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    Transfer List by SCranfill

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 04/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    The BLUE List v0.8
    Author: Scott Cranfill
    AOL/AIM SN: Mr Dittle
    E-mail: mrdittle@aol.com
    Last Updated: 17.04.2k
    //I. Table of Contents
    	   I. Table of Contents
    	  II. Introduction
    	 III. Notes of Interest
    	  IV. Update History
    	   V. The Warehouse of Woodland Hills
    	  VI. The School in Miami
    	 VII. The Mall in New York
    	VIII. The Chicago Skate Park
    	  IX. Downtown Minneapolis
    	   X. The Downhill Jam of Phoenix
    	  XI. Burnside, Portland
    	 XII. The Streets of San Francisco
    	XIII. Roswell, New Mexico
    	 XIV. Acknowledgements
    	  XV. Legal Shtick
    //II. Introduction
    	After viewing the lists of the transfers, special grinds,
    	and what have you, I fourd most of them to be poorly
    	organized, badly written, and sometimes incomplete.  So,
    	I decided to try my hand a writing one of these babies.
    	This is what I have named -- due to "Transfer List"'s 
    	lack	of wit and slight ambiguity -- The BLUE List (so
    	named because these special maneuvers are written in blue
    	at the bottom of the screen).
    //III. Notes of Interest
    	I have attempted to list the transfers all in one fluid
    	run, starting from the start position in the one player
    	free skate mode.
    	I decided to leave the point values for each maneuver off
    	of this list, because as I went played serious games with
    	my friend, and in the career mode, I found that I was not
    	concerned with how much each was worth, but more with the
    	glamour and the multiplier involved with each.  If I get
    	enough comments saying that they would like to see point 
    	totals, I would be glad to oblige.
    	Anywhere that I say to "land on a rail" or something to 
    	that effect, it always means to grind on the rail, not 
    	just land on it.
    //IV. Update History
    	08.04.2k -- v0.2
    	List first created.  The Warehouse and School are
    	10.04.2k -- v0.5
    	Table of Contents added.  Some formatting changes.  The 
    	Mall and Skate Park are completed.
    	11.04.2k -- v0.6
    	Acknowledgements and Legal Shtick added.  Two new blues
    	confirmed in the Warehouse.
    	17.04.2k -- v0.8
    	Massive re-write of the Rail 2 Rail Transfer in the 
    	School level.  Downtown Minneapolis, Downhill Jam, and 
    	Burnside are completed.  Minor corrections made.
    //V. The Warehouse of Woodland Hills
    	Kicker Gap
    		Score some quick blue by simply ollieing over the
    		gap between the two small wooden ramps near the pool
    		of water.
    	Kicker to Ledge
    		Ollie from the kicker closest to the back wall over 
    		to the raised ledge on the side.
    		Directly on your left after you go down the hill 
    		when you start out in free skate is the quarter pipe
    		with the large deck behind it and another quarter
    		pipe with a ledge against the wall.  To score the
    		blue here, just ollie from the first quarter pipe 
    		and hit the back wall, behind the second 
    		quarterpipe.  (Don't worry, you won't fall.)
    	Transition Grind
    		To score the blue with this variation on the
    		faceplant, ollie from the first quarterpipe in the
    		same fashion, but instead of hitting the wall, you
    		must grind the lip of the second quarterpipe.
    	Deck 2 Rail
    		One of the harder blues to score in the Warehouse,
    		what you must do is ollie from the large deck to the
    		Big Rail in the center of the level.
    	Big Rail
    		Grind the entirety of the long rail in the center of 
    		the Warehouse.
    	High Rail
    		To score some blue with a high flashiness rating,
    		ollie from the quarterpipe that lines the back wall
    		up to the large sign above it and grind the top of
    		said sign.  You must get 90% of the sign to get the 
    	Monster Grind
    		Directly from the High Rail you can score some easy
    		but flashy blue by dropping down and grinding the 
    		lip of the quarterpipe, and then hopping off that
    		onto the rail that leads into the halfpipe.  Make 
    		sure that when you get on the High Rail you are
    		grinding to the right from where you ollied up.
