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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MeLAncHOly

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/22/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return Guide v1.1
    By Melancholy
    Table of Contents:
    -Event Guide
    -Evil Pig Locations
    -Tower Locations
    -Item List
    -Miscellaneous Information
    -Author's Note
    -Revision History
    	Tomba! 2, the sequel to Tomba!, is a cool follow up to the 
    original.  The story tells about how Tomba needs to rescue his friend 
    Tabby from the Evil Pigs.  The gameplay is practically the same with 
    the exception that this one is in 3D.  You play as Tomba and try to get 
    items and help various towns to defeat the evil pigs, just like in the 
    original.  The different missions are still there, and completing all 
    will take a while to keep gamers busy.
    Event Guide
    * Events in this game can be triggered in 2 ways: (1) to get the item 
    needed on certain missions, and (2) talking to people.  This guide will 
    tell you of how you can get the mission, what item you need, where and 
    all particulars.  Take note that the following missions are not in the 
    order you will need to do them!
    *I don't know if you noticed, but the events listed on the left all 
    have exclamation marks and are requirements for the game, the ones on 
    the right might have exclamation marks but are really not necessary.
    An asterisk (*) will denote which item you need
    A hyphen (-) will tell event to trigger event
    An equal sign (=) will tell how to do it
    Find Tabby! -The first mission of the game.
    - you need to start the Tomba! 2 game to get this one.
    = finish the game
    Go to the Burning House!
    - immediately after introduction ( Town of Fishermen)
    = walk straight on the path until you encounter a see-saw contraption,     
    get on and go to the background, follow the path there and head to the 
    place where the screaming man is.
    Pour the Water In!
    - after the burning house event
    = fill the bucket with water, to get water just pull down the see-saw 
    contraption will equipped with the bucket to catch the water that comes 
    out of the spout.
    Save the Crab!
    -after the burning house event
    = give the old man 2 buckets of water
    you get: Golden Crab
    Wind it Up!
    *get the star shaped cog hanging around the first area
    -when you talk to the man in the bridge control
    =go talk to Ark in the house in the point and give him the star-shaped 
    The Crab Basket!
    -after the wind up event, when you cross the bridge
    =throw the pig with the basket then get it back.
    A Red Treasure Chest
    -try to open a red chest without the red key
    =after the windmill events, Kainen(the old man in the fire) will give 
    you the key, then open a red chest
    Adventurer's Chest
    -try to open an adventurer's chest(stone with snout, AP written on it)
    =open one with enough AP
    Adventurer's Clue
    -after the adventurer's chest event
    =get all 5 Adventurer's Chest, locations in item section
    Chick From an Egg
    -let an egg fall to see-saw contraption(Fisherman's Town)
    = retrieve chick by hitting the red/blue part of the see-saw with any 
    weapon.(there are 2 chicks, one on each see-saw)
    Where is the Bird's Nest?
    -get the chicks
    = go to the bird's nest on the background, climb the tree.
    Collect the Golden Crabs!
    -after the crab basket or win event
    = collect 3 golden crabs scattered along the great waterfall and give 
    to Win
    Win's Windmill!
    -after burning house event
    = go to Win's windmill
    Cools Off and Disappears!
    -as you arrive on the pipe area, underground coal-mine, talk to the 
    = pull on the first long string, ice boomerang will rise, get it to 
    complete event
    Remove All Cappers!
    -after cools off… event
    = shoot all cappers and remove them.  Cappers are the red flaming 
    things all around the area, only the ones on pedestals are necessary.
    Pull and Open!
    -shoot flaming chain and pull or/ talk to Gran on town entrance
    = find to flaming chains and shoot them with i. Boomerang, pull both.
    Bury it in the Sand!
    -talk about underground machine room/ get the wagon
    = take the wagon and fill with sand that falls, fill hole 3 times with 
    Get Clay From Mud
    -talk to artisan on tool shed (coal-mine)
    = wash one of the 2 mudballs you get in the pipe area, the other one 
    only gives gem.
    You get: Clay
    What's Inside the Mud?
    -get a mudball/ mudball surprise
    = wash in washing machine, underground machine room, coal-mine
    you get: gem or litomite or hardonium or Clay
    Feed the Chicks
    -get chick food from Win after the collect crab event
    = give the chick food to the chicks
    Other Side of the Waterfall
    -go on top of the roof of Win's house and see the hole behind waterfall
    =get to the area behind the water fall, location in evil pig location, 
    the ice pig
    The Stuck Fishhook
    -talk to the fisherman in the great waterfall area or release his fish 
    hook from the roof of house across Win's
    = after releasing the hook talk to the fisherman
    you get: Bird Clothes
    Let's go to Tabby's House!
    -after pull and open event
    = go to tabby's house
    Wash the Strange Lump!
    -after the tabby event
    = wash mud in washing machine
    Look for the Hammer!
    *get the hammer in trolley entrance(pipe area)
    -talk to mole
    = get the hammer
    Blast the Rock!
    -after the hammer event
    = get bombs in powder shed/room in start of the pipe area, hit switch 
    with hammer and get bombs.  Help Gran escape.
    You get: Rail Tracks
    Get Bombs!
    -talk to one of the miners about bombs
    = get bombs from powder room
    Deliver to Gran!
    -after blast the rock event
    = give the tracks to Gran in Coal-Mine Town, near his house, in the 
    You get: Flame Pig Bag
    The Tiny Mouse House
    -try to enter tiny doors anywhere
    =enter the mouse village in the fisherman village
    Let's Make a Pot
    -after lost spatula event
    = give artisan clay from mudball
    You get: Precious Pot
    Lost Clay Spatula
    -talk to artisan on tool shed
    = go to the house next door, talk to the man, topple his pot and get 
    the spatula
    You get: Clay Spatula
    Capture Evil Flame Pig!
    -get the red pig bag
    =beat the evil flame pig
    You get: Flame Pig Robe
    Bring the Big Sack!
    *get the big sack in ranch area, within one of the clumps of snow, 
    throw something at it.
    -talk to Santa under chimney, remove block by throwing a snowball at 
    big snowball covering chimney
    =on one stand, there is a clump of snow, smash with hammer and get bag, 
    bring back to Santa
    You get: Fire Hammer
    Melt the Giant Ice!
    -go to the giant ice
    = smash ice with fire hammer given to you by santa after the sack event
    Let's Take the Lift!
    -go to the lift shed
    = take the lift!
    Kujara's Favorite!
    *get the giant peach
    -talk to man in lift shed
    = reveal peach under clump of snow, go up the swing poles located near 
    the giant ice block, climb towards the left until you reach the part 
    where there are two red Kokka Birds and see-saws jump down from the 
    center hole and (if you have the squirrel suit) direct yourself on top 
    of the peach)
    The Hidden Diary!
