
    	~lk,b+rk,lk,b+rk....(infinite{can cancel b+rk ender} 
    rp- roll out punch
    	~rk,lk {LL}
    	~u+lk {MM}	
    |Grounded Postition| 
    *Throws- ???(and very doubtful)
    *Special Techniques
    lk~rk- Dah Dozens {M}
    rk~lk- Whirlwind** {LL}
    lk,rk- Groud kick,jumpkick {MM}
    rk,lk+rk- Ground kick, summy {MM}
    lk+rk- side summy {M}
    lp+rp,lp+rp- rising needle {MM}
    down- standard grounded postion -
    |Side Stepping| 
    2+4 Arm Bar Toss H
    1+3 Leg Clip H
    *Special Techniques
    rp- Chopsies (bounces opponent on counter-hit) {M}
    lp+rp,lk- Double backfist Cartwheel {HHM}
    lp+rp,rk- Double backfist Reahing kick {HHM}
    lk- Satellite ground Kick*** {L}
    rk- One Handed Sweep {L}
    rk, rk- One handed double sweep {LL}
    rk, lk+rk- One handed sweep Summy(stuns) {LM}
    rk~lk- Entering Heaven** {H}
    lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk- Triple Pounce combo {MMM}
    u+lk,lk- Skull kick, cartwheel kick {MM}
    u+lk,lk,u+rk- Skull kick, cartwheel kick,forward roundhouse {MMM}
    u+lk,lk+rk- Skull kick, kickout {ML}	
    u+lk,d+lk- Skull kick,dodging one handed sweep, {ML}
    d/b+lk+rk M
    A few tricks of the trade-
    (1) Dodge, dodge a lot, and vary your combos in an attempt 
        to confuse opponent.
    (2) Did I mention Dodge?
    (3) How about varying combos?
    (4) Eddy has an extremely quick recovery time from MOST of his 
        moves,so don't be too careful while playing Eddy; keep in 
        mind that a complacent Eddy is a dead Eddy.
    (5) Eddy has so many different variations moves which look 
        similar if not identical for a reason (so that people can 
        get pissed at you and yell "cheap I blocked that!"), stay 
        aware of your transitions and take the initiative by taking 
        advantage of them.
    (6) Attack! Attack! Attack! but if you are put on the defensive 
        the b+rk combo starter has a LOT of great options and if you 
        see your opponent is stunned by the initial Arching crescent 
        continue with the rk, lk+rk combo for easy massive damage. 
        But if you want to stay on the safe side use Eddys d+rk/d+lk 
        and his standing left kick whenever you see your enemy 
        advancing, his standing left kick has great priority and the 
        damage is considerable making it a viable option. I've kicked 
        Paul out of many of his attacks using this handy simple move
        and it's magnificent versus Ninas, Laws and Hwoarangs. Besides
        these Eddys sidesteps have a great choice of defensive options,
        try practicing the skull kick combos to keep them on their 
        toes. Also when in a jam d/f lk is always a safe bet. Also 
        in case you miss a flip attack b+lk will save your coola more 
        often than not.
    (7) Here is a DO that you should only do once you've got the hang 
        of Eddy.Once you see your opponent backing up immeidiately 
        attack with the Entering Heaven ss+4+3. You must cancel the 
        sidestep in the first maybe 5 or so frames in order for it 
        to connect. If this jumping kick connects then expect a HUGE 
        payoff and a few "cheaps" and "What the Hels" from your 
        competition. You see while backing up there is a HUGE lag 
        before one can defend again and it is much more prevelant 
        in Tekken 3 than in the second installment. If Entering Heaven 
        connects expect a payoff of at least 65%. You should be 
        connecting with their chin right after their initial leap 
    (1) WHATEVER YOU DO do not half complete the Sattelite Moon Kick 
        combos,Eddy will have a LONG pause after the first kick unless 
        you follow up with either the sattelite ground kick or the 
        bazooka kick, this is not a good thing because this means you 
        are comitted to one or the other which spells a Mega Counter 
        opportunity for a seasoned player.
    (2) Do NOT idle in the grounded position versus Paul, Nina, or King 
        unless you truly know what you're doing. In other words if you 
        decide to indulge the grounded position at anytime versus there 
        characters you better act fast or else be double palmed, trip 
        elbowed, or ali kicked to death.
    (3) Do NOT abuse the flare sweeps, unless you mix them up with the 
        lp+rp headbutt. However if your opponent is looking for the 
        headbutt be wary because it is very easy to Mega Counter the 
    (4) Try to stay in the handstand as infrequently as possible and 
        practice dodging from the handstand when in a jam.
    (5) If your opponent somehow makes their way behind you or to the 
        side of you while you are in the handstand position DO NOT 
        continue to attack while Eddy is in the handstand position 
        his moves DO NOT track.  Turn around and continue to piss 
        them off.
    (6) Stay away from holding backwards while attacking for you may
        accidentally transition into an ill timed handstand position.
    (7) Do not give your opponent a breather.Try your best to not 
        allow your opponent to get up and if they lally gag as is 
        expected from some Leis and Eddys do abuse them with 
        SS 4,3+4 (hold down) 4~3. This takes timing but it will 
        definately take an intimidating chunk out of their energy 
        not to mention set you up to bambuzzle them with another 
        string. Since the 4~3 leaves you in the handstand position; 
        your opponent will find it difficult to counter your strings 
        or guess them at such a close proximity while they are 
        standing up.
    MORE TO COME....
    Some juggle stuff
    d/f 3+4, 3~4,4,4
    d/f 3+4, d/f 3+4
    d/f 3+4, ss,3+4,3+4,3+4
    ss 2(MC) 3+4,3+4,3+4
    d/f 3+4 f,f 3+4
    d/f+2,f,f+3+4,ss 4,3
    d/f+2,f,f+3+4,ss,4,3+4,(hold down) 4~3
    d/f+2,f,f+3+4 (if MC bounce) f,f+3+4 (if bounce repeat f,f+3+4) 
    d+3+4,hold down, 3~4/4~3
    from handstand..
    d+3+4,3~4,4,1+2,1+2 (timing is crucial)
    MORE TO COME.....
    if you have any questions email me at:
    JaMun@aol.com (i know it's aol and i am ashamed, no excuses 
    well....bite me, the account will be changed in dah near 
    future, actually as of this version of this faq i don't give a 
    monkeys buttox, but i'm most likely going to be changing location 
    for the reason of my website:THE PROFESSIONAL GAMER ONLINE, more 
    to come on that later and stuff...
    Thanks to:
    Surbard(Cool dude)	 Ploof(P.T.E.E. Part Time Eddy Enthusiast) 	
    Catlord(CanAhWhoopAss)   Richardd(neat website)
    Wangel (for being such a delightful wanker)
    (hmm..all the other folks on IRC for all the abuse they gave me 
    and my Eddy which gave me an uncanny drive to brave unsermountable 
    odds by writing this faq....okay now where's my oscar?)
    Special go to hells to:
    Slikatel allah Robert somethin or other(Leader of Tekken3 
    Tragic allah Ben Cureton (For having a larger ego than me and 
    who I dedicate my oscar too.)
    Namco (For creating such a wonderful game that I'd spend hours 
    on end and not to mention money fittling with awesome juggles 
    bone-crunching multis, and breathtaking counters.)
    The Rest of the people on #Tekken3!!!!!!!!!
    Woof Woof BoWwoW #Tekken3 Representin!!!!!

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