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    Gap List by Shotgunnova

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     ______________                             ________________
    /              \                           /                \
    \___        ___/                           \_______         /
        |      | _____   ____  ______  _______         )       /
        |      ||     |_|    ||      ||   ____|       /       /
        |      ||      _     ||  []  ||  (           /       /
        |      ||     | |    ||   ___||   \         /       /
        |______||_____| |____||__|     \   \       /       / _____      
     ___________________________________)   \     /       / /     |
    |________________________________________)   (        \/     /
         GAP LIST    By: Shotgunnova (P. Summers) \_____________/
    |   LEVELS    | ------------------------------.
     -------------                                |
    01) The Hangar    <--------------------------/  CTRL+F TO 
    02) School II                                   FIND LEVELS
    03) Marseilles                                  MUCH EASIER.
    04) NY City
    05) Venice Beach
    06) Skatestreet
    07) Philadelphia
    08) Bullring
    09) Chopper Drop
    10) Skate Heaven
    01) Rollin Gap
        When you start the level, you'll skate down a ramp between
        two quarter pipes. Turn around and clear the gap. This can
        be done by grinding, too.   
    02) Chopper Hop
        The level has a large 'wall' of glass panes separating the
        helicopter from the middle area of the level. Crash through
        the glass after getting some air, either from the two sides
        of the long lip or from the into the middle area near the
    03) Halfpipe Grind
        The large halfpipe in the middle area has a bunch of wires
        arching over it. Grind the wires from start to finish or
        by jumping onto it and finishing -- so long as you come
        down the back of either side of the halfpipe.
    04) Flyin High
        Once inside the wind tunnel, you need to clear the entrance
        by getting some major air (hard to do early on) via the two
        separated sections of the halfpipe.
    05) It's Cold Up Here
        When you grind on the helicopter's propellor blades, it will
        rise up into the roof and shatter, opening an outdoor quarter
        pipe. Get the gap by getting major air.
    06) Halfpipe Hangtime
        Rather easy. Just clear the the halfpipe in one stride.
    07) Wingtip Hangtime
        Jump the WWII-era plane in the middle section. Considering
        it has mini-ramps just sitting there for the taking, this
        is one of the easier ones to get.
    08) Skycrane Hangtime
        Clear the helicopter. Easy-peasy stuff.
    09) Air Over the Door
        In the back with the helicopter, you can see a section of 
        the lip with a garage door behind it and a few oil cans
        sitting there. This is where the hidden area is, but you
        only need to get some speed and jump the discolored part
        of the lip to get the trick. Grinding into the area from
        the middle section accomplishes this task easily.
    10) Rail-guided Missile
        Between the WWII-era plane and the grindable frame of the
        large glass panes is a small line to grind on. Jump from
        the line up to the frame or vice versa to get the gap.
    11) Raildrop
        Almost self-explanitory, all you have to do is grind on the
        highest rails and drop down to a lower rail/lip and keep on
        grinding. You can't get the gap on the lower rails, by the
        way, and dropping from the high rail to a lower one near 
        the garage door doesn't count either.
    12) Lil Light Hopper
        Use the halfpipe in the middle to jump onto one of the lights
        nearby. Since they are parallel with the halfpipe, this is 
        kind of hard to do since it's easy to overjump or miss by a
        few feet.
    13) Big Light Hopper
        Destroy the helicopter and you can gain better access to a
        ramp to launch yourself through the large glass pane. If you
        aim it right, you can jump onto a flourescent light, getting
        you the gap. You have to grind it, but I lip-tricked it, too,
        so do that if you're good. If you want an easier way, it is
        possible to get onto a different light via a piece of debris
        that the helicopter knocks down (easy to find).
    14) Light Corner
        There are three lights in the helicopter section, and one of
        them it at an angle so that it can only be accessed from the
        other lights. Use the mini-line between the WWII-era plane
        and the glass panes to vault onto one of the lights and then
        jump onto the perpendicular light to get the gap. 
    15) Instrument Landing
        Jump the WWII-era plane and land in a manual to get the gap.
    16) High Steppin'
        Lip-trick/Stall any of the rails.
    17) One Half Pipe Lip
        Do a lip/stall on the halfpipe lip that was nearest to where
        your skater started from.
    18) The Other Half Pipe Lip
        Do the same as #17, but the other lip in the same halfpipe.
    19) Wind Tunnel Back Wall
        Once you gain entrance into the wind tunnel by grinding on
        the little propeller in the main halfpipe, simply do a lip
        trick on the long back wall inside.
    20) Upwind Lip
        When you first gain entrance into the wind tunnel, you'll
        find that the back wall has the long section of the 
        halfpipe and the other is split into two sections. Do a
        lip trick on the left section of the split side when you
        first enter.
    21) Downwind Lip
        Following #20's instructions, when you first enter the
        wind tunnel halfpipe, do a lip trick on the right section
        of the split section.
    AIR                                               |
           Rollin Gap                             100 |
           Chopper Hop                            100 |
           Halfpipe Grind                         250 |
           Flyin High                             250 |
           It's Cold Up Here                      250 |
           Halfpipe Hangtime                      500 |
           Wingtip Hangtime                       500 |
           Skycrane Hangtime                      500 |
           Air Over the Door                      500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Rail-guided Missile                    100 |
           Raildrop                               100 |
           Lil Light Hopper                       250 |
           Big Light Hopper                       500 |
           Light Corner                           500 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           Instrument Landing                     500 |
    LIP                                               |
           High Steppin'                          100 |
           One Half Pipe Lip                      100 |
           The Other Half Pipe Lip                100 |
           Wind Tunnel Back Wall                  100 |
           Unwind Lip                             100 |
           Downwind Lip                           100 |
    SCHOOL II (43 gaps)
    01) TC's Roof Gap
        Near the school are two small buildings, and there's a kicker
        you can use to get on top of one of 'em. Do so and jump to 
        the other roof to get the gap.
    02) Table Transfer
        At the bottom of the balcony near the start of the level are
        some picnic benches which have been propped up by two 
        dumpsters. Grind on one, jump, and grind the other to get the
    03) Over the Wall...
        When you clear the area with the flags, you'll be stuck in
        an area. The only way out is to take a ramp over a lengthy
        wall, and when you clear the wall, you get the gap.
    04) Leap of Faith!!!
        At the start of the level, if you keep going straight you
        will find some stairs that go down and a large balcony. If
        you jump off the balcony and land it, you'll get the gap.
    05) Drop Out Roof Gap!
        When you start the level, wall ride the bell to the right
        and jump up to the ledge above. Jump off that ledge and plow
        through the pane of glass nearby, and land on the roof below
        to get the gap.
    06) Awning Hop
        In the large square area with all the lockers, you can find
        two large awnings near two large plants. The slant on the 
        edge of the plants can be used to jump to the awnings, which
        is all one has to do to get the gap.
    07) Overhang Air
        Jump the gym door's awning. Easiest accomplished by doing
        a nice, fat wallride.
    08) And Down the Bank!
        Just like #03, except you clear the bike racks and make it
        down the incline as well.
    09) Carlsbad 11 Set
        In the secret area past the roof with the flags, there is
        a single staircase. Jump it like no tomorrow.
    10) 3 Points!!!
        On the basketball court, use the quarterpipes to jump over
        the basketball hoop. 
    11) Carlsbad Gap
        Jump the lawn next to the Carlsbad 11 Set.    
    12) Crazy Roof Gap!!
        Do just like the Drop Out Roof Gap, except grind on the
        pipe one can find after the vents. Once you land after the
        pipe, jump from the building to the next to get the gap. 
    13) 2 Da Roof!!!
        In the square section of the school with the lockers, there
        is a large platform with only a quarterpipe on it. Notice 
        the skidmarks on the pavement? If you follow them to the
        other end (get some air), you can find a plywood ramp which
        you can use to rocket onto the roof. You get the gap just by
        getting up there.
    14) Huge Transfer!!!
        Near Bendy's Curb, there are two quarterpipes with a large
        space in between them. Clear that gap with enough speed and
        you'll get it.
    15) Suicidal Roof Gap!!!
        Get the "Crazy Roof Gap!!" and, before you run off the 
        building's end, veer left and jump to the building used in
        "2 Wheelin TC's Roof". 
    16) Mad Skeelz Roof Gap!!!
        When you get to the roof using the plywood ramp in the area
        with the lockers, if you cleanly jump to the roof with the
        flagpoles, you'll get the gap. Apparently, you can't grind
        the flagpoles and get this gap as well.
    17) Balcony 2 Awning!!!
        Near the Leap of Faith gap balcony, you can see a little
        ramp off to the left side of the wall. When you go to jump
        the balcony, instead jump to the ledge leading to the ramp.
        If you get enough speed, you'll launch off the ramp and land
        on an awning near the propped-up lunch tables and will get
        the gap.
    18) Are You Serious?!!
        Oy... In the secret Carlsbad area, there is a kicker that
        leads up to a curved rail (Kicker 2 Hook gap) and beyond that,
        near the wall, is another kicker pointed out towards the bank
        and bike racks. Get some _serious_ speed on the quarterpipe,
        kicker-2-hook on the rail to get even more speed, and launch
        off that kicker and arrive on the roof of the building you get
        the Crazy Roof Gap!! on. It takes some practice, albeit.
    19) Roll Call! Gonz Rail!
        Near Bendy's Curb, there is a staircase with a kicker beside
        it. Use the latter to jump to the staircase handrail and grind
        all the way down.
    20) Gym Rail 2 Rail
        Past the picnic benches near the Table Transfer gap is a
        school door with two fences. Grind from one of the fences
        and jump to the other fence to get the ridiculously easy
    21) Overhang Stomp!
        When you're grinding the fence near the entrance to the school
        pool and basketball court, jump onto the awning and keep the
        grind goin' steady to get the gap.
    22) Rack 'Em Up
        There are two bike racks against a bare wall (near one of the
        bells). Jump from one to the other.
    23) Pole Stomp!
        If you try to complete the Bendy's Curb gap, chances are
        you'll run into a pole right after it. It will knock over if
        you do so, and you can get the gap by jumping from the curb
        to the pole.
    24) Roll Call! Opunsezmee Rail!
        Near the area with the lockers, there is a long rail that 
        leads down to the bike racks. Grind it through.
    25) Big Rancho Bench Gap
        In the area where you can use the plywood ramp, one side of
        the wall has a few mini-ledges and a large gap in the middle.
        Pick up some speed and clear the middle (larger) gap to get
    26) Pole 2 Brix!
        Near the pole you can knock over, there is a brick ledge you
        can grind. Get some speed on the curb, jump to the pole, and
        then twist right a little in midair to grind on the curb. The
        gap's yours.
