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    Forest Law by Videogameman

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/20/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               The Unofficial
          _____      ___       ____      _____     _____     _________
         |  ___|    / _ \     |  _ \    |  ___|   /  ___|   |___   ___|
         | |__     | | | |    | |_> |   | |_      | |___        | |
         |  __|    | | | |    |    /    |  _|     \___  \       | |
         | |       | |_| |    | |\ \    | |__      ___| |       | |
         |_|        \___/     |_| \_\   |____|    |_____/       |_|
     ____                         /      \         
    |    |                       /        \                            
    |    |                      /          \         |\                /|
    |    |                     /     /\     \        | \      /\      / |
    |    |                    /     /  \     \       |  \    /  \    /  |
    |    |                   /     /____\     \      |   \  /    \  /   | 
    |    |                  /                  \     |    \/      \/    /
    |    |                 /     __________     \     \                /
    |    |___________     /     /          \     \     \      /\      /
    |                |   /     /            \     \     \    /  \    /
    |________________|  |_____/              \____|      \__/    \__/
            Version 1.1 (9-20-99) For Tekken 3 on the Playstation 
        This guide should not be reproduced in any way except on the web. It
    cannot be reproduced on the web without my say so. You must also give the
    author (me) full credit and nothing may be changed. Books and other media
    cannot use anything from this guide. This cannot be reproduced in books
    or any media like it. This guide is copyrighted. All the word art is also
    mine. That cannot be reproduced on the net without my say so. 
        So TTT is out, but there hasn't been a Law Guide out yet (or has
    there?) so I made this one. Acually TTT isn't even in my arcade yet, but
    when it is I might make a Law guide for it (just update this guide with
    hit knew move and vs. guide). Just incase you were wondering why I made a
    guide for Tekken 3 while TTT is coming out. 
    Table of Contents
    I. Into
    II. Table of Contents
    III. Buttons and Movements
    IV. Vocab. Terms
    V. Blocking
      A. Six Types of Blocking
        1. High/Mid Blocking
        2. Low Blocking
        3. Ground 
        4. Throws
        5. Unblockables 
    VI. Side Stepping
      A. Side Step to Avoid Attacks
      B. Side Steping to Confuse
      C. Side Step to Attack
      D. Side Step to Throw
    VII. Running
      A. Running Attacks
         1. Jumping Attacks
         2. Sliding Attacks
         3. Flying Cross Arm
         4. Running Over
         5. Charge
         6. Tackles
    VIII. Law's regular moves and damage
    IX. Law's Special Moves List
      A. Power Hits
      B. Footsie Attacks
      C. Special Attacks
      D. Others
      E. Side Step Attacks
      F. Unblockables 
      G. Throws
    X. Law's Move Analysis
      A. Special Moves
      B. Unblockable
      C. Throws
      D. Ten Hit Strings
    XI. Throws
      A. When to Throw
        1. In Battle
        2. During Stun
        3. Other Set Ups
      B. How to Throw
        1. Regular Throws
        2. Chain Throws
      C. Throw Ranges
    XII. Combos
      A. Types of Combos
        1. Juggle Types
          a. Standard
          b. Unconventional
          c. Floats 
          d. Infinity Combos
        2. Stuns
          a. Stuns to Combo
          b. Stuns to Throw
        3. Staggers
      B. Combo List
      C. Infinity Combo List
    XIV. Wake Up Games
      A. Defence (trying to get up)
        1. Standing Up
        2. Tech Rolls
        3. Rolling into Background
        4. Rolling 
      B. Attacks 
        1. Ankle Kick
        2. Sweep
        3. Mid Kick
        4. Flying Cross Arm
        5. Hand Spring
      C. Offence (Keeping them Down)
    XV. Reversals
      A. Attack Reversals
      B. Attack Reversal Reversals
      C. Thrust Blocks
        1. Mid Thrust Blocks
        2. Low Thrust Blocks
      D. Punch Only Reversals
      E. Kick only Reversals
      F. Special Reversals
    XVI. Throw Reversals
      A. Throws
        1. Throw Reversal Chart
        2. When/How to use Throw Reversal
      B. Tackles
        1. Times for reversal
        2. Tackle Follow ups
      C. Chain Throws
    XVII. Vs.
      A. Types of Playing Styles
        1. Offence
        2. Deffence
      B. You vs. Computer
        1. How to Cheat
      C. Vs. Characters
        1. Anna Williams
        2. Bryan Fury
        3. Dr. Boskonovitch
        4. Eddy Gordo
        5. Forest Law
        6. Gon
        7. Gun Jack
        8. Heihachi Mishima
        9. Hwoarang
        10. Jin Kazama
        11. Julia Chang
        12. King the 2nd
        13. Kuma/Panda
        14. Lei Wulong
        15. Ling Xiaoyu
        16. Mokujin
        17. Nina Williams
        18. Orge
        19. Paul Phoenix
        20. True Orge
        21. Yoshimitsu
    XVIII. Misc. Info
      A. Modes
        1. Arcade
        2. Vs.
        3. Team
        4. Time Attack
        5. Survival
        6. Practice
        7. Tekken Force
        8. Tekken Ball
        9. Threater Mode
      B. Options
      C. Bio
      D. Ending
      E. Winning Pose
    XIX. Credits
    III. Buttons and Movements
    f,F - foward  b,B - back  d,D - down  u,U - up  df,DF - downforward
      db,DB - down back      uf,UF - upforward      ub,UB - upback
        If the letter is not capitalized then you need to tap it.
                       If it is then hold it.
    Also, in some moves (like the Posion Arrow) you must hit the buttons very
    fast, or else the move won't work.
     Arcade Button Settings         Playstation Button Settings
     _______________________    ______________________________________
    |                       |  |                   _____              |
    |    _____     _____    |  |                  /     /             |
    |   |     |   |     |   |  |                 /  2  /              |
    |   |  1  |   |  2  |   |  |       ______   /_____/     _____     |
    |   |_____|   |_____|   |  |      /     /              /     /    |
    |                       |  |     /  1  /              /  4  /     |
    |    _____     _____    |  |    /_____/      ______  /_____/      |
    |   |     |   |     |   |  |                /     /               |
    |   |  3  |   |  4  |   |  |               /  3  /                |
    |   |_____|   |_____|   |  |              /_____/                 |
    |                       |  |                                      |
    |_______________________|  |______________________________________|
                           Special Movements
    ss - Side Step         bt - back turned      fc - fully crouched
    wc - While crouching   ws - while standing   wr - while running 
                           Attack Escapes
    AR - Attack Reversal   ARR - Attack Reversal Reversal
    MT - Mid Thrust Block  LT - Low Thrust Block
    B - Break attacks      0 - Must block attacks
                           Hitting Ranges
    H - High    L - Low    M - Mid    T - Throw    SM - Mid block H or L
        TM - Mid Throw      GT - Ground Throw       U - Unblockable
    IV. Vocab.
    Attack Reversal - A reversal that hits the opponent while they are
    attacking. Only three characters have these. They are: Jin, Paul, and
    Nina. The damage of these reversals is a percent of the move reversed. 
    Attack Reversal Reversal - A reversal that reverses Attack Reversals.
    They are done by the opponent be reversed the first time. These are done
    by pressing F+2+4 if the original attack (not the reversal) is done by
    with 2 or 4. It is also done by F+1+3 if the original attack is done with
    a 1 or 3.
    Back Dash - A back dash is when you suddenly hop back. After you do this
    you cannot block for one second but you can side step and/or attack. This
    is a great tool for doging attacks or just confushing your opponent (back
    dash then side step then repeat or attack). Learning this move is another
    key to success.
    Back Flip - This is done by pressing u,ub,b. Only a select few have these
    but that OK because Law has back Catapult Kick that he can use instead.
    When these are preformed the character flips backward and is ready to
    fight again (while in back dashes you can't block among other things).
    Back Throw - A back throw is a throw that is done while the opponents has
    their back to the thrower. Back throws are the most damaging throws and
    are done by pressing 1+3 or 2+4. These throws cannot be escaped. There
    are some special back throws but it is only for King.
    Block Stun - After you block an attack you are put into a blocking stun.
    This is the time that you stay in blocking animation after blocking an
    attack. Use this to your advantage and plan out your next attack.
    Button Buffering - Button Buffering is when you hold down a button then
    hit another button and it counts as if you hit the first then second and
    then both at the same time while in real life you just held the first
    button while pressing the second. An example to help you understand this
    is Nina's One-Two Punches to her Blonde Bomb (which is after her Left
    Side Kick but that doesn't really matter). First press and hold 1 then
    press and hold 2 (while holding forward) and her Blonde Bomb will come
    out without having to press 1+2. This is a must for Chain Throws and
    other special moves, not just for Law but for everyone. 
    Chain Throw - A chain throw is two or move throws that is done in a row
    with only one starting throw (so you don't throw your opponent then throw
    then again with a different or the same throw). Only four people have
    chain throws (for Playstation there are four). They are King the throw
    master, Nina the assassin, Anna the better assassin, and Dr. B the
    laughing Dr. OK, Anna had the same moves as Nina in the Arcade version
    but for Playstation she has move moves and Dr. B has some but they never
    work in a real battle. Button Buffering is the most used here so learn to
    love it if you play any of these characters (but if you are then why are
    you reading this Law FAQ?).
    Combo - A combo is two or more attacks that cannot be blocked. The only
    true kind of combos are Juggles and some stuns. In Juggles it is only a
    real combo if your opponent cannot tech roll out of the combo (but they
    might be able to tack roll at the end of the combo, but that will still
    count as a combo). 
    Counter Attack - An attack that hits the opponent during or after your
    opponent's attack, throw, or reversal. If you do this correctly then your
    attack will cause more damage, may stagger, and you may only preform
    certain moves after a counter hit.
    Crouch Dash - A crouch dash is when your opponent starts to dash then
    ducks down and stops. This is used to go under all high attacks and then
    attack (some with the crouch dash attack). There are two ways to do this.
    The first is f,N,d,df. This variation travels further and in most cases
    better. The second and shorter version is d,df. Most crouch dashes have
    attacks that can only be done with the crouch dash if not all. There is
    another crouch dash that is different. This is when the character starts
    ducking then dashes a little then stop while still ducking. This is done
    by pressing D,df,d,DF. This special crouch dash is only for one
    character. That character is the reason for this FAQ. Forest Law.
    Although he only has one attack only has one crouch dash move he should
    use it to get under attacks and stop incoming runs.
    Dashing - A dash is a short run at your opponent. These are great for
    getting close and ready for an attack. Dashes are done by pressing f,f.
    There is also a back dash which is done be pressing b,b.
    Ducking - Ducking is when you are, well, not standing but not laying on
    the ground but crouching. When you are ducking you can block all low
    attacks, get hit with low/high attacks, and totally dodge high attacks. 
    Float Combo - This is a combo that sweeps your opponent off of the ground
    and pummels them with move hits. These are hard to do but can be very
    Ground Attacks - These are attacks that hit grounded characters. Only a
    select few have these special moves. These should be done after throws
    that leave you close to your opponent. 
    Ground Throw - A throw that grabs a fallen character. Only King has these
    special throws. 
    High Attack Range - This attack range will only hit opponents that are
    standing or are jumping. They can only be blocked while standing.
    Launchers - These are attacks that knock your opponent into the air.
    After most launchers you will have the chance to juggle them with more
    hit. Each hit will cause only a little bit off the real damage, but its
    free damage. Practice launching opponents to help make you a better
    Low Attack Range - Low attacks will hit ducking or standing attacks. They
    can only be blocked while ducking. While ducking you can/will get hit
    with mid attacks. This range is mainly used for pecking or sweeping
    Low Thrust Block - This is when you push away the incoming low attack.
    After a successful Low Thrust Block you have the advantage of 26 frames
    (so follow it up with an attack). 
    Major Counter Hit - This is when you hit your opponent while they are
    attacking. These do just about 150% more damage then the your attack
    usually does (so if the attack takes off 10%, it will now take off 15%).
    Some moves only work if the hit is a Major Counter hit.
    Major Stun -  This is a stun that makes your opponent grab their stomach
    and fall over in pain. While they are falling you can hit them with an
    attack or combo for more damage. When you do this you have creater a
    Major Stun Combo. These combo take off a lot of damage because your
    opponent doesn't fly into the air for atleast two hit (so both hits are
    their real damage, not just a percentage of it like juggles). 
    Major Stun Combo - A combo that happens off of a major stun. These can
    take a lot of practice but it's worth because of the damage these combos
    take off (some close to 100% percent). 
    Master Counter - Master Counters are special moves that only work when
    they hit their opponent with a counter attack. When they hit them then
    they will bounce off of the ground and fly into the air. Only a select
    few have these special moves and they are all regular character.
    Mid Attack Range - Mid attacks are the most used range in Tekken 3. Mid
    attacks can hit standing or ducking opponents, but it can only be blocked
    while standing and will hit ducking opponents. Use mid attacks to hit
    ducking opponents.
    Mid Thrust Block - This is close to a attack reversal but you cannot do
    an attack reversal reversal and it doesn't reverse an incoming attack but
    simple pusses it away. After this your have an advantage of 7 frames.
    Minor Counter Hit - This is when you hit your opponent at the end of the
    attack animation. These do about 125% more damage then the move usually
    takes off. When you hit your opponent with these you may stagger them
    leaving them opponent for a free hit if you have enough time (a fast
    recovering move not a slow one). 
    Minor Stun - These are attacks that stagger your opponent. Most are when
    you hit your opponent with a move like Law's left uppercut on a counter
    hit to stagger them. You can combo off of these but they usually are to
    far away to hit them.
    Side Step - A sude step is when you step into the fore or background. You
    do this by tapping u or d then returning to N. There are some moves that
    can only be done after side stepping. 
    Side Throws - This is when you throw your opponent while you are on their
    left or right side. These are easily reversed.
    Super Charge - This is when your attacks will count as counter hits even
    if they aren't. To do a Supercharge press 1+2+3+4. You will charge up for
    a little and then your feet and hands will glow. It lasts for just about
    four seconds.
    Sways - This is when you suddenly step backward like a wave (hard to
    explain like a lot of things). This is great for dodging attacks. After a
    sway you can attack (characters that have sways have special attacks that
    go with them.
    Taunt - This is when you make fun of or instult your opponent (both are
    the same thing). These don't do any damage but are great for insulting
    your opponent after a combo.
    Tackle - This is when you run into and knock your opponent over. After a
    tackle you can punch your opponent or grab them for more damage.
    Tech rolls - This is when you get up after getting knocked on your back
    instantly. You do this by pressing any attack button just before you hit
    the ground (more about this later on).
    Throws - This is when you grab your opponent then throw them around. You
    must be close to your opponent to do this. All characters have atleast
    three throws (more about this later on also).
    Unblockables - Unblockables are attacks that cannot be blocked. While
    doing these you will charge up for a little (which takes a while) then
    strike. While charging gliter and other things will fly around your
    character showing that it is an unblockable. Unblockables also follow
    your opponent if they try to side step away. 
