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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nemesis

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    A FAQ / Walkthrough for...
                              OO@@O;""#########@@######   @###@O
                         O,.,...,#################;,;O#@@    "O,O
                      OO"@OOO@@O@####@##O###O    .OO"O@###     .""O
                     @,@O@@O@@@O"""####O"                          O
                    ,  " .           ..,,;;;;;;;,...                 "
              "@@@@@@""O""O@####@#########@###@####@######@##@OOO"O"";,.. .;.
                                  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
                                  Platform: PlayStation
                                      Version: Final
                                 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                               E-Mail: nemesis@flipmode.com
                          My website: http://nemmysresource.cjb.net
                            T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                                 I. INTRODUCTION
                                II. LEGAL STUFF
                               III. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                                IV. Controls
                                 V. Game Options
                                VI. Skaters
                               VII. Walkthrough
                              VIII. Tips
                                IX. FAQ
                                 X. Hight Scores
                                XI. Secrets/Codes
                                    i. Glitches
                               XII. Credits
                              XIII. Contact Info
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is by far the greatest skateboarding ever made,
    and one of the best games to be released this year. It's just so fun to
    play, and the Career mode is soooooooooooo addictive. This FAQ contains
    a Walkthrough on how to get every tape in the game, and to become the
    best skateboarder in the universe! Bwahahahahahah! Well, maybe not in
    the universe,(that award is already taken by Mr. Tony Hawk:), but maybe
    in _your_ universe...
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    Version: Final (07/02/01)
    • Updated the format a bit, fixed some errors, and changed the site at the
      top of the FAQ, and removed my review of the game from the guide.
    UP--------------LEAN FORWARD/EXIT POOL
    DOWN------------BRAKE/LEAN BACK
    LEFT------------MOVE LEFT/BALANCE (while grinding)
    RIGHT-----------MOVE RIGHT/BALANCE (while grinding)
    O---------------GRAB TRICK
    SQUARE----------FLIP TRICK
    L1--------------TURN LEFT WHILE IN THE AIR
    L2--------------TURN 180 DEGREES WHILE IN AIR
    R1--------------TURN RIGHT WHILE IN AIR
    R2--------------TURN 180 DEGREES WHILE IN AIR
    ****************************   THE MOVES   ********************************
    HOW TO DO THE Holy Shi_ Grind:
    I was surprised to find that you didn't have the Holy Shi_ Grind on your 
    FAQ. In order to accomplish this, first go to the warehouse. Jump over 
    the halfpipe and onto the lip of the quarterpipe type thing along the 
    wall. You have to grind the entire lip without stopping to get the Holy 
    Shi_ Grind. It may seem impossible, but I have been able to accomplish 
    this once. Another thing you should add to the 
    S-K-A-T-E section of Downtown Minneapolis is the Secret Tunnel Entrance. 
    All you have to do to get this is jump up the quarterpipe where you find 
    the A to get some speed, then turn around and jump off the ramp almost 
    directly below the tunnel. This saves you a lot of time when you're 
    getting the T. Otherwise, great FAQ! -From: David Fry <dfry@zianet.com>
    360 Shove It-----Up, Square
    Heelflip---------Right, Square
    Impossible-------Down, Square
    Kickflip---------Left, Square
    *Note*: Press and hold Circle to tweek the moves below.
    Japan Air--------Up, Circle
    Indy Nosebone----Left, Circle
    Tail Grab--------Down, Circle
    Method-----------Right, Circle
    Madonna----------Upper-Left, Square
    Rocket Air-------Upper-Right, Square
    Benihana---------Lower-Right, Circle
    Stalefish--------Lower-Left, Circle
    Fingerflip-------Upper-Right, Square
    Front-Foot Impossible--Lower-Right, Square
    Varial-----------Lower-Left, Square 
    Hardflip---------Upper-Right, Square
    360 Flip---------Lower-Right, Square
    Sex Change Kickflip--Lower-Left, Square
    Nosegrind--------Up, Triangle
    Crooked Grind----Upper-Left or Upper-Right, Triangle
    BS Boardside-----Right, Triangle
    5-0 Grind--------Down, Triangle
    Smith Grind------Lower-Left or Lower-Right, Triangle
    FS Boardslide----Left, Triangle
    CAREER MODE: The main part and meat of the game. As a professional 
    skater, you must go through cities and other "hot spots", and capture 
    your best sessions on videotape. To collect the videotapes themselves, 
    you must meet the requirements for each level. There are 30 tapes total, 
    and getting the last few will not be easy.
    SINGLE SESSION: You get to choose a single level and skate for a two-
    minute session. Try to get the high scores for each level. To unlock 
    more levels in the other modes of the game, you must unlock them in 
    Career mode.
    FREE SKATE: One of the best parts of the game. There are no time limits, 
    and no high scores. Just you and the level. Use this mode to practice 
    your skills. And to just have fun.
    OPTIONS: Use this to go to the Options menu.
    VIEW VIDEOS: Use this to play back a previously saved replay or to view 
    videos that you've unlocked in Career mode.
    GRAFFITI: You and a friend try to pull off moves on a particular spot in 
    a level. When you pull off a move, the spot you did it on turns a color. 
    If your opponent pulls off a better move on the same spot, it turns to 
    their color. The player with the most "graffiti" spots wins.
    HORSE: Just like the basketball game, the first player performs a trick, 
    and then the second player tries to perform an equal or better trick. If 
    you don't succeed, you receive a letter. When you get "HORSE", you lose.
    TRICK ATTACK: Just like the Single Session mode, except for two players. 
    Two players skate at the same time, and whoever has the most points at 
    the end, wins.
    *NOTE* The profiles for all of the skaters were taken directly from the 
    instruction manual itself.
