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    Eddy by SurfBard

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/18/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				 Eddy Gordo
    				by SurfBard
    			    Last Update - 4/18/97
    				Version 1.5
    catch copy - revenger from prison
    nationality - Brazil
    fighting style - Capoeira
    age - 27
    height - 188cm
    weight - 75kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - none
    hobby - monarchism
    likes - power
    dislikes - powerlessness
    Eddy was born in one of the most wealthey families in Brazil. As a 
    successor of his father's enterprise, Eddy was an excellent student in 
    the study of monarchism; he was famous for his diligentness and the 
    gentle characteristic in town. At the age of 19, one day after school, 
    Eddy found his father dying in blood. His father told him that a 
    syndicate had attempted to kill him. He had planned to eliminate drug 
    syndicates which spoil the country. Getting information enough to 
    procecute the syndicate and being about to to execute, he was attacked 
    by them. His last word was "it's not the right time to fight now. Take 
    the guilt of homicide and hide yourself in the prison." 
    Fallen from an excellent student, he was imprisoned as a criminal. The 
    life in the prison was practically a living hell. He cried every day at 
    his powerlessness which eventually turned into a grudge against the 
    syndicate which killed his father. One day a riot arose in the prison, 
    and Eddy saw an extraordinary incident. Fascinated by the power of an 
    old man, Eddy went to the old man and asked what was the art he used. It 
    was Capoeiristas. Obtaining power was his first priority, he thought. 
    Then he was trained by the old man. 8 years had passed since his 
    At the age of 27, Eddy's Capoeiristas had turned into the lethal weapon 
    driven by his pledge to revenge on the syndicate. Released from the 
    prison, he heard a rumor about "the King of Iron Fist Tournament" and 
    noticed the existance of the Mishima Empire. Having an idea to use the 
    great power of Mishima group and take revenge on the syndicate, Eddy 
    decided to attend the tournament.
    lp+lk                 - 180-Scoot Leg Toss
    rp+rk                 - Handstand Leg Toss
    b,db,d,df,f+lp+rp     - Spiraling Hip Toss
    (from behind)lp+lk    - Over-The-Top Leg Toss
    *Special Techniques*
    lp,rp                  - One-Two
    db+rk                  - Barbed Wire
         ~B                 - Handstand Position     
    f,f+lk+rk              - Boomerang Kick
    f,f+rk,rk              - Leaping High Kick
    f,f+rk,lk              - Leaping Low Kick
    uf+lk+rk               - Jumping Toe-Touch Kick
            ~D              - Grounded Position
    uf+rk                  - Jumping Roundkick
    rk~lk                  - Satellite Moon
         rk                 - Bazooka Kick
         lk                 - Sattelite Ground Kick
           ~B                - Handstand Position
           ~D                - Grounded Position
    lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep
         ~B                 - Handstand Position
         ~D                 - Grounded Position
         rk,rk              - Ground Kicks Combo
             ~B              - Handstand Position
             ~D              - Grounded Position
    db+lk+rk               - Ground Screw Kick (Unblockable)
    df+lk+rk               - Cartwheel Kick
    db+lk,rk               - Bushwacker
    f+rk                   - Monkey Trick
        lk~rk               - Vault Sweep
    f,f+lk                 - Lunging Front Kick
          ~B                - Handstand Position
          ~D                - Grounded Position
    b+rk                   - Arching Crescent
        rk                  - Flapjack Kick
          lk+rk               - Reverse Somersault
        lk                  - Chain Kick
          lk                 - Roll Kick
          rk,rk              - Roll Kick Combo
           ~B                 - Handstand Position
    f+lk                   - Handstand Position -> Handstand Kick
    df+lk                  - Handstand Position Starter
         ~D                 - Grounded Position
    d+lp+rp                - Crying Needle
    b+lk                   - Knee
    df+rp                  - Stunning Elbow
    df+lp                  - Stunning Elbow
    df+rk                  - Shin Kick
    (WS)rk                 - Outside Crescent Kick
    (WS)lk+rk              - Flapjack Technical
             ~B             - Handstand Position
             ~D             - Grounded Position
    lk+rk                  - Flapjack Kick
    lp+rp                   - Rewinder
         lk                  - Dashing Grounder -> Grounded Position
         d+rk                - Twister
         u+lk                - Jumping Jacks
         lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk   - Triple Flip Combo
         lp+rp               - Spinning Elbows
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk   - Triple Flip Combo