    Wake up games - This is when one person is on the ground and you are
    trying to keep them down or get up. While trying to get up everyone has
    atleast four options of attack (some has five). While trying to keep them
    down you have dozens of attacks. There is a section talking about these
    so go there for further help. 
    V. Blocking
    ****Six Types of Blocking****
        As you probably already know, there are six different types of
    blocking. Those six types of blocking can be done with Active of Neutral
    Blocking (except Throws and Unblockables). Active Blocking is the same as
    the Street Fighter style of blocking. That is done by pressing back to
    block high and mids or downback to block low attacks. Nuetral Blocking is
    when you just stand still or are ducking (without moving). While doing
    this you will block all attacks that will come your way. Knowing how to
    use these these types of blocking will help you win and become champ.
    Learning when you can't block is also very important. You can't block
    when you are in the air, attacking, is any kind of stun, walking or
    crounch walking, when the attack is unblockable, if you in some animation
    like throw or reversal (attacking), when you are side stepping, running,
    crouch dashing, or getting up. Learn these to become unstopable. So one
    with the six types of blocking.
    ~~~~High/Mid Blocking~~~~
        High/Mid blocking blocks high/mid attacks (duh!). You block high/mid
    attacks while standing in neitral or back while being attacked. The only
    bad part about blocking high/mid is that you will get hit with low
    attacks. You should always block high/mid because only a few low attacks
    with knock you down (and those are usually easy to see coming). 
    ~~~~Low Blocking~~~~
        Low blocking is not the best type of block since you can still get
    hit with the every popular mid attacks. You should only have to block low
    if the attack will knock you down (only a few do, so learn what they look
    like). If it doesn't then stick out a mid to hit them. 
        When I say ground, I mean when your opponent throws out a special
    ground attack (like Paul's Downstrike). Most opponents won't use these
    unless you are on the ground (the time that they are supposed to be
    used), but sometimes they are done just as you are getting up. So the
    only thing that you can do is block low. This doesn't happen a lot, so
    don't worry about it.
        You can't really block throws, but you can escape/reverse them. There
    is an entire section on that, so read up. Since you can block throws,
    don't try. And I'm not kidding. If you think you opponent is going to
    throw then hit them with a jab or duck (unless you are going against
    King, then you should try to get out of range 0 & 1 and back into two by
    any means possible). 
        Unblockables are the only type of attacks is the can that cannot be
    block (hints the name). The only real problems with these attacks are:
    they are very slow, they are very easy to see coming (flashes and other
    things of the sort), and they can be attack revered for major damage on
    your part. But hey, they still can't be blocked. Over all, most opponents
    don't use these, so don't worry about it.
    VI. Sidestepping
        Sidestepping is another very important adition to Tekken 3. When you
    side step (tap up or down then return to nuetral) you can avoid attacks
    and throws and do an attack yourself (hitting your opponent and making it
    a counter, if you dodge an attack). Not all opponents have side stepping
    attacks and less have side stepping throws. In Tekken 3 all opponents
    have side steps, while some are better then others. Law has a very good
    side step but only has one side step attack (which is more then some
    characters). If you want to side step to avoid attacks then side step to
    the opposite side of the attack (for example, if your opponent tries to
    right kick you then sidestep to you left and vice versa). If you don't
    then you will get hit. Also, don't try to sidestep while in range 0 or 1
    because you usually don't have enought time to completly dodge the
    attack. You should try to sidestep in range 2 for the best results. In
    Tekken Force mode the only way to do up or down is to side step, so learn
    side stepping well, unless you cheat and go to the key configuration
    options where you can have any button become a sidestep (any button that
    you want anyway). Here are some tactices for side stepping.
    ****Side Step to Avoid Attacks****
        As previously noted, you should never side step to avoid an incoming
    attack at range 0 or 1, always 2 or 3, unless its a very slow attack.
    After you have dodged the attack you should throw or combo them (the
    usual choices). Don't try to side step unblockable attacks because they
    usually "home in" on you, unless you are on the direct left/right side or
    behind them (the best places to be). Other attacks like Jin's Roundhouse
    to Triple Spin Kicks also "homes in" on you. If you see that attack
    coming then don't side step, stick out a jab to knock them out of there
    attack. Both of True Orge's flame attacks go from left to right (or vice
    versa), so side stepping isn't always to best option (unless at range 3)
    to dodge those attacks.
    ****Side Step for Confusion****
        Side stepping for confusion is pretty easy to do, depending on your
    opponent. Most beginners find it hard to fight when you are all over the
    screen. Side stepping, hopping, dashing around like a chicken with it's
    head cut off, so make full use of these movements (mainly side stepping).
    If you are going against a more advanced opponent then you will stick out
    an attack and hit you, so don't try to confuse them. Basicly doing all of
    this should confuse your opponent for atleast a little while. If you just
    continuasly do it then you will get hit (so basicly this paragraph was
    about jumping around, but if you got something out of it then good job,
    if not, oh well). 
    ****Side Step Attacks****
        Side step attacks are attack that can only be done while side
    stepping. You must press the button(s) just before the step ends or you
    won't do anything. Law only has one side step attack, but its fast an
    powerful. A fun thing to do is run up to your opponent then side step and
    pop out with his Double Dragon (his side step attack). You have a 50/50
    chance that you won't get hit if you side step fast enough (the 50/50 is
    just incase they stick out a right kick and you side step to your right).
    ****Side Step to Throw****
        Throwing after a side step doesn't work unless you are close to your
    opponent. If you aren't then you just left yourself out inthe open. If
    you are close enought then you should take 40 or so life away (maybe 50
    it is done just right). The only major problem with this stratagie is
    that the throw can be escaped very easily. Other than that, it a good
    VII. Running
        You can run by pressing f,F. You must be in atleast range 2. After
    you start to run then you can do many different follow ups like Tackles,
    sliding, Flying Cross Arms, or jumping attacks. Running isn't always the
    best option, because you still can get hit out of it.
    ****Jumping Attacks****
        Law's running jumping attack is done by 3 (like most). This hits mid
    and does solid damage, but I usually get knocked out of it. Some
    opponents won't, but the more advanced will or side step it. I to use it
    in my arsonal of wake up game options (perferable after a Poison Arrow).
    If you time it right then won't be able to block, even if they do then
    they will become staggered, allowing you to rise and possible throw them
    before they recover. If you do this attack when they are standing then
    you are risking your health. 
    ****Sliding Attacks****
        Slinding attacks are much safer then jumping attacks. It does hurt
    your opponent as much, but you can't get knocked out of it and most
    opponents don't expect it. I like Law sliding attack (4 while running)
    much better then his jumping attack (3 while running). You can hit
    grounded opponents with this attack and if you miss then you will slide
    under them and get up safely (they can only dodge it if the jump over it,
    usually can't side step). Use this attack a varition from the Flying
    Cross Arm. 
    ****Flying Cross Arm****
        The best running attack is the Flying Cross Arm (1+2 while running).
    First off it hits mid (a plus for any attack). It also staggers opponent
    when blocked (usually another plus) and will plow through just about any
    other attack that used to stop it. This hardly ever used, which is
    unusual because of all the pluses in this attack, so use it as much as
    possible to shock your opponent. The only bad thing about this is that if
    you miss or if its blocked you will roll around on the ground for a
    little before you can attack. If you miss with this then you are left
    wide open. Overall, the best running attack yet.
    ****Running Over****
        You can run over your opponent after they have been knocked down. All
    you have to do us keep running. Sure it is safer to slide into then (they
    could hit you with a kick as they are getting up), but what's the point
    in that. Running over your opponent doesn't leave you on the ground (so
    you can hit them with a rising 3) so you won't be left at a disadvantage.
    Just remember that you just keep running (don't press any buttons, just
    run) to run over your opponent.
        The unblockable charage (don't do anything from running for four or
    so steps) does good damage but any opponent with 12 brain cells will try
    to sweep you before you can hit them. So, use the Flying Cross Arm to
    knock them out of the sweep. There isn't much to say about this attack,
    except that Gon (yes, the little dino) can keep doing this attack over
    and over unless you stop hit (his feet are so small that one and a half
    running steps counts as three or four, there for making him able to do
    the charge from close up).
        A tackle is done by running for three steps then hitting your
    opponent (don't press any buttons). After you have hit them you can punch
    them five times in the face. This is done by pressing 1,2,1,2,1 or
    2,1,2,1,2. You can escape tackles very easily (please read the Throw
    Escape section of the character guide) so learn how. Overall tackles are
    not the best running move, but they have their moments like many other
    special moves.  
    VIII. Law's regular moves and damage
    This is just a little chart telling you know much damage each attack
    takes off. The DF means that you are crouch walking. The late UF means
    that you press the button before you hit you target. The 25/15 means that
    the stunning kick is 25 and the ground kick is 15. D and means that you
    press down and the button at the same time. U is Up.
                LP    RP    LK    RK
               _____ _____ _____ _____ 
    Standing  | 5%  | 12% | 17% | 16% |
    Ducking   | 3%  |  7% | 12% | 7%  |
    DF        | 3%  |  7% | 12% | 10% |
    late UF   | 18% | 18% |25/15| 15% |
    UF        | 12% | 18% | 25% | 15% |
    df        | 10% | 12% | 21% | 15% |
    D and     | 5%  | 10% | 8%  | 7%  |
    U         | 12% | 18% | 25% | 12% |
    IX.  Law's Special Move List
        Like every character Law has Special Moves. Learning how to use them
    is the key to victory. For instance, use his Dragon's Tail do duck under
    high attacks and sweep them. After that follow it up with another Tail or
    two for easy damage. You should also learn what ranges you should do
    these moves in. The Dragon's Tail should be done in range two like most
    Power Hits. While you should be in range 0 or 1 to do the Dragon Storm or
    else you might not get all the hits in. So learning his Special Moves is
    the key to success.
    ****Power Hits****
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ---------------- 
    | Dragon's Tail       |  db,4   |    25    |  Mid  |     AR/MT      |    
    | Rainbow Kick        | D,U,3+4 |    30    |  Mid  |                |
    | Running Side Kick   | f,f,f,3 |    30    |  Mid  |     AR/MT      |
    | Poison Arrow        |  f,2,1  |    40    |  Low  |       LT       |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    ****Footsie Attacks****
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Shaoling Spin Kick  |  4,3,4  | 16,12,12 | H,H,H | AR/MT,_,B      |
    | Dragon Storm        | b,1,2,1 | 12,12,15 | M,M,M | AR/MT " ", " " | 
    | Junkyard Kick       | b,2,3,4 | 12,8,22  | M,L,M | AR/MT,LT,AR/MT |
    | Rave War Combo      | F,2,2,2 |  12,6,6  | H,M,H | AR/MT,_,AR/MT  |
    | Quick Rave War Combo|   2,2   |   12,10  |  H,H  | AR/MT,AT/MT    |
    | Front Kick to Sommy | ws 4,3  |   12,21  |  H,M  | AR/MT,B/AR/MT  |
    | Dragon Back Blow    |bt 1 or 2|     15   |   H   | AR/MT          |
    | Dragon Low Kick     |   d,3   |     8    |   L   | LT             |
    | Mid Kick            |   df,3  |     21   |   M   | AR/MT          |
    | Slide Kick      (fc)|df,d,DF,3|     17   |   L   | LT             |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    ****Special Attack****
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Frogman             | d(D),3+4|   25,27  |   M   |                |
    | Dragon Whip to...   | db,2... |    15    |   M   |                |
    | ...Elbow Spring     | ...4    |    25    |   M   |                |
    | Catapult Kick       |   U,4#  |    22    |   M   |     AR/MT      |
    | Double Catapult Kick|  U,4,3# |   22,30  |  M,M  | AR/MT,B/AR/MT  |
    | Somersault Fake     | D,u,N,4#|    25    |   M   |     AR/MT      |
    | Blackout to Muggin'^| 1,3(sc) |   10,7   |  H,L  |   AR/MT,LT     |
    | Fake Step...        | B,1+2...|    -     |   -   |                |
    | ...Tricky Trap*     | ...1    |    12    |   H   |                |
    | ...Tricky Fist*     | ...2    |    12    |   H   |                |
    | ...Tricky Low Kick* | ...4    |    15    |   L   |                |
    | ...Tricky Mid Kick* | ...3    |    22    |   M   |                |
    | ...Fake Step Blow** | ...1    |    43    |   M   |     AR/MT      |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    ****Other Attacks****
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Left Right Punches  |   1,2   |   5,12   |  H,H  |     AT/MT,O    |
    | High Catacpult Kick |  D,u,4# | 28,25,35 |   M   |      AT/MT     |
    | Machine Gun Arrow   |1,1,1,1,1|10,5,5,5,5| all H | AT/MT,O,O,O,O  |
    | Triple Head Kick    |  3,3,3  | 18,10,10 | H,H,H |   AR/MT x 3    |
    | Mid Kick @          |   F,3   |    15    |   M   |      AR/MT     |
    | Cresent Kick        |  4,u,3  |   16,30  |  H,M  |   AR/MT x 2    |
    | Double Impact       |  D,3,4  |   12,21  |  L,M  |   LT,AR/MT     |
    | Low Kick To Sommy   |  d,4,3  |    7,21  |  L,M  |   LT,AR/MT     |
    | Left Kick to Sommy  |   3,4   |   18,21  |  H,M  |  AR/MT,B/AR/MT |
    | Double Left to Sommy|  3,3,4  | 10,10,21 | H,H,M | AR/MTx2,B/AR/MT|
    | Triple Kick to Sommy| 3,3,3,4 |  10x3,21 |H,H,H,M| AR/MTx3,B/AR/MT|
    | Body Blow to Sommy  | d(D),2,3|  8/10,21 |  L,M  |   LT,AR/MT     |
    |Jumping Left to Sommy|  u,3,4# |   25,25  |  H,M  |  AR/MT,B/AR/MT |
    | Side Kick to Sommy  |  ws,3,4 |   28,25  |  H,M  |  AR/MT,B/AR/MT |
    | Quick Somersault    |   3+4   |    25    |   M   |      AR/MT     |
    | Back Flipper        |  3+4,3  |   25,21  |  M,M  |  AR/MT,B/AR/MT |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    ****Side Step Attack****
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Double Dragon       | SS,3+4  |  16,22   |  M,H  |                |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  | Level |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Charged Power Punch | db,1+2  |   100    |   M   |      AR/MT     |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ------- ----------------
    | Name                | Command |  Damage  |    Reversal    |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ----------------
    | Hopping Frog        |   2+4   |    30    |       2        |
    | Dragon's Fire       |   1+3   |    30    |       1        |
    | Death From Above    |  F+2+3  |    30    |       1        |
    | Knee Lift           | f,F+3+4 |    28    |      1+2       |
    | Headlock Punch      |  DF+1+2 |    30    |      1+2       |
    | Headlock Drop       | 1,2,1+2 |    35    |                |
    | Dragon Bites (BT)   |1+3or2+4 |    50    |                |
    | Ball Breaker (RST)  |1+3or2+4 |    42    |       2        |
    | Headlock Kick (LST) |1+3or2+4 |    40    |       1        |
     --------------------- --------- ---------- ----------------  
    * - After a successful Fake Step
    ** - After an unsuccessful Fake Step
    # - ub,uf or UB,UF
    @ - During Triple Head Kick
    ^ - During Super Charge
    Sommy - Somersault
    BT - Back Throw
    RST - Right Side Throw
    LST - Left Side Throw
    X. Special Move Analysis
       Learning when to use Law's moves are the key to victory. This section
    will help you use his special moves along with throws and ten hit
    strings. I will also give the move a rating (between 1 and 5, 5 being the
    best and 1 the worst). 
