Review by dnextreme88

Reviewed: 01/21/09

Did they really have a Test Drive?

- Test Drive 5 pushes driving to new limits by adding high resolution graphics, branching roads, shortcuts, and photorealistic graphics featuring Multi-Dynamic Environment Mapping. Three new difficulty levels, customizable vehicles, real-world tracks, multiplayer gameplay, cop chases, realistic weather effects, breakable roadside objects, and the addition of an arcade and simulation mode provide a deep racing game experience.

- The gameplay is actually okay. The usual Gran Turismo controls applies to Test Drive 5. You use either the analog stick or the directional buttons to move your car. Tapping X will accelerate your car. Its the same. But the difficulty level is really hard. Because your opponents will start to bump you each and each time you overtake them and take their race position. They are very aggressive but we can't stop them from bumping us though not unless we bump them too. It is so annoying because they won't stop on bumping you until you get the 6th place.

- Graphics was so terrible. What you think about those ''high resolution graphics'' was totally not true. It was low quality but I could see that they made a bit of an effort to make the graphics look cool. That is the environment but for the cars, the graphics look cooler than that of the environment. The sounds are not cool. Most of the songs featured on the game tends to hangs up or it doesn't simply play at times. However, sounds produced by cars are also much cooler than the entrance songs. It feels like your really driving a car but it isn't enough.

Play Time/Replayability:
- It takes around 15 hours of total game time to complete the whole game. But I would like to say that its tougher than any racing games because of your opponents bumping you that hinders you in completing the game. Playing this game once more wouldn't be exciting. I cannot guarantee this being the best racing game for PS but its just that it lacks more exciting features. So, I suggest you can play the whole game for around 2 or 3 times only. But its your choice though.

Final Recommendation:
- From the introduction that led us to foretell of what the game has packed in for us, I would say this is not worth it. This installment of the Test Drive series failed. One of the was the graphics. It was low quality and its terrible to look at it. I recommend you buying this only if you are really into racing. But expect low quality graphics, terrible sounds and slow loading times.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Test Drive 5 (US, 09/30/98)

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