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Reviewed: 03/21/07

Game of The Year 1996

In case you don't know, you are reading a review for Tomb Raider. This is a game for the Playstation released in 1996. It has been critically acclaimed in many magazines, 1996 to present day.

STORY: (8/10) The story is about a fabeled artefact named the "Scion" that gives unrivaled power to anyone who can nab all 3 pieces. The story is told through a series of cutscenes and in the hand book that comes with the game. The story telling is done very well and at a great pace, not to fast to where you can't grasp it, but not too slow, as to make you bored. Along the way there are four level sets, it starts in caves, goes to Greco-Roman levels, to Egypt, and finally to pyramids and Atlantis. Everything you are told is told very well and in the right way, making the game very easy to follow.

MUSIC: (9/10) The music is AMAZING. Everything from the danger music for foes to the subtle ingame music is done very well. Everything evokes emotion that is very appropriate for the situation. The main theme is great and mysterious, as the game seems to be going for. Every part of the music for the game is perfect. The sound effects are also very good. The jumping sound and the landing sound adjusts for the ground types such as tile and rock. Her voice has a very Brittish accent and is done very well. She has a subtle confidence in her voice that is amazing and well done. There is mysterious music that is played every time you find a secret and it is very creepy, yet rewarding at the same time. From the box dragging sounds to the key in the lock sound to the swimming sound everything is just perfect.

CONTROLS: (10/10) This is the best and the worst part of the game. In the beginning, the controls are frustrating. Not just frustrating, but throw your controller out of the window frustrating. But after about three levels, the controls grow on you. Everything is very organically placed and very natural. The walk button is placed just right, where the designers knew it would get the right amount of use, but out of the way enough to make it perfectly usable. The contols can be sluggish in the beginning, but soon you learn to adjust for it and everything just flows. The world is built on "cubes" about two Lara widths long and one Lara lenght high. Lara will jump at the end of a square if you press it early, making running jumps very predictable, as Lara always jumps the same amount of "cubes" each times.

GRAPHICS: (9/10) The graphics are breathtaking. Everything is textured wonderfully and wonderful to look at. The only main problem is the textures. You can literally count every pixel on it. This is only a minor gripe though, as you won't really notice unless you are looking. The water is the right color, Lara is animated very well, all the enemies look like what they are, even the human enemies are wonderfully done.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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