    ****Special Moves****
    Name                           Rating                
    Dragon's Tail                    5
        Law's Dragon Tail is a great sweeping attack. It has a decent range
    does great damage. This is also great to keep opponents down with it. It
    is also a great wake up game move. You can easily take off 75 damage from
    your opponent is you nail him with this then hit him with another one
    just as starts to move. This will make them flip over so that his feet
    are facing you. This may take some timing. Then nail them with another as
    soon as you can so that they won't hit you with an ankle kick. Now you
    can hit them with the Slide Kick. The best time to do this attack is when
    your opponent is doing or is about to do a high attack. This will go
    right under it and sweep them off of their feet. So overall his best low
    attack and possibly the best in the game.
    Rainbow Kick                     4
        This move is great for getting back into range 0 or 1 from 2. You
    opponent might think that its just a High Catapult Kick and try to hit
    you. If they try they will get nailed. This can also be used in your wake
    up games because it will hit grounded opponents. It does 20 to grounded
    opponents while the Dragon's Tail does 25 and is a lot better at hitting
    grounded opponents because it does take all day fall from 15 feet in the
    air. So don't use this in wake up games unless your opponent is in ranges
    2 and they are trying to stand up (you'll come down like a bomb and
    flaten them. This attack will hit on the way up and on the way down, so
    it may be possible to knock them down when you are going up them land on
    them for more damage. This attack can't be used in combos, but you have
    tons of other choices so its OK.
    Running Side Kick                2
        This attack is pretty bad because your opponent will most likely 
    knock you down before you can hit them. Your opponent will stagger if
    they block this attack, so you won't be left out in the open if blocked.
    Another bad thing about this attack is that you must be running to do it,
    so you can nail them with it while in range 1 or the start of 2 (even
    though you shouldn't want to because you have other attacks for that
    perpose). You should always slide instead of doing this.
    Poison Arrow                     3
        This exremly powerful attack willl knock your opponent back 15 feet
    if you can connect with them. The range is extremly short and it is a
    little slow to be using in range 0. This attack can be used in wake up
    games, but only if they try to stand or roll. You can use this attack in
    some combos. These combos are very powerful, yet they are a little hard
    to do. This is also a great attack in Tekken Ball, but we'll talk about
    that later on.
    Shaoling Spin Kicks              3
        This attack is OK, but you do better. The third attack is usually
    duck or blocked. So use the first two then stop. This is a great attack
    to do after a side step. Most of the time it will be a counter hit so the
    first attack will launch your opponent and the second will combo.
    Unfortunatly the third attack usually misses. This shouldn't be used in
    wake up games because all the attacks hit high, but the damage is great. 
    Dragon Storm                     5
        This is a great launching combo. The damage is great and it launches
    your opponent higher then any of this other attacks. Thus making it great
    for combos. All the attacks hit mid so your opponent can't duck any of
    the hits, but your opponent can block all of them while standing. A great
    feature with these attacks is that you can delay any of the attacks. A
    great stratiegy with this is to nail them with the first two attacks then
    wait a little to they will start to attack then knock them into the air.
    Always try to make this attack a counter attack so your opponent will not
    be able to block thus making them open for a damaging juggle. Just a
    warning, if the last hit is blocked yuo will be left wide open for just
    about any attack. 
    Junkyard Kick                    4
         This attack is and above average attack because it can be used in
    wake up games and is a little harder to block then the Dragon Storm. The
    main problems with it are that you can't delay any of the attacks (unlike
    the Dragon Storm), doesn't launch opponents as high as the Dragon Storm
    (not as many combo options), and is a little slower. It does great
    damage, but the second hit can be Low Thrust Blocked unlike any of the
    Dragon Storm's hits (Thrust Blocked, not Low Thrust Blocked). Use this in
    moderation unless you will go strait into the Dragon Storm after the last
    hit is blocked. Most opponents will try to hit you but since the first
    hit of the Dragon Storm is so powerful it will cut through the attacks
    and launch them. If the second series is blocked then you will be left
    wide open for any type of attack because of the lag time.
    Rave War Combo                   2
        This is a pathetic combo. The damage is almost nothing but it is
    quick. This should be chained with the 2nd or 3rd punch in the Machine
    Gun Punches because that is almost free damage. If you do it outside of
    it you will probably get hit somehow (it always happens to me, maybe not
    Quick Rave War Combo             4
        This is much better then the regular Rave War Combo because the
    damage almost the same and its only two hits (not three, giving you a
    better chance that your opponent won't block the last hit. You can us
    this in the Machine Gun Punches if you want as the ender or you can just
    use this attack out in the open. For some reason I'm not knocked out of
    this attack like I'm the long version. So this version is much better
    then the longer version.
    Front Kick to Somersault         4
        This is a decent move as long as you use it in moderation. If you use
    it a lot then the second hit will be blocked. If you pull this move off
    then follow into a juggle like the 4,b+2,3,4. This is very damaging and
    very easy to do. An alternate version of this move is to press df,4. This
    is an easier way to do this. This move is great in combos too. It is in
    Law's most damaging non-unblockable combo. Use this only once or twice
    per match at most.
    Dragon Back Blow                 2
        This move is slow and doesn't do a ton of damage. The only reason to
    do this move is to knock your opponent around so that they are facing the
    oposite direction. This does't mean that they will always be facing
    backward. I've hit them when they had their back turned and they flip
    around to face me. So this isn't the best move as I've already sayed.
    Since this is slow you should kick them instead because it is fast (or
    the same speed) and it does more damage. After you hit them then go into
    your wake up game. 
    Dragon Low Kick                  4
        This attack is used for pecking opponents and a link to the Triple
    Head Kick. This can also keep opponents down on the ground or lift them
    up then left kick to somersault for some easy damage. If you link it into
    the Triple Head Kicks that's OK because your opponent won't be able to
    duck the first kick. So I gave it a 4 out of 5 because of the link.
    Mid Kick                         4
        I like to use this attack in my wake up games. If they tech roll out
    of a Catapult Kick I usually nail them with this attack. It does great
    damage and hits mid like the name says. It also has great range so you
    can nail opponents at range 2 easily. It does fair too well in combos,
    but has its place in a couple. The only problem with this attack is that
    it is a little slow. But after the first few frames it takes out just
    about anything in its path.
    Slide Kick                       4
        This attack should be used in moderation. It is great for stopping
    runners or ducking under attacks (even though you should do the Dragon's
    Tail every time instead of this attack). If you connect with this attack
    then always sweep them while getting up. You can get up and move around
    before they can. If you are ducking down before hand (I mean for atleast
    a second or two) you opponent might suspect this attack, so like I said,
    use it in moderation. Once in a match at most.
    Frogman                          5
        This attack is good but it is not perfect. You can use this attack to
    duck under high attacks then pop back up and hit them. It hits on the way
    down and back up, making it a two hit combo if you're lucky. You can use
    this attack in combos, but it isn't perfect. You will only get one hit on
    your opponent because of the way you flip back then up unless your luck
    (luck flows in this move, just kidding). This can be used in wake up
    games. It will keep opponents down. If you are in range 3 then do this
    move and stay down (hold down). After that your can roll forward and try
    to hit your opponent with a Flying Cross Arm. You can also do this while
    in range 1 or 2. Dodge the attack (if you miss them) then nail them with
    a sweep or mid kick for a little damage.  
    Dragon Whip to Elbow Spring      4
        This attack is quick (you must also be quick to preform that attack).
    The whip whips around to nail opponents. This leaves your back to them
    unless you kick them or go into the Elbow Spring. You can also lay down
    by pressing and holding down while doing the Elbow Spring. Do the Elbow
    Spring a couple times then stop after the Dragon Whip and Dragon Back
    Blow (even though it sticks) or kick them. If you kick them then go into
    your wake up game. If you nail them with the left or right kick then go
    into your back throw for some meaty damage. This attack will also nail
    opponents out of the air. If you catch then in the air always do the
    Elbow Spring. If you don't then you won't be able to hit them before they
    land and get up. Overall, a good move.
    Catapult Kick/Double             5
        Another one of Law's superbe attacks. Both of these attacks will
    launch your opponent into a combo. If your opponent blocks the first kick
    and tries to attack then bust out the second one to nail them. Or you can
    stop if they block the first one. They might think you're going into the
    second and still be in the blocking position. When that happens run up
    and throw or Dragon's Tail them. If you land both attacks then the only
    combo option you have is the d+2,3 (OK, you can do others, but the best).
    This goes decent damage but is a little hard to pull off. Use these moves
    often if you can't get in the Dragon Storm or any other attack to
    Somersault Fake                  2
        There is no point to this move. All you do is go a Somersault that
    can't hit them (but they can hit you) then you try to hit them with a
    huge kick that leaves you wide open for counter attacks. If you hit your
    opponent with the last and only hit then you and juggle them at will. The
    only time that you should do this (even though you should do another
    move) is when your opponent is getting a little aggresive. They might see
    the Somersault and come running in (at range 2 to 3) then the huge kick
    comes out and pops them up. If you can land this move then do the second
    Catapult Kick for more damage.
    Blackout to Muggin'              1
        This is Law's worst move. First you have to have the Supercharge on
    (which makes every hit a counter hit). If you have it on the you should
    Dragon Storm your opponent and then juggle the life out of them. If you
    do this move then you take 17 damage away from you opponent and you have
    no chance to combo them. So in short, DON'T DO IT!!!!
    Left Right Punches               3
        This is an OK move. It fast but doesn't do a lot of damage. This
    should mainly be used in pecking games along with other short and fast
    moves. Use this move to keep opponents out and to chop through attacks.
    This is also the start of his ten hits strings (well, some of them). Use
    it when you want.
    High Catapault Kick              5
        This is a great wake up move. Even if you are getting up. It goes
    great damage and is part of his Infinity combos. This move can be used in
    combos, but not in all of them, the regular Catapualt Kick do a lot
    better. I love to use this when I'm getting up. Opponents usually aren't
    ready for it, so go for it. If you opponent somehow dodges it then you
    might fly over his head and land behind them. Then you can kick or Dragon
    Back Blow them. A reverse throw (you turn around and throw them) is
    another mix up. You can also use this to knock opponents out of the air.
    Machine Gun Arrow                3
        This is an decent move if you cut it short. You can chain the Rave
    War or the Quick Rave War Combo onto it. Start any of the war combos
    after the second or third hit will almost never be blocked. You opponent
    can block any of the attacks after the fourth or fifth before the war
    combos or even after you start them. Some opponents will duck under a
    couple of punches then throw/special move you. So don't use this a lot,
    except to snuff out incoming attacks.
    Triple Head Kick                 4
        This is a good move is you use the first two kicks only or if you use
    the Dragon Low Kick into one or two kicks. Your opponent will usually
    duck the third kick, so don't use it. Instead use the Mid Kick for the
    last hit or the Somersault off of the second high left kick. You can use
    the first two kicks in combos, but they don't do a lot of damage so use
    more damaging attacks. You can use the Dragon Low Kick to Head Kick to
    Somersault in your wake up game if you grounded opponent tries to roll
    any way for the most hits (if you try any other head kick while they are
    air born you will miss, this is the only attack that will hit, and it
    does more damage then any other head kick change up). Use this attack in
    moderation for the best resualts.
    Mid Kick during Triple Head Kick 4
       This is a great way to hit opponents who love to duck they second or
    last hit in the Triple Head Kick. If you do this attack for the second
    head kick you won't be able to continue the Head Kicks, the Mid Kick
    always ends the series. This takes the value down a little, but most
    people only do this attack for the third head kick.
    Crecent Kick                     3
        This is a little slow so most opponents will knock you out of the
    catacupalt kick part or they will block it. You can use this in combos,
    but only in a few. Since the first attack is a right kick it can be
    reversed tons of reversals (attack, thrust, right kick only for example).
    If you like to throw right kicks out every once and a while then this is
    a great attack for you, but for other people it is all but uesless.
    Double Impact                    2
        The first hit in the series of attacks is very slow, but after the
    first attack the second comes pretty fast. The Low Kick to Somersault is
    much better to use because the first attack is much, much, much faster.
    It does do less damage, but only five. This attack isn't all that great
    in combos either because of the time it takes to get the first attack off
    (use the Low Punch to Somersault for that). This can be used in wake up
    games, but yet again it isn't all that good because of the lag time at
    the beginning.
    Low Kick to Somersault           3
        These attacks are much better to use then the Double Impact. The best
    reason is because it is very fast. It does do as much damage as the
    ducking left kick, but would you won't to take off more damage and risk
    getting hurt or a much faster attack that takes off less damage but it
    almost impossible to see coming (OK, it not impossible but hard to see
    unless you keep using it over and over and over...).
    Left Kick to Somersault          3
        This attack can be used in the Triple Head Kick combo by pressing 4
    after any 3. It isn't very easy to use in a combo because of the speed of
    the left kick, it is very slow. After the low left kick the Somersault
    comes out pretty fast, but may be blocked or worse. It can't be used in
    wake up games because it hits high.
    Body Blow to Somersault          5
        This is an extremly useful attack. The Body Blow us fast a the damage
    is decent. The Somersault is like lightning after it. And after the
    Somersault your recovery is so great that you can pop back up nail them
    with a right kick to Junkyard Kick for a very easy and damaging combo.
    This is a great attack to use in combos because of its speed and damage.
    You can also use it in wake up games on offence and deffence. Overall
    this is one of Law's greatest attacks with speed and combos.
    Jumping Left Kick to Somersault  4
        This is a decent attack. If you knock your opponent out of the air
    then the Somersault is going to hit. If you don't then they can block
    unless it is a counter (which it usually is). To do this attack you must
    attack just after or while you are jumping or else this attack won't work
    (you will go into your stunning left kick which it OK because you hard a
    97-108 damaging combo.   
    Side Kick to Somersault          2
        This attack is very slow and is almost always blocked. If you nail
    them with the Somersault you don't have a lot of time to combo, so
    overall use the ws 4,3 for more damage and combos. It is also a lot fast
    and can be done just about anywhere. 
    Quick Somersault/Back Flipper    4
        This isn't as good as the Catapault Kicks. It may say its faster but
    looks like the C Kick is fast (but that me). The Catacpault Kicks also do
    more damage and easier to do. Comboing off of this attack isn't very easy
    (just like the Catapult Kicks). Use the same statagies as you would the
    Catapault Kicks and use these attacks in the same manner. This is basicly
    just another way to do them.
