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    Combo FAQ by tragic

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 06/05/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =  Revision 0.6   |   THE ULTIMATE TOBAL 2 COMBO SHEET    |    Updated 6/05  =
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    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Disclaimer :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Entire Contents (C)1997 Ben Cureton. All rights reserved. Reproduction in
    whole or part without the express written permission of Ben Cureton is
    prohibited. Ben Cureton has made every effort to determine that the
    information contained in this List is accurate. However, Ben Cureton makes no
    representation or warranty with respect to the, accuracy, or completeness of
    the contents.
    This List may be redistributed ONLY in its entirety by electronic format for
    recreational usage, provided no monetary value is charged (except to cover
    paper and staple costs).
    Tobal 2 and All characters are (C)1996, 1997 SquareSoft. All rights reserved.
    This list may not be viewed by the staff of EGM or EGM^2 or any affiliate of
    SENDAI publishing. (If you don't know... you bettah axe somebody!)
    (Note to EGM & EGM^2... if you do, however, decide to break the law and use
    my stuff, I suggest you make sure it all works... you never know... where a
    tell-tale fake combo or two might show up... *kiss*)
    - Ben Cureton is tragic@toxic.net -
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: INFO :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    This sheet is for those of you who already know how to play Tobal 2. To use
    this combo sheet effectively, you need to know the basic directional moves
    and button presses. If you need help... check out the "Tobal 2 Super Movelist"
    by Ben Cureton (tragic). Now get to it...
    Mainly only 3-Hit combos and above are listed. The only reason certain 2-Hit
    combos are listed are because they do significant damage.
    Certain combos will only work on specific characters. Right now, the 10 basic
    characters are broken up into 2 categories: Little Guys and Big Guys. Remember
    that the Bigger Guys do not float as high as the Little Guys because they
    weigh more.
    :Little Guys:                                         :Big Guys:
       Chuji                                                Oliems
       Epon                                                 Ill
       Gren                                                 Doctor V.
       Chaco                                                Hom (he's metal)
       Fei                                                  Mary
       Udan                                                 Mufu
       Dog                                                  Mark
       Chocobo                                              Mark 2
                      Nork (he is ridiculously heavy!)
    (Note: results may vary as some Little Guys are a tad lighter than others, and
    some Big Guys are heavier than others.)
    ::Special Conventions::
    @X  - hold down indicated button for X seconds
    :   - requires precice timing
    ~   - "immediately followed by..."
    [ ] - hold enclosed button until otherwise noted
    -   - this means "same string, but broken timing"
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::: HOW TO READ/WRITE COMBOS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    In order to make some sense of the gibberish here... we figured you might need
    a little explanation. It is actually very straight forward.
    Any moves with no spaces seperating them, signifies a string... i.e. B+G+M,M.
    This is Chuji's Stun Punch-Uppercut. It is one string of moves... seeing as
    you cannot just perform the Uppercut without first doing the Stun Punch.
    If there is a space between moves, that signifies you are to use a different
    move/string not in any way connected to the first... i.e. B+G+M,M, H, H,H,L.
    This first starts with the same Stun Punch-Uppercut, then moves to a seperate
    single High Punch, then goes into his 2 High Punches-Sweep String.
    The last important thing to know is what the :'s are for. If you have the
    "Tobal 2 Super Move List" then you know they mean... "precisely timed string".
    Combos that include one or more of the : symbols usually are a bit more
    difficult and require alot of practice to get down. Take, for instance,
    Chuji's B+G+H,M:M. This is his Left Hook-Right Hook-Stomach Punch. To perform
    it... you first press B+G+H... that will perform the Right Hook... then you
    follow with a M... that will perform the Left Hook... now... you must wait for
    the precice moment to press the :M... or nothing will come out. Remember...
    MASHING will not help you. You must time the move correctly.
    For all combos listed on this sheet... it is imperative to know the "once F
    always F" rule. This means: If your character is on the left side... F will
    always be to the right. We made this rule because sometimes in certain combos,
    your character will end up on the other side... and still have hits left in
    the combo... Here is an example: Gren's WS+M, L:B+M,[F]+M, L,F+M. In this
    combo... Gren first starts with an Uppercut, then a Low Kick-Flipkick, and the
    [F]+M produces a longer second Flipkick which puts Gren on the other side. By
    Using our "once F always F" rule... the final sequence, L,F+M is preformed by
    pressing L, then away from the opponent+M. This gets confusing because away+M
    in any other circumstance would simply be listed as B+M. Since this is a combo
    we must adhere to the "once F always F" rule... and since F was first used as
    a right pressing direction... the final F is still a right pressing direction.
    If this makes no sense right now... it will in the future. In the next rev. or
    so... a better and more precise explanation will be added.
    Now that the basic explanation is done... go try some of the combos... If you
    find one that isn't listed... use the format explained above... and send it to
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: HOW TO CREATE COMBOS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Well now that you know how to read combos that have already been created, and
    write the ones you find... now it's time you learn how to create the big time
    hardcore combos that will impress your freinds! =) Seeing as we have only been
    messing around with the combo system for a short while... the following info
    might be a bit sparse... for now. As we learn more and more about the juggle/
    combo system... we will be sure to include all pertinent information in this
    section. Anyway... here is what we know...