    27) Bank 2 Ledge
        Use the incline near the bike racks to jump over the racks
        and land in a grind on the ledge against the long wall.
    28) Roll Call! Nightmare Rail!
        At the start of the level, you can see a large staircase that
        runs alongside a balcony. Grind the handrail all the way to
        the bottom.
    29) Bendy's Curb
        At the back of the school facade, near one of the bells, is
        a grindable curb. Just grind it the entire length to get the
    30) Flyin' the Flag!
        When you're attempting to use the plywood ramp in the area
        with all the lockers, once you get up the roof, jump across
        and grind on a flagpole to get the gap.
    31) Stage Rail 2 Rail
        Start the level and head into the tunnel at your right, into
        the area with the quarter on the platform. The rails there
        can be jumped for the SR2R gap, but only if going lengthways.
        Use the quarter to rev up your engines, grind the rail, clear
        the gap, and land in a safe grind on the other rail.
    32) Kicker 2 Hook
        In the secret Carlsbad area, there will be a kicker pointed
        up at an overhanging roof. Underneath that roof is a curved
        rail, so jump the kicker and land in a grind on the hook.
    33) Backboard Dance!
        On the basketball court, use the kicker pointed at one of
        the hoops to jump onto it and grind. 
    34) Planter on Edge
        At the start of the level, there's a large planter in the 
        middle of the space before the balcony. Manual the side of
        the planter.
    35) 2 Wheelin' TC's Roof
        Just like TC's Roof Gap, you need to jump the gap, but this
        time start in a manual and finish in a manual.
    36) Ledge on Edge
        Manual the entire length of the ledge near the bike racks.
    37) Bendy's Flat
        Manual the entire length of Bendy's Curb.
    38) Arch Extension
        At the start of the level, on the left side of the platform,
        is a door on whose side you can skate up. You can't jump over,
        but you can lip-trick/stall on it to get the gap.
    39) Starting Blocks Extension!!!
        In the olympic-sized pool, you can see some starting blocks
        at one end under a colorful banner. Lip-trick/stall on 'em
        and you'll get the gap.
    40) Lil' Guppy Extension!
        Inside the school is a olympic-sized pool. Lip-trick/stall
        on the lowest of the diving boards.
    41) Mid Squid Extension!!
        In the olympic-sized pool, lip-trick/stall the middle of
        the diving boards.
    42) High Dive Extension!!!
        Lip-trick/stall the highest of the boards in the indoor pool.
    43) Rock the Bells!  
        Whenever you wall ride a bell, you'll get this gap.         
    AIR                                               |
           TC's Roof Gap                          250 |
           Table Transfer                         250 |
           Over the Wall...                       250 |
           Leap of Faith!!!                       500 |
           Drop Out Roof Gap!                     500 |
           Awning Hop                             500 |
           Overhang Air                           500 |
           And Down the Bank!                     500 |
           Carlsbad II Set                        500 |
           3 Points!!!                            500 |
           Carlsbad Gap                           750 |
           Crazy Roof Gap!!                       750 | 
           2 Da Roof!!!                           750 |
           Huge Transfer!!!                       750 |
           Suicidal Roof Gap!!!                  1000 |
           Mad Skeelz Roof Gap!!!                1000 |
           Balcony 2 Awning!!!                   1000 |
           Are You Serious?!!                    2500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Roll Call! Gonz Rail!                  250 |
           Gym Rail 2 Rail                        250 |
           Overhang Stomp!                        250 |
           Rack 'Em Up                            250 |
           Pole Stomp!                            250 |
           Roll Call! Opunsezmee Rail!            250 |
           Big Rancho Bench Gap                   500 |
           Pole 2 Brix!                           500 |
           Bank 2 Ledge                           500 |
           Roll Call! Nightmare Rail!             500 |
           Bendy's Curb                           500 |
           Flyin' the Flag!                       750 |
           Stage Rail 2 Rail                      750 |
           Kicker 2 Hook                          750 |
           Backboard Dance!                      1000 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           Planter on Edge                        250 |
           2 Wheelin' TC's Roof                   500 |
           Ledge on Edge                          500 |
           Bendy's Flat                           500 |
    LIP                                               |
           Arch Extension                         500 |
           Starting Blocks Extension!!!           500 |
           Lil' Guppy Extension!                 1000 |
           Mid Squid Extension!!                 2500 |
           High Dive Extension!!!                5000 |
    OTHER                                             |
           Rock the Bells!                        500 |
    MARSEILLE (33 gaps)
    01) Over the Lil' 4
        Jump one of the little four-step stairs.
    02) Shorty Dumpster Pop
        Ollie over the dumpster near the fenced-off speakers.
    03) Shorty Table Pop
        Jump over a table "the short way".
    04) Dumpster Pop
        Jump over a table "the long way".
    05) Over the Gate
        Jump the crossbar.
    06) Table Pop
        Near the Rail 2 Rail gap, there's a table just sitting there.
        Ollie over it.
    07) 2 the Box
        When getting the Ledge 2 Rail gap, if you keep going and jump
        to the gray box at the end of the line, you can get the gap.
    08) Over the Table
        You can find a table leaning down over a lip if you head
        towards the rails near the trees. Go up the lip and jump it.     
    09) Box 2 Box Action
        At the bottom of the fenced-in speakers are two boxes. Jump
        off one (i.e. not over) and land on the other one, whether
        through a wall ride or straight air. You have to make contact
        with the first box and with the second to get the gap.    
    10) Up the Lil' 4
        Jump up the four-step stairs.
    11) Water Up Le Backside
        At the four trees, you can run into a stick holding up one of
        'em and knock it down. A secret area will be revealed, and
        inside is a fountain. Jump the fountain.
    12) Up!
        Near the Boomin' Extension is a weird little ramp formed out
        of a bend in the grinding line. It's flat and elevated a bit,
        and you can see a question mark and an arrow pointing up. Get
        some air on that flat part to get the gap.
    13) Over the Crossbar
        In the middle of the level is a crossbar with a triangle
        banner bridging across two sides of the lip. The lip curves
        away, though, where the poles meet the ground, so use that
        curved-away part to jump over.
    14) Big Ol' Stanky Gap
        Jump the dual dumpsters near the start of the level by 
        leaping out over the bowl nearby (either).
    15) Up!!
        Just like the Up! gap, but you go higher.    
    16) Freakin' Huge Hip
        Ugh, what a pain. Head into under the crossbar and banner and
        into the rightmost bowl. The objective is for you to jump from
        that bowl all the way over the hip to the down-slope near the
        skewed table hanging into the skating channel. You'll need some
        major ups, and even with great stats, it still requires timing.
        May God be with you.
    17) Humptey Humps!!!
        The middle part of the level has three dips, but where they meet
        up isn't flatland -- it's elevated slightly. Get some air and use
        that little elevated part to jump over the "hump" under the 
        crossbar. This can be done from either of the dips.
    18) Big Mouth Gap
        Clear the crossbar's length, from one lip to the other.
    19) And Away!!!
        Just like the Up!! gap, but you go even higher.
    20) Rail 2 Rail
        To the left of the fenced-off speakers, there are two rails
        with a little gap in between 'em. Grind, jump, grind.
    21) Rail 2 Ledge
        Near the Over the Lil' 4 Gap, if you grind the rail and jump
        up to the ledge in the same transition, you'll get the gap.
    22) Ledge 2 Rail
        Near the Over the Lil' 4 Gap, if you grind the ledge instead
        of jumping down the stairs, you can catch the rail in the same
        line, getting the gap in the process.
    23) The Hidden 4 Kink!
        When you first get to the secret area, grind the rail that's
        immediately in front of you.
    24) Dumpster Stomp
        Near the left wall (behind where you start) is a bunch of
        speakers. Wall ride up the wall near there, grind on the
        top, and when you jump off, grind on a dumpster, too, to
        get the gap.
    25) Kink Clank
        Jump from the bowl near the lamppost planter you can knock
        over to the Lil' 4 handrail. It's a short jump and you can
        actually see the rail coming a mile away, so it's easy to
        maneuver to.
    26) Kink Stomp
        To the left of your skater at the start is a large face of
        a wall with fenced-off speakers right by. To the left (if you
        face the wall from your starting position) is a kinked rail
        on a railbox of sorts. Get your engines pumping and wallride
        up to the top of that wall near the speakers, then jump off
        and land on a grind on the kinked rail.
    27) Crossbar Stomp
        Grind the crossbar.
    28) Lamp Stomp
        A lamp is one of those poles with two white light bulbs on
        it near the 'cloverleaf' dips. Jump out of a dip and ride
        the lamp bar for at least halfway to get the gap.
    29) Knucklin' Futs!!!
        Jump from the bowl next to the tree planter and grind the
        top of the lamppost you can knock over to reveal the secret
    30) Boomin' Extension
        Lip-trick/stall on the boombox sitting on a lip.
    31) Stanky Extension
        Lip-trick/stall on the dumpster placed on the immediate lip.
    32) U.A.A. Extension
        Lip-trick/stall the extension where you got "Up!", "Up!!"
        and "And Away!!!".
    33) Wall Crawler       
        In the secret area past the knocked-over lamppost, go down
        the Hidden 4 Kink and take either or the ramps against the
        wall. When you get to the end, do a Boneless+Wallride to
        rise up over the quarters, and you'll get the gap.
    AIR                                               |
           Over the Lil' 4                        100 |
           Shorty Dumpster Pop                    150 |
           Shorty Table Pop                       150 | 
           Dumpster Pop                           200 |
           Over the Gate                          250 |
           Table Pop                              250 |
           2 the Box                              250 |
           Over the Table                         250 |
           Box 2 Box Action                       250 |
           Up the Lil' 4                          250 |
           Water Up Le Backside                   250 |
           Up!                                    250 |
           Over the Crossbar                      500 |
           Big Ol' Stanky Gap                     500 |
           Up!!                                   500 |
           Freakin' Huge Hip                     1000 |
           Humptey Humps!!!                      1000 |
           Big Mouth Gap                         1000 |
           And Away!!!                           1000 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Rail 2 Rail                             50 |
           Rail 2 Ledge                           250 |
           Ledge 2 Rail                           250 |
           The Hidden 4 Kink!                     500 |
           Dumpster Stomp                        1000 |
           Kink Clank                            1000 |
           Kink Stomp                            1000 |
           Crossbar Stomp                        1500 |
           Lamp Stomp                            2000 |
           Knucklin' Futs!!!                     2000 |
    LIP                                               |
           Boomin' Extension                      250 |
           Stanky Extension                       250 |
           U.U.A. Extension                       250 |
    OTHER                                             |
           Wall Crawler                           500 |
    NY CITY (41 gaps)
    01) Kick It
        At the start of the level, you can see two kickers under the
        highway. Jump 'em.