    ss,lk                  - Sattelite Ground Kick -> Grounded Position
    ss,lp+rp,lk            - Spinning Elbows -> Cartwheel Kick
    ss,rk,rk               - Double Sweep
    ss,rk,lk+rk            - Sweep -> Somersault (Stuns)
    ss,rk~lk               - Entering Heaven
            ~B              - Handstand Position
            ~D              - Grounded Position
    ss,lk+rk               - Forward Flip Kick
    ss,lk+rk,u+lk          - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick
    ss,lk+rk,U+lk,rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick -> Roundhouse
    ss,lk+rk,d+lk+rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Sweep
                    ~D      - Grounded Position
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk         - Double Flipkick Combo
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,d+lk+rk - Double Flipkick Combo -> Sweep
                    ~D      - Grounded Position
    f+rp,lp,rk             - Triple Attack Combo
    db+lk,rk,rk,lk+rk      - Sweep -> Arching Crescent -> Flapjack Combo
    db+lk,lk,rk,rk         - Low Blows Combo
    -Grounded Position-
    rk                     - High Sweep
    lk                     - High Sweep
     rk                     - Top Kick
    lk~rk                  - Helicopter Sweep
    rk~lk                  - Whirlwind Kick
        ~B                  - Handstand Position
    lp+rp                  - Crying Needle
    lp+rp,lp+rp            - Double Crying Needle
    -Hanstand Position-
    F                      - Walk Forwards
    B                      - Walk Backwards
    D                      - Handstand Crouch
    ss                     - Dodge
    lp                     - Rollout Punch
    rp                     - Rollout Punch
    lp~lk,lrk,lp+rp        - Rollout Punch Combo
    lp~lk,b+rk,rk,lk+rk    - Rollout Punch Combo
    lp~lk,rk,rk,rk         - Rollout Punch Combo       
     ~B                     - Handstand Position
    lp~lk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo
     ~B                     - Handstand Position
    rp~rk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo  
    u+lk+rk                - Inferno Kick
     ~B                     - Handstand Position
     ~D                     - Grounded Position
    d+lk+rk                - Stakedriver
     ~B                     - Handstand Position
     ~D                     - Grounded Position
    lk                     - Low Split Kick
     ~B                     - Handstand Position
     ~D                     - Grounded Position
    rk                     - Handstand Kick
    lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep
    (Wait)                 - Grounded Position
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk - Tenstring
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk                - Eightstring
    df+lk~B,rp~rk,lp+rp,rk,lk+rk,rk,rk,lk              - Eightstring (unconfirmed)
    rk~lk,rk,rk~lk,rp,rk,lk                            - Sixstring
    *Juggle Combos*
    df+lk+rk                       - Cartwheel Kick
     Some of Eddy's best combos can be started with the Arching Crescent (b+rk).
    Link it to the Flapjack Kick for some good damage, or the Chain Kick to 
    Roll Kick Combo for unpredictability. Other great combo starters include
    the Vault Sweep (lk~rk) and Handstand Position Starter (df+lk). Use these 
    combo starters and switch between high and low attacks to confuse your
     The Handstand and Grounded Positions are key! Don't forget them, and mix
    everything up! The Handstand Position can go into various moves and chains,
    and the Grounded Position can be used to spring up into the Handstand
    Position via sweeps. 
    -VS HUMAN-
     Yeesh. Most people dislike fighting against Eddy because of the fact that 
    he can be EXTREMELY CHEAP in most cases. Mix your attacks up a bit... this 
    not only makes Eddy more difficult to block, but gives you an actual sense 
    of... well... accomplishment. Try to refrain from using the infinite 
    Barbed Wire kicks (db+rk,db+rk,db+rk,db+rk...), and make sure that you don't
    use infinite looping combos... these usually leave you vulnerable to a skilled 
    human opponent. Don't forget the sidestep... it's an important tool. Use 
    it to initiate combos. 
       Example - ss,b+rk,lk,rk,rk - Sidestep -> Arching Crescent -> Chain Kick ->
                                    Roll Kick Combo
    -VS EDDY-
     The key here is in the countering. Mirror your opponent as best as you can;
    if he Vault Sweeps you, block and Vault Sweep back. Use of loop combos will
    help here, but don't overdo it.
     From what I've seen, Eddy's worst nightmare is Hwoarang. You will be easily
    caught and kicked out of the Handstand Position. The best bet here is to
    keep your distance, and counter his attacks with combos beggining with the
    Arching Crescent.
     -VS NINA-
     Nina, to say it plainly, is a BITCH. Your best bet is to go low, and stay
    out of her range. Slow high kicks are Nina's pitfall... take the opportunity
    and sweep.

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