Review by matthew_16

Reviewed: 09/12/05

Quite a fun game but not the best

Tomb Raider, starring Lara Croft goes on a mission to retrieve all of the pieces of the Atlantean scion, a powerful object divided by the three rulers of Atlantis.

In the game you have go to each tomb a piece of the scion is hidden and retrieve them. Along the way you get to use guns to shoot animals, monsters and other enemies that stand in your way. The tombs also have nasty traps that you have to avoid to make your job more difficult. All in all, Tomb Raider is actually a fun game but sadly it's not the best game that Playstation has to offer.

Gameplay 8/10

Throughout the game you have to solve puzzles inside the tombs to advance from level to level. Making this difficult are enemies that try to kill Lara. You have four types of guns using the most powerful guns to kill the most strongest enemies. You also pick up items throughout the game that either heal you, add more bullets to your guns or to be used to solve the puzzles. You only have one life, so once you lose all of your health the game is over. There are also parts of the game where you have to swim underwater and you'll drown after a short time.

Graphics 8/10

Excellent graphics but however they were a bit careless with the level designs so there's glitches and shortcuts galore throughout the game. The graphics in the game however are very interesting, using 3-D animation, but still not the best.

Sounds And Music 7/10

Most of the time there's no music and there are very quiet spooky noises giving this game an eerie feeling. When music does come on is either to tell you that danger is coming or if you have found a secret area within a level. The sounds made by the enemies make them more life-like. Lara makes sounds too such as footsteps when she's running and grunting noises as she's climbing up a ledge. She also makes some disturbing sounds too such as when she gets stabbed by spikes or gets crushed by a boulder. There's also some spoken dialogue in the game.

Difficulty 6/10

This can be quite a difficult game at first but it gets easier after you play it through over and over.

Controls 6/10

The controls are quite tricky and more difficult than other Playstation games but this game also has a training level where you can practice them all. The controls consist of different types of jumps depending on how wide the gap is, swimming underwater, diving and rising and drawing guns and shooting enemies (you don't practice shooting in the training level though).

Story 6/10

The story is very imaginative and has an unexpected twist. It is also one of the really good stories you'll ever hear from a Playstation game but not best.


However this game will be appealing to some there are some people that will absolutely hate this game. I suggest renting it first and if it seems that you like it then buy it. The people who are most likely to like this game are people who like shooting, action and blood and gore games. People who like puzzling games might also find this game very good as well.

So all in all I give this game a 8/10 for being a good but not best game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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