    	Channel Gap
    		To grap this gap, just ollie from any of the three 
    		quarterpipes that are bordering the two large hills,
    		across the hill, and onto one of the other
    		quarterpipe segments.
    	Over the Pipe
    		Quite simply, just do what the title says.
    	Over the Pipe + Secret Room
    		A little tricker than just going Over the Pipe, this
    		blue is aquired by flying through the glass walled
    		room that hangs above the halfpipe without touching
    		the floor of said room.  You automatically get the 
    		over the pipe if you have enough air to clear the
    		secret room.
    	Holy Sh.. Grind
    		I would say the hardest blue to score in the game 
    		would be this, which is gotten by grinding the whole
    		of the quarterpipe lining the back wall.  Yes, all
    		the way around.  Aptly named.
    	Taxi 2 Rail
    		Ollie off of the Taxi into a grind on the rail that
    		sits on the ledge between the halfpipe and the
    	Taxi 2 Ledge
    		Jump from the Taxi onto the ledge between the half-
    		pipe and the quarterpipe.
    	Taxi Gap
    		Ollie from the Taxi into the halfpipe.
    //VI. The School in Miami
    	Gimme Gap
    		This blue may seem easy to score, but don't let it 
    		fool you, it's hard to line up properly.  Ollie 
    		straight off of the large awning that you start on,
    		and land with a grind on the edge of the planter 
    		directly in front of you.
    	Handicapped Ramp Rail
    		Immediately after the Gimme Gap, take a left and 
    		take the long rail in front of you all the way down.
    	Rail 2 Rail Transfer
    		Apparently, there are at least 4 different ways to 
    		score this blue at the School.  The first one is
    		probably the simplest.  As you go down the Handi-
    		capped Ramp Rail, ollie over to the ledge on the
    		left.  The others are more complicated.  I know of 3 
    		all in the same area.  Take a left off the first 
    		Rail 2 Rail and go through/over the ditch.  Now, 
    		stop right there.  You should see a lunch table in 
    		front of you, a ledge on your left, and another 
    		ledge with a bend in it behind the table.  For the 
    		next Rail 2 Rail, grind on the left ledge.  When you 
    		get to the major bend where it connects with the 
    		ledge that goes off to the right if you're going 
    		slow enough, you should drop right onto that ledge 
    		and keep going.  Once you get past the bend in that 
    		ledge, you get a Rail 2 Rail.  It seems like you 
    		could just get it by grinding by the bend in the 
    		ledge, but you must get all three parts to get the 
    		blue.  Another way to get blue is to do the same 
    		thing, but in the opposite direction.  This time, 
    		however, it will not be as easy.  When you get to 
    		the major bend, with the grassy area behind it, you 
    		won't automatically connect with the other ledge and 
    		start going to the left.  You're going to have to 
    		ollie from the first ledge to the one that goes off 
    		to the left and keep grinding to get that blue.  A 
    		very confusing mess.  The last way that I have 
    		confirmed of Rail 2 Railing on this level is to jump 
    		from the lighter quarterpipe down and to your left 
    		into a grind on the ledge mentioned above.
    		Note: Tom Hayes reports that you can also get blue
    			by grinding along the ledge that leads to the
    			ditch, ollieing over the ditch, and continuing
    			with a grind on the ledge on the other side.
    	Kicker Gap
    		Immediately after the Handicapped Ramp Rail, ollie 
    		straight off of the wooden ramp that's slightly to
    		your left.
    	Park Gap
    		Making a right C-turn off of the Kicker Gap, you see
    		a quarterpipe with a sizeable gap in it.  Jump the 
    		gap from either side to the other to some some blue.
    	Playground Rail
    		One of the School's harder blues to grab, you have 
    		to ollie/nollie/fastplant up to the top of the large
    		wall with the graffiti on it, and grind the whole 
    		thing.  Best if you use either funbox for a boost.
    	Mini Gap
    		Same deal as the Park Gap, but on the opposite end 
    		of the big wall, and with a smaller gap.
    		Note: There is a second mini gap on the largest 
    			roof, where there is a gap in the quarterpipe 
    			that	lines it.  Grind the lip of the 
    			and ollie the gap.
