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"TR III Improves Upon the First Two"

The weapons in this game are pretty darn good. Also, there are boats.. Harpoon Guns, Fighting in Mansions... I found this game much better than the first two. This game also gave me a much better feel, and touch. Lara's mansion seemed fun to be around now, and the whole mood of the game was lifted. I don't know what they did, but they sure as heck made an improvement, and a great one at that! Tomb Raider 4 is now going to be highly anticipated by many... As Tomb Raider 3 has set the standards higher... Lara Craft just keeps getting better and better, as does the series, definitely underrated by many other reviewers.

Well, as I have said before... The gameplay and feel of this game is much better. You get really pumped up while playing. Doing Lara's mazes and obstacle courses and swimming at her mansion becomes fun. Now, Tomb Raiding seems great! Also in my other Tomb Raider reviews, I have stated that the controller has been done perfectly, and not to change it. They didn't and it remains perfect... Great Gameplay!

Still, not much changed about the sound, soothing and relaxing to adventurous and nail-biting sound effects provide this game with good audio... Which is most certainly a positive thing. Cool sound definitely helps a game.

Perfect graphics for the Playstation 1. All the Tomb Raider graphics have been great, and Tomb Raider Three's graphics are no different. TR 3's Graphics have left a positive spin on things, which is also always a very good thing... So with good sound, great graphics, and perfect control so far.. We got ourselves a 9/10

OK, although the Replayability is better than in all the other Tomb Raiders, it still doesn't compare to some games out there. Now, This brings the game from a 9 to an 8.. and Where it will stay. Play through it twice excitedly, and then once you have no other games to play, slip this one in.. TR 3 can be done 3 times until it has been done to death in my point of view.

The Story isn't too different from the others. You do grueling missions, fight through a lot of things to get to a certain goal. Well yes, It is pretty much the same here... I am not going to rate the story, a change in Story would have been nice, maybe in Tomb Raider Four. But... This game will stay an 8, the Story really has no effect, positive or negative, on this game.

Final Recommendation-BUY
A Definite Buy for your Playstation Collection. This game can be done three times through, and has a good overall feel and touch. If you can snare this game for under than $15 it is certainly worth it. So BUY this game, and if you can get it that low... Once your bored of it, simply sell it at the same price to get all or most of your money back, or just keep it... Because a Tomb Raider gaming collection is classic... I am really not in favor of selling nor trading games, that's why I have never done so. Anyway's... Buy this one for sure, the Best Tomb Raider game from 1-3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/13/03, Updated 03/13/03

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