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    FAQ/Move List by Slateman

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                               Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
                              **Mini FAQ PSX Version**
                                Move & Code Listing
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater:   Mini FAQ...Move & Code Listing
    Author:                   Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Last Updated:             29th March, 2000
         Updates:            -Minor changes, Perfect Balance & Points x 10 codes DO NOT EXIST.
                             -N64 Version not available at GameFAQs.copm
    Past Updates:            -Private Carrera Code = The Super Code...all below
                             -Slow Motion code revealed!
                             -New GameShark Code...Individual Stats Modifier!
         This is not a true FAQ.  It is a simple and basic printable Move Listing and Code 
    Listing.  If you are looking for strategies, transfer listings, news, links 
    info about glitches, or anything else, please head over to my Online FAQ that I run.  
    It can be found at:
         I also recommend CDarklocks's text faq, which can be found at GameFAQs and 
    at http://www.darklock.com/thps/ as well.  It has a lot of in depth descriptions about how 
    to get all the tapes and tons (literally) of other stuff.
         The first section is a listing of all the moves.
         The second section is a quick signature moves section, sorted by character.
         The final section is a code listing.
    -slateman. (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Key:     This is all pretty self explanatory, but here's a simple key. 
    +-+       |  X = X  |  C = Circle  |  Sq = Square  |  T = Triangle  |
    | UL  U  UR  | Notes: --When a plus [+] is listed, press both at the same time 
    |   \ |  /   |          (R + Sq) press Right on the D-Pad and press Square simultaneously
    | L-- N--R   |
    |   / | \    |        --When a comma [,] is listed, there is a delay in button presses. 
    | DL  D  DR  |          (U, L, Sq) press Up, press Left, and then press square.  At no 
    '------------'                     time should you be pressing two things at once.
    One Notice:
         You'll notice that in the Square Commands section, some moves are listed as 
    Vert Character only/Street Character Only.  Each skater is either a Vert or Street 
    skater.  This means that a Vert Char. Only move cannot be done by a Street Char.  
    In the Signature Moves section, I've listed the characters and which kind of 
    skater they are.
         Finally...now on to the good part!!!  
    Circle Commands:
    Command:     Move Name:             Points:      Notes:
    U + C        Japan Air              367          Hold all grab moves longer for more points
    D + C        Tail Grab              315
    L + C        Method                 315
    R + C        Indy Nosebone          315
    UL + C       Madonna                525
    UR + C       Rocket Air             367
    DL + C       Stalefish              315
    DR + C       Benihana               420
    Square Commands:
    Command:     Move Name:             Points:      Notes:
    U + Sq       Shove it 	            250 		
    D + Sq       Impossible             250 		
    L + Sq       Kickflip 	            100	
    R + Sq       Heelflip 	            100	
    UL + Sq      Kickflip to Indy       625         (Hold longer for more points!)
    UR + Sq      Finger Flip            600         (Hold longer for more points/VCO) 	
    UR + Sq      Hardflip 	            300         (SCO) 	
    DL + Sq      Varial 	            800         (VCO) 	
    DL + Sq      Sex Change             500         (SCO) 	
    DR + Sq      Front Foot Impossible  600         (VCO) 	
    DR + Sq      360 Flip 	            300	
    SCO = Street Characters Only
    VCO = Vert Characters Only
    (for a listing of who is vert/street characters, see signature move listing below)
    Triangle Commands:
    Command:     Move Name:             Points:      Notes: 
    T            Wall Ride              variable      					
    U + T        Nose Grind             variable 		
    U + T        Handplant              variable 	 	
    N + T        50-50 Grind            variable    (Neutral and Triangle) 	
    D + T        5-0 Grind 	            variable 		
    UR + T       Crooked Grind          variable	
    DL + T       Smith Grind            variable 		
    X Commands:
    Command:     Move Name:             Points:      Notes: 
    X            Ollie                  0
    L/R + X      180 Ollie              50          (For every 180, add 50 points) 
                 Mega Ollie             350         (A 1440 (or higher) Ollie!)	
    U + X        Nollie                 200 		
    U, U + X     Fastplant              250         (Or, hold X, Press U, U, Release X) 
    Shoulder Button Commands:
    L1           180 Spin (left) 	
    R1           180 Spin (right)
    L2           Variable Spin (left)
    R2           Variable Spin (right) 
    Signature Moves Sorted By Character (for ease!)
    Skater:           Move Name:              Button Press:          Points: 
    Bob Burnquist:    Backflip                U, D, C                4000
    (Vert)            Burntwist               L, U + T               5000
                      One Footed Smith        R, R, T                Varies
    Kareem Campbell:  Frontflip               D, U, C                4000
    (Street)          Kickflip Underflip      L, R, Sq               1500
                      Casper Slide            U, D, T                Varies
    Rune Glifberg:    Kickflip McTwist        R, R, C                4000 
    (Vert)            Christ Air              L, R, C                2100 
                      Front-Back Kickflip     U, D, Sq               1575
    Tony Hawk:        540 Board Varial        L, L, Sq               2000
    (Vert)            360 Flip to Mute        D, R, Sq               1500
                      Kickflip McTwist        R, R, C                4000
                      THE 900                 R, D, C                8000!
