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"Only for those who've got a good mind."

Just like I said in my introduction, this game is only for those who've got a good mind. I've played this game and I was totally hypnotized into it.

Gameplay - 5/10

Well, the gameplay is the most difficult thing in this whole game. You should know that this game doesn't just include guns and action, but a lot of mind and brainpower. I guess they were right that this game shouldn't be played by anyone under the age of 18. I couldn't do well in school because of this game. I've never played a game like this one. I just felt like playing and playing it, even though it caused a lot of damage to my mind. It's because this game is so'll find out when you play it, but I don't think this game is worth playing for some kids.

Control - 9/10

Well, the controls are quite fine. They're easy enough to handle.


This game is so hard...let me explain to you how. Here's Lara, and she needs to get to the other side of a place by swimming. All right, that's easy enough. She jumps in the water and swims inside. Suddenly, these sharks come out of nowhere and they're going to eat her up! It's full of suspense! Then Lara needs to get out her harpoon to shoot at the sharks to kill 'em. This game is only for those who are tired of easy games and want a real big challenge.

Story - 2/10

This whole story is so stupid. It's about Lara Croft, who lives in her home. Then she gets the desire of having these really big crystal-looking things in her possession. Then she goes out in the world, killing, shooting, fighting her way through all kinds of obstacles just to get rich. It's between life and death! Why doesn't she just get a good job and earn money? It's just pointless.

Graphics/Sound - 5/10

The Graphics are quite all right. You can see everything clearly. Nothing wrong with the graphics, only that they could be a little better and more clear. The graphics are too dark, in my point of view. That's the only problem. I wish they could be more brighter. The sound...gee, the sound is so scary sometimes that you just feel like turning it off. It's like this: Lara is walking in a nice garden, the sun shining above it and the white clouds drifting above it. Suddenly, you hear a scary, loud sound so suddenly that it makes you jump and make your heart beat really fast. Then you find out that some dogs have just spotted you and they're really hungry!

Replayability - 1/10

No, I don't think anyone would want to replay this game again. I mean, this game is so long, difficult, and mind-killing...ending this game is a HUGE achievement.

Buy or Rent?

I'll say no to both. Buying it would be a problem. This game would just attract you so much, but it is so tricky that you'll be brain-damaged. Your mind would hurt. Renting it would be pointless, because you'll only be able to finish at-most one level of this game if you rent it...and that's just stupid.

Overall -

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/06/02, Updated 07/06/02

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