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    Chuji Wu by JPierce

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    Tobal 2 - Chuji Wu Moves List - Revision 0.94                   May 12th, 1997
    This document is (c)1997 Justin Pierce, all rights reserved.  This document 
    and its contents may only be redistributed in their original electronic form.
    This document or its contents may not be charged for in any way.  This 
    document may not be viewed by the staff of EGM or EGM^2.
    Justin Pierce can be reached at windex@uiuc.edu. 
    This document is hard-wrapped at 79 columns and should be saved in raw ASCII 
    format.  The original file name is tb2cw094.txt.
    -= Commands =-
    f   - tap forward                         F   - hold forward
    b   - tap backward                        B   - hold backward
    d   - tap down                            D   - hold down
    u   - tap up                              U   - hold up
    H - High Attack                           G - Guard
    M - Mid-Level Attack                      J - Jump
    L - Low Attack
    ","   - input the first command, then the second
    "+"   - input the two commands together
    "~"   - input the second command immediately after the first
    ":"   - this move requires special timing; see the training mode for details
    "FC"  - input the following command while in a crouch
    "WS"  - input the following command while rising from a crouch
    "@#"  - hold the previous button for # seconds
    "RUN" - input the following command while running
    -= Comments =-
    "^"   - this move, or one of the moves listed, juggles your opponent
    "c"   - a "c" before any modifier means it must be done on counterhit
    "!"   - this move is unblockable (cannot be guarded against)
    "BK"  - this move recovers with your back turned
    Indented moves can only be performed after the first non-indented move 
    that precedes it.
    Grappling Techniques
    Position          Command         Result
    (front)           H               High Punch
                      M               Pullover Takedown
                      L               Shin Kick
                      f+M             Trip Takedown
                      f,b+M           Tackle
                        = H             = Sitting Face Punch
                        = M             = Kick Toss
                        = L             = Sitting Gut Punch 
                      b+M             Kick Toss
                      d+M             Shoulder Throw
                      u+M             Hip Toss
    (left)            H               Shoulder Bash
                      M               Arm Twist Takedown
                      L               Trip
    (right)           H               Chastisement Punch
                      M               Neck Toss
                      L               Sweep
    (behind)          H               Spine Kick
                      M               Pushdown
                      L               Sweep
    Special Attacks, Facing Toward
    Command           Result                                               Comment
    H,M               High Punch, Side Kick
    H,L               High Punch, Low Crescent
    H,H,H             High Punches, Roundhouse
    H,H,M             High Punches, Gut Punch
    H,H,M@1           High Punches, Stun Gut Punch
    H,H,M@2           High Punches, Gut Bash
    H,H,M@2,L         High Punches, Fake Gut Punch => Sweep
    H,H,L             High Punches, Sweep
    H,H,f+L           High Punches, Long Sweep
    M,f+L             Side Kick, Quick Sweep
    M,f+L:M,M         Side Kick, Quick Sweep, Double Kicks                 ^
    M,f+L:M:M,M,M     Side Kick, Quick Sweep, Rising Kick, Triple Kicks    ^
    M@1,M             Lunging Elbow, Backhand Strike
    L,L               Low kick, Sweep
    L,M,M             Low kick, Side Kick, Backflip Kick
    L,M:L             Low kick, Side Kick, Sweep
    G+H,H             High Kick, Roundhouse
    G+L               Quick Sweep
    G+L,M             Fake Sweep => Gut Bash
    G+L:M,M           Quick Sweep, Double Kicks                            ^
    G+L:M:M,M,M       Quick Sweep, Rising Kick, Triple Kicks               ^
    f,f+H             Hopping Roundhouse
    f+M               Backhand Strike
    f,f+M             Lunging Straight
    f+G+M,M           Double Uppercuts                                     c^
    f+G+L             Ankle Kick
    f+G+L:L           Ankle Kick, Sweep
    f+G+L:L:M         Ankle Kick, Sweep, Rising Kick                       ^
    f+G+L:L:M,M       Ankle Kick, Sweep, Double Kicks                      ^
    [b_d_u]+H         Spinning Backfist
    B+H               Turning Backfist                                     BK
    b+M               Flip Kick                                            c^
    b,b+M             Backflip Kick
    [b_d_u]+L         Backspin Sweep                                       ^
    [b_d_u]+L,M       Backspin Sweep, Mule Kick                            ^
    [b_d_u]+L:L       Backspin Sweeps                                      ^
    b+G+H,M           Left Hook, Right Hook
    b+G+H,M:M         Left Hook, Right Hook, Stomach Rush
    b+G+M,M           Stomach Rush, Violent Uppercut                       ^
    b+G+M~H           Powerfist                                            !
