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    FAQ/Move List by JLacano

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                               Tobal 2 FAQ v1.3
                          by John Lacano and Frostbyte
    This FAQ is maintained by John Lacano (lacano@worldnet.att.net).
    Thanks to:
    -Ignacio Lucas (delucas@hotmail.com) for providing various information, 
     including the Load method for obtaining monsters.
    -Mark Bradley (ataru@netcom.com) for helping with the potions and 
     stones and for making the excellent potion description pictures.
    -Justin Sison (kuno12@geocities.com) for providing the winning pose code
     and various other information.
    -Additional moves provided by Drblasfemy@aol.com, mmlwang@ucla.edu, 
     and chojin@sprintmail.com.
    Legal Stuff:
    This document is (c)1997 John Lacano.  All rights reserved.  No part of 
    this document may be reproduced without the express written consent of 
    John Lacano.  No part of this document may be changed in any manner.  
    This document may be freely distributed for personal use provided it is 
    not charged for.  No part of this document may be included in any 
    magazines, CD-ROM compilations, or pay web sites.
    Tobal 2 and all characters are (C)1996, 1997 SquareSoft. All rights 
    Version Info
    v1.3  Added Rumors section (5.3).
          Updates to Quest Tips section (3.6).
          Added poison food tip (3.5).
    v1.2  Added dungeon locations for beginners (3.6).
          Method for obtaining Dual Horn (5.1).
          Choose winning pose code added (5.2).
          Father/Priest correction (4.4).
          Number of Floors for Castle and Cave (4.3).
    v1.1  Updated monster list, hidden characters.
          Added "returns" to make everything look good on the web(comments?).
          HTML version available, e-mail me for info. -John
    v1.0  Added Mark's moves.
          Added Mark2's moves.
    v0.9  Corrected potion information.
          Dance code, repeat speech code.
          Practice with "F" monsters trick.
          Analog controller projectile.
          Basic quest moves added.
          Chocobo and Dog moves added.
    v0.8  More quest tips, potion info, and stone info.
          Added potion RGB list.
          Added character backgrounds.
          Updated moves (Chuji,Epon,Ill,Gren).
          Fixed spacing problem on monster list.
    v0.7  Added Moves Section provided by FrostByte.
          Added Monster List.
          Another reorganization (sorry!).
    v0.6  More Potion Information.
          Analog Controller Information.
    v0.5  Added Potions and Stones section to Quest Mode.
          Added unblockable attacks and counters.
          Renamed Menu Translations to FAQ.
    v0.4  Added Version Info, Index, and Quest mode information.
          Also did a little reorganizing and tweaking.
    v0.3  Added the replay menu options.
    v0.2  Added hidden character info.
    v0.1  Initial release.
    1.0  MENUS
        1.1  Tournament
        1.2  VS
        1.3  Quest
        1.4  Training 
        1.5  Option
        2.1  Common Moves Legend
        2.2  Character Moves
          2.2.1  Chuji Wu
          2.2.2  Epon
          2.2.3  Oliems
          2.2.4  Hom
          2.2.5  Fei Pusu
          2.2.6  Ill Goga
          2.2.7  Mary Ivonskaya
          2.2.8  Gren Kuts
          2.2.9  Chaco Yutani
          2.2.10  Doctor V
          2.2.11  Mufu
          2.2.12  Nork the Mysterious
          2.2.13  Emperor Udan
          2.2.14  Mark
          2.2.15  Mark2
          2.2.16  Chocobo
          2.2.17  Dog
        2.3  Move Tips
        2.4  Character Backgrounds
    3.0  QUEST MODE
        3.1  Moves
        3.2  Status Screen
        3.3  Potions
        3.4  Stones
        3.5  Food
        3.6  Quest Tips
    4.0  MONSTERS
        4.1  Methods to Unlock Monsters
        4.2  Using the Monsters
        4.3  Dungeons
        4.4  List
    5.0  EXTRAS
        5.1  Hidden Characters
        5.2  Codes
        5.3  Rumors
    1.0  MENUS
    Main Screen:
    Pick a character and start fighting. (duh!)
    See Using Monsters (section 4.2) for info on the red, blue, green, 
    and gray monsters.
    1.2  VS
    Two player mode.
    See Using Monsters (section 4.2) for info on the red, blue, green, 
    and gray monsters.
    1.3  QUEST
    Initial choices:
    -New Game
    During the Quest Mode, pressing select will bring up the following menu:
    -Equip Stone
    In town, there is a Church, speaking with the priest will bring up this:
    -About Saving
    -Don't Save
    1.4  TRAINING
    Select a character to practice with.
    Push L2 and R2 to reset characters to the center of the ring.
    See Using Monsters (section 4.2) for info on the red and blue monsters.
    While in Training Mode, press Start to get the following menu:
    -Control Data (display controller input)
    -Status (display damage info and button grid)
    -Slow Motion (the higher the number, the slower the game)
    -Color Change**
    -Practice Reversals (push guard and square when OK flashes)
    -Character Select (choose new characters)
    -Return to Title (leave training mode)
    -Exit (resume training)
    *Options for Player and Computer from left to right, Player starts at
    Controller 1, Computer starts at Controller 2.
    -Controller 1
    -Controller 2
    -Enemy (computer controlled opponent)
    -Syagami (crouching)
    -Guard (always defends)
    -1 Hit Guard (defends after one hit)
    -Down (stays down after a fall)
    -Jump (jumps up and down)
    -High Attack
    -Middle Attack
    -Low Attack
    **Choosing this option will bring up a menu of the clothes your fighter 
    is wearing.  Select an item by moving up or down.  The three numbers at 
    the top represent the amount of Red, Green and Blue in that order.  
    Move left or right to select a color.  Add more of a certain color by 
    pushing triangle, reduce a color by pushing X.  Clear will reset your 
    fighter to normal colors.
    1.5  OPTION
    -Game Options (see below)
    -Button Configuration
    -Memory Card (see below)
    -Replay (see below)
    -Screen Adjust
    -Theater (move left or right to select movie)
    -About the Analog Controller
          The analog controller has three different settings:
          digital (no light), analog pad (red light), and
          analog stick (green light).  To use analog control
          without the vibrations, use the setting for the
          analog stick. 
          [NOTE: You'll probably want to use the Free Setting
          in the button configuration and change the button 
          positions if you use the analog stick mode.]
    -Return to Title
    Game Options
    -Number or Rounds to Win
    -Time Limit
    -Endurance Mode (OFF, recover 10%, recover 20%, etc.)
    -Sound (STEREO, Mono)
    Memory Card
    -Auto Save (OFF, on)
    Replay (FIGHT MEMCARD displayed at top of screen)
    -Smooth(?) Motion Program (ON, off)
      This option should be ON, otherwise the game will look terrible.
    -Save Replays (OFF, on)
      Brings up save options after a fight (FILE, New File, Don't Save)
    -View Replays (see below)
    [NOTE: If you use an analog controller, saved fights will not be 
    recorded correctly.  You can still save fights, but when you view them 
    later it won't be the same fight.]
      View Replays Menu
      -Files (if you have saved any)
      -Create New File
      -Rename File
      -Erase File
      -View Demo Fights
        Viewing Options (appears after selecting a file or View Demo Fights)
        -View Once
        -View Continuous
        -Copy  [not available for demos]
        -Move  [not available for demos]
        -Delete (NO, yes)  [not available for demos]
          Camera (appears after View Once or View Continuous is selected)
          -Control Yourself
          -Look at Player 1
          -Look at Player 2
            Power Gauge (appears after camera mode is selected)
    2.1  Common Move Legend (all facing right)
    f/F = forward/hold = tap/hold your direction pad to the right
    b/B = back/hold    = tap/hold left
    u/U = up/hold      = tap/hold up
    d/D = down/hold    = tap/hold down
    J = jump        = (default L1 or L2)
    G = guard       = (default R1 or R2)
    H = high attack = (default Triangle)
    M = mid attack  = (default Square)
    L = low attack  = (default the X button)
    A = action      = (default the circle button) only used in Quest Mode
    f,f = quick dash
    f,F = run
    b,b = quick escape
    b,B = skip backwards
    f/b+G+H = roundhouse
    f/b+G+L = low sweep
    G+M = grab
    d+G+M = low grab (hold block to keep grabbing)
    After Grab: (offense / your grab)
    f/b/d/u = move
    tap U = high punch combos
    tap D = low shin kick
    M = throw
    f,b = push back
    After Grab: (defense / opponent's grab)
    f/b/d/u = counter their move
    b,b = escape
    U = high blow escape
    D = low kick escape
    G+M = throw
    (after throw) G+M = counter throw/escape/reversal
    (after block) f+M = counter attack  
    Recovery Moves
    G+M = recover from juggles.
    J+G (hold) = stay grounded 
    J = flip recovery
    H = recover and high attack
    M = recover and mid attack
    L = recover and low attack
    f/d/b/u = directional roll.
    Distance Attack
    b+M, b/B = chi attack (hold back to increase your power at the cost of
               your own life.)
    2.2  Character Moves
    Move listed with a (*) is an extended chain move they are very hard to 
    pull, you can only execute them with PRECISE button presses. Use the
    practice mode and the combo bar to practice these.  You'll know if you 
    pull one of these off, usually these moves are accompanied by a star 
    2.2.1  Chuji Wu
    height: 175 cm
    weight: 70 kg
    age   : 18
    (grab) M          :   Over-shoulder Trip
    (grab) b+M        :   Back Toss
    (grab) f+M        :   Forward Trip 
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Shoulder Toss
    (grab)(pull) f+M  :   Tackle
    (tackle) H        :   Face Punch
    (tackle) L        :   Low Punch
    (tackle) M        :   Back Toss
    (side grab) M     :   Hip Toss
    (side grab) M     :   Shoulder Toss
    (back grab) M     :   Gut Throw.