    -talk to traveler near stack of treasure chests
    =get diary in chimney shed, push block and open chest.
    You get: Green Key
    The Fuel That Burns Well
    *get the Power Coal 
    -talk to miner in coal mine, to get to him, go to Gran's house, take 
    conveyor belt on second floor
    =give Power Coal to miner
    Cooking with Tomba
    -read first sign in cafeteria (coal-mine)
    =get any ingredient for any dish
    Let's make Dried Fish
    -read third sign in Cafeteria, Coal Mining Town
    = talk to Ark for instructions, get the dried fish.
    The Best Hash Potatoes
    -read second sign in cafeteria
    =pour hot water(where you saved Gran in pipe area) on potato two times, 
    get boiled potato.  To get sandwich, give boiled potato to chef
    Static Explosion!
    -after reaching the topmost shed in Kujara Ranch
    =get 3 Kujaras trapped in ice around the area to the shed.
    You get: Ice Pig Bag
    Raise the Ladder!
    *get the hexagon shaped cog/gear
    -talk to ladder operator in summit
    = give him the hexagon shaped cog
    Capture the Evil Ice Pig!
    -get the ice pig bag
    =defeat evil ice pig
    You get: Ice Pig Robe
    Put in the Spirit's Eye!
    -once you enter donglion forest
    = kill 3 ghosts by hitting them with ice boomerang and throwing them
    Kill the Guards!
    -after the spirit eye event
    =kill the big ghost, I have no good strategies for this, but all I know 
    is that you need to hit his tongue when it comes out.
    You get: Donglin Bell
    The Cook's Special Menu
    -read the cook's menu
    =make sandwich
    Trolley Ticket
    -talk to the man in trolley stop
    =get ticket from man in tool shed(coal-mine)
    Quick! The Trolley!
    -after the ticket event
    =finish trolley mini-game in less than 1 minute and 16 seconds
    You get: Bucket
    Turbo Trolley
    -after you give the alloy in the alloy event, go back to the trolley 
    =finish the trolley mini-game in less than 1 minute and 10 seconds
    You get: Golden Sun
    Make a Light Alloy
    *get a litomite or hardonium(both are low-purity) from mudball surprise
    -talk to the man in machine room
    =wash the 2 mudball surprise you get in pipe area, get litomite and 
    hardonium, burn both in burning machine, combine in combining machine.
    The Laughing Door
    -face a laughing door
    =open a laughing door by eating laughing fruits in the donlion forest
    The Crying Door
    -face a crying door
    =open a crying door by eating crying fruits in the donglion forest
    Getwell Plants Heals Wounds
    -talk to the boy in Circus Town
    =get the getwell plant from the pig in the lower area, after you can 
    talk to them
    Where's My Son?
    -talk to woman in house(coal-mine)
    =after the getwell plant event, go talk to the woman again
    I'm Thirsty! (unnecessary event)
    -talk to traveler in room in pipe area
    =give him water
    Oil-smeared Traveler
    -talk to traveler in operations room(Kujara Summit)
    =give him steak sandwich
    Laughing Traveler
    -talk to the laughing traveler in Donglin Forest, inside a laughing 
    =give him a hash-potato sandwich
    Invisible Traveler
    -talk to the traveler in the Circus Town
    =give him a dried fish sandwich
    Starving Traveler
    -talk to him in the Water Temple, he is in a room on the top most level 
    at the very beginning of this level
    =give him any sandwich
    Starving Charles
    -talk to Charles in coal-mine house
    =find banana in treasure chest(forgot, maybe Fisherman's town) and burn 
    in burning machine, give to Charles
    You get: life potion
    Itchy Charles
    -talk to Charles in Kujara Summit( to talk to him, jump on him)
    =get itching salve(in treasure chest, on Kujara Summit), give to  
    You get: life potion
    Wormy Charles
    -talk to Charles in the Deep Forest in Donglin
    =let the worm eat away the leaves(details on the worm in next event)
    You get: Max Vitality +8
    Potato Bug Eats Leaves
    -release the worm in Deep Forest
    =make a path for it by adjusting the seesaws and lead it to the leaf on 
    the ground in the foremost foreground.
    You get: Potato Bug/Worm
    Snow Firefly Nest
    -go to snow firefly nest(Kujara Ranch)
    =use grapple to grapple a ledge (almost unnoticeable) above the blue 
    kokka bird's nest, push the rock.
    You get: Snow Firefly x 5 
    Collect Snow Fireflies
    *get a snow firefly, capture one
    -talk to the guy on the ledge in the Donglin entrance, be in taboo 
    =give him 19 fireflies, location at item section
    Holy Tree
    -go to holy tree on Kujara Ranch
    =pour holy water on tree
    Fatigue-curing Spa
    -reach Kujara Summit, talk to Kainen
    =pour hot water from pipe area in spa
    A Rare Collection
    -smash ice block covering staircase, enter and talk to collector(Kujara 
    =give him 5 rare stuff, location in items section
    The Ultimate Sculpture
    -go to sculptor's hut in Kujara Summit
    = push ice block to sculptor's hut, push in his panel, talk to 
    sculptor, leave, return after a while
    Ready or not! Here I come!
    -talk to three girls in operations room(Kujara Summit)
    =find three girls in Kujara Ranch
    :: there is a hole in the wall by the second ladder by lift shed, go in 
    it and slide down
    :: on the place of giant ice, throw snowball in hole in wall
    :: glide down the right side(by the big chasm) and find the girl on one 
    of the cliffs (near the blue kokka bird nest)
    You get: Snow Firefly x 3
    Who's the Liar?
    -after the hide and seek event, talk to the girls again
    =reveal the liar by playing three games, the tests are random and the 
    liar is also random so
    You get: Song of Strength 1 / 2
    Kujara Washing Shed
    -talk to the washer in sculptor's hut(Kujara Summit)
    = go to the washing shed
    Wash the Kujara
    -get in the washing shed, talk to guy
    =play the game 3 times and win
    The Washing Machine Fuse
    -after the Wash the Kujara event, talk to the guy
    =find Large Fuse in Tool Shed(Summit), give it to the guy in washing 
    A Kujara Washing Expert
    -after the wash event, talk to guy again
    =play the game 7 more times
    You get: Golden Moon
    Ghost sticker
    -face ghost sticker on wall
    =become invisible and enter a ghost sticker.
