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"The series has been doomed from the start"

For some reason that I could never figure out, the Tomb Raider series has always been a very popular series. This defies all logic to me because in my opinion the Tomb Raider series just isn't very good. Sure, it has its okay points, but overall every game in the series has lacked pretty much everything needed to make a game fun. The control has always been horrible, graphics nonexistent, and had a lot of glitches (like being able to walk through walls) The first one will remain my least favorite, but part three was pretty terrible as well since they did absolutely nothing to improve on all the mistakes made in the first two games, such as the bad control, so this series appears to have been doomed right from the get-go, ever since the terrible original was introduced.

Graphics (4.3/10): How come they did absolutely nothing to improve the graphics in the game? Lara Croft still looks like she got ooze poured all over her and turned into a deformed beast. The pixellized backgrounds are very unpleasing to the eyes, and glitches like being able to walk through walls still pop up from time to time. The CG Scenes are very well done and I hope that if they make a PS2 Tomb Raider it looks like the CG Scenes in this game.

Music/Sound (5.8/10): The high point of the game is the good music that pops up from time to time. The sound effects are also pretty good, but could get annoying when you hear her walking all the time.

Control (0.0/10): Usually I combine this with the gameplay section but I had to tell you that the control is terrible in this game. It is near imppossible to control Lara Croft and the default control setting is terrible.

Gameplay (2.8/10): Gameplay wise, Tomb Raider 3 adds no innovations to a stale series. You are again Lara Croft, and you go around doing stuff like solving puzles. The action scenes are surprisingly decent but that isn't enough to save this stinker.

Replay Value: Low Challenge: High

Overall (2.6/10): The series seems to have been doomed from th get-go.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/05/00, Updated 07/16/01

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