    Normal Attacks      
    H,M               :   Punch, Side Kick
    H,L               :   Punch, Sweep
    H,H,H             :   2 Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,M             :   2 Punches, Gut punch
    *HHM,M            :   2 Punches, Power Gut Punch
    *HHM,M,L          :   2 Punches, Sweep Fakeout
    H,H,L             :   2 Punches, Sweep
    H,H,f+L           :   2 Punches, Forward Sweep
    L,L               :   Low kick, Sweep
    L,M,M             :   Low kick, Side Kick, Cartwheel
    *LM,M             :   Low kick, Side Kick, Power Sweep
    f+M               :   Shoulder attack
    b+H               :   Back fist
    b+M               :   Back flip
    b/d/u+L           :   Monkey Sweep
    b/d/u+L,M         :   Monkey Sweep, Horse Kick
    *b/d/u+L,L        :   Monkey Sweep, Power Sweep
    f,f+M             :   Power Punch
    f,f+H             :   Heel Kick
    b,b+M             :   Reverse Flip
    d+M               :   Left Upper
    u+M               :   Right Upper
    G+H,H             :   High Kick, Roundhouse
    G+B+H,M           :   Left Hook, Right Hook
    *G+B+HM,M         :   Left Hook, Right Hook, Power Punch
    G+B+M,M           :   Power Punch, Uppercut
    *G+B+M,H          :   Super Punch
    G+F+M,M           :   Uppercut, Uppercut
    G+L               :   Low Sweep
    *G+L,M            :   Right Hook Fakeout
    *G+L,M,M          :   Low Sweep, Double Scissors Kick
    *G+L,M,M,M        :   Low Sweep, Triple Scissors Kick
    [Hold briefly M],M:   Elbow, Backhand
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    H,H,H,L,M,M       :   Backfist, 2 Punches, Trip, Side Kick, Reverse Flip
    H,H,H,L,L         :   Backfist, 2 Punches, Trip, Sweep
    *HHHLM,L          :   Backfist, 2 Punches, Trip, Side Kick, Power Sweep
    H,H,M             :   Backfist, Punch, Gut Punch
    *HHM,M            :   Backfist, Punch, Power Gut Punch
    *HHM,M,L          :   Backfist, Punch, Sweep Fakeout
    M                 :   Horse Kick
    Dodge Attacks
    U,U/D,D+H         :   Jumping Roundhouse
    U,U/D,D+M         :   Shoulder Ram
    U,U/D,D+L         :   Trip
    While Standing
    (crouch) M        :   Double Scissors
    b+G+M,H           :   Power Punch
    2.2.2  Epon
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Age   : 19
    (grab) M          :   Spinning Throw
    (grab) b+M        :   Reverse Trip
    (grab) f+M        :   Forward Trip
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Stomach Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Neck Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Judo Throw
    (back grab) M     :   Stomach Throw
    f,f+G+M           :   Flip Over (when enemy is crouching)
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   3 Punches
    H,H,H,f+H         :   3 Punches, Knee
    *HHHf+H,M         :   3 Punches, Knee, Rolling Kick
    H,H,H,f+H,f+L,M   :   3 Punches, Knee, Sweep, Rolling Kick
    H,H,G+H           :   2 Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,M,M           :   2 Punches, Uppercut, Reverse Crescent Kick
    H,H,M,L           :   2 Punches, Uppercut, Foot Sweep
    H,H,H,M           :   3 Punches, Elbow
    *HHHM,L           :   3 Punches, Low Fakeout
    H,M,L             :   Punch, Side Kick, Sweep
    *HM,L             :   Punch, Side Kick, Power Sweep
    H,M,f+M           :   Punch, Side Kick, Mule Kick
    H,M,M,M           :   Punch, Side Kick, Side Kick, Gut Punch
    H,H,L             :   2 Punches, Sweep
    M,M               :   2 Side Kicks
    *M, H             :   Side Kick, Power Side, Mule Kick
    M, L              :   Low Kick, Trip
    L,M,H             :   Low Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse
    L,M,L             :   Low Kick, Side Kick, Sweep
    L,M,M             :   Low Kick, 2 Side Kicks
    L,M,M,f+H         :   Low Kick, 2 Side Kicks, Knee
    *LMMf+H,M         :   Low Kick, 2 Side Kicks, Knee, Rolling Kick
    L,M,M,f+H,f+L,M   :   Low Kick, 2 Side Kicks, Knee, Sweep, Rolling Kick
    f+M               :   Mule Kick
                          (you can chain this into any combo starting with H)
    f+M, B            :   Super Mule Kick (hold back to delay)
    f,f+M             :   Crescent Kick
    *f,f+M,M,L        :   Crescent Kick, Power Crescent Kick, Power Sweep
    *f,f+L,M,L        :   Low Punch Fakeout
    b,b+M             :   Rolling Heel Kick
    f,f+H             :   Flying Heel Kick
    b,b+H,L           :   Flying Roundhouse, Sweep
    d/u/b+H,L         :   Crescent Heel Kick, Sweep 
    d/u/b+M           :   Reverse Crescent Kick
    f/u/b+L,M         :   Right Sweep, Rolling Kick
    f,f+L,H           :   Left Sweep, Crescent Kick
    *f,f+L,M          :   Elbow Fakeout
    f+H               :   Knee
    G+H,H,H           :   3 Roundhouse Kicks
    G+H,M,L           :   Roundhouse, Uppercut, Sweep
    G+H,M,M           :   Roundhouse, Uppercut, Crescent Kick
    G+H,f+M           :   Roundhouse, Mule Kick
    G+H,b+M           :   Roundhouse, Gut Punch
    f+G+M             :   Heel Upper
    f+L,M             :   Sweep, Low Flip
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    H                 :   High Chop
                          (you can chain this into any combo starting with H)
    M                 :   Reverse Crescent Kick
    L                 :   Low Swipe
    Dodge Attacks
    d,d+M/u,u+M       :   High Roundhouse Sweep
    While Standing
    (crouch) M        :   Low Crescent
    H,M,f+M,b         :   High Punch, Middle Kick, Charge Kick
    b+G+M             :   For high and middle attacks
    2.2.3  Oliems
    Height: 198 cm
    Weight: 110 kg
    Age   : 20
    (grab) M          :   Body Slam
    (grab) b+M        :   Jumping Suplex
    (grab) f+M        :   Back Breaker
    (grab) (push) M   :   Shoulder Breaker
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Stomach Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Body Drop
    (side grab) M     :   Side Suplex
    (back grab) M     :   Atomic Drop
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H,M           :   3 Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,M,M           :   2 Punches, Axe Kick
    H,H,M,f+M         :   2 Punches, Kick, Headbutt, Chicken Dodge
    B+H,H,H,H,H       :   Blur Punches
    B+HHHHH,M,H,H,H   :   Blur Punches, Gut Punch, 3 Backfists
    B+HHHH,L,f+M,M    :   Blur Punches, Low Kick, Headbutt, Chicken Dodge
    *B+HHHH,L,M       :   Blur Punches, Low Kick, Power Headbutt
    B+HHH,M           :   Blur Punches, Overhead Kick
    M,M               :   Axe Kick
    f+M,M             :   Gut Punch, Scissors Kick
    f,f+M,M,...       :   Headbutt, Chicken Dodge
    b+M,M,M,M         :   3 Uppercuts, Chop
    b+M,M,H,M         :   3 Uppercuts, Overhead Kick
    b+M,M,H,H,L,f+M,M :   2 Uppercuts, Blur Punches, Headbutt, Hook
    *b+M,M,H,H,L,M    :   2 uppercuts, Blur Punches, Power Headbutt
    b,b+M             :   Heel Kick
    b,b+H             :   Backfist
    b,b+H,H,M         :   Backfist, Elbow, Overhead Kick
    f,f+H             :   Flying Heel Kick
    *f,f+H,M          :   Flying Heel Kick, Stomp
    M,f+M,M           :   Kick, Headbutt, Hook
    f,f+M,M           :   Headbutt, Chicken Dodge
    *L,L,..           :   Infinity Low Kicks
    *L,L,..,M         :   Infinity Low Kicks, Stomp
    G+H,H,H           :   3 Backfists
    G+H,M,M           :   Backfist, Punch, Gut Punch
    G+H,M,L           :   Backfist, Punch, Swipe
    G+H,L             :   Backfist, Swipe
    b/f+G+M,H         :   Charge, Roundhouse
    b/f+G+M,M         :   Charge, Overhead Kick
    b/f+G+M,L         :   Charge, Sweep
    G+L,M,M..         :   Sweep, Headbutt, Chicken Dodge
    *G+L,M            :   Sweep, Power Headbutt
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    H,M               :   Elbow, Overhead Kick
    M                 :   Back Flip
    Dodge Attacks
    u,u+M/d,d+M       :   Side Hook
    While Standing
    (crouch) f+M      :   Gut Punch
    (crouch) f+M,M    :   Stomp
    b+G+M,H           :   Deflect, Power Kick
    b+G+M,b+M         :   Deflect, Axe Kick
    b+G+M,L           :   Deflect, Foot Sweep
    b+G+M             :   Deflects high attacks and sets up unblockable
    2.2.4  Hom
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 150 kg
    Age   : 21
    (grab) M          :   Head Slam
    (grab) b+M        :   Power Bomb
    (grab) f+M        :   Head Slam
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Stomach Throw
    (grab) (push) b+M :   Sommersault Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Elbow Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Side Head Slam
    (back grab) M     :   Body Toss
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   2 Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,M,M           :   3 Punches, Uppercut
    H,M,M             :   3 Punches
    H,M,L             :   2 Punches, Sweep
    H,L               :   Punch, Sweep
    *H(long tap),H,.. :   Infinity Punch
    *H(long tap),H..M :   Infinity Punch, Mid Punch
    d/u/b+H,M         :   Split Kick, Uppercut
    d/u/b+H,L         :   Split Kick, Sweep
    b+M,M             :   Double Uppercut
    b+M,L             :   Uppercut, Sweep
    f,f+M,M           :   Axe Kick
    f,f+H             :   Overhead Punch
    *f,f+H,M          :   Overhead, Spinning Punch
    f,f+M,tap H       :   Half Axe, Power Punch
    f,f+M,tap H, L    :   Half Axe, Sweep Fakeout
    b+G+M             :   Extended Grab
    d+J+G             :   Switch Off
    f+M,M,b+M         :   2 Kicks, Headbutt
    f+M,M,H           :   3 Kicks
    b,b+M,L,L,L,M,(F) :   Back Flip, Breakdance Kicks, (Rocket Dash)
    b,b+M,M,d+M       :   Helicopter Kicks
    L,M               :   Low Kick, Double Punch
    f/d/u+L,L,M       :   2 Low Kicks, Kick
    b,b+L,L,L,L       :   Flip, Low Kicks
    b,b+L,M,M,d+M     :   Flip, Low Kick, Split, Helicopter Kick
    b,b+L,H           :   Flip, Low Kick, High Kick
    G+H,M,M,...       :   Roundhouse, Infinity Punch
    G+H,L             :   Roundhouse, Sweep
    B+L               :   Rocket Dash
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    u/d+M             :   Side Chop
    While Standing
    (crouch) b+M      :   Headbutt
    f,f+M,H,H         :   Stomp, Windup Punch 
                          (keep hitting H for more power, L to cancel)
    2.2.5  Fei Pusu
    Height: 161 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Age   : Unknown
    (grab) M          :   Spinning Throw
    (grab) b+M        :   Rolling Throw
    (grab) f+M        :   Forward Spin
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Stomach Throw
    (grab) (push) b+M :   Reverse Spin
    (side grab) M     :   Spinning Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Neck Throw
    (back grab) M     :   Reverse Forward Spin
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   2 Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,f+M           :   2 Punches, Overhead Kick
    H,H,b+M           :   2 Punches, Backflip
    f+H,M,M           :   3 Punches
    H,M,L             :   Punch, Kick, Sweep
    *H,M,L,M(M),M     :   Punch, Kick, Sweep, Power Upper(delay), Uppercut
    *H,M,L,M(M),L,L   :   Punch, Kick, Sweep, Power Upper(delay), Hell Sweeps
    *H,M,L,M(M),L     :   Punch, Kick, Sweep, Sweep Fakeout
    u/d/b+H           :   Split Kick
    *u/d/b+H,M,M      :   Split Kick, Flame Upper, Power Upper
    f,f+H             :   Roundhouse
    M,L               :   Kick, Sweep
    *M,L,M(M),M       :   Kick, Sweep, Power Upper(delay), Uppercut
    *M,L,M(M),L,L     :   Kick, Sweep, Power Upper(delay), Hell Sweeps
    *M,L,M(M),L       :   Kick, Sweep, Sweep Fakeout
    f+M               :   Overhead Kick
    b+M               :   Uppercut
    b+M,(hold M)      :   Delayed Uppercut 
    b+M(M),L          :   Sweep Fakeout
    *b+M,M            :   Uppercut, Power Upper
    *b+M,L,L          :   Uppercut, Hell Sweeps
    *b,b+M,L,L        :   Backflip, Hell Sweeps
    f,f+M,M,M         :   Kicks, Uppercut, Sweep
    *f,f+M,M,M,H,H,H,L:   Kicks, Uppercut, Sweep, Punch, Punch, Backflip, Stomp
                          (You have to see this!)
