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    Monster List by JLacano

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                          Tobal 2 Monster List v0.5
                                by John Lacano
                      185 out of 185 Know Monsters Listed
    This is a nearly complete list of all the monsters found in Tobal 2.  It also
    contains information on where to locate and capture monsters to use as playable
    characters.  There are spoilers here, so only read on if you don't want to try
    to figure this out for yourself.
    Special thanks to Ignacio Lucas (delucas@hotmail.com) for providing some 
    monster names and the Load method of unlocking characters.
    c. 1997 by John Lacano. All rights reserved.
    Methods to Unlock Monsters
    Any monsters located in the dungeons can be captured.  First you must have a
    Purple Stone, beat any monster down to about 10% health and throw the Stone at
    it.  The monster will die and the next monster of that type will have a C next
    to its name.
    Monsters that must be loaded are not found in any dungeon (some of them are in
    the overworld though).  These monsters are found using the Green Monster option
    in VS Mode.
    The best (fastest) way to get these monsters is to set the number of rounds to
    5 and each fighters health to 16 (minimum).  Also be sure to have enough room 
    on your memory card to save replays.  Using this method to keep fights short 
    will allow you to save around 60 replays per slot on your card.
    Once you find a new monster, choose it for at least one fight, this will put it
    on your list of monsters (however it will have F status).  Now use the Gray
    Monster option, it will ask for another memory card.  Remove and then re-insert
    your memory card and press circle.
    This method may also allow you to use monsters from the dungeons.
    Some monsters become accessable only when certain conditions are met (such as
    the Totems).  These methods are listed for each individual case.
    Practice (1st)
    Egyptian Ruins (2nd)
    Desert Spaceship (3rd)
    Mine Level 1 (4rth)
    Mini Mine (get key to open door to Mine Level 2)
    Mine Level 2 (5th)
    Castle (6th)
    Cave (Final - all stats are reset)
    Num   Monster                 Dungeon           How to Access
    001   Dog                     None              Load
    002   Brown Lizard            Ruins             Capture
    003   Wyvern (boss)           Castle            Capture
    004   Deino                   Practice          Capture
    005   Cougar
    006   Shopkeeper              None              Load
    007   Brown Ape               Practice          Capture
    008   Skeleton                Castle            Capture
    009   Silver Wizard           Mine2             Capture
    010   Chocobo                 None              Load
    011   Silver Gorem
    012   Azurite Gorem           Castle            Capture
    013   Bronze Gorem            Mine 2            Capture
    014   Mono Eye                None              Beat Normal (no continues)
    015   Wraith                  Castle            Capture
    016   White Ferret            Castle            Capture
    017   Thin Man                Mine 2            Capture
    018   Zircon Gorem            Mine 2            Capture
    019   Hound
    020   Nebak
    021   Red Zeppel              None              Beat Hard with a monster
    022   Zombie                  Ruins             Capture
    023   Dragon Puppy            None              Load
    024   Tategami (boss)         Mine 2            Capture
    025   Mad Plant
    026   Lich                    Castle            Capture
    027   Ripper                  Castle            Capture
    028   Totem 1st               None              See all Easy endings
    029   Totem 2nd               None              See all Normal endings
    030   Totem 3rd               None              See all Hard endings
    031   Mujaki                  Castle            Capture
    032   Phantom                 Castle            Capture
    033   Axe Beak                Ruins             Capture
    034   Blue Emu                Ruins             Capture
    035   Cockatrice              None              Load
    036   Blue Jelly              Practice          Capture
    037   Tie Tamper LD           Mine 2            Capture
    038   Bear                    Ruins             Capture
    039   Owl Bear                Mine 2            Capture
    040   Red Jelly               Practice          Capture
    041   Green Jelly
    042   Yellow Jelly            Practice          Capture
    043   Executer                Castle            Capture
    044   Punk Head               Practice          Capture
    045   Blind Beast             Castle            Capture
    046   Deep Blue               Mine 1            Capture
    047   Star                    Castle            Capture
    048   Blue Star               Castle            Capture
    049   Red Star                Castle            Capture
    050   Green Star              Castle            Capture
    051   Black Star              Castle            Capture
    052   Gray Ghoul              Practice          Capture
    053   Green Ghoul             Practice          Capture
    054   Blue Skeleton           Castle            Capture
    055   Wight                   Castle            Capture
    056   Ikkaku (boss)           Mine 2            Capture
    057   Black Dog
    058   Grell                   Spaceship         Capture
    059   Penguin                 Practice          Capture
    060   Grimlock                Ruins             Capture
    061   Knocker                 Ruins             Capture
    062   Red Cap                 Ruins             Capture
    063   Jaki                    Ruins             Capture
    064   Dark Elf                None              Beat Hard without continues
    065   Red Crest               Ruins             Capture
    066   Gray Mouse              Practice          Capture
    067   White Mouse             Practice          Capture
    068   Brown Mouse             Practice          Capture
    069   Black Mouse             Castle            Capture
    070   Father                  None              Load
    071   Green Lizard            Ruins             Capture
    072   Gray Lizard             Ruins             Capture
    073   Battle Emu              Ruins             Capture
    074   Gaze Eye                Ruins             Capture
    075   Small Helm              Ruins             Capture
