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    Music Guide by Counterpoint

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             ###########   ,#####,   ####     #### #########,
             ####@@@#### .#@#####@#. #@@#.   .#@@# #@@#####@##
                 #@#     #@#"   "#@# #@@@#   #@@@# #@#    )#@#
                 #@#     #@#     #@# #@@##. .##@@# #@#######@#.
                 #@#     #@#     #@# #@#'## ##'#@# #@#######@@#
                 #@#     #@#,   ,#@# #@# ##.## #@# #@#     )#@#
                 #@#     '#@#####@#' #@# '###' #@# #@#######@##
                 ###       "#####"   ###  ###  ### ##########'
             _______      _     ____ ______    ______  _______
             "||""\ \    /.\    "||" "||""\".  "||"-.\ "||""\ \
              ||__/ /   // \\    ||   ||   | |  ||_/|   ||__/ /
              |.. \'   //___\\   ||   ||   | |  ||"\|   |.. \'
             _|| \ \__//"""""\\__||_ _||__/_'  _||_.-/ _|| \ \_
             '""  ""''""     ""''""' '"""""    '"""""  '""  ""'
             ( :------M--U--S--I--C------G--U--I--D--E------: )
    Copyright (C) 2002 by Matthew "Counterpoint" McLellan
    Email: ctpmusic@hotmail.com
    Web Page: http://ctpoint.tripod.com
    Table of Contents
    Section 1 - Introduction & History
    Section 2 - Track List
    Section 3 - Track Locations?
    Section 4 - Questions and Answers
    Section 5 - Credits and Legal Information
    Section 6 - Final Words
    Section 1: Introduction & History
    The Tomb Raider game soundtrack is arguably one of the best soundtracks
    ever created for a game.  The fully orchestrated score sounds great,
    especially considering that it uses all synthesized instruments.
    The reason for this guide is to provide players with a 'map' of all the
    locations and events that trigger the music tracks.  This is mostly
    intended for the PC users who missed out on the mood created by this
    To the best of my knowledge, the information in this guide is complete
    and accurate.
       This guide is created.  Some track information might be missing.
    Section 2: Track List
    Since Track 1 is actually the data track for the game, it has not been
    included in this listing.  (Just add one to the track number to get
    the actual track numbers as they appear on the PSX game CD.)
    Also, I have given descriptive names to the tracks to help identify 
    them, as there are no track titles available as far as I know.  These
    names are _not_ official and have _not_ been approved of by Core
    The tracks listed here are ordered as they appear on the PSX game CD.
    I have not confirmed if the Sega Saturn version is the same.
    I have not verified this, but apparently tracks 01 and 04 were the only
    tracks available in the PC version.
    Track  Name
     01  - Lara's Theme
     02  - An Abandoned Chamber
     03  - Lara's Theme (Short)
     04  - Ambient Noises
     05  - Escaping Danger
     06  - Architecture of the Past
     07  - Battle in the Ancient Courtyard
     08  - The Trapped Hallway
     09  - Ruins of a Lost Civilization
     10  - Danger
     11  - An Ancient Door Opens
     12  - Secret
     13  - ???  (Sounds like a slow version of 12)
     14  - Age Old Artifact
     15  - Suprise Attack
     16  - Another Deserted Place
     17  - Derelict Mechanism
     18  - ???  (It's an excerpt from 01)
     19  - More Danger
     20  - ???  (Similar to 09)
     21  - Lara and Natla in the Machine Room
     22  - Lara and Larson
     23  - Natla Activates the Pyramid
     24  - Lara in the Tomb of Tihocan
     25  - Tutorial - Welcome
     26  - Tutorial - D Pad
     27  - Tutorial - Jumping I
     28  - Tutorial - Jumping II
     29  - Tutorial - Main Hall
     30  - Tutorial - Vaulting I
     31  - Tutorial - Ballroom
     32  - Tutorial - Walking I
     33  - Tutorial - Walking II
     34  - Tutorial - Looking
     35  - Tutorial - Jump and Grab I
     36  - Tutorial - Climb Up
     37  - Tutorial - Running Jump I
     38  - Tutorial - Running Jump II
     39  - Tutorial - Jump and Grab II
     40  - Tutorial - Nice
     41  - Tutorial - Vaulting II
     42  - Tutorial - Shinnying and Climbing
     43  - Tutorial - Drop Down I
     44  - Tutorial - Drop Down II
     45  - Tutorial - Drop Down III
     46  - Tutorial - Go Swimming
     47  - Tutorial - Swimming I
     48  - Tutorial - Swimming II
     49  - Tutorial - Conclusion
     50  - The Bald Thug
     51  - The Cowboy
     52  - Larson in Egypt
     53  - Demonic Natla
     54  - Pierre
     55  - The Skater
    Tracks named "???" are music tracks that I was unable to trigger.
