Review by corona flare

"pink hair + evil pigs = FUN!!"

I got Tomba! after I beat Rayman. The last thing that I wanted was another easy cartoon-ish game. Well, when I first started playing Tomba!, that is exactly what I thought it was. I was wrong.

Gameplay: This game is awesomely fun! It is an action/adventure/rpg type game. You get around 6 or 7 different weapons. You can get around 4 different pairs of pants, which make you run faster and jump higher ;) You can also get other items that do strange and wonderful things. This game is full of side-quests. If you complete one, you will be rewarded with AP. You can also get AP when you kill enemies. This game will take you a while to beat, even if you skip most of the side-quests. If you do most of the side-quests, it will be a very long, but very fun, journey.

Story: You are Tomba!, a Tarzan-like guy but with pink hair. One day, while eating lunch on a tall hill, you see three pigs hi-jacking a wagon. You decide that the pigs are evil and you should stop them. You are running down the big hill very fast. You run over the first two, sending one to the ground while the other gets wrapped around a tree branch. One of the pigs starts to run away, but you throw your blackjack at it and knock it out. You are about to throw it at the other pig when the branch holding the second pig snaps. The pig falls on you, knocking you out cold. The pigs steal your gold bracelet, which used to belong to your grandpa. You must get it back!

Graphics The in game graphics are very nice. The videos are done very well. I think the videos are a combo of hand drawn and computer generated. Cool, eh?

Sound The sound is also very good. It is very fitting to the different locations. A few of the tracks will submerged into your subconscious. Amazing, yes?

Replayability I guess this all depends on how much you liked the game, and on how many quests you missed. I used to play this game all the time, then I beat it recently. I am playing it again because I missed a lot of stuff. I really like this game.

Buy/Rent? I suggest that you rent it first because it is a kind of different type of game. Most gamers have probably never played a game like this before.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/16/01, Updated 07/16/01

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