    f,f+M,(M)         :   Kicks, Delayed Uppercut
    f,f+M,(M),L       :   Kicks, Sweep Fakeout
    f,f+M(hold)       :   Punch Fakeout
    f+L,L             :   2 Low Kicks
    *f+L,M,M          :   Low Kick, 2 Flame Uppers
    *f+L,M            :   Low Kick, Roundhouse Sweep
    L,M               :   Low Kick, Double Punch
    b/u/d+L,L         :   Sweeps
    f,f+L,M           :   Low Kick, Double Kick
    *f,f+L,M,M        :   Low Kick, Heel Kick, Double Kick
    d+G+H             :   Flying Roundhouse
    G+H,M             :   Roundhouse, Uppercut
    *G+L,L,M,L,L      :   Sweep, Hell Sweep, Back Flip, Hell Sweep
    d+G+L,M           :   Low Kick, Double Kick
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    M                 :   Backflip
    Dodge Attacks
    u,u+M/d,d+M       :   Side Chop
    While Standing
    (crouch) f+L,H    :   Roll, Double Kick
    (crouch) M        :   Heel Kick
    *(crouch)M,M      :   Heel Kick, Double Kick
    u+M,b/d+M,b       :   Sidestep, Power Punch
    b+G+H             :   For high attacks
    b+G+M             :   For middle attacks
    b+G+L             :   For low attacks
    2.2.6  Ill Goga
    Height: 201 cm
    Weight: 180 kg
    Age   : Unknown
    (grab) M          :   Body Slam
    (grab) b+M        :   Back Slam
    (grab) f+M        :   Head Toss
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Stomach Throw
    (grab)(push) M    :   Body Slam
    (side grab) M     :   Head Slam
    (side grab) M     :   Head Slam
    (back grab) M     :   Body Slam
    (grab) hold G, M  :   Mount 
    (mount) H         :   High Punch
    (mount) L         :   Low Punch
    (mount) M         :   Throw
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   3 Punches
    H,M               :   Punch, Double Punch
    H,M,L             :   Punch, Double Punch, Kick
    H,L,L,H           :   Punch, 2 Kicks, Elbow
    H,L,L,L,H         :   Punch, 3 Kicks, Roundhouse
    b+H               :   Tail Swipe
    *b+H,H            :   Power Swipe
    f+H               :   Boot Kick
    f,f+H,L           :   Headbutt, Low Kick
    *f,f+H,H,H        :   Triple Headbutt
    *f,f+H,H,L        :   Double Headbutt, Low Kick
    b/d/u+M           :   Double Punch
    b/d/u+M,H         :   Roundhouse Fakeout
    b/d/u+M,L         :   Double Punch, Low Kick
    b,b+M             :   Uppercut
    f,f+M             :   Knee
    f+M               :   Mid Kick
    b+L(hold)         :   Lay down (stay down, direction to move) 
    b+L,L             :   Lay Down, Swipe
    b+L,b+M           :   Lay Down, Uppercut
    b+L,M,M,M         :   Lay Down, Tail Strikes
    f+L,L             :   2 Low Swipes
    f+L,H             :   Swipe, Overhead Punch
    f+L,M,M           :   Swipe, 2 Punches
    G+H,H,M,M         :   2 Overheads, Uppercut, Tail Swipe
    G+H,L             :   Overhead, Sweep
    G+H,M,M           :   Overhead, 2 Punches
    b+G+M,M           :   Tail Swipes
    G+L,M,M,M         :   Tail Swipes
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    d,d+M/u,u+H       :   Side Upper
    While Standing
    (crouch) f+M      :   Hammer
    (crouch) b+M,M    :   Double Hammer
    (crouch) M, f+M   :   Headbutt, Knee
    b+H (hold)        :   Spinning Tail Whip
    2.2.7  Mary Ivonskaya
    Height: 189 cm
    Weight: 140 kg
    Age   : 33
    (grab) M          :   DDT
    (grab) b+M        :   Delayed Suplex
    (grab) f+M        :   Body Lift
    (lift) M          :   Back Breaker
    (lift) f/b/d/u+M  :   Direction Drop
    (grab) (push) b+M :   Giant Swing
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Neck Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Neck Drop
    (side grab) M     :   Arm Breaker
    (back grab) M     :   Back Suplex
    f+G+M             :   Tackle
    (tackle) H,H...   :   Face Punch
    (tackle) L,L...   :   Stomach Punch
    (tackle) M        :   Rolling Throw
    (hold G) f,f + M  :   Ground Throw
                          (different from each direction)
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   3 punches
    *HH,M,H           :   2 Punches, Mid Punch, Roundhouse
    *HHH,M            :   3 Punches, Gut Punch
    H,M,L             :   2 Punches, Low Kick
    H,M,H,H           :   3 Punches, Slap
    H,M,H,L           :   3 Punches, Low Kick
    b+H,H             :   Hook Punches
    b+H(hold)         :   Power Right Hook
    *b+H,H,M          :   Hook Punches, Gut Punch
    f+H               :   Power Slap
    f,f+H             :   Drop Kick
    M,H               :   Mid Kick, Drop Kick
    M,L               :   Mid Kick, Sweep
    f,f+M             :   Boot Kick
    b+H               :   Right Hook
    f+M,M             :   Hammer, Hammer Uppercut
    b+M               :   Overhead Chop
    b+M(hold)         :   Power Chop
    b,b+M,M           :   Overhead Hammer, Uppercut
    f+L,L,L           :   Ali Kicks
    *f+L,L,M,H        :   Ali Kicks, Mid Kick, Drop Kick
    *f+L,L,M,L        :   Ali Kicks, Mid Kick, Sweep
    f+L,M,H           :   Ali Kick, Mid Kick, Roundhouse
    f+L,M,M           :   Ali Kick, 2 Mid Kicks
    b+L               :   Sweep
    G+H               :   Jumping Roundhouse
    G+L,M             :   Sweep, Power Overhead Punch
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    d,d+M/u,u+M       :   Sweep
    While Standing
    (crouch) M, H     :   Mid Punch, Roundhouse
    (crouch) f+M      :   Gut Punch
    b+H (hold)        :   Power Hook
    b+M (hold)        :   Power Chop
    G+L,M             :   Foot Sweep, Hopping Punch
    b+G+M             :   For high and middle attacks
    b+G+L             :   For low attacks
    2.2.8  Gren Kuts
    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Age   : 18
    (grab) M          :   Body Slam
    (grab) b+M        :   Low Suplex
    (grab) f+M        :   Shoulder Drop
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Neck Throw
    (grab) (push) b+M :   Neck Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Neck Breaker
    (side grab) M     :   Neck Breaker
    (back grab) M     :   Back Toss
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H,M           :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, Mid Sweep
    H,H,H,L           :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, Low Sweep
    H,H,M             :   2 Punches, Mid Punch
    *HHM,L,b+M,M      :   2 Punches, Mid Punch, Sweep, Double Sommersault
    *HHM,L,M,M,M,M,M  :   2 Punches, Mid Punch, Mid Kick, 2 Punches, 2 Overheads
    *HHM,L,M,M,M,M(hold)     2 Punches, Mid Punch, Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Stance
     then    -H       :   Overhead Flip
       or    -L,b+M,M :   Low Kick, Double Sommersault
    *HHM,L,M,M,L,M    :   2 Punches, Mid Punch, Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Uppercut
    *HHM,L,M,L,M      :   2 Punches, Mid Punch, Mid Kick, Sweep, Uppercut
    H,M,L             :   2 Punches, Sweep
    *HML,M            :   2 Punches, Sweep, Uppercut
    *HM,M,L,M         :   2 Punches, Uppercut, Sweep, Uppercut
    *HM,H,H,H         :   2 Punches, 3 Roundhouse
    *HM,H,M,M,M,M     :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, 2 Mid Punches, Overheads
    *HM,H,M,M,M(hold)        2 Punches, Roundhouse, 2 Mid Punches, Stance
     then    -H       :   Overhead Flip
       or    -L,b+M,M :   Low Kick, Double Sommersault
    *HM,H,L,M         :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, Sweep, Backflip
    *HM,H,L,M         :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, Sweep, Uppercut
    f,f+H             :   High Sweep
    f+M               :   Uppercut
    b+M               :   Gut Punch
    *b+M,L,M          :   Gut Punch, Sweep, Uppercut
    *b+M,M,M,M        :   Gut Punch, Punch, 2 Overheads
    b,b+M,M           :   Overhead Kicks
    b,b+M,L,M         :   Overhead Kick, Sweep, Backflip
    *b,b+M,L,M        :   Overhead Kick, Sweep, Uppercut
    b+M,f             :   Delayed Gut Punch
    f,f+M             :   Mid Sweep
    *L,b+M,M          :   Low Kick, Double Sommersault
    f+L               :   Sweep
    *f+L,M,M,M,M      :   Sweep, 2 Punches, Overhead Kicks
    *f+L,M,M,M(hold)         Sweep, 2 Punches, Stance
     then    -H       :   Overhead Flip
       or    -L,b+M,M :   Low Kick, Double Sommersault
    *f,f+L,M          :   Sweep, Uppercut
    *b,b+L,b+M,M      :   Sweep, Double Sommersault
    G+H,H,H           :   3 Roundhouse
    *G+H,M,M,M        :   Roundhouse, Punch, Double Sommersault
    *G+H,M,L,M        :   Roundhouse, Punch, Sweep, Uppercut
    G+H,L,M           :   Roundhouse, Sweep, Backflip
    *G+H,L,M          :   Roundhouse, Sweep, Uppercut
    b+G+M             :   Flaming Scissors Kick
    d+L~M             :   Crouch into a Slicing Spin Kick
    d,d/u,u+[hold M]  :   Crane Stance (You can hop around in any direction)
       -M             :   Double Axe Kick (After releasing M press again
                              for second one)
       -H             :   Overhead Flip (Rises higher than Nork)
       -G             :   Cancel Stance
    d,d/u,u+H         :   Spin Kicks (This is his Dodge Attack)
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    d,d+M/u,u+M       :   Axe Kick
    While Standing
    (crouch) f+M      :   Uppercut
    (crouch) b+M,M    :   Double Sommersault
    (crouch) f+H      :   Roundhouse
    b+G+M             :   Super Axe Kick
    2.2.9  Chaco Yutani
    Height: 174 cm
    Weight: 58 kg
    Age   : 23
    (grab) M          :   Shoulder Toss