    Double Dragon                    4
        This is Law's only side stepping move. It does great damage (it is
    one of the most damaging side stepping attacks, it may be second to
    King's Deadly Boomerang). Do this attack whenever you side step to dodge
    attacks or just side step to do it anyway. You can sude step and do into
    the Dragon Storm while dodging an attack for a sure counter hit, but this
    is much cooler. Use this attack a lot or a little depending on how much
    you side step.
    Charged Power Punch              3
        This attack is slow just like all unblockables besides one. It looks
    just like you are super charging then you strike with a 100 damage
    attack. You should use it when your opponent is getting up or when they
    start to run at your from range 3. They will either stop and side step
    and get hit or they might run in and slide. If they do a jumping attack
    then they will get hit out of the air. Don't use this attack often. Use
    it once every 15 to 20 matches. You can cancle this attack out by
    pressing u,u. Start the attack then cancle while your opponent is jumping
    to dodge then hit them with the Jumping Left to Somersault for some easy
    damage (or not). 
    Hopping Frog/Dragon's Fire       3
        These throws are Law's basic throws. They do the same small amount of
    damage that all of his throws do. I prefere to do different throw like
    the Headlock Punch or Headlock Drop for beginners. Mix up these throws to
    confuse your opponent then go for the Knee Lift. These variations are
    every useful. 
    Death From Above                 5
        Law's coolest throw. He runs up his opponents chest then falls down
    on them while they are leaning back from the stun of the kick to the chin
    while Law was running up their chest (there's a mouth full). I gave it a
    5 because it is my favorite throw and because most opponents don't see it
    coming (OK, it should be a 4 but too bad). Use this throw to confuse
    opponents because Law sticks his leg out not his arms, so it is hard to
    tell which button to press to escape. Overall, a super cool throw (for
    Marshall in Tekken 1 and 2 it was a regular throw, but not it Tekken 3 :(
    Knee Lift                        4
        The best part about this throw is that it's pretty easy to do, but
    the main reason is that it takes both punch buttons to escape. The main
    problems with this throw is that the damage is only 28. Not even as much
    as his regular throws. It is also one of the few throws that can be tech
    rolled. I gave it a 4 because of the way to escape. I would have given it
    a 5 but the damage it bad (I don't can if it can be tech rolled).
    Headlock Punch                   5
        This is a great throw. It only takes off 30 damage like every other
    throw he has, but it takes both punch buttons to escape. If you grab them
    then you can do the Headlock Drop for a little more damage. I like to do
    this throw after I miss with a Flying Cross Arm or after I Block stagger
    my opponent. Even though they usually duck, it's still fun. This should
    be your most used throw beside the Death From Above or Headlock Drop.
    Headlock Drop                    5
       This is Law's most damaging throw. It takes off 35 damage and cannot
    be escaped. That's because it is chained off of the Headlock Punch. After
    you grab your opponent with the Headlock Punch then hit 1,2,1+2. So it
    can be escaped with 1+2, but most opponents won't escape that. Use this
    whenever you can.
    Dragon Bite                      5
        This is Law's only truely unescapable throw (but so are everyone's
    back throws). This throw does the least amount of damage that any back
    throw can do, 50 (the most is 75 by King the 2nd). Use this whenever your
    opponent has their back turned. Some ways to do this is to High Catapault
    Kick over your opponents head or Dragon Back Blow your opponent when you
    have your back facing them. 
    Ball Breaker/Headlock Kick       3
        These side throw are escaped very easily. If the throw is done from
    the left side of the opponent then the throw is reversed with 1. If itis
    done from the right then press 2. The damage is 42/40. The average amount
    of damage done from a side throw. You may use these if you want, but they
    can be escaped. Therefor you should do the Dragon Storm to juggle or
    launcher to any juggle. 
    ****Ten Hit Strings****
        Law has some of the best ten hit strings in the game. He always
    starts out with a mid (always a plus) then can do low or high. Then it
    keeps doing into change up with high/low/mid attacks. He has a total of
    six ten hit strings. So people (maybe yourself, maybe not) will do the
    first couple of hits then stop after your opponent starts to block then
    throw. This is a good stratagie, unless then nail you with a jab before
    you can throw them (this has be known to happen). Lets take a look at the
    ten high strings. 
    1.)  df+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4         
           10,5,6,5,7,6,7,7,10,24    Total Damage = 88
    2.)  df+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,3,4,4
            M,L,M,H,M, L, M,L,L,M
           10,6,6,8,6, 6, 6,7,7,38   Total Damage = 94
    3.)  df+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,4,3,4
            M,L,M,H,M, L, H,H,H,M
           10,6,6,8,6, 6, 7,7,10,25  Total Damage = 91
    4.)  df+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,3,4,4
           10,5,6,5,7,6,6,7,7,38     Total Damage = 97
    5.)  df+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,4,4
           10,5,6,5,7,6,6,8,7,38     Total Damage = 98
    6.)  df+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,4,4,4
           10,6,6,8,6,6,6,8,7,38     Total Damage = 95
        #1 is the least damaging and Law's worst ten hit string. Like all ten
    hit string (Law's) if it ends in 4,3,4 then it ends in two kicks then a
    very long pause then a Somersault. If for some reason you use this
    string, don't do the final hit. #2 and #6 are the my favorite ten hit
    strings. The second hit is low, so it usually hits. My favorite part
    about this combo is the last two hits. He does a Dragon's Tail then a
    Somersault before they hit then ground. It isn;t the most damaging of all
    the combos, but it is the best. Number three is the second to worst.
    Don't do it. #4 and 5 are the most damaging and are very good. They also
    end in a Dragon's Tail to Somersault. It isn't the most damaning ten hit
    strings by far, so you can use any that you want.
    XI. Throws
    ****When to Throw****
        Learning when and how to throw is very important for Law. Law has
    five throw (more than most characters) and an inverted chain throw. Law's
    range is decent, but not very long. There are three different times that
    you should throw. They are: in battle (after a missed attack for
    example), in stuns (the easiest time to throw), other setups (side
    stepping, blocking stun, ect...). 
    ~~~~In Battle~~~~
        Learning how and when to throw in battle is very important. You
    should throw when an attack won't count as a counter attack (that way you
    can get more damage (your throws don't do a lot of damage). You should
    throw your opponent whenever they miss with a short attack (like a jab)
    or a throw. Most opponents won't reverse your throw unless you keep doing
    the same throw over and over. Some people almost always throw when they
    are getting up or miss with an attack. You can do that, but don't get
    ~~~~During Stuns~~~~
        The easiest time to throw is when your opponent is stuned. The only
    problem with it is that your opponent usually falls down before you can
    reach them. The answer is use a throw in which you must press forward
    while pressing the correct buttons (like the Headlock punch or Headlock
    Drop). In other words, you grab them before they fall down with a long
    ranged throw. You cannot throw your opponent when they are staggered
    because they are knock to far back before you can grab them. Not even
    King can grab someone that far away while they are staggered. Stun throws
    do tons of damage, but they can still be reversed. So you might want to
    hit them with the Junkyard King ever once and a while for some easy
    ~~~~Other Setups~~~~
        Other setups are basicly when you sidestep or when your opponent is
    in a blocking stun or stagger after a block (if they are staggered after
    a counter then it's hopeless). Sidestep to dodge an attack then hit them
    with the Double Dragon or one of Law's side or regular throws. This works
    like a charm unless its a side throw. If they are used to them, then they
    will most likly reverse it, so plan ahead (if possible). Other people
    (like myself) like to throw after or while the opponent is in a blocking
    stun. Therefor you usually get a free throw off. If you are late then
    they might duck and then throw you (King players love to do this). There
    are lots of other setups, like, well, maybe not a lot, but there are
    others out there. So use them to your advatage.
    ****How to Throw****
        Learning how to throw is easy. It just like a special move, but you
    must be close to your opponent or nothing happens. Regular throws are the
    easiest of all throw to accomplish. Most are 1+3 or 2+4. But there are
    other types. Law, for example, has a DF+2+3, f,F,3+4, DF,1+2. He also has
    an inverted chain throw off of the beginning of the Headlock Punch. Chian
    Throws are much harder to do. They require almost perfect timing and lots
    of button smashing. Since only two characters have real chain throws, you
    don't have to worry about it. But you do have an inverted chain throw. It
    the Headlock Punch to Drop. What you do is grab your opponent into the
    Headlock Punch then press two buttons a couple times and there you go,
    but it must be extremly fast or else you will only do the Headlock Punch,
    not Drop. So regular throwing is easy to do, chain throws are harder, but
    you must still be close to your opponent for both.
        A regular throw is just one throw. It isn't chain whith another, bit
    some can still be hard to do. Everyone has atleast three regular throws
    (not including side and back throws). Two of the throws are done by 1+3
    and 2+4. The other throw is different. Some have a simple throw like
    forward, forward, 3+4 while other have longer ones like King's Spinning
    Throw, which is done by f,b,db,d,df,F,1. So regular throws are pretty
    easy to do, while some are harder.
    ~~~~Chain Throw~~~~
        Chain throws are much harder to do than regular throws. The good
    thing about this is that you don't have chain throws (only King and Nina
    do), but you have an inverted chain throw. To do it grab your opponent
    with the Headlock Punch then press 1,2,1+2 to do the Headlock Drop. This
    isn't a real chain throw because you only do one throw, the Headlock
    Drop. All the Headlock Punch does is gets your opponent into a headlock.
    But anyway, chain throws can be reversed, and easier then regular throws.
    This is because you can look at your opponents hands to see what throw
    they are trying to do, then reverse it. If your opponent catches onto
    this then they might start a throwing sequence then change it at the last
    second. Most people don't do this, but you never know. Also look over the
    chain throws to see how they are reversed (you should do this first).
    Most opponents only do one or two chain throws. So learn how to reverse
    then to put their statagie down the hole ("duckie do down the hole, watch
    do down the hole" Tiny Toons). 
    XII. Combos
    ****Types of Combos****
        There are three major types of combo. They are Juggles, Stuns, and
    Staggers. Inside of these main types or smaller types (ex. inside of
    Juggles are Standard, Unconventional, Flaots, and Infinite). You can make
    up your own Juggle combos very easily while making up other combos can be
    very difficult. So I have a list of Juggles and other combos (that was
    given to my by Cat Lord (I made up some by my self like the most damaging
    combo outside of unblockables, but anyway). You can send me more combos
    for Law if you want and I'll post them if they are decent (no b+1,2,1
    then a jab for example). Well, now on with the types of combos.
    ~~~~Juggle Types~~~~
        There are four different types of Juggles. Most of you know of only
    three. That's because I made up the fourth (infinite) by my self. These
    can only be done under rare conditions and (unless your opponent is
    really stupid) won't work outside of Practice Mode. Most of the Juggles
    listed a few pages down are just Standard combos but there are a couple
    stun combos. Also, the damage of each attack while your opponent is air
    born is less every time. Well, now onto the types of Juggle Combos.
        Standard juggle combos are the most used of all the combos. They are
    very easy to do and take off a decent amout of damage. A Standard Juggle
    combo is when you launch your opponent into the air then pummel them with
    a couple more hits before they hit the ground. For starters just hit your
    opponent with a Double Catapult Kick after the Dragon Storm. Do that
    until you are ready for the Medium combos (you can tell when you are when
    you feel like you need a challenge). A Medium combo is basicly hitting
    your opponent with a regular attack then going into a Junkyard or Dragon
    Storm. One of the easiest mid combo is (after the Dragon Storm) 1 then
    another Dragon Storm. These aren't very hard to do. Type out most of the
    medium combos then try the hard combos if you dare. These are almost
    impossible to preform on your first try, but after a while they get
    easier. To do most of the hard combos you must walk forward just a little
    or else all the hits in the combo won't hit. Just a little warning, not
    all of the hard combos are as damaging are a mid or easy combo. So only
    use the hard combos as a round finisher and the mid/easy combos to take
    half of their life away.
        These are wierd combos to say the least. There are two different
    types of Unconventional combos. The first is when you use a non-launcher
    are a start up for a combo then you go into a string like the Junkyard or
    Dragon Storm. A non-launcher is basicly an attack (on a counter hit) that
    knocks them off of their feet but it doesn't knock them down (sometimes
    it will). The main non-launcher is Law's right kick. On a counter hit it
    will knock them into the air. This is a perfect set up for an
    Unconventional combo. The other is when you use a very wierd attack in a
    Juggle. Since Law doesn't have any wierd attacks, this doesn't mean much
    to hit, so onto the next combo type.
        A Float combo is when you knock them off of the ground an hit them
    with a couple attacks. These are very hard to do and can only be done if
    they don't tech roll out of it. An example of one of these is when Law
    scoops his opponent off of the ground with a d+3 or another attack and
    hits them atleast once more before them hit them ground again. One of the
    mst useful is when you keep doing his Junkyard Kick. The low 3 will sweep
    them off of the ground then the mid 4 will hit them for some easy damage.
    This isn't the best of all the Juggle types but it is useful.
        Infinite combos are combos that keep going, and going, and going...
    These can be very easy to do or very hard. Most can only be done when
    your opponent keeps tech rolling from an attack. The easiest inifinite
    combo is uf+4,UF+4. This causes a ton of damage and all you hard to do is
    hold upforward and rapidly press 4. I've done over 1500 damage and over
    40 hits. Others work in the same way but are much harder to do. One work
    of advise, these won't work in battle, so done't try it (except one).
        Stuns are one of the easier combos. All you ahve to do is stun them
    then hit them again before they hit the ground. Some of the most damaging
    combos come from stuns because the damage of each attack doesn't go down
    untile they are air born, but that might not happen. There are two
    different types of stun combos. There are Stuns to combos and stuns to
    throws (this isn't a combo but oh well). Now onto the types of stuns.
    ----Stuns to Combo----
        Stuns to combos are some of the most damaging combos in the game.
    Law's most damaging combo is from a stun (that isn't unblockable). They
    are very damaging because they amount of damage an attack takes off
    doesn't go down because they aren't in the air (see Juggles). The main
    problem with this type of combo is that you must hit them at the perfect
    time or else they will fall over or get knocked down with the first
    attack. There isn't much to say about this type of combo except for the
    fact that once they are stuned they are open for a free hit. 
    ----Stuns to Throw----
        Stuns to throws do great damage but they are harder to do and can be
    escaped with the right button sequence. They are harder to do because you
    must do the attack just after you stun them and your reach usually isn't
    long enough to grab them before they hit the ground.
        Staggers are close to stuns but they can be escaped very easily and
    are harder to do. After you stagger your opponent they are open for a
    free hit, or so it seems. They can fall down by pressing down, And they
    usually recover to fast to hit them. You can hit them with a very fast
    and long attack, but that doesn't always work. The best thing to do one
    you have staggered your opponent is to get close and try the Dragons
    Tail. They will recover before it hits in most casses but they won't be
    able to block it.
