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"One of the best PSX games I've played"

Introduction- I have very little patience with platforming and adventure games. Often I\'ll be bugged by the camera or controls, and simply shut if off and never give it another try. Therefore, when I play a game for 5 minutes without shouting \'\'I hate this game!\'\' and turning the system off, you know it\'s probably good. That\'s how it went with the original Tomb Raider. I was over my cousin\'s house playing Playstation. I have my own PSX, and I\'ve played TR games before, but never the first one. Once we got the system to work, the game took hold and would not let go. I hear this was game of the year in 1996. If so, it did deserve it (though the equally fun and more influential Super Mario 64 did as well). None of the sequels have come close to replicating the greatness of this first TR.

Gameplay (10/10)- Very addictive and easy to learn, I found that the controls were very well done. Pull out guns, jump, climb, grasp, all good. You also have the camera, which can get in the way, but isn\'t nearly as bad as some games I\'ve played. The game is definitely fun.

Story (8/10)- You are Lara Croft, on a mission to obtain the scion. You travel through different levels, all filled with danger, while enemies come at you. I\'m not going to give away too much simply because I don\'t want to spoil it. It\'s similar to an Indiana Jones movie, only with a female.

Graphics (9/10)- It\'s a game from 1996 on a 32-bit system, don\'t expect it to hold up against anything modern. If you can get past that, then the graphics are really pretty good. Sure, they\'re rough, but most everything is recognized easily. Lara looks good, and the levels are well detailed. I can only imagine how great this would have looked if it were released on the Nintendo 64, but for what it\'s on, it comes off really nice. If nothing else, you\'ll get a good laugh at the dated graphics, but it does show how far games have come in the last 7 years (has it been that long already?).

Sounds (7/10)- Sounds are nice. Music is unmemorable, but sound effects themselves are good and realistic. It really does make you feel as if you\'re exploring the tomb along with Lara.

Replayability (9/10)- Well, the game is long and hard. Once you beat it the first time, you may want to take a rest from it (I know I did), but it\'s genuinely captivating enough to make you want play it over later, even if it\'s 3 months later. I certainly didn\'t find it boring.

Final Recommendation- Definitely a buy. With it in the Greatest Hits collection, you can find it pretty cheap brand new. Mine was only $10, and I haven\'t missed a cent. The great gameplay, dated but good graphics, and realistic sounds all combine to make a game that you can\'t put down. Despite more sequels than should be allowed, none of them are as fun or original as this one (though I did like TR: The Last Revelation on DC). There\'s no reason you shouldn\'t have this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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