    Ollie:   ///
    Speed:   ///////
    Air:     ///////
    Balance: ////
    Age: 31
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Carlsbad
    Years Pro: 16
    Stance: Goofy
    Height: 6'2
    Kickflip McTwist- Right, Right, Circle
    540 Board Varial- Left, Left, Square
    360 Flip to Mute- Down, Right, Square
    The 900- Right, Down, Circle
    Christ Air- Left,Right,Circle 
    Handplant- Triangle,Triangle,Up 
    Ollie:   ////
    Speed:   //////
    Air:     //////
    Balance: ////
    Age: 22
    Born: Brazil
    Hometown: Encinitas
    Years Pro: 7
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'11
    Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
    One-Footed Smith- Right, Right, Triangle
    Burntwist- Left, Up, Triangle
    Ollie:    ///////
    Speed:    ////
    Air:      ////
    Balance:  //////
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Los Angeles
    Years Pro: 6
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 6'0
    Front Flip- Down, Up, Circle
    Casper Slide- Up, Down, Circle
    Kickflip Underflip- Left, Right, Square
    Ollie:    ////
    Speed:    ///////
    Air:      ///////
    Balance:  ///
    Age: 25
    Born: Denmark
    Hometown: Costa Mesa
    Years Pro: 7
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'11
    Kickflip McTwist- Right, Right, Circle
    Christ Air- Left, Right, Circle
    Front/Back Kickflip- Up, Down, Square
    Ollie:    /////
    Speed:    ///////
    Air:      //////
    Balance:  ///
    Age: 26
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Carlsbad
    Years Pro: 9
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'11
    Varial McTwist- Right, Right, Circle
    Fingerflip Airwalk- Right, Left, Circle
    Varial Heelflip Judo- Down, Up, Square
    Ollie:    //////
    Speed:    ////
    Air:      ////
    Balance:  ///////
    Age: 22
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Los Angeles
    Years Pro: 5
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'10
    Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
    One-Foot 5-0 Thumpin'- Right, Down, Triangle
    360 Shove It Rewind- Right, Right, Square
    Ollie:    //////
    Speed:    /////
    Air:      ///
    Balance:  ///////
    Age: 20
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Huntington Beach
    Years Pro: 3
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 6'2
    Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
    Heelflip to Bluntside- Down, Down, Triangle
    Triple Kickflip- Right, Right, Square
    Ollie:    ///////
    Speed:    /////
    Air:      ///
    Balance:  //////
    Age: 23
    Born: UK
    Hometown: Huntington Beach
    Years Pro: 5
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'8
    Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
    Double Hardflip- Right, Down, Triangle
    Dark Side- Right, Left, Triangle
    Ollie:    /////
    Speed:    /////
    Air:      ////
    Balance:  ///////
    Age: 24
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Encinitas
    Years Pro: 6
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'10
    Front Flip- Down, Up, Circle
    One-Foot Nosegrind- Up, Up, Triangle
    540- Left, Down, Square
    Ollie:    //////
    Speed:    ////
    Air:      /////
    Balance:  //////
    Age: Undisclosed
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Fort Myers
    Years Pro: 1
    Stance: Regular
    Height: 5'4
    Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
    Primo Grind- Left, Left, Triangle
    Judo Madonna- Left, Down, Circle
    Ollie:    /////
    Speed:    /////
    Air:      /////
    Balance:  /////
    Age: 43
    Born: USA
    Hometown: Mallwood
    Years Pro: 25
    Stance: Regular
    Hieght: 5'11
    Yeeeehaw Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
    Neckbreak Grind- Left, Right, Triangle
    Assume The Position- Left, Left, Circle
    *NOTE*- Each level has 5 objectives. Two are high scores objectives, one 
    is a special objective for that specific level, one is to collect the 
    letters that spell out "SKATE", and the last one is to find the hidden 
    tape. To receive a tape, you must complete one objective. I will only 
    show you how to get three out of five tapes for each level. The two high 
    scores objectives can only be completed by you, and only you.
    **NOTE**- I've only listed the levels with the five objectives in them. 
    These are the ones that you have to collect tapes on. I do not cover the 
    Skating competitions where you can earn a medal. All you have to do is 
    get the highest score out of all the skaters, and you'll get a medal. 
    Just look at the TIPS Section for tips on how to get high scores, and 
    you should be fine.
    Since the Warehouse is only the first level, it's incredebly small, so a 
    walkthrough for it would be senseless. It's so linear, that I've decided 
    not to do a walktrough for it, but if someone out there would like one 
    for it, just e-mail me, and I'll add one.
    Right after you jump off the giant ramp, turn left on either grind the 
    nearby rail, or just skate down the stairs. The letter "S" is right 
    above the rail at the end of it, so grinding it would be the better 
    If you keep on skating forward, you'll see a ramp, and the letter "K" is 
    floating above it. Jump the ramp to grab the letter "K".
    After getting "K", skate a little bit ahead and you should see two 
    rails. If you grind the second rail, you should be able to snag the 
    letter "A", which is floating right above it.
    Once that is done, head forward , and you should see multiple pathways. 
    Take the middle one, and you should spot the letter "T" floating high 
    above the right wall. Build up speed, and skate from wall to wall, 
    performing tricks to help gain extra speed, and grab the letter "T" from 
    its high home.
    Once you've received the letter "T", steer left, and you should see two 
    pools. If you grind the rail in between them, you'll grab the last 
    letter, "E".
    This objective in the School is to find and grind every table in the 
    entire level. There are five of them, so it shouldn't be too hard.
    The first table is right behind you when you first begin the level. 
    Instead of jumping off the ramp, make a hard right or left turn, and you 
    should see it. Now grind it.
    After grinding the first table, continue forward until you see a runway. 
    Either grind down it, or just skate down it, it makes no difference. 
    After reaching the bottom, turn right, and you should see the second 
    table. You know what to do.
    Once you grind the second table, turn right again, and you should be 
    where you found the letter "T", except you'll be going the opposite way. 
    At the end if this path is yet another table to your left. Grind it.
    Now take a hard right, and you will see a bridge. Skate along the side 
    of the three bridges to find the fourth table.
    After grinding the fourth table, keep skating forward, and you'll spot a 
    gap. Clear the gap, then go ahead a little bit further, and you will see 
    the final table. Grind it baby.
    The School's hidden tape is pretty easy to get. First, jump off the ramp 
    in the beginning, and veer to the right. You should be skating right by 
    the school itself. Go around the first turn, head right, and at about 
    halfway down the pathway, you should see a giant ramp on your right 
    side. Go up it.
    When you get to the top, head left, and you should see a brick structure 
    with a ramp. Connected to that brick structure is a rail. Use the ramp 
    to get on top of the structure, then grind the rail to the other side. 
    Gain some speed on the next ramp, and you will see the hidden tape 
    floating above the edge of the ramp at the very end of it. Jump off and 
    grab it.
    When the level starts, you'll be heading downhill. After the second left 
    turn, gring the rail on the left side of you, and grab the letter "S".
    After busting through the glass, head right of the nearby escalator. AS 
    you are skating ahead, keep to the right side, and once you've reached 
    the fountain, grind the rock thingy that has the plants on it, and 
    you'll get the letter "K".
    Ollie off the rock thingy, then keep on skating forward. As soon as you 
    reach another escalator, but with ramp to it's right. Head down that 
    ramp, and continue forward. As you get off the ramp, you should see a 
    pool with a couple of rails over it. If you grind the rail on the left, 
    you'll be able to get the letter "A".