    Juggle                               Hits     Damage      Difficulty
    ---------------------------------    ----     ------      ----------
    CH b+1,2,1, 1, b+1,2,1                7        58-61         Easy
                1, b+2, d+2,3             7         63           Easy
                1,2, b+2,3,4              8        65-70         Easy
                4, b+2,3,4                7        68-72         Easy   
                u/f+3,4                   5        69-72         Easy
                u/f+4,3                   5        70-72         Easy
                f+3+4,3                   5        70-72         Easy   
                d/f+1, d/f+1, b+2,3,4     8        68-69        Medium
                u/f+4, d+2,3              6        61-67        Medium
                d/f+1, U/F+4,3            6         69          Medium
                f+2~1                     4         69          Medium  
                1,2, F#+1,2,{2},2         8         59           Hard
                b+2, 1, b+2, d+2,3        8         64           Hard
                4,u+3, d/f+3              6        71-73         Hard   
                4,u+3, d/b+4              6        73-77         Hard   
                d+2,3, d+2,3              7         72          V. Hard
    b+1+2~1 (Punch Reversal - Face Forward)
            d+2,3, 4, b+2,3,4             7         ??            ??
            d+2,3, b+2, d+2,3             6         ??            ??
            d+2,3, 1,2, d/b+4             6         ??            ??
            d+2,3, 4,u+3, d/f+3           6         ??            ??
    b+1+2~1 (Punch Reversal - Face Backward)
            d+2,3, 4,u+3                  6        63-68        Medium
    b+1+2~2 (Punch Reversal - Face Forward Stun)
            f,f, f+2~1                    2         55           Hard
            f,f, 3,4, WS+4, b+2,3,4       7         94           Hard   
    d/b+1+2, d+4,3                        3         115          Easy   
    FC,u,N+4, 1,2, b+2,3,4                6        52-55         Easy   
    CH d+2,3, d+2,3                       4        51-53         Easy        
              4,3,4                       5        50-57         Easy
              4, b+2,3,4                  6        65-70         Easy 
              D+3,3,3                     5        47-51        Medium  
              1, b+2, 1, b+2, d+4         7        52-55        Medium  
              D+3,3,4                     5        53-54        Medium
              1, b+2, 1,2, b+2            7         ??          Medium  
              1, b+2, d+2,3               6        60-63        Medium  
              d/f+1, U/F+4,3              5        65-67        Medium
              d/f+1, b+2, d+2,3           6        61-63         Hard  
              4,u+3, d/f+3                5        69-69         Hard
    d/f+2, 1, d/b+2,4                     4        34-37         Easy
    3,4, d+2,3                            4        54-60         Easy
         WS+4,3                           4        55-63         Easy
         FC,U/F+4                         3        63-68         Easy
         WS+4, b+2,3,4                    6        69-74         Easy   
    u/f+4, 1, b+1,2,1                     5        37-38         Easy   
           1,2, b+2,3,4                   6         38           Easy
           1, d/b+2,4                     4        39-41         Easy 
           WS,4,3                         3         47           Easy
           U/F+4                          2        49-59         Easy  
           d/f+1, f+3,4                   4        45-46        Medium
           d/f+1, U/F+4,3                 4         48          Medium  
           F#+2,2,2, d+2,3                6        43-48        Medium
           4,u+3, d/b+4                   4        52-56        Medium  
           1,2, d/f+3                     4         35           Hard
           1,2, d+2,3                     5         39           Hard
    U/F+4,3, F#+1,2,{2},2                 5         62          Medium  
             d+2,3                        4         63           Hard
    CH 4, b+2,3,4                         4        41-43         Easy   
    CH d+4,3, FC,u/f+4                    3        49-52         Easy
              WS,4,3                      4         50           Easy
              1,b+2, d+2,3                 6        54-55       V. Hard
    FD/FT 3, FC+3,4                       3         28           Easy
             WS+4, d/f+1, b+2,3           5         32          Medium  
    U/F#,3, d/b+4                         2        45-52         Easy
            b+2, 1, b+2,3,4               6        54-63         Easy
            d/f+4,3, 4,b+2,3,4 (@)         7        99-107       Hard
    d+1+3 (Low Kick Cancel), u/f+4, <Any u/f+4 Combo Follow-Up>
                             U/F+4, <Any U/F+4 Combo Follow-Up>      
    @ - My combo and my favorite combo =)                         
    ****Infinity combo List****
     Combo                                  Difficulty
    ------------------------------------    ----------
    uf+4,UF+4                                 Easy
    d+4,3                                     Mid
    second and third hit of Junkyard          Mid
    XIII. Wake Up Games
        Wake up games are when you are trying to keep your opponent on the
    ground with low attacks (offence) or when you are trying to get off of
    your back and onto your feet (defence). Either you are into keeping your
    opponent down or getting back up (because you end up on the ground a lot)
    then this section should help you.
          There are many ways to get off on the ground in Tekken 3. There are
    many types of rolling, kick, and even flipping off of the ground (to bad
    Law does have that one). Some people always roll away when they are
    knocked down while others tech roll as soon as they hit the ground. You
    may have already made you choice of wake up attacks or  rolls, but some
    of these suggestions may change your mind.
    ~~~~Standing Up~~~~
        Standing up after getting knocked down is not the best solution to
    your problem if your opponent is in your face. If they aren't then get up
    by all means. Why would you want to take up time with a get up attack if
    they are in range three. After you get up, keep attacking. If you are far
    away then just run in and slide or do the flying cross arm. If they close
    the gap while you are getting up then hit them with a power hit like a
    Catapult Kick or the Dragon's Tail then start a wake up game of your own
    with them on the recieving end. 
    ~~~~Tech Rolls~~~~
        While being knocked on your back press and punch or kick button to
    land and roll to the side. Then you will pop up and be able to attack
    plus your opponent won't be able to attack you (for a little bit). This
    isn't perfect because you will go through a couple frames where you can
    still get hit with mid and low attacks, but it's better then laying on
    the ground and waiting to get hit. 
    ~~~~Rolling into the Background~~~~
        After being knocked down press 1 to roll into the background. After
    you have rolled you can roll back and preform a Flying Cross Arm or any
    other attack, but you cannot roll into the background anymore. If you
    don't instantly roll or attack you will stand up. You should do this to
    avoid incoming attacks, other then that it you shouldn't use it a lot.
        After being knocked down you can roll forward or backward then do a
    Flying Cross Arm or any other get up attack. When you are rolling you can
    get hit with all low and mid attacks, so don't roll twards an aggresive
    opponent. Rolling away is much better. If your opponent chases you then
    pop up with the Flying Cross Arm. If they don't then just stand up. Don't
    under any circumstances roll forward or backward while you are in range 0
    or even 1. Your opponent will always hit you out of it. Instead tech roll
    out of the fall, ankle kick them, or sweep them off of their feet before
    they do too much damage to you. So roll away when away or don't if close.
        After being knocked down there are a couple get up attacks that Law
    and many other players have. As far as I know everyone has the Flying
    Cross Arm while not everyone has the Ankle Kick. Most people don't have
    the Hand Spring while everyone has the Sweep and Mid Kick. There are
    times when and when not to use these attacks. You should never use the
    Ankle Kick when your opponent is in range one and you should never try to
    use the Flying cross Arm while in range 0 or 1. You should always is ethe
    Flying Cross Arm when in range 2 or 3 and when our opponent is closing in
    on you. So there are many times when you should use attacks and when you
    shouldn't use certain wake up game attacks. Now onto the mre indepth
    stratagies for each wake up game attack.
    ~~~~Ankle Kick~~~~
        The Ankle Kick should always be used when your opponent is right up
    close to you. Most of the time they will will be attacking. But that's
    alright because this attack cuts through just about every attack that can
    hit you. The only problem with it is the range. Your opponent must be
    inside of range 0 or else you will miss them and will be forced to get
    up. While they have a free shot at you. The damage of this attack is
    horrible. It only takes away 4 damage but lets you rise without getting
    hit. I don't think that you can hit your opponent with the Ankle Kick
    after you roll into the background (oh well, you're never close enought
    to your opponent to hit them after rolling anyway) and I know that you
    can't do it after rolling (now that would look bad). Overall, a great
    wake up game attack if your opponent is close. If they aren't then hit
    them with the Mid Kick or Sweep.
        The sweep is a great attack to get your opponent back onto the
    ground. If they get close to you then hit them with this. If they start
    to block it then hit them with the Mid Kick next time. You can use this
    move after rolling. This is a great way to suprise opponents. If you
    always do the Flying Cross Arm then sweep them instead. They will predict
    that you will do the FCA and block high while you come rolling in and hit
    them low. Then its their turn to be on the ground. This is also a great
    get up move when both characters are on the ground. If you hit your
    opponent with the Slide Kick you recover faster giving you the chance to
    hit them with this for a little extra damage.
    ~~~~Mid Kick~~~~
        You shouldn't use the Mid Kick all that much because its a little
    slower then the sweep and you are easier to hit when you perform it. The
    damage is great at the cost that you might get hit out of it and the fast
    that most opponents block high all the time. The solution: sweep them a
    couple times then roll up and hit them with this while they are blocking
    low, thinking that you are going to sweep them. You can do this move
    after you've been knocked down, after a roll, after rolling into the
    backround and then rolling forward or backward. So basicly this should be
    the change up between then sweep and the Flying Cross Arm.
    ~~~~Flying Cross Arm~~~~
        This is the best wake up game attack. It plows through all incoming
    attacks and goes great damage. The only problem with it is that you have
    to roll to do it. So you are at a risk while at the start of this wake up
    game attack. You should do this all the time, unless you are in range 0
    or 1. If you are somehow in range 3 and your opponent starts to run at
    you roll forward and bust out with this attack. It will low through any
    incoming attack except the Flying Cross Arm (which running opponents can
    do). So do this wake up game attack whenever you can unless you are in
    range 0 or 1. 
    ~~~~Hand Spring~~~~
        Since Law doesn't have this wake up game attack (if it is an attack)
    I can't tell you much about it. I think it can be done while laying down
    (don't have to be rolling) so that is an advange over the Flying Cross
    Arm, but it doesn't have the priority as the FCA does. So overall, Law
    isn't at a big loss.
        Law has a very good wake up game of his own. It isn't as good as Paul
    (which has the best) but he is above average. If your opponent like to
    stand up after being knocked down then then hit them with the Dragon'
    Tail followed by another then another. You can always hit them with the
    Catapult Kick. This will make them rethink their entire wake up game
    stratagie. Or you may even be able to hit them with the Dragon Storm to
    juggle or Junkyard Kick to juggle. You may be able to hit them with a
    Poison Arrow if you are close enough. If they tech roll out of an attack
    then try to hit them when they are open to attacks (I believe that is
    between the 11 and 16 frame, but I might be mistaken). Attacks that hit
    low would be the Dragon's Tail (the best wake up game attack), Dragon Low
    Kick to left kick to Somersault, any low attack to Somersault, Dragon
    Whip to Elbow Spring, or any other mid like the Mid Kick. I personly like
    to use the Catapult Kick, but it is usually blocked. If they roll into
    the background then they must get up or roll, use the stratagies above or
    below. If they roll then hit them with any low or mid attack. One of the
    best attacks is the Dragon's Tail. It has a long reach and does solid
    damage. Another attack that has long range is his Mid Kick. It does 21
    damage and usually hits opponents. It does have a little lag at the
    start, but after that its a perfect tool. If they attack while rising
    then Thrust Block them. If they like to do the Flying Cross Arm then jump
    over them or side step but don't attack. You can Low Thrust Block the
    sweep and you should never be in the range of the Ankle Kick (try to stay
    in range 1 or 2, where the Dragon's Tail can connect). Most opponents
    will always try to sweep you if you are out of the range of the Ankle
    Kick (so Low Thrust Block). If they get smart and try to hit you with the
    Mid Kick then stand just out of its range and Dragon's Tail them (or Mid
    Thrust Block). Only a few opponents have the Hand Spring, and even fewer
    use it, so you don't have to worry about it (I'd give details about it,
    but I've only seen it once and they miss me). So that's most of Law's
    wake up game.
    XIV. Reversals
        Almost every character has atleast one try of reversal. Three
    opponents have Attack Reversals while almost all opponents have Low
    Thrust Blocks. Using reversals is another huge part of Tekken 3. Some
    characters have their entire stratagie based on reversals. Law has three
    different reversals. They are the Mid and Low Thrust Block and a special
    Punch Only Reversal. So Law is prepared to reversal almost anything. Here
    is a chart of how has what reversals.
      __________________ __________________ __________________
     |                  |                  |                  |
     | Attack Reversals | Mid Thrust Block | Low Thrust Block |
     |      Jin         |       Law        |       Law        |
     |      Paul        |       Ling       |       Lei        |
     |      Nina        |__________________|       King       |
     |__________________|                  |       Nina       |
                                           |    Yishimitsu    |
                                           |       Ling       |
                                           |     Hwoarang     |
                                           |      Julia       |
                                           |      Bryan       |
            ______________________ _____________________
           |                      |                     |        
           | Punch Only Reversals | Right Kick Reversal |
           |        Law           |        King         |
           |        Lei           |      Heihachi       |
           |______________________|        Dr. B        |
                       |                    |
                       | Left Kick Reversal |
                       |      King          |
                       |                   |
                       | Special Reversals |
                       |       Jin         |
                       |    Yoshimitsu     |
                       |       Orge        |
    ****Attack Reversals****
        The attack reversal is one of, if not, the most deady type of
    reversals. It can reverse every attack including unblockables, except for
    elbows, knees, and full body lunges. Only three characters have these so
    you don't have to worry about them to much. If your opponent really likes
    to use them then attack reverse reverse them. This will hit them out of
    their reversal. If you keep doing one attack like the mid kick then they
    WILL do an attack reversal, so always try to avoid being predictable at
    all costs. Attack reversals will only reverse high and mid attacks, not
    low. So use this to your advantage.
    ****Attack Reverse Reversals****
        Attack Reverse Reversals is when you reverse an Attack Reversal like
    Paul's. You do it by pressing F+2+4 when a right attack is reversed or
    F+1+3 when a left attack is reversed. Since only three characters have
    Attack Reversals you shouldn't need to use this a lot, but you should
    know it none the less. 
    ****Thrust Blocks****
        There are two kinds of Thrust Blocks. The Mid Thrust Block and the
    Low Thrust Block. Law and a couple other characters have both while most
    characters have the Low Thrust Block. A Thrust Block is when you throw an
    attack away from you. For example, when a left kick is thrown and you
    Thrust Block it, you grab the leg and push it away. After it is pushed
    you can hit them with a fast attack for a free hit. If you Thrust Block a
    mid attack you will have 7 frames in which your opponent is powerless. If
    you use the Low Thrust Block then your opponent is helpless for 26 frames
    (around half a second). This is much more times then the Mid TB so you
    should hit them with a Dragon's Tail or the Mid Kick. 
    ~~~~Mid Thrust Block~~~~
        After you successfully countered your opponents attack you will have
    just enough time to hit them with a jab (1) or any other attack with that
    speed. Most opponents like to throw out mid attack, so you should have no
    problem when using this reversal. 
