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"The game that started an amazing series"

The original in the world-renowned series, Tomb Raider is the game that started it all. A mix of action, adventure, exploring and puzzle solving, it was classed as one of the best at its time. Spawning many sequels, a prequel and a movie, main character Lara Croft is a well-known face. But is the game any good?

Story – 7/10 – Lara Croft, well known for discovering ancient artifacts, has been asked by Natla, a successful business woman, to help her find the Scion. Not one to turn around a challenge, eventually accepts. She heads off into the mountains on her search.
Like all stories in Tomb Raider games, they are not that interesting, but with a few twists, it’ll keep you happy.

Gameplay – 8/10 – The gameplay in this game will keep you hooked. With easy to learn controls, a sometimes intriguing storyline and action packed levels. It’s definitely a winner. Also in the levels are lots of puzzles, each not particularly brain teasing but not exactly simple. Throw in secrets in every level which range from blatantly obvious and near impossible and you have a challenge. However, the game is not without its faults. There are only four weapons to use, one of them only available for the last few levels. Another thing is the save system. There are blue crystals floating around in each level and when you reach one you have the option to save. The problem is that they are pretty scarce, so you find yourself dying after doing a lot of work and then remembering that it isn’t saved. This can be frustrating and they should have used the Tomb Raider III save system from the start (maybe they hadn’t thought of it then) but the game will make you come back and play until the credits.

Audio/Video – 8/10 - Music in this game is rare, but when it does come, you will enjoy. It ranges from the calm and relaxing Tomb Raider theme to worrying and dramatic tones. Each enemy has its own noise to, be it raptors screeching, wolves howling or humans taunting you as you fight. The cutscenes are also rare too, but they are a visual treat and help develop the storyline too.

Graphics – 8/10 – Although not as good as the later games in the series, the graphics here are still good. The levels are fairly detailed, sometimes amazing to look at, and the enemies look realistic. There are some graphical glitches but it will not ruin the experience of this great game.

Replayability – 7.5/10 – Although the game is very good and will keep you coming back for more, the save system lets it down a bit. You will get frustrated and leave the game for hours or days. But it is a great game and you will be back no matter what happens.

Buy Or Rent – Buy. Like all games in this series, I strongly feel that this game should be in everyone’s collection. The game may have its faults, but it is still an enthralling experience which will keep you coming back for more. By now it should be cheap anyway so I recommend you go out and buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/07/02, Updated 11/07/02

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