    Sea-anemone's Ice
    -throw snowball as anemone sucks you in, make sure it swallows the 
    ball/ there is another one, you will need 2 for another mission.  To 
    get this one, climb the pole in the beginning of the level.  When you 
    are on top, jump to the right side of the screen and glide to a cliff, 
    there should be one there, throw a spiky armadillo at it the same way 
    as the first one.
    =smash ice with fire hammer and get the dregs
    You get: Anemone's Icy Dregs
    Sea-Anemone's Fire
    -throw a frozen capper to a fire anemone in the pipe area, then freeze 
    the fire with the ice boomerang.  Do this to both the anemone.
    =get the dregs as a result of this.
    You get: Anemone's Fiery Dregs
    Witch's Concoction
    -go to her hut at the top level of donglin forest the first area
    =give her 2 anemone dregs
    You get: Hot/Cold Powder (depends on what anemone you give her)
    Take the Grapple!
    -talk to the swinging man in the laughing/crying forest
    =hit the 3 stakes all around the area to blast a door free, near the 
    door is a chest with the grapple, use it
    You get: Grapple
    More Blue for Picture!
    *get the blue fruit in the first area of donglin forest
    -talk to the artist in the artist's atrium in donglin forest
    =give him the blue fruit found hanging near his house in donglin forest
    You get: Blue Key
    Device Guards the Treasure!
    -step on the second seesaw in the deep forest
    =switch all the seesaws so that the stand going to the background is 
    raised, do this on all 4 seesaws.  If you made a mistake, hit the axe-
    like thing attached to the seesaw so you can move it again.  Take note 
    that even if the see-saw is already raised the right way, you still 
    need to switch it on by moving it the opposite direction partially and 
    going back to switch it the right way to open up the path.
    Use Rock Crabs for Balance!
    *get a rock crab in the deep forest/donglin area
    -after the device guards… event, talk to man in room
    =get the rock crab in the lower left side of the deep forest area, you 
    may need to finish the device event first so that there will be a stand 
    that will appear for you to stand on
    You get: Ghost Pig Bag
    Capture Evil Ghost Pig!
    -get the ghost pig bag
    =defeat the Evil ghost pig
    You get: Ghost Pig Robe
    Use Pig Suit to Talk!
    -talk to the lady in Circus Town
    =once you get the pig suit, talk to anyone(pig)
    Use the Seesaw!
    -try to use the seesaw or talk to lady in Circus Town
    =in the second floor of the area, try to talk to the pig in the door, 
    go back down and take the ball, roll it to the seesaw and hit the other 
    end with hammer, do it again on second seesaw and hit bird
    You get: Triangle Cog
    Let's See the Clown Circus!
    -talk to the old pig in Circus Town
    =after the help the clown event, talk to the pig again
    Let's Help the Clown!
    -talk to the clown after triggering the lets see the clown event
    =help him do his trick, you wont fail anyways
    Lift the Lid on the Well!
    -examine the well in Circus Town
    =after you are given Paon Grass, lure the paon to the well, don't let 
    the paon get near you
    You get: Carpenter's Book
    Strange Fruit
    -talk to the guy in crying door in laughing/crying forest in donglin
    =get the mystery mushroom, location at item section
    You get: Mystery Mushroom
    Normal Fruit
    -talk to the guy in crying door in laughing/crying forest in donglin
    =get the normal fruit, location in the item section
    You get: Normal Fruit
    Baron Turned to Stone
    -happens as you enter the lauging/crying forest in donglin
    =use holy water on baron
    You get: Baron
    Switch with Donglin
    -just happens as you enter the first crying door in laughing/crying 
    forest in donglin
    =in the laughing door with the traveler in it, push the block with the 
    foot-like carving on top to the hole in the direction towards the door, 
    then just step on it.
    Secret of the Aquatic Plant
    -hit aquatic plant with grapple or talk to mermaid trapped in water 
    plant in Water Temple, she is in room with starving traveler
    =pop all aquatic plants
    You get: Mermaid Bucket
    Unmoving Blessed Priest
    -talk to the pig near the statue in Circus Town
    =water all magic plants in the game
    Collect Ice Candy
    -talk to the pig in the ice candy store in Circus Town
    =use the ice pig robe to turn enemies to ice candies, give the guy 30+
    You get: Pig Ball
    Pig Tribe Clown Statue!
    -happens as you talk to old pig in pavilion in Circus Town
    =automatically finished after lid off well… event
    You get: Earth Pig Bag, supposedly, until you pick it up
    Forgotten Rucksack
    -after the starving traveler event
    =after the holy tree event, climb the pole and glide to the other side, 
    get the rucksack there.
    Crystal Panel Blocks a Hole!
    -help the crystal artisan make a panel
    =use the panel in mermaid room in water temple
    Capture Evil Earth Pig!
    -get evil pig bag in entrance to water temple(Circus Town)
    =defeat earth pig
    You get: Earth Pig Robe
    A Mermaid in a Water Tank!
    -talk to the mermaid in the water tank in a room in water temple
    =after the crystal panel event, jump on the switch to free mermaid
    You get: Swimming Pig Suit
    Open the Water Gate!
    *get the round shaped cog in water temple
    -talk to the guy near the water gate switch
    =give him the round shaped cog
    Tiny Tomba/Mini Tomba
    -when you talk to the guy in water temple (beside switch with many 
    =take back all 4 cogs you collected and give them to him
    Taboo Fruit
    -after the rare collection event
    =after the holy tree event, use that pole to get to the top, glide to 
    the other side and come down the stairs, enter the door when you are in 
    taboo state
    You get: Taboo Fruit
    The Broken-Up Mermaid Harp!
    -talk to the mermaid you help after the crystal panel event
    =find all four parts in the water temple and give back to her, 
    locations in the items section
    You get: Mermaid Harp
    Sink the White Platform!
    -talk to the guy standing on a red chest
    =hit the lever above him
    Wake the Giant Fish!
    -when you see the giant fish
    =after you get the harp, come to him
    Find Another Reflector!
    -talk to the guy in the water temple
    =give him the reflector you get from the kokka egg in Kujara Ranch
    You get: Water Pig Bag
    Capture Evil Water Pig!
    -after you get the Water Pig Bag
    =defeat the Water Pig
    You get: Water Pig Robe
    Look for the Last Evil Pig!
    -after you fight the fifth evil pig
    =go to ...??? area under the pipe area, talk to Kainen
    Nishiki Bird Servants
    -when you reach the mouse temple in the water temple
    =go back to the bird nest and get the birds(must be tiny)
    Holy Pedestal
    -step on the holy pedestal in the water temple
    =get the ice statue from the sculptor in the Kujara Summit
    You get: Holy Water
    Too Dark to See!