    :What is a Combo?:
    First things first... Know that when we say "combo" we mean a combination of
    moves, all used in one sequence, that are unblockable after the initial hit
    connects. That being said... you need a "combo starter". A combo starter can
    be anything from: Stuns (which are move that renders your opponent helpless
    for a small amount of time); Launchers (which are moves that hits your
    opponent into the air, giving you the opportunity to strike them again before
    they can land on the ground); Special Moves (certain special moves like sweeps
    can be used to start combos).
    :What is a Juggle?:
    Also... when I say "juggle", I really am referring to "juggle combo". A juggle
    combo consists of three main parts: #1) Initiating Hit (a move which gives you
    the opportunity to tack on extra hits before your opponent can recover); #2)
    Juggle Hits (the moves which keep your opponent in the air, hence "juggle");
    #3) Finishing Hit (the final move which hit's your opponent on the ground
    before they can get up... not required... but add's damage).
    :Anatomy of a Basic Juggle:
    Let's start with the primary combo starter... A Launcher. We call them
    launchers because the particular move, knocks the opponent into the air, and
    leaves you with an opportunity to inflict more damage before they hit the
    ground. For an example I will use Chuji's Chin Bash ([D_U]+M). This is a very
    simple move in which Chuji steps to the side, and hits his opponent hard in
    the chin, "launching" the opponent into the air (Note: because Chuji's Chin
    Bash yields different results depending on which direction is used, I will be
    referring to D+M and all examples will be done from the left player side).
    Once your opponent is in the air, you have an opportunity to go into the
    second part of the combo, the "juggle hits". For and example, let's do H,H,L.
    Remember that this is a string and all buttons follow each other in succesion.
    When done correctly, you will do 2 High Punches into a Low Sweep. The combo is
    up to 4 hits total.
    Now let's finish it off with a "finisher". For this example let's just use a
    simple F+L. Thie will perform a basic Step-In-Sweep. We just did a 5-Hit
    juggle combo with all three basic parts. Here is how it looks on paper:
    D+M, H,H,L, F+L                                          5-Hit            71
     |     |     |                                             |              |
     |     |     `- "Finisher"                     Total Hits -'              |
     |     `- "Juggle Hits"                            Damage Dealt By Combo -'
      `- "Initial Hit" (Launcher in this case)
    :Advanced Combos:
    There are a few types of Advanced Combos. Mainly they are just modified juggle
    combos, with an additional element... a "Secondary Launcher". A Secondary
    Launcher is a move which hits an airborne opponent, putting them into a new/
    special "reeling" animation. You can distinguish this special animation from
    the regular "knock up" animation by the way the character travels while in the
    air. The regular flight animation is obvious: the character is knocked up, and
    the hardly move/twist while in the air. The special reeling animation looks
    much different. Usually the character will be traveling head-over-heels or
    be doing some very quick sidespins. Once you get the opponent into this new
    reeling animation, juggle hits will knock the opponent much higher into the
    air. This is where the big combos come out! Let's do an example:
    Again let's start with the primary combo starter... the Launcher. This time we
    will use the alternate version of the Chin Bash [D_U]+M. (Note: the alternate
    version will just be U+M, since I used D+M in the example before. On the left
    player side... U+M knocks the opponent up slightly higher than D+M. Remember,
    all examples are performed from the left player side.)
    Now this is where you add in the Secondary Launcher. For this example, let's
    use the original Chun Bash (D+M). When this connects, the opponent will go
    into the special "reeling" animation (head-over-heels).
    Well, now that the opponent is in the air, and in the special "reeling"
    animation, it's your duty to take advantage. Let's just add in some basic
    standing High Punches (H)... Three to be exact. H, H, H. Remember that each of
    these punches are separate. They are not performed as a string, so make sure
    you pause a little bit after each punch so as to give Chuji time to recover.
    That way he won't go into his H,H,H string.
    After each individual High Punch, you will have a small opening to add a few
    more hits. Since we have bounced our opponent a considerable amount of times
    now, he will be very low and following hits will not bounce him very high.
    Let's use a very fast hitting string: H,H,L. This is Chuji's 2 High Punches
    to Sweep string. The combo is up to 8 hits total.
    Ok, now... the Finisher. Let's use the one we used before: the Step-In-Sweep
    (F+L). This brings the combo to a whopping 9-Hit 109 damage combo! Not to
    shabby ehh? Here's how it looks on paper:
    U+M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,L, F+L                            9-Hit           109
     |     |   '-----.-----'   |                               |              |
     |     |         |         `- "Finisher"                   |              |
     |     |         `- "Juggle Hits"              Total Hits -'              |
     |     `- "Secondary Launcher"                     Damage Dealt By Combo -'
      `- "Initial Hit" (Launcher in this case)
    :Other Info:
    Well... basically you should have a general idea of how to read, create, and
    write combos. Now you just have to come up with some. It's not very difficult.
    Start with a Stun or a Launcher or even a move that knocks an opponent down
    for a long period of time, then try to add as many hits as you can. The best
    way to test your combos is to play in PRACTICE MODE and set the CPU dummy to
    "1 Hit-Guard". That way, the dummy character will take one hit, then try to
    block all following hits. If you have a true combo, the dummy will not be able
    to block anything after the first hit. Get it? Cool...
