Additional Game Design:Will Botti
Additional Game Design:Jose Villeta
Additional Production (EA Games)Matthew Brown
Additional Programming:Brett Hall
Additional Programming:Kelly McCarthy
Additional Programming:Scott Milner
Animators:Eric Ciccone
Animators:Don Johnson
Animators:Brian Sanchez
Art DirectorMike Field
Artists:Jake Cotton
Artists:Henri Ji
Artists:Wing Kang
Artists:Milton Mariscal
Artists:Andrew Marquis
Artists:Garrett Nguyen
Artists:Eric Serrano
Artists:Chauwa Steel
Associate Producer (EA Games)Joel Wade
Development Director (EA Games)Harald Seeley
Executive Producer (DANJAQ, LLC)Simon Mathew
Executive Producer (EA Games)Jon Horsley
Executive Producer (MGM)Neil Haldar
Executive Producer:John Botti
Game Programmers:Jesse Burneko
Game Programmers:Scott Musler
Lead 2D Artist:Narry Kahng-Cinelli
Lead Game Designer:Daryl Kimoto
Lead Game Programmers:Will Botti
Lead Game Programmers:Kyle Riccio
Level Game Design and AI Scripting:Aaron Casillas
Level Game Design and AI Scripting:Daryl Kimoto
Level Game Design and AI Scripting:David Tseng
Motion Capture Director:Jason Greenberg
Motion Capture Stunt Coordinator:Chad Stahelski
Motion Capture Stunts:Damon Caro
Motion Capture Stunts:Janie Liszewski
Motion Capture Stunts:Chad Stahelski
MusicDon Veca
Producer (EA Games)Hunter Smith
Project Director & Producer:Jose Villeta
Script Writing and Editing:Will Botti
Script Writing and Editing:Daryl Kimoto
Senior Game Programming:Ryan Higa
Senior Game Programming:Doug Kuppinger
Senior Game Programming:Jose Villeta
Sound Effects Design (EA Games)Burke Trieschmann
Storyboard Artists:Michelle Perone
Technical DirectorWilliam Botti
Tools Programming:Steve Batiste
Tools Programming:Rudi Kammerer
Voice: James BondAdam Blackwood
Voice: RJohn Cleese


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