    Either I missed the area or event that triggers them, or they were not
    included in the actual game but are present on the CD.  If you have any
    information regarding these tracks, please contact me by email
    ( ctpmusic@hotmail.com ).  If I can verify any information sent to me,
    I'll update this guide and add you to the credits, so don't forget to
    sign your message.  :)
    Section 3: Track Locations
    The following is a list of all in-game events.  Warning, there may be
    a few spoilers in here since many of the tracks are set off by key
    plot development events.
    Tracks:                             Locations:
    Level 1 - Caves 
    Track 04                            Starts immediately when you begin
    Ambient Noises                      the level.
    Track 10                            After the first 'green room', you
    Danger                              descend a staircase and flip a
                                        switch to open the door.
    Track 07                            After jumping over a pit with a
    Battle in the Ancient Courtyard     bear in it, you descend some stairs
                                        and enter a courtyard where you are
                                        attacked by 2 wolves.
    Track 11                            When you flip the switch on the
    An Ancient Door Opens               wall in the same room.
    Track 08                            As you climb the long set of stairs
    A Trapped Hallway                   through the door that just opened.
    Track 15                            A lone wolf charges you on the
    Suprise Attack                      upper landing where the final 
                                        switch is found.
    Level 2 - The City of Vilcabamba
    Track 04                            While swimming underwater in the
    Ambient Noises                      first area.
    Track 02                            When you enter the skull room with
    An Abandoned Chamber                the moveable block in the far wall.
    Track 03                            During the climb up the left tower
    Lara's Theme (Short)                in the second area.
    Track 11                            When you flip the switch at the top
    An Ancient Door Opens               of the left tower.
    Track 08                            When you enter the hallway with the
    A Trapped Hallway                   swinging blades.
    Level 3 - Lost Valley
    Track 04                            As soon as the level begins.
    Ambient Noises
    Track 15                            When a rather large enemy charges
    Suprise Attack                      at you in the valley.
    Track 14                            When you pick up the machine cog at
    Age Old Artifact                    the top of a rock pile.
    Track 16                            Right before you cross the broken
    Another Deserted Place              bridge across the valley.
    Track 14                            When you pick up the machine cog on
    Age Old Artifact                    the far side of the bridge.
    Track 17                            Immediately after flipping the
    Derelict Mechanism                  switch next to the machine.
    Level 4 - Tomb of Qualopec
    Track 04                            Once you reach the crossroads
    Ambient Noises                      before the three puzzle rooms.
    Track 16                            The first room with a lever in the
    Another Deserted Place              area with the bird paintings.
    Track 15                            As soon as you grab the piece of
    Evading Danger                      the Scion.
    Track 22                            Cut-scene after defeating Larson.
    Lara and Larson
    Level 5 - St. Francis' Folley
    Track 07                            The room with the door that closes
    Battle in the Ancient Courtyard     when you enter and traps you in
                                        with a group of apes.
    Track 06                            Upon entering the large chamber
    Architecture of the Past            with four doors belonging to four
    Track 15                            When you enter the Thor room and
    Evading Danger                      lightning is set off.
    Track 02                            When you enter the chamber of
    An Abandoned Chamber                Neptune.
    Track 04                            When you enter the chamber of
    Ambient Noises                      Damocles.
    Level 6 - Colosseum
    Track 04                            Immediately upon starting the
    Ambient Noise                       level.
    Track 09                            After opening the main doors and
    Ruins of a Lost Civilization        entering the Colosseum.
    Level 7 - Palace Midas
    Track 03                            When you reach the top landing
    Lara's Theme (Short)                with five switches that open the
    Track 07
    Battle in the Ancient Courtyard     Upon entering the Fire Trial.
    Track 06                            When you see the top of the
    Architecture of the Past            Aquaduct for the first time.
    Track 04                            The area where you have to shinny
    Ambient Noise                       and leap across to a tunnel under
                                        the Aquaduct.
    Track 19                            Up on a ledge above the pool where
    More Danger                         the level begins.  A lion charges
                                        at you from the other side.
    Track 09                            Upon entering the chamber
    Ruins of a Lost Civilization        containing the hand of Midas.
    Level 8 - The Cistern
    Track 03                            Upon entering the large, main
    Lara's Theme (Short)                area.