    -enter the dark room in the water temple
    =get all 20 fireflies
    You get: Song of Wisdom
    Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts
    -talk to the mouse leader in the mouse village in the fisherman town
    =fetch 100 berry nuts in less than a minute
    Annoying Mushroom
    -talk to the leader mouse after the berry nut event
    =give him the spoon you get on the way to Win's windmill
    Berry Nuts Harvest
    -talk to the mouse leader after the annoying mushroom event
    =fetch 200+ berry nuts in less than 1 minute
    You get: Golden Star
    Closed Clamshell
    -talk to the mermaid in the clamshell in water temple, door beside the 
    door to the water tank room
    =give her the Mermaid Scale
    You get: Song of Strength
    With the Nishiki Bird
    -after the nishiki bird event
    =fetch the which ever specified mouse* in one of the mouse houses
    * there are 3 kinds of mice, white, blue or red tailed, may want any, 
    found in one of the many mouse houses
    Golden Tower
    -put a pig nose panel to the panel
    =get all five pig panels from Adventurer's Chests, locations below
    Escaped Kujara
    -come back to the kujara summit topmost shed
    =fetch the 3 kujara's again
    You get: Song of Wisdom
    Mythical Tower of Strength
    -use the spell of strength to reveal door (location below)
    =enter the tower
    Mythical Tower of Wisdom
    -use the spell of wisdom to reveal door (location below)
    =enter the tower
    Mythical Tower of Courage
    -use the spell of courage to reveal door (location below)
    =enter the tower
    Capture the Last Evil Pig!
    -automatic before the last event
    =finish the game
    The Evil Fire Pig Panel!
    -find the Fire Pig Panel
    =crush the panel using corresponding pig magic
    The Evil Ice Pig Panel!
    -find the Ice Pig Panel
    =same as other panel
    The Evil Ghost Pig Panel!
    -find the Ghost Pig Panel
    =same as other panel
    The Evil Earth Pig Panel!
    -find the Earth Pig Panel
    =same as other panel
    The Evil Water Pig Panel!
    -find the Water Pig Panel
    =same as other panel
    Lost and Found
    -read about how you can stop the great waterfall below in the tower 
    location section (tower of strength)
    =get the Gold Fishhook and give back to the fisherman
    You get: Mermaid Scale
    Ball to the Pigs
    -after you get the pig ball
    =use the pig ball on 5 different pigs those in each region with 
    pigs(i.e. , Fisherman's Town, Pipe Area, Kujara Ranch, Donglin Forest, 
    Water Temple)
    Precious Ring
    -after you defeat the Fire Pig, go back to the Coal Mine Town, talk to 
    the guy standing in the grill
    =give the guy the Ring, Location in the items section
    Extra Events
    If you thought that Tomba's adventure ends just like that, think again!
    After the missions in the mouse temple in the Water Temple, a box drops 
    down and you can now play missions from the original Tomba!  How?  Play 
    through the old Tomba! finish the missions of the following characters 
    in the original game and then load the save in your Tomba! 2 game, now 
    you can load the old Tomba save in your game and extra missions are 
    enabled, complete these and get a new ending!
    Event 1: A Large Flower Seed (finish: Lost Dwarf Child)
    -	Go back to the Chimney Shed in the Kujara Ranch Area, there 
    will be dwarves there, talk to them.
    = go to the place of the Holy Tree, to the end of the road, to 
    the right, there should be a seed there, get it and plant it in 
    the Circus Town (in the person near a big pot, second floor) get 
    the flower and give it back to the dwarves.
    Event 2: Invisible Mirror (finish: The Cute Witch)
    -	Talk to Mizuno the Witch in Donglin
    = go to the Kujara Summit, near the Crying Door, there should be 
    an ice block there, smash it and get the mirror, give it to the 
    Event 3: Yan of the Hidden Village (finish: Who Are You?)
    -	Talk to the boy in the pig suit in the Circus Village
    = go in the Laughing Door in the same village, talk to Yan
    Event 4: 100-year Old Man (finish: 100-year Old Man)
    -	In the Water Temple, in the back, there should be an amulet 
    there, get it.
    = in the Crying Door, in the Water Temple, give the Amulet to the 
    100 Year Old Man.
    Finishing these will get you a new version of the perfect ending.
    Thank you to Jonathan Petersen for all the info on these missions.
    If I'm wrong about the missions and the part about finishing specific 
    missions from the old one to get the new ones, please mail me.
    Evil Pig Locations
    The evil pigs in this game are easy.  All you need to do is to wait at 
    one spot and when the pig appears try to grab it and throw at the pig 
    bag.  When it appears too high, shoot it with ice boomerang to make it 
    go away.  Throw them three times in the pig bag to defeat them(except 
    for the last pig where you need to throw him 5 times).  You must be at 
    the right position to kill them.  Here are the locations of the evil 
    Ghost Pig: in the pipe area, go to the pipe leading to the trolley 
    entrance, when the life potion is underneath you, grab and throw an 
    enemy downwards beside it (to the direction of the trolley stop) the 
    door should appear there.
    Fire Pig: in the donglin forest, right beside the place where you 
    appear after using the donglin bell, jump in the water and swim (with 
    the swimming pig suit) towards the laughing/crying forest, you should 
    appear in a cave and the door will appear there.
    Ice Pig: in the water temple, there will be a doorway near the entrance 
    to the golden tower.  It is behind the waterfall, enter and you will 
    also solve the Behind the Great Waterfall event.
    Earth Pig: in the Kujara Ranch Area, near the stairs to the lift shed, 
    there will be swing poles, swing to the place where there are 2 red 
    kokka birds, the door should appear there.
    Water Pig: in the Great Waterfall area, jump to the roof of the first 
    stop to Win's place, jump high and glide to the pig door.
    Last/Black/Time Pig: descend the chain (the one in the right) you pull 
    to draw down the bridge to the hot water faucet in the pipe area.
    Tower Locations
    As you will eventually find out, the game has three special towers, the 
    tower of Strength, Courage and Wisdom.  There are special tasks to 
    perform to get to these towers and here is what I have found so far:
    Tower of Strength:
    Song of Strength pieces:
    -	taught when you win the "Who's the Liar?" event
    -	taught by the mermaid after the Closed Clamshell event.  To 
    finish this, you need to hit ALL barrels (multicolored 
    top/bottom ones) in the Fisherman Town so that the colors 
    match (i.e., when blue is on top, all must be the same).  This 
    includes the one in the starting point and the one you climb 
    towards the great waterfall.  When all of that is done, you 
    will have a new event, complete the event and you will be 
    given the requirement for the Closed Clamshell event.