    (grab) b+M        :   Body Push
    (grab) f+M        :   Tackle
    (Tackle) H        :   Face Punch
    (Tackle) L        :   Stomach Punch
    (Tackle) M        :   Arm Breaker
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Neck Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Arm Breaker
    (side grab) M     :   Arm Breaker
    (back grab) M     :   Arm Breaker
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H,M           :   2 Punches, Double Palm Strikes
    *H,HHH,M          :   3 Punches, Double Palm Strikes
    f+H,M             :   Double Palm Strikes
    H,H,L             :   2 Punches, Sweep
    *HHL, M           :   2 Punches, Scorpion Kick
    *H,HHL, M         :   3 Punches, Scorpion Kick
    H,H,M,M           :   2 Punches, Elbow, Uppercut
    *H,HHMM           :   3 Punches, Elbow, Uppercut
    M,M               :   Side Kick, Heel Kick
    M,H               :   Side Kick, High Heel Kick
    *M,H              :   Side Kick, Spinning Heel Kick
    M,G,H,f           :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Sidestep
    M,G,H,H           :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Power Roundhouse
    M,G,H,M           :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Mid Punch
    *MG,H,M           :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Power Punch
    M,G,H,L           :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Trip
    *MG,HL,H,H        :   Crouch Dash, Grab, Trip, Air Spin Kick
    M,G,M             :   Crouch Dash, Power Punch
    MG,b+M,M,f+M      :   Crouch Dash, Overhead Hammer, Elbow, Shoulder Strike
    M,G,f+H,M         :   Crouch Dash, Double Palm Strike
    M,G,L             :   Crouch Dash, Trip
    L,L               :   2 Low Kicks
    *f+L,M,M          :   Low Kick, 2 Spinning Heel Kicks 
    *f+L,M            :   Overhead Sweep
    f+M               :   Uppercut Swing
    M,f               :   Power Uppercut
    d+M,D or u+M,U    :   Super Uppercut
    b,b+H             :   Spinning Heel Kick
    f,f+H             :   Spinning Roundhouse
    f,f+M             :   Double Fist
    f,f+L             :   Rolling Low Kick
    b,b+M             :   Forward Flip Kick
    *b,b+M,M          :   Flip Kick, Overhead Sweep
    *b,b+M,L          :   Overhead Sweep
    b+M,M             :   Mid Fist, Chop
    b+M+L             :   Overhead Sweep
    *b+M+L,M,M,...    :   Infinity Overhead  (only when blocked)
    *d+L,G, M         :   Back Dodge, Power Punch
    *d+L,G, H         :   Back Dodge, Double Palm Strike
    *G+L, M           :   Scorpion Kick
    *G+L, L,...       :   Infinity Sweep
    *G+L, L,..., M    :   Infinity Sweep, Scorpion Kick
    G+H               :   Roundhouse
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    H                 :   Roundhouse
    M                 :   Shoulder Strike
    Dodge Attacks
    u,u+H/d,d+H       :   Side Flip Kick
    While Standing
    u+M,u/d+M,d       :   Charge Punch
    b+L,G,H           :   Bend Over Backwards, High Two-handed Punch
    b+L,G,M           :   Bend Over Backwards, Middle Punch
    b+G+M             :   For high and middle attacks
    2.2.10  Doctor V
    Height: 202 cm
    Weight: 105 kg
    Age   : 32
    (grab) M          :   Tackle
    *(tackle) M       :   Hold
    *(hold) H         :   Face Punch
    *(hold) L         :   Stomach Punch
    *(hold) M         :   Rolling Side Throw
    (grab) b+M        :   Guard Pull
    (grab) f+M        :   Forward Trip
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Neck Throw
    (back grab) M     :   Back Trip
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H,M           :   2 Punches, Elbow, Side Kick
    H,H,M             :   2 Punches, Side Kick
    H,M,L             :   2 Punches, Trip
    H,H,L             :   2 Punches, Trip
    f+H,H,M           :   2 Elbows, Side Kick
    f+H,H,L           :   2 Elbows, Side Kick
    *f+H,H,H          :   Elbow, 2 Power Punches
    *f+H,M            :   Elbow, Uppercut
    b+H               :   High Kick
    b+H,M             :   Overhead Knee
    b,b+H             :   Straight Arrow
    b,b+H,M           :   Back Attack
    b+M               :   Uppercut
    f+M,M             :   Elbow, Knee
    f,f+M             :   Boot Kick
    b,b+M,M,L         :   2 Mid Punches, Trip
    f+L,M,H           :   Trip, Elbow, Roundhouse
    *f+LMH,M,M        :   Trip, Elbow, Overhead Kick, Heel Kick
    b+L,M             :   Low Kick, Horse Kick
    b+G+H,H           :   2 Left Hooks
    b+G+H,M,M         :   Left Hook, Overhead, Uppercut
    f+G+M             :   Elbow Uppercut
    b+G+M,M,M         :   Triple Knee
    *b+G+M,H          :   Knee, High Kick
    *b+G+M,M,M        :   Knee, Overhead Kick, Heel Kick
    *b+G+M,L          :   Knee, Trip
    G,G (hold G)      :   Dodging Stance (D)
    b/d/u/f           :   Dodge
    (D) M,M,M         :   Triple Uppercut
    (D) f+H           :   Super Punch
    (D) f+M           :   Super Overhead Hammer
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    u+H               :   Spinning Elbow
    While Standing
    b,b+H             :   Posing Charge Punch (M to cancel)
    b,b+M (hold)      :   Crouching Charge Punch (H or L to cancel)
    2.2.11  Mufu
    (grab) M          :   Spinning Pile Driver
    (grab) b+M        :   Spinning Body Toss
    (grab) f+M        :   Giant Swing
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Body Toss
    (side grab) M     :   Spinning Neck Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Spinning Neck Throw
    (back grab) M     :   Spinning Reverse Body Toss
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   Triple Hammer
    f+H,H,H,H         :   Double Punch, Slap
    f+H,M             :   Double Punch, Mid Kick
    b+H               :   Heel Kick
    M,M,M             :   Triple Mid Kick
    *MM,M,M,M         :   2 Mid Kicks, 2 Stomps, High Kick
    *MM,MM,M,H        :   2 Mid Kicks, 2 Stomps, Kick, Split Punch, Taunt
    f+M,H             :   Split Punch, Taunt
    b+M,M,M           :   2 Stomps, High Kick
    *b+M,M,H,H        :   2 Stomps, Split Punch, Taunt
    b,b+M             :   Uppercut
    L,H               :   Low Kick, Heel Kick
    f+L,L,L           :   Travelling Low Kick
    f+L,M             :   Low Kick, Turnaround Heel Kick
    *f+LL,MM,MMM      :   Travelling Kicks, 2 Mid Kicks, 2 Stomps, High Kick
    *f+LL,MM,MM,MH    :   Travelling Kicks, 2 Mid Kicks, 2 Stomps, Split Punch
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    M                 :   Horse Kick
    Dodge Attacks
    u,u+M/d,d+M       :   Uppercut
    While Standing
    2.2.12  Nork the Mysterious
    Normal Attacks
    H,H               :   2 Punches
    b+H               :   Right Hook
    b+M               :   Uppercut
    f+M,M,M           :   Triple Hammers
    G+H,H,M           :   Triple Overhead Punches
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    While Standing
    (crouch) M        :   Uppercut
    (crouch) b+M      :   Right Hand Splat
    2.2.13  Emperor Udan
    (grab) M          :   Arm Swing
    (grab) b+M        :   Frankensteiner
    (grab) f+M        :   Arm Swing
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Side Toss
    (grab) (push) b+M :   Back Toss
    (side grab) M     :   DDT
    (side grab) M     :   Body Drop
    (back grab) M     :   Belly Suplex
    Normal Attacks
    H,H               :   2 Punches
    H,M               :   Punch, Mid Punch
    *H,M,H,H,L        :   2 punches, Roundhouse, Sweep
    *HM,HH,Mb+M,b+M,L :   2 punches, Roundhouse, Kick, Flip, Ram, Stomp
    *HM,HH,Mb+M,M,M   :   2 Punches, Roundhouse, Kick, Flip, Drop Kick, Flip
    b,b+H (H)         :   Spinning Roundhouse (delay)
    b+H               :   Spinning Roundhouse
    f+H (H)           :   Forward Spinning Roundhouse (delay)
    b+M,b+M,L         :   Double Flash Kicks
    *b+M,b+M,L        :   Double Flash Kicks, Stomp
    *b+M,b+M,M,M      :   Flash Kick, Drop Kick, Reverse Flip Kick
    f+M               :   Spinning Punch
    f,f+M             :   Flip Kick, Flash Kick
    b,b+M,M,M         :   Drop Kick, Reverse Flip Kick
    f,f+L,M,M         :   Low Drop Kick, Reverse Flip, Back flip
    b,b+L             :   Low Shoulder Ram
    G+H,H,L           :   Double Roundhouse, Sweep
    *G+HH,Mb+M,b+M,L  :   Double Roundhouse, Kick, Flip, Ram, Stomp
    *G+HH,Mb+M,M,M    :   Double Roundhouse, Kick, Flip, Drop Kick, Flip
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    M                 :   Drop Kick
    L                 :   Low Sweep
    H                 :   Spinning Punch
    Dodge Attacks
    u+H/d+H           :   Roundhouse
    u,u+H/d,d+H       :   Spinning Roundhouse
    u,u+M/d,d+M       :   Side Sommersault, Shoulder Ram
    u,u+M/d,d+M,M     :   Side Sommersault, Stomp
    u,u+M/d,d+M,L,M,M :   Side Sommersault, Reverse Flip, Back Flip
    While Standing
    (crouch) M        :   Sommersault
    (crouch) b+M      :   Flip Stomp
    (Crouch) f+M,M    :   Reverse Flip, Back Flip
    2.2.14  Mark
    (grab) M          :   Shoulder Throw
    (grab) b+M        :   Frankensteiner
    (grab) f+M        :   Rolling Throw
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Side Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Side Suplex
    (side grab) M     :   Body Drop
    (back grab) M     :   Suplex
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   High Knee, 2 Spinning Kicks
    H,H,M             :   High Knee, Spinning Kick, Hop Kick