    02) Rock It Air
        In the park, near the bridge, is a large rock. One side is
        pointed into the park, and you can get the gap by launching
        off of it onto the sidewalk.
    03) Pigeon Puddin' Gap
        The plinth (base) of the statue in the park is elevated, so
        jump towards and over most of the statue to get the gap. 
    04) Ramp to Park Gap
        On the highway near the Phat Lip gap, there's a ramp you can
        use to jump into the park. Use that and make it to the 
        circular portion of the ground to get the gap.
    05) Awning Air
        In the plaza with the sculpture, use one of the ramps to 
        clear an awning.
    06) Over the Banks Barrier
        There's a large cement piece near where you fall if you miss
        the Re-Rebar gap. Ollie over it.
    07) Take It To the Bridge
        Just like the "Over the Road" gap, except you're aiming
        down the bridge instead of over it. Make sure to jump from
        the swelling near where the path turns, so you don't get
        stiff-armed by that nasty mesh fence.
    08) Ramp to Statue Shorty Gap
        On the street overlooking the park is a kicker aimed right
        at the statue. Get some air on the thin quarterpipe across
        the way and launch down 'til you're eating the plinth.
    09) Pouncer Was Here
        Get major air on the skatable brick wall in the park, and
        keep towards the center to get the gap. No clue who Pouncer
        was, but he must have been someone on the NY scene...?
    10) Over the Road
        Jump into the Banks area and snag a right to the long
        wooden quarterpipe. Head up, head down, and you'll find the
        base of the barely-constructed bridge has a swelling. Use
        that swelling as a springboard and jump the section of the
    11) Big Air Out of the Banks
        When you get into the 'Banks,' the area behind a large wall,
        there will be a mini-ramp you can use to jump out. If you
        clear the wall entirely when you jump out, the gap's yours.
    12) Pillar Air
        Towards the waterfront in the Banks area, there are three
        pillars (next to Jamie's Steps). Wallride one in the 
        direction of another, and you'll get the gap easily.
    13) Re-Rebar
        Over the barrier, you can find a path that leads upwards but
        isn't fully completed yet. Grind the rebar (that wire stuff)
        and jump to the rebar on the other side of the incomplete 
    14) Bench-hoppin
        Near the vendor stand, grind one of the benches and jump to
        the left to the other one (askew) to get the gap.
    15) Left Side Pit Rail Stomp
        Just like the Right Side Pit Rail Stomp, except you jump
        from the sitting area on the right and grind down the long
        rail that veers into the plaza's bottom.
    16) Banks Spank
        Near the basketball hoops, jump the gap in the rails nearest
        to the court.
    17) Parking Meter Gap
        Head down the road from where you start and enter the sitting
        platform that overlooks Joey's plaza. Turn around and grind
        the left rail, jumping out towards what seems nothing...but
        there's actually a metal nub of a long-gone parking meter
        still there, so grind it on your way down. 
    18) You're Next In Line
        In the park is a fence along the waterline, and if you grind
        it to the vendor's counter and grind that, too, you'll get 
        the gap.
    19) The Easy Way
        When you start, turn around and head to the police tape along
        a rail. The road is out at the end, so grind the rail from the
        closed road back into the street.
    20) Joey's Sculpture
        When you start the level, you're positioned on the left side
        of the escalator pillar. Head to the right side and you'll
        see a large triangular sculpture in the plaza below. Grind
        it down.
    21) Right Side Pit Rail Stomp
        Start the level and head to your right, up into the sitting
        area. Below, in Joey's pit, is a long rail going down either
        side of the plaza. Jump the sitting area's railing and land
        in a grind on that long railing.
    22) Jamie's Steps
        Near the basketball court is a rail segment sticking out of
        the wall. Grind it, jump, and land in a grind on the handrail
        of the stairs. This can be done vice versa, too.
    23) Banks Fence Gap
        Go to the very back part of the area behind the barrier, to
        where you can see the waterline. Use the long quarterpipe to
        go up the incline and jump to the long chain-link fence. There
        is only one fence of the kind there, so it shouldn't be too 
        hard to find.
    24) Banks Road Gap
        Near the basketball court is some parallel rails. Get the
        gap by grinding down the rails near the large pillar and 
        making the jump across to the next rail. This can only be
        done in a downwards fashion.
    25) Rebar to Rail Gap
        If you successfully get the Re-Rebar Gap, you'll fall at the
        end to a rail. Grind the rail as well.
    26) Ride the Rails
        Grind one part of the el rails to the bottom.
    27) Across the Pit
        The awnings in the plaza with Joey's Sculpture have a long
        railing stretching over them, high, high above. There's easy
        access from the two side-streets (near the sitting areas), 
        so waste no time in jumping/wallriding up there and grinding
        in its entirety.
    28) Corner Cut
        Where the path to the vendor and the highway meet, there is a
        ramp up next to a ledge that curves all the way to the other
        entrance to the park. You don't need to grind that entire
        distance, but start grinding towards that ledge and jump to a
        rail perpendicular along the vendor's path to get the gap.
    29) Park Entrance Gap
        The entrance to the park is gateless, so grind from one side
        to the other. Child's play.
    30) Grab A Snack And Sit Down
        Do the You're Next In Line gap and jump from the counter to
        the park bench that's afterwards.
    31) Buuurp! Now Go Skate.
        Grind the seaside rail, the vendor's counter, the park bench
        that follows afterwards, and then the fence after the park
    32) The Hard Way
        If you did The Easy Way, you'll know you have to grind the
        police-taped section behind where you start. Instead of 
        grinding from the closed-out road to the street, grind from
        the street to the closed-out road.
    33) Path Less Traveled
        From the kicker overlooking the park, head on into the park
        via the sidewalk and grind the rail to your left. When the
        blue bench nears, jump to that and land in a grind.
    34) Slam Dunk
        Grind the backboard of the basketball hoop located over the
        barrier. Easiest done when wall-riding and jumping to it.
    35) Sidewalk Bomb
        Go up the escalator and grind the left edge of the platform.
        Jump off at the end and grind the awning's edge below. Sadly,
        you don't get the gap if you grind the police tape or the
        pavement curb. :(
    36) Changin Trains
        When grinding the train tracks, jump from one side to the
        other; or, from the el platform onto one of the sides.
    37) The Bridge
        In the park near the vendor stand, manual the length of the
        bridge to get the gap. It's easier starting on the side away
        from the vendor.
    38) Going Down?
        Manual down the escalator.
    39) Phat Lip
        Lip-trick/stall the brick wall in the park.
    40) Waaaay Up There
        In the plaza with the sculpture, do a lip-trick/stall on
        the ledge high above the three quarter-ramps.
    41) Banks Barrier Wallride
        If you miss the Re-Rebar gap, you'll come out near a big
        gray cement platform. You get the Over the Banks Barrier
        gap by jumping over it; get the Banks Barrier Wallride
        gap by wallriding it in one go-'round.
    AIR                                               |
           Kick It                                 50 |
           Rock It Air                             50 |
           Pigeon Puddin' Gap                     100 |
           Ramp to Park Gap                       100 |
           Awning Air                             100 |
           Over the Banks Barrier                 100 |
           Take It To The Bridge                  150 |
           Ramp to Statue Shorty Gap              250 |
           Pouncer Was Here                       250 |
           Over The Road                          250 |
           Big Air Out Of The Banks               250 |
           Pillar Air                             500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Re-Rebar                                50 |
           Bench-hoppin                           100 |
           Left Side Pit Rail Stomp               100 |
           Banks Spank                            100 |
           Parking Meter Gap                      100 |
           You're Next In Line                    100 |
           The Easy Way                           100 |
           Joey's Sculpture                       100 |
           Right Side Pit Rail Stomp              100 |
           Jamie's Steps                          100 |
           Banks Fence Gap                        100 |
           Banks Road Gap                         100 |
           Rebar to Rail Gap                      100 |
           Ride the Rails                         100 |
           Across the Pit                         100 |
           Corner Cut                             100 |
           Park Entrance Gap                      100 |
           Grab A Snack and Sit Down              100 |
           Buuurp! Now Go Skate.                  100 |
           The Hard Way                           500 |
           Path Less Traveled                     500 |
           Slam Dunk                              500 |
           Sidewalk Bomb                         1000 |
           Changin Trains                        1000 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           The Bridge                             250 |
           Going Down?                            250 |
    LIP                                               |
           Phat Lip                               100 |
           Waaaay Up There                        100 |
    OTHER                                             |
           Banks Barrier Wallride                 100 |
    VENICE BEACH (41 gaps)
    01) VB Skinny Transfer
        The Fatty Transfer is done by jumping the long way between
        the two halfpipes at the back of the middle portion of the
        level, past the plywood walkway. To do the VB Skinny Transfer,
        jump the shortest distance between the two halfpipes.
    02) Up!
        Start the level, head right after the fence, and head left
        and straight until the wall moves back to make room for a
        large grindable slab. Turn around and you'll see a quarter.
        Get some air and you'll get the gap.
    03) Table Pop
        Jump a hexagonal table.
    04) Shorty Planter Pop
        Jump a palm tree planter "the short way".
    05) Cake Transfer
        Start the level and head right to the three quarterpipes.
        Use the skinny one (middle) to jump to the left or right
    06) West Side Transfer
        Do the VB! Pit Transfer as mentioned, and on your way down,
        you'll head to another quarterpipe. Use it to launch yourself
        right, and you'll make it to another lone quarterpipe on the
    07) Wee Lil' Roof Gap
        When you start the level, head left and down the stairs to 
        where you'll find a grindable hip in the corner of a building.
        Go up the lip and jump outwards and you can grind on the edge
        of the building. Jump to the other side of the corner and you
        will get the gap.
    08) Up!!
        Just like the Up! gap, but you get more air than before.
    09) Canyon Jump
        On the roof that has the electrical lines, jump to the roof
        below that has the vent, and which is also past the Seaside
        Handrail set.
    10) Ledge 9 Set
        When you do The Venice Ledge gap, you grind past some stairs.
        Go back and jump the stairs in their entirety to get the gap.
    11) Muska's Gap
        Start the level and when you get to the fence ahead of you,
        swing a right. Head to the wall that says "OREN" and take
        a left, hugging the wall near the Ledge 2 Ledge gap when it
        moves back. Wallride up and grind, and jump to the building
        with a vent you see.
    12) Tight Landing Transfer
        Start the level and head right, past the palm trees and to
        three quarterpipes. The one you come to naturally is above
        the others, and to get the gap, you need to use that one 
        and land on the thin one between the two larger ones.
