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"Game of the year 1996!? Hahahaha!!"

I've played a lot of games in my lifetime of 17 years,
but never, would I have imagined to play a game that is so horrible. The worst part is, that on the back of the game, it says that it was Game of the Year in 1996! If I remember correctly, Nintendo 64 came out in the year 1996 correct? I'm pretty sure the game of the year would be Super Mario 64, because that was way better than this game. It really perplexes me why so many people like this game.

''Discover why over 25 million people worldwide go adventuring with Lara Croft.''

That's on the back of the game too.
The only thing I discovered was that this game wasn't for me. There are 6½ billion people in this world, 25 million is small in ratio comparison. So that may mean 6 billion and 475 million other people didn't like this game. I think those 25 million people only like this game because of the heroine's sexuality. Okay, it may seem like I'm bashing this game, but I can back it up. Oh, I'm comparing this to other games in 1996. Now on to my review.

Storyline- (6/10)
I admit, this is why I actually took time out of my life to play this game. Kinda interesting. You have to recover the fabled Scion, which is an incredible treasure thats grants an insurmountable amount of power to it's possessor. I would want that kind of power, so I thought that was pretty cool. You get to explore different areas of the world, like Incan Ruins, Egyptian Pyramids, and Atlantis. That does sound interesting, but it's not my thing.

Sound and Music- (2/10)
I'm comparing this with the games at the time. I did not like the music in this game at all. I still preferred my Nintendo 64 over my Playstation at the time too. With a CD format, I expected better quality music too. The sound is atrocious, by the way. When you jump and then land, the landing thud is kinda off. I can not stand the way she talks either, I don't really like English accents. That really irritated me. Put on some Slipknot while you listen to this game, it'll help to curse out the game! :)

Control (hahaha)- (-10/10)
Oh my God, this has to be some of the worst controls on Playstation period. That did not help me like this game. When you play this game, try jumping on a platform. It's damn near impossible isn't it? Little things like that deter me from games. You have to be super patient to get used to the controls. It takes hours and hours of patience to master the controls. I don't have that kinda of time.

Graphics- (2/10)
I'm an old-school gamer who doesn't really look into graphics though but hey, if you're into pixelized backgrounds that crash your game when you try to run it on your PS2 with smoother textures, well go ahead and be my guest and play this game. Let me also state, that Lara Croft is not the hottest video game character to ever graze my television. Not hardly. These graphics were not exactly eye-candy, actually, I had to stop playing this game because my eyes were hurting from the horrid backgrounds. That doesn't help at all with me. So if graphics are your thing, watch out.

Storyline (6/10)
Sound and Music (2/10)
Control (-10/10)
Graphics (2/10)
Average (0/40) Have to round up....

Overall (1/10)

Rent or Buy? None! Stay away from this game, and it's series. Eidos is scamming us!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/05/03, Updated 01/05/03

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