    Ok... when you have gotten basic combos down... and secondary launchers have
    become second nature... start working on "broken timing" combos. A "broken
    timing" combo is one in which you first knock your opponent into the air,
    then follow with a string... but you stagger the timing so more hits will
    connect". Example: Epon's awesome 11-Hit 116 Damage juggle. First you use
    her launcher (F+H). Then you follow up with her Low Kick-Double Side Kick-
    Knee string. Easy... Now you have to add in a "broken timing" string. Here
    we add her 3-High Punches-Knee string (H,H,H,F+H), but if we do it too fast,
    the string will fail to connect. To solve this... we do the first hit, then
    wait for a split second before we finish the string with H,H,F+H. Here's how
    it looks like paper:
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H-H,H,F+H, B+M                          11-Hit           116
     |    '------.---------'   |                               |              |
     |           |   |         `- "Finisher"                   |              |
     |           |   `- "Broken Timing String"     Total Hits -'              |
     |           `- "Juggle Hits"                      Damage Dealt By Combo -'
      `- "Initial Hit" (Launcher in this case)
    Also... remember to try funky combinations of moves in your combos. Those
    which you think might not be the best for juggles, might turn out to be better 
    than you though. Many times I have found that a sweep or a low kick puts an
    airborne opponent into the special "reeling" animation... which of course led
    to new and exiting combos... Have Fun!!! More to come as we learn ourselves!
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE COMBOS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    :Little Guy Combos:
    *Note: Due to the different launching heights of D+M/U+M, all of these combos
           work only from the left player side. To get them to work on the right
           player side, simple switch D+M/U+M. (In effect you are doing the same
           exact combo, but due to the fact that you are on a different side, you
           now must reverse the launcher command) Ie. D+M, H,M on the left right
           player side would be U+M, H,M...
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B+G+M, D,D+M                                             2-Hit            62
    D+M, H,M                                                 3-Hit            48
    U+M, F+G+M,M                                             3-Hit            54
    D+M, H,L                                                 3-Hit            55
    U+M, F+G+M, B+M                                          3-Hit            58
    D+M, H,H,M                                               4-Hit            59
    D+M, H,H,L                                               4-Hit            59
    D+M, H,H,H                                               4-Hit            63
    U+M, G+H,H, B+M                                          4-Hit            66
    D+M, L,M:L                                               4-Hit            68
    U+M, B+G+H,M:M                                           4-Hit            72
    B+G+M,M, F+J+M, B+G+M                                    4-Hit            80
    WS+M, F+G+L:L,M,M                                        5-Hit            69
    D+M, H,L, L,L                                            5-Hit            74
    U+M, D+M, H, H, B+G+M                                    5-Hit            75
    U+M, G+H,H, H, D+M                                       5-Hit            75
    U+M, G+H,H, H, F+M                                       5-Hit            76
    U+M, G+H,H, H, F,F+M                                     5-Hit            76
    U+M, D+M, H, D+L:L                                       5-Hit            79
    D+M, H,L, WS+M,M                                         5-Hit            79
    U+M, G+H,H, H, B+M                                       5-Hit            80
    D+M, L,M:L, F+L                                          5-Hit            80
    D+M, U+M, M, M~M,M                                       5-Hit            85
    U+M, G+H,H, H, [D,D or U,U]+M                            5-Hit            94
    WS+M:M,M,M, WS+M,M                                       6-Hit            73
    U+M, G+H,H, H, H,M                                       6-Hit            81
    U+M, D+M, H, H, H, B+G+M                                 6-Hit            83
    WS+M,M, WS+M,M, L,L                                      6-Hit            83
    U+M, G+H,H, H, D+L:L                                     6-Hit            85
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, D+M                                 6-Hit            86
    U+M, G+H,H, H, H,L                                       6-Hit            88
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, [M]                                 6-Hit            91
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, F,F+H                               6-Hit            91
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, B+M                                 6-Hit            91
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, B,B+M                               6-Hit            91
    B+G+M,M, F+G+M,M, B+G+M,M                                6-Hit            92
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, M,F+L~M                                 6-Hit            96
    B+G+M,M, U+M, F+G+M,M, J+M                               6-Hit            98
    B+G+M,M, U+M, G+H, M,F+L~M                               6-Hit            99
    B+G+M,M, U+M, F+G+M,M, F+L                               6-Hit           100
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, L                                7-Hit            88
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H,M                                 7-Hit            92
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, F+G+M                            7-Hit            92
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, D+L                              7-Hit            92
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, F+G+L:L,M                                7-Hit            94
    U+M, D+M, H, H, G+H,H, D+L                               7-Hit            94
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, F+M                              7-Hit            95
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, F,F+M                            7-Hit            95
    U+M, D+M, H, H, G+H,H, F+L                               7-Hit            96
    D+M, H,L, WS+M,M, L,F+L                                  7-Hit            98
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, [D,D or U,U]+M                   7-Hit            99
    U+M, G+H,H, H, L,M:L                                     7-Hit           100
    B+G+M,M, F+G+M,M, F+G+L:L,M                              7-Hit           100
    U+M, G+H,H, H, G+L:M,M                                   7-Hit           100
    D+M, M,F+L:M,M, L,L                                      7-Hit           102
    B+G+M,M, D+M, WS+M,M, L,L                                7-Hit           102
    U+M, D+M, H, H, B+G+H,M:H                                7-Hit           105
    B+G+M,M, U+M, F+G+M,M, B+G+M,M                           7-Hit           106
    B+G+M,M, F+G+M, F+G+L:L:M,M                              7-Hit           107
    B+G+M,M, F+J+M, WS+M,M, L,L                              7-Hit           107
    U+M, G+H,H, H, B+G+H,M:M                                 7-Hit           108
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, B+M, J+G                           7-Hit           113
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, G+H, D,D+M                         7-Hit           119
    U+M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,F+L                               8-Hit            94
    U+M, M,F+L:M:M,M,M, F+G+L                                8-Hit            95
    U+M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,L                                 8-Hit            97
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H, M,F+L                            8-Hit           100
    U+M, G+H,H, H, H, H,M, F+L                               8-Hit           101
    U+M, D+M, H, H, H, G+H,H, F+L                            8-Hit           104
    U+M, D+M, H, G+H, H, H,M, L                              8-Hit           104
    B+G+M,M, U+M, L, WS+M,M, L,L                             8-Hit           108
    B+G+M,M, H,L, WS+M,M, L,L                                8-Hit           109