    After you've grinded the rail, head left, and skate between the rock 
    thingy and the ramp. You should crash right through a mall directory, 
    and head onto yet another ramp. Instead of riding down the ramp, ollie 
    off the ramp, and over the two escalators. At the bottom, veer left, 
    then skate forward. After a while, you'll be at a island-type of 
    platform. Jump onto it, grind the rail on the left, then grab the letter 
    Once you've collected letter "T", head outside (just keep on skating 
    forward; an opening should lead outside.) Once you're out there, vault 
    off the ramp ahead of you, and snatch the letter "E".
    This objective requires you to crash through all five mall directories 
    loctated throughout the mall. Now, once you've reached the bottom of the 
    multiple ramps, crash through the ramps, and go up the escalator ahead 
    of you. At the top, you should see the first mall directory. Crash 
    through it, then head left and vault over the nearby wall, landing back 
    on the first level of the mall.
    Just skate forward, but keep on the left side of the pathway. Head up 
    the next escalator. Make a sharp right, then smash through the second 
    directory. Now turn around and go back the very same way you came.
    After turning around, jump over the wall on your left, and once again, 
    you're back on the first level. Skate forward, but stay to your left, go 
    past the pool, and then crash through the third directory, which is in 
    between another rock thingy on your right, and a ramp to your left. 
    Once you've smashed through it, Ollie off the ramp, and towards the 
    first level. Right after you hit the bottom, skate left, then go 
    straight ahead. The fourth directory should be right in front of you on 
    a rock platform. Crash through it, then go outside.
    If you keep going forward, you'll end up outside. The final directory is 
    at the very end of the outside section.
    This hidden tape can be a little tricky. At the end of the beginning 
    ramps, go through the window, and stay to the right. Avoid the 
    escalator, and if you are skating to the right, you should pass under a 
    "SALE" sign. Ahead of the sign is another escalator, a rail, and another 
    ramp. Grind the rail, and try to gain some speed for the next jump. 
    Once you've reached the end of the rail, jump off it, and onto the beams 
    hanging from the roof. Grind these beams, and, in order to get the tape 
    which is floating in between the two beams, you need to ollie from one 
    beam to another. You need to perform this just right to snatch the tape. 
    Once you got the hidden tape, just let time run out, and the level will 
    The letters in the Downtown level are a little tough to find. Good luck! 
    Skate ahead, jump off the ramp on your right, and ollie onto the walkway 
    to your right. At the end of the walkway, grind the rail just above you. 
    Jump up to the letter "S" floating just above the rail.
    Once you've reached the ground, head left, and skate to the park. The 
    letter "K" is floating right above the fountain. Ollie up to it.
    Now, after you get the letter "K", turn back around, and go back the way 
    you came. Skate up the path and toward the street ahead of you. Head up 
    the street, then take a sharp right turn at the top. Skate down this 
    street, and you should see the letter "A" floating next to a screen with 
    a music video playing on it.
    After grabbing the letter "A", head down the next street. You should be 
    able to see the letter "T" inside of a glass walkway above you. After 
    you skate underneath it, jump off the ramp on your right. Now grind the 
    rail above, and snatch the letter "E".
    After getting the letter, go back down the wall, and go back the same 
    way you came, and skate back underneath the glass walkway. Keep going 
    forward, and vault off the ramp in front of you, and into the tunnel. 
    Make your way through the tunnel, and the letter "T" should be toward 
    the end of it.
    This next objective is to crash all five of the "No-Skating" signs. 
    Right at the start of the level, head straight to the park. The first 
    sign will be located as you first wnter the park. Smash it.
    Head right through the park, past the fountain, and go up the hill. The 
    second sign is right up the hill.
    Once again, after you hit that sign, go back the way you came, and exit 
    the park. Go up the street in front of you, and turn right at the top. 
    You will see the music video playing , and the third sign should be next 
    to it.
    Follow the street that you were skating on, and go until you get to the 
    end. Turn right at the truck, back underneath the glass tunnel, and down 
    the street. There is a bus stop on your left, and the fourth sign is 
    right behind it.
    At the start of the level, jump off the ramp in front of you, and turn 
    around. There will be two ramps. Ollie off either ramp onto the street 
    above it. After landing on the street, turn left, and skate under that 
    all-too familiar glass tunnel. After a little while, you'll see a 
    trailer. Use that trailer as a ramp, and vault through the window into a 
    pathway. Skate through the pathway until you reach the roof.
    After you've reached the roof, use the ramp to the right of the glass 
    house. By using this ramp, you'll land onto another rooftop. Now make a 
    sharp right, build up speed, and jump up the ramp-wall. When you come 
    back down, keep heading in the direction you're going. There should be a 
    small ramp, and you should see the tape floating on the other side. Get 
    plenty of speed, ollie off the ramp, grab the tape, and land safely on 
    the other side.  
    Since the Downhill jam is all, well, downhill, it's pretty difficult to 
    get some of the letters. But just don't give up!
    Once you start, keep away from any rails and stay towards the center of 
    the hill. Head toward the small path in between the two rails ahead of 
    you, and vault off the ramp. Jump into the air and grab the letter "S".
    Once you land the jump, go right, and ollie off the ramp on the left 
    side of it. Once again, after landing, head right, and jump off the ramp 
    in front of you. After jumping off the ramp, grind the pipes above it, 
    and get the letter "K".
    Now, after getting "K", head back up the hill. You will see a giant ramp 
    that will lead to a rail. Grind that rail to the other side. The letter 
    "A" is floating above a slanted wall. You should be able to get the 
    letter "A" WITHOUT losing any velocity, and then jump back off the 
    ledge, back to the ground.
    After landing the jump, avoid the pit with water by veering to your 
    left, and ollie off a small ramp and grab the letter "T".
    Now, skate to the left side again, and use the two slanted walls as if 
    were a half-pipe: skate back and forth to get some speed. There should 
    be a rail on the far right. It's pretty high, so you'd better have some 
    serious speed. Grind on it, and grab the letter "E".
    This objective is to open all five valves in the level (why is 
    everything always five?)
    Start the level by jumping onto a large rock base, then grinding the 
    pipe on the left to turn on the first valve.
    After landing, make a sharp right turn past a rail, and pass the ramp to 
    the right. The path you are skating on should head to the right. You 
    should then ollie off the ramp in front of you, and turn on the second 
    Once you've landed, go left and head up that giant ramp again, and grind 
    across the pipe again to get to the other side. The third valve is along 
    the pipe.
    Once again, jump back off the other side, and back onto the main path 
    again. You should see a giant Mountain Dew sign ahead of you. If you 
    vault off the ramp in front of it, and get enough air while doing so, 
    you should be able to hit the fourth valve, which is located on top of a 
    giant stone hill just behind the sign.
    After landing, stay to your left to avoid ANY rails or ramps. There will 
    be a pool ahead of you. Skate past the pool so it's on your right. There 
    will be a very steep slope, and the last valve is on the wall to your 
    right. Grab it by jumping into the air as you go down the steep hill.