    H,M,M,M,M,M,M     :   High Knee, Axe Kick, 2 Flips, 2 Forward Flips, V Kick
    H,M,L             :   High Knee, Axe Kick, Foot Sweep
    M,M               :   Gut Kick, Forward Flip Kick
    L,M,M             :   Low Kick, Side Kick, Backwards Kick
    L,M,L             :   Low Kick, Side Kick, Foot Sweep
    L,L,M,M,M         :   Low Kick, Foot Sweep, 2 Flip Kicks, Mule Kick
    b+H,M,M           :   Scorpion Kick, Gut Kick, Forward Flip Kick
    b+H,L,L,M,M,M     :   Scorpion Kick, Double Sweep, Sweep, 2 Flips, Mule Kick
    b+M               :   V Kick
    b+L               :   Breakdance Sweep
    b,b+H             :   Headspin (unblockable)
    b,b+M             :   Backflip Kick, Roll Away
    b,b+M,M           :   Backflip Kick, Pop Up Kick
    f+H,H,...         :   Infinite Kicks
    f+M,M             :   Forward Flip Kick, Handstand Kick
    f,f+H             :   Headspin
    G+H,H,...         :   Infinite Spin Kicks (can change to below move anytime)
    G+L,M,L,M...(L,M) :   Infinite Low and Middle Spin Kicks
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    H                 :   High Knee
    M                 :   Back Kick
    L                 :   Low Kick
    Dodge Attacks
    u+H/d+H           :   Sidestep Kick
    u+M/d+M           :   Side Flip Kick
    u+L/d+L           :   Foot Sweep
    While Standing
    (crouch) M        :   Handstand Kick
    b,b+H             :   Headspin
    2.2.15  Mark2
    (grab) M          :   Shoulder Throw
    (grab) b+M        :   DDT
    (grab) f+M        :   DDT
    (grab) u/d+M      :   Side Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Spin Throw
    (side grab) M     :   Armbreaker
    (back grab) M     :   Suplex
    Normal Attacks
    H,H               :   Backhand, Straight Punch
    H,M               :   Backhand, Spin
    M,H               :   Hook, Backhand
    M,M,H             :   Hook, Low Backhand, Backhand
    M,M,M             :   Hook, Low Backhand, Straight Punch
    M,M,L             :   Hook, Low Backhand, Tail Sweep
    L,H,M             :   Low Kick, Axe Kick, Power Gut Kick 
    L,M,H             :   Low Kick, Kick, Power Axe Kick
    L,M,M             :   Low Kick, Kick, Power Gut Kick
    L,L,L             :   2 Low Kicks, Tail Sweep
    b+H,M             :   Scorpion Kick, Tail Strike
    b+M,M             :   2 Flipping Tail Attacks
    b,b+H             :   Power Tail Swat
    b,b+M             :   Uppercut
    f+M               :   Power Two-handed Punch
    f+M,M,H           :   Fake Power Punch, Hopping Tail, Flipping Tail
    f,f+M             :   Power Punch
    f,f+L,L,L         :   Three Tail Sweeps
    G+H               :   Tail Spin
    G+L,L,L           :   Three Tail Sweeps
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    u+H/d+H           :   Sidestep, Kick
    u+M/d+M           :   Flip Kick
    While Standing
    (crouch) H        :   High Kick
    (crouch) M,M      :   V Kick, Tail Strike
    (crouch) L,L,L    :   Three Tail Sweeps
    hold G,M,M(timing):   Power Tail Spin
    G,M, release G    :   Power Tail Spin
    2.2.16  Chocobo
    Normal Attacks
    H                 :   High Peck
    M                 :   Middle Peck
    L                 :   Low Kick
    f+M               :   Middle Kick
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    While Standing
    2.2.17  Dog
    f,f+G             :   Jump onto opponent
    Normal Attacks
    H,H,H             :   3 Paw Scratches
    M,M               :   Kick, Double Kick
    b+H,H,H...        :   Bark
    b,b+H             :   Howl
    b+M               :   Play Dead
    b+L               :   Growl
    f+H               :   Pouncing Attack
    f+M               :   Double Kick
    f,f+M             :   Head Attack
    f+L               :   Leg Bite
    Turning Attacks (back turned)
    Dodge Attacks
    u+M (or d+M)      :   Side Hop
    While Standing
    M                 :   Beg
    2.3  Move Tips
    All 10 main characters now have fireball attacks.  These are done by 
    pressing back, sqr, back(hold).  The longer you hold back, the more 
    powerful the projectile becomes, but it will drain your life as it is
    To perform a projectile using the analog controller, push down on the 
    left analog stick as if it were a button (this is referred to as L3, 
    pushing the right analog stick is R3), then hold middle attack to 
    charge.  Release the middle attack button to launch the projectile.
    Close Range Unblockables
    For these attacks, the button combinations should be performed as fast as
    possible (and usually hold the last button for a little longer).  For
    example, with Chuji press back+guard+sqr and try to slip you're thumb to 
    triangle immediately.  If done correctly, you will see an aura around 
    your fist/foot similar to launching a projectile. 
    You can hold back and guard and wait for an attack.  The other button 
    should be pushed just after your opponent starts his attack but before
    anything connects.
    Many of the monsters are derivatives of other monsters, for example 
    Tri Horn is based on Dog.  Usually there are a few slight differences
    between similar monsters.
    Some of the monsters (especially those that normally can't grab) have
    special throws.  These throws are done by pressing f,f+G+M.  A few 
    examples of this are Dog, any zombies, any jellies, Mohican Penguin 
    (what the hell?!?), and Silver Wizard (there are probably more).
    2.4  Character Backgrounds
    Recently, Kuts Foundation has been bought up all of Tobal's mines and
    started selfishly mining them.  To this end, Kuts Foundation has been
    working the miners very hard and frequently taking over it's smaller 
    rivals.  As one of the miners who has been bought up, Chuji is now
    infuriated by the practices of the company.  Chuji enters the 99th
    Tournament in order to strike down the head of the company, Gren Kuts.
    Previously, Epon's father injured numerous opponents in the Tobal 
    tournament using a brutal style as he became the Super Tobal Man.  
    Having said that, the true reason he fought so hard for the prize money 
    was because he needed it to help Epon who suffered from a terrible 
    illness when she was a child.  But the public bathed him with blame for 
    the rough fight, so he was banished by the Emperor of Martial Arts and 
    disappeared.  Epon was told this story by her mother when she had grown, 
    in order to clear her father's name, she has once again entered the 
    Oliems' master entered the Tobal No. 1 Tournament.  However, his opponent 
    was a Kittaiku-seijin (Epon's father) who beat him, showering him insults 
    like "Chicken Bastard".  Not only was the name of the famous military 
    champion humiliated, but rumors of the Kientakku-seijin's weakness began 
    to spread.  In order to restore Kientakku-seijin pride and honor, Oliems 
    joins the Tournament aiming for the championship.  [Note: Kientakku-seijin 
    approximates to Kentuckian in English, a little bit of Toriyama humor]
    Recently Hom's body had become weak.  He was worried that his master, 
    Fei, had done this to him on purpose.  As long as he suffered from this 
    condition and did not have [?some kind of permit?], he could never be 
    independent.  Thinking this, Hom saw Fei as an incentive to enter the 
    99th Tournament.  Fei opposed Hom's entry saying "You will stop on your 
    way to your goal", but Hom didn't understand his meaning.  Ignoring Fei, 
    Hom proceeded to enter the contest.
    Recently, Hom's condition has worsened.  In the middle of training, Hom 
    would stop moving and he had to be fixed.  Suddenly Fei remembered that 
    the special Molmoran Stone was actually the Royal Stone.  The point is, 
    Hom is a robot powered by the Royal Stone that Fei obtained after he won 
    the 66th Tournament.  Perhaps the stone's power has become weak.  The 
    only way to get another Royal Stone is by winning the Tobal No. 1 
    Ill thought that if he won the 98th Tournament, he could present his
    girlfriend with a nose ring [wedding ring?].  He thought it would be 
    good for her to see his gallantry at the Tournament, but Ill was horribly 
    defeated.  Moreover, his girlfriend fell in love with the champion, Gren, 
    and couldn't stand to look at Ill.  In order to win back his girlfriend's 
    love by defeating Gren, Ill has entered the Tournament.
    One day a letter was delivered to Mary by Gren Kuts' butler.  The letter 
    said that because Gren wanted to continue his study of martial arts, he 
    wished to block Mary from entering his Tournament.  Enclosed in the 
    envelope was a blank check.  Mary was in financial trouble because of her 
    family situation and because of the state of Professional Wrestling which 
    offered her no opponents.  The lure of the prize money was too much and 
    Mary ignored Gren and entered the contest.
    Gren became the Super Tobal Man by defeating Emperor Udan in the 98th 
    Tobal Tournament.  But lately, Gren has heard terrible rumors about the 
    Kuts Foundation.  Somehow the Foundation has been buying up land on Tobal 
    and committing various crimes.  Thinking that this situation will injure 
    the honor of the Kuts' House, Gren left for Tobal in order to investigate 
    the Foundation.  And as long as he's on Tobal, Gren has decided to join 
    the 99th Tournament...