    [d_u]+M           Chin Bash                                            ^
    [d,d_u,u]+H       Sidestepping Roundhouse
    [u,u_u,u]+M       Body Check
    [u,u_u,u]+L       Low Kick
    FC,L              Low Crescent
    FC,H,M,M          Rising Crescent, Double Kicks                        ^
    WS+M,M            Double Kicks                                         ^
    WS+M:M,M,M        Rising Kick, Triple Kicks                            ^
    RUN,M             Mule Kick
    RUN,L,L,M         Slide Kick, Backspin Sweep, Mule Kick                ^
    Special Attacks, Facing Away
    Command           Result                                               Comment
    H                 Backfist
      = H,M             = High Punch, Gut Punch
      = H,M:M           = High Punch, Gut Bash
      = H,M:M:L         = High Punch, Fake Gut Punch => Sweep
      = H,H,L,M,M       = High Punches, Low Kick, Side Kick, Backflip Kick
      = H,H,L,L         = High Punches, Low Kick, Sweep
      = H,H,L,M:L       = High Punches, Low Kick, Side Kick, Sweep
    M                 Mule Kick
    Combos, as stated here, are entirely juggling combos.  They are the most 
    impressive in the game, as well as the hardest to perform.  They will also 
    benefit you the most, as there is nothing your opponent can do while he or she
    is bouncing about in the air.
    -= Notes =-
    A space between two moves or sets of moves denotes that they are not members 
    of a string of hits.  Hence, "G+H, H" is very different from "G+H,H".
    For [d_u]+M combos, which direction you press influences how high your 
    opponent floats.  To get the higher float (which, as a result, allows all of 
    the combos to work), you should press in the direction corresponding to 
    Chuji's left (i.e. u for the left side of the screen, d for the right).
    All [d_u]+M combos can also be started with b+G+M,M.  Be careful, as it 
    floats higher and you'll have to change the timing.  If a d or u move in the 
    middle of a combo does not connect, try the other direction.
    The series "H, G+H, H" can usually be replaced with "H, H, H", but not the 
    other way around.
    -= The Combos =-
    [d_u]+M, H,M
    [d_u]+M, H,L
    [d_u]+M, H,H,H
    [d_u]+M, H,H,M
    [d_u]+M, H,H,L
    [d_u]+M, L,M:L
    [d_u]+M, f+G+M,M
    [d_u]+M, b+M
    [d_u]+M, b+G+H,M:M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, b+M
    [d_u]+M, f+G+M, b+M
    [d_u]+M, G+L:M:M,M,M
    [d_u]+M, M,f+L:M:M,M,M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, M,f+L:M,M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, H,M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, H,L
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, M,f+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, L,M:L
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, d+L:L
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, f+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, f,f+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, [d_u]+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, [d,d_u,u]+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, b+M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, G+L:M,M
    [d_u]+M, G+H,H, H, b+G+H,M:M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, H, b+G+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H,M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, [d_u]+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, M@1
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, G+L:M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, f,f+H
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, b+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, b,b+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, H, b+G+H,M:H
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, d+L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, M, L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, M,f+L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, f+G+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, f+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, f,f+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, G+H, H, H, [d,d_u,u]+M
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, H, H, H,H,L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, H, H, H,H,f+L
    [d_u]+M, [d_u]+M, H, H, H, G+H,H
    -= Finishing =-
    A quick note on finishing up your combos: most of the time, you should be able
    to sneak in an extra hit on the ground.  This ground attack is almost never 
    guaranteed.  However, in the event that you DO have an opportunity to strike 
    your opponent on the ground, Chuji has an excellent move for such a task.  The
    following string:
    will lift your opponent off the ground and hit them twice before landing 
    again.  This is the perfect weapon if your opponent refuses to get up, as it 
    does about 20% damage at no risk to you.
    All moves in this list are taken from the Tobal 2 training mode.  All move 
    names and combos are original.
    Tobal 2 and Chuji Wu are copyright 1996, 1997 Square.  All rights reserved.
                                  - END OF DOCUMENT -

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