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    FAQ by Matt

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    Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 20:57:45 -0400
    Reply-To: Matt <juub@camden.tds.net>
    This will be my first FAQ so it won't be long, but there is no other TD4
    (PC version) FAQs here, and it is a lot different from the PSX version
    (I own both). Here it goes.
                                  Table of Contents
      1.1-'98Dodge Viper
      1.2-'98Chevrolet Corvette
      1.3-'94Jaguar XJ220
      1.4-'98TVR Cerebra
      1.5-'95Nissan 300ZX
      1.6-'66Shelby Cobra
      1.7-'70Chevy Chevelle SS454 LS-6 (Dealer Modified)
      1.8-'71Plymouth "Hemi" Cuda
      1.9-'69Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 COPO 9560
    1.10-'69Corvette ZL-1
    1.11-'69Pontiac GTO
    1.12-Viper GTS-R       (Secret car, see secrets)
    1.13-Dodge Daytona   (Secret car, see secrets)
    1.14-TVR 12/7             (Secret car, see secrets)
    1.15-Pitbull Special      (Secret car, see secrets)
      2.1-Keswick, England
      2.2-San Francisco, USA
      2.3-Kyoto, Japan
      2.4-Washington D.C., USA
      2.5-Bern, Switzerland
      2.6-Munich, Germany
      3.1-Single Race
      3.2-Challenge Cup
      3.3-Championship Cup
      3.4-Pitbull Cup
      3.5-Masters Cup
      3.6-Drag Race
      4.1-codes (all cars, all tracks unlocked, and more)
      4.2-Win easily on San Francisco
     note-the rating is using stars, 1 star means terrible, 4 stars is
     1.1-The Viper is definitely a car for beginners. I don't recommend this
    for people who know how to brake and power slide through corners. But it
    is heavy so it can go through a lot of punishment before flipping.
     Weight-3440 pounds
     Acceleration-** (0-60mph:4.6 seconds)
     Max Speed-** (185 mph)
     1.2-The '98 corvette is also a car made pretty much for beginners also
    it would be a step ahead from the Viper because it is a more difficult.
     Weight-3245 pounds
     Acceleration-** (0-60mph:4.7 seconds)
     Max Speed-* (155 mph)
     1.3-The Jaguar has a excellent max speed and quickly overcome the
    competition but beware, at top speeds the handling is below average.
    This car is for players who can handle this intense ride and who plan to
     Weight-3025 pounds
     Acceleration-***(0-60mph:3.8 seconds)
     Handling-***(at low speeds),*(at top speeds)
     Max Speed-**** (218 mph)
     1.4-The Cerbera is a all around good car for people with the basic
    strategies and use powersliding to there advantage.
     Acceleration-*** (0-60mph:4.2 seconds)
     Max Speed-** (185 mph)
     1.5-The Nissan 300ZX is a car for all tracks. Good acceleration, good
    speed, and excellent handling for taking on those tough corners. A MUST
    for beginners.
     Acceleration-** (0-60mph:4.5 seconds)
     Max Speed-**   (181 mph)
     1.6-The Shelby Cobra is definitely a car people above beginner but not
    that great.
    This car can smoke the competition at the beginning of the race with
    great Acceleration but with it's lack of speed you might have trouble
    winning on high speed tracks like D.C.
     Weight-2529 pounds
     Acceleration-**** (0-60mph:3.5 seconds)
     Max Speed-** (187 mph)
     1.7-The Chevelle is not a car I recommend unless you are a master at
    racing. It is possible to win (I have), but it takes time to get used
    to. Give this car a shot after you have mastered the Jaguar. This car is
    extremely heavy so have some fun and see how many cars you can flip
    before you do!
     Acceleration-* (0-60mph:4.4 seconds)
     Max Speed-*** (184 mph)
     1.8-The Cuda is a very difficult car to drive with terrible
    Acceleration and low Max speed. You'll have a tough time winning with
    this one, that's for sure.
     Acceleration-no star(s) (0-60mph:5.0 seconds)
     Max Speed-* (175 mph)
     1.9-The Camaro is a moderately heavy car with great top speed. Wish I
    could say the same for the handling, though. The acceleration is great
    0-30, but after that it just plain sucks.
     Weight-3070 pounds
     Acceleration-* (0-60mph:4.2 seconds)
     Max Speed-**** (205 mph)
     1.10-The '69 Corvette is a great cars for veterans who look forward to
    joy riding on San Francisco.