    This has got to be one of the toughest hidden tapes in the game. Just 
    keep on trying if you can't seem to get it the first or second time.
    As soon as you begin, stay to your left for a while, until you see the 
    giant ramp with a pipe extending to the other side. Grind the pipe to 
    get to the other side. Ollie off the edge, and grind on another pipe 
    that also extends over a gorge. Grind across that pipe to the other 
    Right after you jump off that pipe, perform a wall-ride on the left hand 
    wall, but you must do it very fast, or else you will land on the main 
    path again, and will probably have to start over. After doing the wall-
    ride, jump onto the rock ledge that's in front of you. Go past the 
    Mountain Dew sign, and do yet another wall-ride to cross another gap. 
    After doing that wall-ride, get some serious speed, try to go as fast as 
    possible, and then vault off the ledge so you can grab the hidden tape 
    that's located on a rock hill.
    Right when you start off the level, head through the glass and skate on 
    the grass in between the wall and the rail. Head on down to the third 
    level, and once you get there, steer right, and grab the letter "K".
    After landing the jump (after getting "K", you should just skate off the 
    edge of the level)and head to the left. Skate forward, and you will see 
    a walkway heading upwards. Go up it, and at the top, you should see the 
    letter "S".
    Now skate off the ledge, and once you get back onto the street again, go 
    left. You'll be heading the right way if the fountain is on your left. 
    Skate forward for a little bit, and you should see a building with flags 
    on it, and another one with an inclined ramp with rails. There is a 
    glass window right above the incline, and if you go through the window, 
    you'll be in a room with a large bowl. The letter "E"  is floating high 
    above the bowl, so you'll need plenty of air to get to it. After getting 
    "E", go back to the street, and go left.
    You should follow the street all the way to the end. Once you get to the 
    end of the street(you should now be at the top of a slight hill) you 
    will see the letter "A" floating between two small ramps. Get it, and 
    then go back the way you came.
    After going back down the small hill, you should see a rock planter with 
    some trees on it. Use the planter as a ramp, ollie up to the small 
    ledge, and go through the glass, and grab the last letter, "T".
    These are THE coolest 5 objectives in the entire game. To complete this 
    objective, you must grind all 5 police cars (heh, heh, heh--stickin it 
    to the man...)
    Okay, now to the walkthrough. Once the level begins, turn completely 
    around to spot the first car. Smash it. Now head back down the street.
    After going down the street, go left, and you will see a cop car parked 
    at a donut shop. Grind that porker's car.
    Continue down the street, and after a while you should see two cars. 
    Grind em' both, then continue down that street.
    Follow the street around the first left turn. Go past the building with 
    the flags, and at the end of this street, there should be the last cop 
    car. Now give it to the man one more time.
    One of THE hardest tapes to get in the whole game. All you need is 
    patience and a little skill.
    After starting off the level by going down the first steep hill, go 
    straight down the street in front of you. At the end of the street, 
    there will be a fountain to your right. Go past the fountain, make a 
    180, and ollie up to the fountain and skate on it to the end.
    At the end of the fountain, vault into the air, and onto the ledge of 
    the building in front of you. Follow it to the first left turn, and jump 
    onto the next ledge.
    Go down this next ledge, and follow the small ramp up, and to the left. 
    Now skate along the edge, and follow it to your right. Now, go up 
    another steep incline to your right, and at the top of the incline, make 
    another 180. You should now see a HUGE ramp. Go up the ramp, building as 
    much speed as possible. Now get as much speed as possible, and fly off 
    the edge of the ramp. If you got enough air, you should have been able 
    to grab the hidden tape floating above the glass structure, and then 
    crash through it.
    - Use the Free Skate Mode: Not only is the Free Skate mode one of the 
    funnest modes in the game, but it's also really good the practice on. 
    Use it to get to know each level so you don't have to wander around 
    looking for a specific item to grind or smash in the Career Mode.
    - Combos: Performing multiple combos or variations to moves you are 
    performing can drastically increase your score. Linking combos togethers 
    also brings up your score. Definatly use combos in the Career Mode to 
    achieve that high score you need.
    - Grind that rail: Grinding rails is a good way to rack up points. 
    Grinding a really long rail, or multiple rails at the same time is a 
    reallt good way to rack up points. But grinding while performing tricks 
    and then grinding again will dramatically raise your score and point 
    totals. Doing this will help you get some of the highest scores in the 
    - Grind anything that doesn't move: By grinding anything and everything, 
    you can get some spectacular scores. Heck, even try grinding passing 
    cars and trollys will give you an awesome point total.
    - Use the halfpipes: By using the halfpipes, or anything that even 
    resembles a halfpipe, you can raise your score quickly. If you do enough 
    tricks on it, you'll raise your special meter, and when that starts 
    flashing yellow, bust out some of your skater's special tricks. By 
    combining special tricks with some other tricks, you'll end up with a 
    HUGE combo, along with HUGE points. 
    - Be creative: Creativity is just as important to your score as are the 
    tricks themselves. Try to be unique. For example, try grinding off a 
    moving car, or try to grind the so-called "unreachable" rafters in 
    Skatepark. You'll be suprised with the scores you can get with a little  
    creativity :)
    - Get into a half pipe, get a lot of air, pull of a 540 board varial, and 
    then try the 900. TIP: Press right BEFORE you ollie off of it. TIP: Hold 
    down X all the time.  -From: RYAN FIELDS-<bakuryu_2004@yahoo.com>
    - I did it (the 900) on the halfpipe in Roswell. Do a few special moves 
    first to build your height and then go for it. It'll take a few tries 
    but you'll get it.  -From: Payton Boswell-<statik3@excite.com> 
    - The best place I have found to easily pull of a 900 is on the Roswell 
    Site. Begin by skating fast down the first slope (head slightly right)
    Jump forwards off the edge and onto the grind edge that runs through 
    the middle of the ramp. Grind down the middle (pulling of a few tricks) 
    and head towards the back ramp. It does not look very steep but at the 
    speed you should be going it's steep enough. Pull off the Benhiemer move 
    and keep in the position until the last minute. I have managed to do 
    this manoeuvre with most of the characters but Tony's the easiest.        