    13) Big Double 5 Set
        Jump both of the five-step stairs you find to your immediate
        left when you start the level in one stride. It's possible to
        wallride and get this as well.
    14) VB! Pit Transfer
        The walls that run parallel to the Ledge 2 Ledge and Bench
        Trippin' gaps diverge at a point, and near there is a breach
        with a quarterpipe in it. Go up it and ease left in the air
        to land on a quarterpipe out of the area to get the gap. This
        can be done vice versa as well.
    15) Nice Mid Size Roof Gap
        On the roof with the electrical lines, there's a small box
        you can use to jump back to the roof used in the Wee Lil'
        Roof Gap. Jump and try to be as far away from the building
        as you can, and you'll get the gap if it's a decent size.
    16) Planter Pop
        Hop cleanly over any of the planters holding the palm trees.
    17) Roof 2 Ramp
        Just like the Ramp 2 Roof gap, except you start on the roof
        and finish on the ugly brown ramp.
    18) And Away!!!
        Just like the Up!! gap, but you get even more air.
    19) VB! Ledge Transfer
        If you start the level and head left down the stairs, you 
        will come to a hip against the side of a building. If you
        jump out of the hip towards the beach area, you can land
        on a little sidewalk. Go down the sidewalk and into another
        walled-in section, and head to the only quarterpipe there.
        Jump it and land on a quarterpipe fixed lower and over a
        concrete wall.
    20) Lil' Vent Gap
        When you do the VB Pit Transfer gap, you'll jump over a
        roof in the process. On that roof is a vent that overlooks
        one of the quarterpipes used to make the VB Pit Transfer. 
        Use the vent to jump the quarterpipe in front of it.
    21) Ramp 2 Roof
        Start the level and head to the opening that leads to the
        Seaside Rail. Stop and look at that ugly brown ramp that's
        sitting along side the right wall. If you get some speed
        and go at it, rising to the left, you can land on a metal
        ramp on the roof. Not so hard.
    22) Uphill Canyon Jump
        Just like the Canyon Jump, except reversed. Use the vent
        as your skater's springboard. 
    23) Vent 2 Roof Gap
        On your way to the Seaside Handrail, you'll have to go 
        under an overhanging ledge. To the left of that, before
        you go towards the stairs, is a sloped wall where you can
        see a vent. Use that vent to get onto the overhanging part
        of the roof.
    24) VB! Huge Transfer!!!
        At the start of the level head right all the way to where
        you find three quarterpipes. Use the first one to get to
        the large one past the thin quarterpipe.
    25) Massive 20 Set!
        Near the Seaside Handrail is a large staircase. Jump that
        with a clean finish. You can wallride and accomplish this
        with a much easier time.
    26) Siiiiick Roof Gap!!!
        The roofs used in the Nice Mid Size Roof Gap and Wee Lil
        Roof Gap have a bigger brother in this one. You need to
        clear a distance greater than the NMSRG, which is hard to
        do jumping from the roof without the electrical wires, but
        not _that_ tough if you use the little funbox on the edge
        of the electrical wire roof. Aim to the right when jumping
        from the funbox as much as possible, or you'll end up just
        getting one of the previous gaps.
    27) Huge Roof 2 Ramp
        The building next to the halfpipes used in the VB Skinny 
        Transfer has a metal ramp on top of it. Get some air off of
        it and land down at the halfpipe.
    28) Fatty Transfer
        Head into the middle portion of the level and enter the space
        past the plywood walkway. You'll see a mini halfpipe, and if 
        you were to jump out towards the wall while in the air, you
        would land in a sectioned-off part of the wall with another
        mini-halfpipe. Do the jump across the longest distance to get
        the gap.
    29) Big Vent Gap
        Get onto the roof with the vent like you did in the Vent
        2 Roof Gap. Go in the opposite direction towards the lone
        kicker pointed out over a closed-in halfpipe, and make it
        to the first roof afterwards.
    30) Huge Ramp 2 Roof
        At the location where you'd normally get the VB Skinny
        transfer, instead of jumping into the halfpipe, get some
        air and jump to the metal ramp on the roof. It'll be a
        tight landing, but you'll get the gap.
    31) Seaside Handrail
        If you head into the level and go hug the wall left, you
        will come to a rail that slopes down along some stairs.
        Grind that rail up or down for a ways to get the gap.
    32) The Venice Ledge
        When you do the VB! Ledge Transfer gap, you jump over a
        concrete ledge. Grind that ledge all the way to the bottom
        and you'll get the gap.
    33) Bench Trippin'
        In the middle area is a walkway of plywood put on some old
        dumpsters and hexagonal tables. Near to that is some white
        benches. Jump in a grind from a bench to the other.
    34) Ledge 2 Ledge
        The benches in #33 are parallel to a wall, and when you jump
        off the benches, there is a wall perpendicular to that which
        runs to the "east" of you. There are two ledges you can
        grind there, and that's how you complete the gap.
    35) 10 Point Landing!
        Jump from the roof used in the "Roof 2 Ramp" and "Ramp 2
        Roof" gaps and jump to the Seaside Handrail.
    36) The High Wire
        Use the Vent 2 Roof Gap to get a good position on the high
        roof and jump to the telephone wire off in the middle of
        the level. There is a slope you can use get some air, and
        a thin box you can use to get some more speed.
    37) 'Round The Horn!!!
        Grind the majority of the hip you see when you go down the
        stairs/ramp left of where you start the level.
    38) He Could Go...
        Y'know that plyboard walkway I keep talking about? Manual
        that a ways and you'll get this.
    39) All The Way...
        Go even further than #38 and you'll get the gap.
    40) Candy Cane Manual
        Use the strategy for getting Muska's Gap and get to the
        roof with the vent. Behind there is a vent shaped like
        a candy cane. You know what to do.
    41) Touchdown!!!
        Get the "He Could Go..." and "All The Way..." gaps and
        manual the length of the plyboard walkway.
    AIR                                               |
           VB Skinny Transfer                     100 |
           Up!                                    100 |
           Table Pop                              200 |
           Shorty Planter Pop                     200 |
           Cake Transfer                          250 |
           West Side Transfer                     250 |
           Wee Lil' Roof Gap                      250 |
           Up!!                                   250 |
           Canyon Jump                            250 |
           Ledge 9 Set                            250 |
           Muska's Gap                            500 |
           Tight Landing Transfer                 500 |
           Big Double 5 Set                       500 |
           VB! Pit Transfer                       500 |
           Nice Mid Size Roof Gap                 500 |
           Planter Pop                            500 |
           Roof 2 Ramp                            500 |
           And Away!!!                            500 |
           VB! Ledge Transfer                     500 |
           Lil' Vent Gap                          500 |
           Ramp 2 Roof                            750 |
           Uphill Canyon Jump                     750 |
           Vent 2 Roof Gap                        750 |
           VB! Huge Transfer!!!                  1000 |
           Massive 20 Set!                       1000 |
           Siiiiick Roof Gap!!!                  1000 |
           Huge Roof 2 Ramp                      1000 |
           Fatty Transfer                        1000 |
           Big Vent Gap                          1000 |
           Huge Ramp 2 Roof                      1500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Seaside Handrail                       200 |
           The Venice Ledge                       250 |
           Bench Trippin'                         500 |
           Ledge 2 Ledge                          500 |
           10 Point Landing!                      500 |
           The High Wire                         1000 |
           'Round The Horn!!!                    2500 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           He Could Go...                         250 |
           All The Way...                         500 |
           Candy Cane Manual                      750 |
           Touchdown!!!                          1000 |
    Skatestreet (36 gaps)
    01) Over the Wall
        Start the level and head to the small, lengthy halfpipe
        that lead to the outdoors area. There's a brick wall on
        the outermost quarter, and you just simply need to jump
        over it. There's a reason it's the easiest trick on the
        level, y'know?
    02) Railing Hop
        On the long quarterpipe that you can get the Ride the Wave
        gap on, the top of it is flat. The leftmost part has a rail
        that you can jump over. Get on top of it, skate over the
        rail, to the part of the park below.
    03) Over the Bridge
        Wedged between the halfpipe near where you start with and the
        wall, on the bottom floor, is a quarterpipe and a ramp. Use
        the ramp to jump the walkway.
    04) HP to Bowl
        Jump from the halfpipe left of where your skater normally
        starts into the only bowl.
    05) Bowl to HP
        Same as the HP to Bowl gap, except reversed.
    06) Bullet Bowl Hop
        The level only has one full bowl. To get the gap, jump out
        of it into the middle part of the level, being the direction
        with the funbox in it. Can be done vice versa as well.
    07) Over the Deck
        To the left of the door to the first outside area is a
        place where you can find three decks of three different
        levels. Completely clear one to get the gap.
    08) Daaaaay Tripper
        In the second outdoors area, there's two kickers with a van
        in the middle. Jump the van.
    09) Gimme Gap Redux
        At the small halfpipe that ends at the wall to the outdoors
        area, jump out or in to get the gap.
    10) Sodee Pop Gap
        Turn around from where you start and head to the other side
        of the halfpipe, going onto the walkway. Head into the area
        with the chairs and face the halfpipe again. Wallride back 
        into the HP. If you thought you had to grind the pop machine
        or something, this comes as a shock (it did to me!).
    11) Cut the Corner
        If you face the door to the second outdoor area (with the 
        van), there will be a multi-level deck to your left. Get some
        speed, easiest from the weird halfpipe with the High Sticker
        gap, and launch off the second level of the deck to clear the
    12) High Sticker
        In the weird halfpipe you can do the Gully Lip trick on, the
        back wall has a collection of stickers high up. Get some air
        and simply skate up to that part.
    13) Shoot the Gap
        Start the level and head to the "left" entrance to outside.
    14) No Kidding Around
        Rather hard to do, but managable. In the halfpipe near where
        you start, the other side away from the bowl has a walkway
        with a few criss-crossing rails. Get some air and jump the
        pipe lip, going parallel with the rail in air. Don't grind
        that, though; you're trying to grind the perpendicular rail
        that goes left to the wall. Do that to get the gap.
    15) Stairset
        On the other side of the halfpipe near where you start is a
        skateshop with a sign that says Skate Street. There's a few
        stairs that go down to the little halfpipe with the Over the
        Wall gap. Wallride or clear that stairway.
    16) Hexbox Gap
        Jump the funbox on the floor.
    17) High Jumper
        Underneath the u-shaped rail near the halfpipe you start by,
        is a two-sided ramp facing out into the level and into the
        halfpipe. Head onto the side that heads into the halfpipe and
        jump the u-shaped rail.
    18) Rail Secret Area Key
        Grind the rail hanging above the deck near the wave wall. You
        can usually get this gap in conjunction with the Wave Wall
    19) Rail to Rail
        Near the funbox, down and beside the pool, is a lone rail and
        a ledge beside it. Jump from one to the other.
