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"This game is by far the worst of the series. Definitely."

Since I was a die-hard fan of the first two Tomb Raiders, I bought the third Tomb Raider FULL PRICE, $49.99, and I thought that it would be the epitome of cool, way better than its precessors. I believed that the gameplay would be awesome, that the story would be magnificent, and that the graphics would be so awesome, they're sickening.

Boy, was I wrong.

The Graphics are, in my opinion, are typical Playstation graphics, the first Tomb Raider had much better graphics
than these. Fortunately, for this game, I don't really think graphics affect gameplay that significantly. But still, Lara looks uglier in the third game than the two precessing ones put together. Bad graphics.

The Sound and Music are pretty much the same, except that I do NOT recall there being any music to the game, except when something bad was about to happent to me, the scary music would enter. But the sound doesn't really impress or disappoint me, a little better than average sound for the Playstation, whenever Lara yells or fires her gun, the sound is crisp and clean, and you can hear footsteps thundering about the ground. Bad music (or lack thereof), but pretty good sound.

The Story is definitely the worst of the three Tomb Raiders. Lara Croft, the world famous archaeologist, is off adventuring again, like the other two. But there is nothing she is searching for, it's just for fun. At least in the first and second Tomb Raider, she was trying to find something hidden in the tombs she was raiding, hence the name ''Tomb Raider''. Horrible story.

The Gameplay is just the same as the first two games, nothing different. Nothing really to comment about here. No, wait, I found something to complain about; since when does Lara raid prison cells and the streets of London, all lurking with humans?? The game is called TOMB Raider, for Pete's sake, so she should be raiding TOMBS!!! I just think that the fact that her adventures take place in such urban areas decreases the ''

The Controls are completely the same, all of the buttons do the same things. One reason I loved the Tomb Raider series was the excellent controls, while somewhat clumsy, they are good enough for me to like and give a high score to.

The Replay Value is excellent, just excellent. This game is kind of like the Final Fantasy series, almost. You must play through a ton of gigantic worlds and then you get to the end boss. But this takes a very long time to do this, something like the Final Fantasy series, where it is like ''You are guaranteed to get at least one hundred hours of gameplay from this game''.

The Difficulty of Tomb Raider 3 is not hard at all, just LONG, which makes it seem very hard, though. It also has a reliance on ''cheap tricks''. What I consider a cheap trick is a tight situation of which there is absolutely no clue whatsoever as to how the heck you get out of the situation. This is a VERY cheap-o way of gaming.

Overall, only eithe die-hards or Tomb Raider fans would love the third of the series, this is definitely NOT a good game to begin with if you're new to the series. Overall, this game is a pretty bad game, but I still got my hours' worth of it, then threw it out the window in frustration :)



STORY: 5/10





OVERALL: 5/10 (not an average)

The Final Thought: If you buy Tomb Raider 3, make sure you get it at a good price, something like $9.99, otherwise I assure you that you'll be getting ripped off.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/06/00, Updated 02/06/00

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