    ~~~~Low Thrust Block~~~~
        After you have successfully countered your opponents atemp at hitting
    you with a low attack you have just enough time to hit them with a
    Dragon's Tail or the Mid Kick. There are lots of other fast attacks like
    the Body Blow to Somersault (d,2,3) which then leads into a juggle. Most
    opponents like to peck at you every once an a while. They may even throw
    out five low right kicks in a row. So you should counter them with the
    Low Thrust Block. This is one of the many set ups to this reversal. If
    you find yourself being reversed then you better hope they don't have any
    good follow ups or else you're dead meat. A way to avoid that is to not
    be predictable. Some Law players (or any character for that matter) will
    do one attack followed by another then another then start over again.
    Maybe with a different middle move. is you catch onto this and one is low
    then Thrust Block it. If one is Mid then Thrust Block it. If one is high
    then duck it. So use this move to the fullest.
    ****Punch Only Reversals****
        Law and Lie are the only characters in the game that have punch only
    reversals. Unlike Lie, Law has may follow ups to a successful Fake Step
    (his punch reversals) which can go into a combo. If you are going against
    a character with tons of punches like Law or Kuma (that all Kuma has)
    then do the Fake Step every time they even start to move (I don't mean
    EVERY TIME, just when the 6th sence makes you want to). If you are going
    against Hwoarang (Bob) never use the Fake Step. After a successful Fake
    Step do the Tricky Fist then go into a combo for some major damage. 
    ****Kick Only Reversals****
        Only a few characters have Kick Only Reversals. They are King,
    Heihachi, and Dr. B. King is the only character that has a left and right
    kick reversal (they are both done the same way (B+1+3 or B+2+4) but look
    different). Most King players don't use their kick reversals at all, so
    it is OK to use plain kicks against him. Heihachi's right kick reversal
    is very easy to do, so never just use a plain right kick against him. I
    don't know how to do Dr. B's, but it looks the same as Heihachi's so it
    is probably done the same way. You should never use the right kick on him
    anyway because he is always ducking. 
    ****Special Revesrals****
        Only three characters have special reversals. Two look almost the
    same, a "force" comes infront of them repeling any attack (even the
    unblockable running Charge). The other (which is Yoshimitsu's), Yoshi
    sidesteps then slices his opponent with the sword. These are hard to see
    coming an aren't used very much, so don't worry. If your opponent messes
    up and misses you with them (they think you will attack and you don't)
    then either do the Charged Power Punch to hit them as soon as the "force"
    goes away or hit them with the Dragon's Tail when Yoshi misses with his
    Special Reversal. 
    XV. Throw Reversals
        This part of the FAQ is about how to reverse throws. When you reverse
    or escape throws you simply throw the person's arm away from you.
    Reverses must be done as soon as you opponent starts the throw. If you do
    it to late then you will be thrown. Some throws can be reversed while the
    throw is being done like King's Figure Four Leg Lock. It does 32 damage
    but once you get hit with it and press both kick buttons then you will
    reverse it while damaging King 26. So learning how to reverse
    throws/tackles/chain throws is pretty easy, but doing them is very hard.
    The only way that you can possibly reverse a throw is when you are
    rapidly pressing the button(s) before hand or if you see a throw coming
    like King's Spinning Throw. Now on with the charts and more detailed
        So the most basic type of throw reversals: the throws (later on we
    will talk about tackles and chain throws). These may be the easiest type
    of throw reversals there are (or maybe tackles, but not chain throws). On
    with the charts!
        |Name                    |   Now to do   |  Escape   |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
     B  | Front neck Full Swing  |      1+3      |     1     |  
     R  | Gravity Brain Buster   |      2+4      |     2     |
     Y  | Chains of Misery       | D,df,d,DF,1+2 |    1+2    |
     A  | Gravity Blow (LST)     |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
     N  | Knee Blast (RST)       |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Neck Throw (bt)        |   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Rio Deal               |      1+3      |     1     |
     E  | Rio Special            |      2+4      |     2     |
     D  | Rodeo Spin             |b,db,d,df,F,1+2|    1+2    |
     D  | Missile Launcher (LST) |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
     Y  | Shadown Dancer (RST)   |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Air Mail (bt)          |   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Dragon's Fire          |      1+3      |     1     |
     F  | Hopping Frog           |      2+4      |     2     |
     O  | Knee Lift              |    f,F,3+4    |    1+2    |
     R  | Death From Above       |     F,2+3     |     1     |
     E  | Headlock Punch         |     DF,1+2    |    1+2    |
     S  | Headlock Drop          | DF,1+2,1,2,1+2|           |
     T  | Headlock Kick (LST)    |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
        | Ball Breaker (RST)     |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Dragon Bites (bt)      |   1+3 or 2+4  |           | 
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Body Slam              |      1+3      |     1     |      
        | Lift up Slam           |      2+4      |     2     |
        | Pile Driver            |    db,F,1+2   |    1+2    |
     G  | Ground Zero            |     UF,1+2    |     1     |
     U  | Megaton                |     b,DF,2    |           |
     N  | Body Smash             |     DB,2+3    |     2     |
        | Body Press             |     DF,1+3    |           |
        | Back Breaker           |    d,db,B,2   |     2     |
        | Overhead Strike        |    d,df,F,1   |     1     |
     J  | Valcano                |     DF,2+4    |     2     |
     A  | Valcano Blaster        |    df,DF,2+4  |     2     |
     C  | Side Left Throw (LST)  |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
     K  | Hanging Neck Throw(RST)|   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Spinal Crush (bt)      |      1+3      |           |
        | Throw Away (bt)        |      2+4      |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
     M  | Neck Breaker           |      1+3      |     1     |
     I  | Pile Friver            |      2+4      |     2     |
     S  | Stonehead              |    f,F,1+2    |    1+2    |
     H  | Headbutt Carnival      |    f,F,1+4    |    1+2    |
     I  | Neck Chopper (LST)     |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
     M  | Freefall (RST)         |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
     A  | Atomic Drop (bt)       |   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
     H  | Pick Pocket            |     1+3       |     1     |
     W  | Human Cannonball       |     2+4       |     2     |
     O  | Doormat                |   d,db,B,3    |     1     |
     A  | Leg Hook Throw         |   d,DB,1+3    |    1+2    |
     R  | Roll & Choke           |    f,F,2      |     2     |
     A  | Bring It On (LST)      |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
     N  | Dead-End (RST)         |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
     G  | Slaughterhouse (bt)    |   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Double High Sweep      |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Over Shoulder Reverse  |      2+4      |     2     |
     J  | Stone Head             |    f,F,1+2    |    1+2    |
     I  | Complicated Wire       |   d,db,B,1+3  |     1     |
     N  | Wrist Chuck Slam       |    df,2+3     |     2     |
        | Shoulder Flip (LST)    |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
        | Over the Limit (RST)   |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Chicken Butcher (bt)   |   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Death Valley Bomb      |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Knee Suplex            |      2+4      |     2     |
     J  | Arm Lock Suplex        |     DF,1+2    |     2     |    
     U  | Mad Axes               |   d,db,b,F,2  |    1+2    |
     L  | Waist Suplex           |    d,DB,1+3   |     1     |
     I  | Cross Arm Suplex       | D,db,d,DB,1+2 |    1+2    |
     A  | Headlock Face Crusher  |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
        | Twisted Sister (RST)|  |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Branded (bt)      (LST)|   1+3 or 2+4  |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Winding Nut            |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Suplex                 |      2+4      |     2     |
        | Falling Head Lock      | D,db,d,DB,1+2 |    1+2    |
        | Tombstone Pile Driver  |     db,F,2    |     2     |
        | Spinning Throw         |f,b,db,d,df,F,1|     1     |
        | Frankensteiner         |     df,2+4    |           |
        | Figure Four Leg Lock   |     DB,1+2    |    1+2    | 
        | Knee Bash              |     DF,2+3    |     2     |
     K  | Muscle Buster          |   d,db,B,1+2  |    1+2    |
     I  | Throw Away             |     B,1+2     |           |
     N  | Pile Driver            |    d,df,F,1   |     1     |
     G  | Standing Heel Hold     |   f,d,DF,2+3  |     2     |
        | Arm Breaker            |   f,d,DF,1+3  |     1     |
        | Reverse Arm Slam       | f,DF,1+3or2+4 |   1 or 2  |      
        | Reverse Stretch Bomb   |    f,DF,1+2   |    1+2    |
        | Argentina Backbreaker  |   1+3 or 2+4  |     1     |
        | Knee Crush (RST)    \  |   1+3 or 2+4  |     2     |
        | Half Boston Crab (bt)| |      1+3      |           |
        | Cobra Twist (bt) (LST) |      2+4      |           |
        | Stretch Buster (bt)    |     b,F,1+2   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Bear's Bite            |      1+3      |     1     |
     K  | Hear Hug               |      2+4      |     2     |
     U  | Rock'n'Roll Circus    |f,df,b,db,b,F,1+2|   1+2    |
     M  | Headbutt               |    f,F,1+4    |    1+2    |
     A  | Choke Slam (LST)       |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
        | Bear Slam (RST)        |  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Swing Swung (bt)       |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Double Flip Stomp      |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Sleeper Hold           |      2+4      |     2     |
     L  | Tripping               |    f,F,1+2    |    1+2    |
     E  | Dragon Falls           |     UF,1+2    |    1+2    |
     I  | Out of Control         |1(AoD),1+3(AoS)|     1     |
        | Sailboat Stretch (LST) |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
        | Closing Fan (RST)      |  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Booby Trap (bt)        |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Jade                   |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Ruby                   |      2+4      |     2     |
     L  | So Shoe Me             |     f,2,1     |    1+2    |
     I  | Dislocator             |    d,db,B,2   |     2     |
     N  | Arm Flip (LST)         |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
     G  | Dump the Bucket (RST)  |  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Crank Up (bt)          |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Arm Grab Flip          |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Over the Back Toss     |      2+4      |     2     |
        | Elbow Smash            |    df,DF,1    |    1+2    |
     N  | Jumping Flip           |    UF,1+2     |    1+2    |
     I  | Backhand Slap          |   d,df,f,1+2  |     2     |
     N  | Crab Hold              |   d,df,f,3+4  |     1     |
     A  | Leaping Heel Hold      |     f,f,f,3   |     2     |
        | Betrayer               |   d,db,B,1+4  |           |
        | Triangle Hold (LST)(bt)|  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
        | Hammer Throw (RST)  |  |  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Leaping Triangle Hold  |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Body Slam              |      1+3      |     1     |
     O  | Bear Hug               |      2+4      |     2     |
     G  | Spin Elbow Smash       |   df,DF,2+4   |           |
     R  | Choke Slam (LST)       |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
     E  | Hanging Neck Throw(RST)|  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Swing Swung (bt)       |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
        | Over the Shoulder      |      1+3      |     1     |
        | Shoulder Pop           |      2+4      |     2     |
     P  | Foot Launcher          |     B,2+3     |     2     |
     A  | Push Away              |    f,F,1+2    |    1+2    |
     U  | Twist & Shout          |     DF,1+2    |    1+2    |
     L  | Dragon Screw (LST)     |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
        | Fall Away (RST)        |  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Reverse Neck Throw     |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
     Y  | Jumping Body Slam      |      1+3      |     1     |
     O  | Sword Face Smash       |      2+4      |     2     |
     S  | Rainbow Drop           |   d,db,B,1+2  |    1+2    |
     H  | Wheels of Hell (LST)   |  1+3 or 2+4   |     1     |
     I  | Spiritual Division(RST)|  1+3 or 2+4   |     2     |
        | Tornado Drop (bt)      |  1+3 or 2+4   |           |
         ------------------------ --------------- -----------
    ~~~~How/When to Use Throw Reversals~~~~
        Try to use Throw Reversals whenever you can. Most opponents will only
    use the regular throws (1+3 oe 2+4). You reverse the throw by pressing
    the escape button (1 or 2 or example) as they reach their arm out to
    throw. This might seem easy, but it isn't. Most of the time it just comes
    down to luck. You should try to use throw reversals whenever possible.
    But since you don't know when they are trying to throw you, you must
    guess. Most opponents only throw when you are stuned, so watch their
    hands whenever you are stuned. Others like to throw then they are rising,
    so Dragon's Tail them. Learning when is almost impossible, so just depend
    on luck.
        A tackle is when you or your opponent tries to lunge into you and
    knock you down. These can be done two different ways, by running
    (everyone) or special button sequences (selected characters only). If you
    want to reverse a Tackle you should press 2+4 just as they ake contact
    with you. That isn't very easy to do, so you can escape another way
    latter on. As soon as you hit the ground press 1+2,2 to escape without
    considerable damage. Don't worry you can still escape, but this time its
    harder. You must guess at which attack your opponent is going to try to
    use. Everyone can punch you five times while you are down. It can go
    1,2,1,2,1 (escape is 2,1,2,1,2) or 2,1,2,1,2 (1,2,1,2,1 for escape). Now
    onto some different attacks.
    | Throw                 | Sequence |     Character    |  Escape   |
     ----------------------- ---------- ------------------ -----------
    | Arm Bar               |    1+2   |Nina,King,Paul,Jin|1+2,2,2,2,2|
     ----------------------- ---------- ------------------ -----------
    | 3 Punches to Arm Bar  |1,2,1,1+2 |Nina,King,Paul,Jin|1+2,2,2,2,2|
     ----------------------- ---------- ------------------ ----------- 
    | Leg Lock              |    3+4   |     Nina,King    |1+2,1,1,1,1|
     ----------------------- ---------- ------------------ -----------
    | 3 Puncher to Leg Lock |1,2,1,3+4 |     Nina,King    |1+2,1,1,1,1|
     ----------------------- ---------- ------------------ -----------
        OK, for the three punches, just reverse them like you would the five
    punches, I just put 1,2,1 up for an examlpe. For the escape, esacpe the
    punches like the five punches listed above (just said that) then escape
    the Arm Bar or Leg Lock with the escape listed above.
    ****Chain Throws****
        TO escape chain throw please read the characters Vs. section for the
    complete escape walkthrough (King and Nina only).
    ****Vs. Characters****
        This part of the guide is about how to beat up your opponent. This
    doesn't give you step by step instructions on how to win, it just tells
    you how you should react to certain moves and so on. Many players have
    their own styles, so what I write might not work. Anyway, one with the
    next part.
            _    __       _______        __      _          ______
           | |  / /      |__   __|      |  \    | |        / _____|
           | |_/ /          | |         |   \   | |       / / 
           |    /           | |         | |\ \  | |      | |
           |  _ \           | |         | | \ \ | |      | |     ___
           | | \ \          | |         | |  \ \| |      | |    |_  |
           | |  \ \       __| |__       | |   \   |       \ \_____| | 
           |_|   \_\     |_______|      |_|    \__|        \________|
        King's main weapons are his throws and chain throws. He has very
    little special moves, yet they are very powerful and dangerous. He also
    has a very, very, very good wake up game on both sides (offence and
    deffence). King is also the only character with a left kick reversal
    along with ground and crouching throws. This makes him very dangerous in
    range 0 or even 1. 