    076   Violet Worm             Mine 1            Capture
    077   Repair Droid            Spaceship         Capture
    078   Patrol Drone            Spaceship         Capture
    079   Alien's Cocoon (boss)   Spaceship         Capture
    080   Attacker                Spaceship         Capture
    081   Hammer Head             Spaceship         Capture
    082   Dual Hammer             Spaceship         Capture
    083   Great Hammer            Spaceship         Capture
    084   Carrier                 Spaceship         Capture
    085   Empty Carrier           Spaceship         Capture
    086   Heavy Attacker          Spaceship         Capture
    087   M1 Droid                Spaceship         Capture
    088   Power Carrier           Spaceship         Capture
    089   Red Attacker            Mine 2            Capture
    090   Thor's Hammer           Mine 2            Capture
    091   Gae Bolg                Mine 2            Capture
    092   Giga Pile               Mine 2            Capture
    093   Pile Driver             Mine 1            Capture
    094   Brown Mole              Practice          Capture
    095   Gray Mole               Practice          Capture
    096   Red Frog                Practice          Capture
    097   Green Frog              Practice          Capture
    098   Yellow Frog             Practice          Capture
    099   Gray Frog               Practice          Capture
    100   Green Man               Mine 2            Capture
    101   Laser Drone             Spaceship         Capture
    102   Vortex Shell            Mine 1            Capture
    103   Gharbi                  Castle            Capture
    104   Frost Bear              Mine 2            Capture
    105   Purple Bear             Ruins             Capture
    106   Dark Thing              Mine 1            Capture
    107   Silver Ape              Ruins             Capture
    108   Gold Ape                Ruins             Capture
    109   Coelophysis             Ruins             Capture
    110   Struthiomimus           Castle            Capture
    111   Dagger Tail             Castle            Capture
    112   Shilhpid                Castle            Capture
    113   Dryad                   Castle            Capture
    114   Big Hand                Mine 1            Capture
    115   Snaky Head              Mine 1            Capture
    116   Bishop                  Mine 1            Capture
    117   Undine                  Castle            Capture
    118   Water Devil             Ruins             Capture
    119   Tie Tamper              Mine 2            Capture
    120   Giga Hammer             Mine 2            Capture
    121   Gravel Carrier          Mine 2            Capture
    122   Power Carrier2          Mine 2            Capture
    123   Black Ferret            Mine 2            Capture
    124   Dual Pile               Mine 1            Capture
    125   Seeker                  Mine 1            Capture
    126   Analyzer                Mine 2            Capture
    127   D Purple                None              Beat Normal with a monster
    128   Feeler                  Spaceship         Capture
    129   Dark Feeler             Mine 2            Capture
    130   Red Spike               Mine 2            Capture
    131   Rock Breaker            Mine 1            Capture
    132   Lode Hammer             Mine 1            Capture
    133   Carrier LDE             Mine 1            Capture
    134   Power Hammer            Mine 1            Capture
    135   Black Worm              Mine 1            Capture
    136   Black Chocobo
    137   White Dog               None              Load
    138   Ohma (boss)             Cave              Capture
    139   Ohma 2 (boss)           Cave              Capture
    140   Trix                    None              Beat Easy with a monster
    141   Super Trix              None              Load Monster in VS mode
    142   Wiseman                 None              Load
    143   Priest
    144   Mine Boss               None              Load
    145   Worker                  None              Load
    146   Inn Master              None              Load
    147   Gate Keeper             None              Load
    148   Elder                   None              Load
    149   Archaeologist
    150   Wizard Phantom          Castle            Capture
    151   Taxim                   Castle            Capture
    152   Ghost                   Mine 1            Capture
    153   Blind Master
    154   Violet Penguin          Practice          Capture
    155   Anciant Horn
    156   Dual Horn
    157   Tri Horn                None              Save (number?) replays
    158   Spike Sheild            None              View (number?) replays
    159   Brown Ferret            Mine 2            Capture
    160   Mohican Penguin         Practice          Capture
    161   Orc                     Castle            Capture
    162   Dark Orc                Castle            Capture
    163   Orc Guard               Castle            Capture
    164   Silver Emu              Castle            Capture
    165   Blue Lizard             Castle            Capture
    166   Killer Ape              Castle            Capture
    167   Violet Devil            Castle            Capture
    168   Kasyabo                 Castle            Capture
    169   Joker                   Castle            Capture
    170   Psycho Chuji (boss)     Mine 1            Capture (with Chuji)
    171   Psycho Epon (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Epon)
    172   Psycho Oliems (boss)    Mine 1            Capture (with Oliems)
    173   Psycho Ill (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Ill)
    174   Psycho Mary (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Mary)
    175   Psycho Fei (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Fei)
    176   Psycho Hom (boss)       Mine 1            Capture (with Hom)
    177   Psycho Gren (boss)      Mine 1            Capture (with Gren)
    178   Psycho Doctor V (boss)  Mine 1            Capture (with Doctor V)
    179   Psycho Chaco (boss)     Mine 1            Capture (with Chaco)
    180   Black Attacker          None              Beat Easy without continues
    181   Box Man                 Practice          Capture
    182   Puppet                  Practice          Capture
    183   Specter                 Castle            Capture
    184   Loader
    185   Berserker               Castle            Capture

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