    Location: in the Kujara Ranch Area, climb up to the 2 kokka birds and 
    the teeter-totters, to the rightmost side, chant the strength spell.
    You get: Torch Hammer
    Tower of Wisdom:
    Song of Wisdom pieces:
    -	The man in the gondola in the Kujara Summit teaches the first 
    one, do the Escaped Kujara event and when you win, you will be 
    given the song.
    -	The second half is taught by the man in the dark room in the 
    Water Temple after you complete the Too Dark to See event.
    Location: in the Deep Forest in Donglin, where you find the rock crab.
    You get: Doka Pin
    Tower of Courage:
    Song of Courage pieces:
    -	taught after the Let's Make a Clay Pot event
    -	taught after the Where's My Son event
    Location: in the pipe area, you will find a ledge (hard to see) in the 
    path to the trolley entrance, go the opposite direction and jump to the 
    other side of the chain.  Do this at a high point to be sure.
    You get: Glacier Boomerang
    Golden Tower:
    Pig Panels can be acquired by opening the Adventurer's Chests, there 
    are 5 all in all.  The Golden Tower can be found in the Water Temple 
    and is very obvious.  The entrance is where you put all 5 panels, but 
    be warned, you must get 3 golden objects and other weapons from the 
    other towers to get the price; the Golden Powder.  The Golden Powder 
    will make you invincible, from now on while the Powder is equipped, you 
    will not die unless you fall in a pit.
    Item Location List
    the items are listed by category, and please, this is not an item 
    description list, I won't need to list lunch boxes and magic juices.
    Pig Bags
    Flame Pig Bag: after the tracks to Kujara Ranch is fixed, Gran will 
    give it to you
    Ice Pig Bag: on your way out of Kujara Ranch, after the Static 
    Explosion event
    Ghost Pig Bag: after the Rock Crab event
    Earth Pig Bag: after the Clown Statue event
    Water Pig Bag: after the Another Reflector event
    Black Pig Bag: Kainen will give it to you when you come to ...??? area 
    under the pipe area
    ** "...???" is the name of the area
    Red Key: Given to you by Kainen, after the Collect the Golden Crabs 
    Green Key: Given to you by the traveler in the Kujara Ranch area, after 
    the Hidden Diary event.
    Blue Key: Given to you by the artist in the donglin entrance area after 
    the More Blue for Picture event.
    White Key: in a treasure chest, the one that the guy is standing on, in 
    the water temple after the Sink the White Platform event.
    Food Stuffs
    Banana: found in the starting area of the Fisherman's Town
    Baked Banana: Burn banana in Burning Machine in the Coal Mine
    Meat: found in the cafeteria, 2 pieces everytime you enter
    Steak: burn the meat in the burning machine
    Steak Sandwich: give a Steak to the chef
    Potato: found lying around in the Kujara area
    1 / 2 Boiled Potato: in the pipe area, the faucet where you saved Gran, 
    use potato in faucet and turn on once.
    Boiled Potato: instead of turning the faucet once, do it twice.
    Hash Potato Sandwich: give Boiled Potato to chef.
    Small Fish: all around the Fisherman Town area.
    Dried Fish: use the Small Fish in the drying net in the town of the 
    Fisherman.  Raise the net then leave the area, once you return, there 
    should be dried fish.
    Dried Fish Sandwich: give Dried Fish to chef.
    Toradako Oil Remover (not really foodstuff): in a treasure chest in the 
    Kujara area.
    Mystery Mushroom: in the Crying Door in the Kujara Summit
    Normal Fruit: in the Laughing Door in the Trolley Entrance
    Clear Fruit: in the Ghost Sticker in the Deep Forest
    Minnita Mushroom: given to you on you visit to the Mouse Village in the 
    Fisherman Town.
    Taboo Fruit: you must be in taboo state to get this.  Use the tree that 
    will appear after the Holy tree event, glide to the other side of the 
    cliff.  Go down the stairs and get the fruit there.
    Ice Candy(unusable but still food): use the Ice Pig robe on any enemy.
    Donglin Bell: after you defeat the giant spirit guardian
    Coal Mine Bell: in the blue treasure chest in town
    Minnita Bell: given to you by the mouse in the mouse house in the water 
    Baron(not really bell but same use): you get him after you free him.
    Snow Fireflies
    I will tell about how to get 20 of them:
    1 – ??: found lying around the Kujara ranch area
    ??: in the Donglin entrance, near the lift
    1: in the Donglin entrance, high up the ledges/ in a cage with a man
    5: after the Snow Fireflies nest event.
    3: after winning the Hide and Seek event.
    Rare Lifeforms
    Rare Jellyfish: you don't need to get this one, it is already in the 
    collector's house
    Rare Fish: hanging in the first area of the Fisherman Town
    Rare Shrimp: hit the mushroom beside a laughing/crying fruit in the 
    laughing/crying forest.
    Rare Squid: hit an aquatic plant with fire hammer then with the grapple 
    on the top of the Kujara Summit.
    Rare Crab: found swimming in the Water Temple.
    Gold Stuff
    Golden Sun: won after the "Turbo Trolley" event
    Golden Star: won after the "Berry Nut Harvest" event
    Golden Moon: won after the "Kujara Washing Expert" event
    Star-Shaped Cog: found hanging in the starting area
    Hexagon Cog: Found frozen in a block of ice in the Kujara Summit
    Triangle Cog: Found after the "Use the Seesaw" event
    Round Cog: Found lying around the starting area of the Water Temple
    Harp Pieces
    -	In the Water Tank Room, left side
    -	In the room with the holy pedestal, in a chest
    -	Near the man with the raft, in a chest
    -	In a fork in front of the Giant Fish, take the right path
    Blackjack: you start off with this one
    Boomerang: on the bridge, the one you raise with Ark
    Ice Boomerang: in the Pipe Area, pull the first long chain, the i. 
    Boomerang will appear, go get it
    Hammer: in the trolley entrance lying around
    Fire Hammer: given to you by Santa after the Big Bag event
    Grapple: in the laughing/crying forest, hit three pegs in the ground.
    Pig Ball: won after the Ice Candy event
    Torch Hammer: get in the Tower of Strength
    Glacier Boomerang: get in the Tower of Courage
    Doka Pin: get in the Tower of Wisdom
    I think I don't need to tell you where the pig robes are… just defeat 
    the evil pigs.
    Bird Clothes: reward for returning Stuck Fishhook in event
    Flying Squirrel Clothes: in the green chest in the stack of chests in 
    the Kujara Ranch Area
    Pig Suit: When you get the closet key after some events in the Circus 
    Village, get it in the warehouse.