    B+G+M,M, U+M, H, F+G+M,M, F+G+L:L                        8-Hit           109
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, WS+M,M, L,L                             8-Hit           109
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, L,M,M                                 8-Hit           113
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, G+H,H, F+L                            8-Hit           114
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, WS+M,M, L,L                           8-Hit           109
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, M,F+L:M,M                                8-Hit           119
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, H, F+G+L:L                        9-Hit           102
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, H, H,H,F+L                            9-Hit           108
    B+G+M,M, M,F+L:M:M,M,M, F+H+M                            9-Hit           110
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,L                             9-Hit           112
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, H, H,H,L                              9-Hit           115
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, G+H,H, F+G+L:L                        9-Hit           117
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, G+H,H, F+L                        9-Hit           119
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, G+H,H, D+L                        9-Hit           119
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, G+F+L:L:M                          9-Hit           122
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, G+H, H, G+H,H, F+L                      9-Hit           125
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, M,F+L:M,M                          9-Hit           130
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, M,F+L:M,M, F+L                           9-Hit           131
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, B+G+H,M:M, F+G+L                      9-Hit           132
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, B+G+H,M:M, F+L                        9-Hit           135
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, B+G+H,M:M, F+L                     9-Hit           138
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,M, F+L                       10-Hit           124
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, H, H,H,L F+L                        10-Hit           124
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, H, H,H,L, F+L                        10-Hit           127
    B+G+M,M, G+H,H, H, H, H,H,M, F+L                        10-Hit           127
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, H, H,H,M, F+L                     10-Hit           130
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, H, H,H,L, F+L                     10-Hit           130
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, M,F+L:M,M, D+L                      10-Hit           134
    B+G+M,M, D+M, H, H, M,F+L:M,M, F+L                      10-Hit           136
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, M,F+L:M,M, F+G+M                  10-Hit           139
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, M,F+L:M,M, B+L                    10-Hit           140
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, B+G+H,M:M, F+G+L:L                10-Hit           141
    B+G+M,M, D+M, G+H, H, M,F+L:M,M, F+L                    10-Hit           142
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    WS+M, F+L                                                2-Hit            37
    WS+M, F,F+L                                              2-Hit            42
    WS+M, F,F+M                                              2-Hit            46
    WS+M, B,B+M                                              2-Hit            50
    B+M, F+L                                                 3-Hit            46
    F,F+H, F+L                                               3-Hit            48
    F,F+H, F,F+L                                             3-Hit            52
    [U_D]+H, F,F+M                                           3-Hit            53
    WS+M, B+M                                                3-Hit            57
    [U_D]+H, B,B+M                                           3-Hit            57
    F+H, H, L, WS+M                                          4-Hit            44
    F+H, L,M,L                                               4-Hit            49
    F+H, H,M,L                                               4-Hit            50
    F+H, H,H,H,M:L                                           5-Hit            46
    F+H, H, L,M, F+L                                         5-Hit            49
    F+H, H, L,M, F,F+L                                       5-Hit            52
    F+H, H,M,L F+L                                           5-Hit            57
    F+H, H,M,L, F,F+L                                        5-Hit            60
    F+H, H, B+M, F,F+L                                       5-Hit            60
    F+H, H,M,F+M, L                                          5-Hit            65
    F+H, H,H,H, L, WS+M                                      6-Hit            53
    F+H, H,H,H, M,M                                          6-Hit            54
    F+H, H,H,H, M, L                                         6-Hit            54
    F+H, H,H,M,L, L                                          6-Hit            59
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, G+H                                      6-Hit            62
    F+H, H,H,M,L, WS+M                                       6-Hit            71
    F+H, H,M,L, B+M                                          6-Hit            74
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, G+H                                      6-Hit            77
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, L, WS+M                                  7-Hit            67
    F+H, H, L,M,M,F+H, L                                     7-Hit            73
    F+H, H,H,M,M, F+L                                        7-Hit            74
    F+H, H,H,M,M, F+M                                        7-Hit            75
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H:M, L                                      7-Hit            75
    F+H, H, L,M,M,F+H, F,F+M                                 7-Hit            78
    F+H, H,H,M,M, F,F+M                                      7-Hit            79
    F+H, H, L,M,M,F+H,F+L                                    7-Hit            80
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, L, WS+M                                  7-Hit            82
    F+H, H,H,M,M, B,B+M                                      7-Hit            82
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H:M, L                                      7-Hit            90
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, B+M                                      7-Hit            90
    F+H, H,H,H, H,H,H, L                                     8-Hit            51
    F+H, H,H,H, H,H,M,L                                      8-Hit            62
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H, L, WS+M                               8-Hit            71
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, M:H                                      8-Hit            72
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H, M,L                                   8-Hit            72
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, M,L                                   8-Hit            84
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, L, WS+M                               8-Hit            86
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, M:H                                      8-Hit            87
    F+H, H, L,M,M,F+H:M, L                                   8-Hit            88
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,G+H                                  8-Hit            88
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, M,L, F+M                                 8-Hit            90
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H,H, B+M                                 9-Hit            80
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,H,M                                  9-Hit            90
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,M,L                                  9-Hit            91
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H, B+M                                 9-Hit            95
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,M,M,M                                  9-Hit           109