    20) Van Secret Area Key
        At the end of the halfpipe where you start, away from the wall,
        a rail connects the two grindable edges into a U-shape. Grind
        that from one side to another.
    21) Nail the Rail
        Jump from the bowl extension-side to the railing of the
        halfpipe, landing in a grind. You may be here all night with
        this one, 'cause it's _haaaaaaard_. Took me 15 tries, myself.
    22) HP to Railbox
        The halfpipe near where you start has two ends: one's at the
        wall and the other opens into the rest of the level, but has
        a little two-sided ramp you can use. Past that end is a 
        railbox, and to get the gap, you'll need to use that two-
        -sided ramp and jump into the railbox, grinding the rail.
    23) Wave Wall Minigap
        Grind the wave wall and jump out to a pole hanging from the
        ceiling over the deck near the first outdoor area.
    24) Surfin U.S.A.
        On the wall to the right of the wave wall is a long pole that
        is almost hard to see. Grind on the edge of the wave wall and
        jump to the pole, skating a ways to get the gap.
    25) Skatin on the Dock of the Bay
        In the outdoor area with the van, there's a long loading dock
        with a quarterpipe up against the entire length. Skate the rim
        to the end.
    26) Havin A Picnic
        In the outdoor area with the van, there are two picnic benches
        propped up on a square block. Go slow and grind both of them.
    27) Extension Transfer
        Grind the large sign on the lip of the bowl then do the bowl
        lip as well.
    28) Big Air Railing Grind
        Use the kicker by the soda machines to jump up onto the 
        bridge. Instead of doing the "Over the Bridge" gap, grind
        the walkway rail.
    29) Circle the Pool
        Grind the sign extension in the bowl, and keep going until 
        you come back to it. 
    30) Funbox Wheelie
        From where you start, you can see a funbox (flat little bump
        on the floor) in the middle of the level. Manual it all the
        way over.
    31) Bowl Lip
        In the bowl, lip-trick/stall the lip. Durr. =p
    32) HP Lip
        In the halfpipe where you start, lip-trick/stall an edge.
    33) Ride the Wave
        If you start the level, if you don't move your controls or
        anything, you'll come up to the left edge of a long quarter
        pipe with a wavy ledge in the middle. Lip-trick/stall any
        part of that lip.
    34) Gully Lip
        Head down the slope at the start and hang a right until you
        get towards the entrance to outside. There's a little 
        dropoff to the right into a halfpipe, and the middle section
        is raised above the others. Drop into the pipe, then turn
        around and lip-trick/stall that portion.
    35) Bowl Envy
        In the bowl, there's a large sign on the lip that prevents
        an easy grind around the parameter of the pool. Lip-trick/
        stall it.
    36) Mr. Small Lips  
        In the tiny halfpipe that runs towards the door to the
        first outdoors area, lip-trick/stall an edge of the
    AIR                                               |
           Over the Wall                           10 |
           Railing Hop                             50 |
           Over the Bridge                         50 |
           HP To Bowl                             100 |
           Bowl to HP                             100 |
           Bullet Bowl Hop                        100 |
           Over the Deck                          100 |
           Daaaaay Tripper                        100 |
           Gimme Gap Redux                        100 |
           Sodee Pop Gap                          100 |
           Cut the Corner                         100 |
           High Sticker                           100 |
           Shoot the Gap                          100 |
           No Kidding Around                      150 |
           Stairset                               150 |
           Hexbox Gap                             150 |
           High Jumper                            250 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Rail Secret Area Key                    50 |
           Rail to Rail                            50 |
           Van Secret Area Key                    100 |
           Nail the Rail                          100 |
           HP to Railbox                          100 |
           Wave Wall Minigap                      100 |
           Surfin U.S.A.                          100 |
           Skatin on the Dock of the Bay          100 |
           Havin A Picnic                         100 |
           Extension Transfer                     100 |
           Big Air Railing Grind                  100 |
           Circle the Pool                        500 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           Funbox Wheelie                         100 |
    LIP                                               |
           Bowl Lip                               100 |
           HP Lip                                 100 |
           Ride the Wave                          100 |
           Gully Lip                              100 |
           Bowl Envy                              100 |
           Mr. Small Lips                         100 |
    Philadelphia (41 gaps)
    01) Easy Post Ollie
        By the blue awning, jump one of the two posts that you
        find en route to the quarterpipe in the shade.
    02) Post Ollie
        Jump one of the posts down by the blue awning that aren't
        en route to the quarterpipe in the shade.
    03) Statue Hop
        Down by the blue awning, there are two little rounded
        pieces of cement. Use one to get some air and jump the
    04) Stair Set
        The stairs after the World's Most Obvious Gap need to be
        cleared. Do so.
    05) Up the Small Step Set
        If you start the level and don't move the controls, your
        skater will head towards the fountain and go down some
        ledges. Head to the left wall and you'll come out by some
        stairs. Boneless or No Comply up them. Note: this can be
        done other four-stair sets, too.
    06) Bench Gap
        Start the level and head to the left, and you'll immediately
        see some ledges and benches, one after another. Jump from 
        a ledge to another ledge, clearing a bench in the process.
    07) World's Most Obvious Gap
        At the start of the level, if you turn right, you can see
        two kickers just sitting there. It really is the most
        obvious gap in the world.
    08) Phillyside Hop
        When you first enter the rundown Phillyside section of the
        level, don't go very far in. Locate a kicker placed towards
        a tall wall with a gap in it. Jump through that gap via the
        kicker to get the gap.
    09) Phillyside HP Transfer
        In the Phillyside section, locate the halfpipe with the
        wooden ramp up behind it and the area with blue bumps on
        the ground. Jump from one of these sides to the other to
        get the transfer.
    10) Pillar Fight
        On Phillyside, three of the pillars can be used to get some
        air, given the rounded bottoms they have. Get some air and
        travel up the pillar a long ways, and you'll get the gap.
    11) THPS Fountain Gap
        At the start of the level is a THPS sign. Jump from the
        platform where the sign is all the way into the fountain
        in one swoop. Not sure if you can get it when it's filled,
    12) Chillin' on the Balcony
        To the right of where you start are some stairs leading to
        a street curb. You can use that curb to jump to the balcony
        railing, and if you grind it when you get there, you'll get
        the gap. You can also get it by landing in the balcony.
    13) Track Smack
        In the Phillyside section there are two sets of rails that
        meander along either of the direct sides of the park. Grind
        one of the rails and jump to one that branches onto it, in
        either direction.
    14) Hobo Grind
        If you go to the street and face Phillyside, the left rail
        is composed of two parts: one rail that loops into near the
        funbox; one that loops in near the pillar, and isn't connected
        to the previous. Start the grind and when it loops in the 
        first time, jump ahead to the second line and ride it all the
        way. This can be done backwards, too.
    15) Planter Transfer
        When you start, turn around and face the street behind you.
        There is a ledge that leads towards the building you can jump
        onto. Grind it and when you come to the curb below, grind the
        edge of that, too.
    16) Railing to Planter
        To get to the balcony of the building, one usually uses the
        curb. That curb stretches out aways leftwards, and if you 
        get to the balcony, the railing aligns a bit with the curb.
        Grind the railing, jump and, if you aim right, you'll grind
        the curb, too.
    17) Pillar Hop --[Contributed by Donna Robbins & Julie Capen &
                     Dylan Nobody]
        Donna's Way:
        "In Phillyside, there are two pillars in front of the blue 
        humps and behind where the hp half pipe lip is. They 
        usually have money in between them in career mode. If you 
        have double moon physics on, you can grind the rim from one 
        side, and it will pop you over to the other side to give you 
        the pillar hop gap. It's pretty tough, I've only been able to 
        duplicate it a couple of times. Hopefully it will work for you 
        and you can complete your gap list."
        Julie's Way:
        "It is in the philly side, just grind the lip above the blue 
        humps until you get to the pillar, jump and then grind the 
        other side going toward the train."
        Dylan's Way:
        "Anyhow, here's how I got the Pillar Hop gap: using the skip to 
        restart at phillyside, grind the rail you start off facing, 
        continue going straight until you see the two big pillars to 
        your left and right.  The one on the left is the key here. On
        either side of it are quarterpipes.  The trick is to grind from 
        one lip, and 'hop' before hitting the pillar, then grinding on the 
        lip on the other side of the pillar.  It's a bit hard to describe 
        and it even looks glitchy (part of you goes through the pillar) but
        it's easy to do and very repeatable though it may take a few tries 
        to get the hang of it.  
    18) Planter Double Pillar Gap
        Where the street ends, away from the Phillyside section, is
        a ledge that jumps over two little pillars that would are
        supposed to prevent large vehicles from traveling on the
        sidewalk. Grind the ledge, jump those two pillars, and then
        grind the little edge towards the bus tunnel.
    19) Just Visiting
        Start the level and head to the tree planter. Grind it to
        the left and at the end, instead of a sharpened edge, it
        will hang to the right a little, giving you a chance to
        make a transitional grind down to the planter below. Do
    20) Short Stair
        Grind the entire stair closest to the THPS sign.
    21) Telephone Co. Gap
        On the building balcony you can jump into, there is a 
        telephone wire stretching across several poles. Grind the
        balcony railing and jump to the wire.
    22) Funbox Transfer
        Jump from the lip of the big bowl in Phillyside to the funbox
        next to it. You'll have to jump the last bit of a rail, too,
        though, so be prepared. The funbox is on the side of the big
        bowl near the rail lines.
    23) Medium Stair
        Grind the stair two down from the THPS sign. This takes place
        near the fountain, of course.
    24) Grind Up Dem Stairs
        The stairway to the right of where you start leads down to 
        a building you can launch to. Grind up the rail on the stairs
        to get this gap.
    25) Awning Grind
        Head down the stairs and past the fountain, to where you can
        see a blue awning near some stone ramp-things. Use one of 
        those stone ramp-things to jump onto the awning in a grind.
    26) Little Corner Grind
        If you follow the road to the right from where you start,
        you can find a metal wire stretched across a hard corner.
        Grind that wire to the end, and watch out for buses!
    27) Fly By Wire
        Over the fountain is a _long_ wire that connects to the roof
        of the first house on your right when you start the level and
        a wall near the fountain. There are two ways to get up the
        wire, but you can only get the gap by grinding downwards, so:
        one, you jump to the house via the street curb and wall ride
        up higher. Two, you grind the wire up, jump to the roof, and
        ride it back down.
    28) Death From Above
        Jump from the overhanging rail (the one used in the Fly by Wire
        gap) to a pipe coming from the fountain's spicket, and land in
        a grind.