    In order to investigate an evil "ki" that has begun emanating from planet 
    Tobal, a woman, Chaco, has been dispatched from the ranks of the Galaxy 
    Patrol.  She found the Kuts Foundation to be very suspicious and is 
    determined to find proof of it's wrongdoings.  At the same time, the 99th 
    Tobal No. 1 Tournament is being held.  Chaco really has three reasons for 
    entering the Tournament.  To find new evidence, to test her martial arts 
    skills, and also she would like to meet once more a man she has only 
    glimpsed before, Gren...
    Doctor V
    As well as being a famous surgeon, Doctor V also comes from a family of 
    military fighters.  He believes he has taken the road of medical science 
    to the extreme and he can feel the limit of the latest technology.  In 
    order to study ancient medical techniques, Doctor V has taken a trip to 
    the center of the Universe.  The ancient medical texts mentioned a 
    certain stone without necessarily confirming it's existence.  He also 
    heard that the winner of the Tobal No. 1 Tournament will be given the 
    Royal Stone by Emperor Udan.  Thinking that this stone would be useful 
    in his research, Doctor V enters the competition.
    A native from the planet Jarungu.  Since no one else understands his 
    language, Mufu is a very puzzling character.  [Note: Jarungu approximates 
    to Jungle in English]
    Like most of his race, Nork has a weak mind, but Emperor Udan has 
    increased his strength and size...
    At the last tournament, the final opponent to stand against Gren was of 
    course Emperor Udan.  However, at this tournament it seems that there 
    exists a competitor who is even stronger than Udan.
    Greed has blinded the director of the Kuts Foundation, the digging in 
    the mountains has resulted in chaos, and after a seal in the ground was 
    broken, a legendary warrior has reappeared.  This warrior possesses the 
    kind of power only spoken of in Tobal's ancient legends, and yet no one 
    knows where he came from.  The reason for the seal inside the mountain 
    is unknown.  Where will he go?  What will he do?  Everyone is getting 
    wrapped up in the mystery.
    3.0  QUEST MODE
    3.1  Quest Moves
    These moves are specific to the quest mode.  Anyone who has played Tobal 
    No. 1 will already be familiar with these.
    u,u               :   Run
    G                 :   Stop
    G+left (or right) :   Turn
    hold G, b,b       :   180-degree turn
    J+u               :   Climb (useless)
    O+direction       :   Move without changing directions
    G+O               :   Get item (hands must be empty)
    G+M               :   Use item
    G+H               :   Throw item
    G+L               :   Set item down
    G+O               :   Put item in bag 
    Select            :   Open menu
    L2                :   Turn on/off on-line manual
    3.2  Status Screen
    Different parts of the body gain experience according to how much they 
    are used.  There are eight different things you can level up.
    The four on the left from top to bottom are:
    -Left Arm
    -Left Leg
    The four on the right from top to bottom are:
    -Right Hand
    -Right Leg
    On the right are the Stones you have equipped.
    Below that is a ratio of your food level.
    Next is your money (in units of Mols).
    Finally, your total time is displayed.
    3.3  Potions
    Those of you familiar with Tobal No. 1 will remember those pesky potions.  
    Potions can be bought in town or picked up from defeated monsters in the 
    dungeon.  A potions effect is indicated by it's color, unfortunately each 
    time you start (or return to) a quest, all the potion colors will be 
    different.  So in one quest a potion may increase your hit points while in 
    another it will poison you.  Once you drink a potion, you will remember 
    it's effect for the rest of that dungeon (but not after saving and 
    returning to a game) and the effects will be listed (in Japanese).
    Price     Effect
    -----     ------
     N/A      Show Map for Level
     N/A      Grow
     N/A      Shrink
     N/A      Curse All Stones
     N/A      Poison (slow)
     N/A      Poison (fast)
     N/A      Increase Equipped Stone by 1
     N/A      Decrease Equipped Stone by 1
      20      Decrease Stamina Bar by ~10
      20      Decrease Life Bar by ~16  
      20      Stay Awake  
      50      Identify Unknown Items in Inventory  
      60      Increase Stamina Bar by ~10
      60      Minus 30 Stamina Points
      60      Fall Asleep
      60      Decrease All Attributes by 1
      60      Decrease Guard by 1
      80      Increase All Attributes by 1 (arms, legs, head, etc.)
      80      Increase Guard by 1 
     100      Hyper 
     100      Plus 100 Health
     100      Minus 100 Health 
     100      X2 (multiplies effects of next potion by 2) 
     150      Random Effect and Uncurse Stones (White Potion) 
     160      Increase Life Bar by ~16 
     160      Instant Dizzy 
     250      Maximum Health  
     300      Muteki (can't be touched) 
     300      Tetsujin (all attacks are unblockable) 
     300      Invisible (monsters won't attack) 
    A new feature in Tobal 2 is the ability to mix potions.  To mix two 
    potions together, try to throw one potion into another (works well in 
    corners).  The resulting color is determined by somehow adding the other 
    two colors together.  Here's a list of possible RGB values, of course 
    the effects will change each time you play, but this may give you 
    something to work with.
         Color                 R       G       B
         Red                  191     25      26
         Pink                 229     51      153
         Cherry Blossom       255     153     204
         Red Bean             127     51      51
         Tea                  127     51      0
         Kohaku (?)           255     204     140
         Gold                 204     165     38
         Shu (?)              229     51      0
         Lemon                255     255     51
         Koge Tea (?)         63      38      0
         Yellow               255     178     0
         Blue-green           0       127     127
         Yamabuki (?)         255     127     0
         Water                51      229     229
         Sky                  0       153     255
         Purple               114     0       165
         Dark Blue            0       25      127
         Gunjyo (?)           0       25      76
         Gray                 127     127     127
         Sepia                165     89      25
         Yellow-green         102     255     25
         Azure                25      51      204
         Oodo (?)             178     127     25
         Deep Green           0       63      0
         Silver               165     165     178
         Green                0       127     0
         Orange               255     76      0
         Uguisu (?)           165     255     127
         Black                25      25      25
         White                229     229     229
    If you continue to combine light-colored potions, you will eventually 
    reach the White Potion.  When the White Potion is used in a combination, 
    the result will be the White Potion so it is useless to try to combine 
    it.  The White potion has two effects, first it uncurses your stones, 
    second it has a random effect.
    3.4  Stones 
    Also new to Tobal 2 is the ability to equip Stones.  These Stones affect 
    different attributes depending on their colors.  The colors always affect 
    the same attribute, but you won't know whether it will raise or lower 
    your stats until you use it.  Once a Cursed Stone (lowers stats) is 
    equipped, you'll have to find a potion to remove the curse (after which 
    the gem can be removed).
    Like the potions, these Stones can be combined (using the same method).  
    The resulting color of the Stones will be the color of the stationary 
    Stone (not the one thrown).  The effects of the two stones will be 
    combined to form a new number.
    Stones without a + or - next to the name will have an effect of +1 when 
    equipped, but +0 when combined.  Stones with a +0 value cannot be thrown 
    to combine (as it would have no effect), but they can be used as the 
    base Stone in a combination.
    Color Effects:
    -Green Stone:  Life Bar
    -Yellow Stone:  Stamina Bar
    -Red Stone:  Arms, Legs, or Throw
    -Blue Stone:  Guard
    -Transparent Green Stone:  Revive, equip at maximum health
    -Purple Stone:  Used to capture enemies
    Remember, some Stones will increase an attribute and some will decrease it.  
    To see the effects of your equipped stones, press Select, then Start.  
    Numbers will appear next to the body parts affected.
    3.5  Food
    Most of the animal enemies you find will drop food when defeated.  Before 
    you chow down, be sure to check the color of the food.  Make sure that 
    the food isn't greenish gray (this food is rotten and will poison you).  
    Early on, most good food will be brown, but later it will be the color of 
    the animal defeated.  For example defeating the Red Crest will give you a 
    red Dragon Steak, or beating a Green Lizard will get you a green Lizard 
    Tail.  Basically, if the food isn't the color of the animal you just 
    defeated, don't eat it.  [Note: Cheese, jellies, and bread will never be
    Poison food can still be useful though.  Throw a piece of rotten meat near
    a monster flame.  After the monster becomes active, if it walks on the
    food, it will eat it and become poisoned.  But be careful, if you use a
    piece of meat with a bone, the monster will be able to throw the bone
    back at you!
    Eating food while your stamina bar is at full will increase your guard 
    Eating jellies left by certain enemies will add ten food points and also 
    have different effects depending on the color.
    -Blue Jelly:  Guard x2
    -Yellow Jelly:  Freezes Stamina Bar for short period (eat before a long nap)
    -Red Jelly:  Tetsujin (all attacks become unblockable)
    -Black Jelly:  Muteki (can't be touched)
    -Green Jelly:  plus 50 to health
    3.6  Quest Tips
    Dungeon Locations
    I will give the dungeon locations in relation to the Church (save point).
    To get to the Church from the starting point, exit the house, turn right,
    walk forward past the crossroad, and the Church will be the first (and 
    only) building on the right.
    Practice Dungeon:  Exit the Church, turn right and enter the door in the
    side of the wall.
    Egyptian Ruins:  Exit the Church, turn left and walk to the crossroad,
    turn left again and go into the door in the side of the wall (a small
    patch of dark green grass forms a triangle just above the door).  In the
    middle of the next area, there is a house next to a hill.  Enter the 
    house and talk to the Archaeologist.  Now climb the hill next to the 
    house and cross the bridge to get to the Ruins.  After completing the
    Ruins, go back to the Archaeologist's house and talk to him again.  He
    will give you the key for the next level.
    Desert Spaceship:  Exit the Church, turn left and walk to the crossroad,
    turn right and go to the arch in the side of the wall (you will be able
    to see the dock and water on the other side of the arch).  Go into the
    small house on the dock and talk to the Gate Keeper.  If you have the 
    Archaeologist's key, the Gate Keeper will lower the drawbridge for you.
    Go across the drawbridge and through the courtyard (there is a small
    fountain in the courtyard).  Now you should be in a room with two doors,
    an upper door and a lower door, take the lower door.  Next is a room with
    three doors, the door on the right takes you to a small village, there is
    a shop there if you need to replenish supplies.  Take the door in the
    middle (straight ahead), you will come out of an igloo in the desert.