    	Funbox 2 Rail
    		Note: A funbox is a square structure about 4 feet 
    			high that has ramps all the way around it.
    		Jump off the funbox near the large graffitied wall 
    		and land on the lip of the quarterpipe that lines
    		the wall.
    		Note: Tom Hayes says that you can also bag the blue
    			by jumping from the ramp at the bottom of the 
    			large hill (behind and to the left of the
    			start) to the rail near the sqaure pool.
    	Funbox 2 Table
    		Ollie from the funbox near the big wall to the 
    		nearby lunch table.  Difficult to get the position 
    		and proper jump time.
    	Huge Rail
    		Grind the length of the lip of the lighter curved 
    		quarterpipe that connects the courtyard with the 
    		pool area.
    	Swim Team Gap
    		Ollie from one pool to the other, or reportedly from 
    		the large ramp at the bottom of the hill into the
    		square pool.
    	Dumpster Rail Gap
    		Take an immediate right from the start point.  Fall 
    		down off of the awning and head into the alley.
    		Grind up the rail right in front of you and ollie 
    		off it at its peak, landing and grinding on the 
    		downward sloping rail right behind it.
    	Garbage Ollie
    		Immediately from the Dumpster Rail Gap, you can jump 
    		and grind around the curved garbage where the alley 
    		turns and quickly ollie off at the end, sending you
    		over a seperated garbage container, and scoring you
    		some blue.  If you continue down the alley, you'll 
    		see another singular dumpster which you can ollie 
    		over for minor points.  Not worth the trouble 
    	Over the Air Conditioner
    		A very difficult blue to score, you must 
    		ollie/nollie/fastplant over the entire big square 
    		object on the 	largest roof (which they claim is 
    		supposed to be an air conditioner).
    	Roof 2 Roof Gap
    		Score some flashy blue by leaping from the big roof 
    		over to the smaller roof that has all the point
    	Roof 2 Awning Gap
    		Instead of taking the long plank, score some major
    		blue by ollieing from the top of the large square
    		air conditioner on the roof onto the green awning
    		(that leads down to the Hidden Tape in	career 
    	Ditch Slap
    		Ollie over the whole ditch that juts into the 
    	Over a Footbridge
    		Use the sloped areas down in the ditch to launch 
    		yourself over one of the two bridges to score some
    		nice blue.
    	Long Ass Rail
    		Grind either ledge lining the large hill behind and 
    		left of the start, all the way down.  The left ledge
    		is much harder.
    		Note: You can also get this blue by grinding the 
    			length of the darker quarterpipe that leads 
    			from courtyard to the pool area.
    	Hall Pass Gap
    		If you get up on the left ledge that lines the large 
    		hill mentioned above and start going down, you will 
    		see a small ledge jutting out of the grassy area, 
    		with a rail leading off of it.  Grind up the rail, 
    		and ollie off of it at the end.  Successfully grind 
    		the ledge at the bottom for a very difficult and 
    		highlight-worthy blue.
    //VII. The Mall in New York
    	Planter Gap
    		After making it to flat ground, go right when you 
    		get to the escalator.  Hop onto one of the planters 
    		and grind.  Upon reaching the end, ollie into a 
    		grind on the next planter to get some minor blue.
    	Fountain Gap
    		Ride up the first escalator you see.  Go through the 
    		directory and make a quick ollie onto a platform.
    		Ollie over a small gap to a downward sloping 
    		platform.  If you can make it all the way down and 
    		leap into the 	hole in the fountain, you bag some 
    		pretty sweet blue.  Leap out of the fountain onto 
    		the platform for another Fountain Gap.
    	Rail Combo
    		Ascend the first escalator and go left of the 
    		directory.  You should see a rail jutting out into 
    		open air.  Grind on that rail, ollie off, and land 
    		on the Coffee Grind rail below to score some sweet 
    		Note: This transfer can be accomplished for less 
    			blue	by going right of the directory at the 
    			of the escalator and dropping off the rail onto 
    			a planter.
    	Coffee Grind
    		Taking the route left of the large fountain, you 
    		will see a very long rail.  Grind most of it for 
    		this high scoring blue.