    29) Train Hard
        Head into Phillyside and head past the blue bumps until you
        see the back wall (the one the you can see a distant train
        through) and its three bowls. The longest bowl archs around
        to a pillar, so grind that bowl all the way to the pillar and
        get the gap.
    30) Long Stair
        Grind the edge of the stair three down from the THPS sign.
    31) World's Second Most Obvious Gap
        Do the World's Most Obvious Gap, but jump from that first
        kicker and grind the handrail on the stairs behind the second
        kicker. Hard to do, albeit, but it's possible.
    32) Fountain Ping!
        Use the kicker by the fountain to jump onto the long rail
        that stretches over it.
    33) Grind of Faith
        When the fountain is drained, you can see four little pipes
        stemming from either side of the spout in the middle to the
        edges of the fountain's stone form. Grind a pipe, and jump
        to another pipe, clearing the spout in the process.
    34) Funbox Wheelie
        Manual over the graffiti'd-up funbox near where you start.
    35) Flatlands Techin'
        They should've called _this_ one Manual Stimulation. Jump
        down to the path curb where you can launch onto the balcony.
        Turn around, grind up the stairs (preferably the ones _not_
        in front of the ramp) and land in a manual. Manual all the 
        way to the funbox, and swing right towards the stairway. By
        the time...well, if you can get there and keep the manual
        solid, you'll get the gap. If you can't get it, you need to
        up your manual skills. Yay!
    36) Manual Stimulation
        Manual through the blue bumps in Phillyside.
    37) Rockin' the Stairs
        Manual up the four sets of stairs near the fountain, from
        the lowest ledge to the top ledge. Don't run into any of
        the benches, now. =p
    38) Phillyside New Bowl Lip
        The new bowl lip is right near the blue bumps on the 
        Phillyside section, near where you jump to the halfpipe
        behind it. Lip-trick/stall it.
    39) Phillyside HP Lip
        In the rundown Phillyside section of the level, there is
        a halfpipe with a ramp going up behind it to get access
        to the lip. That's just a marker to know which one it is,
        though. You just need to lip-trick/stall either side.
    40) Phillyside Big Bowl Lip
        The largest bowl you find in the Phillyside section is the
        one with a gap in it and a kicker behind it. Lip-trick or
        stall to get the gap.
    41) Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip
        Near the blue bumps on the Phillyside section is half of
        a bowl. Lip-trick/stall it.
    AIR                                               |
           Easy Post Ollie                         10 |
           Post Ollie                              50 |
           Statue Hop                              50 |
           Stair Set                              100 |
           Up the Small Step Set                  100 |
           Bench Gap                              100 |
           World's Most Obvious Gap               100 |
           Phillyside Hop                         100 |
           Phillyside HP Transfer                 250 |
           Pillar Fight                           250 |
           THPS Fountain Gap                      500 |
           Chillin' on the Balcony                500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Track Smack                             50 |
           Hobo Grind                             100 |
           Planter Transfer                       100 |
           Railing to Planter                     100 |
           Pillar Hop                               ? |
           Planter Double Pillar Gap              150 |
           Just Visiting                          150 |
           Short Stair                            150 |
           Telephone Co. Gap                      250 |
           Funbox Transfer                        250 |
           Medium Stair                           250 |
           Grind Up Dem Stairs                    500 |
           Awning Grind                           500 |
           Little Corner Grind                    500 |
           Fly By Wire                            500 |
           Death From Above                       500 |
           Train Hard                             500 |
           Long Stair                             500 |
           World's Second Most Obvious Gap        750 |
           Fountain Ping!                         750 |
           Grind of Faith                        1500 |
    MANUAL                                            |
           Funbox Wheelie                         100 |
           Flatlands Techin'                      500 |
           Manual Stimulation                     500 |
           Rockin' the Stairs                    2500 |
    LIP                                               |
           Phillyside New Bowl Lip                100 |
           Phillyside HP Lip                      100 |
           Phillyside Big Bowl Lip                100 |
           Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip                100 |
    BULLRING (31 gaps)
    01) Wussy Rollin Gap
        When you start the level, go down the halfpipe, turn around,
        and clear the little gap in the other side of the halfpipe.
        It's called a wussy gap for some reason. =p
    02) Plat Gap
        OK. Start the level, head down the halfpipe and head to the
        left side (it will curve in more w/ no lip). Jump straight
        out and clear the propped-up rail and you'll get the gap.
    03) Gate Gap
        The arena is circular with the park in the middle of it. Go
        to the edge and find a "gate" that's on the edge of the
        arena -- you'll know it by the ramp sticking out. Go up the
        lip and clear it.
    04) Launchin On Up
        Start the level and find the gate to your right with a
        ramp beneath it. Use the ramp to jump the gate. This is
        the only gate with a simple ramp beneath it, too, so it
        shouldn't be too hard to find.
    05) Launchin the Pipe
        The spiral pipe (the one you go upside-down on) has a ramp
        built into the back of it, on one side. Use that to jump
        over it.
    06) Rollin Gap
        Do the Wee Lil Wussy Gap, except start farther away and
        land farther away. It's pretty easy to do.
    07) Air Toro
        The ramp you start on, if you check on it, hangs over
        the backside of the halfpipe, which is able to be skated
        up on as well. Jump the place you start at and land on
        the other side.
    08) Big Enchilada Mama
        Find two of the red-and-white "humps" on the ground and
        slide up one, coming down the other.
    09) Tight Gap
        Start the level but don't move an inch. Behind you is a
        small gap that's hard to make because the skater usually
        takes off before s/he wants to. Jump that space to get the
        gap. It's usually easier to accomplish if you use the slope
        that _isn't_ the one you start on.
    10) Jumpin Da Humps
        Jump from the center of one red-and-white hump to the
        center of another.
    11) Lil Wee Wussy Gap
        Do the Wussy Rollin Gap except grind the gap instead
        of jumping it.
    12) Enjoyin The View
        Find the "banana" box and go to the side nearest the track
        where the bull runs. Get some speed in the makeshift
        halfpipe the two make, and use the track lip to grind on a
        festive banner above. Grind a ways to get the gap.
    13) Kink
        Start the level and head down the roll-in, heading for the
        indented left side of the halfpipe. Jump out over the
        platform and land on a grind on the kinked rail propped up
        on the other side.
    14) Grindin the Pipe
        Use the kicker behind the loop pipe (the one you get Way
        To Go Gringo in) to grind the right edge up and over for
        the gap.
    15) Friggin A Hombre
        Grind the criss-cross rail above the skatepark.
    16) Ramp Rail to Banana
        Start the level and head to the opposite side of the 
        halfpipe, not launching but popping to the top of it.
        Grind the rail to the right towards the "banana" box,
        and land in a grind on the lowest edge from the rail.
        You can do the top edge, too, if you want.
    17) Box to Rail
        Roll down from the start and head right, to the three-
        -sided box at the base of the gate. The banana is to your
        left; a railbox to your right. Jump from the box and grind
        the (ugly) blue rail.
    18) Nice Friggin Ankles
        There are many ways to do this I suspect, but this is how
        I do it. First, head to the banana box and use it to get
        some steam so you can jump to the festive banner overhead.
        Roll left in the air which brings you towards the criss-
        -crossing wires. Grind the festive banner to the end, then
        jump to the railing of the stands (second tier) and land in
        a grind also.
    19) Nailin Da Rail
        Start the level, head down the roll-in, and head to the
        left part of the halfpipe, where it's indented. Head up
        and get some air, heading to the right. You'll fall over
        a rail, but you can grind on it "somehow" and get the
        gap. An alternate way to do this is to use the halfpipe
        you start in to jump up to the rail hanging overhead. 
    20) Way To Go Amigo
        Go up into the stands and use one of the four launch
        pads to jump onto a rail overhanging the park.
    21) Ramp Rail to Rail
        Grind the Wee Lil Wussy Gap away from the full pipe and
        land in a grind on the railbox beside the halfpipe. I
        suspect you can accomplish this feat by grinding the 
        yellow rail and jumping to the railbox, too, but my way
        is much easier.
    22) Takin the High Road
        Jump onto one of the criss-crossing lines above the park,
        whether it's through one of the four launching pads or
        a different method -- there's lots.
    23) Rail Plat Gap
        The Plat Gap can be done by jumping from the halfpipe
        section out over a propped-up rail. Well, there are two
        more rails perpendicular to where you jump as well. Get
        some speed and jump those in a connected grind.
    24) Box to Banana
        Start the level, head right towards the first gate. You'll
        see the "banana" box on your left, and at the base of the
        gate, a brown ramp. It's three-sided that ramp, so use the 
        right side (facing from halfpipe) to jump and grind to the
        top of the banana box.
    25) Launch to Banana
        Start the level and head to the right, jumping up the gate
        onto the stands. Use the ramp up there to get some air, and
        when you go back to the launching ramp, steer right and land
        on a grind on top of the "banana" box. 
    26) Clenchfest!
        Jump from the festive banner you can access by way of using
        the banana quarter and the track edge to the criss-crossing
    27) Finesse Test
        Hard as heck to do on a good day, you need to jump into the
        stands and start grinding the outer rim. When one of the
        gates comes into view, keep the grind, jump it entirely, and
        land in a grind. I _still_ can't do it on a regular basis.
    28) Launch to Rail
        Start the level, head down the roll-in and head to the three-
        -sided box underneath the gate. Use it to jump the gate and 
        then abuse the large quarterpipe there to get some air. Come
        back down, launch off to the right, and land in a grind on 
        the railbox.
    29) Up to the Stands
        On the arena edge (anywhere), use the lip to jump towards
        the stands.
    30) Threadin the Needle --[Contributed by Shane Harder]
        You need to go to the back side of the roll in you start on.
        Instead of air-ing over the roll in platform completely with
        the quarterpipe; you need to go through the scafolding holding 
        up the roll-in. There's a little hole you can fit right through.
        Thanks for the gap list! It has helped me a ton. 
    31) Way To Go Gringo!!!
        Find the spiral ramp that twists a full 360 degrees and
        skate through it upside-down, landing it.