    Bucky Lasek:      Fingerflip Airwalk      L, R, C                2000 	
    (Vert)            Varial Heelflip Judo    D, U, Sq               2500
                      Kickflip McTwist        R, R, C                4000
    Chad Muska:       Frontflip               D, U, C                4000
    (Street)          360 Shove It-Rewind     R, R, Sq               1500
                      One Footed 5-0 Thumpin  R, D, T                Varies
    Andrew Reynolds:  Backflip                U, D, C                4000 	
    (Street)          Triple Kickflip         L, L, Sq               1500	
                      Heelflip to Bluntslide  D, D, T                Varies
    Geoff Rowley:     Backflip                U, D, C                4000
    (Street)          Double Hardflip         R, D, Sq               1500
                      Darkslide               L, R, T                Varies
    Elissa Steamer:   Backflip                U, D, C                4000
    (Street)          Judo Madonna            L, D, C                1500
                      Primo Grind             L, L, T                Varies
    Jaime Thomas:     Frontflip               D, U, C                4000
    (Street)          540 Flip                L, D, Sq               1500 	
                      One Footed Nosegrind    U, U, T                Varies
    Officer Dick:     Yeehaw Frontflip        D, U, C                4000
    (Vert/Street)     Assume the Position     L, L, C                1575
    (READ BELOW!)     Neckbreak Grind         L, R, T                Varies
    Private Carrera:  The Well Hardflip       R, L, Sq               5500
    (Vert/Street)     Somi Spin               L, D, C                5500
                      Ho Ho Ho                L, U, T                2000
    This is a secret character that can be obtained by getting all the video tapes in the 
    game.  They are scattered across all/many of the levels.  He's an old fat cop, but can 
    skate pretty well and has some cool moves!  He is listed as Vert/Street b/c it seems as 
    if he has moves of both!
    This second secret character's move give a lot of points, and is also listed as a Vert/Street 
    character.  2 of her moves however, are incorrect.  A Front Foot Impossible is actually a 
    360 Flip while the Varial is really a Hardflip.  
    Point Modifiers:
    The Shoulder Buttons rotate your character. With each successive spin, your point total 
    will increase. Point totals are below in chart 1. 
    Each successive time you do a trick, that trick's score decreases by a percentage. Point 
    totals are below in chart 2.
    Note: These numbers are different from the demo.  
           **Chart #1**                            **Chart #2**
    Degree of Turn     Multiplier            Time doing trick      Multiplier 	
    180                  1x                 1st                   100% 	
    360                  2x                 2nd                   75% 	
    540                  3x                 3rd                   50% 	
    720                  4x                 4th                   25% 	
    900                  5x                 5th-on                10% 	
    1080                 6x
    All the following codes have been verified and do indeed work.
    THE Super Code / Private Carrera
         1.  Start a game (in any mode) using Officer Dick. 
         2.  Pause the game and hold L1
         3.  While holding L1, press Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle. 
         4.  The screen will not shake like in all other codes. Restar the game and begin another one. In 
             the character selection screen Officer Dick will be replaced by Private Carrera. 
         5.  If you try to restart a session, the game will freeze and you cannot unfreeze it. 
    Unlock Everything:  
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square 
             Triangle (or remember CRUDCRUST)
         3.  This will give you 50 tapes w/ each character, All the videos, stages and boards.
    Unlock All Levels:  
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, 
             Square, Triangle (or remember TRUSTLUST)
         3.  The stages will still appear unavailable.  Choose them anyway!
    Skip to Restart:
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Square, Circle, X, Up Down.
         3.  This code will allow you to restart the level from various different areas.
    Special Meter Always Full:  
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right.
    Slow Motion:
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Square, Left, Up, Square, Left
    Big Head Mode:
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left.
         3.  Remember by SCULL (close enough)
    Stats at 10:
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press Square, Triangle, Up, Down.
         3.  Remember by STUD
    Stats at 13: (10 is the normal max)
         1.  Pause the game and hold L1
         2.  While holding L1, press X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down.
    Perfect Balance: 
         Does NOT Exist.  
    Points x 10:
         Does NOT Exist.  
    The original Mother code was created by PimpSid, and it is a stats modifier code. This 
    will allow you to increase your stats up to 150 (10 is the normal max). 
    Then, we got a better code...this one created by CDarklock.  It's somewhat different from 
    the original Mother Code in that you can edit your abilities individually as opposed to 
    the original which would give all the stats the same totals. This helps out a lot. 
    Finally, Dalsarns has provided us with a PAL version of this code for those playing the 
    European or Australian versions of the game. I wanted to say thanks to all three for 
    giving us an even better gaming experience! 
                Player One        Player Two        Player One (PAL) 	
    Ollie       300A8240 00??     300A8245 00??     300A839C 00?? 	
    Speed       300A8241 00??     300A8246 00??     300A839D 00?? 	
    Air         300A8242 00??     300A8247 00??     300A839E 00?? 	
    Balance     300A8243 00??     300A8248 00??     300A839F 00?? 	
    Turning     300A8244 00??     300A8249 00?? 	
    All Attribs 800CFFD0 00??     800D1924 00??     800D1A80 ???? 	
    --Please note the following:
    Enter in any value for ?? that is between 00 and FF. In the final PAL code, you can put 
    anything up to FFFF (though after 5000, problems may arise!). 
    The All Attributes (NTSC version) code will override your stats. All the other NTSC codes 
    will add on to your current base stats. If you have max stats by completing career mode, 
    it won't matter. If you enter in 09, to a value, you will add 9 to that value. Tony Hawk's 
    balance is 3, enter in 09 and he will have a balance of 12. 
    The turning code is a bit different. The higher the number the quicker it will allow you 
    to begin a turn. Not quite the most useful code, but if you mess with it a bit, you might 
    learn more. 
    More codes--
    GSCCC (http://www.cmgsccc.com/) has over 100 GameShark codes.  Check them out!
    Thanks to a ton of ppl who helped out on my Online FAQ, the THPS Forum and countless others.
    These documents Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and all aspects thereof are Copyright (c) 1998-2000 
    Activision and Neversoft.
    This FAQ cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way without consent from the 
    author, nor can it be used for profit. 

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