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"Still a great game, but a step down from the previous two"

Continuing in my Tomb Raider craze, I bought Tomb Raider III. The graphics looked good, the
vehicles looked cool, and the locations were very enticing. It was when I started playing the
game that I got the feeling that something was missing from the past two games. To this day, I
really can’t put my finger on what makes this game a step behind, but as you play, you can
clearly see something’s just not right. Not to say this isn’t a fantastic adventure once again, it’s
just got holes. I should stop confusing you all and get on with my review.

Gameplay: 7

It’s the classic gameplay with a few added moves and vehicles. First off, let’s take a look at the
extra moves, crawling and monkey swinging. I really despise the aspect of crawling. Crawling
slows down the pace of the game, it’s boring, and it’s overall just unnecessary. The monkey
swing is actually pretty cool and in my eyes is a worthy addition. So, we’ve got a good addition
and an addition that didn’t need to be added. The vehicles are actually the same way. There’s
the quad bike, which is a nice idea and has itself a very scenic and nice level. The boat is
another thing that is pretty nice as it is propelled by a little trolling motor. On the other hand,
we’ve got crap like the kayak, UPV, and ore carts. Let’s start with our good friend, the kayak.
It’s slow, has bad control, and the only think that saves it is the good level, Madubu Gorge,
surrounding it. The UPV is overall a bad idea. No, not bad, a horrible idea. Why is it even
there? You can swim just as fast but without the bad control of the UPV. Why it’s even in the
game is beyond me. The ore carts can be way too difficult for the average player. Once you get
used to them the ore carts are OK and the level is pretty original as well. Now, on to the
trademark of the Tomb Raider series, level design. The guys at Core have completely outdone
themselves this time. Sometimes I think they are evil though. Look at what they put out. Games
that are WAY too hard to beat without the use of a strategy at least a few times through. The
levels really are quite brutal. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for beating this including the
secret level using no cheats. Also, this time around, not only do you get the basic ammo for
getting all the secrets, you get an added level! The level ain’t too shabby either and is quite
excellent. Finally, you get to go inside the cathedral in London. Back to that missing thing I was
talking about. Fun is missing. Frustration is king in this game. The only thing that saves the score
of gameplay is the fact that the frustration can be overcome, and then you get the sense of pride.

Story: 6

A little bit of a confusing story here. Nothing too concrete and really nothing too interesting at
all. I’ve went to the “Story So Far” option a few times and still don’t grasp the story like I did in
1 and 2. Am I stupid or is it not clear enough? I’ll take the latter. Anyways, I really can’t and
don’t want to go in depth with the storyline. These games aren’t about that anyway so I slap a
six on it.

Audio/Video: 8

It’s basic Tomb Raider music with tons of new tracks and a few tracks rehashed from Tomb
Raider II. The first song you come to in the first level Jungle is really nice. Music is used much
more often in III than the others. It seems there is always a noise going on in the background
that sounds very dark and it lets you know your all alone. Wow, what a description I just gave
you. I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about, right? Enough with my unfunny
nonsense, this is Tomb Raider music, if you’ve played before, you know, and if you haven’t it’s

Replayability: 7

This game is HARD and long. I just said hard and long. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, this
game will take up lots of your free time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be frustrated. Sorry, you
won’t laugh and cry, I was just messing around. You will get frustrated though. I guarantee that.
This game is about pride. Beating this game makes you feel good. It gives you a feeling that now
that you’ve beaten Tomb raider III, you can tackle anything. I’ve beaten it twice. I’ve beaten
1-3 each two times. I plan on replaying 1 and 2, but I will only play certain levels of Tomb
Raider III in the future.

To Rent Or Buy:

If you like the first two, buy this one. It’s more of the same. If you’ve never played a Tomb
Raider, a rental is really suggested. This game is overall good but not up to par with the sequels.
Rent for the new players, buy for the old players, it’s a greatest hit!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/02/01, Updated 05/02/01

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