     Weight-3150 pounds
     Acceleration-*** (0-60mph:4.3 seconds)
     Handling-*** (Great for jumps and bumps)
     Max Speed-*** (202 mph)
     1.11-Some of you might wonder how this car got in the FAQ. Most people
    don't know this, there is a newer version of TD4-Version 1.2, and most
    people have version 1.0. If you want this and better sound effects and
    highscores, go to http://www.accolade.com/products/td4/updates.htm
    There's no L at the end. Then just download the patch. This will give
    you a version 1.2
     Weight-3480 pounds
     Acceleration-** (0-60mph:4.7 seconds)
     Max Speed-**** (193 mph)
      1.12-This Viper GTS-R has blistering speed. The R means racer so it is
    lighter than the original from the weight reduction stage from Dodge. If
    you don't know what I'm even talking about, just ignore it. To get it,
    see secrets.
     Weight-2670 pounds
     Acceleration-**** (0-60mph:3.2seconds)
     Max Speed-****************************** (225+mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      1.13-The Dodge Daytona is a good overall car. It's also the heaviest
    car in the game at 4151 pounds! To get it, see secrets.
     Acceleration-** (0-60mph:4.5seconds)
     Max Speed-**** (201 mph)
      1.14-The 12/7 is the best overall car in the game with good
    everything. To get it,
    see secrets.
     Weight-2315 pounds
     Acceleration-**** (0-60 mph:3.0 seconds)
     Max Speed-**** (220mph!!!)
      1.5-This may lack speed but once you learn how to suck every
    horsepower out of this 800HP beast, you'll win every race. This thing
    has the best handling and acceleration in the game. Be careful, it will
    easily flip. To get it, see secrets.
     Weight-1600 pounds
     Acceleration-**** (0-60mph:1.5seconds)
     Max Speed-* (170mph)
    note-the rating is also using stars. 1 star is for amatuars. 3 satrs
    being for expert.
            When I list the best cars I don't include secret cars.
            I only list reguler tracks because I don't have enough
      2.1-Even though it's the first track it's moderately hard.**
          Best cars-Viper, Cerbera, 300ZX, Cobra, '69Corvette
      2.2-This is the easiest track but it's also the most fun.*
          Best cars- Jaguar, 300ZX, Camaro, '69Corvette
      2.3-Once you've mastered San Francisco,this track will take you to new
    level.You even get to drive through a mall!**
          Best cars- '98Corvette, 300ZX, Cobra, Chevelle, Cuda, '69Corvette,
      2.4-This is a moderately easy course. It seems there's a lot more cars
    and police cars.**
          Best cars-'98Corvette, Jaguar, 300ZX, Chevelle, Cuda, Camaro,
      2.5-This is probably the hardest track in the game, the best thing to
    is try to stay in the middle atleast in the beggining of the race.***
          Best cars-Viper, 300ZX,Cobra, '69Corvette
      2.6-This is a track only for the PC version. It's a easy track but
    some might find it difficult.**
          Best cars-I can win with any car but try to make your own "best
      3.1-Single race-need I say more?
      3.2-In Challenge Cup they tally up your entirer time on ALL (first 5)
    the tracks and if your time is the lowest you win the Challenge Cup and
    recieve the Dodge Daytona.
      3.3-In Championship Cup you earn points for each race (first 5), and
    if you win the Championship Cup you recieve the TVR 12/7.
      3.4-In Pitbull Cup you must finish first on each track. Pick your car
    wisely,I prefer you win the Championship Cup and use the 12/7. If you
    win you recieve the Viper GTS-R.
      3.5-The Masters Cup is the same as Challenge cup but you must use
    DIFFERENT CAR EACH TIME! If you win you recieve the Pitbull Special.
      3.6-You race a 1/4 mile dragstrip, you must use manual gear.
      3.1-Go to the options menu, select SAVE GAME and type one (or one
    after the other) in slot 10. You will hear a horn if entered correctly.
                Code                                      Effect
         NOAICARS.....................No AI cars in multi-player mode
         STICKIER.......................No 3-D collisions
         AARDVARK...................No collisions,period.
         ITSLATE.........................No special effects (3dfx)
         CREDITZ.........................View Credits
         SRACLLA........................all secret cars
         LEVELLLA......................all secret tracks
         SPAZZY..........................Drive like a drunk
         BANDW..........................No color
         COLOUR.........................Back to color
         MIKTROUT....................Giant cars
         MPALMER......................Tiny Cars
         BIRDVIEW.....................Birds-eye view
         NITROXXX....................Nitro with horn
         GONZON........................Enable fast-forward mode
         GONZOFF......................Disable fast-forward mode
      4.2-After you turn off all 3-D collision (see above), race on S.F. and
    use the Pitbull Special. When you go down the hills you will go ultra
    fast and if you a car you won't flip, but if you can dodge the cars the
    rest of the race is easy!
    Thankyou for atleast looking at my FAQ. In the future I will write
    hundreds more. I promise. Well,maybe not "Hundreds"
                                        Writen by Matthew <Matt>
    If you have questions,comments, or sugestions that you feel I have to
    read it, e-mail me at juub@camden.tds.net
    If it's not urgent, please don't e-mail me

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