Review by bootsams

Reviewed: 08/06/03

A Great Start To The Series


I actually had no interest in playing any Tomb Raider games, I thought at the time of their release that the only reason they sold so well was because of Lara Croft\'s assets. I mean look at the cover of the game - they\'re not displaying awesome gameplay or incredible story. They\'re displaying Lara! Well I got my playstation and rented Tomb Raider, which I later ended off buying. I didn\'t expect much and got surprised by some pretty cool gameplay, awesome puzzles, some action sequences, super large landscapes, and a lot more.

Plot 6/10

The plot is... not the best. In fact to be blatantly honest the plot is trite. Lara Croft is supposedly a rich adventurer but she has to take this job to go after the Scion (an ancient artifact with mystical powers) and so she does because she wants the cash reward. Well she soon learns that other people are looking for it as well - and that the person who wants the scion doesn\'t want it for good reasons. So she starts on the quest of goodness to stop the bad guys.

Sound 7/10

The game is lacking music. It only plays music when you solve a puzzle or do something pretty amazing. However the sound effects are quite good, gunshots, animal noises, jumping noises, etc. My only gripe about those is that sometimes they\'re off.

Graphics 9/10

Back in the day these were the epitome of great graphics. One load screen and you had a giant level at your disposal with adequate texturing, platform upon platform, and pitfalls. However some of the enemies look particularly bad and some of the hazards (darts come to mind) seem to be invisible. However all in all it\'s way ahead of its time.

Gameplay 9/10

I liked the controls. Difficult to master and sometimes clunky but the game was built for these controls so they never seem to be horribly bad, sometimes you\'ll do the wrong jump or something but that\'s alright.

Combat is a little slow paced as Lara\'s weapons are practically pea shooters. But you\'ll get used to that as well. The game uses more platforming and puzzle solving rather than combat so it\'ll be a worthwhile playthrough and the slow combat won\'t bog you down too much.

Difficulty : Medium/Hard

Not as hard as future entries, this game seems to reward you for knowing the controls rather than how fast you can do something.

Replayability : Medium

You might not get everything the first time through and the game is fun.

Buy, Rent, Or Leave It Be

Rent it first to see if you like it, then from there decide. It was an awesome game and still is fun but it\'s probably not for everyone!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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