    Track 04                            After unlocking a door and entering
    Ambient Noise                       a room with two apes.  Pierre
                                        attacks as you climb to the top.
    Level 9 - Tomb of Tihocan
    Track 04                            After exiting the first large room
    Ambient Noise                       where you must raise the water
    Track 16                            Upon entering the door that
    Another Deserted Place              requires 2 keys, right before a
                                        long slide.
    Track 17                            When you approach the front of
    Derelict Mechanism                  the tomb with the two centaur
    Track 54                            Pierre taunts you when you
    Pierre                              encounter him for the last time.
    Track 24                            Cut-scene at the end of the level.
    Lara in the Tomb of Tihocan
    Level 10 - City of Khamoon
    Track 04                            Top of the hill on the border of 
    Ambient Noise                       the area with the first sphinx.
    Track 03                            When you jump in the pool, swim
    Lara's Theme (Short)                down a long hall with a door at the
                                        end, and pull a lever on the wall.
    Level 11 - Obelisk of Khamoon
    Track 03                            Just before entering the square
    Lara's Theme (Short)                room with several doors hidden
                                        behind moveable blocks.
    Track 04                            While climbing ledges on a wall in
    Ambient Noise                       the room with two panthers when
                                        you first enter.
    Track 19                            As soon as you touch the floor in
    More Danger                         a large chamber with 2 mummies.  It
                                        is in one of the four puzzle rooms.
    Track 02                            When you emerge next to the sphinx
    An Abandoned Chamber                at the end of the level.
    Level 12 - Sanctuary of the Scion
    Track 09                            When you run through the narrow gap
    Ruins of a Lost Civilization        on the Sphinx's side near a door.
    Track 06                            When you enter the Sphinx.
    Architecture of the Past
    Track 52                            When you enter the room with the
    Larson in Egypt                     Scion.
    Level 13 - Natla's Mines
    Track 02                            As the level begins and Lara swims
    An Abandoned Chamber                into the cavern.
    Track 14                            When you enter the room with the
    Age Old Artifact                    crane where you get Lara's guns
    Track 11                            When you pull the lever in the
    An Ancient Door Opens               alcove above the room just past
                                        the drill.
    Track 51                            Cowboy's speech when you enter his
    The Cowboy                          area.
    Track 55                            As soon as you shoot at the skater.
    The Skater
    Track 50                            When you reach the pyramid's
    The Bald Thug                       entrance.
    Track 23                            Natla's cut-scene when you complete
    Natla Activates the Pyramid         the level.
    Level 14 - Atlantis
    Track 04                            At the start of the level.
    Ambient Noise
    Track 14                            Low platform in the first room
    Age Old Artifact                    with water.
    Track 04                            In a hallway after the room that
    Ambient Noise                       fills with lava.
    Track 07                            Triggers when you enter the mimic's
    Battle in the Ancient Courtyard     room.
    Track 21                            Cut-scene at the end of the level.
    Lara and Natla in the Machine Room
    Level 15 - The Great Pyramid
    Track 07                            As soon as the level begins.
    Battle in the Ancient Courtyard
    Track 15                            When you shoot the Scion.
    Suprise Attack
    Track 05                            When you enter the final hall and
    Escaping Danger                     confront Natla.
    Track 53                            When Natla rises up to fight Lara
    Demonic Natla                       a second time.
    Section 4:  Questions and Answers
    Q:  What kind of equipment was used to record the orchestral music?
    A:  Nathan McCree used a Roland JV-90 synthesizer with an SR-JV80
        expansion board (Orchestra).
    Q:  Why was the music left out of the PC version?
    A:  Apparently switching music tracks during the game on earlier CD-ROM
        models would cause a delay during which the game would freeze.
    Section 5:  Credits and Legal Information
    This document is the property of Matt "Counterpoint" McLellan.  This
    guide may be copied and distributed as long as it is not altered in any
    The music in Tomb Raider was written by Nathan McCree and is the
    property of Core Design.
    Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, and all game characters mentioned in this
    guide are trademarks of Core Design.
    PSX is a trademark of Sony.
    Sega Saturn is a trademark of Sega.
    Information in the Q&A section was obtained from an interview of Nathan
    McCree by Matthew Florianz.  It can be found at:
    Section 6:  Final Words
    Thanks to Core Design for a great game, and to Nathan McCree for his
    amazing work on the soundtrack.
    This work is dedicated to my friend, DarkStar, who is a fellow TR fan
    and missed out on the music since he only played the PC version.

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