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    Enemy FAQ by percy boi

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    Nov 2004
    Tomb Raider 2
    In depth walkthrough on enemys by percy boi
    Let start the show...yeah!?
    Version History
    1.0 I have completed my guide with all the enemys,cheats and bosses revealed
    1.25 I have confirmed and corrected a massive mistake
    1.30 I have added my email address to the party
    1.35 I have added my new email address
    Introduction to guide
    This guide you are reading is the key to defeating all enemys to Lara croft's
    Tomb raider 2. The enemys will be divided into two sections (one is bosses
    the other is enemys). I will include in each enemys file(looks,attacks,best
    way to kill and where this enemy is found).
    Introduction to the game (This is from my own knowledge of the story.)
    Hundreds of years ago in Anicent China, The emperor found a knife that if
    plunged into your heart you would have ultimate power. With this he was feared
    around the globe as the most powerful man on earth (what a job). But, the
    world did'nt like this idea and rebeled against China in one final battle
    near The great wall. After China was defeated, the world placed the knife deep
    in a tomb and no one saw it again. In the present day the Italian gangster
    Bratoli has a strange intrest in the daggar but the explorer lara croft wants
    the daggar aswell. Your character is Lara croft and the baddie is Bartoli.
    So let the race for the knife begin.
    Words of Notice
    I have some things to say about this walkthrough. Firstly, if
    this has affected you in anyway then email me, if it has helped, enraged or
    anything else to you then I want to hear about. If you spot a mistake, chat or
    even offend me then lets talk you loonies. Secondly, if you would like to use
    my information in this walkthrough then I expect credit in the FAQ made and
    an email about it. I would not want to give you a booking in court for
    copyright now would I?
    1a. Introductions
    1b. Words of Notice
    1c. Contents- The thing you are reading, dumbass
    2. Walkthrough- the main thing
    3. Legal stuff
    4. About the author/other FAQ's wrote/copyright/thanks
    5. The end- don't cry
    The enemys are listed as you encounter them not in alphabetical. If I have
    missed any enemys please let me know. On the 'found' area of a enemys file the
    number means the level it appears on.
    Name: Tiger
    Looks: This creature is orange and black, has four legs.
    Attacks: It jumps on you and scratchs or sometimes bites.
    How to kill: The best way to kill them is to stand from a high platform above
    and use your pistols to save ammo. If this option is'nt available to you then
    you need a powerful weapon like a shotgun to fire from close range.
    Found: Level 1 and 15
    Name: Eagle/Falcon
    Looks: A brown feathered bird that is always moving in the air.
    Attacks: Flys down towards you and pecks your face
    How to kill: It rarly attacks you when you are against a wall so its best to
    use a pistol from this position.
    Found: Level 1 and 11,12
    Name: Spiders
    Looks: Black spiders that hide in dark corners
    Attacks: Crawl and bite your legs or sometimes swing on webs and jump onto
    your back
    How to Kill: They come in two shapes (big and small). To kill small ones
    just use a pistol shot from far away. To nail big ones use something accurate
    like the M16 or shotgun. They also can't climb big rocks so you could shoot
    them from above.
    Found: Level 1, 15
    Name: T-REX
    Looks: What the hell does a big green T-Rex LOOK LIKE! If you are that dumb
    please read this?!
    Attacks: It has many attacks such as swinging his tail at you, stamping on
    you and biting you.
    How to kill: Pull out your best weapon and stand as far away as possible, then
    just blast it like hell. If he is'nt dead when he reaches you roll so you back
    is facing him and start backfliping and shooting until you as far way as
    possible then shoot again. Repeat this sequence until he is dead.
    Found: Level 1
    Name: Doberman
    Looks: A black and orange patched dog.
    Attacks: Runs at you really fast and bites you (I hope he dosent have scabies
    or nits).
    How to Kill: Pull out a shotgun idealy as it takes just one shot to bring it
    down. Hurry up when doing this because if it is too close you may not get a
    shot. Like many animals in this game it can't reach high ledges so use
    pistols to save ammo if you have a shot from above.
    Found: Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,18
    Name: Italian Gangster
    Looks: Dressed in black with a red dragon mark on his chest
    Attacks: Carrys a sniper or desert eagle. He sometimes shoots from a higher
    ledge or just shoots you from your level. He is sometimes equipped with a
    How to Kill: The M16 makes a good gun against other people or sometimes
    Grenade Launcher but only use a grenade launcher if it is absoutlely
    nessercery. But it is difficult to shoot someone who is higher than you.
    Trying just wastes bullets so try to find a ledge above you to have a better
    shooting angle. If the gangsters are in a pack then use your machine gun or
    launcher if you don't have them then you can either die or run away like a
    sissy. These can also shoot through water.