    Turn right and walk to the stone path, turn left on the path and walk
    straight ahead to the spaceship.  The entrance to the Desert Spaceship is
    the hole on the top.  After beating this level, head back towards the
    igloo that you came out of, but instead of turning right off of the stone
    path, turn left and go to the second igloo.  Inside this igloo, Priest is
    waiting to give you the key to the Mine levels.
    Mine Levels:  Take the same path as if you were going to the Desert
    Spaceship, but when you get to the room with three doors, take the door to
    the left.  Go to the bottom of the pit to find the entrance to the first
    Mine Level.  After beating Mine Level 1, you will enter into the heart of
    the Mine.  The door immediately to your right is the entrance to Mine Level
    2, but it's locked.  On the other side of the bridge there is a save point
    and a shop (I reccomend you use both).  Now take the staircase down to find
    one of the entrances to the Mini Mine (it's better to use the lower entrance
    because the key is always in the same place).  Get the key from the Mini
    Mine and head back to the locked door to enter Mine Level 2.
    Castle:  Take the same path as if you were going to the Desert Spaceship,
    but when you reach the room with the upper and lower doors, take the upper
    Cave:  Exit the Church, turn left, walk straight ahead and enter the door
    in the side of the wall.
    Using the Shop
    To buy items, just pick up whatever you want, the cost of the items you 
    have picked up will be displayed in the lower right hand corner.  When 
    you talk to the Shopkeeper, he will ask if you want to buy the items you 
    are holding, the top (default) response is yes, the lower response is no.  
    You have to either buy or drop any items you pick up, otherwise you won't 
    be able to leave the shop.
    To sell items, drop any items you want to sell and talk to the Shopkeeper.  
    Again the top response is yes (sell), and the lower response is no (don't 
    If you don't like the selection in the shop on a particular visit, go to
    the church, save your game, and reset (press L1,L2,R1,R2,Select,Start at
    the same time).  Now go back to your game and the items in the shop will
    be different.  However, if you buy an item, then the rest of the items in
    the shop will only change after you go into the next dungeon.
    Probably the most important attribute to keep at a high level is Guard.  
    If you don't continually increase your Guard level, enemies on the lower 
    floors will be able to kill you in one hit.  Be sure to eat a lot of food 
    while your Stamina is full to increase Guard.
    Negative Stones can be very useful when combined.  Try combining all the 
    negative Stones you find into a blue or green Stone.  Once you get a lot 
    of these Stones combined, throw them at an enemy.  The effect is that the 
    monster's guard (blue) or health (green) will be greatly reduced.  After 
    defeating the monster, you can recover the Stone with it's power slightly 
    reduced.  Be careful though, if you throw a Stone and miss, your enemy can 
    pick it up and throw it back at you.
    Just as negative stones can be useful, poison food can also work to your
    advantage.  When you have some poison food, leave it on the ground near
    a monster flame.  If the monster encounters the food while moving towards
    you, it will pick up the food and eat it, thus becoming poisoned.
    Always try to kill all the monsters on a level, if you try to skip ahead 
    to the Boss, you will quickly discover that your arms and legs aren't 
    powerful enough to defeat the enemies.
    Try not to rely too much on one single attack or combo.  If you're a 
    puncher, make sure to keep your leg levels up because later on you will 
    face enemies that are too low to punch (i.e. the lizards and worms).
    Except for the Practice dungeon, defeating all (or most) of the monsters 
    on a floor, will cause roaming monsters to appear.  These monsters will 
    be blue flames bouncing around the halls which become monsters just like 
    the stationary red flames.  Don't get surprised by these monsters while 
    taking a nap.
    Desert Spaceship
    There are no animals in the Desert Spaceship dungeon, so be sure to stock
    up on food in town before going in.
    The exit for each level of the Desert Spaceship will not appear until all 
    the monsters on that floor have been defeated.  [Note:  The exit of each
    level may be linked to one certain enemy on each floor, but I haven't
    verified this yet.]
    After passing through Mine Level 1, you will enter the heart of the Mine.  
    There is a Priest here to save your game and also a Shopkeeper.  In order 
    to go on to Mine Level 2, you have to enter the Mini Mine to find the key.  
    In the Mini Mine, your stats will not increase and you won't receive any 
    items either, so get the key and get out as soon as possible.  The key is 
    located on the lower floor.
    In Mine Level 2, you will encounter Green Man.  Green Man is equipped with
    a Revive Stone (Transparent Green Stone), so if you beat him, he will
    instantly revive and keep on fighting.  But you can use this to your
    advantage.  When he gets low on health (his first bar of health), capture
    him with a Purple Stone.  After being captured, he will leave his Revive
    Stone FULLY CHARGED!  Pick it up and equip it for an extra life.
    4.0  Monsters
    This is a nearly complete list of all the monsters found in Tobal 2.  It 
    also contains information on where to locate and capture monsters to use 
    as playable characters.  There are spoilers here, so only read on if you 
    don't want to try to figure this out for yourself.
    4.1  Methods to Unlock Monsters
    Any monsters located in the dungeons can be captured.  First you must 
    have a Purple Stone, beat any monster down to about 10% health and throw 
    the Stone at it.  The monster will die and the next monster of that type 
    will have a C next to its name.
    Monsters that must be loaded are not found in any dungeon (some of them 
    are in the overworld though).  These monsters are found using the Green 
    Monster option in VS Mode.
    The best (fastest) way to get these monsters is to set the number of 
    rounds to 5 and each fighters health to 16 (minimum).  Also be sure to 
    have enough room on your memory card to save replays.  Using this method 
    to keep fights short will allow you to save around 60 replays per slot 
    on your card.
    Once you find a new monster, choose it for at least one fight, this will 
    put it on your list of monsters (however it will have F status).  Now 
    use the Gray Monster option, it will ask for another memory card.  
    Remove and then re-insert your memory card and press circle.
    This method may also allow you to use monsters from the dungeons.
    Some monsters become accessible only when certain conditions are met 
    (such as the Totems).  These methods are listed for each individual case.
    4.2  Using the Monsters
    These descriptions refer to the four different colored monsters available 
    on the character select list.  They can be used in Tournament Mode, VS 
    Mode, and Training (only the Red and Blue are available in Training).
    -Red Monster:  A list of all monsters you have come in contact with 
    either in the quest mode or through the Green Monster option.  
    Controllable monsters are highlighted and marked with a C, 
    uncontrollable monsters are marked with an F.  This option becomes 
    available after you encounter a monster in quest mode.
    -Blue Monster:  Allows you to load a saved character from the Quest Mode.  
    This option is available from the start of the game.
    -Green Monster:  Uses a saved replay to access a monster.  This monster 
    will be unplayable and will have stats (presumably) generated by 
    information from the saved fight.  This option becomes available after 
    using a monster in VS Mode.
    -Gray Monster:  Load monster data from another memory card.  The first 
    time you use this, Super Trix will become a playable character.  This 
    option becomes available after using a monster in VS Mode.
    4.3  Dungeons
    1. Practice  [5 Floors]
    2. Egyptian Ruins  [8 Floors]
    3. Desert Spaceship  [5 Floors]
    4. Mine Level 1  [5 Floors]
    -  Mini Mine  [2 Floors] 