        Since King has 24 non-chain throws (including ground and mid) you
    should try to stay in range 2. While in range 2 or at the tip of range 1
    you can hit him with your mid kick, Dragon's Tail, along with many flips.
    If you blocks any of the flips he will try to throw you. So you should do
    the only thing possible, hit both punch buttons. If you are lucky you
    will throws his hand away from you and you can try a throw of your own or
    any other attack. King couldn't do all of his throws in that time unless
    your opponent was really good. So This means that his Frankensteiner,
    Spinning Throw, Falling Headlock, and maybe even the Tombstone Piledriver
    are probably out of the question (his Frankenstiener is usually out of
    anything because of the start of the throw). So this leaves him with the
    Figure Four Leg Lock, Muscle Buster, Knee Bash, Suplex, and his Winding
    Nut. Two of these (the first two) are reversed with both punches. The
    only real threat of these two is his Muscle Buster because it does 50
    damage. His Figure Four Leg Lock can be escaped during the throw with
    both kicks and does 26 damage to kick. So chances are that he will do
    with the Muscle Buster unless they are a beginner. If they are then they
    will try the easy and universal throws (1+3 or 2+4). These don't do a ton
    of damage, but you can still reverse it with a little luck. 
        If you think that ducking under all of his throws then you are sadly
    mistaken. He can preform a Jumping Power Bomb on you if you are cought
    ducking at range 0 or he can start his Reverse Stretch Special Bomb. The
    Power Bomb does almost twice as much damage and can be escaped only with
    both punch buttons while his Reverse Stretch Special Bomb is a five throw
    chain starter. This throw can be escaped by pressing 2. 
        If King tries to do his Frankensteiner (doesn't have to be after a
    block) then the only real option is to side step/back dash/attack. You
    might be able to knock him out of the air with a jab or a hop kick. If he
    will just hit you with it (at the end of his range) then do a back dash.
    You can also do a sidestep if you are fast enough and try to get out of
    the way. 
        If King wants to throw you anyother time (besides after blocking)
    then try to watch for King to shake. If he goes forward then back and
    starts to duck then watchout. He will most likely try his most damaging
    throw. His Spinning Throw. If he goes catch you with this throw then try
    to tech roll out of it to cut the damage in half. Of you can try to
    escape it with 1. If he is ducking and starts to shake then hit both
    punches to escape a very damaging Falling Headlock. Not a lot of Kings do
    that 55 damage throw, but you never know. The Figure Four Leg Lock isn't
    easy to see coming because he only has to press DB and both punches to
    preform his least damaging throw (well, second by two damage points).
    King's Tombstone Piledriver is his second most devestating throw and is
    also hard to see coming unless you look real hard on the finishing move
    replay at the end of the match. In a very fast movement he will start to
    duck down and back then forward for the grab. His least damaging throw is
    hard to see coming, but no one ever uses it. The Muscle Buster is King's
    most devestating throw is my mind because it is very easy to do, you must
    press both punch buttons to reverse it, and it takes off plenty of
    damage. He can do this throw whenever he feels like it, but it can be
    seen coming with a trained eye. He will start to duck down then back
    before the throw comes out. 
        Never turn your back on King. He has three back throws. Two of which
    takes off 60 damage while his third takes off 75. So it is wise not to
    just do the Dragon Whip and not finish. If you are with your back to him
    try a ducking jab. You will spin around very fast and knock him out of
    his throw animation. If you are fast enough you might be able to pull off
    a Dragon Back Blow. This will turn King around so that his back is facing
    you. This isn't very wise because the back blow take a little time to
    preform. So it isn't worth taking 60 to 75 damage off of your life for 15
    of his.
        King also is the only character that has chain throws besides Nina.
    King can chain throws off of his Ultimate Tackle, Pile Driver, Stomach
    Smash, Standing Heel Hold, Throw Away, Arm Breaker, Reverse Arm Slam, and
    both Reverse Stretch Special Bomb. Just incase you're wondering, I will
    put down how King does his throws. This is to your advantage because you
    can look down at your opponents hands to see what throw combo they are
    doing then escape out of it.
         Off of his Tackle he can nail you with five punches (you can escape
    these by pressing the opposite buttons then your opponent does, example,
    your opponent presses 1,2,1,2,1,2. You can escape those with 2,1,2,1,2,1.
    King can only chain three punches to any throws after the tackle). The
    more advanced King players will punch you three times then go into a Leg
    Cross Hold (which is escaped with 1+2,1,1,1,1) then the inescapable
    Stretch Combo. This one will take off 90 damage. Or he could go for three
    punches then go into the Cross Arm Lock (escape is 1+2,2,2,2,2) then the
    inescapable Arm Twist. This little throw combo only takes off 65 damage.
    A lot less then the other one. 
        King has two throws from the Pile Driver. The first is his Double Arm
    Face Buster. This throw doubles the damage done by the Pile Driver. His
    other one is the Boston Crab. This takes off 25 damage. Both of these
    attacks are inescapable after you are grab with the regular Pile Driver.
    You can escape the Pile Driver with a 1.
        Off of the Stomach Smash King has two options. They are the Hi-Jack
    Backbreaker and the Jaguar Driver. The Stomach Smash hits low and isn't a
    throw so it can't be reversed (it can only be Low Thrust Blocked). King
    can only throw his opponent if the Stomach Smash is a counter hit. If you
    are caught in that you can escape the Hi-Jack Backbreaker with both
    punches. You can escape the Jaguar Driver with both kick buttons. Both of
    the throws look the same at the start, so you will face a guessing game
    unless you opponent is a master and always does the Jaguar Driver, or if
    you look at the guy's hands to see. To do the backbreaker he will press
    both punches. For the Driver he will press both puncher, up, down, then
    both kicks (1+2,u,d,3+4).
        King's Throw Away chains can only do 10 damage at most. If you does
    the throw away you cannot escape it. Don't worry, it doesn't do any
    damage. He might do the turn around, which is escapable with both punches
    (1+2) and it doesn't dp any damage. He can do the non damaing throw away
    feint, which is escaplable with 1. The Throw and destry which does 10
    damage and can be escaped with both kicks. He can even chain the Throw
    away with the Throw Away Knockdown. This does 8 damage and is escapable
    with 2. If you get caught in this throw chain, don't worry, they done
    hurt you.
        Back in Tekken 2 King could only chain throw off of the Standing Heel
    Hold. In Tekken 3 he still can. After the Standing Heel Hold he can go
    into the S.T.F., Scorpion Deathlock, or Indian Death Lock to King's
    Bridge. The scorpion and Indian Death Locks look the same at the start
    but will change at the end (I'm talking about the button sequence, not
    the throw). The Indian Death Lock is 1+2,1,3,1+2 (it is escapable with
    1+2). The Scorpion Death Lock is 1+2,3,1,1+3 (escape is 2). The more
    advanced King players will do with the Indian Death Lock to King's
    unescapable Bridge (unescpable isn't part of the name). That move take
    off 50 damge. If you get caught in that chain 110 damage flies away from
    you. Only beginners will do the S.T.F. It is done by 1,2,3,1+2. It is
    escapable with 1. 
        His most damaing throw is chained after his Arm Breaker which is
    escapable with 1. After the Arm Breaker he can go into his Thriple Arm
    Breaker. You will know if your opponent is doing that if they keep
    jamming on both punches. If they are press 1 to get out of that chain. A
    more advanced King player may try the Arm Breaker to Head Jammer to the
    inescpable Struggle Combo. His Head Jammer is done by 1+2,4,2+4. It can
    be escaped with 2 and does 20 damage. After that he can go into the
    Struggle Combo. If he does you can't do anything about it because it is
    inescapable. The most advanced King player will do the Arm Breaker to
    Chicken Face Wing Lock to Rolling Death Cradle. If they go into the
    Chicken Face Wing Lock (2,1,1+2+3) you can only escape with 1+2. After
    that he can do into the most damaing throw in the game (even more
    damaging then the Spinning Throw). It does 75 damage, is escapable with
    2, and is done by 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3. This throw is almost inpossible
    to pull off but it can happen. If your opponent isn't that good then they
    will go into the Dragon Sleeper Finish. This only does 30 damage and is
    escapable by 1. It is also done by 2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4.  
        The longest throw chain is King's Reverse Arm Slam to a BackDrop
    followed by  the Cannonball Buster which in turn goes into the Manhattan
    Drop to Victory Bomb and finishes with the Muscle Buster or Giant Swing.
    Reversing the Reverse Arm Slam is diffucult because it can be done two
    different ways. If it is done by f,DF,1+3 then you can escape with 1. If
    it is done with 2+4 then you can escape with 2. After the first throw you
    will be fased with another guessing game. You can only escape then
    Backdrop with the same button as you would the Reverse Arm Slam. After
    the Backdrop they can either go into a Cannonball Buster for the longer
    sequence or the German Suplex. THe German Suplex is very easy to do. It
    is done by 3+4 to 1+2. It can be escaped with 1. After that they can only
    go into the Power Bomb which is inescapable. After that they might go
    into a Muscle Buster or Giant Swing. The Giant Swing is easy to do
    (2,1,3,4) and is escapable with 1. A more advanced King player will do
    the Muscle Buster. It is done by 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4 and is escapable with
    2 if it is done from the Reverse Arm Slam 1+2 or 1 if it is done with
    2+4. If your opponent does the Cannonball Bust after the Backdrop you
    aren't in luck because it is inescapable. But after that they must go
    into the Manhattan Drop which is escapable with 2. After that they will
    go into the Victory Bomb which is non escapable. Now they can go into the
    Muscle Buster or Giant Swing. The Giant Swing is escapable with 2 and the
    Muscle Bust is escapable with 1.
        The last Chain Throw starts out with the Reverse Stretch Special
    Bomb. The Bomb can be done when you are standing with f,DF,1+2 or is you
    are ducking by df,DF,2+4. You can escape the Bomb with 1+2. After it
    comes the Cannonball Bust which is inescpable. The Cannonball Bust can be
    done by itself from a side step with 2+4 so watch out. Anyway, after it
    King can go into a Power Bomb which is also inescapable. After that King
    can go into the Muscle Buster or Giant Swing. The Giant Swing is
    escapable with 1 and the Muscle Bust is whith 2. After the Cannonball
    Buster King can go into the Manhattan Drop. This is done by 3+4,1+2,1+2+4
    and is escapable with 2. After that King can go into the Victory Bomb
    which is inescapable. Now he has the choice of doing the Muscle Buster or
    Giant Swing. If he goes into the Muscle Buster you can escape it with 1.
    You can also escape the Giant Swing with 2. That is all of his Chain
        King is also the only charater with ground throws. These are all done
    by any db and 1+3 or 2+4. So chances are that your opponent will know how
    to ground throw you. But most opponents won't try to. Why? Because it is
    very easy to dodge a ground throw. You can roll to the side, roll
    backwards, hop up with a sweep or mid kick or by itself, or tech roll out
    of the knocking down move. Anyway, the only time that King can Ground
    Throw you is after a move that leaves you stunned on the ground and close
    to him. So over all, just tech roll out of all of King's moves to dodge
    all of these throws (there are 8 of them).
        King is the only person in the game to have a left kick reversal. He
    also has two more reversals. A Low Thrust Block and a right kick only
    reversal. His kick reversals are dangerous because they are done with the
    same button sequence (B+1+3 or B+2+4). This is a real threat to Law
    because he uses plenty of left and right kick as set ups to flips or by
    themselves. So mainly do Catapult Kicks or mid punching attacks. His Low
    Thrust Block isn't all that dangerous, but still watch out because he
    does have low/mid attacks that can hit you. Don't use tons of low
    attacks. And don't use the Junkyard Kick a lot because he can/will
    reverse the second hit (he is the only person that has ever done that to
        King has the most running/lunging moves in the game. He has his
    Exploder, Capital Punishment, Flying Cross Chop, the Moonsault Body
    Press, High Elbow Drop, and the Shoulder Tackle. He also has a Master
    Counter. He has one of the best wake up games but doesn't have a ton of
    special moves. 
        King uses his Exploder mainly in his ever powerful wake up games.
    King's Exploder only takes off 25 damage while Orge's takes off 40, but
    that is Ogre. If you suspect it just do the Flying Cross Arm. This goes
    right through all of King's attacks. That can be risky because you have
    to roll back or forward to do the cross arm. Another option is to roll
    into the for/background. Then you can pop up with a left kick for a free
        His Flying Cross Arm is a powerful attack that goes through all of
    your attacks beside your Flying Cross Arm. King also likes to use this in
    his wake up games. If you just lay on the ground he may fly over you or
    he might land on you. So the best choice is to roll into the backround
    and rise with a left kick. If he does this outside of the wake up games
    then you are left with only one option: block. You will get stuned but he
    will rise when you recover. If you do get hit with this attack don't
    worry, it only takes off 15 damage.
        King's Capital Punishment sound really bad but it is easy to see
    coming and King players never really use it. It can be used in his wake
    up game but it isn't his best choice. If you see him use it always Thrust
    Block it.
        King has a mean Should Tackle. It plows through attacks and takes off
    a huge block of life. It is basicly unstopable. You cann't Thrust Block
    it and it hits mid so you can't duck it. What you can do it side step it.
    Unless your opponent does it while in close range you should see it
    coming. Another pluse to this move is that it doesn't travel forever. It
    only covers a small distance. So most King players don't use it a lot.
        King mainly uses his right foot. He has two very powerful attacks
    that use his right foot. They are to Konvict Kick and the disgraceful
    Kick. Between the two the Konvict Kick does more damage, hits mid, and is
    a bigger threat then the Disgraceful Kick (and it does leave his back
    turned). The D Kick only does 20 (while the K does 30) but might be used
    more. You can Thrust Block both attacks. I would only Thrust Block the
    Konvict Kick because you can duck the D Kick and throw him before he
    recovers. But the Disgraceful Kick is harder to see coming and there for
    more dangerous in some ways. 
        King's Master Counter is his Black Bomb. This is an awesome move in
    which King slams both of his fists down on you. If it is a counter you
    will fly into the air. Don't worry to much about this move because it has
    a big stal in the starting and ending animation. If you catch him in the
    act then Thrust block or Fake Step him then follow up into your favorite
    combo. Most King players  don't use this move a lot also. 
        The most useful attack that King has (well, the most used) is his
    Head Spinner. This is extremly damaging and is pretty fast. The good part
    about it is that it is two hits. So unless it is a counter hit you should
    be able to block the second hit. If he just does and does the first hit
    he will leave his back turned. What ever you do don't do rushing in. He
    can a very fast unblockable he can use on you or go for a reverse throw.
    So the best move to do is your Dragon's Tail. This will sweep him off his
    feet and he will land hard on the ground. Now follow into you strong wake
    up game. If you block the second hit you won't be able to get in a free
    hit because you are left in range 2. This is somewhat good because he
    cannot throw you (OK, i just had to say something). 
        King also has a couple other pecking attacks like his Knee Buster,
    Jab Uppercut, and K's Flicker (which is a type of uppercut). His Leg
    Breaker is a slow attack, but he can use it to duck under high attacks.