    F+H, H,H,H,F+M, H, H,M, B+M                             10-Hit            90
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H,H,M,M                                 10-Hit            90
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,H,F+H,F+L                           10-Hit            96
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,M,M                                 10-Hit           105
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, H,M, B+M                             10-Hit           105
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H, H,H,H,F+H,F+L                        11-Hit            88
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H, H,H,M,M                              11-Hit            94
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H,H,H,F+H, B+M                          11-Hit            98
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, H,H,H,F+H,F+L                        11-Hit           103
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, H,H,M,M                              11-Hit           109
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H,H,H,F+H, B+M                          11-Hit           116
    F+H, H,H,H,F+H, H, H,H,H,F+H, B+M                       12-Hit           105
    F+H, L,M,M,F+H, H, H,H,H,F+H, B+M                       12-Hit           117
    :Little Guy Combos::
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B,B+M, M, L                                              3-Hit            51
    B,B+M, M, M                                              3-Hit            51
    B,B+M, F+M, G+L                                          3-Hit            57
    B,B+M, M-M                                               3-Hit            62
    B,B+M, M,F+M, L                                          4-Hit            76
    B,B+M, N,F+M, B,B+M                                      4-Hit            76
    B,B+M, M,F+M,M                                           4-Hit            79
    B,B+M, M,F+M, G+L                                        4-Hit            79
    B,B+M, M,F+M, F+J+M                                      4-Hit            83
    B,B+M, H,H,M, L                                          5-Hit            65
    B,B+M, H,H,M, F+J+L                                      5-Hit            66
    B,B+M, H,H,M-M                                           5-Hit            75
    B,B+M, H,H,M,F+M,[U_D]                                   6-Hit            77
    B,B+M, H,H,M,F+M, L                                      6-Hit            89
    B,B+M, H,H,M,F+M, G+L                                    6-Hit            92
    B,B+M, H,H,M,F+M, F+J+M                                  6-Hit            96
    B,B+M, M,F+M,[U_D],F+M, G+L                              6-Hit           100
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B+M,M, F+M                                               3-Hit            60
    B+M,M, F+L                                               3-Hit            61
    B+M,M, J+L                                               3-Hit            70
    B+M,M, G+L                                               3-Hit            70
    B+M, H,L, F+M                                            4-Hit            61
    B+M, H,L, F+L                                            4-Hit            63
    B+M, H,L, G+L                                            4-Hit            68
    B+M, H,L, J+L                                            4-Hit            69
    B+M,M, F,F+M,M                                           4-Hit            87
    B+M, H,M,L, F+M                                          5-Hit            74
    B+M, H,M,L, F+L                                          5-Hit            76
    B+M, H,M,L, G+L                                          5-Hit            81
    B+M, H,M,L, J+L                                          5-Hit            82
    B+M, H,L, F,F+M,M                                        5-Hit            86
    B+M, H,H,M,M, F+M                                        6-Hit            81
    B+M, H,H,M,M, F+L                                        6-Hit            83
    B+M, H,H,M,M, J+M                                        6-Hit            86
    B+M, H,H,M,M, G+L                                        6-Hit            90
    B+M, H,M,L, F,F+M,M                                      6-Hit            99
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    F+M, G+L                                                 3-Hit            42
    F+M, F+L                                                 3-Hit            46
    F+M~[B], M                                               3-Hit            46
    F+M, B+L                                                 3-Hit            53
    F,F+[M], G+H, G+L                                        3-Hit            64
    F,F+[M], G+H, F,F+L                                      3-Hit            68
    F,F+[M], B+M, B,B+M                                      3-Hit            71
    F,F+[M], B+M:L                                           3-Hit            71
    F,F+[M], B,B+M, F+J+G                                    3-Hit            75
    F,F+[M], F,F+H,B, M                                      3-Hit            84
    F,F+[M], F,F+H, B+L                                      3-Hit            91
    WS+M:M, F,F+L:M                                          4-Hit            53
    F,F+[M], H,H, F,F+L                                      4-Hit            55
    WS+M:M, L,M                                              4-Hit            56
    F+M~[B], L,M                                             4-Hit            62
    F,F+[M], M,L, F,F+L                                      4-Hit            63
    F,F+[M], H,H,H                                           4-Hit            66
    F,F+[M], F,F+M,M, F+L                                    4-Hit            70
    F,F+[M], L,M, B+L                                        4-Hit            75
    F,F+[M], B+M, L,M                                        4-Hit            79
    F,F+[M], B+M, F,F+M,M                                    4-Hit            79
    F,F+[M], H,H,F+M, G+L                                    5-Hit            62
    F,F+[M], H,H, L,M                                        5-Hit            69
    F,F+[M], H,M,L, B+L                                      5-Hit            74
    F,F+[M], H,H,F+M, B+L                                    6-Hit            84
    F,F+[M], H,M,L:M, L                                      6-Hit            87
    F,F+[M], H,M,L:M, B+L                                    6-Hit            95
    F,F+[M], H,M,L:M:L                                       6-Hit           101
    :Little Guy Combos::
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B,B+M,M, B+L                                             3-Hit            80
    WS~F+M, B+[M], F+J+M                                     3-Hit            85
    B,B+M,M, M,L                                             4-Hit            91
    B,B+M,M, M,H                                             4-Hit            98
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, B+L                                     4-Hit           100
    B,B+M,M, B,B, H,M,L                                      5-Hit            91
    B,B+M,M, F+L,L,L                                         5-Hit            93
    B,B+M,M, B,B, H,M,L                                      5-Hit            96
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+G+M, L                                5-Hit           107
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, M,H                                     5-Hit           118
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+J+M, F+G+M                            5-Hit           122
    B,B+M,M, F+L,L:M,L                                       6-Hit           111
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+L,L,L                                 6-Hit           113
    B,B+M,M, F+L,L:M,H                                       6-Hit           117
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, B,B, H,M,L, L                           7-Hit           118
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, B,B, H,H,H, L                           7-Hit           120
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, B,B, H,H:M, G+L                         7-Hit           130
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+L,L:M,L                               7-Hit           131
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+L,L:M,H                               7-Hit           137
    WS~F+M, B,B+M,M, F+J+M, F+G+M,X+G+M, F,F+G+M:G+M         (don't even worry!!)