    Swimming Pig Suit: this is a Pig Suit upgrade, acquired from the 
    mermaid you set free in the Water Temple's Water Tank Room.
    Green Pants: the pants you start with
    Fast Pants: in the Red Chest near Win's Windmill
    Turbo Pants: in the Red Chest near the Crying Door to the Grappling Guy
    Practically the Most Worthless Things in the Whole Game
    Mermaid Bucket: given by mermaid you set free from the aquatic plant 
    event.  Rendered useless since by the time you get this, you don't need 
    water anymore.
    Cold Powder: result of giving 2 Ice Anemone Dregs to Mizuno the Witch 
    in the donglin forest.  Worthless by the time you get this
    Hot Powder: result of giving 2 Fire Anemone Dregs to Mizuno.  Same as 
    the Cold Powder
    The Cheapest Thing in the Whole Game
    Golden Powder: found in the Golden Tower, given by the pig man, 
    requirements are listed in the event section.  Will make the game very 
    Other Stuff You Need
    Spoon: found in between 2 aquatic plants on the way to the Great 
    Waterfall.  Use this in the Annoying Mushroom event (guess what is its 
    use...nope, not for eating!)
    Red Chick: found inside the seesaw contraption in Fisherman Town, hit 
    it with Blackjack.  You must first direct the egg in the hole.  Get 
    this one in the nest on top of the tree near the see-saws.
    Blue Chick: same as Red Chick
    Gold Crab: given to you by Kainen after stopping the fire of the 
    burning house, collected through out the Great Waterfall.  Give these 
    to Win the Inventor.
    Stuck Fishhook: found on roof of first shed on the way to the windmill.  
    Give this to the fisherman in the Waterfall area.
    Golden Fishhook: turn ALL seesaw contraptions so that their colors are 
    the same (blue on top, red on bottom or vice versa) found in drained 
    canal.  Give this to the fisherman in the Waterfall Area
    Bucket: first one hanging in the starting area.  The second one is a 
    prize for winning the first time in Trolly game.  Fill this with cold 
    water by adjusting the see-saws in the first area and catching drops of 
    water from the pipes.  Hot water comes from the Pipe Area, where you 
    save Gran.  Holy Water comes from the Water Temple.
    Crab Basket: found in one of the ledges on the way to Win's Windmill.  
    Equip this to catch Golden Crabs.
    Chick Food: given to you by Win after the Collect Crabs event.  Use 
    this to feed the chicks you get earlier on to make them Nishiki Birds.
    Low-Purity Litomite: found in one of the Mudball Surprise.  Burn in 
    Machine Room to make it Hi-Purity.
    Hi-Purity Litomite: Litomite burned in the Burning Machine in Coal 
    Mine.  Combine with Hi-Purity Hardonium to make Light Alloy.
    Low-Purity Hardonium: found in one of the Mudball Surprise, same as the 
    Low-Purity Litomite.
    Hi-Purity Hardonium: Hardonium burned in the Burning Machine in Coal 
    Mine.  Combine with Hi-Purity Litomite to get Light Alloy.
    Light Alloy: Combined Litomite and Hardonium.  Give this to the miner 
    near the machine to enable the new Trolley event.
    Trolley Ticket: given by injured Trolley driver in the Tool Shed in 
    Coal Mining Town.  Use this to play the Trolley mini-game.
    Clay Spatula: inside the pot, house in front of Tool Shed, Coal Mine.  
    Give this to the Artisan, requirement to make pot (no not the smoked 
    Clay: found inside a mud ball after washing in Washing Machine in Coal 
    Mining Town.  Give to Artisan in Coal Mine town.
    Power Coal: found in the pipe area.  Give this to the miner near the 
    conveyor belts in the Coal Mine Town.
    Big Sack: found under a pile of snow, climb to the second story of the 
    Kujara Ranch Area, near the traveler, jump to the foreground and hit 
    the pile with weapon.  Give this to Santa in the Chimney of the Kujara 
    Ranch Area.
    Traveler's Diary: push the block in Chimney Shed, in red chest.  Give 
    this to the Traveler in the left side of the Kujara Ranch Area, near 
    the stack of treasure chests.
    Mysterious Reflector: inside the Blue Kokka Bird's egg when you jump 
    from the top of the tall pole on the start.  Use in the Water Temple to 
    get Water Pig Bag.
    Mountain Peach: from pile of snow, hit with anything, then climb up and 
    jump on it to get it.  Need to proceed in the Lift Shed.
    Washing Room Fuse: found lying around in the Tool Shed, Kujara Summit.  
    Give to the man in the Washing Room in Kujara Summit.
    Itching Salve: found in an ice block, the Kujara Summit.  Give to an 
    Itching Charles.
    Blue Fruit: hanging in the donglin start area.  Give to Painter in the 
    Donglin Entrance area.
    Potato Bug: found hanging in the deep forest, set free then direct the 
    see-saws so that it will make a way for the worm to get to the leaf on 
    the spikes.  Get it from there.  Use this to free Wormy Charles.
    Max Vitality: after the Wormy Charles event
    Sea Anemone's Icy Dregs: found after throwing snowball/ice creature in 
    ice anemone's mouth, then must crush with fire hammer
    Sea Anemone's Fiery Dregs: found the same way as icy dregs but instead 
    of ice anemone do to fire anemone with frozen capper then shoot with 
    ice boomerang
    Rock Crab: found in the lower left area in the seesaw part of the Deep 
    Forest in Donglin.  You must trigger ALL mechanisms first so that you 
    will have platforms to reach.  Need to get the Ghost Pig Bag and to 
    proceed to Circus Village.
    Light Cutting Box: found behind Ghost sticker beside Firefly collector 
    in the donglin entrance area.  Use to get back all 20 fireflies.
    Closet Key: found in second floor of the Circus Village.  Use to open 
    the Closet in the Circus Town.
    Getwell Plant: from pig in the waterway cave below the Circus Village.  
    Give back to the Missing Son, the kid in the Circus Village.
    Carpenter's Book: found after the Lift the Well Lid event.
    Crystal: found from first giant crab in the Water Temple, just kill the 
    crab.  Give this to the crystal craftsman in the Water Temple.
    Crystal Panel: found after giving the Crystal to the Artisan.  Use to 
    free the Mermaid in Water Tank Room in Water Temple.
    Mermaid's Scale: found from fisherman after the Lost and Found event.  
    Use to Talk to Mermaid in Clamshell.
    Nishiki Wings: given to you by guardian of mouse temple in the Water 
    Temple.  Give to Nishiki Birds in Fisherman Town (used to be the 
    Small Mudball: get in the secret cave in the underground cave. in the 
    pipe area, use the grapple to go left from the drawbridge chains, when 
    you are under the pipe going to the town entrance, drop down.  There 
    should be a secret room where you can take the ring from.
