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Reviewed: 04/27/01 | Updated: 04/27/01

The original still holds up

Hot off the heels of Tomb Raider II, I needed more Tomb Raider to feed my new addiction. I
went out, dipped into the wallet, and bought Tomb Raider I. I was expecting a less fun game
with bad graphics, horrible storyline, and basically an outdated game. What I got was a game
that was right on par with the original. It was a little bit more fun than II but didn’t have as big of
a challenge. Basically, it was the same game with less guns, different levels, and no jump mode.
All this really doesn’t take away from the game and this game, even today is a very fun

Gameplay: 10

The classic Tomb Raider gameplay we all love. Sure, it’s without the flashy new moves they
added in the next 4 installments, but hey, it really doesn’t matter at all. The one thing that is
really appealing about the Tomb Raider series is the fact that you have complete control over
Lara Croft. Every move she makes is controlled by you. I feel that games like Final Fantasy and
Resident Evil are a bit different. In those games, you select an option, and then they perform it
automatically unlike in Tomb Raider. The enemies are a lot more based on animals than the
sequels. Very little human enemies arrive in the environments. Considerably shorter game than
the rest of the series, but a lengthy game nonetheless. Level design, is as always, spectacular.
The guys at Core really do a good job at racking your brain for hours on end. Standout levels
include: Lost Valley, Palace Midas, Cistern, and Obelisk of Khamoon. Watch out for these
classics as you play the game.

Story: 7

Jacqueline (sorry about spelling) Natla, owner of Natla Technologies, wants an artifact located
in the mountains of Peru. She sets Lara out to get it, but doesn’t tell her she is in it for the long
haul. Natla is, of course, evil. She tricks Lara and tries to keep the artifacts and discoveries for
herself while having goons like Pierre try to knock Lara off the tracks while on her journey. The
story isn’t the worst in the series, and is pretty good overall. It’s better than most games out
there, and the goons dialogue is hilarious.

Audio/Video: 8

Music is very similar to the other games but still has some very nice tracks on it. Some of the
music contained in St. Francis’’ Folly comes to mind. The music seems to come off as being
louder in tone. Maybe it’s my settings or my volume, but I swear the music is way more obvious
than the others. The music does an excellent job of scaring you right at the best moments. Such
as when an animal unexpectedly jumps out at you. The music makes you jump for a second.
Music though is pretty good once again.

Replayability: 8

Same as two, I’ve beaten this game twice. I expect to do it again. If you like the game, you’ll
play it, if you don’t, you won’t play it again. You may want to play it again to get all the secrets,
but there’s no real ending reward, just good ol’ pride. Most consider this to be the best of the
bunch, I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it isn’t to far behind the others.

To Rent Or Buy:

I’d give it a rent first, and beat a few levels to see if you like it, but if you got 20 dollars to spare,
I’d recommend you purchase this greatest hit. It’s fun, challenging, and is a pretty good package
overall. It was the birth of a game icon, and it doesn’t disappoint at all. Experience it for

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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