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"This Lara Croft obsession has gotten disgusting!"

Down from it’s pinnacle, and into it’s trench, this jump between Tomb Raiders 2 and 3 personifies the series to a tee. Tomb Raider 3 offers no improvement, and instead it makes most things worse.

Just the same as ever. Repetitive jumping, running (in slow motion), swimming, and pulling switches. Fun, fun, fun! (I am being VERY sarcastic.) You would of thought they would have done something about Lara’s slow movement, but nope. They have not. She still would lose the race in the Turtle and the Hare. While being the turtle.

The graphics look like a first generation Super Nintendo game. They are more pixelized than ever, and the lighting is back to adding three brightness meters on your television set to see. The original Tomb Raider looked better than this.


Not only is there still no music, but the sound effects have gotten worse! What are they doing at Eidos? The moans and groans are more frequent and annoying than ever, and the enemies seem to have gone dumb (they cannot talk), and the gunfire still is “Bang! Bang! Bang!”ing away.

Please let this be improved, please let this be improved. Never mind, it is not. The control is as bad as ever. The only thing improved is pushing and pulling switches. That has become substantially easier. Jumping, swimming, running: still exactly the same.

Tomb Raider 3 is just as un-fun as ever. If anything, the fun has gone down because nothing was improved, and by now you have sloshed through two other un-fun games. Saying Tomb Raider us fun is like saying your PlayStation has ninety-seven controller ports. Completely un-true.

Last time the game was somewhat hard. So the developers must have gotten together and said “Tomb Raider 2 was too hard. Let’s easy it up a little.” So they took out all of the difficulty. Worst, they only put one or two enemies in each level.

I cannot think of any clever analogies right now, so I will just say that this is a horrible game that offers no replay value at all. My apologies to anyone who played this game for more than five minutes that was not writing a review or a walkthrough. If you did not, you suffered uneedingly.

This game will never go down in history as the Tomb Raider series could have. They game is too bad for that, but it had a nice premises. But, it’s poor execution, killed it before it even was born.


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 07/19/00, Updated 07/18/01

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