    Found: 2,3,4,18
    Name: Rat
    Looks: Small crawling black mouse found in dark corners
    Attacks: Nibbles your feet
    How to kill: Kill it the same way you would a small spider
    Found: 2,3,4
    Name: Rig worker
    Looks: Dressed in overalls, carrys a wrench.
    Attacks: Surronds you in a corner and hits you with his wrench
    How to Kill: Kill the same way you would an Italian Gangster but the Rig workers
    weapon is only a spanner
    Found: 5,6,7,8,9,10
    Name: Rig Guard
    Looks: A big man dressed in a black t-shirt.
    Attacks: The same way as an Italian Gangster
    How to Kill: The same way as an Italian gangster
    Found: 5,6,7,8,9,10
    Name: Rig Boss
    Looks: A big dude with a shotgun and a deadly human
    Attacks: He looks tough he is tough. He fires a shotgun at close range really
    How to Kill: These guys are never together and it takes two shots to blow them
    to pieces with your launcher. If you are lucky you will only have to refill
    your health with a small medi pack. Don't just run at them with a shotgun
    keep side jumping and shooting with your M16. The other big factor is luck.
    Found: 5,6,7,8,9,10
    Name: Frogman
    Looks: A man in a scuba kit
    Attacks: Fires harpoons with his harpoon gun. Found underwater and only attacks
    when you are underwater as well.
    How to kill: There are many ways to kill frogmen. If you a have harpoon with
    at least three harpoons you can take one down when underwater. They are
    usually in packs so six or more harpoons are needed. Another way of
    'disposing' of them is to go towards them, turn around swim up and down to
    dodge their arrows, climb out of the water and use your pistols. You can also
    hear them breathing if they are close by.
    Found: 5,6,7,8,9,10
    Name: Flamethrower Thug
    Looks: A tall fat crap in a white vest and flamethrower on his back.
    Attacks: He fires firewaves at you. If he flames you, you will die in three
    seconds from burns  unless you are near water. Try to stay away from these guys.
    How to kill: Get as far away as possible from his fire waves and use anything
    to bring him down. If he is getting close don't stay still. Keep jumping left
    and right. You will always meet this guy and is not avoidable so be careful.
    Found: 6,7,8
    Name: Shark
    Looks: A dark blue bodyed fish, very fast, looks like a great white.
    Attacks: Swims towards you and takes a deadly bite and bash
    How to kill: Kill this creature the same you would a frogman.
    Found: 7,10
    Name: Barracuda
    Looks: A small version of the shark, very slow
    Attacks: Swim towards you and takes and light bite out of your health
    How this kill: Kill this creature the same you would a frogman
    Found: 6,7,8,9,10
    Name: Moray Eel
    Looks: A long black snake that pops out of holes underwater, a rare creature
    because I have only seen it once.
    Attacks: Jumps out of hole and takes three quarters of your life. Always have
    full health when encountering them
    How to Kill: It is not possible, I have tryed everything. Just avoid them.
    Found: 10
    Name: Crewman
    Looks: Just like a rig worker
    Attacks: The same a rig worker
    How to kill: Guess, a rig worker
    Found: I am not sure but I will be by the next update of this guide
    Name: Private Mercenary/ Mercenary boss
    Looks: Men with big guns in army suits
    Attacks: The boss is just little better than the private. They attack like rig
    bosses but or even more deadly.
    How to kill: These guys come sometimes in packs but a part from that use the
    rig boss method. Hint: Use the uzi's to shove them off
    Found: 11,12,13,14
    Name: Snow leopard
    Looks: Just looks like a tiger but it's fur is all white.
    Attacks: Kills just like a tiger
    How to kill: Kill it like it was a tiger
    Found: 13,14
    Name: Fighting Fish
    Looks: A tiny slow fish that trys its best to hurt you, but fails miserably
    Attacks: Just bites you really
    How to kill:  Harpoons underwater is'nt a great way because it is near
    impossible to kill it as it so small. The best option is to shoot on ground with
    a pistol shot
    Found: 13,14
    Name: Yeti
    Looks: A big fat white stoned monster with one hand as a fist made of rock
    Attacks: Runs at you when in the dark and punches you(this takes about 1/3 of
    your health). (He's got to be a goodboxer)
    How to kill: Use something powerful accept for the M16 as it won't fire when
    lara is moving. Use my above ledge method that I use on other creatures and you
    will have no problem.
    Found: 13,14
    Name: Chinese warriors
    Looks: A blue frozen statue when far away, when up close the egg cracks and they
    fly off. They are dressed like warriors going into battle, they have red armour
    and white trousers.
    Attacks: They fly towards you and stab with a daggar.
    How to kill: You can hear them if they are near so just spin until you see them.
    They are really slow flyers but they do have a powerful attack. Use your pistols
    to save ammo if they are far away. If they are closer to you then you could use
    a powerful weapon like a shotgun or launcher but I like to just keep moving
    and I always take them down with my pistols.