        -From: Alan Hall-<Alan.Hall@mail.bl.uk.>
    - HOW TO GET OUT OF ROSWELL:   You can jump out of the roswell level, on 
    the metal half pipe near the start, get enough air, and fastplant out 
    over the fence, if you do it right, you will land outside, but it will 
    probably take many tries. Many times even if your over the fence it 
    doesn't let you out, perhaps you have to land 
    right on a polygon seam. -From:"Carl Wilkinson" <carlwilk@hotmail.com>
    - I know a really good way to get really high scores (but you have to 
    cheat)unlock the slow motion cheat. It takes some patience, but you can 
    do a lot. The only level I've used this on is Chicago, but I'm sure you 
    can do it in other places. In the skate park (you can use anyone but 
    Rune was the one I used because of his Christ Air), go to the ramp that 
    sticks up just slightly from the rest and is kind of a bright orange. It 
    has one arrow on it. if you have enough speed, you can hold X and either 
    R1 or L1. Then jump offthe ramp and while holding one of the spin 
    buttons, do your trick and hold it. I have got up to a 2520 christ air 
    and I got over 150,000 points. If you try an ollie, and go over a 1260 
    (a mega ollie, worth only 350 points) you get no credit for the trick. 
    But if you do a trick with a spin, you can get quite a 
    few points. -From: Scoob711@aol.com 
    - In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater you can pull off a 2550 degree spin or 
    higher in the streets of San Fransisco level. Go to the part of the 
    level where there are flower pot thingies shaped like this. 
    Put on the slow motion code. when you put that on, you can pull off mad 
    tricks. Then, skate with full speed, ollie off the ramp, then spin as 
    fast and as long as you can. You should land over 2550 degrees.
    I did a 4470 or something like that. It's cool but you con't get many 
    points. It is also very easy to pull off the 900 with the slow motion 
           - From: Extremegamer1212@aol.com
    - Hey, I was just playing the first competition level in free skate mode, 
    and you know that half pipe in the corner, well when you get big air you 
    can see like black things hanging down from the ceiling well those are 
    the rafters i guess.....there is a quater pipe in back of the half pipe 
    against the wall......do a grab trick to get speed, then on the way back 
    just go straight back to the half pipe which is parallel to the quater 
    pipe, you can do a 50/50 grind on the ledges or the rail thing in the 
    middle on the way back and this gives you even more speed, when you hit 
    the back side of the half pipe launch over it and do like a air japan or 
    something big and you'll get transfer points and another thing comes up 
    that says like rafter jump, if you get high enough you will go over the 
    rafters and while doing a trick and spinning and whatnot you kinda get 
    stuck up there for alittle sometimes, then 
    you should land in the middle of the half pipe, i got like 30,000 points 
    on that one move, not sure if its a glitch or an actual move, but its 
    pretty cool. -From: <NcTarhel33@aol.com> 
    IX. FAQ
    Q. Is there a secret "Alien level?"
    A. Yep, sure is. It's called "Roswell: New Mexico", and you get it by 
    getting 26 tapes in Career Mode. BTW, it kicks total ass...
    Q. Is Officer Dick worth opening up?
    A. You bet your ass he is. As of now, he's my favorite character to play 
    with,(my previous one was Chad Muska.) They (the developers,) make fun 
    of the cops sooooo much with this "Dick". All of his decks include 
    either donuts, coffee, donuts w/spilling coffee, or nightsticks and 
    guns. Oh, and you can also see the crack of his ass while he's 
    Q. What's your highest score for a level?
    A. See the High Scores section. 
    Q. Where is the best spot to do the 900 any tips on getting high air 
    into it? -From <StvnMJones@aol.com>
    A. So far, I haven't been able to pull off the 900. All I know is that 
    you need A LOT of air to do it. I suggest using the ramp that is used to 
    get the Hidden Tape in San Francisco, as you can get tons of air by 
    vaulting off of it. My only tip is to just hold down on the jump 
    button(X) the entire time before jumping to ensure the highest speed and 
    Q. I've heard it's possible to get outside of Roswell? If you have found 
    out how to do this, can you shove the instructions in the next
    version of your FAQ please? -From: Tom Hayes <marblestone007@yahoo.com>
    A. I've never heard of anything like that, so, no, I don't know how to 
    do this. If anyone out there knows anything about this, or how to do 
    it(if it's even possible...), please contact me, and I'll post the 
    response in my next update.
    Q. On Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, I did a 1080. It was pretty much an 
    accident. It was in the Half Pipe of the Skate park in Chicago. I went 
    off the half pipe and thought I was gonna crash. I said the hell with it 
    and kept on spinning. It was probably a glitch or something. To my 
    surprise, I did a 1080. And I could never do it again. It was 300 pts. 
    too, cheap. Any one out there pull it off yet?-From <Danny7242@aol.com> 
    A. Yeah , it's a glitch. It happens to me all the time. What usually 
    triggers it is when you try to jump really high, or if you hit the jump 
    button multiple times over and over again. This will usually trigger the 
    glitch, and you will be able to perform TONS of tricks and spins you 
    never thought were possible. 
    Q. Can you skate over the wall at Roswell?
    A. Yes, apparently you can. Here's how to do it, courtesy of "Carl 
    Wilkinson" <carlwilk@hotmail.com>:  You can jump out of the roswell 
    level, on the metal half pipe near the start, get enough air, and 
    fastplant out over the fence, if you do it right, you will land outside, 
    but it will probably take many tries. Many times even if your over the 
    fence it doesn't let you out, perhaps you have to land 
    right on a polygon seam.
    Q: In Burnside, Portland, can you exit the skating area by jumping over 
    the fence? -From: Nader Mohyuddin <zakmoh@edge.net>
    A: I don't think that's possible.
    Q: In School, Miami, can you do any thing with the diving boards above 
    the oval pool? -From: Nader Mohyuddin <zakmoh@edge.net>
    A: Not that I know of.
    Please send in any questions you might have about Tony Hawks Pro Skater 
    to brett17@ignmail.com. Thanks!
    *MY HIGH SCORE*: One combo- 150,000 points! (My new high score!!!!!)
                     Overall level (School)- 215,255 points!
    *GREG LEE DAWSON* <gdawson@angelfire.com>: 
    One Combo- 320,000 points (damn!)
    Overall Level- 1,088,565 **NEW HIGH SCORE!**
    **HE DOESN'T CHEAT!!**
    *TIELER* <tieler_olds@hotmail.com>
    One Combo- 69,000 points
    Overall Level- 217,000 points
    *RYAN FIELDS* <bakuryu_2004@yahoo.com>
    One Combo- 24,879 points
    Overall Level- 108,937 points
    *TOM HAYES* <marblestone007@yahoo.com>
    One Combo - 10 Tricks - 118490 Points
    Fastplant + Over the Pipe + Secret Room + Front Flip +
    50 50 Grind + Impossible + 50 50 Grind + Holy Shi... +
    Wallride + Impossible
    High Score - 311486 Points
    *ZACH* <SKATEHAWK12@aol.com>
    Chicago-One Combo 223,453 points High Score 673,641 points
    Miami-One Combo 586,423 points High Score 1,502,034 ( zero points )
    *CHARLIE KLEUSER* <CK315Yogi@aol.com>
    San Francisco- One Combo: 98,000 points-  i don't remember all the 
    tricks but it was a 2150 fastplant + benihana + lowbard gap.