    AIR                                               |
           Wussy Rollin Gap                        50 |
           Plat Gap                               100 |
           Gate Gap                               150 |
           Launchin On Up                         200 |
           Launchin The Pipe                      300 |
           Rollin Gap                             300 |
           Air Toro                               400 |
           Big Enchilada Mama                     600 |
           Tight Gap                             1000 |
           Jumpin Da Humps                       1500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Lil Wee Wussy Gap                        1 |
           Enjoyin the View                       250 |
           Kink                                   400 |
           Grindin the Pipe                       450 |
           Friggin A Hombre                       500 |
           Ramp Rail to Banana                    500 |
           Box to Rail                            500 |
           Nice Friggin Ankles                    500 |
           Nailin Da Rail                         500 |
           Way To Go Amigo                        500 |
           Ramp Rail to Rail                      500 |
           Takin the High Road                    650 |
           Rail Plat Gap                          750 |
           Box to Banana                         1000 |
           Launch to Banana                      1000 |
           Clenchfest!                           1500 |
           Finesse Test                          1500 |
           Launch to Rail                        2000 |
    OTHER                                             |
           Up to the Stands                        50 |
           Threadin the Needle                      ? |
           Way to Go Gringo!!!                   5000 |
    01) 70FT
        There's a dock floating left and aft to where you start the
        in the helicopter. Get some speed and jump to it, clearing
        70FT in the process.
    02) 80FT
        Just like above, but you clear 80FT, too.
    03) 90FT
        Just like above, but you clear 80FT as well.
    04) Into the Heli
        Jump into the helicopter door.
    05) 1 Potato
        Grind the lowest rung on the ship's mast.
    06) 2 Potato
        Grind the second-lowest rung on the ship's mast.
    07) 3 Potato
        Grind the third-lowest rung on the ship's mast.
    08) Heli Grind
        Grind the edge of the helicopter's door.
    09) Whoomah
        Lip-trick/stall on the ledge of the heli's door.
    AIR                                               |
           70FT                                   100 |
           80FT                                   200 |
           90FT                                   300 |
           Into the Heli                          500 |
    GRIND                                             |
           1 Potato                               100 |
           2 Potato                               200 |
           3 Potato                               400 |
           Heli Grind                             500 |
    LIP                                               |
           Whoomah                                500 |
    SKATE HEAVEN (71 gaps)
    01) Down 2 Tony's Island
        Start the level and head into the 'cloverleaf' bowl that
        is really three bowls connected at the middle. One of the
        bowls' lips is indented outwards, and you can use that as
        a ramp to jump to the island below. 
    02) San Dieguito Hall 2 Sadlands
        San Dieguito Hall is the building near the Sadlands sign,
        with the large window and the staircase. Jump from the top 
        of the staircase down to the walkway alongside the Pit O
    03) Grassy Gap
        The house near the Sadlands sign has a grassy patch in 
        front of it. Skip over it.
    04) Weak Sauce Zig Gap
        Head into the Snakerun from the starting position and find
        the first bend on your left. Jump over it.
    05) Weak Sauce Zag Gap
        Head into the Snakerun from the starting position and head 
        around the first left bend. The first bend on your right is
        the one you need to jump.
    06) Weak Sauce Wussy Snake Gap
        Head to the tunnel and face the Snakerun. The first bend on
        your right is the WSWSG, so pop over it with minor effort to
        get the gap.
    07) San Dieguito Ten Set
        Near the Sadlands sign is a house with some stairs in it.
        Jump 'em in a single stride. 
    08) Dropping In On Tony
        At the bowl complex, instead of using the indented lip to
        jump to Tony's Island, jump from the edge of the bowl complex
        itself (i.e. not in the bowl) into the halfpipe on the
    09) Isle of Tony 2 Sadlands
        Find the house near the Sadlands sign and go up the stairs. 
        To the left, you can see a walkway in the Sadlands. Jump
        down to it.
    10) Platform Gap
        On Tony's Island, one of the halfpipes has a lowered section
        towards one end, and a flat platform beside it. Jump from the
        top of the halfpipe next to it (has the rail you use to get 
        the Rail 2 Ramp gap) to that platform.
    11) Air's Hole
        Head into the tunnel and face the Isle of Tony. You'll be
        staring down a halfpipe, with Tony's House on your far right
        and another halfpipe backed up against the left side of the
        one you're looking at. Head straight to the end where the
        halfpipe curves out to the left, and jump off of it, turning
        left. If all goes well and you've got enough speed, you'll
        land up on the halfpipe that was on your left (looking at
        it from the tunnel, that is) and you'll clear the little
        shortened piece of the halfpipe, which is your objective.
        To simplify: head straight into Tony's Island from the
        tunnel to the curved part of the halfpipe, and use it as a
        launching pad to clear that little shortened piece of the
        halfpipe that's in the "middle" -- that's Airs Hole, I guess.
    12) Big Fat Grassy Gap
        Do the Grassy Gap, but cover more grass this time around.
    13) House of Tony 2 Sadlands
        In the area after the Snakerun (past the tunnel), is a 
        few halfpipes and the San Dieguito Hall. Get onto the house
        (easy rail jumpin') before the Sadlands and jump down to
        the walkway below near the Pit O' Doom. Be careful to aim
        right, or you'll fling off into space.
    14) San Dieguito Window 2 Sadlands
        San Dieguito has one massive window overlooking the Sadlands.
        Jump through it onto the walkway near the Pit O Doom.
    15) Blowin it Out the Hole!
        In the volcano secret area, search out an off-color piece of
        the "middle" halfpipe, and jump it. If you can't find it 
        right away, just remember that the tunnel left behind connects
        the outer halfpipe to the halfpipe with the Chen Rail Series
        and Holy Crail gaps.
    16) Sadlands 2 San Dieguito Hall
        Use the walkway next to the Pit O Doom (and also the closest
        to the Hall) to clear the nothingness of space and land up at
        the top of the stairs.
    17) The Holy Crail
        In the volcano secret area, part of the halfpipe you see
        is rounded in. Grind and jump over it, landing in a grind
    18) Gutter 2 Sand Dieguito Roof
        On Tony's Island, do a hard grind on the rail leading to
        San Dieguto Hall, and halfway through, jump onto the
    19) Wussy Snake Gap
        Head into the tunnel and face the Snakerun. The first bend
        on your right is the Wussy Snake Gap, so head further into
        the bending path and turn around. Jump with more distance
        than usual so you don't end up with a Weak Sauce-type gap.
    20) Sadlands Path Gap
        To locate the Sadlands Path in question, start at the 
        Sadlands sign near San Dieguero Hall and head left. Watch
        for when the grey path goes down to where the Sadlands Mid
        Intersect Gaps are. That's the path you need to jump, and
        it's more easily accomplished if you exploit the long edge
        on the right side of it (back of the globe).
    21) Northwest Snake Gap
        Use the Sadlands sign as your starting point and head down
        the path to the left. Watch for where the Snake walkway 
        first touches the path. Use the curved sides on either side
        of the Snake path to jump it.
    22) Northeast Snake Gap
        Just like the Northwest Snake Gap, except you jump where
        the pink Snake path next meets the pavement.
    23) Up 2 Comb!
        Just like the "Down 2 Tony's Island" gap, except you use
        a halfpipe on the island to jump up to the bowl complex.
    24) Reverse Wussy Snake Gap
        Jump the Wussy Snake Gap in reverse, i.e.: you come out of
        the tunnel into the Snakerun and jump the first hip to your
        right. If you can do one, you can do the other.
    25) Southern Snake Gap
        Near the Pit O Doom, part of the Snake pathway passes over
        and curves back in. Go up the Pit's side and jump that part
        of the walkway.
    26) Sadlands Up 2 Isle of Tony
        Use the Sadlands walkway closest to the Isle (which is next
        to the Pit O Doom) to jump past San Dieguito Hall. Careful
        where you aim, or you might get the wrong gap. Jump as left
        as you can.
    27) Over the Dome
        The sunken dome near San Dieguito Hall can be cleared, so
        do so.
    28) Clearing the Swings
        Start at the large hub near the Swingrails and use the
        pavement path to jump over the northern swingrail (nearest
        the 'house' by the Snake way). This works on the southern
        rail, too.
    29) Jumpin Da Hub
        Near the park with the Swingrails is an open space with
        a large hub with rounded sides. Clear it.
    30) Tunnel of Luvin
        In the volcano secret area, once you've destroyed part of
        the halfpipe by getting the 'Blowin It Out Your Hole!!!'
        gap, simply skate through the "tunnel" left behind.
    31) Zig Gap
        Start the level and head to the Snakerun. Get some speed on
        the bleachers and jump the first hip to your right, i.e.
        where you usually get the Weak Sauce Zig Gap. To get the
        gap correctly, you'll need to start at an earlier distance
        and cover more ground than the WSZG. It's not too hard.
    32) Tight Landing
        Use the kicker near the Sadlands sign to jump onto the mini
        ledge sticking out near the stairway. 
    33) Zag Gap
        Head into the Snakerun from the starting position, and 
        watch for the path to turn to your right. Jump that hip
        to an extent so that you don't get the Weak Sauce Zag Gap,
        which basically means you cover more ground and jump much
    34) Reverse Zig Gap
        Do the Zig Gap, but in reverse. Sheesh!
    35) Reverse Zag Gap
        Do the Zag Gap, but in reverse. Sheesh!
    36) Feed Me!!!
        Start the level, turn around, and head to the first kicker
        you see. Use that to jump into the volcano.
    37) Pit O Doom!!!
        Near the San Dieguito house and the pink Snake path is a
        massive pit. Jump that.
    38) Rail 2 Snakerun
        The large tunnel has a rail alongside it, ending at the
        Snakerun. It's possible to get the Longrail gap and not
        this one, so I can only conclude you need to grind that
        rail and _not_ jump outwards, but have enough speed to
        let you grind the Snakerun below. 
    39) Ramp Rail Gap
        On Tony's Island, there is a halfpipe with a section
        lowered down for easier access to the halfpipe on the other
        side. Grind the edges near that gap, from one side to the
    40) Southern Intersect Sad Gap
        Go into the Snake path nearest San Dieguito Hall and jump
        the branch that heads towards the swingrails. This is 
        sort of hard to do considering the path bends downwards
        to that little dome hut, so you may want to consider 
        jumping to the solid rail to the left or right, depending
        on which way you're going.
    41) Northern Intersect Sad Gap
        Go past the huge line of benches in the direction of the
        large hub and find where the pink Snake pathway touches
        the path. Get in there and grind over the gap in the
    42) Ramp 2 Rail
        On Tony's Island, the line that runs from San Dieguito Hall
        to the tunnel is parallel with a curved rail on a halfpipe.
        Jump from that curved rail to the rail headed to the tunnel.
    43) 90 Degree Sadlands Rail Gap
        Face the path near the Sadlands sign and take a left. Go
        past the benches used in the Bench Gap Series and wait for
        a path to the pink Snake way to appear. Head in and go right,
        grinding the right wall of the path as you head back towards
        the path you already passed (the gray one). When you see the
        pink path start to end, the wall you're grinding will do a
        right angle turn to the path, but the other one won't. Jump
        from the path you're grinding to the opposite path, and be
        careful not to overshoot~~~!