    Miner's Ring: wash the Small Mudball in the Washing Machine in the 
    Machine Room in the Coal Mining Town.  Give Back to the Miner.
    100-Year Old Amulet: on the first screen of the water temple, go to the 
    background and go to the left, the amulet is underwater.  Give back to 
    the 100-year-old man.
    Large Flower Seed: where the string you pull for snow in the Kujara 
    Ranch area,  on the path where the holy tree is, to the right.  Give to 
    the dwarf child in the chimney shed.
    Petit-Face Flower: give the flower seed to the man in the Circus 
    Village.  Give to the dwarf child in the chimney shed.
    Invisible Mirror: in Kujara Summit, near the Crying Door, there would 
    be a block you need to break.  Give to Mizuno the Witch.
    100-Year Old Man's Proof: get after you finish the 100-Year Old Man 
    Dwarf's Proof: get after the Large Flower Seed event.
    Mizuno's Proof: get after the Invisible Mirror event.
    Yan's Proof: get after Yan's event.
    Life Potions 
    Thanks to Lolita Carbon <asin2000@hotmail.com> for giving me the 
    locations(which I have asked for since I started this FAQ) here they 
    1. Red chest on roof of house in town of the fishermen
    2. Floating red chest near dried fish net
    3. Floating red chest in waterfall of heavens near moving barrels
    4. Red chest on lift above where you got ice boomerang in pipe area
    5. Acquired after the starving Charles event
    6. Green chest under tower of strength entrance
    7. Green chest near entrance of coal mining town
    8. Underneath pipes in pipe area
    9. Green chest frozen in ice at kujara summit
    10. Acquired after the itchy Charles event
    11. Blue chest under Mizuno's house
    12. Green chest under snow firefly collector in donglin woods
    13. Blue chest near lift shed at kujara ranch
    14. Under pipes near the ghost pig door in pipe area
    15. Blue chest on roof of Win's windmill
    16. Green chest on high ledge of waterfall of heavens
    17. High green chest on the swinging area of waterfall of heavens
    18. Green chest above hot springs at kujara summit
    19. Tiny mouse house at pipe area
    20. Stone block at kujara summit (smash with torch hammer)
    21. White chest under stone block at kujara summit
    22. High white chests at waterfall of heavens near moving barrels
    The Last...Well Err...Missing Life Bottle
    Just when I thought I had it all, then this guy mails me and says that 
    there is one I missed.  I have no time to replay the game but for the 
    sake of the people who have just started or intend to play again, here 
    is the location of what I think is the most overlooked item in the 
    whole game.  By the way, thanks to Jason Berg for this info.
    Before you beat the Ice Pig (the snow is a great factor and is 
    necessary for you to get the Life Bottle) expose the trampoline out of 
    the snow...wonder what that is for? I thought it was useless too but, 
    go to the string where you pull and get covered in snow and start 
    rolling.  Hold the D-pad and lead the snow ball to fall to the 
    trampoline, make sure to go really fast.  And poof! your on your way to 
    get the FULL life bottle!
    Now I would like to share more info on this but, I can't.  Personally I 
    haven't done this and practically won't do it since I'm all tied up.  
    So if you want info on this try mailing the guy who told me this at 
    gameguru42@hotmail.com or visit his visual Tomba!2 faqs at 
    http://members.xoom.com/tombafaq or http://gameguru.freeservers.com.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Tomba Status Effects/Remedies
    Laughing Tomba:
    -	Tomba laughs instead of using weapons 
    -	Can open Laughing Doors
    -	Caused by eating Laughing Fruits, the Mystery Mushroom
    -	Cured by using/eating Normal Fruit or eating Hash Potato Sandwich
    Crying Tomba:
    -	Tomba runs and cries instead of using weapons
    -	Can open Crying Doors
    -	Caused by eating Crying Fruits, the Mystery Mushroom (while 
    -	Cured the same way as the Laughing Tomba
    Mini Tomba:
    -	Tomba is a lot smaller and more vulnerable, can't use weapons/wear 
    -	Can let you in mouse houses
    -	Caused by going in the Minnita Device or eating Minnita Mushroom
    -	Cured by going through the Minnita Device or eating Minnita Mushroom 
    while mini
    Oily Tomba:
    -	Tomba is more vulnerable to fire
    -	No practical use
    -	Caused by being hit by the toradako
    -	Can be cured by the toradako Oil Remover or eating Steak Sandwiches
    Invisible Tomba:
    -	Tomba can't be hit by enemies, he can't wear clothes, talk to people 
    and get items
    -	Can allow to pass through Ghost Stickers (any sticker outside the 
    donglin forest will transport you to donglin, those in the donglin 
    will give you valuable items)
    -	Caused by being hit by ghost pigs
    -	Cured by throwing ghost pigs while invisible or eating Dried Fish 
    Sandwich or Clear Fruit
    Taboo Tomba:
    -	Tomba runs instead of walks and jumps higher (steroids)
    -	Tomba can reach farther places
    -	Caused by passing through the Taboo plate or eating the Taboo Fruit
    -	When you pass through Taboo plate, cured when you get hit, when you 
    used the Taboo Fruit, cured by eating another Taboo Fruit
    Tomba + Golden Powder = Steroid-Overdosed, Invincible Tomba
    -	Tomba can't be hit!
    -	Yes, he can't be hit!
    -	Just Equip the Golden Powder, Take note, Equip, it won't run out, 
    unless. . . 
    -	Fall and die, or, oh yeah, it will run out if hit a number of times.
    Where is the Evil Water Pig Plate?
    -	In the end of the game, you will be asked to find and break all 5 
    plates to get to the last pig, while the other 4 are in plain sight, 
    the water pig's is the harder one to spot.  You can get to this one 
    by going to the water temple (you can't use baron to go there, 
    because it can't be reached from the point where Baron drops you 
    off) so what you can do is, you must go to the underground cave 
    system under the pipe area. Find a way to the water temple and find 
    the plate there.
    Adventurer's Chest Locations
    -	Fisherman's Village, clearly seen in the background (50,000 AP)
    -	In Pipe area, climb fiery chain on the left, jump toward it (100,000 
    -	In the place where you see the firefly nest, on one of the ledges, 
    opposite the aquatic plant (200,000 AP)
    -	Where you get the rock crab (1,000,000 AP)
    -	In the mouse village (2,000,000 AP)
    Thank you to Jonathan Petersen for this info;
    The game actually has more than one ending!  Depending on how many 
    missions you actually solve.