    San Frincisco- Overall: 262,926 points.
    *VEGETA* <supersayin@coolmail.com> Here's his high score, plus a little 
    There is no bull crap about this score I hate all the shit of the other 
    scores for this sweet game y'all can't play with out cheating listen:
    109,620 points(without the shit)
    Bob Burnquist @ Chicago state park
    Fastplant(tap up up{and hold it one the second push to transfer to the 
    rafter}before you release your jump),then do a 360 360 shove-it(hold r1 
    while tapping up+square),followed by a one footed smith (right right 
    triangle),jump straight up and do a 360 kick flip(jump w/o any 
    Pressed hold R1 tab left+square),another one footed smith(right right 
    triangle),again jump straight up but this time with a 360 heel flip 
    (jump as above then hold R1 and press right+square),the last grind of 
    them all another one footed smith (right right triangle) jump and pull 
    off a backflip (up down+circle)
    The scoring is like this:
    When you do the fastplant to a 360 360 shove-it the score adds the total 
    score and begins the multiplyer then when you get on the rafter by now 
    if you got all the possible extras you should be multiplied by 6 then 
    you do all the girnds and now you have all the grinds out of the way you 
    should have multiplied by ten IF you did all the little tricks out of 
    the way then the back flip is all you have left that leavse you with all 
    11 multiples if your good enough you'll rail with the special smith on 
    the edge of the rail. 
    To the auther of the faq :good job to all the rest cut 
    :the crap and play the game right.
    *RED1210* <red1210@hotmail.com>
    17 tricks
    227,780 points:
    180 switch transfer + japan air + over the rafters + backflip + over the 
    pipe + BS boardslide + rafter rail + 360 shove it + darkslide + 
    impossible + darkslide + 360 shove it + darkslide + impossible + 50-50 
    grind + wall ride + kickflip
    *NICHOLAS SHOWALTER* <snoopdogg_91@yahoo.com>
    my new high scores are:
    114,199 at chicago
    and 121,434 also at chicago
    *SPIKE* <RTHC2003@aol.com>
    I was looking at your FAQ for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and wanted to add 
    my score. It's not much b/s i didn't use any codes and i have only 
    played it for about a week, but here it is anyway:
    Warehouse: (Andrew Reynolds) 
    Nollie + Backflip + Over the Pipe + Secret Room + 50/50 Grind + HeelFlip 
    Bluntside + HeelFlip Bluntside = 72345 pts.
    *NEW HIGH SCORE*: 177,457 in the Warehouse, Andrew Reynolds again.
    *SCOLLIN2* <scollin2@neo.rr.com>
    Ok listen I know that these high scores that you guys are pulling off 
    are wit hthe "Slow motion Cheat" Personaly I think that Sucks A** What's 
    a matter with you guys It is not like you are doing this good with out 
    the codes. Look I might not be the greatest but I am getting better 
    every day... So here is my current high score( no cheating) 
    overall Score: 125,513 
    Best combo : 42,172 ( using Tony Hawk) 
    Actaully with the way i am going I will have a way better score very 
    soon. Try scores without cheating guys.
    *ALAN WILLS* <dismalyouth@hotmail.com>
     Hello. My high scores for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater are:
    Chicago Warehouse
    Combo: 244,025 points - 360 fastplant + over the pipe + secret room + 
    backflip + 50 50 grind + 360 shove-it + primo grind + impossible + primo 
    grind + Holy Shi + wall ride + sex change
    Total Score: 351,294
    *CHRISTOPHER TA* <ChristopherTa@student.yeovil-college.ac.uk> 
    ok heres my high scores
    one combo: 213,759 points on the warehouse level (backflip over pipe 
    etc- elissa steamer)
    level high score: 736,122 points on the school with chad muska
    cheers for the excellent FAQ too dude, woulda taken me forever to find 
    all those special moves!!
    *JIM* <vball81@csrlink.net>
    142,030 with the Elissa on the first board.
    *ADAM BEAN* <mrbean@adelphia.net>
    No bs at all, all good w/ special moves 
    On the School best combo 422,426 
    It is the sh!t!
    First I'd like to say great faq that you made. Here is my high score for 
    the Warehouse: 
    Skater: Kareem Campbell 
    Level: Warehouse 
    Best Combo: 93,690 
    FastPlant + Over the Pipe + Secret Room + FrontFlip + 50 50 Grind + 
    Impossible + Casper Slide + Impossible + Casper Slide + Kickflip to Indy 
    Overall Score: 338,348 
    NOTICE: No Cheats Whatsoever were used to gain this score, I earned it 
    the hard way after countless hours of practice.
    Total level score 1,092,808 NO CHEATS 
    highest combo 266,266 NO CHEATS 17 tricks pretty much the same as  
    the last one I sent in but with private Carrera.
    *PAUL BECK* <beckp@msx.upmc.edu>
    My personal High score is on the Warehouse = 162,000 
    I have witnessed a high score by a friend of mine (Dave Willett) who 
    has a score on the warehouse of 217,000 
    These are without cheat codes, and with Tony Hawk as the skater. 
    The highest scores with T. Hawk on the warehouse are done by doing a 
    McTwist over the pipe, through the secret room and grinding on the pipe 
    and then along the wall.
    Well, these are all without cheats, 100% legit. 
    Warehouse, with Elissa Steamer: 304,000 (multiple over the pipe secret 
    room grinds) 
    Best trick (warehouse again): 89,000 (nollie + over the pipe + through 
    the secret room + backflip + smith grind + primo grind + heel flip + 
    crooked grind + impossible i think thats what it was...) 
    *Jason Brannen* 
    My best combo is 81,234 at the downhill jam level. 
    My best overall score was 152,321 at the warehouse. 
    These scores were done without any cheats and I used Tony Hawk.
    *MIKE* <zora46@webtv.net>
    hey brett so far i have had Tony Hawk Pro Skater for a week and got 
    350315 on the warehouse. i got this by goingright on the ramp with cyca 
    on it and doing a bennihana an holding it while spining. Then i went 
    over the pipe and through the secret room while doing a nollie into a 
    360 shove-it with anoher one and doing a special grind on the pipe then 
    a 360 shove-it with another special grind around the turn then a 360 
    shov-it wth another specialgrind with a 360 shove-it and another special 
    grind around the next turn with a kickflip with another kickflip. I 
    usually get around 72000 points for the first time. I go around and do 
    it again but before hand i do me a big rail then a madonna with a chnal 
    gap then sometimes another chanel gap. 
    I have one question how in the world did that guy get 1 mil in tony 
    My new highest total score is 649,153 in the school level. No cheats. 