    	Over a 16 Stair Set
    		A simple jump over the stairs to the left of the
    		second escalator bags this blue for you.
    	The Flying Leap
    		Set up nicely by both the double Fountain Gap and 
    		the Rail Combo/Coffee Grind, get some high flying 
    		blue by ollieing over the rail at the top of the 
    		second escalator.
    	Going Up Gap
    		At the bottom of the 16 Stait Set you see a 
    		semicurcular quarterpipe with two gaps in it where 
    		elevators go up and down.  Jump one of the gaps for
    		the Going Up Gap blue.  Harder than it looks.
    	Going Down Gap
    		Jump the other gap for this blue.
    	//On a personal note, I'm just wondering if anyone has 
    	//been able to launch all the way up to the rail high 
    	//above the elevator area, with the big parking sign.  I 
    	//would love to grind that, but it doesn't seem possible.  
    	//If someone has been able to do this, please send me an 
    	//e-mail.  Thanks.
    	Skater Escalator Gap
    		Simply ollie over one or both of the escalators to 
    		the lower level.  A very fun blue to score that 
    		gives you	serious hangtime for pulling off special 
    		moves.  Use the small upward slopes of the escalator 
    		rails for	a boost.
    	For the Whole Atrium
    		When you come out into the big open area, you will
    		notice that it has two ledges running on either side
    		of it.  Grind the whole length of either of these.
    		Seems to me that I always fall right after I've got
    		the blue, but before I've been able to complete the
    		trick.  Very frustrating.  Could be my character's 
    		balance (Rune Glifberg).
    	Over a Huge 32 Stair Gap
    		Right at the end, there is quite a large set of 
    		steps leading down into the parking garage.  Ollie 
    		the lot of them for a nice 2000 point blue.
    	32 Steps Off a Mezzanine
    		If you took the upper road upon leaving the Atrium
    		area, you have the same task as the Huge 32 Stair 
    		Gap,	though it seems to be substantially harder to 
    		accomplish.  Kudos to those who get it.
    		Note: Tom Hayes says to go from a fastplant to a
    			wallride, making sure you jump off in time to
    			clear the stairs.
    //VIII. The Chicago Skate Park
    	HP Transfer
    		Ollie from the small quarterpipe into the halfpipe 
    		or out of the halfpipe onto the quarterpipe.
    		Just jump out of the halfpipe (over the lip, not out 
    		the side).
    	Pipe 2 Box Grind
    		A very hard blue to bag, you must launch yourself 
    		out of the halfpipe and into a grind on the black-
    		and-yellow rail on the Box.
    	Over the Box
    		Ollie/Nollie/Fastplant over the large rectangular 
    		rampy area with the Pipe 2 Box Grind rail on it.
    	Light Grind
    		Use the quarterpipe that backs up to the halfpipe to
    		launch yourself up and grind on one of the
    		rectangular flourescent lights for some fancy 
    		looking blue.
    	Rafter Rail
    		Use the same procedure as the Light Grind, except 
    		you have to grind along the rafters this time.  
    		Fastplants are pretty much required.  I find it fun 
    		to handplant the rafters, if you can land it.
    	Over the Rafters
    		Much the same procedure as the Light Grind and 
    		Rafter Rail, although this time you must go over the 
    		rafters.  If you're lucky, you can combine this with 
    		the Over the Pipe.  Not as fun as the Rafter Rail
    	Over the Pipe
    		Jump the whole halfpipe, landing on the walkway 
    		behind it.  Not as easy as it sounds.
    	Acid Drop
    		Ollie from the walkway onto the sloped portion of 
    		the the large curvy pool for this interestingly 
    		named blue.
    	Pool Hip
    		Fly over the indented portion of the pool to score 
    		some nice blue.
    	Pool 2 Walkway
    		Leap from the pool onto the walkway that you started
    		on for the Acid Drop.
    	Pool 2 Rail Transfer
    		Bag some difficult and fancy blue by ollieing from 
    		the pool onto one of the long double rails that sit 
    		to the right of the start point.
    		Note: Also accomplish this by going from the pool to 
    			the small quarterpipe that runs perpendicular 
    			to the long double rails.