    Ending 1: when you have less than 133 missions.  Game Over!
    Ending 2: when you have perfect 133 missions.  Tomba says goodbye to 
    Kainen in a Tux!
    Ending 3: when you have perfect 133 missions + extra missions!!  Tomba 
    says goodbye to Kainen in a different color tux!
    Have You Ever Pondered About???
    The author can't think of anything else to add to his faq so he writes 
    this useless section, just for fun.
    Did you notice...?
    -	That the way to the UNDERGROUND Mine is from a staircase going 
    upward from an elevated windmill?  How do you think that became 
    underground without making the Town of the Fishermen underground?
    -	Tomba can't swim when he was thought how to in the first game?  Do 
    you usually forget a skill that fast?  I mean the original game was 
    released 3 years ago and poof!! the programmers have made Tomba 
    forget how to swim.
    -	Zippo doesn't know how to go home, yet he knows how to go to Tomba's 
    house?  Talk about sudden surge of amnesia
    -	Charles goes ahead of you and all he has is his fancy pants?  You go 
    through all that trouble to proceed yet all you really need was a 
    weird set of pants!
    -	Baron turned to stone by disobeying the Evil Ghost Pig when the 
    Ghost Pig tells that he was sleeping for all that time?
    -	The people in the Laughing or Crying Doors aren't really Laughing or 
    Crying even if there are no Normal Fruits there?  Remember, the guys 
    tell you about the normal fruit which no one really knows where to 
    -	The kid hiding in the area near the Snow Firefly Nest, how did she 
    get there?  She doesn't seem to be wearing any Flying Squirrel 
    -	The trolley comes back to the Trolley stop? After falling two times, 
    how does it jump all that gap, the only track there is, is the one 
    you take, where is the track where the trolley uses to come back?
    -	Tomba can wear Earth Pig Robe while in mini form?  Yet he can't do 
    the same with other clothes.
    -	How do people get around the Water Temple?
    -	How that guy in the treasure room in the Donglin Forest got in there 
    when the only way in and out is blocked and the only way to open it 
    is from the outside?
    -	The 'spa' in the Kujara Summit remains hot while everywhere near it 
    is freezing cold?  I'd understand if it was a hot spring, there are 
    a lot of those in Japan, but that is a SPA, one you put hot Water 
    -	The doors from the mine are interconnected?  There are doors 
    everywhere, even in the Kujara Summit, that is high up while it 
    leads to an underground Mine!  If they do lead downward, why did the 
    programmers make Tomba walk in a straight cave?  There are 
    animations for going down and up (i.e. when you take the lift).
    -	What happened to the stuff you get in Tomba!? Did Tomba sell them to 
    buy new pants?
    -	There is a weird sense of logic in the game, having all these weird 
    stuff an'all?  I can't blame them on this one, it IS just a game 
    That's all I can think of right now.  If you have any silly fillers to 
    add, please don't fret to send me mail!
    Author's Note:
    Any corrections, additions, suggestions,etc please e-mail me at 
    Thank you for supporting my faq!!
    The FAQ is officially finished, unless there are some people who can 
    prove the existence of the last 2 life bottles by telling me their 
    locations.  Take note that my e-mail address has changed and ALL my 
    mail from my old address will be deleted.
    One more thing, I was told by a patron that he BOUGHT this FAQ!!! True 
    or not this faq is owned by me and only me, I am the only one who has 
    the right to sell this, if you want to post this in your site, just 
    To these people, thank you for writing, I found the stuff you told me 
    by myself(except for the tower location and the songs), but hey, thank 
    you for taking time to tell me:
    Limin Pek <nimilkep@hotmail.com>
    Jeremy Lua Wei Jie <fantasy_leo@hotmail.com>
    Richard Richards <sjo47@hotmail.com>
    Jason Hystead <jasonhystead@hotmail.com>
    Jeffrey Kendall <snoopy_jeff@yahoo.com>
    Edric Saw <e.saw@mailcity.com>
    Jonathan Petersen <jcpetersen@home.com>
    Kevin Falkowski <wyldsyde@tm.net>
    Crazy Bone X <No1Cartman@aol.com> 
    Ryan Long <mikepestmeister@hotmail.com>
    JulzGWC@aol.com <JulzGWC@aol.com>
    Dave h.<Syrup@mindspring.com> 
    Derek Hendriks <eldamri38@hotmail.com>
    Sherry Van Boxtel<svanboxtel@uoquelph.ca>
    Bry H<bry10@hotmail.com>
    Jason Berg<gameguru42@hotmail.com>
    Lolita Carbon<asin2000@hotmail.com>
    To some who have asked questions, I rewrote some parts of the faq for 
    your convenience.  And if I forgot to write your name, please tell me.
    I received a lot of blank mail, all of them are written in MS Outlook, 
    my mail server is new and still has a few bugs, I'm sorry I can't read 
    your mail, if you could just resend them again, thank you!
    Revision History
    1-31-00 (v0.1)
    -	initial release	
    2-01-00 (vo.2)
    -	fixed some spellings
    -	added more events
    -	added pig locations and tower info
    2-03-00 (v0.5)
    -	added item (partial)
    -	added more events
    -	modified the tower and pig locations
    -	added the credits
    2-04-00 (v0.6)
    -	added a lot in the item section
    -	added miscellaneous section
    -	added last few events
    -	Still need more info! I'm not too demanding am I? I just want 
    to give you the best Tomba 2 guide there is!
    -	For more clarity, I'll try to put the stuff that you get after 
    finishing the missions.
    2-05-00 (v0.8)
    -	changed wrong item names
    -	added some more in the event section
    -	added extra missions to complete 133
    -	removed numbering since I'm confused on what event I'm 
    missing, seems that I have all of it after all
    -	need! Location of ALL 24 life potions
    -	added some people in the credits section
    -	just one more small step to its whole version
    -	changed some minor stuff, no major additions
    -	NEED location of 24 life potions
    -	Added stupid section
    -	finally the final cut, or is it?! 
    -	Added 22 life potion locations, are there 2 more? If there 
    are, then this faq needs a new update, otherwise, don't expect 
    a new one, this is the last cut.
    -	Rephrased, changed and edited the text.
    -	the real final cut, complete list of locations for ALL life 
    bottles added.  Thanks a lot to Jason Berg for the info.
    -	Fixed the credits, of course...
    -	What can I say...it's done, all done.  Now maybe if I add the 
    gameshark mumbo-jumbo...nah!!
    Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return - FAQ made by Cedrick C Uytanlet 
    aka MeLAncHOly.  Try to sell my stuff again and I'll go to 
    wherever you are and slap the teeth out of you!!

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