Where can I find ALL three of the witches crystal balls?

  1. Where can I find all three of the minuzo the witches crystal balls?
    First, I know where two of them are. One is next to the wobbly wharf, and the other is above the entrance to the watch tower area. But where is the third? And Second, I currently found two of them, but why haven't they shown up in my list of items? HELP!!

    I played this game MANY years ago, and I know that that quest isn't that important. But I really want a Grapplejack and can't get one without someones help. Thanks guys.

    User Info: kimmytheriault

    kimmytheriault - 7 years ago

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  1. As far as I remember:

    1) Wobbly Wharf - Right side - You need to jump onto the pole sticking out of the water and swing around it to grab the crystal ball

    2) Watch Tower - Above the entrance/exit to the 100 Flower Forest - Jump left off the highest point near the lookout and fall to your left. You will land on top of the stone archway that acts as the entrance/exit. You should land on the crystal.

    3) Broken Fountain - Far left - You need to be in Crying mode (by eating the appropriate mushroom from the Mushroom Forest) to get past the Dwarf and be able to access the Leaf Slider. Instead of entering the door keep heading left and it is next to a red chest in the air. Jump up to grab it.

    (IIRC, the crystal balls don't appear in your inventory until you have all 3, and will automatically be taken by Mizuno upon finishing the event)

    User Info: Protector_Wind

    Protector_Wind - 7 years ago 2 0

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