    	Walkway Rail Transfer
    		Get on the walkway behind the start point and jump 
    		onto one of the long double rails.
    	Whoop Gap
    		Catch air from one of the supporting platforms for 
    		the long double rails to the other.
    	Wall Gap
    		Jump over the higher level of rail that is directly 
    		in front of the start (short ways, use the slope of 
    		the supporting platform; don't try to go over the 
    		length of it).
    //IX. Downtown Minneapolis
    	Kicker Gap
    		Sraight off the start, bag some blue by jumping the
    		gap between the two mini ramps in front of you.
    	Kicker 2 Edge
    		Right off the bat, ollie up into a grind on the 
    		ledge on your right from the small ramp in front of 
    	BS Gap
    		Use one of the small ramps on either side of a Bus 
    		Stop to launch over it.
    	BS Grind
    		Use one of the small ramps to ollie into a grind on 
    		a Bus Stop.
    	Car Ollie
    		Jump over any of the parked cars around downtown to 
    		score some easy blue.
    	Truck Gap
    		Sticking out of a garage onto the street, you will 
    		see a large truck, with a ramp on either side of it.  
    		Use the ramps to ollie over it to bag this blue.
    	Cheesy Deck Gap
    		If you follow the street after hitting the Truck 
    		Gap, you will come to a pointed platform with 
    		quarterpipes going up either side of it.  Ollie over 
    		the smallest, pointed portion of the platform for 
    	Deck Gap
    		Jump the same platform as the Cheesy Deck Gap, but
    		go over the middle, medium-sized section of the 
    	Burly Deck Gap
    		Same as the deck gap, but over the widest part of 
    		the platform.
    	Rail 2 Rail
    		There are two sloped sections leading up on top of 
    		the deck used for the three deck gaps.  On each is a 
    		rail.  For some big flashy blue, ollie off a grind 
    		on one, to a grind on the other.
    		Jump from one of the angled quarterpipes to 
    		the other that's adjacent to it.
    	Glass Gap
    		At the area across from the double-angled 
    		quarterpipes, where it has the two level platform, 
    		and then large glass windows, you must ollie from 
    		small slope leading up to the upper platform through 
    		the glass.
    	Big Ass
    		Just like the glass gap, but this time leap from the 
    		slope leading up to the lower level of the platform.  
    		I find it easiest if you come from one of the sides 
    		of the platform, and not off one of the two large 
    	Dirty Rail
    		Go to the big sloped street with the ramp at the 
    		bottom and a bunch of barriers and cones and crap on 
    		one side.  Pick up speed from the quarterpipe at the 
    		top of it and head down.  Launch off the ramp at the 
    		bottom and land on one of the rails leading into the 
    	Phat Gap
    		Said to be the hardest in the game, you must jump 
    		clear over one of the paths leading into the park.  
    		I haven't been able to do it yet, so it indeed must 
    		be a hard blue to bag.
    	Wimpy Gap
    		Use one of the planters scattered around the main 
    		courtyard to ollie up onto the path above.
    	Kicker 2 Street
    		Right behind you when you start is a large wall.  On 
    		top of this wall is another street.  Facing this 
    		wall are two small ramps.  Ollieing from one of the 
    		ramps up onto the street will score you this blue.
    	Secret Tunnel Entrance
    		At the area where you find the large truck with the 
    		ramp going up it, there is a very large, two-sided 
    		ramp in the street.  Pick up speed from the 
    		quarterpipe next to the truck, and bag blue by 
    		jumping off this ramp and into the glass tunnel that 
    		runs over the street.
    	Tunnel Gap
    		When scoring the Secret Tunnel Entrance blue, if you 
    		can manage to go all the way through the tunnel you 
    		bag some extra blue to go with it.
    	T 2 T Gap
    		Ollie off of the truck with the ramp on it through 
    		the glass and into the tunnel straight ahead.  If 
    		you can land in a grind on the rail in the tunnel 
    		and keep going to the other two rails you get some 
    		major pointage.
    	Sucky Room Gap
    		At the first rooftop you come to out of the tunnel, 
    		there are several planters surrounded by glass.  
