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"Wow a quad bike! Oh , wait this is a Tomb Raider game, sigh."

Let me start off by asking this, how good of a gamer are you. Can you beat Final fantasy and Zelda games in the shortest of times? Can you find every single collectible in Donkey Kong 64? And can you beat a Tomb Raider game without looking at a walk through. If you answered no to any of these questions you're not alone, and if you answered no to the Tomb Raider question especially, there are thousands and thousands of people with you.

GAME PLAY: Obviously the worst aspect of the series. Almost everyone knows how frustrating it is trying to make Lara run without stopping. The left and right buttons on the D pad just make Lara rotate while she stays in the same spot. The up button makes her run. This makes it extremely different to turn without stopping, and this can make matters really bad in some situations like when a boulder is rolling towards you. The difficulty has gotten slightly harder than the second installment and trust me this a huge mistake on the part of Eidos. The difficulty in the first Tomb Raider was perfect and that game was arguably the best of the series. The first level doesn't even cut you some slack! I bet you that you probably drowned at least once in the quick sand before you fully beat it. Well anyway this is what kills Tomb Raider and I hope that if there are any Tomb Raider games on PS2 this will be the first thing changed. Overall three out of ten.

GRAPHICS: Well you got give them credit for making her ponytail movement top notch, but once again there are some serious faults in this section. While Lara seems to be improving graphic wise each game, the Level design and backgrounds don't. They are way too blocky. The colour in some of the cave levels is too dark, and I often found myself adjusting the brightness on my television set. I am glad to see, though, that the human and animal enemies are not as choppy as before. Overall I'll give the graphics a four out of ten.

SOUND/MUSIC: The music in this game is scarce, but that's a good thing, and when it does pop up it really suits the overall mood and atmosphere. Well what can I say about the sound. The sound of Lara's pistols still sounds as great as ever, and man you gotta love the sound of that quad bike. Lara's voice pops up in the training mode to tell you how to do jumps and what not. Even the rumbling, and grumbling of good old jeeves is back in this game. Overall 6 out of ten.

Overall: This game is worth a rent, but only if it costs no more than four dollars. Like mentioned the quad is entertaining, but the difficulty is very hard.

Game Play: Three out of ten.
Graphics: Four out of ten.
Sound/music: Six out of ten.
Overall score: Four out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 07/05/01

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