    	Note: Stats will not increase in the Mini Mine
    5. Mine Level 2  [7 Floors]
    6. Castle [13 Floors]
    7. Cave [38 Floors] (all stats are reset)
    4.4  List
    Num   Monster                 Dungeon           How to Access	
    001   Dog                     None              Load (see section 5.1)
    002   Brown Lizard            Ruins             Capture
    003   Wyvern (boss)           Castle            Capture
    004   Deino                   Ruins             Capture
    005   Cougar                  None              ???
    006   Shopkeeper              None              Load
    007   Brown Ape               Practice          Capture
    008   Skeleton                Castle            Capture
    009   Silver Wizard           Mine2             Capture
    010   Chocobo                 None              Load (see section 5.1)
    011   Silver Gorem            Castle            Capture
    012   Azurite Gorem           Castle            Capture
    013   Bronze Gorem            Mine 2            Capture
    014   Mono Eye                None              Beat Normal (no continues)
    015   Wraith                  Castle            Capture
    016   White Ferret            Castle            Capture
    017   Thin Man                Mine 2            Capture
    018   Zircon Gorem            Mine 2            Capture
    019   Hound                   None              Load (see section 5.1)
    020   Nebak                   None              Load (see section 5.1)
    021   Red Zeppel              None              Beat Hard with a monster
    022   Zombie                  Ruins             Capture
    023   Dragon Puppy            None              Load
    024   Tategami (boss)         Mine 2            Capture
    025   Mad Plant               None              Load (see section 5.1)
    026   Lich                    Castle            Capture
    027   Ripper                  Castle            Capture
    028   Totem 1st               None              See all Easy endings
    029   Totem 2nd               None              See all Normal endings
    030   Totem 3rd               None              See all Hard endings
    031   Mujaki                  Castle            Capture
    032   Phantom                 Castle            Capture
    033   Axe Beak                Ruins             Capture
    034   Blue Emu                Ruins             Capture
    035   Cockatrice              None              Load
    036   Blue Jelly              Practice          Capture
    037   Tie Tamper LD           Mine 2            Capture
    038   Bear                    Ruins             Capture
    039   Owl Bear                Mine 2            Capture
    040   Red Jelly               Practice          Capture
    041   Green Jelly             None              ???
    042   Yellow Jelly            Practice          Capture
    043   Executer                Castle            Capture
    044   Punk Head               Practice          Capture
    045   Blind Beast             Castle            Capture
    046   Deep Blue               Mine 1            Capture
    047   Star                    Castle            Capture
    048   Blue Star               Castle            Capture
    049   Red Star                Castle            Capture
    050   Green Star              Castle            Capture
    051   Black Star              Castle            Capture
    052   Gray Ghoul              Practice          Capture
    053   Green Ghoul             Practice          Capture
    054   Blue Skeleton           Castle            Capture
    055   Wight                   Castle            Capture
    056   Ikkaku (boss)           Mine 2            Capture
    057   Black Dog               None              Load (see section 5.1)
    058   Grell                   Spaceship         Capture
    059   Penguin                 Practice          Capture
    060   Grimlock                Ruins             Capture
    061   Knocker                 Ruins             Capture
    062   Red Cap                 Ruins             Capture
    063   Jaki                    Ruins             Capture
    064   Dark Elf                None              Beat Hard without continues
    065   Red Crest               Ruins             Capture
    066   Gray Mouse              Practice          Capture
    067   White Mouse             Practice          Capture
    068   Brown Mouse             Practice          Capture
    069   Black Mouse             Castle            Capture
    070   Father                  None              ???
    071   Green Lizard            Ruins             Capture
    072   Gray Lizard             Ruins             Capture
    073   Battle Emu              Ruins             Capture
    074   Gaze Eye                Ruins             Capture
    075   Small Helm              Ruins             Capture
    076   Violet Worm             Mine 1            Capture
    077   Repair Droid            Spaceship         Capture
    078   Patrol Drone            Spaceship         Capture
    079   Alien's Cocoon (boss)   Spaceship         Capture
    080   Attacker                Spaceship         Capture
    081   Hammer Head             Spaceship         Capture
    082   Dual Hammer             Spaceship         Capture
    083   Great Hammer            Spaceship         Capture
    084   Carrier                 Spaceship         Capture
    085   Empty Carrier           Spaceship         Capture
    086   Heavy Attacker          Spaceship         Capture
    087   M1 Droid                Spaceship         Capture
    088   Power Carrier           Spaceship         Capture
    089   Red Attacker            Mine 2            Capture
    090   Thor's Hammer           Mine 2            Capture
    091   Gae Bolg                Mine 2            Capture
    092   Giga Pile               Mine 2            Capture
    093   Pile Driver             Mine 1            Capture
    094   Brown Mole              Practice          Capture
    095   Gray Mole               Practice          Capture
    096   Red Frog                Practice          Capture
    097   Green Frog              Practice          Capture
    098   Yellow Frog             Practice          Capture
    099   Gray Frog               Practice          Capture
    100   Green Man               Mine 2            Capture
    101   Laser Drone             Spaceship         Capture
    102   Vortex Shell            Mine 1            Capture
    103   Gharbi                  Castle            Capture
    104   Frost Bear              Mine 2            Capture
    105   Purple Bear             Ruins             Capture
    106   Dark Thing              Mine 1            Capture
    107   Silver Ape              Ruins             Capture
    108   Gold Ape                Ruins             Capture
    109   Coelophysis             Ruins             Capture
    110   Struthiomimus           Castle            Capture
    111   Dagger Tail             Castle            Capture
    112   Shilhpid                Castle            Capture
    113   Dryad                   Castle            Capture
    114   Big Hand                Mine 1            Capture
    115   Snaky Head              Mine 1            Capture
    116   Bishop                  Mine 1            Capture
    117   Undine                  Castle            Capture
    118   Water Devil             Ruins             Capture
    119   Tie Tamper              Mine 2            Capture
    120   Giga Hammer             Mine 2            Capture
    121   Gravel Carrier          Mine 2            Capture
    122   Power Carrier2          Mine 2            Capture
    123   Black Ferret            Mine 2            Capture
    124   Dual Pile               Mine 1            Capture
    125   Seeker                  Mine 1            Capture
    126   Analyzer                Mine 2            Capture
    127   D Purple                None              Beat Normal with a monster
    128   Feeler                  Spaceship         Capture
    129   Dark Feeler             Mine 2            Capture
    130   Red Spike               Mine 2            Capture
    131   Rock Breaker            Mine 1            Capture
    132   Lode Hammer             Mine 1            Capture
    133   Carrier LDE             Mine 1            Capture
    134   Power Hammer            Mine 1            Capture
    135   Black Worm              Mine 1            Capture
    136   Black Chocobo           None              ???
    137   White Dog               None              Load
    138   Ohma (boss)             Cave              Capture
    139   Ohma 2 (boss)           Cave              Capture
    140   Trix                    None              Beat Easy with a monster
    141   Super Trix              None              Load Monster in VS mode
    142   Wiseman                 None              Load
    143   Priest                  None              Load
    144   Miner Boss              None              Load
    145   Worker                  None              Load
    146   Inn Master              None              Load
    147   Gate Keeper             None              Load
    148   Elder                   None              Load
    149   Archaeologist           None              Load (see section 5.1)
    150   Wizard Phantom          Castle            Capture
    151   Taxim                   Castle            Capture
    152   Ghost                   Mine 1            Capture
    153   Blind Master            None              Load (see section 5.1)
    154   Violet Penguin          Practice          Capture
    155   Anciant Horn            None              Load (see section 5.1)
    156   Dual Horn               None              Use Gray option ?? times
    157   Tri Horn                None              Save 100 replays
    158   Spike Shield            None              View 100 replays
    159   Brown Ferret            Mine 2            Capture
    160   Mohican Penguin         Practice          Capture
    161   Orc                     Castle            Capture
    162   Dark Orc                Castle            Capture
    163   Orc Guard               Castle            Capture
    164   Silver Emu              Castle            Capture
    165   Blue Lizard             Castle            Capture
    166   Killer Ape              Castle            Capture
    167   Violet Devil            Castle            Capture
    168   Kasyabo                 Castle            Capture
    169   Joker                   Castle            Capture
    170   Psycho Chuji (boss)     Mine 1            Capture (with Chuji)
    171   Psycho Epon (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Epon)
    172   Psycho Oliems (boss)    Mine 1            Capture (with Oliems)
    173   Psycho Ill (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Ill)
    174   Psycho Mary (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Mary)
    175   Psycho Fei (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Fei)
    176   Psycho Hom (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Hom)
    177   Psycho Gren (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Gren)
    178   Psycho Doctor V (boss)  Mine 1            Capture (with Doctor V)
    179   Psycho Chaco (boss)     Mine 1            Capture (with Chaco)
    180   Black Attacker          None              Beat Easy without continues
    181   Box Man                 Practice          Capture
    182   Puppet                  Practice          Capture
    183   Specter                 Castle            Capture
    184   Loader                  None              ???
    185   Berserker               Castle            Capture
    5.0  EXTRAS
    This section contains information about hidden characters, how to access 
    them and codes for the game.  Those of you who want to find this stuff 
    out for yourself should stop reading now.
    5.1  Hidden Characters
    Mufu - beat easy mode
    Nork - beat normal mode
    Udan - beat hard mode
    Trix (Toriyama Robo) - beat easy mode with a monster
    D Purple - beat normal mode with a monster
    Red Zeppel - beat hard mode with a monster
    Black Attacker - beat easy mode without using continues
    Mono Eye - beat normal without using continues
    Dark Elf - beat hard mode without using continues
    Super Trix - load monster data from another mem card in VS mode 
                 (gray monster option)
    Tri Horn - becomes playable after 100 replays are saved
    Spike Shield - becomes playable after 100 replays are viewed
    Dual Horn - use the gray monster option a certain number of times
                (choose gray option, remove memcard, insert memcard, O, repeat)
    Chocobo - beat Practice (1st) Dungeon
    Mark - beat Egyptian Ruins (2nd) Dungeon
    Dog - beat the Desert Spaceship (3rd) Dungeon
    Mark2 - beat the Castle (6th) Dungeon 
    Totem 1st - see all 10 endings on easy mode
    Totem 2nd - see all 10 endings on normal mode
    Totem 3rd - see all 10 endings on hard mode
    Archaeologist - this one is very rare, but can be obtained using Load Method
                    (see Rumors section for hints on getting Archaeologist)
    Most of the Load monsters appear from replays randomly (or through some 
    formula which I don't understand).  There are a few monsters, though, 
    that only appear from replays of specific monsters.  Use Character 1 
    versus Character 2 in VS Mode and save the replay.  Then use the Green 
    Monster option to get the resulting monster.
    Result               Character 1               Character 2
    001  Dog             ---  Any Character        ---  Dog
    010  Chocobo         ---  Any Character        ---  Chocobo
    019  Hound           001  Dog                  007  Brown Ape
    020  Nebak           001  Dog                  107  Silver Ape
    024  Tategami        001  Dog                  108  Gold Ape
    025  Mad Plant       021  Red Zeppel           127  D Purple
    056  Ikkaku          001  Dog                  166  Killer Ape
    057  Black Dog       001  Dog                  167  Violet Devil
    137  White Dog       001  Dog                  010  Chocobo
    153  Blind Master    028  Totem 1st            029  Totem 2nd
    155  Anciant Horn    029  Totem 2nd            030  Totem 3rd
    5.2  Codes
    Adjust Size:
    When selecting your character, hold down L2 and R2 and push triangle.  
    Now you can adjust the size of your character by pushing L2 (shrink) or 
    R2 (grow).  This won't work on quest mode though.
    Character Dance:
    To make your character dance after a match (instead of playing through 
    Hard mode), press up+right+L2 during the replay.
    Repeat Winning Speech:
    As soon as your character finishes his/her victory speech, press L2+Left 
    to make them repeat it.
    Practice With "F" Monsters:
    To use a monster that has not yet been captured, select the monster right 
    above it on the monster list (this monster may have to be "C"), now push 
    O then down very quickly (almost at the same time).  Unfortunately, this 
    will only work in Practice mode.
    Eye Roll:
    Move the directional pad around to move your character's eyes in their 
    victory pose (not really a code, but pretty neat anyway).
    Repeat CG Movie:
    Press select while a movie is playing to restart it from the beginning.
    Choose Winning Pose:
    Press up, down, left, or right to choose your winning pose and speech.
    5.3  Rumors
    Here are the latest rumors circulating around the Internet.  Of course,
    I can't confirm or deny any of these, but I will try to rate them
    according to how reliable I think the sources are.  One star(*) means
    it's probably not true, five stars(*****) means you can safely put
    some money down with your friends.
    Rare Loadable Characters:
    Loader and Archaeologist may be found using the Replay Method (or
    Green/Gray or Load, whichever you prefer to call it), but they are
    very rare.  (*****)
    Formula for Replay Method:
    Part of the formula for generating the monsters via the Replay Method
    may be the complexity of the moves used.  Jeff Coleburn (vsp@netaxs.com)
    generated Archaeologist three times by setting up matches between the
    Psycho characters and letting them fight each other.  (****)
    [Note: After talking to Jeff, I started doing a lot of replays with
           computer controlled Psycho characters.  It only took about thirty
           replays to come across Archaeologist.]
    Cook Food/Boil Potions:
    Use an Invisibility Potion to become invisible.  Now hold a piece of
    rotten meat or a potion in your hand (it will be visible) and run
    through a monster flame.  The rotten meat should become good and the
    potion should become lighter.  Don't stay in the flame too long or else
    your item will vanish (used or stolen by the monster).  (***)
    Method for obtaining Black Chocobo:
    The method for obtaining Black Chocobo may have something to do with
    watching the demonstration replays already stored on the disc.  (**)
    [Note:  A lot of people have Black Chocobo, but no one knows how they
            got him]

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