    		Take a 180 out of the tunnel and brake, so as not to 
    		get caught up in the glass.  Align yourself with the 
    		ramp that leads off the rooftop and go.  Jump off 
    		the ramp and into the room in the next building for 
    		a blue 500 point bonus.
    	Billboard Grind
    		Make your way to the rooftop that is lined with 
    		quarterpipes.  On three sides of the roof, there are 
    		ramps that let you out off the roof.  One leads back 
    		to the roof with the glassed-in planters, another 
    		leads to the roof with the pool on.  The last leads 
    		directly into a video monitor mounted on another 
    		building.  For this blue, you must jump off the ramp 
    		at that video screen, taking care not to hit the 
    		screen and bail, and land on the rail that runs 
    		along the bottom of the screen.
    	Roof 2 Roof
    		As mentioned above, one way to get off the 
    		quarterpipe-lined roof is to leap off it onto the 
    		roof with the pool.  This will get you the Roof 2 
    		Roof blue.
    	Death Grind
    		The name speaks for itself.  Get to the roof with 
    		the pool.  On one corner, you will notice a ramp.  
    		Ollie straight off the ramp, and into a grind on the 
    		rail below.
    //X. The Downhill Jam of Phoenix
    	Huge Water Hazard Gap
    		At the area near the start with the two parallel 
    		rails leading down over a river, score some fancy 
    		blue by jumping the whole of the river.  Flips into 
    		a grind on the last portion of one of the rails look 
    	25/50/75/100... Feet
    		Just past the Dew billboard hanging over the pond, 
    		there is a ramp that launches you over the second 
    		Dew billboard onto that massive rock.  If you align 
    		yourself correctly, you can ride that all the way 
    		down into a tunnel, and when you launch off the ramp 
    		at the end of it, the distance you go gets you 
    		varying amounts of points.
    	Neversoft Elec Co gap
    		Warning!  High Pointage!  Near the end, you go 
    		through a straight part of the canyon with 
    		quarterpipes on either wall.  Use the quarterpipe on 
    		the left to build speed, and use the quarterpipe on 
    		the right to launch up to a grind on the rail on the 
    		high concrete platform.  Grind this rail all the 
    		way, using your special grind if you can, then jump 
    		off at the end, landing with a grind on the rail 
    		directly below.  One of my favorite transfers to do.
    //XI. Burnside, Portland
    	Vert Wall Gap
    		Build up some air in the eyeball pool and ollie over 
    		the graffitied wall next to it.
    	Twinkie Transfer
    		Using the small, round, light-colored bulge in the 
    		ground as a boost, jump into the square pool.  
    		Harder than it looks.
    		Jump in or out of the pool.
    	Bridge Grind
    		Bag some fine lookin' blue by grinding on any part 
    		of the bridge support that hangs down in the level.
    	Bridge Gap
    		Jump through one of the hanging bridge supports.
    	Triple Rail
    		There are three black-and-yellow-topped, stand-alone 
    		rails on the back ledge of the level.  Grind on the 
    		first, jump to the next, and continue to the third.  
    		It's easy to overshoot the second one due to the 
    		difference in orientation of the first and second.
    	Over Da Pool
    		Simply what it says, ollie over the entire eyeball 
    		pool.  Unfortunately, with this, you land in an area 
    		with few options to keep momentum up.
    //XII. The Streets of San Francisco
    //XIII. Roswell, New Mexico
    //XIV. Acknowledgements
    	Tony Hawk and Neversoft for creating such an awesome 
    	Activision for having the guts to pick up this risky 
    	Tom Hayes, Caliban, Blitzkrieg, Slateman666, Chaz111, 
    	Pete, and CDarklock for inspiration.
    	THOR, Calmbr, and r2d38@hotmail.com for helping me 
    	confirm the existence of a few blues.
    //XV. Legal Shtick
    	The BLUE List © MM Scott Cranfill (mrdittle@aol.com).
    	The author of this document is in no way affiliated with
    	the makers of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, including, but not 
    	limited to, Tony Hawk, Neversoft, and/or Activision.
    	If you would like to post The BLUE List for the public,
    	please e-mail the author to ask permission.  It will
    	likely be granted, so long as you do not just haul off 
    	and take it.

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