    -Alan Wills 
    My high score with out those stupid cheats is 338,000 on Chicago  
    278,000 on San Francisco. I also have witnessed my friend ( Padam ) he  
    got 830,000 on Miami and 620,000 on the Warehouse and 300,000 on the  
    Mall I guarantee we worked hard for these scores. ! NO CHEATS!
    I'd like to report my new high schore of 266,220. I got it with Elissa 
    in the Warehouse... WITHOUT THE CHEATS! Don't post those damn fake 
    scores where they use slow-mo... anyone can break 1,000,000 usin em.
    *HotRod9ll@aol.com *
    I decided I would send this since I didn't see very many high scores in  
    Downhill Jam. This is totally without any codes. 
    Best Combo: 91,341 
    I got this in the last part of the level near the letter E. I only got 
    this game two weeks ago so I will get higher scores later on.
    937,063 pts. - Warehouse
    255,000 pts.- Highest Combo
    Hi there 
    I love your Tony Hawk FAQ. Not as much as I love the game, of course, 
    but you've helped me and my housemate discover loads of things we 
    otherwise wouldn't :) 
    Anyway, I have a high score for you to include, if you're still 
    updating. Not the best out there, but respectable I feel. 
    Character: Elissa Steamer 
    Level: Warehouse 
    Single Session: 455,263 
    Single Trick: 198,385 
    360 Fastplant + (Over the Pipe) + (Secret Room) + *Backflip* + 50-50 
    grind + *Primo Grind* + (Holy Shit) + Wall Ride + Sex Change + Sex 
    Goes without saying that this is without slow motion, gameshark etc. 
    I'll send in scores for other levels when I top 300k :) 
    Aaron Gunstone
    Spike's back and he has a new score! This one totally kills my other 
    one: (No cheating, by the way) 
    Nollie - Over the Pipe - Secret Room - Backflip - 50/50 Grind - 360 
    Shove it - Prima Grind - Impossible - Prima Grind - Holy Sh... - Wall 
    Ride (By the way, this was with Elissa Steamer) 
    For a grand total of....  
    154,987 pts.!! 
    Ha, that one combo probably beat my old total score. And my final score 
    for the warehouse is : 505,120!
    I now have 950 thousand on the warehaouse. I used Bob and do a backflip 
    over the pipe land w/ a special grind then Ollie w/ a 360 impossible 
    land w/ a special grind then go around the corner and Ollie and do a 
    360(360 shove it). From then on i balance carefully and as I get close 
    to the end I hold down "x" and "triangle" and right when I hit the wall 
    i let go of "x" (this will cause you to do a high wall ride) then 
    quickly hold "x" again and as soon as I get to the top of the wall ride 
    i release "x" and do a spin trick. That's usually worth 230-260 
    thousand. I just repeat it by going to the quarter pipe that is to the 
    right of the half pipe (if you are facing the open end of the half pipe) 
    and doing a trick and then I do the whole thing over from there because 
    that trick gives you enough speed to make it over the pipe and it is 
    much easier to aim. You must also jump off of the combo where  
    the quarter pipe comes out of the wall one time so you have enough time 
    to get off the big combo at the last second.Make sure that you don't do 
    channel gaps on your return trip or you won't have enough time to get 
    the last combo in.
    Hey, my name's Derek. I just got done reading your FAQ on gamefaqs.com 
    for Tony Hawk: Pro Skater. You did a great job on it. I also wanted to 
    send in my personal high score, for the next revision of your FAQ. My 
    best combo was in the Warehouse. I went down the first ramp you face at 
    the beginning, kept going straight until I came to the quarter pipe 
    along the back. Then, I Ollied into a Hardflip+Darkslide across the High 
    Rail, spun a 360 360 Flip+Darkslide along the lip of the quarter pipe. 
    Then, I nailed a Sex Change+Darkslide across the rail on the sub box, 
    and dismounted into the halfpipe with a 360 Kickflip to Indy. This trick 
    nets at least 95,000 points, depending on how long you hold your grinds. 
    Well, thanks for your time and keep up the good work! 
    Derek Patterson
    Hi there 
    Just wanted to give you my high scores 
    One Trick = 111342 - 540 Fastplant + Over The Pipe + Secret Room + 
    Frontflip + Nosgrind + 360 Shove It + One Footed Nosegrind + Impossible 
    + One Footed Nosegrind + Heelflip + Kickflip 
    Highest Score = 350 000 at the warehouse 
    Ryan Bennet
    Skater: Private Carrera 
    Course: Warehouse 
    Cheating: none 
    Best Combo: 98,560 points 
    Overall High: 425,784 points
    A little message from another reader:
    to all you bulls****** with the fake 6hundred thousand points, better 
    back up. there is no way u can ge tthat, if u did explain where fools, 
    where i found to be the prime spot is in chicago, u can hit that really 
    small rail n ghet straight, get speed and jump over the rail and pipe 
    and land on the rail on the othwer side of the pipe, u can do specials 
    over this and u can rake up some huge points, grind it all the way down, 
    u hav to jump the first pilar that will knock u off but the second one 
    will get u into the pool to grind that until u decide to jump out or 
    fall, ive got about 240,000 or so, legit, no crappyu ass codes, its not 
    hard to get like 100,000 pts. but over 5 would probably be impossible or 
    your usin a code, or your god( i doubt it) 
    peace out yall 
    *tieg logie <im_a_cliche@yahoo.com>*
    My friend got stuck somewhere in the Downhill Jam, did 
    a lot of tricks, then landed it, and it gave him a 
    high score of 1,080,000 or around there. It was on 
    his memory card (the score) so I believe him. He 
    didn't specify exactly where it happened (and doesn't 
    have the replay saved). It happened to me once in 
    Minnesota, I got stuck landing on one of the outer 
    ramps, around the fountain. You just sort of hang 
    there, if it's never happened to you. I did tricks 
    forever (spinning, kick flipping, grabbing) but time 
    ran out and I never landed it. Good FAQ as well.
    *Bernard Doherty*
    My high scores are: 
    Burnside- 412,876 One combo - 163,321 All with Elissa Steamer. 
    Warehouse- 377,234 One combo- 111,785 
    School - 355,214 One combo 108,487 
    Chicago- 166,842 One combo 42,517 
    No cheats
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, 
    Right, Up, Square, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, the 
    pause screen will shake. Then all levels, FMV sequences, tapes, full 
    stats, and Officer Dick will be unlocked. 
    -From: Blitzkrieg@PlaystationFan.com
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, 
    Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, 
    the pause screen will shake.
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, 
    Right. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. -
    From: slateman666@hotmail.com
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Up, Down. If 
    you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Then your 
    skater's attributes will be 10. -From: slateman666@hotmail.com
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press X, Square(2), Triangle, Up, Down. 
