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"First of the series proves to be Great"

This series has turned out to be a classic, legendary series to say the least. It offers a good challenge, unlike most other games out for the PSX, now... Let's review this game!

Graphics-7.5/10:The detail in this game is great. It shows your footprint tracks in the snow, Vines hanging from walls inside the ''tombs'', bats flying after you.. down to the core detail on that, shadows in the corners, and a tremendous atmosphere to simply play around in. In the cut scenes between levels, the graphics are also great... which is cool, the animals that attack you have somewhat realistic graphics, giving this topic a 7.5, Graphics could be better in future games though.

Sound-7/10:The sound isn't that bad, it isn't that great either. Lara grunts every so often, you hear the animals making their usual sounds, the music isn't too great.. Mostly the same thing as always. Gunfire sound could be better, and better sound would have been responsible for giving this game a 9, but the sound isn't that great.

Options-8/10:There are many things to do in this game, Including exploring Lara's home, doing tricks and stuff like that, also doing the obstacle course Lara has at her humble abode. Also, you can go through the entire game which is quite a challenge.. that's a good thing, though.

Control-9/10:The PSX controller is great, especially in this game.. when it's at it's finest. You have the ability to do almost everything with the controller, in the game. You can jump, and hang onto high rails, do back flips, easily fire and draw the gun, the start menu is great... with the use of the items you collect. You can also take very small steps forward if needed, small steps to the right or left, or backwards. Also, you can use a first person view for Lara, which is extremely helpful at times. After about a stage in this game, you will already have the controls down, and it will feel natural... this game is Great for control, something all games should be.

Gameplay-9/10:Tomb Raider is about exploration, adventure, and strategy. There are loads of secrets in this game, considering there are many nooks and rocks you can jump onto then find a secret place... It's just remarkable. There are many great puzzles in this game as well, which is really challenging because you always have to be atop your game, and notice all the clues that they give you. So your mind, and quickness will help you through this game, and even improve your reaction time, because this game is so addicting you will be playing it for a while. Exploration is key in this game, and there is a lot of it to do, which makes the game very, very fun and addicting, in terms to finding everything you possibly can.

So, this game is great for it's amazing control, good game play, some good graphical parts, and all the exploration, and stuff to do in this game. This game is certainly a buy, because the price is getting so low now. Definitely buy this game for some fun, and a great PSX Challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/01/03, Updated 03/01/03

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