    Found: 15,16
    Name: The Daggar protectors
    Looks: They are in blue frozen statues far away but up close they dragon men.
    Attacks: These are the most deadliest enemies known to man. They are fast and
    have a deadly attack. They fly towards you and just plain kill.
    How to kill: Just use whatever you have got (launcher, shotguns or machineguns)
    the best thing you have got.
    Found: 15,16,17
    Name: Ninja
    Looks: Dressed in all black
    Attacks: Throw blades at you, to avoid them keep moving
    How to kill: Kill the same way you would a italian gangster
    Found: 15,16,17
    There are only three bosses on the game so I though I'd mention em.
    Boss 1: Super Italian Gangster
    Looks: He looks like an Italian gangster but has big guns and a vest
    Attacks: Runs around you shooting you until your dead. So keep moving to avoid
    How to kill: Use pieces of the terrain to your advantage like boxes and pillars.
    You can also use my above ledge method. If you are skilled at this game then
    you may only need a small medi pack to re-fill your health but if new keep a few
    large packs just in case. About 10 shotgun shells will take him down. If you are
    quick enough you may also try to run passed him, roll and get out a few shots
    while he turns around.
    Found: Level 4 and 18
    Boss 2: The protector of the Talion
    Looks: He looks like a big yeti but covered in black.
    Attacks: He walks towards you and hits you, stamps on you or somethimes trys to
    eat you. These attacks are quite deadly.
    How to Kill: You are surronded by pillars so if you need cover use them. You
    cannot use the above ledge method as the area surronding you is flat. The best
    thing to do is to make good of your starting distance as he is quite far away.
    Never stand still, he is quite fast for a yeti and like I said his attacks are
    deadly. Use your M16 or grenades to hack him down. It takes about 8 grenades to
    send him off home.
    Found: Level 14
    Boss 3: The dragon Xian
    Looks: A golden brown coloured dragon, the biggest thing on the game, it has
    daggar buried deep in his heart.
    Attacks: He has two massive deadly attacks. One is a one hit kill stomp so keep
    away if he starts to this. The other is that he breathes fire. If this happens
    and you are set alite then have about three seconds to find a small pool of
    which are scattered around the area. You can't use the above ledge method as
    there is no chance. To avoid the flames side jump and it's cruical you are
    moving. Be careful when underwater because when you surface he may be near.
    use the look button to see if he is near.
    How to kill: Use anything you have, the best weapon is the key, if you have
    use them, use your most powerful and damage taking weapon. Try to run past him
    turn and shoot until he turns around. You can also shoot him while moving so its
    impossible for him to flame you. Also use your surrondings for shear victory.
    Once he falls to the ground you have 8 seconds to run up to its corpse and take
    knife from its stomach. To find it, look for the inside stomach which is
    covered in
    blood. If it looks like he will get up just backflip away and shoot again. Once
    knife has been taken from his body, he is dead.
    Found: Level 17
    If you don't think you can beat these enemys then hear is some cheats to lend a
    helping hand. You enter these cheats during a level, don't press pause or
    Level skip: HOLD R2 and press left,right,left,down,up (to sidestep in these
    directions) then let go of R2, spin around on the spot three times then do a
    forward twisting jump( a forward jump but in the air press O)
    All weapons and Ammo: HOLD R2 and press left,right,left,down,up (to sidestep in
    these directions) then let go of R2, spin around on the spot three times then
    do a
    backward spinning jump (a backward jump but in the air press O)
    Dynamite Lara(Lara blows up on entry): HOLD R2 and press left,right,left,down,up
    (to sidestep in these directions) then let go of R2, spin around on the spot
    times then do a backward jump.
    Thats it for my walkthrough but there still a few things to get out of the way.
    Legal Stuff
    1. This can only be posted on www.gamefaqs.com (THATS IT)
    2. This should not be changed in any way shape or form unless you email me and
    3. More info is on Words of Notice on the top of the page.
    About the author (Hey that's me)
    Percy boi AKA Josh Pearce. I am 14 years of age and I am interested in sports
    and as you guessed games. I would describe myself as funny, silly and err
    really silly. I like punk/mod music. I would type more but I don't won't to lose
    track of anything else. Let me point out my other FAQs which are Robot Wars,
    Gran turismo concept and  The simpsons road rage.
    PS: I do have a social life and I have friends etc.
    I thank only three people and one thing, they are...
    The inventor of the PC
    My friends
    My parents
    Myself and GAMEFAQS
    -PERCY BOI ,2004-
    The End
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is that time again. For me to close
    the curtains, shut the door or end the show. I hope this has helped you in
    someway. Cheers. Goodbye, bon voyage, Auf Weidersen or See ya later. Here is
    some nice advice. If you ever find yourself falling from a cliff remember to
    enjoy the view.
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