    Only because this combo is, to date, the hardest combo* in the game, I feel
    I should give it it's own explanation. First it starts off with a Stun Punch
    (WS~F+M), then... go immediately into the Jumping Knuckle Smash-Rising Hammer
    (B,B+M,M), after that, the hard part begins... wait for Mary's hand to come
    back down to her side, then immediately press F+J+M... make sure that you are
    doing the full length/full height kick... now... this is the hardest part of
    the combo... the grab. If the combo went smoothly up to this point, Mary's
    back should be toward the screen. Quickly press B+G+M to grab the opponent out
    of the air. If you can do it... the combo is smooth sailing from here on. Now
    just slam down the opponent with the Super Stomach Knee Drop (X+G+M - "X" is
    the direction of Mary's chest) then pick them off the ground with a quick
    F,F+G+M:G+M. Truthfully, veteran players should be able to escape the two
    throw parts, but since this combo surprises even the person performing it when
    it happens, you probably won't get very many escapes... =)
    * Like I said... tecnically not a "combo"... it's almost 100% guaranteed if
    you can perform it... (not 100% damage... i mean completablity =)...)
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B+G+M, H,H,H                                             4-Hit            92
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M, H,M                                      4-Hit           126
    B,B+M, H,L,L,L                                           5-Hit            70
    B+L,B+M, H,L,L,L                                         5-Hit            80
    B,B+M, F+L,H,M, B+L,L                                    5-Hit            88
    B+G+M, H,L,L,L                                           5-Hit            90
    B,B+M, G+H,M,M, G+L                                      5-Hit            93
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M, H, F+G+M,M                               5-Hit           123
    B,B+M, F+L,H,M, M, L                                     6-Hit           107
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, H,M                                      6-Hit           124
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, H,M                                    6-Hit           134
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M, H,M, B+G+M, L                            6-Hit           170
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M, H, H,M, B+G+M, L                         7-Hit           175
    B,B+M, H,L,H, B+G+M-M,M, L                               8-Hit           125
    B+L,B+M, H,L,H, B+G+M-M,M, L                             8-Hit           125
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+H,H,M,  L                              8-Hit           138
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, F+L,M,M, L                               8-Hit           145
    B+G+M  H,L,H, B+G+M,M,M, L                               8-Hit           150
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, F+L,M,M, L                             8-Hit           155
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+L,M,M,M, L                             9-Hit           127
    B,B+M, F+L,H,M, F+J+M, B+G+M,M,M, L                      9-Hit           155
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+M, B+G+M,M,M, L                      9-Hit           164
    B+L,B+M, F+L,H,M, F+J+M, B+G+M,M,M, L                    9-Hit           165
    B+G+M-M,M, H,M, B+G+M,M,M, L                             9-Hit           170
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+M, B+G+M,M,M, L                    9-Hit           174
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M  H  H,M, B+G+M,M,M, L                     9-Hit           192
    B+L,B+M, B+G+M, H,M,L, F,F, B+G+M,M,M, L                 9-Hit           210
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+H,H,M, B+G,M,M,M                      10-Hit           163
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+H,L, B+G+M,M,M, L                   10-Hit           167
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, [G+H,M_ G+H,H], B+G+M,M,M, L            10-Hit           171
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+H,H,M, B+G,M,M,M                    10-Hit           173
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+H,L, B+G+M,M,M, L                 10-Hit           177
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, F+G+M,M, B+G+M,M,M, L                   10-Hit           178
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+H:H, B+G+M,M,M, L                   10-Hit           178
    B,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+H,L, B+G+M,M,M, L                     10-Hit           181
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, [G+H,M_ G+H,H], B+G+M,M,M, L          10-Hit           181
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, F+G+M,M, B+G+M,M,M, L                 10-Hit           188
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, F,F+H:H, B+G+M,M,M, L                 10-Hit           188
    B+L,B+M, G+H,H,M, G+H,L, B+G+M,M,M, L                   10-Hit           191
    :Big Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    G+F+M,M G+B+M,M,M, H,H,H, L                              9-Hit           154
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    WS~B+M,F+M, L,B+M                                        4-Hit            68
    WS+M, L:B+M,M, B+G+M                                     5-Hit            81
    WS~B+M, L:B+M, G+H,M:B+M                                 6-Hit            81
    WS+M, L:B+M, L:B+M,M                                     6-Hit            90
    WS+M, L:B+M,[F]+M, L~F+M                                 6-Hit            90
    WS~B+M, L:B+M,[F]+M, L~F+M                               6-Hit            90
    WS+M, H,M:M:L,M                                          6-Hit            91
    WS~B+M, L:B+M, G+H, H,H,L                                7-hit            83
    WS+M, L:B+M, H,H,H,L                                     7-Hit            88
    WS+M, H,M:M:L, L,B+H                                     7-Hit            90
    WS+M, L:B+M, G+H,L:M, L                                  7-Hit           105
    WS+M, L:B+M, G+H,L:M, B+L                                7-Hit           112
    WS+M, L:B+M, G+H,L:M, J+L                                7-Hit           113
    WS+M, L:B+M, H, H,H,H,L                                  8-Hit            95
    ::Doctor V::
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    G~[G],F,N+M, F+G+M                                       2-Hit            76