    This move should be Low Thrust Blocked unless that isn't possible. King
    also has his Stagger Kick. As the name says, it will stagger his
    opponents. He can also chain any of the three hits into the Spinning
    Uppercut. Most King players will either do all three kicks then stop or
    they will do one and go into the Spinning Uppercut. So you should block
    the Low Thrust Block the first attack if possible. If you can't then
    block low for the next hits. If your opponent pops up with the Spinning
    Uppercut they you will get hit. The only major problem with that is
    getting back up, the uppercut only takes off 10. 
        King has two side step moves. The first is very slow and does do a
    lot of damage. It is the Knockout Punch. You should always Fake Step it
    and combo. If you try to attack and mess up then you will get stunned and
    open for a combo or throw. The second and worse side step attack is his
    Deadly Boomerang. This does 60 damage (twice the amount of the other side
    step attack. This is a deadly move because it will go right through other
    attacks, can't be Thrust Blocked, and is pretty fast. The only way to
    deal with this attack is to knock King out of the air before he swings
    his leg at you or you should duck it. Then nail him with your wake up
        You are never safe when you are on the ground. King can hit you with
    his Elbow Drop if you are close to him. If you are far away (around range
    2 or the start of 3) then he may hit you with his High Elbow Drop. These
    can be dodge very easily, but you still must watch out for stay attacks
    (you never know when King will do this). 
        King has several Unblockable attacks. His Moonsault Body Press can
    cut through some attacks and will hit grounded opponents. You really
    can't do anything to stop this except by side stepping. His Lay Off just
    pushes you back a little and you become unable to block for a little bit.
    He can hit you with the Disgraceful Kick for a free hit, but morst
    players don't do that. His Jaguar Lariat is slow and only takes off 50
    damage. So you shouldn't worry to much about that. His Atomcic Blaster is
    extremly dangerous. It is fast and takes off 50 damage. The good things
    about it are that King must have his back turner, it hits high just like
    the Jaguar Lariat, and has a small range. This is the main reason you
    should stay away from a back turned King. 
        King also has a very strong wake up game. He can keep you down with
    pecks like the Knee Buster, Stagger Kick to Spinning Uppercut, three
    Stagger Kicks, and the Jab Uppercut. He can also bust out with the Leg
    Breaker, Moonsault Body Press, or any Elbow Drops. If you are stunned on
    the ground then he can ground throw you. He can Hop Kick you while
    getting up or use one of his deadly throw/throw chains. He can even hit
    you with the Ultimate Tackle and take 90 life away from you. So always
    try to tech roll out of all of his attacks or you could stay down for a
    long time.
        King's ten hit strings are also pretty good.
          _    __       _       _       __       __            ___
         | |  / /      | |     | |     |  \     /  |          / _ \
         | |_/ /       | |     | |     |   \   /   |         / / \ \
         |    /        | |     | |     | |\ \_/ /| |        / /___\ \
         |  _ \        | |     | |     | | \___/ | |       / _______ \
         | | \ \       | |     | |     | |       | |      / /       \ \
         | |  \ \      | |_____| |     | |       | |     / /         \ \
         |_|   \_\     |_________|     |_|       |_|    /_/           \_\
        Kuma does have a chance against Law. He is slow and powerful. All he
    can go is punch and he doesn't have any reversals. But watch out, if you
    don't Fake Step his attacks you can loose a ton of damage. 
        Kuma has lots of power hits. He has single hits and three hit chains.
    Don't worry, you can Thrust Block or Fake Step all of his Power Hits.
    Some of his most used are the G-Clep Cannon, Bear Hammer, Double Claw,
    Demon Uppercut, and all the variations of his Triple and Rushing
    Uppercut. He has some other powerful attacks but they are extremely slow
    (i.e. Salmon Hunter).
        The first hit of his G-Clef Cannon is extremely fast (it is basicly a
    jab). If you get hit with this then he will finish the move. You can
    usually block the last hit unless you are going against a smart opponent
    and the first hit was a counter hit. Most begginners will try to smash
    you with Kuma's Bear Hammer. This is an extremely powerful attack string
    if all the hits connect. Don't worry, if you do get hit with the first
    attack you can usually stop the string with a Jab just before the second
    hit or if they miss with the first attack Fake Step and counter with a
        Most Kuma players love to uppercut you. It doesn't matter if it is a
    Rushing Uppercut or the Triple Uppercut. They will usually use these
    attacks to stop your attacks. If they mess up and the first hit isn't a
    counter then quickly throw out a standing or ducking Jab to stop the
    string of attacks. The only problem with this is that you can only break
    the Rushing Uppercut with the Jab, not the Triple Uppercut. If you get
    hit with those then you will have to try to Thrust Block or Fake Step
    them, or if all else fails, block. Kuma also has the Demon Uppercut. This
    attack sends you flying, and it is easily comboed off of. You can Thrust
    Block it, but it would be better to stop the attack with a Jab because if
    you miss witht eh Thrust Block you will loose some major damage. You may
    ask yourself, what does this attack look like. Well, just before Kuma
    pops out with the giant uppercut he crouch dashes just a little. Since
    Kuma doesn't have a regular crouch dash you will always know when this
    attack will come. If you do block it you can hit him with a Body Blow to
    Somersault then combo off of that with a right kick to Junkyard Kick for
    some easy damage. 
        Kuma has three blockable slow yet deadly attacks. They are his Double
    Claw (the fastest out of the three), the Grizzly Claw, and the deadly
    Salmon Hunter. Since only the Double Claw is used against me in combat I
    can only give you stratigies on that attack. Most opponents use this
    attack to cut through attacks like the Double Catapult Kick or a misses
    Junkyard Kick. The damage isn't as much as the Grizzly Claw or Salmon
    Hunter, but once you get hit with it you go right to the ground. Once
    there Kuma might try to hit you with the Dance wit Me attack. This attack
    does a total of 80 damage if both hits connect. Don't worry, the attack
    is to slow to hit Law. All I know about the Salmon Hunter is that it hits
    low and slow. You can easily Low Thrust Block the attack the follow up
    with you a combo. 
        Kuma also has a Jab Elbow Smash, but never uses it. It is pretty fast
    and must be blocked, except for the last hit, which can be Thrust
        Kuma also has the popular Sit Down and Punch attack. Once he sits
    down (by just sitting down or he can do the Pancake Press) you have a
    free shot at him for about a fourth of a second then he can hit you with
    the Sit Punches. Since he always does the Sit Punches once he is in
    range; you must always Low Thrust Block to make them rethink there next
        Kuma loves his Hammer Rush. And for a good reason. After the fourth
    hit you will be faced with a guessing game. He can hit you High, Mid, or
    Low attack. He loves to do this attack because he can duck under high
    attack (usually a counter) and hit you with two low attack, then two mid
    attacks, and finally High, Mid, or Low. The Mid does the most damage
    followed by the high attack (the low does 8 damage), so always block
    high. Don't worry, you can break the attack string just before the second
    and third hit.
        Kuma still has some more deadly attacks. He has his Overhead Smash,
    the crazy Windmill Punch, and the Killing Upper to Grizzy Claw. The
    Overhead Smash does lots of damage and can be Thrust Blocked or Faked
    Stepped out of. After the first hit of the Windmill Punch you must block
    all of the preciding attacks; if you don't then you will loose lots of
    damage. Kuma doesn't ues the Killing Uppercut to Grizzy Claw a lot so
    don't worry about it (it hits mid, mid and can be breaked out of by a
    Jab, Thrust Blocked, and Fake Stepped out of). 
        Kuma has a Special get up attack, the Get Up Punch. It can only be
    block but Kuma ever uses it. He also has a Ground Attack, the Dance with
    Me attack. It does lots of damage (a total of 80) and hits twice. The
    good thing about this attack is that it is extremely slow. If Kuma ever
    tries it just roll out of the way and hit him in the back.
        Kuma has two unblockable attacks: the Fatal Wind and Deadly Claw
    (which can be linked into the Rolling Bear for a total of 80 some
    damage). The Fatal Wind will only hit you if you attack Kuma while he is
    doing this attack (SO DON'T HIT HIM!!). The Deadly claw can be Thrust
    Blocked and Fake Stepped. You should always do this to him because the
    attack is very slow. You can only block the Rolling Bear. The Rolling
    Bear can only be done if you misses or makes contact with the Deadly
    Claw. Therefor he should never complet the Deadly Claw (always knock him
    out of it or Thrust Block him).
        Kuma's throws do lots of damage. His regular throws do 5 to 10 more
    damage then yours. His special throws can only be escaped with both punch
    buttons. Luckly Kuma never throws me (mainly because I'm never that close
    to him). 
        Kuma doesn't have any Ten Hit Strings.
    XVIII. Misc. Info
        There are nine total modes of play in Tekken 3 for Playstation. You
    start out with 7 and can earn the other two by beating the Arcade Mode
    with the regular characters and by earning all of the special characters.
    ~~~~Arcade Mode~~~~
        This is the main mode of play. In this mode you will be faced with 8
    opponents followed with Heihachi (or Jin if you are playing Heihachi)
    then Orge. Orge turns into True Orge after you win one round (no matter
    how many rounds you have). After you beat True Orge you get to see your
    characters ending which is then put into Threater Mode. A second
    character can challenge you if they press start. The winner will continue
    to fight against the computer unless a second player presses start, and
    so on. 
        This is the main two player mode. Once you pick your player (it
    better be Law) then you get to choose the amount of life you want
    (anywhere for 70 to 140). You cannot choose anything higher or lower.
    After that you're off to the fighting arena. After someone wins then you
    come back to the choose your player screen and do it all over again. If
    you want to get out of this mode then press start while playing and
    choose exit.
        In this one or two player mode you will can choose your team of up to
    eight players (one is the lowest, some team). You can only pick one of
    each player per team. Whenever one person KOs another they get about 20
    damage back then you go against another player. Your goal is to beat
    everyone on the other team. After that is done then you will be taken to
    a special screen that shows you who beat who. Then it's back to the
    select you team screen. If you want to get out of this mode of play them
    press start while in battle and select exit.
    ~~~~Time Attack~~~~
        In this mode you will face the clock and see how fast you can beat
    ten opponents with two rounds each. After beating True Orge you get to
    enter your initials if you beat them all in record time. If not then to
        The classic survival mode. You will face an infinity amount of
    opponents (well, so far). Once you beat one you will regain about 20
    life. It will end once you get KOed. If you KO the most or close to the
    most opponents then you get to ender your initials.
        In this mode of play you get to choose your opponent and what level
    of difficulty (one of the many options). You can choose combo practice
    (you practice ten hit strings amoung other hard combos), practice against
    a friend (with infinity life), or just beat up a helpless opponent
    (hehe). Use this mode to become a master.
    ~~~~Tekken Force~~~~
        This is a beat-em-up mode of play. It is basicly like Sega's Streets
    of Rage amoung other games. There are four levels with a boss per level
    (a Tekken character) and plent of "bad guys". After you complete all four
    levels you get a key. After you gain three keys then beat it again to go
    to level five. In this level you will go againts Dr. Boskonovitch. If you
    beat him you get him. If you don't them you have to start all over again
    (you still have the three keys). 
    ~~~~Tekken Ball~~~~
        This is a secret mode that is activated after gaining all of the
    secret characters. You cna play with two players (the second/loser has to
    press start after every round to come in). If you play a one player game
    then the first match will be Gon. If you beat him you get him (if you
    don't I think you go against him again, but I've never lost to him). The
    object to this mode is to knock the ball down onto your opponents side of
    the line (and past the second line). This will damage them. After you
    take all their life away them you win that round. You can also damage
    opponents by hitting them with the ball. If you hit the ball with a
    special attack then the ball becomes a damage ball. If it hits your
    opponent now them will take damage. They can hit it back and add damage,
    so watch out. You can choose between three different ball. The beginner
    (60% damage of attack), the gumball (80% damage of attack), or Iron ball
    (it does the full amount of damage per hit). In other words, the beginner
    doesn't do as much damage to opponents when they get hit with an attack
    ball as them would with the gum or Iron ball. Read the rules for more
    info (press start and select it).
    ~~~~Threater Mode~~~~
        Once you have gained all the regular characters ending then this mode
    is selectable. The endings that you earn goes into this mode. You can see
    them by going to this mode a hitting X. Once you gain all the endings
    (beat the game with Tiger also) and you can listed to the music (both
    remix and the Arcade) or you can watch ending from other Tekkens, if you
    have them.
        There are five main types of options in the options menu at the main
    screen. The first type of options is the Game Options. In this you can
    change the Diffuculty Level, Fight Count, Round Time, Guard Damage, ect.
    Another type of option is the Key Conifiguation. In this you can change
    the button settings and turn on the vibrations. The third is Records for
    Time Attack, Survival, Win Average, and Character Usage. You can adjust
    the display by going to the Display Adjust. There is even a Memory Card
    options (load, save, auto save). The only one you really need is the save
    option. Here is a chart of the Game Options (for the other option types
    you do not need a chart to understand them). 
    | Key:  1. Arcade Mode  2. Vs. Mode  3. Team Battle  4. Time Attack |
    |   5. Tekken Ball  6. Tekken Force  7. Practice  8. Survival       | 
    Name                          Modes In           Options
    Difficulty Level               1,3,5,6         Easy/Mid/Hard 
    Fight Count                     1,2,5            1/2/3/4/5
    Round Time                      1,2,3     20,30,40,50,60sec,infinite
    Character Change at Continue      1               Yes/No
    Guard Damage                    1,2,3             Yes/No
    Select Cursor Hold          1,2,4,5,6,7,8         Yes/No
    Quick Select                     1,8              Yes/No
    BGM Select                 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8     Arcade/Remix
    Speaker Out                1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8      Stereo/Mono
    Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    Fighting Style: Martial Arts
    Age: 25
    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 66kg
    Blood Type: B
    Occupation: Second Master of the Martial Dojo (hopefully)
    Hobby: Shopping
    Likes: Credit Cards (payed Paul's tournement fee)
    Dislikes: Riding on the back of Paul's Motorcycle (his driving scarres
       While Marshall was out watching the construction on his new dojo, Paul
    arived for the annual practice. Paul convince Forest to fight him then
    told him about the new Tekken tournement. Forest say no because it was
    against his fathers will to enter tournements outside of his dojo. But
    paul was not turned down easily. After several tries he finally convinced
    him to enter by saying he was a better fighter then his father. So Forest
    left a message and left. 
        Law and Paul arive at Marshall's dojo. Once inside, Marshall starts
    to train the two. After stretching, Forest does a Frogman. After Forest
    gets up, then the other two fall on there backs. Then Forest shrugs.
    ****Winning Stances****
    1- Square Off Body, Chi Concentration
    2- Chi Concentration, Fighting Stance
    3- 2 Spinning Roundhouses, 2 Jabs
    4- 2 Jabs, Leg Balance Lift
    XIX. Credits
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
    CatLord - For all the combo except five and the Winning Stances. Thanks!
    God - for letting write these things.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

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