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Reviewed: 12/02/99 | Updated: 12/02/99

A skateboarding game for skateboarders, not the masses

I'm a skateboarder. I've been skating for 6 years, and I know a lot about it. I buy all the skate magazines, videos, books, etc., so when I heard about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Thrasher: Skate and Destroy, I got really excited. I got THPS the day it came out and I think the game is great, but its not REAL skateboarding. THPS is missing many, many tricks, and the physics are just ridiculous sometimes. Play THPS if you want a fun, simple view of skateboarding, but if your a real skateboarder, or at all interested in the technical aspects of skateboarding, go rent Thrasher. Thrasher has noseslides, tailslides, bluntsides, nosebluntslide, powerslides, frontside flips, half-cab kickflips, nose manuals, manuals, big flips...THPS does not have any of these tricks!

In real life a skater can go out to a flat ground ledge and do a kick flip to nose manual to fakie flip out; they can also do this in Thrasher, but when it comes to THPS they are only left with basic boring tricks. Gameplay continues even during a fall in Thrasher: when you fall you have to pull your characters arms and legs into their body to prevent further damage. And if you take to much damage your board breaks, if you jump of a building in THPS you land and continue your run. Let's just say that the gameplay in Thrasher is alot deeper than THPS (from a skateboarder’s point of view).

The music is also excellent, depending on your preference. It's all pretty much old school east coast hip hop. Artists such as 'The Sugar Hill Gang', 'Run DMC', 'Public Enemy', 'A Tribe Called Quest', 'Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5', etc. The soundtrack is basically a greatest hits of hip hop. Even if you don't like this style of music, these artists make it very tolerable.

The graphics are kind of dark, and pretty plain, but they are still pretty good for a playstation game. There aren’t enough obstacles in the early levels, but as the game goes on it gets much, much better (the last level is amazing).

One of the best parts of this game is the multiplayer action, especially the "Sick Fix" game. In "Sick Fix" each player takes a turn at seeing who can hurt themselves more; this mode provides hours of entertainment, especially the Subway level in which you can throw yourself over a rail and into a speeding train.

This game has alot of replay value because of the amount of tricks, and all the ways that you can combine them. The controls take a little while to get used to, but once you figure them out it gets really fun, its the closest you can get to the feeling of skateboarding from any video game.

If the simple arcade/action fun of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater could be combined with the realism and technicality of Thrasher, we would have a perfect skateboarding game. So, if you've mastered THPS go rent Thrasher.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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