    G~[G],F,N+M, B,M,B@2                                     2-Hit           180
    B+M, B+G+M, F,F+M                                        3-Hit            51
    B+M, B+G+M, B,F+L                                        3-Hit            58
    G~[G],F,N+M, F+G+M, F,F+M                                3-Hit            71
    G~[G],F,N+M, F+G+M, B,F+L                                3-Hit            79
    B+M, B+M, F+G+M, F,F+M                                   4-Hit            65
    B+M, F+M,M, B+F+L                                        4-Hit            75
    G~[G],F,N+M-M,M, B+M                                     4-Hit            81
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, B,B+M                             4-Hit            85
    G~[G],F,N+M-M,M, F+L                                     4-Hit            86
    G~[G],F,N+M-M,M,[U_D]+L                                  4-Hit            86
    B+M, B+M, H, B,B+M, B+G+M                                5-Hit            76
    G~[G],F,N+M, F+L,M,H~M~M                                 5-Hit            92
    B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M:H                                      5-Hit            96
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, F,F+M, F+L                        5-Hit            99
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, G+H, F+L                          5-Hit           100
    G~[G],F,N+M, F+L,M,H, J+L                                5-Hit           100
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, F+G+M, F+L                        5-Hit           106
    B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M:L, L                                   6-Hit            89
    B+M, B+M, H, H, F+G+M, B,F+L                             6-Hit            92
    B+M, B+M, H, H, B,B+M, B,F+L                             6-Hit            92
    B+M, B+M, H, H, F+H:M                                    6-Hit            95
    B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M,M, L                                   6-Hit            99
    B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M,M, F,F+M                               6-Hit           106
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, F+L,M,H~M~M                            6-Hit           106
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, B+L,M, F+L                        6-Hit           109
    B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M,M, B,F+L                               6-Hit           113
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, F+M-M, F+L                        6-Hit           116
    B+M, B+M, H, H, F+M,M, B,F+L                             7-Hit           102
    B+M, B+M, H, H, B,B+M,M,L                                7-Hit           109
    B+M, B+M, H, H, F+H:M, B,F+L                             7-Hit           110
    B+M, B+M, H, B+H,M,M, B,F+L                              7-Hit           119
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M,M, F,F+M                  7-Hit           133
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, B+G+M,M,M, B,F+L                  7-Hit           140
    B+M, B+M, H, H, H, H,M,L                                 8-Hit           102
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, H, H, F+M,M, B,F+L                8-Hit           129
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, H, H, B,B+M,M,L                   8-Hit           136
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, H, H, H, H,M,L                    9-Hit           119
    G~[G],F,N+M, B+M, B+M, H, H, H, F+M,M, L                 9-Hit           120
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], F+J+M, M~G,M                              3-Hit            80
    M~G,H,L:M,M, G+L                                         4-Hit            45
    M~F, M:H, L                                              4-Hit            59
    M~F, B+M,M, B,B+M~L                                      4-Hit            62
    M~F, G+L~M, M, M~G,M                                     4-Hit            71
    WS+[M], M, L,L                                           4-Hit            72
    M~F, M~F, F+J+M, F+L~M                                   4-Hit            73
    M~G,B+M:M:F+M, F,F+L                                     4-Hit            91
    M~G,H,L:M,M, L,L                                         5-Hit            51
    M~F, B+M,M, L,L                                          5-Hit            59
    M~F, M,M, L,L                                            5-Hit            59
    M~F, M~F, B+M,M, F+L~M                                   5-Hit            76
    M~F, M~F, M~F, F,F+M, F,F+M                              5-Hit            85
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, B+M,M, F+L~M                         5-Hit            86
    M~F, M~F, M~F, F+J+M, F+L~M                              5-Hit            87
    M~F, M~F, M~F, F+J+M, F,F+M                              5-Hit            89
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, F+J+M, F+L~M                    5-Hit            97
    M~F, H,H,L, L,L                                          6-Hit            52
    M~F, H,H,L~M, H, M~G,M                                   6-Hit            71
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], H,H,L~M, H, M~G,M                         6-Hit            81
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F+L:M                                6-Hit            86
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, M, B,B+M                             6-Hit            90
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, M, F+L~M                             6-Hit            90
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F,F+L                           6-Hit            94
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F+L~M                           6-Hit            94
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F+H, F,F+L                           6-Hit            95
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, M~F, F+L:M                      6-Hit            96
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F,F+M, F,F+L                         6-Hit            97
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F,F+M, F+L~M                         6-Hit            97
    M~F, M~F, M~F, F+H,M, F+L~M                              6-Hit            98
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, M~F, M, F+L~M                   6-Hit           100
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F+J+G, F+L~M                         6-Hit           101