    If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Then 
    your skater's attributes will be 13. -From: slateman666@hotmail.com
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Square, Circle, Up, Left(2). If 
    you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Then, quit 
    the current level and start another game for all characters to have a 
    big head. -From: slateman666@hotmail.com
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Square, Left, Up, Square, Left. 
    If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake.
    Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Square, Circle, X, Up, Down. If 
    you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. -From: 
    Blitzkrieg@PlaystationFan.com and slateman666@hotmail.com
    Collect all thirty tapes with any character in career mode to unlock 
    Officer Dick as a playable character. -From: slateman666@hotmail.com
    Use a character to get the gold in all three competitions. Then, select 
    the "View Replay" option to view that skater's ending sequence.
    Unlock Officer Dick as a playable character, then use him to get the 
    gold in all three competitions. The Neversoft Bails FMV features the 
    game's developers trying to skate.
    To unlock Roswell, complete with UFOs and hidden Aliens, just get 26 
    tapes to unlock it as the last competition.
    A new secret character! It's a chick, who wears hot pants and a tight 
    tank top. Here's how you get her:
    Turn on your game (duh), and go into something. (freeskate for 
    example..) Now pick Officer Dick, your skate, and go into any level.
    Now once you are in the level, pause the game and enter this code:
    HOLD L1, triangle, up, triangle, up, circle, up, left, triangle.
    The screen WON'T shake. Now go down to "end run". Then pick "Quit".
    You should be at the main title screen now.. Start a game (freeskate, 
    career, etc..) And you will have Private Carrera instead of Officer 
    dick!! Her stats are at max..
    Here are her special moves: left, down, circle 
                                left right square 
                                left, up + triangle.
    The first two might be the opposite (ex: right left square instead of 
    left right) because I can't really remember. And the last one is a 
    special handplant. -From: Greg Lee Dawson
    Small new semi-section. If you have any other glitches that I don't 
    have, e-mail me with the glitch, and I'll post it on my next update.
    As you do, I love tony hawks pro skater. I was playing it the other day 
    and discovered something pretty obviouse, but haven't seen read anything 
    about the possiblilities with it. When you enter the slow motion code 
    when you do move and preform tricks they are all slow too, but I started 
    a level with the code on and just before I went to go off the edge of a 
    half pipe, I turned the code on. I held in up to fly off the side and to 
    go up and over the half pipe and as I did this I started spinning and 
    held in O to do a grab much to my suprise after a few seconds I began to 
    spin at a normal spin rate but yet I fell at the slow motion rate. This 
    gave me to spin around 15 times with a grab. My high score with using 
    this trick was around 80,000 points by 
    turning the code and off while jumping grinding jumping. 
    SN: Swizbeatz16@aol.com 
    I found this one on accident. You need a gameshark for this one and any 
    gameshark type peripheral. You trun the code for infinite time on. The 
    code is 80025556 2400. Once that is entered start any mode with any 
    skater. Then go to a half pipe or a quarter pipe. Be going up it at a 
    slow speed. Just enough to make it to the top. Then ollie. When you land 
    it wont think you landed so you "float" on the ground. The cool part 
    about this is that you can still do tricks and spins endlessly. I once 
    left my playstation on overnight with a holding spin trick on. Woke up 
    and had 10 billion points! It is hard to get out of the glitch so it 
    thinks you landed. It ya hit something right you can land it. Thought 
    this would be fun when ya get a little bored with the game. 
    From: gogeta55@hotmai.com 
    In the downhill jam, near the bottom where there is two parallel rails 
    with the piller in the middle, go just past this and there is a slight 
    decline, right on the left is a dark looking spot on the wall right 
    above the ledge. Now go down the decline and turn around, get some speed 
    and ollie up onto (over) the ledge and you should get caught in the 
    glitch. Now you should be floating, do as many tricks as possible (for 
    as long as you want), now the tricky part, getting out of the glitch. 
    You just have to move around with the direction pad for a while and you 
    should eventualy fall out (sometimes on your head). You can get about 
    any amount of points using this. 
    From: "jay skoglund" <skogie56@rockford.com>
    When you enter the code to get Private Carrerra instead of exiting 
    choose continue you can play as Officer Dick and do Private Carrerra 
    special moves plus when you fall you scream like a girl. :)
    From: XCheechx@aol.com
    *tieg logie <im_a_cliche@yahoo.com>*
    My friend got stuck somewhere in the Downhill Jam, did 
    a lot of tricks, then landed it, and it gave him a 
    high score of 1,080,000 or around there. It was on 
    his memory card (the score) so I believe him. He 
    didn't specify exactly where it happened (and doesn't 
    have the replay saved). It happened to me once in 
    Minnesota, I got stuck landing on one of the outer 
    ramps, around the fountain. You just sort of hang 
    there, if it's never happened to you. I did tricks 
    forever (spinning, kick flipping, grabbing) but time 
    ran out and I never landed it. Good FAQ as well.
    hey this game is the best game i ever played. I was in the streets of 
    san francisco and time was running out so i figured i might as well get 
    one last grind in. I started grinding on a ledge on the ground and then 
    i hit a wall. i was tony hawks and after he hit the wall he stayed 
    crouched down. the grind wasnt over. i started pressing r2 and he just 
    kept spinning and the multiplier thing just kept going. i couldve kept 
    pressin the button but i stopped at 1000 and my score for the 1 trick 
    was 180,180. it was pretty weird. let me know if you saw it.
    My glitch is on Burnside. When you grind to the end of the bridge, and 
    drop down to the mini half pipe grind on that and jump of right before 
    you hit the fence. You will be stuck in the half pipe and can keep 
    spinning until you ollie out. Be careful cause you might fall.
    -From: Bernard Doherty 
    GameSages <www.gamesages.com>- For the Special Tricks.
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Instuction Manual- For the Skater Profiles and 
    Game Options sections.
    Cheat Codes Central <www.cheatcc.com>- For the codes and secrets
    Everyone who sends in their high scores- Couldn't have made a High 
    Scores section without you. *Sniff*
    Ryan Fields, Payton Boswell, and Alan Hall- For their tips on how and 
    where to pull off the 900.
    Carl Wilkinson <carlwilk@hotmail.com>- For the HOW TO GET OUT OF ROSWELL 
    SwizBeatz@aol.com- For the glitch.
    Greg Dawson <gdawson@angelfire.com>- For the high scores, and the 
    Private Carrera trick. Thanks!
    Tristan Barlow <tristanawati@hotmail.com>- For the rest of Tony Hawk's 
    Specials. Thanks!
    Shameless Self-Promotion: Other FAQs by me:
    -Ape Escape
    -Brave Fencer Musashi
    -Crash Team Racing
    -Gran Turismo 2
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    -Sega Swirl
    -Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Coming soon!!!)
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