    44) Northern Crossover Sad Gap
        Come in from the north entrance to the Snake way (by the
        Bench Rail Series) and keep going past the first branch
        to the left. Grind the left or right side, and when you
        come down to where you usually get the Mid Intersect Gaps,
        jump from whichever side you're on to the other -- not
        straight, which would get you the wrong gap.
    45) Southern Crossover Sad Gap
        Jump from one side of the walkway to the other part in the
        southern location of the Snake way in Sadlands. The southern
        portion is every part of the rail from San Dieguito Hall to
        the "middle" crossroads. I found it easiest to do by leaping
        on the last turn, from the inside of the curve to the end as
        I approached SDH.
    46) Chen Rail Series
        In the volcano secret area, grind the edge of the the weird
        halfpipe with the odd lip, going from the side curved like
        an elongated 'u' to the part where you go the Holy Crail gap.
    47) Mid Intersect Sad Gap
        The destination is the pink pathway with many openings in the
        Sadlands. Grind over the rail where the path branches in
        the middle section.
    48) Radramp 2 Island's Edge
        Start the level and grind the right edge of the halfpipe.
        Normally, you would just drop down and grind the first
        bleacher; instead, jump to the right a little more and 
        grind on the side of the island.
    49) Rimrail Gap
        Near the giant hub (from the gap Jumping Da Hub), you can
        see two stone edges around the vicinity. Grind one and 
        jump into a grind on the other. 
    50) 90 Degree Ramp Rail Gap
        Same as the Platform Gap, except you land in a grind.
    51) Fence 2 Radramp
        Start the level and turn to the left, down the path with 
        the two fences on your side -- one high and on the left,
        the other plain and on your right. Jump from the one on
        your right to the nearest part of the Radramp.
    52) San Dieguito Hall 2 Edge
        Jump from San Dieguito Hall's interior to the nearest
        bench on the Pit O Doom's outskirt. Remember to be 'inside'
        the Hall or else you'll end up getting the 'Isle of Tony 2
        Edge' gap.
    53) Gutter 2 San Dieguito Roof
        The long rail that connects to the tunnel's side also runs
        up to the San Dieguito Roof (near the Sadlands sign). Use
        one of the rails to jump onto the roof.
    54) Isle of Tony 2 Edge
        Jump from the Isle of Tony down to the walkway near the
        Pit O Doom. Grind the bench on the way down.
    55) Top of Da World Ma!!!
        Near San Dieguito Hall is a pink globe half-sunken in the
        sand. Use the stone border to it to jump over it, and make
        sure to grind the top on the way down.
    56) Southern Swingrail
        In a park, you can find two "swingrails," which are 
        objects stuck in the sand composed of two arched pipes.
        The southern one is to the left of the entrance if you're
        entering from the pathway.
    57) Northern Swingrail
        If you find the Southern Swingrail, you'll find the 
        Northern Swingrail right by it.
    58) Up 2 Pipe Rail
        Attempt the Wussy Snake Gap, but instead of jumping over the
        hip, veer to the left and land in a grind on the rail that
        goes parallel with the tunnel.
    59) Kicker 2 Railspan
        Start the level and turn around, going through the half-tunnel
        path until you get to a mini hub. Jump it to the left and you
        will see a rail you need to grind on.
    60) Rail 2 Kicker 2 Rail 2 Bench
        Just like the Kicker 2 Railspan, except you need to jump from
        the rail at the end to the askew bench nearby.
    61) San Dieguito Roof 2 Edge
        Jump off of San Dieguito Hall's roof and land in a grind
        on a bench near the Pit O Doom; or, jump off the roof and
        land in a grind on the nearest piece of the Snake way.
    62) Radramp 2 Snakerun
        Start the level, grind the right part of the halfpipe you
        see. Hold down triangle, and you'll grind the top of the
        next to bleacher sets and then the start of the snaking
        walkway towards a tunnel. Presto.
    63) Longrail
        On Tony's Island (the area past the Snakerun and tunnel) is
        a long rail connecting one of the building's eaves back to
        the tunnel. Get _a lot_ of speed and grind that rail, and 
        when you get to the end overlooking the nothingnes of space
        and the Snakerun again, grind the lip. You have to jump out
        because simply dropping in will drop you out...of the level.
    64) Off the Roof 2 Rail
        Jump off Tony's House and land in a grind on one of the
        benches by the Pit O Doom.
    65) Bench Gap
        Near the Pit O Doom are two benches. Grind off one and then
        grind the outer rim of the island right by there.
    66) Swinging the Set
        Use one of the gray ledges on the path near the swingrails
        to jump onto one of them and grind. 
    67) Time 2 Feed the Volcano!!!
        There is a rail on top of the San Dieguito Hall which runs
        all the way to the tunnel and Snakerun. Instead of heading 
        towards the Snakerun, jump onto Tony's House and grind the
        eaves, which will let you grind the rail up towards the
        San Dieguito Hall. Grind far enough and the volcano will
        explode, and you'll get the gap.
    68) Kicker 2 Rail
        Start the level and turn around, going through that little
        part of the walkway. The first kicker you see can be used
        to grind a rail pointed at the hub. Do so.
    69) Bench Gap Series
        Near the Swingrails are five or six benches all in a row.
        You only need to grind two consecutively, though.
    70) Woohooo Oh Ho Yeehee!!!
        Wallride the back of San Dieguito Hall and land on the
        little "doorstep" you need to approach when you do the
        Tight Landing gap.
    71) Cleaning the Pipes
        Do a full skating rotation inside the full pipe.
    AIR                                               |
           Down 2 Tony's Island                    50 |
           San Dieguito Hall 2 Sadlands            50 |
           Grassy Gap                              50 |
           Weak Sauce Zig Gap                      50 |
           Weak Sauce Zag Gap                      50 |
           Weak Sauce Wussy Snake Gap              50 |
           San Dieguito Ten Set                   100 |
           Dropping In On Tony                    250 |
           Isle of Tony 2 Sadlands                300 |
           Platform Gap                           300 |
           Air's Hole                             300 |
           Big Fat Grassy Gap                     400 |
           House of Tony 2 Sadlands               500 |
           San Dieguito Window 2 Sadlands         500 |
           Blowin It Out the Hole!                500 |
           Sadlands 2 San Dieguito Hall           500 |
           The Holy Crail                         500 |
           Gutter 2 San Dieguito Roof             800 |
           Wussy Snake Gap                        800 |
           Sadlands Path Gap                      800 |
           Northwest Snake Gap                    800 |
           Northeast Snake Gap                    800 |
           Up 2 Comb!                            1000 |
           Reverse Wussy Snake Gap               1000 |
           Southern Snake Gap                    1000 |
           Sadlands Up 2 Isle of Tony            1000 |
           Over the Dome                         1000 |
           Clearing the Swings                   1000 |
           Jumpin Da Hub                         1000 |
           Tunnel of Luvin                       1000 |
           Zig Gap                               1500 |
           Tight Landing                         1500 |
           Zag Gap                               2000 |
           Reverse Zig Gap                       2000 |
           Reverse Zag Gap                       2000 |
           Feed Me!!!                            2000 |
           Pit O Doom!!!                         4000 |
    GRIND                                             |
           Rail 2 Snakerun                         50 |
           Ramp Rail Gap                           75 |
           Southern Intersect Sad Gap             200 |
           Northern Intersect Sad Gap             200 |
           Ramp 2 Rail                            300 |
           90 Degree Sadlands Rail Gap            300 |
           Northern Crossover Sad Gap             300 |
           Southern Crossover Sad Gap             300 |
           Chen Rail Series                       300 |
           Mid Intersect Sad Gap                  350 |
           Radramp 2 Islands Edge                 400 |
           Rimrail Gap                            450 |
           90 Degree Ramp Rail Gap                500 |
           Fence 2 Radramp                        500 |
           San Dieguito Hall 2 Edge               500 |
           Gutter 2 San Dieguito Roof             600 |
           Isle of Tony 2 Edge                    600 |
           Top of Da World Ma!!!                  700 |
           Southern Swingrail                     900 |
           Northern Swingrail                     900 |
           Up 2 Pipe Rail                        1000 |
           Kicker 2 Railspan                     1500 |
           Rail 2 Kicker 2 Rail 2 Bench          1500 |
           San Dieguito Roof 2 Edge              1600 |
           Radramp 2 Snakerun                    2000 |
           Longrail                              2000 |
           Off the Roof 2 Rail                   2000 |
           Bench Gap                             2000 |
           Swinging the Set                      2000 |
           Time 2 Feed the Volcano!!!            4000 |
           Kicker 2 Rail                         4000 |
           Bench Gap Series                      5000 |
    OTHER                                             |
           Woohooo Oh Ho Yeehee!!!               2500 |
           Cleaning the Pipes                    5000 |
    | THINGS YOU CAN HELP ME WITH                                 |
    |                                                             |
    | I had a huge list of gaps I didn't have, and I did my very  |
    | best to whittle them down to size, but these are still the  |
    | ones I can't get, and I can't bear to look at a FAQ. So, if |
    | you can help me, I'd be much obliged for:                   |
    |                                                             |
    | ...Nothing, really. I tried to make my gap attempts written |
    | in the most simplistic way possible, but if you think you   |
    | could one-up me in that department, send 'em in and if it's |
    | at least as good as mine, I'll put it up anyway. Sneaky ways|
    | and the like are always up my alley. >=]                    |
    |                                                             |
    |HOW TO GET IN TOUCH                                          |
    |                                                             |
    |If you have any comments or better ways the tricks can be    |
    |performed, feel free to drop me a line at shotgunnova (at)   |
    |gmail (dot) com. Also drop me a line if you find any errors  |
    |in the score or descriptions, and I'd appreciate it.         |
    |UPDATES                                                      |
    |                                                             |
    |02-24-06                         +FAQ hosted initially with  |
    |                                  two gaps missing.          |
    |                                                             |
    |04-19-06                         +'Threadin the Gap' gap is  |
    |                                  found (thanks to Shane     |
    |                                  Harder for the submission!)|
    |                                                             |
    |06-03-06                         +'Pillar Hop' gap is found  |
    |                                  (thanks to Donna Robbins & |
    |                                  Julie Capen for the finds!)|
    |                                                             |
    |06-08-06                         +'Pillar Hop' addition from |
    |                                  Dylan Nobody. Thankee-sai! |
    | FOR THE LEGAL EAGLES                                        |
    |                                                             |
    | This guide cannot be distributed, hosted, sold, bought, or  |
    | edited without the author's consent. I'm a nice guy, so I   |
    | usually let people host these things if they ask politely,  |
    | so drop me a line and you'll probably get something out of  |
    | it. People who don't listen, in THPS2 terms, get BLACKLIST'D|
    | 2 Dere Gravez!!!                                            |
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