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, F+L~M                 6-Hit           104
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, F+H, F,F+L                      6-Hit           105
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, F+H,M, F+L~M                    6-Hit           108
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, M~F, F+J+M, F,F+L               6-Hit           111
    M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F,RUN+M                            6-Hit           114
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], M~F, M~F, M~F, M~F, RUN+M                 6-Hit           124
    M~G,H,L:M,M, H, M:H, L                                   7-Hit            80
    M~F, G+L~M, H, H, M,H, F+L~M                             7-Hit            85
    [D+M~D_U+M~U], G+L~M, H, H, M,H, F+L~M                   7-Hit            95
    M~G,H,L:M,M, H, H,H,H, L                                 8-Hit            74
    :Little Guy Combos::
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B,B+M, G+H, G+L                                          3-Hit            72
    B,B+M, F+L,L,L                                           4-Hit            66
    B,B+M, B,B+M, L, J+G                                     4-Hit            80
    B,B+M, B,B+M, L,H                                        4-Hit            86
    B,B+M, F+H, F+L,L,L                                      5-Hit            76
    B,B+M, F+L,L,L, L                                        5-Hit            78
    B,B+M, J+M, F+L,L,L                                      5-Hit            85
    B,B+M, G+H, F+L,L,L                                      5-Hit            92
    B,B+M, F+M, F+L,L,L                                      5-Hit           100
    B,B+M, H,H, F+L,L,L                                      6-Hit            84
    B,B+M, B,B+M, L, F+L,L,L                                 6-Hit            95
    B,B+M, M,M:M,M,M                                         6-Hit           130
    B,B+M, F+L,L,L, F+L,L,L                                  7-Hit            98
    B,B+M, M,M,M, F+L,L,L                                    7-Hit           115
    B,B+M, B,B+M, M,M, F+L,L,L                               7-Hit           119
    B,B+M, B+M,M,M, F+L,L,L                                  7-Hit           126
    B,B+M, B+M,M:M, F+L,L,L                                  7-Hit           130
    B,B+M, B,B+M, M,M:M,M,M                                  7-Hit           151
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    [U_D_B]+M, F+J+L                                         2-Hit            85
    WS+M, F+M,M                                              3-Hit            55
    WS+M, B+H, J+L                                           3-Hit            86
    WS+M, [U_D_B]+M, run up, F+J+L                           3-Hit            94
    WS+M, G+H,H,M                                            4-Hit           136
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    F,F+M,M, L, WS~B+M                                       4-Hit           100
    F,F+M,M, L, F,F+M                                        4-Hit           103
    F,F+M,M, L, B+L                                          4-Hit           103
    F,F+M,M, L, F,F+M                                        4-Hit           103
    F,F+M,M, H, F,F+M,M                                      5-Hit           118
    F,F+M,M, L, L, B,B+M                                     5-Hit           120
    F,F+M,M, B+M,B+M~M,M                                     5-Hit           150
    F,F+M,M, L, L, L, F+L                                    6-Hit           115
    F,F+M,M, L, L, L, B+L                                    6-Hit           115
    F,F+M,M, L, L, L, F,F+M                                  6-Hit           123
    F,F+M,M, L, L, L, B,B+M                                  6-Hit           130
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, L, WS~B+M                              6-Hit           131
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, L, F,F+M                               6-Hit           134
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, L, F+L                                 6-Hit           134
    F,F+M,M, L, M, L, F+L                                    6-Hit           134
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, L, B,B+M                               6-Hit           141
    F,F+M,M, L, L, WS+M, B,B+M                               6-Hit           141
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, H,H, L                                 7-Hit           133
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, H,H, B+M                               7-Hit           151
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, H,H, F+M                               7-Hit           151
    F,F+M,M, L, WS+M, H,H, B,B+M                             7-Hit           158
    F,F+M,M, L, M, H,H, F,F+M,M                              8-Hit           158
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    ::Mark 2::
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    B,B+M, M,M,L,L,L                                         6-Hit           104
    :Dog: (hehe... for fun!)
    :Little Guy Combos:
    Commands                                                 Hits           Damage
    F+J+G, F+M                                               2-Hit            19
    F+H, F+L                                                 2-Hit            29
    F,F+M, F+L                                               2-Hit            34
    F+H,H, F+L                                               3-Hit            36
    F+H,H,H, F+L                                             4-Hit            42
    F+H,H,H, L, F+L                                          5-Hit            52
    F+H,H,H, M, F+L                                          5-Hit            56
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CREDITS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Ben Cureton (tragic@toxic.net)                          tragic
    Justin Pierce (japierce@uiuc.edu)                       Wind-X
    Steve Jackson (cjackson@neo.lrun.com)                   Uberkuma
    Eric Williams (dwillia2@neo.lrun.com)                   Gouken8
    Dan Schuster (dmsems@sssnet.com)                        BigWang
    Jason Goble  (j-mann@primary.net)                       J-Mann
    Joey Gray (shroom@hot1.net)                             MNiC
    Omar Kendall (sixtwo@mindspring.com)                    SixTwo
    :SquareSoft/Dream Factory:
    EVERYONE!!! YOU GUYS KICK ASS! =)  (hehe...)

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